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Agent G. Callen was looking for someone. His favorite agent, Kensi Blye. He needed to talk to her, but she was nowhere to be found. It was his second day back after his medical leave, and yesterday, Sam has told him that Kensi had missed him the most out of all the agents when he was gone. Maybe it was because they had always been so close. Kensi was the only one who could understand him, most likely because she had a rough childhood too. They were both full of problems, but that could be why they got along so well.

As soon as he had walked into the agency headquarters, she had given him a warm welcoming hug. They hadn't spoken since then, and the senior agent feared that she could be mad at him for some reason.

At the end of the day, Callen left headquarters and went to Pete's, a small bar that he knew Kensi was fond of. Peter, the bartender, had no idea of their real names or what they did for a living, but he was a good guy who was always ready to listen to any of the agent's problems.

Walking into the bar, Callen spotted Kensi immediately, sitting on a barstool with a beer in her hands.

He sat next to her and ordered a beer for himself. Although she didn't look at him, he could tell she knew he was there. She had an amazing sixth-sense, just one of the many things that made her one of NCIS's best agents.

After a couple of seconds she finally spoke, still not looking at him.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, staring straight ahead.

"I came to see you."


"Because Sam told me that you were the one who had missed me the most." he admitted

Without thinking, Kensi whipped her head around to face her colleague.

"And that actually surprises you? Besides me, Hetty is the only woman in there and she doesn't show her emotions and God forbid men to show any kind of emotion in front of other people."

"So you're saying that Sam told me that because you were the only one who actually admitted that you missed me?"

"No, I was probably the one who missed you the most…"

"And why is that?" Callen asked

"Because Sam never stops in that donut house that I love on the way to work!"

They both laughed, and then sat in silence, sipping their beers and thinking about each other.

The next day at work, Sam noticed that something was different between Kensi and Callen. Not only were they talking again, they seemed to be even closer than they were before Callen was shot.

Kensi had arrived at work with a smile on her face, something that hadn't happened since before Callen was shot. And when she saw Callen walk through the door, she winked at him.

That wasn't the only weird thing going on; Callen had brought Kensi a doughnut. This was getting more confusing by the second.

The whole day, Kensi and Callen seemed closer. They went out for lunch together, not bothering to invite the rest of the team. And Callen asked Kensi to come check out a victim's house with him, something he normally would have asked Sam to do.

Sam wasn't the only one who noticed the differences between the 2 members of their team. Nate was definitely on to them too. Once Callen and Kensi had left to go check out the victim's house, Nate motioned for Sam to follow him.

"What's going on with Callen and Kensi?" Nate asked.

"Why do you assume I know?" Sam retorted

"Well, you're Callen's best friend; I thought he might have told you something."

"No one told me anything, but yesterday Kensi was completely ignoring Callen, now they're all buddy-buddy"

"We know that Kensi missed Callen a lot when he was gone, probably more than anyone else on this team. Do you think there's something going on between the two of them?" Nate asked

"What, you mean like 'more than friends'?"

"It makes sense, they've always been close. Maybe almost losing Callen made them realize it."

"No way! Nothing is going on between them. Callen would never date a member of his team."

"I never said they were dating!" Nate said, "But you must have noticed how they look at each other sometimes"

"Okay, so maybe they're close, but that doesn't explain why yesterday they were barely speaking to each other and now they're going out to lunch, smiling, and winking at each other!"

"When it comes to Kensi and Callen, it's probably better if we don't even try to guess. They're both way too messy. But, if I had to guess, I would say that they would get together within a month!"

Sam shook his head.

"No way…"

"You don't think that they'll get together?" Nate asked incredulously.

"I KNOW that they'll get together but I don't think that that will happen within a month. I give them three weeks tops!"

"Wanna make a bet on it?"

"Sure. 20 bucks?"

"It's on! But setting them up doesn't count…"

"We're talking about Kensi and Callen here…We couldn't set them up even if we wanted too!"

Sam and Nate were laughing when they were interrupted by a female voice that had obviously been listening to their talk.

"I would like to get in that bet too."

Sam and Nate turned around and were surprised to see Hetty standing there with a smile on her face.

"I bet 20 bucks that they'll get together in 2 months. They're both too stubborn to admit their feeling before that. I've been waiting for them to do so for the past 3 years…"

Sam frowned.

"You know something that we don't?"

Hetty gave them a mysterious smile and went to her office, leaving Sam and Nate just standing there, more confused than before.

Hetty sat on her desk and remembered the first time that those two agents met eachother. Callen had been extremely reluctant to accept a new agent so Hetty had agreed to let him test her.

Callen had told her his plan and Hetty had given instructions to Kensi for the new mission. Hetty had sent her to a bar to track down a drug dealer (Callen). She was supposed to make him talk somehow so Hetty had given her a very little black dress that looked like it had been made for her. Kensi had gone to the bar and had spotted the man right away. Hetty and Eric were following her every move and praying that Callen wouldn't make her work too hard.


Kensi went to sit next to the suspect and sat next to him on the bar. She noticed that he looked at her body before speaking.

"Hello, sweetie! May I buy you a drink?"

Kensi mentally rolled her eyes but gave him a very bright smile.

"Of course you can."

Callen thought that this was her first mistake because you can never drink while working but what she said next eased his worries.

"I must warn you that I have a wedding tomorrow morning so I can't have any type of alcohol…it wouldn't look good for the bridesmaid to be with a massive hangover!"

Callen smiled at her.

"What do you want to drink, then?"

"I'll just have an orange juice!"

Callen turned to the man on the other side of the bar and ordered for two orange juices. The man gave it to him and Callen handed one to Kensi.

"Thank you!"

"So, why are you alone in a bar on the night before a friend's wedding?"

Callen was trying hard to find something wrong in her work method but she wasn't making it easy on him.

"I think that she's making a huge mistake so I skipped the reversal dinner!"

"That's just awesome. What excuse did you give to the poor girl?"

"I told her that I was going to see my brother because he was only staying in town for a night!"

"And she actually believed in that?"

"I don't think that she did but she knows that she shouldn't push me. She knows that I know her deepest and darkest secrets…"

"And doesn't she know your deepest and darkest secrets?"

"I have too many. Do you want me to tell you one of them?"

"Are you going to tell me one of your deepest and darkest secrets before you even know my name?"

"I already know you're name. You're Michael Andrews."

"How do you know about that?"

"I have a friend that is a regular costumer of yours."

"What's the name of that friend?"

"He asked me to keep it a secret so I cannot tell you that. I'm a very good friend!"

Callen knew that he was standing in front of a born operator so he smiled and looked at the place where he knew that the camera was and showed thumbs up.

Hetty smiled and so did Eric.

Callen just got closer to Kensi and whispered in her hear:

"Welcome to NCIS!"

***End of Flashback***

Hetty knew that sooner or later those two would be together. It was just a matter of time. She was even willing to bet on it.