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Murdock was easing the plane in to land at the Heathrow airport. They'd kept the pilot conscious long enough to force him to give the specific landing codes, so they wouldn't arouse too much suspicion. He'd already alerted Interpol, so Face knew they had to move fast.

Once they were on the tarmac, they quickly commandeered a small truck and managed to drive away from the airport's main hangars and towards the streets. They still had a ways to go before they reached their final destination near the border with Wales, and Face kept glancing over at Charissa Sosa.

What had she gotten herself into? Basically out sourcing wanted fugitives… apparently she forgot that fact and now she had to well, deal with it. And boy was it hard not to step up, take charge and run the show, but she trusted Hannibal and she was beginning to trust the others too oddly enough and though she wouldn't admit it she trusted Face as much as she did his boss.

She felt him looking at her and after five minutes of the roaring silence and weight of his eyes she looked at him keeping her mirror aviators on, "What?" Her tone was even, despite the trimmed brow that arched above her glasses.

Face shook his head. "Nothing," he said, "just you haven't spoken much since we had to...er...gain flight control."

Hannibal was lighting another cigar, riding up front with B.A., who was driving. Murdock was in the back with the two of them, apparently coaxing his invisible dog Billy to hop up on the bench with him.

"She knew what she was getting into when she signed up for this." The colonel glanced back at them, arching a brow of his own, "You know the way we work, Captain. We get the job done."

She was about to say something particularly snarky when Hannibal spoke up and she looked to him and nodded slowly, "Yes…" She hesitated because in reality she really hadn't that much, "I did." She replied and settled back into her seat wishing it wasn't such close quarters.

She looked back at Face, her expression blank, "I'm fine, you know me… I don't talk much." She tried to sound reassuring when in fact all she was doing was trying to pacify him.

She took out her regular phone and checked her messages, "Keep quiet boys. I need to return a call to my superior." She hit her call back and proceeded to have what almost sounded like an argument with the man after a moment she hung up and sighed, "We've got an extra twenty four hours." She lowered her glasses and peered between the seats to look at the English road stretched before them, "Not to sound cliché but are we there yet?" She was worried, nervous and she had so many reasons to be, reasons she really didn't want to share.

"Ain't no traffic on the roads right now." B.A. pointed out. "Should be there in another hour or so, long as we don't get nobody pullin' us over."

"Remember to stay on the other side of the road." Hannibal reminded him gently, pulling out a map of the area. He unfolded it and marked a few things in pen, then folded it back up and slid it into his pocket.

Face was nonetheless impressed with Charissa's ability to remain calm under pressure. He knew that she was used to the insanity of the military, but the A-Team had its own type of madness, "Thank you," He said quietly, "for the extra time. I have a feeling we may need it."

"I figured, I impressed on the good General that I was making progress but in order to make even more I needed a little extra time." She smiled at him a little, "See, you're not the only one who can get things." The smile became a small smirk and then she turned her attention to glance out the side window and lowered her glasses and really looked at their current surroundings, "Pretty." She mentioned under her breath before returning the shades to their place and arching a brow at Murdock talking to his imaginary something or other.

"Billy, come on now boy, don't drool on the floor."

Face had to smile a little at Charissa's comment. "True, you can get time, but you've got a long way to go before you out-do me in my get-things-ability."

"Get-things-ability?" Hannibal inquired.

"Half an hour longer, half an hour longer..." B.A. muttered to himself in the front seat.

Charisa covered her mouth to hide the fact she was desperately trying not to laugh. She was beginning to see firsthand why no one else had really wanted to deal with this bunch when they were in the Armed Forces. She knew they specialized in the ridiculous, but now she understood that they were as such all the time and each of their different quirks made up a whole. It was to say the least fascinating in terms of group dynamics. She looked steadily at Face and lowered her hand, a deadpan smirk across her lips, "By that he means he can get anything and everything from a missile launcher to a burrito to a piece of ass, Hannibal." One corner of her lips lifted a little higher as she burned the man next to her verbally.

