To Say Goodbye

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story or the world in which they belong to, that honor goes to Mr. George Lucas.

Summary: Obi-Wan and Satine say their farewells for a second time...

Authors Note: I thought that the goodbye scene in the Duchess of Mandalore episode of the Clone Wars series between Satine and Obi-Wan was missing a little something. After all he had previously confessed to her that had she asked he would have left the Order for her. So this is just a short story of what I felt was missing in their impeding separation after all those years... Please let me know what you all think,this is my second attempt at writing a fanfic, your reviews and comments are appreciated!

Chapter 1:

Obi-Wan Kenobi let himself down, wearily onto his couch; the long hours of the days finally catching up to him. He had just returned from debriefing the Council on the circumstances and events that had taken place that very day and his participation in them. Though not as physically taxing a day as he was getting used to considering his role in the war, it was tiring in another way. One which he had not been expecting and one which was to him more grueling then anything physical. This day had taken an emotional toll on him, as hard as it was to admit. For a minute he just sat there and let his emotions run their coarse, then with a sad sigh he let them go. There was no use in troubling himself with the what if's, it was done and over and she would be gone again soon enough. Wanting to do nothing more then change out of his clothes and put on his sleepwear, he forced himself to close his eyes and enter the soothing waves of meditation.

Originally he had only planned on a short meditation session, but he's exhaustion had finally overcome him he realized as the chiming of his door brought him back to consciousness. Still regaining his senses he called out softly: "Come in".

Standing slowly he turned to face the door and his unexpected visitor, it was after all very late or early depending on how one looked at it. As the door slid shut behind his guest , they lowered their hood and Obi-Wan immediately bowed.

"Milady, to what do I owe this unexpected honor?" he asked gently, still caught off guard by her appearance.

She smiled at him titling her head slightly in recognition. "Forgive the lateness and unexpectedness of my visit but I wanted to see you before I left back to Mandalore, we need...I need to talk to you Master Kenobi, if you don't mind? I don't wish to disturb you". She continued to hold his gaze as her smile faltered slightly.

Quickly clearing his throat and smoothing his tunic unconsciously he inclined his head. "Of course Duchess, I assure you are not disturbing. Please have a seat".

He stepped back and offered her the seat across from the couch. With another smile she accepted and brushed past him to take it.

As she sat down he remembered his manners, "May I offer you something to drink Milady?" he asked clumsily. She shook her head in response, "No thank you Master Kenobi I'm fine". With a clipped nod he took his own seat on the couch.

"How may I..." he began but was never able to finish as Satine raised her hand to stop him.

"Obi-Wan please, I need to...please let me just speak my peace before you say anything" she implored, the smile now completely gone.

With out a word Obi-Wan just nodded his head.