Yes, yes this is the fic I said I was going to write for about a week now. It's a continuation of the chapter of "A Murder of Leaves" I wrote last week and was encouraged to continue.

From that, a few things. I didn't post this for a while because my last chapter of AMoL? Yeah, awful response. Well, actually, I didn't get any. Which was a total bummer and made me scared to post this.

Also, don't be scared by the's really notttt a sad fic at all.

Also, if you read the first fic, the only thing that's different is the prologue that was added and the ending. But bare with me, I will actually add stuff with the new chapters. Okay? Thanks!

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When arriving anywhere for the sake of permanence the element of sorrow always looms in the corner of excitement's celebration. Now, this does not only speak to the aspect of human nature which protests change to the end of their days, but also in the sense that arriving somewhere new also involves leaving something behind.

To leave something pleasant brings sorrow in an obvious context, leaving loved ones, nice places, and fond memories behind; however when leaving a poor situation even though the memories are said and intended to be left behind, they can never truly be abandoned.

They say not to live in the past, but "they" or possibly a different "they" all together say that without the past we are nothing….that the past is the most important path to living in the presence. So which is it? Are memories a key to who we are or are they just mementos to keep with us? Or is it just all about finding happy mediums between the two? I'll let you decide…

The memory itself, however, is the most teasing and utterly torturous of all the brain's functions. It brings us past experiences, good or bad—just close enough to feel glimpses of past experiences but just far enough to leave us dissatisfied and with a painful need for more.

So, are they a blessing? Or a curse? A little of both, maybe?

The decision is yours alone to make.

Spot let out a laugh as he surfaced from the ocean water. He tugged on the chord that attached him to his surfboard and grabbed it right before it was about to hit him in the face, hoisting himself up, "That was a sweet wave but I totally killed the landing…" he observed, flipping his hair out of his face.

"Nah, it wasn't that bad; but you totally need to work on it still…" Mush smiled, ever the optimist.

"Nah, he just sucks…" Snoddy laughed and Spot splashed with his foot noncommittally in retaliation, "But come on, guys, I'm hungry…" He whined, causing the others to roll their eyes.

"You're just high…you'll get over it…" Spot smirked, now earning himself a splash to the face.

"Shut up! I am not!" Snoddy glared at him, beginning to paddle over to his friend but Mush placed a hand on his shoulder; signaling for him to let it go.

"Nah, it actually is getting closer to noon, look at the sun!" Mush smiled with a gesture to the sky, trying his best to change the subject and avoid confrontation, even if it was playful. Spot shrugged and they all paddled to the shore, finding their towels and rinsing off in the showers quickly (the beach faucets were cold as hell). The teenagers walked over to a whole in the wall shack and grabbed a few fifty-cent burritos before heading back to the beach and situating themselves in the sand.

As they sat in relative silence Spot began to look around at the surrounding people walking by. There were significantly more tourists than normal walking around, causing the beaches to crowd but not to the point of obscenity; the Comic-con fans still at the convention for a few more hours, they would be there soon though. He couldn't help but smirk as a few pasty white people with red five day passes walked by him with their socks in their sandals, big floppy hats, and sun block coated children. Spot didn't mind though, even though they took up their beaches for about a week they brought in a lot of money, and they weren't too annoying.

As he observed, however, he could not help but notice a small pack of boys sitting about fifty feet away from them. One boy in particular especially caught his eye; he was shorter than the others and was probably some sort of Mediterranean, either way he was cute and shirtless, and that's all Spot really cared about. He, however, did not realize he was staring until Mush slapped him in the arm gently, "Dude, what's your deal?" he asked and tried to see what his friend was observing so intently, "Oh!" he laughed as he realized.

"He's cute…" Mush smiled.

"Yeah…you think I should go talk to him? He looks like a tourist…" Spot asked, letting his eyes rake their way down the other boy's body.

"Yeah…huh, I didn't think you went for blondes though…" Mush stated and Spot turned his head, raising an eyebrow.

"What? What are you talking about?" he asked, looking back at the boy and looking for any semblance of blonde anywhere on him, coming up with nothing.

"The cute guy; he's the one you're talking about, right?" Mush asked, taking a chance and pointing at the guy he'd thought Spot was observing. He was playing football with the boy Spot was staring at, but he had blonde hair and was much taller than his friend; and much more Mush's speed.

"What? No, no way! I meant HIM." Spot stated and pointed at the boy he meant, causing his friend to shrug.

"He's…alright…his friend is hotter though…" Mush grinned and Spot shook his head with a raise of his eyebrow.

"No way…" He disagreed.

"Just fucking talk to them and shut up, I'm trying to sleep, you assholes…" Snoddy called from a few feet away. In Spot's observing he did not notice his friend lay down for a nap, but either way just flipped him off.

"You think I should?" Spot asked; his usually cocky demeanor different now that an actual cute guy was involved.

"Yeah…and send his friend over my way…" Mush smiled and pushed his shoulder in their general direction.

"No! You do that for me!" Spot stated, doing the same.

"JUST BOTH GO OVER AND SHUT UP!" Snoddy called and threw his discarded t-shirt at the both of them.

"Fine…" Spot stated and both the boys got up, timidly walking over to the other teenagers.

"Uh, hi…" Spot stated, with a wave, leaving his surfboard to be guarded by his friend.

"Hi…" the boy smiled, "I'm Tony…"

Tony's friend who had jogged over by this point walked up to Mush, "Hey…I'm Ryan…" he smiled.

"Spot;" He introduced himself and said the first thing that came to mind, "So, I haven't seen you around here…" Spot smiled and the boy nodded.

"I'm from New York…we got here this morning…" Tony said and Spot nodded, not really listening at this point, too fascinated by the other boy.

"Well…if you're that new in town, you probably don't know it very well…" Spot smiled and flipped his hair slightly.

"Yeah…I could use someone to…show me around…" Tony grinned flirtatiously. They both nodded to one another and Spot walked back over to his friend, grabbing his surfboard (not wanting to leave it lying around for too long). Tony walked over to his friends as well and threw the ball at his friend, "Hey, Jack…I'm going to take off for a while…" he stated and Jack nodded.

Tony was just about to leave when he was interrupted by Jack's boyfriend, "Tony, are you sure that's a good idea? Do you even know that guy?" he asked, a motherly suspicion lacing his voice.

"I'm a big boy, Dave…I'll be okay…" he stated and actually did turn to leave this time, ignoring his friend's protests. As he walked over to Spot the blonde turned to tell his friends he was leaving but didn't bother when he saw how engrossed with Tony's friend Mush was and completely passed out his other friend had been for the last few minutes. They both knew they'd probably regret this…but for the time being, both just wanted to enjoy this vacation.


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