Yuuku grinned ever so slightly as she casually swatted the open palm away from her face and retaliated with an elbow to the forehead of the clone she was sparring with. A minor flare of her chakra using the Hyuuga taught techniques, sending a spike of chakra through her elbow and straight into the frontal lobe of the clone, lobotomizing it and making it disperse. It was enough to cause the rest of the clones to pause in their own sparring and stare at her as if she was a complete loon. She just waved cheerily back until Boss started to shout about some crazy lunatic, adopting a look of innocence she skipped over to Boss and jumped on his shoulders.

"Hey Boss."

"You..." Naruto growled lowly.

"Me what?" She continued innocently.

"I hate you." Naruto bit out.

"That's not healthy you know, hating yourself and all. It leads to emoness." The strawberry blonde clone named Yuuku, or Trouble, retorted manically. "And emoness leads to duck-butt hair."

"Oh...fuck off." The original Naruto grumbled.

"Fuck on, you get better results." She chirped right back before hopping off and gleefully going back and sparring with other clones, devastating almost all of the ones she came across. Male and female clones alike were no match for the clone with a name. She was the strangest of the bunch, to put it lightly.

All in all, it was just another morning in the Hyuuga Compound. Thankfully, the veritable sea of orange had disappeared into a veritable sea of black and orange. There was no way Naruto would get rid of his favorite color, but he was willing to compromise with his new family. It wasn't so shockingly bright, and more of a pale, yet burnt orange, striped like a tiger of sorts. Naruto had gotten the idea when several of his clones had been ambushed in Training Ground 44 once again. They had chased the snake away only to be mauled by a pack of tigers not but five minutes later. Suffice to say, he ordered his clones to stay the hell out of 44, or he wouldn't eat ramen for a week.

As all of the clones were apparently facets of his personality, that got all of them to shut up and take their punishment. Even the self-proclaimed Yuuku had stood straighter when that command was given.

It had been almost a month now since they were taken on teams, Naruto, Sasuke, and Ino were coming along quite nicely. Ino was throwing herself in her training to get better, even if she still gave off that creepy vibe whenever she was around Sasuke. Sasuke still hadn't gotten his Sharingan activated, despite Anko scaring him half to death on a few occasions, all while Naruto trained his ass off to get his Chakra control up to snuff. Day in and out, chakra control exercises. Walking on Walls, Water, floating leaves, Senbon, various other non-expensive things around the compound. He was slowly getting there, and the clones were a massive help.

Along with someone other than Iruka-sensei showing him how to actually do things properly was a major bonus too.

Would he ever be on par with an actual Hyuuga who'd been trained for years? Probably not for a while. Would he have the chakra control to devastate pinpoint accurate targets within his opponent's bodies? Probably never. Compared to the average subtlety of the gentle strikes of a Hyuuga's piercing Gentle Fist, Naruto was a jackhammer going at it with his blows.

Of course, at the same time, the results could almost be the same. If he needed to kill someone, his attacks would do that just fine. It was simply subduing his opponents that would take a while to get a hold of. Since he was only a Genin and if he was actually attacked on a mission, Anko would more than likely be able to subdue someone before Naruto accidentally offed them.

That was if she felt like it anyway.

Without thinking on that particular subject any longer, Naruto went to breakfast, joining with the majority of the rest of the Hyuuga family whom were starting to warm up to the strawberry blond boy. He certainly stood out compared to the rest of the Hyuuga, but his cheerful nature was starting to chip away at the stone cold facade that the rest put up.

To Hiashi, the best, and at the same time worst, part was Hanabi trying to pull a prank. The youngest Hyuuga managed to fail spectacularly in front of a good portion of the family, embarrassing the small girl something fierce, but even Hiashi's father had cracked a smile at it.

Needless to say, the supposed recipient, Naruto, was rolling on his back, laughing his ass off at the now orange and pink haired Hanabi. That had maintained for days after the event. Even currently, Naruto tried to hold in grunts of laughter every time he looked at the normally stoic little girl.

