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Three days had come and gone on Thanos, lost among the limitless void of the universe. It seemed like the massacre of the prisoners would go unnoticed, at least until the fourth day. The blood soaked event was about to be discovered. Two of the universe's greatest heroes were on their way to check up on the rehabilitation facility to make sure all was as it should be. Which, whenever Jason Voorhees took over, was not the case.

The beings traveled to the moon from a base that was not exactly nearby. But that didn't matter at all, for they could pass through the atmosphere quite readily without a transport, or oxygen for that matter. All they needed was the very power emanating from their own bodies.

Shooting amongst the stars to the bleakness of Thanos, they arrived on the moon with little effort. Neither of the two life forms was bothered by the wind whipping their faces or the sub zero temperatures freezing the terrain at their feet.

The first of the two, Jayden Storm, turned to the ship that had carried the prisoners here. With the doors still open, he found the vehicle to be empty. He knew the convicts would have realized that going into the dome was their only safe option.

Upon moving closer, both him and his female comrade sensed something was amiss. His comrade and fellow hero, Sapphire Celadon, was chilled down to her bones. Physically she was more than fine, as both exceeded the capabilities of any human. But her extraordinary perception did not pick up the presence of any life.

Long, golden hair flowing upwards in the wind, Sapphire spoke to Jayden.

"I don't sense anything. Do you?"

Staring hard with that ever-serious gaze, Jayden shook his head. He did feel the eeriness echoing in the darkness, which reflected the devastation of what was behind the dome's walls. Using only one powerful fist, Jayden bombarded one section of the dome. Blasting into shards whipping away with the gusts, a gaping hole stood before the two. They stepped into the dome's interior and looked at the lake of blood, which was now the floor.

Savagely mangled corpses were strewn as far as they could see. And that was saying a lot. Dark redness dominated every body with rib cages shimmering in the pale light and organs ripped out like they were nothing.

Sapphire's eyes increased three times their shade of blue. She had seen a lot in her days of heroism, but this was like a scene from Hell. Next to her, Jayden was less shaken. He was strong in both body and mind, but compassion would always be there. Nobody deserved to die, not even the worst of mankind.

"Oh my Heavens, what has happened?" Sapphire spoke calmly, though her voice did tremble.

Jayden came up with the only explanation he could think of.

"They must have killed each other," he replied in his deep tone.

Sapphire looked at him quizzically, not really believing it. Any human could not have done this damage. These prisoners may have been bad, but really: this? She never was one to question her leader, however she had to ask.

"Are you sure? This work seems to be too inhuman, even for them. One has to be really strong…"

Jayden cut into her statement very assuredly.

"It's the only explanation. I'm not sensing anything else that could have done this, and I know you're not either. Come, we have to report this to base."

Sapphire closed her eyes, searching her feelings, and finding her senses clashing with an impression of life that was miles away on this moon. This force gripped her heart and held on tight. It was pure evil. She knew this much. But why couldn't Jayden sense it as well?

Though overcome by dread, Sapphire ascended with her companion into the sky of endless space. She looked down briefly, while trying to shake it off. At least, she would leave whatever it was back on Thanos forever. Maybe.

Far to the north of where the space station Solaris used to be, Jayden and Sapphire arrived at their base: a base that contained all the greatest warriors of the current galaxy. It was labeled Moonshalla, the ultimate training base for the immensely powerful: young and experienced alike. The base was enormous, even for that century's standards, reaching the size of a small moon. Not to mention the fact that all its material was designed to withstand the blasts produced by the heroes inside.

A door opened at the south end of Moonshalla to welcome Jayden and Sapphire. The entrance was one of many that branched off the main corridor. Moonshalla was specifically designed so that, no matter where one went, he or she would always find the route back to the key areas in the very middle.

This particular south end door was for those that needed no ship to make it to the base. Thus, there was no cockpit once the two stepped inside. Jayden and Sapphire walked down the side hallway in front of them on their path to the command center. The business of the base pierced its way through every wall, including those of the training rooms and laboratories that they passed. The shouts and kicks of the trainees in combat practice were always the major sounds heard.

Though there were many twists and turns, the two heroes arrived at the center in a matter of seconds. Jayden punched in the code needed to unlock the door to the base director's

chamber. It slid up in the blink of an eye, revealing the silhouette of a rather average looking man to most. His medium build and height came forth from within the depths of the chamber. He smiled a greeting at Sapphire and Jayden, face calm and agreeable looking.

"Good afternoon, my heroes. I was just checking on the ship containing the batch of newest students sent to arrive here in an hour. What can I do for you?"

Jayden gave his usual salute to acknowledge the supervisor's authority. There was no rule saying he had to, and one wouldn't expect it at all for the most powerful hero in this era. But Jayden Storm performed his acts of honor anyway. It was just his way of proving that nobody was below him, especially not this man, Brooklyn Spears.

Chief officer Spears accepted his gesture and performed it back. He then returned the friendly nod that Sapphire gave him. Jayden set about to answer Brooklyn's question.

"Commander Brooklyn Spears, sir," he said, his tenor continuously professional. "We are here to report on our check-in mission to Thanos."

Brooklyn could tell that something was not quite right in Jayden's eyes. He had that ability to read anybody like a book. Lacking actual superpowers used to fight, the leader had the mental skills beyond anyone else at Moonshalla.

