Subtract by Reality
The Doujutsu Choronicles: Book Three

Naruto Uzumaki was sitting down with a huge scroll strewn across his lap. His short and spiky strawberry blonde hair hanging over his goggles and almost into his eyes. "Maybe I should have told Mizuki-sensei I'd be here." he murmured to himself, scratching his chin. 'Eh. The Chuunin instructor would find him eventually. It really wasn't that big of a deal, he could wait for the end of this secondary exam to end and then he'd get his promotion, finally. Yet at the same time, he really wanted to learn something off the scroll, and this Kage Bunshin really looked like it would do the trick. "Guh. Okay. I think I've got it." He didn't even both standing up as he tried to do the handseal and called out the technique.

Nothing happened.

"Kami-dammit!" Naruto swore and closed his eyes to concentrate, trying once again to follow the instructions and failing miserably.

Not that it would make him stop, his frustrations kept him going and going. He didn't know how long he'd be able to re-read the instructions on the scroll so he kept trying and trying. His focus tightening so much that once he starting making success with the Bunshinjutsu that he didn't know the veins around his eyes bulging, or the fact that his vision had expanded. Subconsciously, he was making corrections to his chakra outflow to go and fix his attempts at every failure. Cofmpiled with the fact that he was unknowingly taking in the information around him because of his failures, he was quickly speeding up the process until he had managed to summon a proper clone.

"Hey, you did it Boss!" the clone exclaimed, the first one to speak, of course, he wasn't the most intelligent clone of the bunch so he didn't realize that the bulges around his creator's eyes were any different than his lack of ones. Of course, this was Naruto Uzumaki and when he was concentrating on something, the rest of the world be damned.

Naruto just nodded to the clone and had it disappear before he started working on numbers now. He had gotten one, but the minimum to pass was three after all. Thankfully, this jutsu was a lot easier to use when compared to Bunshin no Jutsu, this one was much less frustrating and he'd soon have it mastered. Though at that though, Naruto tilted his head to the side, it was kinda like his Oiroke no Jutsu when compared to the regular Henge no Jutsu. He had pretty much ignored the hand signs since they were flubbing up his Henge and just went with a single one to get his variant. It was a lot more potent too, and controlling the smoke was somewhat amusing.

"Hey, maybe if I treat it like that..." Naruto said after a moment of thought. He had added the smoke just for the heck of it, and added some more 'Oomph' to his Oiroke no Jutsu so that it felt realistic and actually turned him into a girl for the duration of the of the jutsu.

The first test of the experient even ended up as a success!

Soon enough, he was pouring his chakra into various extra parts of the technique and it was coming to him a lot easier. Though, now some of his clones seemed to think they were trying to be funny and a few were playing games with each other until they were forced to dispel themselves. Of course, by the end of it he was starting to pant in exhaustion, it'd been a while since he felt like this, back when he was a kid really. He finally had it though, and that was awesome! Huh, wait... "Iruka-Sensei?" He called out.

"Naruto, where are you?" Iruka called back.

"I'm over here! Wait, you can't see me? How come I can see you?" Naruto blinked a few times, not understanding that he could actually see all around him right now. "I'm by the cabin, Iruka-sensei." He said after a moment of thought.

Quickly enough, the Chuunin Instructor appeared by the Cabin, for all intents and purposes, pissed off. "!" he started to yell when he came around the corner but was stopped suddenly by what he was seeing on his favorite student's face.

"Haha. Found me, huh? Well, I just finished too. With this I'll finally be a Genin." Naruto grinned. "Hey, hey? Wanna see?"

"N-Naruto, what are you even doing here? You're going to be in big trouble." Iruka shook his head, ignoring the difference in Naruto's eyes for now.

"Huh? What do you mean? Mizuki-sensei told me to come here with this so I could pass the hidden Genin Exam." Naruto frowned suddenly.

"Mizuki? He did what?" Iruka's eyes widened as Naruto suddenly dove out of the way while biting off some curses. "Look out Naruto!" Iruka ran forward, grabbing Naruto out of way of harm as shuriken and kunai alike suddenly pierced the air.

A malicious laugh broke through the air. "Ah, Iruka. It's good to see you." Mizuki stepped out from the shadows, up in a tree. "How'd you avoid those, brat?" Mizuki's eyes narrowed as he saw the veins around Naruto's eyes and suddenly cursed to himself. "Byakugan, huh? No matter. Naruto, give me the scroll!"

"No! Naruto, don't hand him the scroll!" Iruka shouted, shoving the strawberry blonde away from him. "Get back to the village! I'll hold him off."

"I-Iruka-Sensei? Hey? What's going on? Someone tell me!" Naruto suddenly demanded, clutching onto the Forbidden Scroll. If he knew this was going to happen, there sure as hell was no way he would have done something like this.

"Oh? So you want to know the truth?" Mizuki asked with a feral grin, flipping a kunai in his hand as he readied to throw it. "Fine. I'll tell you the truth." The silver haired man started to cackle.

"No! Mizuki! Don't you fucking dare!" Iruka swore at his fellow Instructor.

"Ah, shut it Iruka." Mizuki snarled and threw the kunai at his former friend, distracting the Chuunin enough to speak as it the kunai went careening through the air. "There's no sense in you keeping the scroll anyway, Naruto. Tell me. What do you know about the death of the Kyuubi Kitsune no Youko?"

"Huh?" Naruto asked, looking back between Iruka and Mizuki, not sure who to trust. "What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

"Twelve years ago, after that demon was defeated, there was a rule passed down amongst the village." Mizuki continued, throwing some shuriken at Iruka to keep him busy while he talked.

"A rule?"

"Yeah, this rule was to never be told to you, brat." Mizuki snarled, looking fully at the boy now.

"Mizuki. I'll kill you!" Iruka snarled, throwing his own shuriken back while the other man just laughed and dodged out of the way.

"Tell me, dammit!"

"The rule that you're not allowed to know that you're the Demon Fox!" Mizuki yelled triumphantly. "You! You little demon! You helped destroy the village twelve years ago!"

"N-n-nani?" Naruto blinked, shivering as all around him he felt cold.

"No! It's not true Naruto!" Iruka said, looking desperately at the boy.

"You're the one that killed all those villagers! You killed Iruka's parents and tried to destroy the village!" Mizuki grinned, suddenly throwing several shuriken Iruka again as he pulled one of the two Fuuma Shuriken off his back. "The old man Hokage you so admire sealed you away!"