Today was also the day that the three teams were to gather together, have a mock free for all, and then meet and greet the team from Suna. Of course, Naruto had to get some more training in, and was, outside of the insults and annoyances, really glad for how fucked up his clones were. Sure he might've been able to come up with some of these techniques eventually, but a full contact Jyuuken using elbows, knees, and the feet made it even more lethal.

After all, pain was a great motivator, and feeling what a lethal strike would be was a very good motivation to dodge to avoid that kind of pain that much longer.

Much like every other day, breakfast was a large family affair for the Hyuuga. Main and Branch members gathered together throughout the compound and started to eat together. Naruto usually sat between Neji and Hinata with Hanabi nearby, growling as she plotted her mad plots of prank revenge.

"You ready to go today?" Naruto suddenly asked over his bowl of white rice.

Hinata, after living with the boy for the past month had finally gotten over her stutters and blushes and was infinitely more confident in what she could do. Especially since it was her that was training him. Nevertheless, she was still a bit shy and submissive. "I believe so." She finally responded.

"Good." Naruto nodded shovelling rice into his mouth in a manner that was decidedly un-Hyuuga. "No holding back against us today. You got that?" Naruto knew full well that the heiress to the Hyuuga family was always holding back in her spars against him. She could school his ass in straight Taijutsu fight now. Of course the worst part was that she did that with everyone, even Hanabi, to the extent that Hanabi won most of their fights.

"I'll do my best, Naruto-kun." Hinata let a small smile part her lips, watching as Naruto winced as a bunch of clones were dispersed at once. The strawberry blond boy rubbing his nose gingerly. "She's better than you are." Hinata idly noted.

"I don't see how a clone of me is better than I am at something." Naruto declared.

"She has more imagination." Neji put in silently. "Because she has less mass under a Henge, she also moves a bit faster. Specifically since you're a chakra powerhouse, she can maintain that female Henge for the entire time she exists."

"That's...really smart." Naruto marvelled at the older Hyuuga for a moment.

"Well, it also helps that your Henge doesn't disperse like a normal one does so quickly." Neji pointed out. "Most can't take many, if any, hits before dispersing."

"So that's why Anko-sensei said mine was solid. I thought that was weird. Isn't everyone's?" Naruto blinked in confusion.

"True." Hiashi finally put in, glad for some intelligent discourse at breakfast. "If I was to touch or grab something under Henge it would not vanish, but if someone were to touch my Henge outside of certain factors, the chakra matrix would destabilize and break apart. If I was not expecting to be touched, or if someone grabbed my hand to shake it to fiercely for example."

"I was wondering why she kept going on and on about the silk when I showed her the second time." Naruto mused. "Oh well. Too bad you're not joining us today, Neji. It'd be fun."

The older Genin let a smirk loose. "You'd all lose against the three of us anyway." The smirk gave way to a wry grin. "Besides, we're on a C-Rank mission today. Escorting some bridge builder to Wave and protecting him while we're there."

The small talk continued on for another half an hour, even after breakfast was finished. The conversation moved to the outside while Naruto sparred lightly with Neji and Hinata, and even Hanabi before dispersing all of his clones and walking with Hinata towards the joint training ground they'd all be occupying.

Not but an hour later, all nine Genin and their three Jounin were there. Naruto stood with his team, Byakugan active like always while he continued to try and float grass, burning it every time he tried. Sasuke was current sitting on the ground, trying to meditate while Ino was also sitting down, though more relaxing. Anko was twirling a kunai on one finger while talking quietly with Kurenai. Hinata was talking quietly with both Chouji and Shikamaru, going over plans for this fight. Sakura, despite having most of her crush broken was still staring with an almost fierce determination at Sasuke while Kiba was playing with Akamaru. Shino just stood quietly by a tree in the shade, probably conversing with his bugs.

"Aha!" Naruto shouted triumphantly, looking at a piece of half ripped up and burnt piece of grass. "I'm starting to get the hang of it. Anko-sensei! Anko-sensei! Look! I managed to get it to float above my palm for a few seconds!" He held up the piece of grass for her to see the single blade of grass in all its glory.

