Hey everyone I have a new chapter of my favorite couple. I asked 23jk to make a trailer for this fanfic & she said yes. So go to her channel on youtube and see the sample & actual trailer. I like to hear your opinions & so would 23jk. Sorry for the short chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 23

One last shot

The chubby alien grabbed Jim's shirt and said with an angry tone, "I'm gonna teach you the meaning of pain." Woman's voice asked, "Do you like pain?" The chubby pirate turned around and was hit by a golden staff. The woman came out of the shadows and was Ariel with Morph, she then said in angry tone, "Try wearing a corset." She then helped Jim up and the pink blob licked his owner on both cheeks. Ariel then saw Eric in his skeleton form and asked Jim, "Whose side is Eric on?" Jim then joked, "At the moment?" Gaston and other pirates attacked Jim, Ariel, and Morph. Jim and Ariel used the staff and shoved them against the stone wall. They had an idea, they string the pirates together. The pirates tried to get out but no luck. Jim then grabbed the grenade from the March Hare and put it in his stomach. They pushed the pirates out of the moonlight and the Hare couldn't get the grenade out. He then said in a whiny voice, "No fair."

Then the pirates explode as Jim, Ariel, and Morph ran from it. Eric thought as cuts his hand, 'It's time.' He then let his hand bleed on the medallion and threw it to Jim. Silver then turned his sword into his pistol and aimed at Ariel. Then a shot was fired but it wasn't Silver's pistol, it was Eric's. Silver looked at Eric and said with a smirk, "Ten years you carry that pistol, and now you waste your shot." Jim then said with a serious face, "He didn't waste it." Silver then saw a dagger in Jim's hand and the chestnut haired boy dropped both of the medallions with Eric's blood as his as well. Silver then turned his sword into his robotic hand and looks down to see the blood spreading from his wound. The cyborg looked up and said his final words, "I feel…cold." The cyborg fell back and let the apple in his human hand roll to the floor.

Back at the Dauntless, Frollo looked up to see that the curse had been lifted and he dropped dead after what Smith had done to him. Silver's crew dropped their weapons as they knew that they were free from their curse. Goofy and Donald aimed their rifles at Jasper and Horus. Horus got his wooden eye back and both of them lifted their hands in the air. Then Jasper asked in a pleading voice, "Parley?" Smith then said to his men in a confident voice, "The ship is ours, gentlemen." The sailors and the soldiers yelled in unison, "Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!" Governor Triton came out of his daughter's room and joined in with them.

Back at the cave, Ariel then said to everyone, "We should return to the Dauntless." Jim then grabbed Ariel's arm and she was hoping for him to say the words. Jim then said sadly, "Your fiancé will be wanting to know you're safe." Ariel looked in his eyes and the wanting was gone. She turned away from him and held the tears in her eyes. Jim then cursed at himself for saying it. Eric went to Jim side as he pointed out, "If you were waiting for the opportune moment…that was it." He then said as he grabbed some of the gold, "Now, if you'll be so kind, I'd be much obliged if you'd drop me off my ship." Then Ariel explained to Eric that his crew left without him. Jim rowed the boat towards the Dauntless as Ariel apologized to the pirate, "I'm sorry, Eric." Eric sighed and explained to the redhead, "They done what's right by them. Can't expect more than that."


Elizabeth Swann- Ariel

Joshamee Gibbs- Pete

Norrington- John Smith

Governor Weatherby Swann- King Triton

Will Turner- Jim Hawkins

Servant- Grimsby

Maids- Jane from Tarzan and Jasmine

Harbormaster- Mr. Smiee

Jack Sparrow- Prince Eric

Murtogg- Goofy

Mullroy- Donald

Lt. Gillette- Doctor Delbert Doppler

Mr. Brown- Phil from Hercules

Guard dog- Max

Prisoner #1- Pain

Prisoner #2- Panic

Estrella- Belle

Pintel- Jasper

Ragetti- Horus

Grapple- Mad Hatter

Jacoby- March Hare

Monkey 'Jack'- Abu

Twigg- Hades

Koehler- Frollo

Bo' sun- Gaston

Barbossa- Silver

Sailor #1- Yao

Sailor #2- Arthur

Groves- Milo Thatch

'Bootstrap' Bill- Sinbad

Scarlett- Esmeralda

Giselle- Giselle

Mr. Cotton- Jafar

Mr. Cotton's parrot- Iago

Anamaria- Kida

I hope to hear some reviews as soon as possible. And if anyone could draw a movie poster of these characters, it would be awesome on deviant art. Or make a trailer on YouTube. Until then my friends