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Summary: "Battle of the Bands any type of music one song to impress the judges and audience only five bands open for battle to be the 'Best Band' winner receives $500 and recording time in a local recording studio" said the long haired brunette said reading the flier out loud.

Genre: Humor/romance

Pairing: Hinata/Naruto

Chapter 1: Invitation

"Guys! Guys! Guess what!" The pink haired band member said as she barged into the door holding a paper in her hands.

"What is it Sakura?" The blond asked the pink haired girl. The blond holding her purple bass in her hand adjusting the tune.

"We got a concert opening… Well it's more of a battle of the bands deal" Sakura said holding up the flier and jumping obviously excited for the band.

"Hold still! Hold still!" A brunette said as she held Sakura's hand still, so she wouldn't move, so she could read the paper in front of her.

"Well what do you say? We could land a record deal if we win this!" Sakura said smiling at the other band members still excited.

"I don't know Sakura. You know how shy Hina gets when she's up stage." The Brunette said as she looked at the indigo haired girl who was playing the drums in the air.

"Hinata! What do you say? Please!" Sakura said to the indigo haired girl also known as Hinata, the drummer.

"I don't know... It seems too much" Hinata said as she looked at the three. Awfully shy about performing up stage in front of many people.

"See! Plus I don't think that were good enough yet. I can hardly finish the solo for 'Swing, swing'" said the brunette as she grabbed the guitar standing beside her plucking the strings.

"Well It's not for a whole month, so maybe we could practice it some more as well as another song that you know well" Sakura said.

"Yeah, but Hinata said she wasn't sure yet" the brunette replied.

"Hinata always says that; she will be going no matter what. Right Hinata?" the pink haired girl said looking at Hinata.

"That's true!" The blond said smiling while the brunette shot the blond a death glare which she ignored.

"See even Ino agrees with me!" the pinkette replied happily.

"But." The brunette said back obviously defeated.

"I'll go sign us up right now! Thanks Tenten!" Sakura said referring to the brunette heading out the door.

"Ugh! Thanks a Ino!" Tenten said to the blond shooting another death glare

"Hey I wanted to join who knows what will happen if were famous plus we got adoring fans who want to see us up stage again. Don't you remember the feeling Ten?" Ino asked the girl.

In fact the brunette did remember the feeling she felt free she felt like she had a life for once. Having fans and shredding her guitar in front of many people.

"Hey! Look" a bright blond said as he and his friends were walking through the streets of Kohona. Stopping in front of a lamp post looking at a flier.

"What is it?" A boy with long brunette hair said as he looked at the pole next to the blond.

"'Battle of the Bands any type of band music one song to impress the judges and the audience only five bands open for Battle to be the 'Best Band' winner receives $500 and recording time in local recording studio'" the long haired brunette said reading the flier out loud to his friends.

"It seems too troublesome" said a guy yawning with brown hair that looked like it was a pineapple and lazy eyes.

"Shikamaru you think everything is troublesome" said the blond looking at the pineapple headed brunette.

"Because everything IS troublesome Naruto," said Shikamaru as he yawned again.

"Too bad. I'm pretty sure Sasuke and Sai want to do this plus your out numbered," said the long haired brunette

"Fine," Shikamaru said as he kept walking to the place they were suppose to see the two other band members.

"Neji isn't your cousin in a band also?" Naruto asked the long haired male.

"Yes she is. I wonder if she's going to join?" Neji said as they made it to their way to the Restaurant.

"I hope its bad **! I love her drum solos! And I have to admit she's a lot better than our drummer!" Naruto proclaimed while he laughed. Only two of the members of their band knew that Hinata was in a all girl band while the others didn't, and Shikamaru was to tired to listen to their conversation, so he didn't know.

"Come on you two were going to be late" Shikamaru said as he walked into the restaurant.

"Hey Sasuke" Naruto said to a chicken butt haired boy with pale skin and onyx eyes.

"Hi. Did you see Sai yet he said that he could order our food, but he's not here yet" the boy known as Sasuke said as he sat down on one of the bar stools.

"Hm? I guess I he's not here yet lets just order his food for him. I bet he got caught up in something" Naruto said as he sat down and looked at the menu already knowing what he wants for the lunch.

"Hey guys look!" Sai said as he was running into the restaurant holding up a paper.

"Is it about Battle of the bands cause three out of the four of us already know about it," Shikamaru said as he fell asleep on the table.

"Awe really I wanted to tell you guys about it so are we going to join?" Sai asked as he looked at Shikamaru who was sleeping.

"Duh! A record Deal! WERE IN!" Naruto said as he looked at Teuchi who was the owner of the place and ready to take their orders.

"Pork Ramen!" Naruto said to him smiling as Teuchi looked at the boys.

"Same," Sai said.

"I'll get the same as Dobe" Sasuke Said as Naruto shot a death glare at him which Sasuke ignored.

"Same" Neji said handing Teuchi the menu.

"*Snore*" Was made by Shikamaru who was still sleeping on the table.

"Just get him the same thing," Neji said as he drank a cup of his water.

"Okay. I'll be out in a few," Teuchi said as he left.

"So are we going to join?" The blond asked the other members of the band.

"Yeah DUMB **" Sai said as he sighed rubbing his head.

"We can sign up after lunch" Said the Uchiha.

"OKAY!" Naruto said happily.

"Guys look. Kohona is going to have a battle of the bands." Said the orange haired guitar player of the band holding up a flier.

"I'm sure my little brother will be participating in the contest; we should join" some one said wearing all black.

"YAY! I wanna join!" yelled the very hyperactive drummer of the band said.

"Sure." said the bass player.

"I guess I'm in" said the vocalist of the band.

"Great The band Akatsuki Is going to join Kohona's little battle of the bands" said the Orange member of the band

"Hey Jugo! Look, Kohona is having a battle of the bands maybe we should join we need the money after all!" Said a white haired boy with blue highlights at the tips of his hair.

"I think that's a good Idea Karin what do you think?" the orange-haired boy also known as Jugo said as he looked at the red headed girl.

"Suigetsu not a bad Idea. I guess" The girl said known as Karin with red firing hair.

"Good its settled." Suigetsu said as he left the house to sign the band up.

"Were joining no exceptions" said a red haired boy with sea green eyes placing down the flier on the coffee table.

The two other band members nodded indicating that he was correct and that they were going to listen to him.

End of Chapter 1!
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