"Damn you, Mizuki..." Iruka had tears in his eyes as he tried to deny what Mizuki was saying, not being able to deflect all of the projectiles as several pierced his clothing and flak jacket, cutting into him.

"You've been lied to, you've been hated, and now you know why!" Mizuki snarled, spinning the Fuuma Shuriken on one hand. "Iruka hates you too! It's true and everyone knows it! No one loves you and that scroll was used to seal you up!"

"N-no..." Iruka whispered, slumping to one knee as Mizuki threw the large shuriken at Naruto who was so distraught his chakra was flaring erratically and the veins around his eyes disappeared.


That was when a mist of blood was sprayed into the air.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was puffing on his pipe while watching the goings on, knowing that at least Naruto was training using the scroll instead of using it for something malicious. Thankfully, no one had come across him in his knocked out state, and he had cursed that infernal jutsu. "Hmm...?" he peered closer at the crystal ball in front of him as his eyes narrowed at what he was seeing. "Is that? My my, it is." Hiruzen shook his head and made a couple hand seals to call one of his ANBU.

"I need Hiashi Hyuuga here as soon as possible." The Third ordered. "If he asks, tell him it's an order and very important."

The ANBU didn't say a word and nodded before disappearing in a poof of smoke.

"Naruto, just what have you gotten yourself into?" The old man shook his head while taking another puff from his pipe as he continued to watch the boy train and actually come up with an actual clone. Honestly, it did surprise the old Hokage and made his let out a small laugh at what he had seen. As Sarutobi watched, waiting for Hiashi to show up, he watched as the boy got progressively better at making the clones until he made a few of them at the same time.

"Hokage-sama." Hiashi's voice cut in from the other side of the door with one knock before the door opened up to let in an irate Hiashi Hyuuga. "What do you need at this time of night?"

"Sorry, Hiashi. I've got no time for formalities. You need to see this, it's important." Sarutobi spoke wearily as he pushed his chair off to the side a little and beckoned the Hyuuga patriarch over next to him so he could peer into the crystal ball at the same time, the man's pale lavender eyes widening considerably as they both watched Iruka appear on the scene.

"Where is this?" Hiashi suddenly demanded, turning to leave.

"Hold for a moment. I want to see how things turn out." Sarutobi said gently, "That and we need to discuss this."

"There is nothing to discuss." Hiashi said simply, narrowing his eyes. "The boy must be trained and properly."

"And your clan's seal?" Sarutobi arched an eyebrow, pulling off his hat and setting it down on the table.

"I...that needs to be discussed within the clan between the Elders and I." Hiashi edged, not wanting to use the seal himself.

"I understand that." Hiruzen said with a small shake of his head. "But in this, I'm afraid I'm going to have to put my foot down."

Hiashi looked up in surprise, and a small hint of gratitude. "Really?"

"Hai." Sarutobi's eyes narrowed a little. "We don't know how the seal would react to the Fourth's, and it could potentially lead to disaster...will be the official story."

"Unofficially. It is an abomination." Hiashi said with a roll of his shoulders. "That and no doubt some of the Main House would just use it to try and kill the boy too."

"There is that." Sarutobi nodded, knowing full well that his law had ensured that nothing outside of hateful glares would happen, but if a chance was given, someone would surely give it. Stupid fools.

Then something in the crystal caught both their eyes. "Mizuki?" Sarutobi asked, mainly to himself and then his eyes narrowed as he took in the entire scene. "Hiashi. Go. And do get rid of Mizuki for me." The Hyuuga just gave a curt nod and strode from the room with a purpose. The laws were absolute after all. The old man let loose a deep sigh. "It might only be a very minuscule chance, but it is a chance. The boy is afraid now. I just hope the seal doesn't break...if it does..." Sarutobi closed his eyes and sighed.

Outside his window, various members of the village were calling for Naruto's death now. Maybe it was time to head that off right now before things got out of control. It wouldn't do for something like that to happen.

"Try to touch Iruka-Sensei again and I'll kill YOU!" Naruto snarled, putting the scroll down, unconsciously pushing chakra to his eyes once again as the veins bulged on his face as he made a single cross-shaped seal.

"N-Naruto? You baka! Run away! I can deal with Mizuki!" Iruka was panting, bleeding all over the place now, especially the large wound in his back from when he covered Naruto.

"Hah!" Mizuki snorted while sneering at the two of them, rubbing his chin, trying to ignore the pain from when Naruto just slammed into him. "I'll kill a little demon like you in one shot!"

"Bring it!" Naruto's voice shifted, sounding more guttal and feral as he spoke. "You trash! I'll return the pain over a hundred fold!"

Mizuki just sneered again "Then do it!" he yelled.

"FINE! KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" Naruto screamed as he let the rage and power fuel him as he forced the chakra together for the technique.

Smoke filled the forest and as it blew away there were to many clones to count. The strawberry blond boy dressed in orange had clones that filled the forest, all with his new found Doujutsu unconsciously still activated. It was a sight to see, and it utterly impressed Iruka, mainly because the Chuunin Instructor was being protected by the mass amounts of clones that shouldn't even really exist."'ve..." he trailed off in awe.

Mizuki, on the other hand, looked around in shock as his eyes widened. "Whaaaat? This...this isn't possible! Kai! KAI!"

"What's wrong?" Several of the clones called out while others also spoke. "Weren't you gonna kill me?" The original stepped up, his eyes narrowed angrily. "You're going down. Get 'im, boys!"

That's when the clones started to charge, attacking Mizuki for all they were worth, piling on the Chuunin at every attempt to keep him from moving around and using any kind of jutsu he might have had. The screams of pain coming from the man echoed off the trees throughout the forest, and as the clones started to disperse when Mizuki fell to the ground, twitching in his unconsciousness, Hiashi Hyuuga stepped into the clearing, just off to the side.

He remained passive and silent while Iruka and Naruto talked for a few moments, watching with a detatched look on his face as Iruka handed over his own headband to Naruto.

"Congratulations of graduating, Naruto. I hope you do me and the Village proud." Iruka finally said, prompting Hiashi to step forward and become noticed. "Hyuuga-sama." Iruka's eyes went wide. "What are you doing all the way out here?" Iruka struggled to try and get to his feet with Naruto helping him.

"I'm here for the boy." Hiashi's eyes narrowed at the orange wearing kid. "And to make sure Mizuki was dealt with."

"Hey, hey. Why're you here for me?" Naruto blinked, shying away from the Hyuuga clan leader. Stepping somewhat behind Iruka as he steadied his sensei. "It's not because of what I did a couple months ago, is it?"

