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Hannibal had first watch over the tracking device, and aside from a few shifts and turns, it stayed inside the same general area. By the time his shift was over, it was close to 2 am and David still hadn't moved out of the place.

When B.A. took over, it was the same thing. Just as he was waking Murdock up for his shift at 5 am, the tracer suddenly left the area,"Get everyone up. It's go time."

She had been up already and had changed into something more action ready. She also had outfitted herself with her gun, knives and had a larger gun slung across her back. Normally she didn't pack this much heat, but she'd rather be safe than sorry. It was show time.

"Oh wow, it's Lara Croft! I love your video games!" Murdock was rambling on about how the Tomb Raider movie was utterly disappointing, going back and forth between his traditional southern accent and a posh French reviewer.

"Pack everything." Hannibal warned as they left the rooms for good, "We're not coming back."

She moved out with the rest of them, exiting through the stairwell so no one would see them walking around with all the weapons they were fond of packing.

Face went weapons-heavy like the others, and as they reached the truck, he made sure everyone had extra cartriges handy.

She blinked at Murdock and then chuckled and tried to give her most convincing British accent, "Thanks luv." She said with a wink and then became serious again and watched over shoulders as David's dot moved, "So, Murdock can you pull of a convincing Irish accent? We might need it." She joked with him as they took off.

Murdock immediately began to speak in Gaelic, with an accent so smooth he might as well have been born with it.

"I swear, one day that fool's gotta tell me where he learned all of this shit." B.A. growled, "I could use some of that."

They piled into the truck and Hannibal led the way, tracking device still in hand.

She blinked, very impressed and nodded, "Nice." She was beginning to like Murdock, and BA made her laugh, which she was doing at the moment due to his comments about Murdock, "It's probably an ancient Chinese secret, BA." She teased him with a chuckle and realized how at home she felt with this bunch… it was odd.

Murdock instantly switched to Mandarin, complete with a little smile as he cocked his weapon and pointed it at one of the air vents lining the side of the truck. "We can shoot from here," he said, in English, "without having to stick out from the sides."

She was already weapons ready having done so while they were talking and joking. She had a smile across her lips that Face hadn't seen in years; it was genuine and full of ease. She nodded at Murdock and was ready to fire at a second's notice, "I am so taking a long vacation after this." She commented off handedly.

"I know a cute little place in the Bahamas..." Face suggested.

Hannibal called to the back, "We're staying close, but not directly on him. We don't want him to stop now, we want him to lead us right to the nest."

She rolled her eyes, "Is it anything like that nice little place you said you knew about in Cabo?" She quirked a brow at him, her tone full of sarcasm as she looked to Hannibal and relaxed a little. It was hard for her not to treat these guys like they were still a part of the Force. In fact she wasn't really sure how to treat them so she stuck to basics just to be safe. In her eyes and mind these men still held all the honors they were unrightfully stripped of.

"Well, not as dangerous. I hope."

They continued to follow David north for another short while, before they came to the harbor.

"If he's going through the south, the weapons stockade has to be here." Hannibal pointed out. "It's not going to be easy to smuggle things through customs when they can check so thoroughly and know what to look for. This is it."

"So what's the plan?" She quirked a brow at the man in charge, she knew he had to have something up his sleeve, he always did. Hannibal Smith was and always would be the man with the plan. She looked around taking in the area; it was a typical shipping harbor. Lots of large boats and lots of large crates, it reminded her of a scene she had witnessed six months ago.

"If you can alert the local authorities, they won't be in on it." Hannibal shook his head. "Nobody in this area wants the IRA powerful, so if they can handle the locals, we'll find David. And you can take him out for good." he leaped from the truck.

She nodded, "On it, sir." She got her phone out and made the call to the Interpol Agent she had been talking with since she discovered David's whereabouts. A few moments later she hung up, "They're on their way." Her hazel eyes were dark with thoughts on just how she was going to kill David. She really didn't enjoy killing, but this time she would, "So we split up now, or?"

"Yes. You and Face have to go after David. The three of us," he gestured to the rest of the team, "will take care of the shippers."

Face started to refuse, then shook his head. He looked at Sosa, "Let's go."

She knew it would be her and Face. It didn't surprise her. She nodded and headed off, the tracer remote in hand so they could pin him down, "Looks like he's over between that ship and the warehouse and I doubt he's alone." She looked at Face, "Any ideas?" She was fresh out, again plans; especially split second just weren't her forte. Granted she had had one lucky shot the previous day, but that was it, she was tapped out.

"Actually, yeah." he slid behind a crate, looking at the tracer in his hand. "We need to get above them." he gestured to a ladder leaning against the side of one of the buildings. "See how the crates are stacked together like that, along the row? We go on top. We get the drop on them. And you can finish him off any way you'd like."

"Works for me." She gave him a dangerous grin, above them some clouds were rolling in and she frowned hearing a roll of thunder in the distance, "Great. Looks like we might get a little wet in the process." As soon as the words left her lips she knew he could twist them and she shot him a look, "Don't even." She warned as she began to work her way up the crates carefully not wanting to alert anyone to their presence.

