Ken: You know what an epilogue is right? The part of the story that tells you what happens after the adventure. Well, here it goes.

The long walk from Midbus's castle to Toad Town would have been a long one. Luckily, they simply took the warp pipe that Waluigi and Daisy did before. By the time they arrived it was dawn and the only ones who seemed wide awake was Ken and Blockette. But Daisy, Waluigi, and Iggy held in their exhaustion when they saw practically everyone from Mushroom Kingdom and some guy in a hood their to greet them.

"Daisy!" Luigi cried as he approached his girl friend only to be put into a death hug by the tom boy. "Ok...Daisy...can't...breath." the green plumber said as he gasped for oxygen. Daisy quickly released him. "Thanks. Glad you and Ken are safe."

"Did you have any doubt?" Daisy said playfully. The moment was interrupted by the groaning of Waluigi, but the 2 ignored him.

"She should be mine!" Waluigi wined. Ken walked up to the man in the black hood.

"Kamek, I know it's you, so here." Ken said, handing over the drumsticks. The man took off his hood and showed himself to be Kamek.

"Good work. I will give you your pay in due time." the Kamek said as he summoned his broom and took off. Ken then walked up to Iggy.

"See you around?" Ken asked him.

"We'll see." Iggy said, high-fiving the sorcerer as he took his leave.

"Come on Blockette!" shouted Daisy. Ken turned his head to see Daisy dragging her off. "You can stay at my house for now." she invited.

"Thank you." Blockette said as Daisy walked off with her. Leaving Luigi, Waluigi, and Ken alone. The 3 stood their in silence as the crickets chirped.

"Go-kart race?" Luigi asked out of nowhere. Waluigi quickly ran home to get his motorbike and Ken ran off to build one. "Ok...see ya guy as 3!" Luigi cried as he ran off to fix up his.

And that pretty much ends the adventure. But, the next one will be up soon! Ok...more like next Saturday, but soon enough. Thanks all the people who read and reviewed this! The next story will involve a new OC, a thief, and a Wario Ware character (its all the same!) Can you guess the thief and Wario Ware character?