The stoic man lifted an eyebrow ever so slightly before reaching down and picking up the defeated Chuunin with one hand. "No, Naruto." He said simply, though inwardly smirking. "But you shouldn't admit to things like that, regardless." He spoke after hefting the man over his shoulder as if he was a rag.

"I mean...I did nothing a couple months ago, so you shouldn't be looking for me. Heh heh heh..." he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Everything is fine, Naruto." Iruka said with a smile down at his student. "Now, why don't we go back to the village? I can get you some ramen."

Hiashi looked at the two before he nodded ever so slightly, more to himself than anything. "After that, could you help the boy pack all his things?"



"He will be moving into the Hyuuga compound with the rest of my clan."

"But why?"

"Naruto, hush for a second."

"Boy." Hiashi spoke sharply, trying to not cringe at the unsightly amount of orange the boy wore. "You awoke a bloodline limit that is known only to my clan. You need to be trained within it's use so you do not become a liability to your team."

"I have a what? Wait. Me? That's not right...maybe it's beca..." Naruto's mouth shut as he looked blankly at Mizuki as his mood suddenly dropped like a rock.

"I'm quite sure that isn't it." Iruka said gently, wrapping a hand around the strawberry blonde's shoulder.

"Quite." Hiashi agreed, suddenly starting to walk off. "You will receive help from the Branch House to move your things. They will be waiting at your home whenever you finish eating. Good day Umino-san." Then Hiashi disappeared into the forest with Mizuki, leaving Naruto and Iruka behind with the scroll.

"Well, I guess that's that." Iruka said with a few blinks, wincing at the pain in his back. "Come on Naruto, we should get back."

"Sure thing Iruka-sensei...but I've gotta question."

"Nani?" Iruka asked as they started to slowly walk back.

"How am I supposed to move my garden?"

People were yelling at each other, cursing about what Naruto had done and how no one had managed to find the boy quite yet. All things considered, it was a wonder how someone wearing orange could hide just as well as he could. Emotions were running high and Sarutobi figured now would be the perfect time to put an end to the soon to be lynch mob. "Everyone! Quiet down!" He barked while holding his pipe.

"Hokage-sama?" A majority of them did as he commanded, turning and looking at their leader while subconsciously straightening in their stances.

"Everything is fine now. He and Iruka will be back soon with the scroll."

"Hokage-sama, what's going to happen?" One of the calmer people managed to ask.

"Nothing will happen to Naruto, he was tricked into thinking this was a way to pass the exam by one of his Chuunin-sensei." He responded with a puff of smoke. "I would like clan members to head back to their respective homes and tell their Clan Heads that I am calling a meeting tomorrow to deal with a change in the Ninja teams."

"I'm assuming this has to deal with Naruto?" One of the Yamanaka asked.

"Indeed. There's no point in keeping this quiet. Naruto Uzumaki has unlocked a Kekkai Genkai and is on his way to be moved into the Hyuuga clan. Non-clan members, please spread the word, and can someone please fetch me Tsubaki? Tell her it has to do with Mizuki."

"Hai!" they all shouted, some trading looks of fear between them. Once word got out that Naruto would become a Hyuuga, attitude to the boy would be much changed publically. It'd be a village wide scandal if the boy ever talked about his treatment. Soon enough, however, the majority of the older people within the village knew, though most kept it from their children for now. It would be best not to announce such sudden shifts in attitude towards a boy that was supposed to be reviled. The peace would be hard to keep otherwise.

"Now what am I going to say to the Clans tomorrow? Might as well just let Hiashi do the talking." Though, now that he thought about it, he'd probably have to rework the teams. Originally he was planning on having Kakashi being the sensei of Team Seven, but now he wasn't so sure about it. Well, that and Kakashi asked to train Naruto, but at the same time that was because the man volunteered to give the team a try. Well, he'd give Kakashi's name as a sensei at the meeting and see how things would go. It was also a good thing the team announcements weren't for another week either. It wouldn't do for Iruka to show up in bandages.

With a small shake of his head, Sarutobi decided to go see how Naruto and Iruka were doing at Ichiraku's and help the young boy pack. That and apologize for not realizing what Mizuki was going on about...

"All done!" Naruto cheered. "This technique is more useful than I thought." He blinked at that and pointed an accusing finger at Iruka. "Why don't we learn this at the Academy? It's tons easier to use-ttbayo!"

The Chuunin chuckled weakly and shook his head, glad that the Academy was closed for the next few days. "Most people can't use that technique to create more than a few clones at a time. Even then, not as many for as long."

"Huh? Really? Why not?" Naruto blinked at the man.

Iruka developed a small twitch in his eyebrow as he looked at his worst, yet most favorite, student. "This is why I always told you to pay attention in class, baka."


"You remember what jutsu's use, right?"

"Catra, right?"

"...Chakra, Naruto. Chakra."

"Right. I knew that, I was just playin'-ttbayo." The boy still managed to look sheepish though.

"I believe you. Anyway, as I was saying," Iruka hefted up a box at that, "Chakra is used to power everything you do. Most people don't have the amount of chakra to pull that technique off long enough to make it useful."

"It was kinda hard to keep all those clones goin' for few minutes I guess."

"Yes, and you had how many clones active at one time?"

"I dunno. Lost count really."

"Heh. Naruto, most Genin would get sick and pass out after having two clones active for about half a minute."


"Well, Sasuke could probably handle a couple or a few for about a minute or two before he got tired...and that's just having them active, not actually using them for combat like you did."

The blue-eyed boy blinked and paused at that, in fact so did most of his clones. The majority of them got savage grins on their faces and those ones were dispelled by Naruto almost instantly when he saw that. There was no way he'd let his rival slash half-friend find out about this jutsu yet. "Hey, hey. Speaking of Duckhair, I'm gonna be on his team, right?"

"Probably. He has the marks in the Academy while you have the worst."

"Seriously? Aw man. I thought we'd finally be doing better than Shikamaru, or at least Kiba." One of the clones complained

"Leaving Chouji out of that list?" Iruka asked, not noting it was a clone.

"He's got the best marks outta the four of us, what do you think?" A different clone asked.

Iruka just smiled at Naruto. Those were the only three he really got along with in class, at least publicly anyway. He dropped his hand on the short boy's head and rubbed his strawberry blond hair, making an even bigger mess out of it. "So, do you want to choose who is on your team?"

