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Heart Triggering Moments

Chapter two: Eaten by Grief

(Remember the feelings remember the day,

My stone heart was breaking my love ran away)


(This moments I knew I would be someone else,

My love turned around and I fell)


"Sakura-chaan wake up"

(Be my bad boy be my man be my week-end lover

But don't be my friend)

"Sakura-Chaan your cell phone is ringing"

A lazy hand stretched out and grabbed the phone. "Who is this?" I muttered lazily but quite rudely. "My my Sakura why this insolence, huh?" commented the speaker a little amused. "Get to the point what do you want? I don't have enough time" I grumbled through my new phone. "As rude as always -sigh- well we are running a very important meeting and as usual you have to come after school finishes and no you are not allowed to skip it unless you want some new bruises added to your flesh, so bye my daughter" Finished my lovely dad but not without putting emphasis on the daughter and quickly hung up so he won't hear my prevailing complaints. I dragged myself to the bathroom with a series of curses bombarded at some lovely father. Even my thoughts were drowned in sarcasm. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and combed my long waist-length pink hair. I wore a black sleeveless tank top that showed my belly with some crimson-colored baggy pants that had black skulls on it and were ripped on the knees. Moreover I wore finger-less gloves that reached my elbow, and I didn't forget to put my round earrings, two pairs on each ear, what shall I say I was rebellious not only in clothes but also in personality. I skidded downstairs to eat breakfast but I couldn't help but think about my crime-full life, I am only seventeen years old and I'm pretty much involved in every single operation in our gang because of my combat skills and unique sniping abilities. I entered the kitchen and saw Naruto slurping some steaming ramen although some would be defined as nine bowls in Naruto's dictionary.

"Morning Sakura-Chan" he greeted cheerfully as always, this is what I love about him although I would never admit it in millions of years. "Morning" I grumbled as I sat down. I grabbed the cornflakes and poured some milk then I started eating it reluctantly-I hate breakfast. "Sakura stop being a pessimist and cheer up, life is nice, stop floating around like a ghost; you've become a killer machine" he became serious as he added "I'm your body-guard and don't try to show me that you are heartless because if it wasn't for you I would've been dead by now, we have a history together, Sakura, in other words I know what is in here" he motioned to my heart. I was on the verge of crying and he noticed but I couldn't show weakness I did not deserve friendliness. "I'm late to school" I said trying to halt the conversation as I grabbed my back pack and headed for the door. I got into my latest Mercedes motorcycle and drove to school.


"…Sakura-Chan -sigh- what am I going to do to bring you back to your old self" I said then shook my head she probably was going to change, I mean everyone does change after grasping the right concept and realizing the real meaning of living.


"Hello Uzumaki Naruto talking" I answered my phone. "Yes sir…"


I loved this feeling, the feeling when air hits you across your face. I always felt free; it was the only time I did feel that way. I was three blocks away from school when I spotted some of my gang members hitting a guy in a corner away from a curious eye. I hopped off and headed for the corner; guess I was curious after all. I saw a guy with bowl-cut hair, big round eyes and a spandex outfit being hit and beaten viciously. My gang members were very violent when it came to fighting; they always hit the vital spots and try to torture the harm-less victim. How much I wanted to save this guy from their hands I couldn't, if they knew I helped someone, they would report it to my father, and my father's ever-ready desire for fun is always up. He would torture innocent people in front of my eyes because he knows that it hurts me a lot and he still knows that I have a heart unlike him-but I am not a cheerful person anymore and that's what he hasn't failed to notice.

I was so swamped in thinking that I didn't realize that a guy had joined in fighting. He had medium-length, spiky and black hair with a pair of matching dark eyes that held what looked like profession, seriousness and some emotion I could not figure it out. He was dressed in casual clothes that consisted of baggy black pants and a white t-shirt, very casual but also perfect for fighting. I observed him as he fought my gang members, he punched swiftly, and kicked swiftly all-in-all he was fighting very swiftly, nicely and professionally. He did not seem to be new in the world of fighting. I stared at him in awe as he fought my gang members who were actually very powerful, I did not like to brag, but my father knew how to choose good men. He always chose carefully and tested their loyalty.

