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Gohan was flushed with embarrassment as his mother, ChiChi started sobbing. It didn't make matters any better to hear his little brother, Goten crying as well. it had been several years since Gohan had defeated Cell and now the young-boy had grown into a handsome young-adult. He was ready to move past the home schooling and experience more outside his family.

"Oh my baby boy is finally growing up! He's going to high school and I won't be able to see him at all!" ChiChi cried while holding a tissue close to her cheek.

"I don't want you to leave bro!" Goten added, tugging to his brother's new green-blue student uniform.

Gohan tried to maintain his composure as tears poured all over him. It was a little hard though with the new uniform that the school, Yokai Academy had mailed him. He had received the invitation mysteriously when it appeared in the mailbox of his house. It seemed pretty ideal high school and the thought of getting away from the house a little felt nice.

Gohan attempted to calm his mother down first. "M-mom! It's not going to be that bad! I'll visit you over the summer!"

ChiChi wiped her tears off. "I know son..." then her tone suprisingly changed, "...or else I promise I'll give you a piece of me like I did with your father!"

Gohan sighed and put his hand on his mother's shoulder. "I will mom," he assured. Inside though, he feared the Frying Pan of Doom. His father, the greatest hero on Earth succumbed to ChiChi and her frying pan. It was one of the ways ChiChi kept her husband in line. Now, with him gone, Gohan was directly next in-line to receiving a possible frying pan beating. Moving out for a few years definitely seemed fitting.

Gohan glanced down at his little brother who was still tugging at him. It looked like he was trying to prevent anymore tears coming down. Gohan placed his hand down and patted his younger brother's spiky hair that mirrored his father.

"Don't worry Goten, I promise I won't be gone for long. Take care of our mother will you?" he asked.

Goten nodded, wiping the tears out of his eyes but that only seemed to cause more to fall out.

Gohan looked at himself in a mirror one last time and tried to loosen his collar a bit more. "Man, this suit is so uncomfortable..." he complained.

ChiChi couldn't help but chuckle. "You're just like your father aren't you? Goku felt the same way about wearing suits."

Gohan tried to imagine his father wearing a suit and chuckle as well. It was definitely something he couldn't see his father wearing so naturally and perhaps that's why it was the same for him.

Jeez, why would student go to school wearing these uniforms? There's no way I could pay attention with the tightness, he grumbled in his mind.

Seeing how the suit wasn't going to become any more looser without breaking it, Gohan sighed and checked a nearby clock on the wall, seeing that it was time to get going. Gohan rushed out of the door waving at his mother and Goten.

"Well, I better get going now! Bye mom, Goten!" he shouted as he ran out of the house. ChiChi quickly followed him and waved back. "Bye! Take care...and don't you dare get yourself into any mess, you hear?"

Gohan nodded as he jumped lightly onto the flying nimbus that was parked outside the house. The half-saiyan nearly forgot about his items and clothes he packed which his little brother had thankfully remembered and brought.

"Thanks, Goten...I'll see you later buddy," he ruffled his hair once more and finally sped into the distance, waving back at his family.

ChiChi smiled, waving back until she couldn't see him anymore. When it became quiet with only the sound of nature filling the environment and Goten's occasional whimper, she took a deep breath and looked at Goten with a determined look.

"Now...I guess we should continue your training right? I think your brother will be impressed when he comes back for the Summer, don't you think?"

Goten's filled eyes of tears widened and he began quivering. "Take me with you bro!" Goten yelled out in desperation to his older brother.

In the high skies, Gohan saw most of West City and the high school he would've went to if he hadn't heard of Youkai Academy. Gohan wondered what the school would be like. Unfortunately, there wasn't any information regarding the school except what was sent by the school to him. From what he could gather, it wasn't going to be in a city-like environment, which Gohan didn't mind. He only hoped that he would be able to fit in and possibly make some new friends.

As Gohan neared his destination within the city which was at a small bus stop. He slid off the Nimbus Cloud and fell several feet to the ground smoothly. A shriek of surprises and gasps sounded from many passers as they caught glimpse of the impossible landing. Gohan was oblivious to how indiscreet his landing appeared since normally a person would break their legs had they flown down from his altitude. All of the passers dismissed the landing though as a illusion in their eyes or tiredness.

"Jeez, why can't they just tell me their location? It would be faster for me to just fly there," Gohan grumbled as he loosened the uniform again with as much effort possible without destroying it. He sighed and sat into a nearby bench, relaxing and enjoying the blue sky and warm sunshine that was presented to him

It wasn't long before the bus came bringing Gohan much relief. He almost thought he had the wrong pick-up location. The doors opened with a creak and a busman in a blue uniform and shady cap appeared, eerily grinning at Gohan with a fat cigar lodged in his mouth.

