Like the summary said, this is the sequel to Untold Hero Luigi 2 weeks later. However, my OC Ken is the star this time. Last time, he was Luigi's partner. So, let's see how this big quest begins.

It was 8:45 at night in Mushroom Kingdom as a tan skinned boy with blue spiky hair that went up like a Super Saiyan and red eyes, wearing a black shirt with white pants and green shoes and a badge in the shape of a purple diamond flew through the night. He was Ken, the newest resident to the mansion outside of Sarasaland and Mushroom Kingdom, and a sorcerer.

"This should be good." Ken told himself as he flew closer to his destination: Toad Town. More specifically, the Toad Town festival celebrating Bowser's recent defeat upon the hands of Mario for the 50th time. Ken was going because Luigi told him about it. Luigi told him a lot about how the world was now. He told him about Mario, Bowser, Peach E. Gadd, and all of his adventures.

Normally, Ken would be in the library of his mansion, reading about the history over the past 100 years, but he was excited to go to a party after being stuck in a Boo's body for what felt like an eternity [read Untold Hero Luigi for explanation]. When he arrived, he saw it: the houses were like miniature castles with decorations and the circle in the middle was where the party actually was.

"Where exactly do I start?" Ken asked himself as he looked around. He only knew Luigi, Daisy, Peach, Mario, and Daisy personally. So he didn't know all the people here. As Ken wondered around the plaza he saw a tall guy wearing overalls and a hat, it's to dark to see color, so he took a guess.

"Hey Luigi!" he told him as he grabbed his shoulder as he got closer and that's when he twitched and it came to Ken: this guy was taller than Luigi. After his words were uttered, the man turned around and pressed his foot on Ken chest and pinned him to a wall. In the new light, Ken saw that he was wearing black overalls and purple hat with an upside down L on his hat and has a large, pink nose, a thin mustache which is straight.

"Who do you think you are mistaken me for that loser? I am Waluigi!" Waluigi told him putting down his foot as Ken fell to his knees, holding his chest. "Don't forget it." he told him as he walked away. Ken opened his hand and shot a purple blast form his hand in the form of a foot and kicked Waluigi in the rear.

"The name's Ken. And by the way, Luigi isn't a loser." Ken told him as he got up. The 2 were ready to kill, until a baseball whiz\d right past them.

"Sorry." called a voice familiar to them: Daisy. Daisy was all the way in the batting cage in her usual orange dress with a helmet and baseball bat, glaring at Waluigi.

"Your not worth it." Waluigi told him as he walked away. Suddenly, Luigi came running to the side of Ken and helped him to his feet.

"You Ok?" Luigi asked him.

"Yeah, but who was that guy?" Ken asked pointing at Waluigi.

"That's Waluigi. My enemy, my rival, and my cousin." Luigi explained

"WHAT?" Ken exclaimed after hearing that last part. Just as Luigi was going to explain the complicated matters of how, a letter dropped in front of the duo "What's this?" Ken asked as he picked up the note.

Dear reader,

Come to the edge of Toad Town immediately. The fate of Mushroom Kingdom and Koopa Kingdom depends on it.

Signed, None of your business.

The 2 heroes decided to do as the note said and headed for the edge of Toad Town, away from the party.

Edge of Toad Town...

"Ok, who wanted us?" asked Ken as he and Luigi were at the gates of the Town. Ken was answered as a Koopa came from the sky on a broom wearing large, round glasses, a blue robe and hat with a white trim, and held a magic wand. "Who are you?" Ken asked.

"I am Kamek, 1 Bowser's top Magikoopas. And when I sent the note, I was hopping for Mario." Kamek told the duo.

"What is it exactly that you want?" Luigi asked the Magikoopa.

"Simple. You see, after King Koopa's defeat, he is incredibly ill and Bowser's rival, Midbus, secretly sent a spy Boo to raid 5 of our powerful weapons. So, since my king is sick, I thought it would be a good idea to send someone to do it." Kamek explained to them.

"Why would we help you?" Luigi asked.

"I thought you would ask this, so I made it so you wouldn't dare deny it. Their are bob-ombs planted around the entire Kingdom just waiting to go off by the snap of my fingers. Touching it will only make it explode and cause a chain-explosion. So, if you don't go and retrieve the items, Mushroom Kingdom will go up in smoke." Kamek told them, laughing maniacally as Ken and Luigi watched with anger.

"Fine, we'll-" "No Luigi. I'm going alone." Ken said interrupting Luigi.

"What? Your going to need my help." Luigi protested.

"As much as I agree, your assistance may be needed here. So I'm going solo." Ken told him.

"Actually, since we need you to come back with the items, I'm sending one of Bowser's sons with you." Kamek told him, ruining the drama.

"1 of his sons? How many kids does he have?" Ken asked him.

"7 sons and 1 daughter." Kamek told him, leaving Ken's mouth wide open. "Anyway, this is the map to Midbus's castle." he said as he handed him a map.

"Thanks, but uh..." Ken started as Kamek got closer to listen, "Who is Midbus?" Ken asked and Kamek did an anime fall.

This is the 1st chapter to Ken's Story. I hope you enjoyed it. PLS review.