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The shadows of leaves dance across the windowpane as if they were touching. The dark illumination of a clouded sun still warms the ground as heavy winds of an oncoming storm cools the air; and everything feels a sense of deathly stillness although the world around them moves with the ferocity enough to sway the trees.

The city did not receive many storms, but when they did; everyone knew.

"I'm sorry we can't go surfing today; I was hoping to get some waves in before work but I guess that's not happening…" Sean stated, looking up at the sky and feeling the warm breeze across his face. He looked out across the ocean, surfboard in hand; and shook his head.

"Nah, its okay…" Tony stated, although he was disappointed.

"We can just hang out at the shop though…I mean…we can still chill." Sean suggested; still not moving from his place. He enjoyed the feeling of the tropical storm; the unusually large waves crashing on the shore in front of him and the gusts dancing around him reminded him of his size in the world. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, a feeling of calm washing over him.

As Tony did so as well, he barely paid attention to their conversation; but still engaged in it, allowing himself to be sucked into the rapture as well, "Mm, are we allowed to?"

"Sure…no one is going to go to the beach today anyway…except these stupid fucks…" Sean laughed gently as he opened his eyes and gestured to the remaining surfers trying to take on the waves.

After a few more minutes they began to walk back to the store and Sean put his surfboard away before walking over to the schedule board and initialing; signifying he was in to work and walking over to the register. He took a seat on the stool behind the counter and gestured for the Italian to do the same. He obligatorily asked the two customers if they needed 'any help finding anything' before turning back to Tony and leaning against the counter.

"So this is where you work?" Tony asked, looking around the small shop. He'd been there once before to get his surfboard but never enough to truly look around. It was small, with glass doors and tourist-oriented memorabilia everywhere. There were shirts, magnets, and souvenir shot glasses on ever inch of the wall that wasn't taken up by surf gear.

"Yep…not much...but when it's nice out we can get busy…" he stated, flipping his bangs out of his face.

"Nah, I like it…its nice…" Tony stated, "How'd you end up working here anyway?" he asked, not realizing the oddity of the situation.

"Well, Jerry, the owner, was one of my Dad's best friends…and after he drowned he took good care of my mom and me…like…in his honor…you know…" Sean explained and Tony nodded in understanding, "Well, once my mom met her new husband and decided to run off to Utah or some place and leave me behind to start a new family Jerry basically took me in, gave me this job and let me and my boys live in the apartments upstairs." Sean stated and got up, walking around to misplaced items and fixing displays.

Tony followed him and nodded, helping to do so as well without looking at the other boy, "Wow, I'm sorry that happened to you…"

"Nah, I fought my demons a long time ago, I honestly couldn't care less at this point. I mean, if none of that happened I'd probably still be living with my mom and being a bum. At least now I've got a steady job and lots of free time; nobody's trying to shove college down my throat and all that shit…" Sean's tone of voice was nonchalant, surprising the Italian.

"You're not going to college?" Tony asked, unaware that was even an option in this day and age…

"Nah, I mean, why should I? Jerry said that since he doesn't have any kids; and he raised me like son, if I wanted the shop when he retires he'll give it to me…which I'm obviously going to take him up on; meaning I can just live out the rest of my days exactly the way I am now." Sean smiled.

Tony, who grew up in a very structured household with a strict Italian mother could not understand this concept. The thought of not going to college was one completely foreign to him; although not altogether bad. He actually quite liked the thought of living a relatively carefree life where he just got to surf and work in a tourist shop all day; a life he felt he would actually quite enjoy.

"That actually sounds awesome…" Tony smiled genuinely, and Sean turned to him.

"Mm, thing is…I don't think I can do it alone…" he stated, his vague yet inviting tone causing implications to fill the air more than the salty high tide smell.

"Yeah, it sounds like you could use some help…maybe from someone with business experience…" Tony stated, his tone mirroring that of the blonde.

"By the way, what did you say you were going to major in when you got into college?" Sean asked, turning to him with a smirk.

"Business management…" Tony, once again, returned the gesture.

"Interesting…very interesting…"

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