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Chapter 16

"Oh it's good to have you back alright dear" Esme smiled, taking her chances to give me a hug before I got pulled off by Alice. "I'll make you some food to put up with Alice" she laughed lightly, smiling at her daughter.

"Thank you" I smiled back.

It had been a few weeks since I had returned and everything was pretty quiet. Alice, Rose, Esme and I spent time planning the wedding while the boys had gone back to play fighting and watching baseball. We had a visit from Jacob, telling us that he understood the situation and convinced the tribe not to act on what happened. I think that he and Edward would actually get along if they weren't supposed to be enemies; but who was I to talk, a dragon with a vampire soul mate.

"Please!" Alice shouted in my ear, making me fall off the couch I was laying on, drifting off to sleep.

"You saw that and still did it" I said accusingly, scowling at her.

"No I didn't" her voice was overly innocent and a small smile played on her lips "it was a spur of the moment thing!" She grinned at me and pulled me off the floor.

"And please what, anyway?" I said, rubbing my hip where I hit the ground.

"I had a brilliant idea, why don't I design and make your dress?" She grinned hopefully at me, getting ready to pull out the puppy dog pout.

"I couldn't think of anyone better, Alice" I said playfully as she jumped on me for a hug.

"You're going to love it!" She squealed and ran upstairs; three guesses what for.

"At least that'll keep her occupied for a while" Edward said, kissing my forehead as he pulled me onto his lap. "Well, a few hours anyway" he chuckled.

"Everything is going so well, I'm almost expecting a disaster at some point" I sighed "but not the wedding, especially with Alice around" I added to lighten the mood.

His arms wrapped around me as he pulled me to look into my eyes, "I'm sure everything will be perfect, and if not, I'll make it perfect" I leaned in to kiss him lightly on the lips.

"Don't make promises you can't keep" Emmett sang from the other room.

"Technically I didn't promise anything" Edward replied sarcastically, trying to ignore him as always.

"You might as well have done" he said, appearing in front of us "come on, you're doing the lap thing and everything!" and he still continued to act like a child.

"I'll own you at another arm wrestling match if you don't drop it Em" I laughed at his face as it dropped further and he walked off sulking.

"You fit in so well already" Edward chuckled once more, kissing me again and admiring the ring on my finger "and soon you'll be Mrs Cullen" a smile graced his lips as he said the words and my heart skipped a beat.

"I think we should do something as a family" I suggested "but I'm not entirely certain what…" I trailed off, unsure as to what a family of vampires would do together to pass the time.

"That's a brilliant idea" Carlisle called from upstairs "not to ease drop on purpose of course" he laughed afterwards, coming down to the lounge "seeing as everyone's in, I'm sure Alice already has something in mind"

By this point, Emmet and Rosalie were lounging on the other couch, whilst Esme came to stand with Carlisle and Jasper waited for Alice whilst she brought in a new vase of flowers for Esme, which she was about to ask where to place, but of course Alice was ahead of her "on the table in the corner Esme?" She practically sang; bubbly as ever as Esme laughed lightly and nodded in response.

She walked over to the table, still holding the vase and clearing a small space when she stopped suddenly. Everyone went quiet in the room and I could feel Edward stiffen from where I was curled into his arms; Alice's eyes were still glazed over as she turned to us before she gasped, dropping the vase. I watched as it fell to the ground, expecting her to catch it before it shattered into tiny crystals.

"What is it, Alice?" Jasper asked worriedly from her side.

"Oh, no…"

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