"Not bad, Strawberry. You're finally getting there." Anko said with a feral grin while the others in the field looked on with a lack of understanding.

He caught Sakura's frown and snort but ignored it while waving at Hinata who had heard and smiled at him. He was finally making some progress with the finer bits of his chakra control.

Suddenly a swirl of leaves signalled the appearance of Kakashi Hatake, appearing rather close to on time for once. "Yo'." he said with a wave of two fingers, taking in all of the kids and their teachers. "Alright, this is going to be a free for all for all three teams, though, as such. I believe there are some restrictions on some things." His single eye shifted to Anko.

"Yep. My team is going to be acting with a handicap to their skills." Anko said with a nod. "This will, hopefully, bring things down to an even level."

Sakura frowned and spoke up. "What do you mean? Is Sasuke-kun not going to participate?"

Anko looked at the pink haired girl with something akin to disgust. "Asuma, I thought you were working on that?"

"Slow goings." Asuma said with a shrug and a puff from his cigarette.

"Anyway." Anko said with a sigh. "I've gone through everyone's files and I've noted that everyone here can do at least 3 Bunshin, correct?" She got an affirmative from everyone. "Which means..." she trailed off and looked at her squad. "Naruto. You can only use one Kage Bunshin for this fight, but if it gets popped, you can resummon it."

"Er. Sensei?" Sasuke suddenly opened up his eyes and looked at the youngest of the adults involved. "You do realize what's going to happen, right?"

Anko gave the last Uchiha a flat look. "You see this face? Does this look like a face that cares?"

Sasuke didn't respond, just arching an eyebrow at the eccentric woman.

Ino giggled. "We've still got this in the bag, even if Naruto's going under such a massive handicap."

The four Jounin sweat dropped since they understood, but their Genin's didn't quite understand the fact that the Dead Last was the one under the handicap and not Sasuke, at least not until they started to remember the day they were all assigned their teams.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru finally said with a grumble.

"Alright then. Now this is going to be a mock spar. The four of us will be watching, and if we say to stop, you stop. The team with the last person standing wins. If no one wins within two hours, we'll declare a tie and finish up at another day." Kakashi said. "You have ten minutes to prepare. When I say start, go. And remember to keep things to non-lethal attacks."

They all gave an affirmative nod as the ten minutes started to countdown.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." Naruto was the only one to cut into the immediate silence following Kakashi's declaration. A puff of smoke and a female Naruto was leaning against the original, dressed in the same kind of clothing, but with a more obvious feminine approach to it, the jacket was half unzipped, showing off the fact that she was indeed a female, small bust and all. The clone had longer hair than the original and the hair was of a darker tint, more towards red than the strawberry blonde that it was. She even seemed a little taller than the original

"Miss me already?" Yuuku asked with a cheshire grin.

"Seriously, how the hell are you here?" Naruto demanded.

"I'm that special, Naruto-kun." The girl's cheshire grin shifted to something rather sly and foxy. "Besides, you know you love me."

"No I don't! I hate your guts!" Naruto shouted angrily.

Yuuku tilted her head to the side a little. "Really? Again? You know you shouldn't hate yourself like that. It's unhealthy and the first step towards cutting yourself. Soon you're going to start to brood and have hair like Sasuke's."

Naruto spluttered and shoved the female clone off of him. "Sensei, can I please make more clones so I don't have to deal with her?"

"Nope." Anko said cheerfully. "Think of it as an exercise in control."

The clone kept her grin up and bent over slightly in Sasuke's direction. "Oh Sasuke-kuuuun..."

Kiba caught all of this and bust up laughing again while Sakura seemed to radiate anger. Hinata and Ino were somewhat amused and the other three boys just shook their heads at the scene.

"Get the hell away from me." Sasuke grumbled, looking away with the barest hints of a blush on his face.

"Why?" Yuuku asked with a cute pout. "Don't you want to see my tits again?"

