Hey guys! Finally getting a new story up! But as it turns out, I started writing this story a while back after reading Dragon's Twilight by PyrothTenka. Unfortunately, silly old me didn't realise that I pretty much stole a major factor from Dragon's Twilight because it was so awesome and stuck in my mind. So a few days ago I set out to ask PyrothTenka if I could still use the story and they agreed! So thank you so much PyrothTenka!

Here is a link to Dragon's Twilight - .net/s/4788304/1/Dragons_Twilight

This is set in 2010. There is no Bella. Kaitlin is normally spelt Caitlin but seeing as she raised herself, she's going to be a bit different and change her name a tad ;D

I won't explain in the story about her different forms, I was planning to have a bit in Edward's POV to explain but I ended up not doing it so...

- Full Dragon – She has red and black scales, yellow cat like eyes and wings (basically a traditional dragon - four legs, horns, long neck, spikes etc)
- Half Dragon/Half Human – Shape of a human but with longer and sharper finger nails, yellow cat like eyes, redder skin than humans, red hair with black streaks, slightly bulkier muscles than a human girl but not overly noticeable and wings that she is able to pull behind herself (kind of like a bird).
- Human – She has red hair, black eyes with tints of red, medium height and build.

So without further ado, I give you There's A First Time For Everything

Chapter One

A thick fog covered the mountains of Washington as I swooped low above the trees; the fog a perfect way to hide myself from on looking humans while I took flight in the day, as my scales absorbed what it could of the sunlight.

I loathed being stuck somewhere without days like this, but that was the reason I had come here; so I could be myself more often than not.

Being a dragon is defiantly the best way to live other than always having to be careful of humans and only having few days, like the current one, to be totally free. One problem with being what I am; we travel as families. That wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for one thing...

I was abruptly pulled from my thoughts when I heard a gunshot only about a mile away.

"Hunters" I snarled under my breath.

Every dragon has a sort of need to protect. I have a lot of control of it, but that didn't stop me from flying towards the sound.

I shifted to my half dragon, half human form; giving me more cover and flexibility through the trees as I tracked the humans.

I found them quickly and checked to see what they had shot, but by the sounds of it, they had missed.

"Idiot, it was so close!" one of them yelled at another.

"Like you would have hit the bloody thing!" he yelled back.

I started getting closer and focused on the guns they had placed down on the floor by their tent; quickly and quietly I took the guns before climbing a nearby tree just outside of the clearing. I beat my wings, pushing myself from the tree and into the foggy mountain air.

After flying a safe distance from the hunters, I shifted back to my full dragon form, letting my fiery red and black scales take in the sun that shone above the fog. It was always more comfortable this way.

I used my sharp teeth to cut through the metal of the gun, affectively snapping it in half before dropping them to the ground below.

When I heard them hit the ground, I sped up, enjoying the wind against my wings and dove back through the fog, landing silently on the ground outside a small cave; my home.

It was too dangerous for me to live with humans, still being so young. I could never stay in my full human form for longer than a few hours before I had to shift to at least my half dragon form. It was an uncomfortable feeling for any dragon, but being young only makes it worse, feeling so venerable.

In my human form, I would still be stronger and faster than average humans, but I needed the muscles I gained from my other forms to have my full strength.

I shifted to my half form, entering the cave and curling up in the corner, trying to sleep after my long flight, but my thoughts drifted back to my family.

My father was a full dragon; they can't shift to half forms, only dragon or human forms. My mother was human, which is why I have a half form. My mother was killed by vampires and my father died protected me from them as I was very young; I've been alone ever since.

All dragons have certain powers like; invisibility, speed and strength. But some have other powers, my father could control minds and machines and that passed down to me, along with most of the powers of the generations before me.

My father once told me, that I was the first female in our bloodline but also the strongest. He wasn't sure why, but when I was only a few months old, I could shift forms and speak with other dragons telepathically; something that all dragons only achieve when they reach the age of around seven.

I couldn't do anything but watch in terror as the vampires attacked my mother, I was only four and my father helped me to escape but my he never followed, I mourned them a few months later when I finally realised, they were both dead.

That night, I cried myself to sleep and then flew far away in the early morning. I ended up flying for hours, all the way from England to Washington. It was a good thing though, with all the cloud cover for flying. I often left for a few years before returning here again.

I have flown around most of England and America; it was only a few days ago that I returned from the North of America back to the mountains near a small town in Washington, to the very cave was in now.

My wings were sore from the amount of flying I had done lately, and the lack of food. Most dragons use their human forms to get food, but some wild dragons would hunt small prey, like rabbits and foxes. I preferred human food, only hunting when it was necessary.

I was now seventeen and one major thing for dragons is their ages. When we find our mate, one or the other stops aging so that we stay around the same age.

I sighed and flexed my muscles for a moment before I closed my eyes and let sleep over take me, I had only just done a sweep of the area and it would take a few hours for anyone to get close enough to be a threat.

I dreamt of my parents; I always wished I could have helped them. In my dreams I've always save them from the vampires and we fly away together. But they're only dreams, and vampires are the single enemy of dragons, only they could defeat a mighty dragon.

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