"Oh, I'm well aware that he can." Hannibal said lightly, taking the cigar out of his mouth to turn and smile at her. "I'm very sure that we wouldn't have come back from half of our missions if he hadn't."

"Only takes one, Hannibal, and we'd have never come back. Don't see why you gotta count all the rest of them." B.A. pointed out, eyes still focused on the road. He had a bit more of a smile on his face, though; especially when he began to see highway signs have Welsh writing underneath the English print.

" Sometimes I get stuff too. Once I scammed a plane..." Murdock pointed out.

"Yeah, fool, and we crashed in South Carolina! Never let him get anything again, Hannibal, the man is crazy." B.A. reminded them.

Murdock sat back and pouted.

She laughed then, thoroughly amused at them all as she realized they were beginning to see signs of civilization, "I actually think I heard about the South Carolina incident." She mentioned after regaining that stiff well learned military composure back shook her head a little.

"So where exactly are we headed anyhow? I take it you pegged the location down to an exact place. I know we're close to the Wales boarder, but perhaps a little fill in on what you guys know now that I don't?" She knew that they had found probably double what she had in intel and then some before they had met on the tarmac back in the States.

Hannibal pointed to the area he'd marked on the map. "It's not world-famous, but it does have its followers. This is a specialty shop here," he pulled out the photo. "You can thank Google Earth for this; it helped pinpoint the exact location. The wonders of modern technology."

B.A. nodded. "When we get to the town, gonna set up camp and work on recon. Does this dude know who you are?" he asked, nodding over his shoulder to Charissa.

She looked over the map, removing her shades to study it better and handed it back with a small thank you, "Out of the way, typical David." She muttered and glanced up as B.A. asked if the guy knew her and she nodded slowly, "He was a friend of my family… my Father and I, once." It was clear she wasn't telling them everything, just the things she figured they needed to know.

"If he knows your face, then he can't see you." Hannibal mentally moved some figures in his mind, "I was originally planning on having you on recon, but if he recognizes you we could lose a lot more than just the edge." He pointed out. "You've said he's very dangerous. And this is a small town, but it's a lively town, and I don't want bystanders getting shot at."

Face frowned. Charissa had a way of not telling the whole truth, and he could always tell, because she always ended her sentences in an odd voice, like she had to stop to breathe. It was a stop that didn't make sense, and it meant she had something else to say, but wasn't going to say it. He suspected he'd been listening to her for too long, but he didn't press her on the matter.

She gave Hannibal a sure look, "I'll do whatever you need me to do, you could use me as bait… draw him out perhaps?" She knew Face was watching her like a hawk like he always had, she knew he had this thing about protecting people, especially those he cared about… and she strongly believed she didn't need anyone to protect her. She was a big girl, she could take care of herself and by her statement to Hannibal she was reminding him of that.

"Oh, you'll definitely be of help." Hannibal pointed out. "Just that...we want to know what he's up to in this area, before we start moving in."

"Classic stratagem." Murdock announced in a posh Oxford accent. "So as to never let the enemy know when he is observed, until it is too late." He nodded.

Face sighed, then stretched his shoulders a bit. "Personally, I just can't wait to get out of the back of this truck. My back is killing me from sitting like this."

She nodded slowly and smiled a bit at Murdock and his explanation, "Understood." She said with a nod and then looked to Face as he stretched, "For once, I agree with you." She shifted a bit herself, wishing she had decided on a flatter pair of shoes for the trip, "How much further B.A.?" She inquired, noticing she was becoming more at ease and relaxed around them.

"'Nother ten minutes." B.A. pointed to another sign as they passed. "Then we can all get out. Far as I know, we ain't wanted in this town, so we can check into a hotel."

Hannibal nodded. "I haven't booked reservations, but they'll be easy enough to get. Face, you take Sosa and get us some rooms. Three should be good. Murdock and I will work on the truck, get it looking like a delivery van for the bakery. B.A., do you still have those parts to build bugs with?"

"Sure do, Hannibal."