"Youkai Academy...Are ya Ready?" he asked in an ominous tone which was filled with amusement.

Gohan was a little confused by the busman's attitude. "Er...sure? I guess..."

He got on the bus and saw a young man, most likely his age staring at the window. He had brown hair that split down in an unorderly fashion with brown chocolate eyes and slightly tan skin. He had a sort of baby face that presented him as a innocent boy. The supposed student was quick to look up and see Gohan. His face brightened up a little, apparently glad to have another person on the bus aside from himself. Gohan gladly sat next to him from the opposite side of the bus. He felt a gentleness about him which was the only sign he needed to tell him that his high school journey may not be as nerve-wracking as he thought.

"Thank goodness!" Tsukune whispered, "I was beginning to think I was going to be the only one on this bus! My name is Tsukune Aono," he introduced himself.

"Hey, nice to meet you Tsukune-san, my name is Son Gohan" Gohan greeted back with a earnest smile.

"Huh? Gohan? That's a interesting name," Tsukune stated.

Gohan took that as a compliment. "Thanks! It was my grandfather's name before he died."

"Oh...sorry about that, Gohan-san," the human boy apologized, wondering if he had made a mistake on commenting about his name. Gohan; however, stated it as a fact, thinking nothing of it emotionally.

Gohan stretched, trying to relax as much as possible in the uncomfortable uniform. "It's no big deal. I do sometimes wish I could meet and see what he was like," Gohan explained as he stared at the window closest to him. Based on the movement of the outside, the bus seemed to move slower than the other buses he had seen. The bus was old though and possibly outdated. Many newer buses he saw were starting to be outfitted to hover like majority of the city transportation.

The busman's eyes glimmered. "Yokai Academy, you two best be...prepared. I hope you know what you're getting into," he suddenly interrupted the two boys' conversation.

"H-hai," Tsukune answered, flinching significantly while the half-saiyan seemed unfazed.

"Man...he must not get out a lot does he?" Gohan chuckled to Tsukune.

"Y-yeah," Tsukune agreed a bit shakily, though he was glad to meet someone with confidence.

Gohan and Tsukune began to talk about their families and what they plan to do once in the academy. It would seem that they quickly became friends or at least acquaintances which was a relief to both boys since they weren't sure if they would meet anybody familiar. Gohan was particularly happy considering he didn't exactly know anybody 'normal'. The only friends he had before were the ones he always fought along side with. They were sure great to be around with, but they weren't exactly 'normal'. Some of them were super humans like Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha.

As the bus drove, it passed through a tunnel. Gohan's skin perked up. He felt a bit odd...he wasn't sure why but it felt like his entire body had just became even stiffer. He decided to blame it on the school uniform but he couldn't do anything particular to help himself since he had reached the limit of stretching his uniform.

"Hehe...we're getting close," the busman stated with a beam of his eyes to the rearview mirror. Gohan and Tsukune started to grab their bags and soon the light came shining back into the bus, but it was no perfect sunshine...

Gohan couldn't believe his eyes as he saw a barren land, no life, just simply dead trees. The entire atmosphere had completely changed to a dull, reddish color, so clouded that it contained no hint of a real sun. Up ahead, there was a sign with a pumpkin head attached that read, "Youkai Academy" which seemed to be almost at the end of it's wood life.

The busman dropped off the boys who were just utterly confused and shocked. The busman chuckled, "We've arrived...Be careful you boys...hehehe, I have a feeling you two boys are about to have the adventure of your lifetime...good luck...haha!"

Before the boys could even utter a sound, the busman took off, leaving Gohan and Tsukune dumbstruck as to what they were seeing. Bad management of the school grounds couldn't even be said with lifeless and unfertile land they had just landed at.

"This has to be some kind of mistake Gohan-san," Tsukune muttered, now doubtful of whether this was actually where the school was stationed at. Gohan looked at the sign and frowned to the side of his lips.

"Well, signs don't lie...I think. It looks like this is the right place, Tsukune-san," Gohan replied.

"So...I guess we'll have to cut through the trees huh?" Tsukune asked, becoming increasingly aware at how eerie the entire view seemed. He could have sworn he just saw some trees grin devilishly.

Gohan shrugged. "It doesn't seem like we have a choice," he said as he took the initiative to head down the path of obstructing branches and bark.

Tsukune was amazed how Gohan was able to remain confident in a atmosphere like this. The whole environment now gave Tsukune chills. The human boy heard a crow calling which snapped him back away from dumfoundedness. He noticed Gohan was way far ahead in the forest, barely visible.

