I should have done this back when I first posted the story, but better late than never. Time to give a shout out to all the people who worked long and hard on this book.


Gojira2000 - Co-creator/ Writer/Concept Artist - EVAN SIZEMORE

Primary writing credits: Kentrus, Sarrious, Ic'den and all related Xians/Xilliens, Monster X, Cillian Bakker, Anguirus Jr. and other Monsterland kaiju.

Born in 1986, Evan learned of Godzilla at age two and was instantly hooked, thanks in part to his already obsessive love of dinosaurs.

Having always been a lover of kaiju aliens, one day an idea which actually had merit came about. Neal(Mecha74) had created a thread on the Kaijuphile Forums that offered him the opportunity to suggest his ideas, which Gertrude(Raptor) noticed. The rest is history, resulting in one of the most epic and ingenious fan fiction tales ever written, thanks entirely to its various writers.

In addition to this and other writing projects, Evan has an undying love of music, is an amateur artist and is teaching himself the Japanese language.


Pure Funkadelic Evil - Writer - LOGAN SHELTON

Primary writing credits: Lord Koban, Darious Kugo and all related Mysterians, King Kong, Dr. Who, the Mogera

Logan was born January 26, 1991. Near the age of four, he began his love for kaiju when he received a copy of KING KONG VS. GODZILLA. Falling in love with the saurian kaiju, he sought out to find more of his film exploits until Godzilla turned into an outright passion.

With the advent of the Internet, Logan discovered that his tiny collection of Godzilla movies was only the tip of the iceberg and that a whole new era of them existed. Around this time, he also discovered the old Universal Pictures classic monster movies which eventually led to his love for horror films, as well as additional appreciation for science fiction.

Over the years, he has gained much knowledge of these films and is always up for discussion about them. In mid-2005, Logan was given the honor to portray the Mysterians in WHEN ALIENS ATTACK!, his first official writing experience for a kaiju fan fiction. While on the project, he has learned much on the subject of writing, made some terrific new friends and has a newfound love for his premiere kaiju in the story, King Kong.


Mecha-Rodan - Writer - MATTHEW TRACY

Primary writing credits: King Karkaru, Tuket and all related Kilaaks, King Ghidorah, Gamera, The Gyaos

Born in Pennsylvania on June 27, 1989 and raised in North Carolina, Matt has always been a creative person, loving to draw, write and play music.

His involvement in WHEN ALIENS ATTACK! started when it received its own forum and he took an interest in it. The story has since become the biggest and greatest fan fiction project Matthew has ever become a part of. He handles the key roles of the Kilaaks and King Ghidorah, as well as other characters.


Eternal Mothra - Writer - DONNY WINTER

Primary writing credits: The Elias fairies Moll, Lora and Belvera, The Doubijin, Mothra, Battra, Biollante, Death Ghidorah, Prof. Dale Erickson

Born December 30, 1988, Donny was very much attracted to anything that had to do with Godzilla at the age of four. As he grew older, he developed a strong affinity with the kaiju Mothra, who now is his favorite.

Despite his loyalty to Mothra, Donny loves each and every kaiju and writing fan fiction about them as well. During the time he has been at various kaiju-oriented forums on the Internet, Donny made some very special friends. Evan and Neal especially came through when they allowed him to participate in their fictional creation, WHEN ALIENS ATTACK!, the birth of a new realm of the imagination for him.

Writing and playing music are two of his everlasting hobbies and Donny enjoys every chance he gets to demonstrate both abilities. WHEN ALIENS ATTACK! was a very alluring chance for him to use his writing skills and he truly enjoyed working with his comrades on this amazing story.

Donny is currently working on a decent sized fan fiction called MODRA 3. Once this is complete, he plans on starting THE SPIRIT OF MODRA with two original kaiju being the stars. He is also working on an original fictional novel called THE FORESTS OF FUJIYAMA. After completing the first story, he plans on developing it into a trilogy.


Darkside Reject - Writer - RYAN DEMPSEY

Primary writing credits: King Antonio and Prince Hector, Megalon

Born June 28, 1991, Ryan first became obsessed with kaiju eiga upon viewing GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA (1974) at the wee age of nine. Hooked ever since, these early films sparked his interest in film directing and the industry as a whole. Since then, he has developed skills in art, writing and film making - all thanks to these films that ignited his young imagination.

