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One month has passed since Spock became the Enterprise's First Officer. The conversation held with his elder counterpart was deemed unimportant and forgotten. James Kirk was a superior officer and nothing more.

Three months have passed since Spock became the Enterprise's First Officer. Still no thought has been given to the unimportant conversation concerning James Kirk. He was Spock's Captain and nothing more.

Five months have passed and Spock has begun to think of a certain conversation. However, it is still unimportant. James Kirk was merely a friend and nothing more.

Seven months have passed and Spock cannot get that unimportant conversation out of his head. What started out as a simple working relationship quickly turned into sharing every meal and spending every evening together. Even so, James Kirk was his Captain and his friend, nothing more, despite Spock's own feelings.

Nine months have passed and if Spock were human he would describe himself as 'desperate' to speak to the ambassador, as the elder Vulcan was now known. That conversation from long ago that Spock once thought of as unimportant had now taken over his mind.

"Captain," Spock addressed Kirk.

"Yes, Mr. Spock. What is it?"

"I would like to request shore leave time once we have reached New Vulcan."

Kirk seemed somewhat shocked. Spock wasn't one to take shore leave. "Of course, Spock. Although, can I ask why? You don't normally take advantage of shore leave."

Spock was hesitant to reply. "I am in need of advice from the ambassador."

"Ah," Kirk said, a smirk forming. "Isn't that cheating?"

Spock formed his version of a smile, the one only Kirk saw. "I would call it, taking advantage of my resources." At that Kirk laughed.

"Leave it to a Vulcan to say, 'Yeah, I'm cheating,' without actually having to say it."

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean," Spock said, the almost-smile still in place.

"Sure you don't, Mr. Spock," Kirk said with a large grin in place of his earlier smirk. "So, this advice, is it something I can know about? Or is it some sort of Vulcan only, no outsiders allowed thing?"

"As always, your choice of words fascinates me, Captain."

"Ah, avoidance. So you're not going to talk about it with me," Kirk stated, rather than asked.

"I would prefer not to," Spock replied.

"Just thought I'd ask."

"I appreciate the concern, Captain."

Seeing Spock's obvious discomfort with the turn their conversation had taken, Kirk sought it's end. "Well, Mr. Spock, we'll be arriving at New Vulcan shortly. You'll want to prepare for your shore leave."

"Yes, Captain. Thank you." With that, Spock left.

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