It was a Thursday afternoon. Three-thirty-seven, to be precise. The Seattle rain poured down.

Marissa stared at her son sleeping, unaware of the pain he'd be in as soon as woke up. If only she hadn't gone to the Farmer's Market, she would have been there with him, and he'd still be safe and… well, normal.

Her Freddie was sixteen years old. He was a straight-A student. He certainly had a gift with electronics. And lately, the girls seemed to really like him. Not to mention the fact he hung out with two of them nearly every day. He was bound to fall in love one day, then crash and burn hard.

But she couldn't let this happen.

She was a junior, just trying to find her place in the world. Shy, insecure. One day, she found what she was looking for.

He was a senior. Dreamy, smart, compassionate. She knew immediately that he was the one that she needed, craved, was looking for her whole life. He showed her love in a way she'd never felt before.

It was a Sunday when she heard the news. He'd been in a car accident and died within two hours of the impact. Marissa's one love, her missing puzzle piece in life, had been swept off the earth in one simple crash.

He was gone.

Her darling Freddie had so much going for him. She couldn't lose him, however that was inevitable. He'd either fall fast and fall hard for a girl or he'd die because of what he did to save a girl's life.

Freddie looked so much like him… Maybe it was because he was their child. Marissa found out three weeks after the deadly crash. She dropped out of school and swore she'd never fall for anyone all during those nine months.

At that moment, the brunette from next door walked in. She had the most peculiar brother, and Marissa couldn't let any of the Shay weirdness rub off on him.

"May I see Freddie?" she asked. It sounded sincere, but she had held the starring role in a fourth-grade play. She could have been acting. She offered a few profound apologies, but Marissa wouldn't hear of it. Carly became terrified and backed out of the room, her eyes the size of golf balls.

As she walked out, Marissa leaned close to her ear and hissed, "I wish it had been you."

She then turned to her son and applied some cloud block to his forehead.

So this is the end of this already-stupidly-short story... anyway, this is the first major project I've submitted to the iCarly page, so I hope it's not too lame... If there are any mistakes, please let me know!