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Night Wolf:
The song that Holly sings in the first chapter is a song that I wrote when I was nine. I was staying at my grandmas house it was three years after my parents had spilt and I was broken hearted, I felt that it should be in one of my stories somehow so here it is. I am sorry but you will not be able to find it anywhere unless someone has claimed it as their own and run off with it. I truly am sorry.

I have also been obsessed with Anastasia too since I was little and I still am. I live in Australia so we are having our winter holidays now. I take no offense it is just a misunderstanding. And no to some people, not naming anyone, we don't have Christmas in July.

it is my pleasure to write this story and I am glad you like it so much.
1. The reason Rose ran away will come out in the other chappies, I'm sorry I can not tell you now.
2. There will be more chapters, I am not sure how many but this is a really story not just some quick thing I randomly posted, I can say there will most likely be 20+ chapters.

But anyway I know everyone's ages are all over the place so I though I would straighten all that out.


Rose – 33

Dimitri – 40

Holly – 16

Blake – 16

Lisa – 33

Christian – 34

Luke – 11

Rosie – 2

Tasha – 42

Drac – 18

Sophia – 17

Christy – 17

Abigail – 7

Sammy – 34

Chris – 37

Basil – 1

Georgina – 1

Holly P.o.V.

I woke to the sound of awfully loud music started blaring in my ear. Balling my hand into a fist I lashed out, swinging at random successfully landing a punch just below Blake's left eye.

"What the fuck Holly." He exclaimed dropping his iPhone4 to clutch his face with both hands.

"What the fuck Blake." I mimicked rolling over and jumping out of the warm covers. Quickly sliding my feet into my black uggies I danced over to my dressing table, gazing at my reflection.

"Damn it Holly I just got this Mums gonna kill me." he groaned picking up the broken phone I had made sure I'd step on earlier.

"Not my problem." I laughed, roughly brushing the knots out of my thick dark brown hair unlike my mum's it was too light to pass for black but still darker then Blake's. I was lucky enough to inherit that from mum along with a voluptuous body, tanned skin, large eyes and lips. Mum always said I looked like my dad though.

Blake, who had taken up residents behind me and was currently leaning forward on the back of my chair placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder giving it a light squeeze. I twisted to look at him confused but he only gave me a knowing smile before walking to the door.

"Oh and Mum says she wants to talk to you in her office after breakfast. Probably just wants to run through the questions for the interview. And the plan for your day is in the kitchen by the way." He said slipping out the double doors.

"Hey Blake." I shouted. His head popped back through the door questionably. "Isn't that the ninth phone my has brought you this season." He just shot me the finger before slamming the doors leaving me laughing.

Finally happy with my hair I pulled on a plain knit dark blue beret that match my pokadot pajamas minus the pokadots, a dark blue glass ring and two sets of multi bracelets, one for each wrist, one was gold and dark blue the other black and dark blue. Checking my reflection one last time I jumped up and raced down to the kitchen.

The kitchen was very modern with all rectangles in black, white and dark red, including an amazing feature wall of a black cherry blossom tree with dark red blooms on a white background, Blake brought it for mum last year when he went to Japan for a relaxing break.

Blake was already seated on one of the red bar stools at the counter munching away on his muesli and yogurt mixture. But instead of Mum and Sammy sitting with him, an open stop between them for me with a stack of chocolate doughnuts waiting, Sophia and Christy sat on either side of him and their older brother in my seat.

Growling softly I stalked around the counter over to the fridge yanking the right door open and almost off its hinges, my eyes went straight to the front left hand corner on the top shelf and was completely and utterly surprised to find my beloved plate of chocolate glazed doughnuts missing. This time I didn't try to hide my growl as I slammed the black door closed and spun around to face the suspects. I knew Blake wasn't stupid enough to even think of thinking of touching my babies but the newbie's on the other hand would have no idea.

"Who took my doughnuts?" My voice was calm and collected; this is another one of Dad's traits I inherited according to mum but I think its from her, I mean I have only ever heard her raise her voice in anger once and that was when Chris chucked her doughnuts in the bin saying they weren't healthy. Lets just say he never went near one ever again.

Christy looked up at me with a shocked expression plastered on her face. She had her mother's long raven black hair unlike her sister and today I observed that it had been curled to perfection and swept to the side. Her icy blue eyes shone like the silk of her blue and white striped silk pj's. Sophia on the other hand just laughed out right and turned to look at her older brother through the tangled blond mop of hair in front of her eyes. She wore white silk pajama pants with a white long sleeved tee and surprisingly on of Blake's black hoodies.

I too turned my gaze on the eighteen year old boy who was currently sitting in my special seat wearing only a pain of black boxers. His black hair could clearly be labeled as sex hair hanging in front of his emerald green eyes but what caught my attention was the little bit of smudged chocolate glazing on his plump lips. Our eyes locked and my mind froze, I could see so many things in those eyes, colours, feelings, passions, and memories.

"I told you not to." Sophia laughed, playfully elbowing her brother in the ribs but she had a bit to much force for it to be playfully and ended up knocking the breath out of Drac, who was now hunched over the counter wheezing.

"Damn girl you can pack it for a…" Blake laughed good naturedly by trailed off when he realized what he was about to say. They may not know we know what they are and probably they don't even know we are dhampirs because seriously what kind of dhampir would start a human life as a pop star, aside from us of course.

"For a what?" Sophia asked cautiously.

"A girl." I said coming around behind Drac. "Blake doesn't believe in girls protecting themselves he thinks every girl needs a man to do it for her."

"Man that's low." Drac said.

"Yes low." I muttered calmly then spun his chair around so he was facing me. "I think you and I need to have a little talk later. Okay?"

"Fine with me." He said spinning back to face the counter. Growling I stalked out of kitchen heading to mums office on the second floor. To say I was fuming was an understatement. NO. ONE. Ever touches my doughnuts, it was unthinkable. Racing up the stairs to at a time I was in front of mums large pine double doors in no time out all but just as I raised my hand to the knob I heard raised voices coming inside. Normally I would have left and come back later as I hate eavesdropper and eavesdropping but something had me rooted on the stop.

"It's not so bad Rose." I heard what sounded like Sammy say.

"Not so bad?" mum hissed. "I can not standing being in the same room as him, let alone the same house."

"Maybe you should tell us the real problem?" surprisingly Chris said.

"What-t?" mum stuttered shock seeping into her voice.

"I understand that Dimitri used you but what has made you so agonized." Chris said. My heart shattered the next moment when there was a muffled thump followed by a quiet sob. Mum never ever cried.

"Rose!" Sammy's voice could probably be heard in Australia.


"No Rose I'm sorry you don't have to say anything." Chris apologized.

"No! You need to know, I should have told you earlier." Mum whispered.

"Rose its fine, we can talk later you should get some rest now. I'll ask Dray to bring you some red wine then we can send Holly and Blake off to the interview and-"

"He's their FATHER!"

I froze, my heart pounding in my chest. This wasn't possible was it? Surely the man from all the stories my used to tell me when she tucked me into bed couldn't be Dimitri Belikov. Could it?

A/N Bit short. Bit odd. Hope you enjoy. Rose will be coming up soon, I promise.

Sneak peak:

"That's rude you know."

"You shouldn't spend away your life like that. What would your mother say?" he asked solemnly.