"Nah. Don't really care. I get along with Sasuke well enough outside of the Academy. Though, we both could do without his fan base. Sakura an' Ino ain't bad when they're not bein' squealy though." Naruto grumbled at that and made some more clones to help finish up his packing as there came a knock on the door. "Come on in!" Naruto called out.

"Naruto, the door is locked, remember?" Sarutobi finally spoke up, having watched the two bicker and talk, a large smile on his face because Iruka was still teaching things, even when outside of the Academy.

"Oh right. Thanks Old Man." Naruto nodded and put down the box he was moving and went over to the door to unlock it, two members of the Hyuuga Brance Family were there in their usual civilian wear.

The two men bowed ever so slightly, looking at the boy with a slight bit of interest. "Naruto-sama. We are here to help you move your things."

Suffice to say, the boy was stunned with the honorific and numbly let the two men in. Both of which who nodded to Iruka and made a halfbow to Sarutobi.

"How much more do you have, Naruto?" Sarutobi asked.

"Uhh, everything's packed up, Old Man." Naruto tapped his chin. "Yep. I'm done. Guess we might as well move everything."

Since all was said and done, everyone was admittedly surprised that there were so many things. Mainly they were small knick-knacks that the boy had picked up over the years. Most of his clones were sharing a box while Iruka carried one himself and the two from the Hyuuga were carrying a couple boxes each. Sarutobi even helped with two of the boxes as well while walking beside the non-cloned Naruto who was clutching his new headband as if it was a lifeline.

It didn't take them long to reach the Hyuuga Clan Grounds since Naruto actually lived near them. "I'll just set these here." Sarutobi placed the boxes by the gate. "I have to go get some paperwork done for tomorrow. Will everything be okay, Naruto?"

"Of course, Old Man. Thanks so much for helpin' and the ramen." Naruto grinned cheerfully.

"Excellent." Sarutobi smiled while pulling out a pipe and putting it between his lips. "Iruka, I'll get you a new headband tomorrow since I believe Naruto's not going to let that one go."

The Chuunin chuckled and nodded his head to his Hokage. "It's no problem. Good night, Hokage-sama."

"You too. Goodnight Hikari, Hazumi."

"Hokage-sama." The two Hyuuga bowed at the same time before one of them turned to Iruka. "We shall take care of things from here, Umino-san."

"Thank you, Hyuuga-san." Iruka nodded his head. "I'll see you later, Naruto. I still need to get to the hospital."

"Okay, Iruka-sensei. See you!" The cheerful boy waved and smiled as he made a few more clones to grab the rest of the boxes.

It didn't take long and soon enough all of Naruto's stuff was inside of the Compound while both Hazumi and Hikari helped Naruto bring all of his things into one of the rooms that had been set aside for him. The room itself was much larger than the bedroom he had in his apartment and it seemed like there was already a bed there and a few places for him to put his things.

Once Naruto dispersed all his clones, and was finally alone, he let his mask drop and stared out the window silently, the cheerful look was gone, replaced with one that was thoughtful. "I hope things end up working out..." he whispered softly to himself and dragging his hand through his pale colored hair. Finally Naruto looked down into his headband, it shiny enough to see his own reflection as he looked into his own blue eyes. "Everything will be okay. Everything will be fine. I promise, I won't fail you..." he trailed off, the faint hint of a sad smile piercing his lips as he finally set the headband down and went around unpacking the things he would need for tomorrow.


"It is done, Hyuuga-sama."

Thank you. Find my daughters and bring them here. Dismissed."

Hiashi Hyuuga sat in his study and silently watched as the two Branch Members of the family left. The Prankster of Konoha was officially living in his home, and he had already had dealt with the Hyuuga Elders at a Clan meeting. They weren't to happy about any of it, but at least his father seemed to see the point in what he was doing. He didn't always get along with the old codger, at least not since his twin's death, but things were starting to look up.

"Come in." Hiashi said when he heard the knock on his study. The door creaked in and in came both his daughters, Hinata still wearing her headband around her neck. "I have news that concerns the entire family."

"Father." They both said with a nod as they stood before his desk, neither taking either of the chairs available.

"As of now, Naruto Uzumaki is now a member of the Hyuuga family, a member of the Main House." Hyuuga stated simply. "He has developed the Byakugan and we are taking him in. He is to be trained with it's use as of tomorrow."

"N-N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata stuttered, her face started to flush red and her eyes going wide while Hanabi just blinked a few times, the younger girl cocking her head to the side.

"Indeed. No one is sure how well his eyes work, but I hope to find out tomorrow." Hiashi nodded, looking between his two daughters. "He is to be treated with respect, like other members of the family. Understood?"

"Yes Father." They both respond while Hanabi asks her own question. "Who is this Naruto Uzumaki anyway? Isn't he that person who always wears bright orange?" A frown passed the serious girl's lips. "Why would anyone wear such an eyesore of a color?"

Hiashi was about to speak but was cut off as Hinata rounded on her younger sister, a hint of steel in her posture. "N-Naruto-kun wears that color for a few reasons."

"Oh? And why is that, Onee-san?" Hanabi cocked an eyebrow, looking as if she didn't believe it at all.

"It's his favorite color, it gets him noticed." Hinata said at first, ignoring the roll of her sisters eyes and the unladylike snort. "Would you also be able to wear such a color and evade Nin for several hours at a time for most of the days of the week?" Hinata continued, her posture straightening and the stutter disappearing as she defended the boy.

"I don't believe that." Hanabi retorted defiantly.

Hinata just glared for a moment, looking a little like her father with that glare. "I've watched him evade Chuunin, Jounin, and even ANBU for upwards of four hours while yelling at them every now and then just so they don't completely lose track." Hinata said in full honesty. "Only Iruka-sensei and Hokage-sama seem to have been able to stop him, and I'm sure that's because he lets Iruka-sensei find him every now and then. All while wearing that orange clothing."

Hanabi still looked disbelieving while Hiashi finally cut in. "He has managed to evade members of both the Branch and Main sides of the family. He doesn't usually involve us in his pranks however."

"Really, Father?" Hanabi asked, getting a curt nod at that. "I...wonder why." the little girl blinked.

"Did you see what he did today, daughter?" Hiashi finally asked.

"I heard he painted Hokage Mountain." Hanabi finally responded after some thought.

Hiashi nodded a little. "Now imagine if he was an enemy nin, and what he could have gotten away with in that amount of time."

He watched his youngest pale at the thought of what exactly could have happened in that amount of time. "I...I see." Hanabi looked down, slightly flushed.

"With that out of the way. You shall treat him with all due respect. Is that understood?" Hiashi narrowed his eyes at his daughters.

