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Heart triggering moments

Chapter 1: The festival

"Sakura?" I looked around and saw my brother approaching me with a big smile glistening off his young wrinkle-less face. "Yes Seth, What do you want?" I asked him. "Can you comb my hair pleease its quite taangled!" He whined. "Sure sweetie." I beamed at him. He turned his back to me, and kneeled down. I took the comb, and started brushing his hair. He had short black hair, which was glossy. In addition, he had big sparkling green eyes that matched mine. When I was done, I handed him the brush and headed for the front door, predicting that he will follow.

"Sakura?" I turned around, and looked at him again; he was precisely standing where I left him. "What is it?"I required from him a little bit annoyed for I wasn't a very patient person. "Do you think, that dad will allow us, to go to the festival?" he asked with fear, he looked as if he wanted me to comfort him and to make him forget about the misery he was living "I mean what if he discovers about our discreet?" he added, I was scared just like him of the consequences, but he was my only brother and I had to protect him I had to be the optimistic and hopeful one, for he was still young. I had to give him happiness for our source of motherly love and happiness had died away…a very long time ago.

"Don't be scared, I will protect you I won't let him kick you!" I smiled at him and tried to sound sure and unwavering. He scanned my mask for a long second but then smiled the smile which melted my heart with sorrow and grief, I just could not accept the fact that my brother was living without a mother, and then he proceeded to giggle as I mimicked my father by kicking the invisible air- although it wouldn't have been that funny if he kicked us in real. After I was pleased with my work by retrieving my brother's mood, we both put our shoes on, and went outside. When we stepped out of the door, we were bid by the warmth of our house, but nonetheless welcomed by the cold breeze of the night.

My brain was quite busy functioning as I -as always- was thinking too much. Three things were the major issues that were on my mind right then: First, I was afraid of the fact that our father might discover our small trip because as I recall last time he was about to discover our flee to the festival but we said that we ran out of supplies. Second, my brother had started asking me about my mom and where she is and what I should tell him when I don't know either, and it just hurts when I realize that our mom left us without a trace to follow her. Third and the final is that I failed my -peep- geometry exam. And god knows what reward is waiting for me. Our father had nicely pointed out to us that we had to have perfect grades and be "distinctive" as he always said.

I could see the big riding wheel coming into sight. Seth was practically prancing around babbling about what he would ride first. He was holding my hand and I could feel the love, welcome and innocence radiating from him. He was so young to live without good parents, Seth needed love, Seth needed comfort; In addition he needed care. However I was the only source for love, comfort and care. Because our dad was not the dad you would wish for, he did not care what happened to his children, he just wanted to control us and show us pain. In other words he was heartless. I am not very sure what the reason is but I don't hold a grudge against him, how much he tortured us, because he is still our father and he must have a reason for whatever he is doing. Maybe he is like that because he lost his wife, the one woman he shared his mysterious life with. Life is rather hard, but all the mistakes we do teach us to not do it again and prepares us for a better future with less mistakes, and better personality…


I staggered backwards but lost my balance then fell on the rough cold floor. Then I realized that I bumped into something or someone, I reflexively stretched my hand and started rubbing my throbbing ass. "You should stop thinking too much and pay more attention to where you are heading, pinkie" murmured some kid, I'm sure it was a male-I mean come on who does not recognize a male's voice. I stopped rubbing, and my eyes flew to the kid's face. He was taller than me by little; he had black hair with shades of navy blue, which reflected his eyes that were dark, too, although his skin was not dark like everything dark about him because he had light skin. He stretched his hand I took it, then he pulled me up, I regained my balance, and stared at him, he was not alone. He was with another kid- probably a friend- and let me tell you he looked like an orange. The orange looked at me and said- well rather shouted "'sup girl, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, nice to meet you, and this teme over here"-which the kid through a glare at his friend-"His name is Uchiha Sasuke" the kid smiled. Naruto had very beautiful eyes with a hue of light-blue with blonde spiky hair that was short but suited him well.

I smiled at both of them and introduced myself "I'm Haruno Sakura, and this is my brother Haruno Seth, nice to meet you both". Then I realized that I had bumped into the kid and he had called me pinkie, well he had an excuse, he did not know my name so I did not get angry. I looked at him then apologized "I'm sorry I bumped into you I was thinking too much, and my sight was clouded by my thoughts", "yeah, believe me she does that always, she just thinks too much" Seth explained. Sasuke shook his head then smiled "no problem, that happens to everyone.". Then Naruto looked at me and questioned "How old are you Sakura –Chan?" "I'm ten years old" I answered. "Cool we are ten, too" He said. "Why does no one ask about my age? I'm a human too you know, Humph" My brother complained while he turned his head to the side. Sasuke kneeled in front of him and said "How old are you Seth?" Seth brightened up and answered "I'm six" he lifted six miniscule fingers as to show his bright intelligence. "Your brother is adorable, pinkie" complemented sasuke as he stood up and ruffled Seth's hair.


