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and Elena runs in "Valerie!" smirking.

"Yes?" annoyed.

"You don't own vd", and runs off


Bonnie POV:

I-i oh goodness I can't think straight… this feels to –

"Right." Damon said with a sly smile. She blushed and remembered she didn't have her shield up.

She whispered softly "Yes Damon." She grinned like an idiot. What do I do now. I need to leave but I can't I want to stay here. With him. She laughed softly to herself, and she could tell Damon was confused but he quickly hid it.

"Don't." She pleaded with her eyes.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"Don't hide from me." She said the words with so much pain it was murder to hear her voice crack, but she could help it. It hurt.

Sad as it may. He couldn't leave that would break her heart all over again. I know your all I want,, but I'm –I'm helpless, Damon. She said it so sweetly it pained him. He trailed kisses from her neck to her lips.

"Mi Tesoro noca ti abbandonero. Mai." an: I'm learning Italiano so be patient with me please

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"It means I will never leave you." He said with a smile.


"Yes, little red?"

"Let's head back, I'm starting to get cold." She said whispering.

"Whatever you wish." Then he took off his jacket and placed it on Bonnie's shoulders.

She sighed, he smells…. Good. Then she began to walk with Damon hand and hand.

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