"Hai!" Hanabi responded while Hinata nodded.

"Excellent. He shall start his training tomorrow with the both of you at the same time. Now, is there anything else either of you would like to add?"

"Hai." Hinata nodded, taking a small step forward. "N-Naruto-kun...well..." she trailed off, trying to fight the blush threatening to take her face before she finally managed to start speaking again, almost blurting it out. "His Chakra control is horrible."

"Oh?" Hiashi raised a slender eyebrow at that.

"H-h-he can't do Henge properly and h-he's never b-been able to a s-s-solid Bunshin. T-t-they've failed h-h-him for the past three times because of it." Hinata bit down on her lip and straightened, ignoring the feeling of blood on her tongue. "Training will take a while because of it."

"Useless." Hanabi snorts out.

Hinata stared at her sister for a moment, the look out outrage clearly starting to show on her face.

Hiashi just started to laugh to himself instead. "There is a reason for that."

"Father?" Hanabi asked, frowning at the thought that someone had a reason to be so...weird and useless.

"Indeed. I've seen the reports and heard a few things myself. Hinata, you failed to mention his changes to his Henge technique." He chided his daughter gently, causing the pale girl to flush again.

"I did not think it would be right to mention...that."

"Perhaps you are right." Hiashi watched as his younest blinked in confusion but he went on, ignoring the fact. "You could compare the boy to one of your fellow classmates, Hinata." Hiashi paused, looking at the papers before him, shuffling through them and picking up one and turning it around to show a girl with wild pink hair that went to just past her shoulders.

"Sakura Haruno?" Hinata frowned, wondering what she had to do with Naruto in this case.

"Hai." Hiashi nodded curtly. "Out of your classmates, she probably has some of the least chakra, but in turn she has control over it. Perhaps the best control most people have seen in years, perhaps even this last decade." The two girls remained silent while their father watched them for signs of understanding. Hinata was starting to get there, but she still didn't realize, so Hiashi pressed on. "The boy has the opposite problem. Though, really it's less of a problem than most people think, but such a rare problem that no one understood, nor did they even feel like fixing it."

"He has to much chakra to control properly?" Hinata asked, cocking her head to the side slightly. She hadn't really looked at him with her Byakugan before.

"That's rubbish." Hanabi declared.

Hiashi nodded curtly at his eldest before smirking ever so slightly. "Earlier this evening, I watched him use a technique that would kill most Genin and Chuunin because of Chakra exhaustion, and he was energetic enough to run back home with your Sensei."

"With, Iruka-sensei?" Hinata frowned at that before shaking her head. "What did he do?"

"A B-rank technique, though, what he did was really an A-class version of the ability that most Jounin would have trouble pulling off." Hiashi stated simply, holding up a hand to forestall commentary from his two girls. "To put it in prospective, Neji, if he was to use the technique, might be able to summon two Bunshinof this variety for upwards of a minute at the most and then he would run out of chakra for the rest of the day. Hokage-sama, could probably use several in a long fight and be fine, however."

"What does Naruto have to do with that?" Hinata finally asked.

"I watched that boy summon a few hundred Bunshinof that type, in a fight that lasted a few minutes." Hiashi stated. "It should have killed him, and it did not. In fact, he cheered when he was done." Hiashi looked both girls in the eye. "Again, in compairison to Neji, who because of his precise control and the fact that he coule pass the Chuunin Exams coming up, could control one, maybe two outside of a fight for a minute." They both looked up to their older cousin. Hinata especially, even if Neji wouldn't give her the time of day anymore. "Do you understand now?"

"Hai, Father." Hinata finally nodded while Hanabi started to tremble at the thought but finally gave a nod.

"Excellent. You two are dismissed. Be ready to train as soon as you get home from your paperwork tomorrow, Hinata."

With that, the two youngest Hyuuga members left the room leaving Hiashi alone in the room to do paperwork and mll over what exactly he was going to do tomorrow at the Council Meeting. Perhaps he would talk to Sarutobi-sama beforehand and they could work something out. This information that he had been going over since he had brought in Mizuki was, as the Nara family put it, troublesome.

The Third Hokage was sitting down, puffing on his pipe as he looked at all of the people assembled around him. The previous night had been overly annoying to deal with, and this was just compounding on things. At this rate, the Hokage might just be willing to take to the habits of one of his own former students. Specifically that of Tsunade and getting roaring drunk. "Alright. Everyone here? Good." He nodded, mainly to himself once the door was closed. "First and foremost, I'm sure most of you got the news last night that we had a traitor in our midst. Thanks to the timing of one of the Academy Instructors and one of the students, nothing bad happened. Outside of a few minor injuries that is."

The old man smiled to himself a little, looking at people again before pulling the pipe from his lips as he spoke, his eye staying on Danzo for half a second longer than anyone. "However, in the process after the capture of the traitor, it was discovered just whom the man was working for, and in leiu of that VIllage Security will be upped for the foreseeable future."

A few of the civilians complained about that, mainly a couple merchants, but a single glance silenced them.

"Going on, as I said, the discovery of the man behind this incident is a former student of my former pupil, Orochimaru. It would seem he wants nothing more than to completely destroy the village." The Hokage sighed and shook his head, cutting off the gasps of surprise. "Thus the reasons behind added security." He smiled somewhat at the civilians who nodded in agreement.

"Just whom were the two that stopped this traitor?" Shikaku asked politely, of course, it was planned out in advance with the Nara Patriarch, so Sarutobi was expecting it.

"Ah yes. Well, for one, it was Mizuki that was the traitor. I'm sure most of you know of him. It might be best for those families that had students in the most recent graduating class go over a few things with them. He might've sabotaged their abilities. As for the ones that stopped him, his friend Iruka Umino was the Chuunin who came upon the scene and was helped by one Naruto Uzumaki. Primarily, it was Naruto who did all the work."

"How do we know the boy wasn't working with Mizuki to do whatever it was?" One of more arrogant civilians asked.

"Steal the Forbidden Scroll of Seals?" Sarutobi arched an eyebrow at the man, inwardly groaning at the memory of what the boy had done to get the scroll. 'I think I should ban that technique...'

Some of them snorted, but a couple pressed on, saying it could be possible that they were in league.

With a faint sigh, he directed his gaze to Hiashi who nodded curretly and pulled out a folder with a stack of papers.

"First off," Hiashi spoke, an eyebrow raising as he spoke, "are you accusing a member of the Hyuuga Family of treating with the enemy?"