The ambiguous guy knocked down all the members as they were laid on the ground whimpering and tasting the un-welcomed pain. He went to the beaten-up guy with a bowl-cut and helped him stand up, he seemed to have asked the guy a question but unfortunately the guy with the bushy eyebrows did not know the answer. He seemed angry but then collected himself and dismissed the ire. No one could ever get information from our gang because even if we got caught, we couldn't divulge any secret or disclose any confidential information, and the reason was because my dad took all the possibilities and threatened to kill their loves, families and children, and he also threatened to inject them and make them lose their minds which he really has done before. But the main reason was because he made them believe that if you are loyal to your master then you enter heaven and you rest in peace. In other words the guy would do no progress in interrogating my loyal gang members. He walked off and raised his hand, a motion that was supposed to mean farewell. As he slowly put his hand down sheer anger struck me like lightning. I saw the tattoo on the upper part of his right arm, the weird circle that goes around itself, he was from the ANBU. He was from the famous and powerful agency that was after the criminals and gangsters…like us. Why is there always somebody against us? I don't want to see any other good fighter dying in the hands of my father. I went to my motorcycle and rode off; I was already late for school and I did not want to make my moody daddy angry.


I got off from my motorcycle, stuffed my hands in my pockets, and then strode off to my class. I kicked the door open and was about to head for my seat when kakashi-sensei interrupted me. "Isn't kicking a door open rather rude my dear student? You have two arms to stretch and two hands to push ya know" he asked annoyed for I interrupted his lesson and was late for thirty-fife minutes. "Well dear kakashi-sensei as you can see my hands are in my pockets and I can't stretch them, as ya know my arms are glued to my hands and no I don't think kicking a door open Is rude" I explained rudely and went to my seat beside the window.

My teacher just sighed audibly and continued his lecture. No one ever dared to challenge me because they all knew I was in the cobra gang, the most feared gang but no one knew that I was the leader's daughter-honestly I preferred it to be that way. If you are asking how they knew that I belong to the cobra. Well because I always wore sleeveless shirts so they could see my penetrating tattoo on my arm which consisted of a cobra snake and a blade stabbed in it, it was quite a beautiful design. If it didn't resemble the fact that I belonged to this gang, I would've loved it. My thoughts drifted to the mysterious guy from earlier, I couldn't but admire him, he saved a guy from death although the attackers outnumbered him by much. But he was from ANBU the agency which killed my brother. The filthy agency that murdered my Seth, my only brother, my only source of life and happiness, god burn them all down in hell, god burn them slowly but painfully, god make them suffer, take away their children take away their families and take away their lives. I couldn't take the pain anymore, the pain of seeing their faces it was like the torture was repeating itself again and again. I felt tears rising up, I felt myself choking, but I couldn't show my classmates my sorrow and vulnerability. So I got up from my seat and headed out without excusing myself, my teacher didn't say anything because he was used to it, but nevertheless he sighed audibly.


I spent the rest of the periods in our school backyard contemplating things. And mourning on how sad life is and how unfair. I've never had friends, well only once, they were two guys and it was a long time ago. One of them is still my friend, well technically now he is my bodyguard but he knows that I appreciate him and that person is…Naruto. After that day when there was that festival I went home with Seth, Naruto and the other friend I seem to have forgotten everything about him. When my father discovered everything he tortured me, hit me and left me bruised that night, after that he took us to Russia and then he started to train me himself and he trained me hard. After couple of years we fought a strong gang after returning to Japan and Naruto was a member in it, my father took him as hostage after we killed most of them. Because we failed to kill the leader and Naruto had a good relationship with boss.

_ (Flashback) _

My father pushed Naruto roughly on the floor and started hitting him hard. Naruto was hugging and restraining himself from shouting; I could see him biting his lower lip so hard that it started bleeding. But he didn't utter a word, then I saw my father take out a bladder and started approaching the crouching kid. I couldn't take it anymore; I quickly went in front of Naruto, hid my pain and put on my dead-pan mask.

"You don't need to kill him father nor you need to torture him like that" I told him rather calmly. "What is this? I see you caring about this guy, huh? You did not forget him did you? You know the consequences Sakura so stand aside" He growled at me. I felt Naruto pushing me lightly as if to tell me I'm okay stop defending me. But no I was stubborn, he was my friend and he will get his share of being defended at. "I did not say don't kill him" I saw Naruto's eyes widening but I still continued "Keep him in the gang we will need him in later fights and he also has valuable information" I felt Naruto relaxing, my father was looking at me and studying me like a predator being In dilemma: eating his query now or later. Then as I expected he smirked at me "My my Sakura intelligence is what you have, I like your idea, I will assign him as your bodyguard so I will be sure of his loyalty" "Thank you for the complement, father" I said as I bowed down and took Naruto with me.

_ (End of Flashback) _

I was a coward back then; Naruto and I were only thirteen years old. I never opposed him but now it's different, I voice my opinions and complaints although he doesn't listen most of the time, but I don't care, even though he punishes me a lot he still knows that the cobra needs my existence and they need my intelligence. At least I have my own opinion. I took out my cell phone and checked the time: 2:55 almost time for me to go to the meeting. I stood up, grabbed my backpack for the umpteenth time that day, hopped on my motorcycle, and headed for my destination.