"Wouldn't dream of it." He chuckled, as he climbed up behind her, "Although there's so MANY things I could..." He teased, feeling the weight of his weaponry shift against his back.

She glanced down at him and shook her head slowly, "And stop making it so damn obvious that you're enjoying the view of my ass above you." She stated with an arched brow. Sometimes his face was so easy to read, especially when he was thinking like a man. Once she reached the final crate she peered over it and looked down, "Do we want to just drop in or take out a few goons first?" She looked at him.

"You any good as a sniper? You'll only drop a few and there's six of them if you want to jump down now." he pointed out, adding a suppresser to the end of his gun.

"Wow, and here I thought you knew everything. I'll let you drop and I'll play duck hunt." She smirked at him and shifted the gun that rested on her back forward and got into position, "You drop, distract them and I'll pop them off." She instructed, "That's an order Lieutenant." She said with authority, reminding him that she outranked him discharged or not.

"Yes sir, Captain Sosa." he said sarcastically, but still with a smile, as he slid down the side and began herding them into one area via sudden banging noises and stage whispers. Hopefully they'd get the impression they were surrounded. He couldn't spot David, but knew the man was in the area. He managed to take out two of them when one went down right before his eyes, "Nice shot!" He called up, before heading after the others.

She smirked and quickly dropped two more idiots before she felt the crates sway a little, "Shit." She looked around, David wasn't down there which meant… the click and feel of cold metal pressed into the back of her skull alerted her to exactly where he was, behind her.

"Foolish Little Girl." He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up.

She let out a yelp of surprise and then kicked back with her boots, knocking David off balance and sending both of them tumbling down the crates, some of the crates crashing to the harbor floor as she struggled with him as they fell, "Not as foolish as you." She said as she sent her right hook into his jaw.

"Shit!" Face exclaimed. Now that the bullets had stopped, he realized that Charissa was in trouble. He desperately tried to climb back up, but there was little wiggle room between the crates and they weren't exactly conductive to climbing, "Charissa!"

They came to a hard and crashing stop somewhere in the middle of the fallen crates as she struggled to get up and away from him. She went for her gun but he knocked it from her hand with a well placed kick and then rammed her back into a crate. She felt a second of pain before adrenaline kicked in and she launched a counter attack, pulling one of knives and swiping the blade at his face. Charissa gritted her teeth as he came in to sucker punch her in the stomach and moved, but not fast enough and she felt the air leave her lungs as she fumbled and dropped to her knees.

"Time for that lesson I wanted to teach you the other night." With that he kicked her in the ribs sending her backwards and onto her side.

She lay there for a moment moving slowly as she heard his footsteps come up behind her. The second she knew he was there she turned sharply and sank her knife deep into the man's upper thigh near his groin.

Face ducked under a fallen smaller crate, finally catching a glimpse of David hobbling to Charissa's side, "Jesus!" he exclaimed, trying to get closer, "Doesn't this guy ever just GO DOWN!"

She felt him grab her by her hair again and she pulled the knife from his leg hard as he pulled her up to face him.

"Bitch." He stated as they traded blows.

Suddenly she looked up seeing Face and also seeing one of David's men behind him and cried out, "Face! Behind you!"

Unfortunately that second of distraction was enough for David to grab her, get the knife from her hand and press the blade into her throat, "Surrender now or I slit her throat, Peck." He called out at the other man.

Face growled, but dropped his weapon and allowed the other man to grab his arms. "So much for that." He muttered, glaring at David, "Why don't you just...die...already?"

She struggled against David, which only made him press the blade more into her skin as he laughed at Face's comment, "I'm the bad guy. We don't die so easily." He commented dryly. He smiled and gripped Charissa roughly with his free hand, "Now what to do with the two of you." He grinned darkly, "So many ideas but which one."

Charissa rolled her eyes, "Just get on with it David. Damn."

He laughed, "In a hurry to die, Little Girl."

"No, I just want you to shut the hell up."

That made him laugh as he shifted his free hand slowly down over the curves of her body, "Bet that pisses you off, doesn't it Pretty Boy. My hands on her like that, touching her. I bet it just makes your blood boil."

She stiffened against the man's hold, hoping he wasn't going to do what he was possibly alluding at. She had to think of something and fast.

"Yeah, but you know what?" Face said, trying to throw David off. Or at least make him angry enough to do something stupid. "She's not yours. Cause you know whose name she likes to scream, nice and loud and long? Mine." Face spread his legs apart, trying to play alpha male, look bigger than he was, taunt David into going after him first. "And oh, I've learned a lot of things about her, things you'll never know or see or touch again, because she's still mine."

Play at his weakness, she thought to herself. What is the man's weakness? David had several, but one she knew for sure would work. She stared at Face as he challenged David to basically a pissing contest. She felt the anger roll off of the man pressing the knife to her throat and that's when the idea hit her, "I give up." She stated and relaxed against the man holding her, "I can't fight you anymore David… I just can't."

He blinked at this and looked from her to Peck and back again, "Come again?" He hadn't been expecting this, "What are you trying to say."

