This is the promp!

Spock Prime melded with Spock to keep him on the enterprise (at the end of the movie).

Spock saw how Spock P was in love with Kirk P but never did anything about it because KP was straight, he was Vulcan and emotionally handicapped, and whatever other reasons.
But with the new universe thing have changed. it's easier for him to display feelings (just see the PDA w/ Uhura) and Kirk is less selective w/ his relationships.
So he will (logically mind you) assures himself his captain.

This is what I turned it into!

The destruction of his home planet, Vulcan, along with the death of his mother, was, in Spock's mind, the most terrible pain he had ever felt. However, as he left the mind of his older and wiser counterpart, he found himself proven horribly wrong.

Spock did all he could not to collapse under the pressure of the foreign emotions with which he was now faced.

"I apologize, Spock. I believed myself able to control my more painful memories."

"How could you-" The young Vulcan began. "How have you managed to deal for so long with these emotions? I've never felt anything…"

The older Spock took a deep breath in preparation for the coming discussion. "The joy of our time together is enough to get me through the despair of his passing."

Young Spock merely shook his head. "That is not to what I am referring. All the years you served as the Captain's First Officer-" "Jim," the elder interrupted. "-and you never once acted upon your… feelings. I fail to understand how such time spent together could be described as joyous when it brought you so much pain."

"I loved James Kirk." The young Spock seemed uncomfortable with his senior's statement. "I loved him, yet I did not require his love in return. Simply spending my days as his friend and officer was enough."

There was a short silence between them. "Vulcans should not lie."

The elder Spock was shocked. He could only look at his youthful mirror image. "I was," he seemed to be searching for the right word. "Afraid."


"My entire Vulcan heritage told me that to love a human would be-"

"Illogical," Young Spock finished for him.

"Yes. I was afraid that showing my emotions would make me vulnerable, fragile. I was too afraid to show the man I loved how much he really mattered to me."

"A most… illogical decision."

The elder Spock gave a small smile. "Indeed. Perhaps," He began. "You will not make the same choices as I. After all, this seems to be another universe entirely."

"And what of James Kirk?" The young Vulcan asked. "Is he a different man than the one you knew?"

Old Spock gave another, more sincere smile. "No." He stated. "No matter what circumstances, in any universe, there is only one James Kirk."

His younger self tilted his head. "Fascinating." And with that, he left. The Enterprise was waiting.

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