"Oy! Wait for me!" he yelled knowing he could never catch up with a pace like that.

Gohan blinked realizing he went way too far ahead. He hadn't even realized that the human boy had wasn't following. He stopped for a minute using the time waiting to feel the place around him just as Piccolo once taught him. He closed his eyes and focused. In no time, he felt the many students around the academy that was ahead. There was something odd about the auras of the students though. It was almost as if something was hidden in each and everyone of them. It made Gohan a little confused and worried.

"Gohan-san look out!" Tsukune warned as a bike suddenly fled past him with a screaming siren warning the area.


Gohan opened his eyes but before he knew it, something hard, rubbery, and fast crashed into him enough to make his vision go a little blurry. Milliseconds later, he heard a scream right behind him and quickly turned around as his vision began to clear up.

His brows widened with surprise as he saw a girl with the brightest pink hair he had ever seen. As his vision improved, he noted that she was slumped against the tree, comically dazed and lightly scratched in some areas of her body. From the uniform, it was obvious she was a student here at the academy.

It took a moment before the half-saiyan realized what happened as he saw a standard bike lying on the ground a few meters away. She must have 'bumped' into him while she had lost control over the bike.

The girl groaned weakly. Unfortunately for her, hitting Gohan was like hitting a metal rock. The impact from hitting him probably caused her to fall off her bike and hit the tree.

"Gohan-san!" Tsukune yelled with worry but also astonishment, "Are you okay? How are you able to stand after she sped into you?"

Gohan rubbed his head sheepishly already feeling sorry for the poor girl. He wasn't sure how to reply to Tsukune. He could say that he was a half human and half saiyan from a father who saved two planets in his lifetime, including Earth...but that would be too much. It would be best to keep quite about his powers and blood race, especially if he wanted to fit in.

"Well uh...what can I say? I workout a lot..." Gohan chuckled. It was a lame excuse considering the bike had impacted him head first. He hoped the human boy wouldn't push it any further especially when it looked like the girl needed help.

Tsukune was a little skeptical but he simple shrugged. He glanced at the girl with pity who appeared to be either unconscious or in a daze. If anyone, Gohan was apparently the wrong wall to hit.

"We better take her to the nursery of this school," Tsukune suggested.

Gohan nodded in agreement, "Yeah, you're right. We can't leave her like this." Of course, Gohan considered this very minuscule compared to the many injuries he took upon all the way from the beginning. He sighed in thought of that, it was a little depressing.

Gohan walked up and lifted the girl onto his back with no apparent problem. Tsukune couldn't help but blush as he got a closer look at the pink girl. The girl looked to be around their age with with a curved mouth and a petite nose. She was definitely a real cutie. The girl now appeared be sleeping on the half-saiyan's shoulder peacefully despite having hit a tree.

Kawaii, thought Tsukune, I can't believe there is a girl like this here at this academy...

As Gohan carried the pink haired girl on his back, something bothered him. This girl looked so innocent yet like all the rest of the students, it felt like her energy was compressed or hidden...perhaps even more.

I have a bad feeling about this school, Gohan thought and looked back at the girl, Maybe I should've check with Bulma about this school before I came here; either that or something is wrong with my senses...

His thoughts ended as the school came into plain site from the trees. Surprisingly, it looked like a normal high school apart from the barren environment. The academy did seem a lot larger than some other high schools he had seen. The only issue he saw was the location, but other than that, it didn't seem so bad.

While gazing at the school with a newly refreshment of excitement, Gohan heard the pink-haired girl groan a bit. He turned his head and looked to the back where he was carrying the girl, worried.

"Oh? Looks like she's waking up," Tsukune stated. Gohan didn't let go though knowing it would probably be better until she's fully conscious. He turned away his head, but before he managed to pull a step towards the gates of the academy...

"W-what is this...it smells...it smells like..." she mumbled with her eyes closed. Tsukune eyes widened and Gohan suddenly stopped his movements wondering what the girl was talking about. The half-saiyan immediately took notice of the sweet and high pitch voice that begun to ring in his ears.

"Hey, are you okay?" Tsukune asked from behind, putting a hand to the shoulder of the girl. The girl didn't hear him nor notice him as she began to draw closer to Gohan's neck.

"...it smells so nice," the girl open wide, revealing two sharp fangs! Without a moment of hesitation, she bit on Gohan's neck's in a very petite manner. Tsukune's eyes quickly widened as he saw Gohan froze and become paler in his skin.


If there was anything that signified an upcoming exciting school year, it could have certainly been a half-saiyan getting their blood sucked out of them for the first time...

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