A door was carefully opened –pfft yeah right let me correct that- a poor door was harshly slammed open with a brutal force that practically made the wall-in-contact collapse from fear and the strong contact. A big and manly figure stepped inside and scanned the house in an instant, when he found nobody he growled "Sakura…you'll pay for this".

"There you go young lady, congrats" The nice man handed me my price, which was a big, cute and fluffy penguin. "Thanks, I guess it was luck", I said as I cuddled the penguin, they were my favorite animals. "Oh no, I observed you carefully, you shoot well, I'm sure you have a natural talent, use it well and you will be one of the best snipers in history, but keep in mind use it for good" he advised, then smiled friendly. "I'll keep that in mind, one day when we'll meet you'll see how good I am, I won't disappoint you I will use my talent well and practice, thank you again", I waved and dashed him a smile as I walked towards my friends. It was nice for a human to know that they have a special talent and unique from the ones around you. I couldn't hide he smile that was spread across my face, I liked the idea of me sniping and helping people. I could imagine myself saving some people, coming out of some sort of smoke with a child in my arms and Seth by my side telling me how proud he wa-"Sakura-Chan you're thinking again", whined Naruto while he threw his hands in the air as if to emphasize the exasperation. "Well Naruto and you are not thinking again, it's not healthy you know", I said rather annoyed while he flashed me a toothy grin. I just admired Naruto he was such a friend, standing there with a smile when you need him although I just met him couple of hours ago, but I could tell from his personality. I made my way beside him and we walked together searching for Seth and Sasuke. "You know Sakura-Chan you are the nicest girl I have ever met, it seems that you really care for the people around you", he complemented sheepishly. "You mean Seth?" I questioned.

Before I could answer water was splashed on Naruto, me and my CLOTHES. I looked around ready to shove a freaking fist down somebody's throat but then I saw Sasuke cautiously stepping backwards with a grin on his face and an empty bottle in hand. I looked around to find any sort of tool to pay back, to my luck I saw a small store with golden fishes in big bags full of water, and quickly I went to the store keeper and bought a bag with a golden fish in it. Relaying on my reflexes I hastily opened the bag and threw it at Sasukes face, he opened his mouth as to say don't dare but it was too late after a second he was drenched in water and the golden fish entered his gaping mouth and then he fell to the ground.

I stepped nearer and looked at him with a BIG smile on my face and then I smiled "true it is when they say that revenge is sweet" "you'll pay Sakura, but honestly I did not think you will throw at me water with a golden fish in it I mean seriously aren't girls supposed to feel sorry for a golden fish" he asked with a frown that was screaming I'M DEFEATED. "No girls don't well some do but I'm not one of them. It seems that you have a lot of experience with girls Sasuke" I teased and started running away. Sasuke quickly stood up and started chasing after me teasing back "Are you jealous Sakura?" "Hell no" I shouted, I could hear Naruto shouting "Go Sakura-Chan you can beat Sasuke-teme". Sasuke was catching up I tried to run faster but couldn't he was too fast then I felt a hand grab my waist I tried to pull his hand off but I failed. I was too caught up trying to shove him off when I tripped over a rock and Sasuke fell with me we giggled together while laying down on the lush grass. I could hear Seth's voice coming from beside Naruto as they came to us.

Seth came running to me then and told me everything about what happened, and how well did Sasuke shoot in a game before they met us. Then Sasuke asked about the game which I won my price when he saw my penguin and he was rather shocked when I told him it was the sniping game because it was a hard game after all.

The night passed quickly like a breeze longing to visit other places with its full speed. We were sitting on a wooden bench when I remembered the probability of our dad arriving sooner than usual. I quickly stood up and grabbed my brothers hand and he jolted at the speed and sudden move "Seth we have to go home now, it's late" I said, "But I want to stay with my new found friends" he pointed at Naruto and Sasuke who were just looking quietly at us while sipping their milkshakes. "You can visit them later, but now we have to go" I tugged on his arm as if to say enough arguing. He sighed and stood up. I confronted the guys and said- well was about when Sasuke beat me to it and uttered "We will walk you home", Seth beamed and started jumping - god he has been charged again. I uttered a thanks and we started moving. We neared our house and we just needed to cross the street, but I had been a burden long enough, so I said "Thanks a lot guys and I will take it from here, we will meet again soon and I had a lot of fun by the way", they both nodded and watched us as we crossed the street.

I watched her go and cross the street, Naruto was smiling so wide that I thought his face will rip in two pieces, he was very happy because he met new friends and so was I, but didn't come and go with a half-killing smile - oh no I was and is and will be and UCHIHA, ah It feels good. Well I threw my thoughts away and stared back at Sakura. I was happy I met her and Seth they, were very nice people but my happy mood did not last as the door to Sakura's house was opened roughly, a big man came out grabbed her forcefully and shoved her inside and then quickly but harshly threw Seth on his shoulders like a sack of rotten potatoes and made his way inside the house with an evil smirk on his face like a lion triumphant after capturing the query.

I could not forget Sakura's terrified expression and what shocked me more was when I saw her mouth move in a way that pronounced dad and that was the last time I, Sasuke Uchiha – it did not feel as good as before – saw Sakura Haruno.

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