"A tragedy occurred there, right? Harm has come to the prisoners, I can tell."

Sapphire entered the conversation with a little less calmness than Jayden. Nothing new there. Her lean body underneath the hero suit became tense.

"Commander Spears, it was horrible beyond belief. All the prisoners there, every last one of them, are dead."

Brooklyn showed no surprise. The recollected sight of the massacre exposed itself to him from the two heroes' minds. He saw bloodied bodies, beaten unnecessarily, strewn like a battlefield all over the dome.

"Yes, I can see," he replied. "And your unanimous conclusion is that they killed each other, I know."

Brooklyn may have spoken this out loud, for Jayden's assurance, but noticed that Sapphire didn't completely share this belief. Her eyes flickered a sense of anxiety, having the idea of something else being responsible.

"Yes, there's no other explanation," Jayden still spoke for both of them. "I don't want to rush into a conclusion, though nothing else was present to prove otherwise. We'll never know how it started. It doesn't matter, however."

Brooklyn at least acknowledged this principle. If the prisoners had killed each other, or a more sinister force was at hand, there was no way of going back. The only honorable act to do was to take care of the bodies and give them a sense of rest.

"Recruit some science students to go and recover the bodies. Then have the remains transported to the proper mortuary base. Record these findings into the events log. I will now go and tell the chief in charge of the prisoners' transport to Thanos."

Jayden and Sapphire both nodded. They waited until Brooklyn headed back into his quarters before they, in turn, set about to execute the needed tasks. On the way, Sapphire had to speak about the anxiety eating away at her.

"I still don't understand what happened," she conveyed to him. "I never doubt you, but what if there's a chance that they didn't kill each other? In that case, sending students there could be dangerous. You know, if there was something else that murdered them."

Jayden stared at her, while looking a bit serious about Sapphire not accepting his opinion. He was close to her, there was no doubt about that, and would never retaliate at her. So instead, he calmly explained himself to his friend.

"I understand your reluctance, Sapphire," he told the woman. "It is hard to believe for me as well. But I've learned never to doubt my senses. And my senses told me that there was nobody else there. Did yours tell you something else?"

Sapphire focused on her fellow heroes bustling about down the halls, incessantly on their way to classes or training to better their skills at protecting mankind. That was why she was so wary now of sending anybody to Thanos. It had become unknown to her what danger was there. But her ultimate trust in Jayden eventually rose over anything else. He would not allow harm to befall any living thing.

"I guess not," she responded. "I thought I sensed something, but it was probably just my shock over what had happened to them. You're right. Let's do what needs to be done."

As they separated at a turn in the corridors, each about to complete a different task, two more figures popped out of a lab room after Sapphire and Jayden had passed. The first was a teenage girl with the fieriest red hair in the base. She turned and pretty much had to coax the boy with her to come out. He was almost an exact replica of her. Of course, being a young man, his amber hair was much thinner and cut close to his head.

"What is it, Kara?" he asked, his manner showing some annoyance. "We're not quite done with our project yet."

His sister sparkled with excitement when she looked back at him. Besides that, a mischievous touch was in her ginger eyes. She whipped her head about to ascertain that the area was free of listeners.

"Forget the project, Kenny," she told him. "Didn't you hear? Those people they transported to Thanos have been massacred. I mean, blood everywhere. Can you believe it?"

Kenny did not appear anywhere near as thrilled as Kara was. But that was common among these two. His sister was the adrenaline seeker, while he had become the more logical one.

"A massacre? Are you sure? And even if you are, I don't think it's cool at all."

Kara sighed, already impatient with Kenny's hesitation.

"I didn't say it was cool, Kenny. I was just surprised by the news."

Kenny crossed his arms, trying to look strict, but never succeeding around his sister.

"Listening in on others' conversations doesn't classify it as news."

Kara's restlessness drove her to start heading towards the nearest cockpit before replying. She stopped at its entrance and turned around.

"You sound like Mr. Hoffman. Always analytical."

Mr. Sandusky Hoffman was one of the Moonshalla scientists and the professor of technology for those students learning how to operate space shuttles and computers.

Kara then entered the cockpit where their assigned ship was located. Kenny, once again, felt like he had no choice but to follow her. It was difficult for them to be apart for too long.

This dock, labeled B, had the ships that were easier to handle for the less experienced students. They were all about medium size, not too small so they wouldn't go too fast, and not too large, so they wouldn't be too bulky to operate.

Kara had dashed up to a vehicle of a ruby color with flames racing across the sides as a sign of what powers these two possessed. Kenny stopped a few feet behind her.

"What are you doing, Kara?" his voice echoed throughout the room.

His sister responded in a manner that showed how assured she was.

"They're going to send medical students to take care of the bodies. I want to check them out before they get there."

Kenny's mouth dropped a little.

"What? We can't just drop everything and go. For one, we don't have permission. And I know that, even if we asked, they would say no."

Kara shot back that usual look that told him, "I'm going anyway. Come with me or stay here."

Kenny heard these unspoken words. He knew his twin sister too well. He cursed himself for being wishy-washy after he eventually replied.

"Fine. But let's not take too long. We have fire training later."

Kara's morbid sense of curiosity had put them in trouble one too many times. Though this time would ultimately be their last.

I hope you don't automatically think that Kara and Kenny will go to Thanos and accidentally bring Jason back. It's a little more complex than that.