Naruto shuddered and gagged when he heard that. "Yuuku, quit it!" He finally managed to get in, glad to see that Sakura was being held back by her Jounin-sensei despite spluttering in rage and anger, yelling about perversion and how she was going to beat Naruto's face in. "We've got a spar to win. Kami-dammit. Be serious for once!"

"Where's the fun in that?" Yuuku pouted and stood up, zipping her jacket closed as well, spinning around until she was facing away from Sasuke. Since her Byakugan was active, just like Naruto's, she smirked and slapped her ass the moment he was looking in her general direction again. "You can stare at that anytime, Sasuke-kuuun..."

Naruto and Sasuke both twitched and Ino cackled while dragging Yuuku off towards the tree line to start their own tactical conversation, especially since only about seven minutes remained.

"Alright. What do we know about our opponents?" Naruto asked first.

"Forehead's pretty smart, but she doesn't have much in the way of techniques going for her." Ino put in first, speaking softly and tugging at her ponytail nervously. "She's also insanely infatuated with you Sasuke-kun, so she'll not likely attack you."

"She's their Control." Sasuke put in absently. "Orders Shino and Kiba around, but they generally follow her instructions. They're also the only team that's done missions so far, so they've got actual field experiences."

"How d'you know that?" Naruto asked with a frown, trying to keep Yuuku from being creepy was a bit distracting.

"They took a mission to clean the Uchiha District." Sasuke responded flatly. "I could hear her from halfway across it."

"Ah." Naruto nodded in understanding. "Well, if Hinata mans up, she'll be able to kick all our asses...She can beat me without even trying."

"Only when you're going through the strict forms of Jyuuken." Yuuku finally got around Naruto's hand and put her part in. "Let your imagination run wild and she can't keep up."

Naruto looked oddly disgusted at that. "Last time I let that happen, you kneed a clone in the balls and let out flare of chakra too." He did sigh finally though. "It's a good idea, but we can't use Jyuuken against anyone, we're under a secondary handicap, remember?"

Both Sasuke and Ino frowned at that while the female clone growled in consternation. "Right, no lethal blows, our control ain't good enough yet for a subduing strike like Hinata's...guess we just need to improvise and tire everyone out without resorting to actual chakra usage."

"Shikamaru is the one we really have to worry about." Ino finally said with a sigh. "He's smarter than Sakura, even if he is a lazy bastard."

"True. He helped come up with the majority of our pranks when we skipped out on class." Naruto mused. "But as you said, he's lazy too. If we can get Chouji away from him, he'll fold really easy."

"I'd rather not fight Chouji in a frontal attack either." Sasuke grimaced as he thought back to the one time in the Academy that Chouji managed to clip him with a punch on the chin. His jaw was almost cracked and was sore for a month.

"Here here." Yuuku chanted in agreement. "Threat assessment then? Shikamaru and Hinata are on the top. Chouji comes in third unless we get him by surprise, with Kiba and Shino following close by. Especially with an Aburame's bugs, you two will get drained pretty quickly. I'll be the decoy since I can be resummoned and all that, especially since information gathering will work to my benefit."

Naruto nodded at that, and then got an odd glint in his eye. "How many clones can you make?" He suddenly asked.

"You gave me half your chakra so...a lot...?" Yuuku trailed off, thinking it through for a half a second before a feral grin passed on her lips.

"What?" Ino asked suddenly.

"It was agreed Naruto couldn't make any more than one clone." Sasuke said, suddenly clueing in as well. "Anko-sensei never said anything about his clone making more clones."

"I do love me some loopholes." Naruto barked out a laugh. "We're gonna win this-ttebayo!"

They all nodded, waiting until the ten minutes were nearly up before Yuuku turned away from the rest of them to make Naruto's favorite hand sign. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." Her voice was low and she seemed to snarl as she said it. Sasuke and Ino both caught it, wondering why the girl had larger fangs than Naruto as well. They weren't really surprised when twenty more Naruto clones of both genders popped in out of the blue.