" I'm trying to tell you I want you. You're right, you're more of a man than Peck will ever be." She felt the man's grip on her loosening.


Suddenly she was facing David, her knife still against her neck however, "Yes. Really."

"Prove it." He pulled her in to him, "Show Peck how much more you want me than him."

She kissed him then, hard. Her lips parting against his, her now free hands working into his hair as she wrapped herself around the man. Despite this, the knife still bit at her throat, tearing the skin a little causing a small bubble of blood to blossom and trickle down her neck.

The kiss was hot and heavy, she gave it her all to make it convincing as she carefully pulled out her other knife and wormed it between them. A mere second later she was falling backwards, and David stood for a moment with a knife sticking out of his chest, blood pooling across his shirt before he fell backwards. She crashed into the broken crates on the ground below and lay there still, very still.

"Shit! Charissa!" Face took out the guy behind him, then dove forward, forgetting for the moment that David was still on the ground, coughing and gasping. "Jesus, why won't he just DIE already!" he checked her pulse - it was a bit slow, but she was definately alive. Just unconscious.

She was still, but David wasn't. He slowly pulled the knife from his chest and tossed it aside, he knew he was dying and slowly. She had ground the blade into him and he didn't feel much at the moment except cold. Slowly he moved to draw his gun and aim it at Face when suddenly a shot went off.

She had woken to see him moving and had grabbed a gun off of Face and fired, the bullet taking David out right between the eyes, "I think he's dead now." She commented with a weak laugh and tried to set up.

"Please, oh please, let him be dead, because I can't take much more of this." Face gasped a little, trying to help her sit up. He was wheezing a little from the other goon trying to knock him around, but he was in one piece, "Now we need to fix your head too..."

She groaned and nodded slowly, "Yeah." She winced a little, "Some bruised ribs too, possibly." She made a small face while trying to hide the level of pain that was sitting in as the adrenaline began to melt off. She leaned against him for support as she looked around and smiled, "Huh, how about that… we make a pretty good team." Speaking of teams, "Any idea how the others are holding up?" Suddenly the sound of helicopters began to fill the air, "Shit. Time for you guys to go."

"You got that right." Face looked up. Murdock was piloting one of them, but the others on their way were clearly Interpol. "So. Are you coming with us? Or will you let the forces pick you up?"

She really didn't want to explain all this, "Get me out of here." She instructed him and wrapped her arms around his neck indicating for him to carry her off. She had no idea why she just threw protocol out the window but she had, maybe it was because she felt right in the midst of these guys. She had never really fit in good with a team before until now.

Face lifted an arm up, waving Murdock down. He could feel the wind from the chopper blades and was grateful when Hannibal lifted them both up.

B.A. was conscious, and raving that he wanted to set down as soon as possible,"You guys owe me for this! Ain't no way I'm gettin' on no plane, Hannibal!"

She laughed at BA's ranting and raving, and winced as she did so, "Damn it Bosco, don't make me laugh." She yelled at him above the roar of the chopper and relaxed against Face, "So I get to see the super secret hide out now?" She teased as they flew off.

"We don't really have one." Hannibal shrugged, "We normally don't stay in one place long enough to set one up. But you're right this time, B.A. - we can't fly back, not when Interpol is still looking for you." he glanced at Sosa.

She shrugged, "I can make a call, but you have a point. Flying for any of you isn't probably a very good bet." She agreed, "It's easier to track people in the air. Might I suggest something by sea?" They were headed over Ireland now, which had a large cruise port, "By chance do any of you carry any aspirin with you?" The loud sounds of the chopper weren't helping her head much and she was just plain out sore as hell, she hadn't had a beating like this in a very long time.

Murdock produced a bottle. "Don't ask me where I keep these things..." he said in a mysterious voice. "They belong to the seventeenth dimension."

"Shut up, crazy fool...but now, a boat! That sounds just like heaven!" B.A. exclaimed, grinning at Hannibal, who sighed.

"It'll take us a week to get back to the USA." he pointed out. "But it's low-key. Look for a cruise ship."

"You guys could probably use the down time anyways, you definitely deserve it." She stated and gratefully took the bottle from Murdock and chuckled, "Thanks." And then knocked back two tablets and then sat up and removed herself slowly from Face's arms and looked around, it was a bad idea and in an instant she was clinging to him and burying her head in his shoulder, "Ugh." A few moments later, Murdock was lowering them into a secluded landing area and they were off the chopper, "So I assume you guys need to work up some papers and such?"

"You don't need papers if you work on the ship. Murdock! Did you spot any staff?"

"We got lucky." Murdock nodded. "They're all wearing black dress pants and white shirts. No name tags. We take a quick nip into town, buy uniforms, and show up before they set sail."



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Trouble- Pink (Chapter 2)

Unstoppable- The Calling (Chapter 4)

Everybody's Changing- Keane (chapter 5 towards the end after encounter with Karls)

Right Before Your Eyes- Hoobastank (Chapter 7)

Back in Black- AC/DC- (Chapter 9, fight scene)

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