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All is not as it seems.

Phil must have been tired out from his visit with Joan, as he managed to sleep through the night, only disturbing them at 6:30am, when both Martin and Louisa were rising to meet the day.

Martin prepared breakfast as per usual, while Louisa got Phil dressed. After breakfast, Louisa dropped Phil off at Joan's house, and came back to gather her things ready to head off for work.

"Did you want to meet up for lunch Martin?" Louisa asked. "I can meet you at the surgery if you're free".

"That should be fine" agreed Martin, as he gave her a kiss goodbye and headed off to get his car. Although their house was walking distance from the surgery, he liked to have his car handy at all times in case of a medical emergency.

Martin's car may be a Lexus on the outside, but the inside now looked like the average family car. Baby seat in the back, a container of baby wipes, spare children's underwear and a change of clothes in the glove box and last but not least, the CD stacker filled with various children's music including CDs ranging from the Wiggles, to standard nursery rhymes. Martin was so used to having Phil's music playing now, that he didn't always remember to switch to the radio when he was alone in the car. Louisa always made a point of singing along with Phil, in order to help him learn his nursery rhymes, and help him with his grammar and pronunciation, and occasionally when he wasn't thinking about it, he was known to join in.

So with his mind on other things, Martin was now driving to the petrol station, with his car in gear and his brain in neutral, singing along to the Wiggles out of habit. When the car stopped at the petrol station, with the window down, all who were currently filling up their cars were treated to the sight of the Doc singing along to "Toot toot chugga chugga big red car" totally oblivious to what he was doing.

"Totally Bodmin he is", said one of the locals, as Martin popped his petrol cap, and removed his keys from the ignition. As he went to the pump, he finally noticed that everyone was staring at him. Wondering what was wrong with the villagers now, but not really caring, Martin started to fill up his petrol tank.

"Nice morning Doc" said Bert who happened to be filling up his van that morning.

"Mmm" said Martin, not really feeling like engaging in conversation, as he had things on his mind.

"I like your CD" said Bert. "The singing was good too". In fact Bert was quite surprised to note that Martin actually had a very nice singing voice. He must let Roger Fenn know for the next talent night, maybe Roger could get Louisa to persuade the Doc to sing for them.

"What are you talking about Bert?" said Martin, trying to remember what he had been listening to.

"I only meant, that I enjoyed hearing the music playing on your fancy CD player in your car, and you were singing along with it too".

"Was I? Don't be silly, I can't remember singing along to anything of the sort" said Martin, now thoroughly disgruntled. Martin finished filling up his car, then went in to pay for his fuel. Nice music Doc, said the attendant grinning broadly.

By this stage, Martin had, had enough, so he quickly paid, and went back out to his car. He started his engine, and put on his seatbelt. He was just about to drive off when the CD player came online, and he finally realised what song he had been listening to, and apparently singing along with. Red faced, he drove off, promising himself that he needed to have at least 1 CD in the stacker that was his and not Phil's.

As he walked into the surgery, Pauline greeted him with a laugh. "I hear you've been listening to a wonderful CD Doc, where can I get a copy? If it makes you want to sing along to it, I definitely want one."

Martin grunted, went into his consultation room and slammed the door. News travels faster than the speed of light around here, he thought to himself, what an embarrassing start to the morning. However after a thoroughly relaxing weekend, he wasn't as upset as he would normally have been, and he still had his lunch date with Louisa to look forward to.

Two hypochondriacs, three skin conditions, and a suspicious mole check, one ingrown toenail, a case of gout, a sprained ankle, and the Fenn's twins check up later, and Martin was ready for lunch. The surgery was finally empty, and Al had come and taken Pauline out with him.

Peace at last, Martin went into the kitchen and made a cup of coffee for himself, leaving plenty of hot water available to make one for Louisa when she arrived. He had just sat down and started to drink when the kitchen door opened and Louisa came in with some sandwiches that she'd picked up for them on her way over to the surgery. As Louisa distributed the sandwiches, Martin made her a fresh cup of coffee.