Suddenly Kakashi's voice called out into the clearing with a loud and resounding; "Go!"

Anko chuckled from her spot next to the three Jounin, glancing between Asuma, Kurenai and Kakashi. "Looks like my team's gonna win."

"Oh, how's that?" Asuma asked after he lit his newest cigarette. "My team is pretty good, you know."

"Same here Anko." Kurenai remarked. "All three of our teams are pretty even when you think about it."

"Already forget what Naruto could do, did you?" Kakashi finally asked, not even looking up from his book. "You guys left him with a loophole to exploit and he'll do anything to exploit it too."

Kurenai narrowed her crimson eyes a little. "So, he can make a Kage Bunshin over and over, that's not that big of a deal. Hinata tells me he can't use the Jyuuken on another person yet."

"None of you know what a Kage Bunshin can do, do you?" Kakashi asked with an eye smile as he finally looked up, snapping his book closed.

"Oh...shit, yeah, I get it now." Asuma said with a sigh, taking a long drag on his smoke.

Anko grinned wickedly. "That means I win."

"I still don't get it..." Kurenai blinked with a frown.

"Well, you're a relatively new Jounin, so it's not really a surprise." Kakashi said with a shrug. "A Kage Bunshin is pretty much an exact duplicate of the one using the technique. All weapons, all skills, though a bit on the drone-like side."

"Note that second part, Nai-chan." Anko purred out. "Strawberry's clones can make more clones. You all agreed that he couldn't make anymore, not his clones. Just be glad he doesn't know his elemental affinity yet, like Sasuke does."

"Imagine what he could do with a Mizu Bunshin if he was a Suiton user, 10% of his strength, stamina, and chakra. It's a good thing he doesn't know how to use all of that properly yet." Kakashi rejoined with a smirk.

"And his control is improving daily. It's already leaps and bounds over what it was when I got him on my team." Anko nodded.

"You mean with that burning grass?" Kurenai asked with a frown. "That doesn't seem all that impressive."

"He can't make a single Bunshin to save his ass." Asuma reminded the newest Jounin. "Most people thought he barely had any chakra of his own at all if he couldn't even do that..." He trailed off, thinking it over for a moment. "And it looks like his clone, which he probably split half of his chakra with, can make at least twenty more Kage Bunshin." He paused and looked on as about twenty Narutos poured into the opening and towards his set of students. "Why the hell are some of those female, and what was with that weird clone from earlier?"

Anko shrugged it off. "Strawberry's clones are real weird; imaginative, mouthy, loud, and obnoxious. Just like him really. It could mean any number of different things...but I am keeping my eyes closely on him and that named clone of his."

Kakashi looked interested again, looking away from the fight to stare at Anko with a flat look. "Naruto named a clone? It has its own distinct personality?"

"Yeah, she's a sly one, always making fun of Strawberry and what he says, and they spar a lot, the funny part is that she usually kicks his ass." Anko responded with a shrug. "The memories of his clones are also a bit more vivid when he receives them." She paused, pulling out a stick of Dango from the depths of nowhere and pulled the first ball from the stick. "Bit of a running joke how his clones always goto train in 44 and he gets mad when they get themselves killed in new and interesting ways. He's even named the snake that seems to kill the most."

"Seriously?" Asuma deadpanned.

"Yep." Anko cackled madly as she watched half of the clones disappear into puffs of smoke as they finally managed to pile down on Kiba and Akamaru. "He calls it his 'Soon to be new jacket' every time he gets an influx of memories. Usually a minimum of fifteen clones at once too."

"Regardless. You pay careful attention. It might be the one doing this and playing with its limits within the seal. Hokage-sama told me that the barest hints of its chakra surfaced with the Mizuki Incident." Kakashi pointed out. "It might be the cause of this, because my own Kage Bunshin sure don't act like this."

Kurenai got an odd look on her face for a moment. "So, It, might actually be a She...and this is some way of being maternal?"

They all looked at each other for a moment before the burst out laughing at that idea and how stupid it was.