That shut everyone up for about two seconds before people started to freak out.

"Well? I believe you just accused a member of my clan of collaborating with an S-class criminal." Hiashi was grinning on the inside but his stern gaze was taking in everyone as he finally scowled. "If this is how memebers of the esteemed council are going to react towards my clan, then I request a vote of no confidence upon the civilian council to have it hereby disbanded. This is an insult to me and mine."

"How is that brat a member of your family?" One of them scowls right back at Hiashi. He was probably one of the ringleaders of this recent turn of events.

"How else would anyone be a member of my clan? Of course the boy has the Byakugan." Hiashi sneered. "He used it to defeat that traitor last night."

"Now now, Hiashi, is that really neccesary?" Chouza finally asked, one of the calmest of both sides of the council.

Hiashi looked at the large man rather blankdly and then opened up the folder he had brought out and took a few select pages out of it and slid them down the table to the Akimichi representative. "Those are some of the things I have found within the last day of looking. Orders on how the boy was to be treated from private sessions within the civilian council. This is just within one area of the village, and younger members of your family have come to agree and treat the boy the same."

Chouza narrowed his eyes at that, glancing his eyes between Hiashi and his Hokage for a couple seconds before looking at the papers before him. With each passing second he grew more and more red in the face. Once he finished the first page, outrage was clearly evident, and with the final page it looked like the normally gentle man was about to snap. Trembling with rage, he slid the papers back to Hiashi. "Motion Seconded. I also apologize for my attitude last night as well. I believed what was going on before I got all the facts."

Both Shikaku and Inoichi looked at their friend in surprise as the large man flushed a little in embarresment.

"Was there anything else?" Sarutobi's gaze washed over the civilians, his face becoming stern, and most of them shut up, except for a scant few.

"Hokage-sama." One of them timidly spoke. "May I speak?"

The Third Hokage blinked a few times and then nodded slowly.

The man pulled out his own little folder and set it on the table. "As much as I hate to agree, I would like to third the motion of disbanding the council, but only in it's current form." He opened the folder and tugged at his collar a little. "To be replaced with others, and maybe to have an election of sorts to be the representatives to yourself, Hokage-sama."

"Ah, a choice idea, if I do say so myself." Sarutobi smiled slightly. "A vote from everyone, ages sixteen and up for the civilians, and those Chuunin and ranked higher might be best."

There was almost wholesale agreements, and almost everyone nodded. There were a few disgruntled people on the council that disagreed, but when they were told that they could run for their positions once again, that almost all went away. All in all, everything was turning out to be better, and without the obligitory bloodshed that usually followed these kind of proceedings. The motion was carried and passed, a few more minor details were gone over and then the civilians were dismissed to start their new election.

That left the Shinobi behind and matters of the new teams were brought up.

"Now, does anyone have any recommedations for changes to the teams? Iruka has set up all of the graduates into teams that would likely work best. Now is just a matter of their sensei." Sarutobi exhaled a ring of smoke as he himself handed out ten pages with the teams, everyone giving them all a once over before they were handed back. "Admittedly though, I'm expecting only two or three teams to pass this year, but a full class of graduates is pretty nice."

"Which two teams were you expecting to pass, Hokage-sama?" Shibi asked.

"Eight and Ten, most likely. Eight is probably a bit over specialized though in a full tracking team. Ten, well, it worked before and all." He gave a faint chuckle. "Though, at the same time, at the end of the last war, you three were seeing less effectiveness due to counter-training."

"Well, the rest of the teams are pretty good, and Team Seven is the obligitory best and worst, but maybe we should switch those three teams around a little?" Tsume suggested.

"Really, I don't see how Seven has both the best and worst." Hiashi finally spoke again. "Sasuke Uchiha might be this year's Rookie, but is Uzumaki really the worst? After seeing what I saw last night, it's highly unlikely, and even then, one doesn't just spontaneously start using a kekkai genkei like that."

They all thought that over for a moment, but Sarutobi held up his hand. "Honestly, I would prefer those two be on a team as is. They get along rather well outside of class, though they try to hide it."

"Really?" Shikaku drawled.

"Indeed. Naruto thought it would be a great prank on the village if he, of all people, befirended Sasuke." Sarutobi responded with a bite of a laugh. "That and Iruka told me that Naruto somewhat requested it."

"There's also the matter of actual sabotage of his marks, and the fact that no one could understand why Uzumaki couldn't do things. Well, that, or they just didn't want to." Hiashi put in. "The third member that is on Team Seven has the absolute opposite problem as he does. She has barely any chakra, but some of the best control seen in a decade, where as he has absolutely no control and more chakra than several of us combined. No doubt due to his little problem."

"Which is odd, all things considered, his mother never had that much chakra." Inoichi added as well.

"Different time of sealing, I would assume." Shikaku suggested. "She became the second when she was a teen. He was, what, not even a day old?"

"Well, regardless, how should we rotate the teams around? Rotate a single member?" Sarutobi asked, puffing "Shift the girls around a bit, I suppose. Sakura to Team Eight, Hinata to Team Ten, and Ino to Team Seven?"

Everyone agreed on that and they went about naming the team leaders for all of them, suggestions went back and forth, but once again, they were called to a pause when they got Team Seven.

"Kakashi Hatake would make for a good sensei because of his Sharingan, and it would help Sasuke. Not to mention his connection with Naruto's parents as well." Sarutobi was the first to suggest, but Hiashi shook his head.

"If last night hadn't happened, I'd be one to agree, but due to Hatake's bad habits and the new training that Uzumaki needs to undergo, it would probably make for a bad combination. That and his training methods would be lost on the children. He's not one to guide directly, but to make hints at things."

"His own sensei trained him like that, is why." Sarutobi rejoined.

"And that would be good, if we were at war, but at the moment we are not." Hiashi pointed out. "That and he would probably enjoy the fact that he wouldn't have to fail a bunch of kids once again."

"Also, it'd probably be best if someone didn't train Sasuke in his Sharingan." Shikaku stated. "At least not until he believe it is only a tool to be used when absolutely needed."

"So, if not him, who? And some sensible suggestions, please." "Sarutobi sighed.

A few of them chuckled and shook their heads, but Inoichi thought it through. "What about Anko?"

"I thought I just asked for someone sensible." Sarutobi deadpanned.

"Hai, hai." Inoichi chuckled and held up his hand. "Seriously though. She has the work ethic for it, and as much as it pains me to admit daughter could use something like that."

