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.::-''= 20 Reasons Why Len Can Be Seme =''-::.


1. He's seduce-ful.

2. He can totally screw Kaito over any day.

3. He's shota… and we all know it's better when shota tops.


5. It's nice to see him boss Rin around for once… hehe.

6. He has a rape face.

7. He can melt any girl with those alluring eyes of his… or any guy.

8. He might whine and shit if he's the uke.

9. It makes fangirls die of bloodloss.

10. It controls the rapidly increasing population of fangirls.

11. IMITATION BLACK… because we all know he's the one who's in control there, ne?

12. It's no fun seeing Rin rape Len… erm.

13. He's the manliest Vocaloid. /shot

14. Kind and loving (and ice-cream obsessed) Kaito would NEVER do something like that to Len, what are you thinking anyways?

15. It is the best thing in the world when a cute and cuddly boy is actually a sexy beast on the inside.

16. SPICE!... again.

17. Close your eyes and imagine… actually, don't close your eyes because you won't be able to read this: You're laying on your bed, half asleep, when a shadow suddenly covers you. You open your eyes in fright, but you're only met with lustful blue eyes. "Len…?"you whisper in a shaking voice, but he doesn't reply. You then realize that he has your hands pinned above your head, and you can do nothing as he leans towards you, his blond locks almost touching your face. His voice is hot as he whispers in your ear… "…I want you."

18. ...You liked #17. Admit it.

19. I mean, who WOULDN'T want Len to rape them? -Kaito raises hand- -Kaito gets hit-

20. His name is Kagamine Len.

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