"How was your morning?" Martin asked her.

"Quite busy actually, the second graders went off to an excursion, I had some trouble makers sent to my office as they had been bullying other children, and I had an urgent report that I needed to complete. Fingers crossed, that I'm now up to date and nothing dire is happening back at the school for me to deal with when I return. I am now just looking forward to a nice, peaceful lunch. How about you, how was your morning?"

"Just routine consultations today, nothing out of the ordinary, however I've discovered that I do need to remove at least one of Phil's CDs from my CD stacker in the car and put some civilized adult music in to replace it. This morning, I was thinking of other things and found myself subconsciously singing along to Phil's favourite Wiggles CD – you know, that "Toot Toot Chugga Chugga" song he likes so much. Although I don't mind either of you hearing me sing that infantile song, I didn't plan on giving a rendition to all of the villagers at the petrol station!"

Louisa just looked at Martin and laughed. "Oh Martin, I've done the same thing so many times myself, and I can just see it in my mind's eye. It's so embarrassing isn't it!" Getting up from her chair Louisa came and sat on Martin's lap and gave him a small kiss of commiseration.

"You do realise, that if we do manage to get pregnant again, there will be years of 'Toot toot, Chugga Chugging' our way through Port Wenn don't you!"

"It will be worth it" said Martin.

"Let the villagers laugh, what do we care! We have Phil, and hopefully soon we may have another child" said Louisa.

Martin kissed Louisa again, he also happened to lean back on his chair. The combined weight of the two of them then caused a chair leg to collapse and they both ended up on the floor, with Martin's cup of coffee falling off the table onto both of them.

"Are you alright?" Martin asked Louisa concernedly.

"I'm fine Martin, but my clothes are thoroughly stained"

"From memory, you still have a change of clothes or two upstairs in our old room, and so do I".

"Good thinking Martin" said Louisa as they made their way up the stairs to get changed.

Martin found a fresh shirt and suit, and Louisa managed to find a dress and matching cardigan. Looking at his watch Martin said, we've got half an hour left for you to get back to school and me to tidy up the kitchen. Louisa was still battling with her zip as they were walking down the stairs as the zip was quite long, and zipped up in the back.

"Martin can you help me with my zip please? It's too hard for me to get to" she said as they continued down the stairs.

Martin asked her to stop a moment while he attempted to get some hair that was stuck in the zip, out of the way so he could finish doing the dress up. Unfortunately Pauline and Al chose this precise moment to enter through the kitchen and come into the surgery waiting area. Looking up they saw Martin doing up Louisa's zip and wearing a totally new set of clothes from the morning.

"Well I suppose we can guess what happened to the kitchen chair, can't we Al?" said Pauline as she looked at Martin and Louisa.

"What are you talking about Pauline?" said Martin.

"I mean, Al and I leave you alone for an hour, we come back to find a broken chair, and you returning from your bedroom in a new set of clothes with your wife, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what you two have been up to, honestly Doc, couldn't you wait until you were at your own house, I mean I have to work here, and I eat on that table!" laughed Pauline.

"Actually Pauline, we spilt coffee on our clothes, so we were just changing into spare clothes as the other ones were stained", explained Louisa. "Nothing out of the ordinary has been going on, I assure you", Louisa continued.

"Then how did the chair get broken?" said Pauline.

Martin had turned a rich shade of red by this stage and Al judged it a wise move to get Pauline out of the way and back at her desk

"Come on Pauline, time for you to get back to work, I've got to get back to the restaurant. See you later Doc, Louisa" Al said as he waved goodbye to Pauline and left through the front door.

"I need to be off too Martin, said Louisa as she kissed him goodbye and headed back to the school".

By that evening, it was all over the village how the Doc and Louisa had met for lunch at the surgery, how they'd gone in wearing one set of clothes, and come out in another set, along with a chair being broken. A lot of sly looks were being sent their way for the rest of the week.