I reluctantly entered the room and immediately felt sheer unease. The room where the meeting was going to be held in was spacious and rectangular with a big circular table in the centre and many chairs surrounding it. It was already filled with my dad's most powerful, trusted and wealthy men. They all stared at me as I paced to my usual seat, the one beside Orochimaru's, my dad's right hand in everything. I sat down on the disgusting chair beside the disgusting freak (Orocrhimaru) and waited for my dad. All the murmurs and whispers died away as my father stepped into the dark lit room with all his dignity trailing after him. He looked at all the attendants with his ever-present calculating gaze then went to his seat which was located on the far end where a boss should be. He sat down, crossed his fingers, rested his chin on it, and began to speak:

"I called you all here for an important reason –pause- a reason which deserves your lives to be at risk for. I want you to take this long-time mission very seriously" he looked at me when he explained that. I mentally smirked; feeling triumphed to be a burden for him and them. "This mission is going to involve the Japanese mafia, and I need my daughter, Sakura, to get their ultimate trust to an extent where they will do everything for her. I want her to get along with them, help them and at the end…betray them." He literally smirked and that evil look appeared in his eyes which meant that he was planning something utterly bad. "I will accept nothing but ultimate success, and I if I know or discover that someone has betrayed me then be sure to never see the sunshine and never hear the birds chirping in the morning again". The room was quite then Orochimaru spoke "With all due respect, could you tell us what are we exactly supposed to do? And how are you going to send your daughter alone? Do you trust her enough to send her on that mission to Japan?" asked Orochimaru. "DO YOU DOUBT MY DECISIONS OROCHIMARU?" My dad shouted at him but it sounded more like DO YOU DOUBT MY DECISIONS YOU PIECE OF SHIT? Again I mentally smirked, hell he deserved it. Such boldness should be tortured. Orochimaru shrunk in his seat but nonetheless replied "G-god forbid such thing m-my lord". Pathetic. "I…I did not mean it that way I J-just-". My dad ignored him and fixed his undivided attention to us again. "I already told you that our first priority is to help Sakura gain their trust, and yes I do trust my daughter more than anyone in this room, then she is going to access their system and load thirty-fife trucks of drugs to Japan and there we are going to sell them to other Yakuza." "Why don't we just sell it to the Yakuza that Sakura is going to join" asked some random gangster at the far side of the table. "Well it's simple, just because they don't pay much, but the other gangs don't have much experience in buying drugs so they will just pay the price we are going to put."

"Furthermore, the gang Sakura is going to join is the strongest in Japan and it has the most authority, it even has some governors' on its side" He carefully and clearly explained. Then he tilted his head to my side and looked at me "Sakura, I need you to be very careful because they are cautious people and they don't tolerate treachery at all, so I'm going to send Naruto with you because I trust him to protect you with his unshakeable determination, you won't catch many attention because it's normal for the gang members to have their own bodyguards accompanying them everywhere" I nodded at him because that was what I managed to do, he actually showed care towards me in front of his gang, what was wrong with him? This was not him at all. Before I could finish my thinking he dismissed us all. As I stepped out of the room he called me, I turned around and said "Yes Father" "Your private plane is going to be ready at 7am and I expect you to be ready" Then he approached me, looked at me then to my pure surprise he hugged me, not a normal hug but it was a hug of care, love and the fear to lose the person you are holding, like if you let that person go they will evaporate. That NEVER happens; he never hugs me or smiles a friendly smile when I'm near him. He is always cautious and on alert. "Please be careful my daughter… please" I…I couldn't believe my ears, he was begging me, he was begging me to be careful but how could he, he was the father who always punished me, he was the one who tortured me and who never showed me love, friendliness, nor care. Then as quick the hug came it also vanished. I quickly walked out of the door and went to my motorcycle without glancing back or looking at him, but still I could feel him staring at me until I was out of sight. Although from my shock I failed to notice that devilish smirk on his face.


Why is life so hard? Why does it always pang my heart with sadness, guilt and sorrow? I haven't done anything wrong and yet I have to experience this kind of emotion, always I have to feel the guilt, when actually it is his right to feel all guilty. I throw all kind of insults at him, shout and never respect him. But that's because he was the reason my mom left us, he is the reason why I have to be in a gang, his fault my brother died because he did not take good care of him, his fault that I'm not enjoying my life, and… and… I just don't know why, why do I have to suffer?

A heartbroken girl silently sat down on the grass and cried, slowly being eaten by grief.


A Dark-haired eighteen-year old young man entered a room.



"Prepare yourself, you have a mission, you're disguising as a Japanese gangster and you are going to join the most powerful gang in Japans history"


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