Shikaku thought it over, stroking his goatee absently while nodding along with his friend. "She's been looking for a real promotion too. I've been going over the files and it might just work out."

"As long as she finished with the boy on time so I can get him trained with his eyes, I have no complaint." Hiashi shrugged.

"About that, maybe it would be best for him to use his new skill to the best of his ability." Sarutobi pointed out. "Just get him to summon about half as many as he fully can and get them to learning. You might need to give him an example first though, otherwise he won't figure it out. Also, we might as well go with Anko on a experimental basis. Now, Team Eight? Originally I was going to suggest Yuuki Kurenai, since she actually requested to be on that team, but the reason she did has been moved to Ten."

"Then who was to be Team Ten's?" Tsume asked with a sniff.

"My son, Asuma, but he might actually work better with Kiba to cool him down and to work on Sakura's intelligence. Shikamaru doesn't need it, even if he got the second worst marks in the Academy." The Third said with a shrug.

"Agreed. Yuuhi would probably be able to motivate Shikamaru a bit once he grows up some more." Shikaku stated, shaking his head at how troublesome his son was proving to be.

"That leaves us with Team Nine then." Sarutobi puffed on his pipe once more before nodding. "Give them to Hamaki Mimura."

"That wraps everything up, Hokage-sama." Shikaku stated after a small silence.

"Excellent. I have to go over the new registrations with Mikado's nephew. Everyone is dismissed."

With that, the Ninja side of the council filed out, leaving Sarutobi by himself to enjoy another puff from his pipe. Wondering all the while what Naruto's picture would look like, no doubt he'd pull a prank of somesort for when the picture was taken. "Ah, to be a child again..." Sarutobi chuckled and slowly walked out as well, glad that this headache with Mizuki was officially over now.

Naruto snorted to himself, walking away from Konohamaru and his closet-pervert of a sensei, Ebisu. "Lessee, got my picture and info done. Had lunch. Told that closet pervert what's what." Naruto ticked things off with his finger, tapping his chin as he looked around. "What the hell. I might as well just head back. They're probably lookin' for me or something."

It was an odd sensation to the boy, knowing that he had a family, even if it was an adopted one. But hey, might as well enjoy it while it lasted, after all, nothing to good to be true stayed as long as someone wanted it to.

A few minutes later, Naruto found himself back at the Hyuuga compound. He almost went back to his old apartment without realizing it too, but came to the conclusion that 'Hey, I don't live here anymore. I totally forgot for a second.' He was pleasently surprised when he was greeted outside of the compound with a hello instead of angry and hatefilled eyes.

"Sorry I'm late. Was out showing Konohamaru some things." Naruto said with a shrug.

"You know Hokage-sama's Grandson?" The gate guard asked, blinking suddenly.

"Sorta. Met him today. He was callin' me 'Boss' all mornin'. Guess I'm his rival now or somethin'." Naruto shrugged again and walked past the Hyuuga member. "Oh, and he hates that, by the way, if you see him, just call 'im by his name, not by that weird-ass title." Naruto snickered. "Not like a kid like that knows what hate really is." Naruto concluded somberly.

"Indeed." The second guard laughed gently. "Hyuuga-sama is ooking for you. I believe it's time to start your taijutsu training."

"Sweet! Thanks!" From somewhat to depressed to cheerful because of a couple words. Maybe the boy was bi-polar? Both guards shrugged as they watched Naruto run off, in search of Hiashi.

A couple minutes later, Hiashi was staring at Naruto who was standing beside his two daughters. Even after seeing the clothing from the night before, that was at night and a little harder to see. Out in the middle of the day in that bright orange however? It hurt the Clan Patriarch's eyes something fierce. "Remind me to give you some money to buy new clothing." Hiashi stated simply.

"Huh?" Naruto asked. "Me? What's wrong with orange?" The blue eyed boy blinked in confusion at that.

"You stand out." Hiashi pointed out.

"If I stood out, why was I able to paint Hokage Mountain all over yesterday without being caught until just before I myself?" Naruto asked back with a foxy grin.

Hanabi just stared at the boy that was barely taller than she was. Was he crazy? Talking back to Father like that? No, he must be a step past crazy and certifiably insane!

"...Point." Hiashi gave it away with a small sigh. "However, please take off the jacket, it hurts my eyes."

"Yes sir." Naruto grinned and unzipped the bulky jacket, bundling it up and throwing it over to the house, not caring that it landed just short. Underneath, he was wearing a plain black tanktop, but the surprsing thing was really how small the boy was. That jacket was bulky on him, but underneath, he had a smaller frame, as if it was meant to hide some of those scars on his arms and shoulders. "So, what you want me to do?"

"First, you will need to activate your eyes, the Byakugan. Like you did last night. Just focus Chakra to your eyes." Hiashi spoke and Naruto did as he was told. "Excellent. will need watch as my two daughters show you the basic forms." He gestured to both of them as Hinata and Hanabi moved apart and started to slowly run through a beginner Kata n the Gentle Fist style.

Naruto watched, his eyes taking in everything, though he was starting to get a little unnerved at the fact that he could see the wal that he knew was behind him...and the fact that little blue lines seemed to run through everyone's bodies now. As he watched the two girls go through their forms, the boy decided to walk around them to try and get more of a feeling of it until the two stopped their practice once they were done.

"Now, do you think you can do what you were shown?" Hiashi asked.

"Probaby not!" Naruto said sheerfuy and honestly.

The two girls winced.

Hiashi let out a bark of a laugh. "Then practice until you do like everything in life. Hokage-sama has given permission for you to learn at an advanced rate however."

"Huh? What ya mean?" Naruto blinked confused.

"Father?" Hinata asked.

Hanabi stayed silent.

Hiashi nodded again and looked at Naruto. "Last night, theBushinjutsu that you used, Kage Bunshin, correct?"

"Er, yeah." Naruto looked confused and then crossed his arms, his eyes closed while he was thinking. "Iruka-sensei didn't really explain why they don't teach that at the Academy. It was a lot easier to use, y'know?"


"Well, I guess he said something about most people gettin' sick or something when using it...but I don't understand. I didn't get sick, I'm just fine." Naruto complained

Hanabi snorted at just how dense the boy was and Hinata started to push her index fingers together. Hiashi gave his daughters a small look and they wilted under his glare.

"Naruto, best not to think about such things. Now, why don't you make some Kage Bunshinand get them to practicing the forms." Hiashi said with a small sigh.

