Welcome to my second newest story, Bloodstorm: Life vs. Death. This is a UberJason one that takes place after the last Jason X novel. If you don't know of the novels, here's what takes place in each of them, so you can be caught up with where my story starts off. The first one is about the movie, which is why I won't describe that one.

The Experiment: Jason is now on Earth 2, thanks to the ending of Jason X. He is resurrected and then captured by the army, who want to use parts of his body to make the ultimate super soldier.

Planet of the Beast: Jason is discovered by scientists on planet 666. The main scientist, Bardox, decides to use Jason's DNA to create a new generation of people with unbearable strength.

Death Moon: Jason terrorizes a finishing school for unruly girls on Moon Camp Americana.

To the Third Power: A team of engineers go to the moon of Americana, also known as Elysium, to help transport prisoners to another moon, Thanos. When they uncover Jason's body underneath the prison, they must fight him and a group of rioting inmates.

If you need to know anything else, let me know, and I'll answer it later in the story.

And now begins another story that I hope draws many fans. Here's Bloodstorm!

The moon of Thanos stood as a depiction of the harshest coldness ever to be in the galaxy sky. It produced fear that would make Earth II want to turn away as far as possible. Earth II had two moons: Thanos and Elysium. And Elysium had quickly earned its place as the more pleasant of the two.

One might wonder why Thanos dwelled in such misfortune. For many decades, the moon had been barren: its conditions unsuitable for human life. The moon's very atmosphere acted as a powerful barrier to any spaceship.

But that problem had now been solved due to the hard work of many scientists and technological experts. In fact, Thanos had a new purpose: to act as a rehabilitation facility for the hardest of the galaxy's prisoners.

They had already been transported there from Elysium by means of what could be called a "giant slingshot". A capsule had been shot into space by two beams, where it sped at such light speed that it seemed to teleport its way to Thanos. Therefore, the capsule had bypassed the merciless atmosphere.

But the prisoners were not the reason why Thanos was doomed beyond belief. In fact, they too were in jeopardy along with the very reputation of the moon: by the indestructible manifestation of anti-life known as Jason Voorhees.

For this monster had climbed aboard the transport and thus had traveled with the prisoners to Thanos. He was the stowaway that would put the mark of death on every one of them. And it was about to be far worse than the death he had caused before he had been upgraded.

Back on the ship of students that Jason had terrorized, the Grendel, he had been blown to bits by their already uploaded android. But this was only a minor inconvenience to a force like Jason. Through the future's technology, particles known as nano-ants rebuilt him. They were healing entities that were programmed to fix any flesh they came in contact with. The nano-ants had transformed him into a being far more equipped at the art of killing and even more powerful.

He was now part humanoid, part machine. Steel covered a good portion of his body, having embedded itself into his flesh. Even his mask was made of the metal, and it clung so deeply to his face that it now appeared to be his face. Whatever parts of Jason weren't steel was a black fabric. Burning red pools of death were his eyes.

He used those cat-like orbs now to search Thanos for those humans he had seen in the capsule. His eyes burned with a fury even greater than the stars in the background. The searing gusts whipped all around him. The moon had a dark, rocky terrain that trembled underneath the monster's feet.

The transport's speed when it penetrated the atmosphere had thrown Jason off and into the faraway reaches of the moon. But his radar would pick up that detested human life very soon.

The capsule had landed at the very edge of the rehabilitation facility. A ramp slid out from the transport's base up to the door. The facility was like a dome covering many miles of the moon. And everything needed for survival was inside, so the prisoners had no choice but to go in. Once inside, every door would be locked shut, only able to be opened from the outside by the troops that would come to deliver more food and other supplies.

Some of the weaker prisoners were deterred by the moon's blazing winds. Most of them, however, braved the harsh atmosphere and headed down the ramp. Of course, they mumbled about being here, but were otherwise grateful that they were safe from the monster they had seen: or so they thought.