"No fair, you're cheating!" Sakura exclaimed as she and Shino were surrounded by clones, Kiba already have been taken down and out by the mass amount of clones that Yuuku kept summoning.

"Cheating?" Naruto blinked a few times and looked at both Ino and Sasuke. "Is...is she serious?"

"I...don't know?" Ino tilted her head to the side, thinking about it.

"Hn." Was Sasuke's typical response.

"Cheater! Get rid of all of your clones!" Sakura whined.

"I...I don't know what to say about that." Naruto honestly muttered.

"That's a first." Sasuke deadpanned.

"Oh stuff it." Naruto grumbled while looking at Yuuku out of the corner of his eye. "Just take her out."

The resulting pile of clones was enough to overwhelm Sakura, rather easily at that. But Shino took out a good majority of them like Kiba had done, and would've kept going until a rather large fireball was directed towards his face as a warning shot from Sasuke. It also helped that Ino's hands were splayed out in her most used technique and Shino knew what it was.

"I forfeit." Shino said with a nod. "Good plan, Naruto."

"Thanks Shino." Naruto gave the rather stoic Aburame a thumbs up.

Yuuku cackled madly. "Glad we didn't need that main plan for them, let's go into hiding and make up another plan to deal with Shikamaru's team."

"Will we really even need one?" Naruto blinked as they ran back into the trees.

"He is pretty smart." Ino pointed out.

Sasuke snorted. "He's also lazy. Laziest person I've ever met. Ever."

"This might just be too troublesome for him, yeah..." Ino reluctantly agreed.

"Shikamaru and Hinata would probably make for a good team though. His shadows and her Jyuuken combined would be pretty nasty." Naruto mused finally, twisting and smirking while waving in Hinata's direction despite the fact that the girl was a couple hundred feet away and in the bush.

"We need to take them on the open field, if we stick in the woods its more Shadows for Shikamaru to use." Ino nodded. "Chouji's strong, but he's also slow."

"Yuuku..." Naruto trailed off, about to say something, but the female clone had already created a bunch of her own clones and had them all Henge into a bunch of pebbles and small rocks.

"We saturate the area with chakra. Hinata can't use her Byakugan to tell the difference, and if need be, the clones will get in Shika's shadow." Yuuku said with a faint shrug, deactivating her own Byakugan since the stones were a bit too bright and close by with all the chakra, prompting Naruto to do the same.

"Hyuuga can't use the Jyuuken without their Byakugan." Sasuke smirked.

"Well, they can." Naruto muttered. "It's just too dangerous to use on an ally. A flare of chakra into the wrong spot goes past just disabling."

"We need to get out of here. We're sitting ducks." Ino suddenly said. "Hinata can probably see us and she's probably already told Shikamaru and he'll be planning."

"She can probably see us as only a mass of chakra though." Sasuke murmured. "Ino, Naruto. You're up front with this. I'll flank and pepper Shikamaru with Katon jutsu so he can't use his shadows. Yuuku. You've got enough chakra for this?"

"I'm under half." The female clone responded with a shrug. "If I pop, Naruto can just call a clone again anyway."

"True, but you act quicker than the rest." Naruto admitted grudgingly. "Alright. Let's go. Split up, surround them, and take them out."

The four of them bolted from the trees and into the clearing, standing there and not going into the other trees where Team 10 was. It was either a stalemate, or the other team would come out. It was honestly a good thing that Naruto had learned a semblance of patience, otherwise he'd've charged in already. Granted, just because he didn't charge didn't mean he'd tone down the remarks. "Come on out you chickens. Don't think you're gonna beat us!"

There was no response and Ino rolled her eyes before calling out. "You can't attack us from in there, but we can burn you out!"

Sasuke smirked and went through his hand seals with deliberate slowness, taking in a deep breath and breathed out a large ball of fire directly into the trees, as soon as the fireball had gone a certain distance, Yuuku threw the rocks she was carrying across the field, spreading them out widely.

Shikamaru was the first one out of the trees, his hands raised up. "I surrender." The boy stated lazily. "Troublesome."

