TitleForever in flux.

Book/Other: Harry Potter – Doctor Who

Rating: PG 13 maybe R later.

Genre: Action/ Adventure, SiFi

Warnings: x-over, sifi, slightly AU, charter OC-ness, there will also be run-ins with real-world modern History and technology, pinches of Humor, morsels of Science, hints of Romance, Spiritual concepts and Political issues.

Pairings: Past HP/GW. Now Rose/9&10. HP/None. Futcher Amy/Rory and one sided Amy/11

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Doctor Who. They belong to there respected writers, publishers, producers, and companies. I am just writing this for fun and don't make a profit from this. So please, please pleaseeeeeeeee don't sue me I am broke and there's nothing to get from me.

Summary: When you lose everything what do you have left. Because in an instant everything can change. What would you do when your magic cursed you to live forever in order to save your life. What would you do if a change of fate made turn left instead of right. What would when everything changed.

For Harry Potter life had never been easy. First there was his crappy childhood then there was the war. And now his wife is cheating on him. In order to stop himself from doing something stupid he popped to the middle of the Forbidden Forest and meats a strange crying girl who changes his life forever.

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I'm not sure how it happened. One minute my life was fine, I had the perfect job and a loving wife, when suddenly it all changed. I was coming home from work early when I heard strange sounds coming from the bedroom. Thinking something was wrong I ran in only to find the worse sight I'd ever seen. My wife of two years was having sex with another man.

So there it was. That's when it all changed. My life as I knew it was over.

Using what little self control I had left, I apparated to the middle of the Forbidden Forest before I completely lost control. I could have spent day's there and I wouldn't have noticed it. I was so caught up in my anger and grief that I lost all control of my magic.

I must have spent hours there screaming and letting my magic lash out but I never tired. My voice never stopped working. I was so far gone that tuned out everything but my inner turmoil.

I didn't know it at the time, but as I stood there out of control, with my anger and grief I had started to change. The combination of intense anger, grief, rage and magic roaring through me was slowly killing me. So my magic did the only thing it could do to keep me alive at the time. It activated a dormant gene sequence in D.N.A. as well as causing a rapid regeneration of my cells, which transformed me into my eight-year-old self. But that wasn't the only thing that had changed.

I wasn't human any more.

I had gained an extra heart and my mind was opened up in ways that I couldn't even begin to explain. There were other changes but nothing as important as those first two things.

I wouldn't find out till years later how it was that I carried that one speck of Time Lord D.N.A.; the minuscule chromosome that allowed my magic to change me. At the time I didn't know or care that I was changing into a Time Lord. The emotional storm I was experiencing had consumed me.