After the destruction of many of their leaders, a new one had to emerge. And one did very quickly. A man with muscles too large for his body stood at the front of the group. In a bellowing voice, he ordered the others down the ramp to determine the rules for the facility.

His name was "Rottweiler" Burke, and his name suited him well. He had ripped apart human flesh into many bloody slivers and not with a weapon or his hands either. Over 20 victims had perished due to his voracious appetite for blood. And such would happen to any of these prisoners if they did not follow his commands.

Once rules were established, Rottweiler led the men and few women into the dome. Inside was like their very own community. Small homes were built for every one of them with other buildings, such as a store, gym, and computer lab. Rottweiler did not waste any time with picking the house that he felt was the largest. After much arguing and quite a few scuffles, the other prisoners established their own residences.

It seemed like they were all quite safe without the judgment of society around. If only they knew that a more relentless and bloody judgment was in store for them. And it didn't matter what crimes they had committed. They were all the same in the monster's eyes: the monster getting closer to them by the second.

Jason detected the life before the dome was even in sight. The killer instinct pulsing through his being grew stronger as he drew nearer. His red eyes became wide open windows to Hell, where he was about to send everyone.

There was not one inching fear of loneliness once he wiped out the humans. Any anxiety about being the only humanoid left on this moon was non-existent. Evil could not be bound by such weak concepts.

Jason smashed his steel body through the dome wall. Whatever strength those walls held meant nothing to his power. The prisoners standing open-mouthed at him had only seconds to live. There was no time for repentance for their crimes.

He ripped off the first man's head with his bare hands and tossed it aside. Blood spurted like geysers from the now open stump of a neck. The head, still with the man's gaze of shock, smacked against one of his comrades exiting the store.

This prisoner watched Jason grab hold of a woman's long hair. He bashed her against the third one in their group. Their blood poured forth as one when her form tore the man in half at the waist.

Jason heard her scream and seethed rage that she wasn't dead yet. He hit her hard against the torn prisoner's skull until she cracked, and he could now hurl her on top of him. The redness soaked their bodies, trickling into the woman's open wounds. This included her smashed ribs and ravaged heart.

The witness was not one to be easily afraid, however, he knew pure evil when he saw it. He dashed off to warn the others with Jason in hot pursuit. It didn't matter to the killer if they all realized he was here. Any warning they had would be far too late.

The rest of that day was painted in red. Thanos was now contaminated with the agony of countless human beings. Jason continued his rampage throughout the dome, massacring every prisoner he came across. He brutally slashed through all that luscious flesh with its warm blood and meaty organs.

Torn limbs and decapitated bodies littered the facility. Some lay face down on the ground so their horror could not be seen, while others hung in various positions of shame. Jason burst through the door of one home, killed its resident without a second thought, and moved on to the next.

The very last victim was Rottweiler Burke himself. And he put up the greatest fight of any of the currently deceased prisoners. After dodging Jason's first blows, he rammed the monster through the wall. The chunks of metal fell upon both of them.

Still sitting on top of Jason, Rottweiler bit hard into the killer's red orbs. Jason emitted no sound, but was clearly enraged. He knocked the muscular man off him like he was just an insect. Rottweiler was surprised to see Jason's eyes heal in less than two seconds.

"What the hell?" Rottweiler yelled every time he stabbed Jason, and Voorhees would regenerate seconds later.

Jason had regenerative abilities before, but the nano ants now inside him sped up this ability even more. Once Rottweiler realized that he had finally met his match, Jason had torn into him with a steel fist. Both felt the prisoner's warm stomach falling out of the hole. Rottweiler choked out blood, while he fought not to show any pain. His life slipped farther away and down into the bowels of Hell.

Jason showed no pride, nor happiness that all the prisoners were now dead. His whole soul remained completely emotionless. He left the dome and strode across the horizon of Thanos: its lone inhabitant. His next goal was always the same. That was to kill more humans. And he would walk Thanos while waiting for more to come.