A/n: A little story where Yusei and Akiza try to sort out their feelings about each other. Probably kind of OOC.

What are you thinking?

Chapter 1

As Yusei sat on Leo and Luna's couch, he held his deck and looked at his most precious card. The magnificent silver and blue dragon stared back at Yusei as memories flooded his mind.

"I want to be your friend, Akiza, and I'm going to use every card in my deck to prove it to you. I'll start by playing Shield Warrior in defense mode."

"Black Rose Dragon, attack!"

"I activate Cosmic Blast…"

"Help me, Yusei…"

"Embrace your dragon, it's beautiful. Just like you are under that mask."

Yusei thought about how long ago the duel was. Why does Stardust remind me of Akiza? Why doesn't it remind me of Jack? Or someone else?

Sure, he cared for her. She was a close friend, they had a lot in common. Both skilled duelists, both Signers. The need to protect her, keep her from danger, was natural, wasn't it?

A clink of china shook Yusei from his thoughts. Luna was placing a small cup of tea in front of him.

"Do you want some tea, Yusei?" she asked. Yusei picked up the small cup.

"Thanks, Luna," he said before drinking some. Yusei could taste the substances. Jasmine tea, with a small amount of sage and a dash of chamomile

"Thanks for staying with us, Yusei," Luna said, placing her empty cup on the table.

"No problem," he replied. Luna studied him closely.

"Are you thinking about Akiza?" she inquired. Yusei looked at Luna. He was surprised by how perceptive she was. She was the exact opposite of her brother. Luna was observant, reasonable and quiet. Leo, on the other hand, was impulsive and loud. He didn't reply.

"I think it's alright to be in love," she said quietly. She was very aware of Akiza's and Yusei's feelings for each other, but they obviously didn't know it themselves.

Yusei was a bit taken aback. "I'm not in love, Luna," he responded, a bit amused. Luna stared at him. Akiza had once said to Yusei that his eyes seemed like they could see through anyone. He had never really encountered anyone with eyes like that, but the way Luna was staring at him, she reminded him of Akiza's words. Her gold-green eyes seemed older than the rest of her body.

"Okay," she said softly, as Leo skipped into the room.

"Hey, Yusei, could you duel with me?" Leo asked loudly. Luna sighed as Leo interrupted the peaceful atmosphere.

"Sure, Leo," Yusei replied, placing his deck in his duel disk. Leo turned to Luna.

"Hey, Luna, do you wanna watch me?" Leo asked confidently.

"Um, maybe later, Leo," Luna replied. "I'm going to go talk to Akiza, upstairs."

Her brother looked after her disappointed, but quickly livened up again at the thought of dueling. As Luna headed up to the room where Akiza was staying, she took another cup of tea. Sage for wisdom, chamomile for peace.

A/n: Next chap: Luna goes to talk to Akiza. Sorry for the OOCness!