Next Hinata came out and sighed, looking around the bits of pebbles without her Byakugan on. "It's no good Chouji." Her voice was low. "Sorry you guys." She sketched out a hasty bow towards Team Seven who just sighed in annoyance.

Chouji followed last, munching on a bag of chips with a shrug at the others.

"Told you so." Sasuke muttered.

"Yeah, yeah, shove it." Ino growled.

While Kurenai scolded Shikamaru, Asuma went over what they did right and wrong. Anko just looked on smugly with her arms crossed over her chest. Kakashi was idly reading his usual orange book.

"Well, congrats, Team Seven, looks like you win." The Elite Jounin said without looking up. "I think you can start giving them missions now, Anko.

"I've already got our first mission lined up." Anko said with a feral grin, rounding on her three students. "You three are to escort a team from Suna coming in early for the Chuunin Exams. You're to show them around the village, nothing too sensitive mind you.

"A Foreign Escort?" Surprisingly Sasuke was the one to speak up. "Isn't that normally done by a team of Chuunin?"

"Extenuating Circumstances." Anko shrugged.

Naruto looked puzzled and Ino rolled her eyes, wrapping an arm around Naruto. "There's something special about them."

"I get it now." Naruto bopped a fist into an open palm and looked at Anko for a moment. "Er…why us?"

Anko stared at the strawberry blond boy for a moment and rolled her eyes while absently tapping her stomach. Naruto clued in with a mumbled curse and both Sasuke and Ino went wide-eyed. "Yeah, that. You'll be able to deal with them easier than any of the rest."

Anko thought back to the conversation she had with Naruto after the meeting where she had found out who the boy's parents were. He wasn't there for that, only catching the last part of the meeting, but he had still been curious.

So she had explained a few things with the Hokage's permission.

Naruto still didn't know who his parents were, but they both promised him that he'd fine out the instant he'd turn Chuunin.

That had lit the proverbial fire under his ass, thus the chakra control. He was almost at the Genin level finally, even if his reserves made it stupid hard.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Anko pulled out three scrolls and tossed them to her little minions. "That contains all the information you'll need. The team from Suna that we're showing around will consist of Sabaku no Gaara the youngest, she's around your age. Then her two older siblings Kankuro who is a puppeteer, and finally the eldest Temari; she uses a fan and has already started on her Elemental Manipulation despite being only a Genin."

"What's so special about that? Jerkass here's been using Katon techniques for years." Naruto jerked a thumb at Sasuke, ducking to avoid being nailed in the face by Ino.

"That's an Uchiha thing." Anko shrugged.

Said Uchiha looking rather put out for a second before sighing. "No Uchiha can stay in the Academy unless they learn Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu within the first year. It was a clan thing." The boy grimaced for a moment and shook his head. "It will be a clan thing again too." He nodded resolutely.

Anko clapped her hands together. "Off track people." She looked at her minions with a mocking grin. "You have two hours to shower and such. This is also a formal occasion so…" She trailed off, watching as Naruto hung his head and started to mutter. "Right. Meet me at the Main Gate."

With that, the newest Jounin of Konoha disappeared in a Shunshin while her students trudged off the Training Ground to their respective homes.

Author Note:

Been sitting on the majority of this for the past few months. It's not...all that good, but, what can y'do? This fic is more of an experiment than anything I suppose, but I know the next chapter will be much, much better.

Naruko/Yuuku: I wanted to move away from the Naruko name since I don't exactly know what the hell that means other than it being a Fanon name. Yuuku through a handy dandy translation stands for 'Trouble' and I figured it fit.

If you go through my stories and come across a unique name, liek say in Add by Dreams, their names always mean something that fits with what they are when it comes to OC's. I think the two were Fat Trash and Lazy Trash or something like that for the guy that was killed in the first chapter and his father.

Anyway. Not much else to say here. Sorry for it taking so long to get out and I really hope it doesn't take another near year for the next chapter.

I apologize profusely and I hope you've enjoyed reading to at least this point.