"Huh. Okay." Naruto shrugged and made a single cross shaped handseal and called out his technique. About twenty clones popping into view, oddly enough though, five of them were in the smoke longer and ended up coming out as female, though their clothing seemed to be altered to have bras.. "You heard the man, get into gear...except you five." Naruto blinked at a quarter of his clones and stared. "What gives?"

"Aw, come on, Boss. Think of it as practice." One of the girls complained.

Naruto just stared at the girl that spoke for a moment before looking at Hiashi again. "Is that always supposed to happen? They kept giving me back talk last night while I was learning too."

"Hey! You're the one that invented this jutsu." A second of the girls yelled in mid stance.

"So?" He yelled back.

The Hyuuga family were just staring. Incomprehension written on their normally stoic faces.

"So! Uhh...I hadn't thought that far ahead..." The second trailed off and blinked.

"Think of it as Chakra control, boss!" One of the male clones called out. "Besides, we look good as chicks, you gotta admit that." He leered at a female clone.

Naruto shook his head and palmed his face as two of the girls stomped over and both punched the male clone until he was bruised and bleeding. Then one of them gave a kick that was strong enough to disperse the clone. "Stupid idiot." One of the other male's muttered. "Never piss of a girl, even if it's yourself."

"That doesn't make much sense you know." The original pointed out.

"Boss, we're all you." Another clone rejoined airily. "Think about what that says about your own mind."

"Oh, shut up and get back to practice." Naruto grumbled before looking back at all three Hyuuga whom were just staring at him. "What?"

"Ah...uhh..." Hanabi blinked, at a loss of what to say for once. No insult coming to mind.

Hinata's face went beet red as she looked out at the veritable sea of Naruto. Her mind working into overtime at the though of just what her stalker crush could do.

Hiashi, on the other hand, just continued to stare, almost in wonder. It was a probably a side effect of the mass amounts of Chakra that Naruto had just forced into the clones. "Can I have one of your clones come with me to show you why I'm doing this?"

"Sure." Naruto began to make the seal but one of the girls beat him to it, creating her own Kage Bunshin. "Hey, I was supposed to do that."

"Well, you were to slow, so nyah." The girl gave him a red-eye and pushed her tongue out at him. "Well, go on!" The female clone said to the newest female clone. "Go see what needs to be done."

"Sure thing Boss!" The girl snapped off a salute and bounded over to Naruto and the Hyuuga members. "What can I do for ya?"

Hiashi just stared at Naruto again for a moment. "Well, we'll see how this works then. Come along. Hanabi, you too." He beckoned his youngest over. "Hinata, start giving out corrections to the clones."

Naruto's newest female clone of a clone went with the youngest Hyuuga and said Hyuuga's father over towards the house. "Alright, what are we doin'?" It asked after the three rounded the corner.

"You are going to play a quick game of Janken with my youngest here." Hiashi stated, as if it was the most serious thing in the world.

The strawberry bonde clone just stared for a moment before looking at Hanabi with a look that asked if her father was crazy. Hanabi just responded with a shrug and held out her hand. They both came out as paper and decided to have another round where Naruto's clone won with Paper to Rock.

"Aright, now to show this works for Naruto, will you disperse, please?" Hiashi asked politely while the clone just shrugged and then disappeared into a poof of smoke.

"Father? What was the point of that?" Hanabi asked quietly as they walked back around the corner towards the courtyard.

"You'll see, child." Hiashi stated as they finally rounded the corner back into sight and watched as one of the male clones started to snicker once he saw Hanabi. "Ah, it would seem it did work."

"What worked?" Naruto asked, cluelessly while he was in the middle of trying to do a basic kata.

"You don't know?" Hiashi asked with a small frown. More of the clones were snickering, both at their 'Boss' and at Hanabi. "It would seem your clones understand."

"Huh?" Naruto blinked, looking at Hiashi and then Hanabi for a moment. "What you say we go two out of three, huh?" Naruto asked as if he was the one that went out and had the game.

"N-N-Naruto..." Hinata said lightly.

"Yeah, Hinata?"

"You never played a game of...whatever." She said gently, managing to not stutter.

"Yeah, I did, it was a game of Jank..." Naruto trailed off as realization came to him. "That was one of my clones...and I knew she played a game and won after the second round." Naruto suddenly looked down at himself as he stopped the Kata and frowned in though. It took a moment but he brightened considerably. "That was so cool!"

"Paper always beats out a useless rock!" One of the male clones cheered.

"Anyway." Hiashi said with a faint chuckle. I'll leave you three to practice. "Hanabi, Hinata, move to your next set of forms. Help Naruto with his progress everytime you take a break." He then turned to the boy of the group. "Naruto. Every half an hour, I want you disperse your clones. Be careful about that as I am not sure what would happen if you had them all disappear at once." Hiashi waited until he got a nod from the original Naruto and smiled a little at the three of them. "Excellent. I shal see you all at the main table, later tonight. Send your cousin Neji in to see me the moment he gets back from that mission of his."

"Hai, Father." Hinata spoke.

With that, Hiashi walked off, leaving the three children to practice on their own. He had paperwork to do, and a bit of money to gather so he wouldn't have to look at that orange eyesore any longer than he had to. The man nodded to himself as he glanced over his shoulder at the three children. Maybe his family wouldn't be so fractured anymore...

Notes from the Author:

So, yeah, book three. It'll be both less serious than the others, but a bit more serious in the political area of things. I'm leaving that kind of stuff for this story.

As for the less serious aspect, well, Naruto's crazy clones have always been entertaining to me, especially after I read a story the night before this chapter was posted about how Naruto got one of his female clones pregnant and it didn't disappear. This idea had some merit in the comedy aspect, so I decided to go with something similar to that and give Naruto's clones a bit more sentience. They're gonna joke, screw around, and generally try and lighten any situation I force these people into. I'm not the greatest at writing Comedy, so I hope this turns out okay. As well, yes, I'm going to go with super learning Naruto, but he's still an idiot...he'll just be a well prepared idiot. In comparison between the two female Naruto's in the first two Books, this one isn't all there in the head when it comes to certain things like that. Though, he was treated middle of the road when compared to the other two as well. Not as well off as Book 2 Naruto, but no way near as bad as Book 1 Naruto. To put it one way, Naruto in Book 1 is treated like Fanon Naruto, Book 3 Naruto here is treated like Canon Naruto...though, it'll become a bit better a lot faster.

Also, yes, I've changed Team Seven and the others around for this story. Kakashi's got a main point in the other two, and he's not as needed in this one. I also think Anko might actually end up being in a better position as a sensei for the team once things really start rolling around.

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