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It hurt.

Way did it feel like my world was shattering? My perfect illusion just that an illusion, a fantasy. Oh how could I have been so stupid to open my heart to him.


Of all people. I felt it all rush to me the memory it felt like it was only seconds ago. When it really happened year ago. A desperate, hurtful, lonely year. He had left not even with a bye or see ya. Nothing.

He just left.

How many times did I call for him? How many times did I cry in the darkness of the night?

Just waiting.

Just hoping he would show up, but this is reality. It not some stupid child's book. Of course, if I ever told anyone this they would just say. "Oh Bonnie" Meredith would just worry. "Poor babe", Elena would say with concern on her face. I could never do that to them.


You fell in love with him. You better as hell pick yourself up, but I'm not going to be 'that poor innocent girl'. Stupid looks, making me look like a damsel in distress all the frickin' time. Not letting me prove that I could do more than just be a trouble to everyone.

As this little pixie was walking along the beach a single tear fell down her porcine skin. They had all went their separate ways after everything those high school years. She had gone to Santa Barbara after high school. Mer had stayed with Alaric she had gotten married. They were happy, and Mer, my best friend, was going to be a mom. I mean they didn't get married because of that. Oh goodness, no. There was nothing wrong with that but they were happy, a stable family. Matt had gone to San Francisco university, and he was ecstatic about everything here, in pacific coast. He would visit her from time to time, and they had gotten closer. But, all he ever was in her heart was a 'big brother'. Elena and Stefan were in Italy. She would get at least 20 letters from her a month. "Just checking up on her", Elena would say. She sighed, was it ever going to end.

She had grown up.

You could see that in her. She had grown a few inches tall her hair falling in waves down to her hips and you could see wisdom far far from her years clearly in her eyes, but still. She was what they called the 'baby of the group'. That was it she started to bawl confirming all this that she was the 'baby'. There was no one on the beach to stop her. No one to ask her what wrong. That give her some confidence to stop. Pick herself up and start new.

That's was right before she heard the a deep strong low voice merrily whisper "Cara."

She turned around and right behind her stood the man she had be hoping.

No, wanting.

No, needing to see.

Then, she said barely audible "Damon".

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