A/n: Here's part 2, showing a bit about Sirius' side up to DH (it's important you remember a specific scene near the end of the book for this). Again, not the best thing I've ever written, but I like the general concept. And if Part 1 confused you - well, it was supposed to a bit. :D Enjoy this and thanks for the reviews for part 1!

At first, it was black. Right after her spell hit, where he had no time to actually realize what had happened. There just wasn't anything. No feeling, no thoughts, nothing. Indescribable and strange.

Then he was laying, flat on his back, in the same stone room. He was on the other side of the veil, and as he sat up, his body throbbed as though he'd run a few marathons and then not moved for several hours. His first thought as he gazed around the large empty room was one of surprise and annoyance.

They left? He struggled to a standing position, using the archway for support. He couldn't believe that the fight had ended and everyone had simply left. Had they not checked to see if he was alright?

He then realized as he looked around the room that there were no traces of the battle he'd just been apart of. No blood, broken rocks, that kind of thing. He didn't know what to think then and slowly made his way out of the stone room.

The entirety of the Ministry was completely deserted. There was no trace of dust and decay, it was just empty, as though everyone had left for the day and would be back tomorrow. Yet at the same time, despite the lack of aging, it felt to him as though it'd been empty for an extremely long time. He didn't understand what could have happened, wondered if there were charms in place to keep everything from aging.

He ventured outside.

He'd seen a lot of strange things in his life, to be sure. He was a wizard, he'd dealt with the monster that was Voldemort, he'd experienced the horrors of Azkaban. This... world (there was no other word for it, he supposed) was the very definition of strange in every way.

He saw things – buildings and places, mostly – that he recognized. They would seem to appear as he thought about them, though simultaneously seem like they had been there all along. There was no one else around, though sometimes he felt like someone was waiting for him just around the next corner.

After several days of searching this curious place, Sirius decided he was either dreaming or dead, and based on the last image in his mind, with Bellatrix snarling out an Unforgivable Curse, he certainly favored the latter notion. He knew this wasn't heaven but couldn't quite accept it as hell either – surely it'd have to be loads more unpleasant if it were hell?

He tried going back through the veil countless times. He became desperate to get back, to get back to the fight, to get back to Harry. He couldn't just leave them all behind. But no matter what he did, the veil maddeningly did not yield it's secrets or let Sirius cross back to the world he had left.

Time was impossible to understand. Sometimes it felt normal, sometimes it felt like days were spanning as quickly as seconds or as slowly as years. There was no consistency and there wasn't any specific rhythm to the way the sun set and the moon rose either. It would just happen on it's own accord.

He continued wandering and thinking and soon his memories began to fade. He began to forget why he was there, how he got there... everything.

It was all a dream...

"Are you dead?" the man asked.

He struggled for a moment and then slowly, as if from very far away, through a thick mist, he thought he could hear a cackle of laughter. Somewhere out on the beach, he thought he could see a woman with dark hair shouting at him but he couldn't hear her, and then she was gone.

"I think so." he finally said.

"I'm sorry."

He was laying on the floor of the roof of a building, watching the blue sky. There were no clouds, but that didn't matter. The plain blue was calming, in the same strange way the rest of this world was now normal to him.

An image had come to him today of a young man with black hair, walking through trees. He didn't know what it meant and had wandered aimlessly up the stairs of a tall building, thinking with no logic whatsoever that being closer to the calm blue sky would help him understand something about the boy with the black hair.

Then the sky began to darken and clouds rolled in, unnaturally fast. He furrowed his brow.


Suddenly as the sky began to split apart with lightning, an overwhelming thrill of excitement and anticipation came over him. Memories flashed in his mind with sudden clarity that he hadn't experienced in years, and he ran for the edge the building, heart pounding.

He didn't think twice, somehow knowing what to do, and jumped off.

"Does it hurt?" Harry asks.

"No, it doesn't hurt. It's like falling asleep."


A/n: So, it was supposed to be fairly vague and nonsensical. One note for clarity's sake however: in DH when Harry uses the Resurrection Stone, that was basically the Kick to bring Sirius up out of limbo (which is what the veil in the DoM connects to), mind and memories restored. Then when Harry drops the Stone, Sirius is finally at peace and out of limbo/back in reality, so he can finally join James, Lily and now Lupin. And that's it! Thanks for reading and I love hearing feedback, so leave me a review. :D