Ryan plans to attend the Ryerson Film Academy and begin his career as a director. Currently, he is working on a Veterans' Day Memorial short film for school. In the meantime, he enjoys drawing and writing sporadically.

An early member of the WAA! crew, Ryan brainstormed and took part in the project enthusiastically until a combination of writer's block and inconsistent online time caused him to fall behind as the story progressed. Unable to keep up, he passed on his parts to Neal who continued to develop his characters throughout the duration of the production.


Neo-Crucifer - Writer - KENT GERMAIN

Primary writing credits: Master C'seris and all other related Virans


Raptor - Publisher / Editor / Writer - GERTRUDE SMITH

Primary writing credits: Secretary of Defense James Ramsey and all other Advocates, Chairman Fumio Subo and other Nebulans

Born in 1947 in North Dakota, Gertrude still enjoys dinosaurs and science fiction, having had ready access to museums, monsters and aliens via a wealth of '50s (and beyond) books, films and television in Washington, D.C. and then other parts of the country, thanks to the Air Force.

Writing soon followed and what might be considered a hobby by many has served her well from junior high school to the present. Magazines, newspapers and now the Internet are just a few venues for her fiction and non-fiction efforts. Fellow kaiju eiga fans encouraged keeping giant monsters rampaging between seemingly less frequent films, from magazines and conventions to online forums.

In 2003, (Kaijuphile forum member) Varan101 conceived the idea of honoring Godzilla's 50th "birthday" with the EYEWITNESS project which set up shop at Rodan's Roost (now ). Gertrude provided the editing (along with a story) and Sauron, the Kaijuphile webmaster, hosted the anthology. With the advent of additional web space, the Fan Nest came into being, along with ROOSTVILLE. Via round robin story-telling on the forum, the "town" thrived on even further tales of giant monsters and the fans who love them.

Like applying writing skills to the "real world", Gertrude found that the opposite also works when it comes to Roostville, especially around April Fools! Since content in the Fan Nest is generated by the Kaijuphile members, having an understanding of HTML coding came in handy. This also proved true when her real home town began looking into having a "web presence", from City Hall to the county's social services providers.

Gertrude assures all aspiring webmasters that stimulating material such as WHEN ALIENS ATTACK! makes the "work" aspect of editing and coding most enjoyable. Seeing the project on the World Wide Web is an additional bonus.


Additional material provided by Kaiser Kronos and BS Digital Q(Daniel Hoins)


Mecha74 - Co-creator / Writer / Graphics - NEAL KRAFTHEFER

Primary writing credits: Commander Argon, Private Bordu, Mugar and all related Black Hole Simeons, Gudis, Mechagodzilla, Titanosaurus, Mu Queen and all other related Mu people, Manda, King Antonio, Prince Hector, Angelique and all other related Seatopians, Megalon, Fumio Subo, Kubota and all other related Nebulans, Gigan, General Takai Aso, Captain Douglas Gordon, First officer Koji Nanbara, The Gotengo, Gary Adams, Secretary Of Defense James Ramsey and all other Advocates, Godzilla and damn near almost every other monster in the book.

Now in his 30s, Neal first discovered Godzilla at age six and immediately became obsessed with the Kaiju King and all of his over-sized brethren. As time passed, he embraced various other kaiju of the genre as well.

Neal started writing while still very young but nothing substantial until age 17. Daring to write cross-overs involving Godzilla and other movie and TV franchises, he knew it wasn't going to win any popularity contests but didn't care at the time and still doesn't. As for WHEN ALIENS ATTACK!, Neal feels that an earlier quote of his in a thread on the Kaijuphile forums sums it up best:

"The WHEN ALIENS ATTACK! sub-forum and story initially created and started by Gertrude and Evan has re-invigorated my writing like never before! True, anyone who keeps track of the Fan Nest and its writing sections knows that I consistently posted fiction there the entire first year I was at Kaijuphile but most of those stories were already written before I even joined the forums.

Thus, the WHEN ALIENS ATTACK! story is an undertaking for me like nothing else that I have ever attempted before and also is the first time I have ever been part of a writing collaboration with others ... These and other writers have inspired me to new heights of creativity."

Back in 2007 the project stalled and remained dormant until May of 2009 when Gertrude contacted Neal and suggested finishing the story once and for all. None of the other writers returned so as a result Neal wrote over a hundred pages of new material that expanded and fleshed out various characters as well as writing still unfinished scenes left behind by other writers. And now finally after 3 years of hard work, WAA is finally complete.