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Chapter 1

When I stared out at the sea, I felt so relaxed and happy. No more would I have to put up with my unloving father. I hated him. I can't even remember the last time my father has told me that he loved me or was proud to be my father. But I do remember that every day he would put me down and treat me like I'm scum. Well, not anymore. I graduated from high school, and found a job as far away from home as I could. Soon, the boat will arrive at a small country town. Mineral Town I think it was called. I had met a man named Zack one day while looking for a job and he told me an old man where he lives needs some help and would be willing to pay. I never did ask what the job was, but I didn't really care just as long as it's a paying job. He told me I could hitch a ride on his shipping boat.

We finally arrived to Mineral Town and I was amazed at how beautiful the beach was. Usually the beaches in the city had trash everywhere and the water would be extremely dirty. But here, the beach was trash free and the water was beautifully blue.

"Well, here we are Jack," Zack said.

"Yep, here we are. That sure was a long ride"

"Yeah. So, have you already found a place to stay?"

Oops. "Oh no! I forgot about that!" I said, panicking. I've already made myself homeless. Perfect!

Zack looked pretty amused and started laughing. "Wow dude! You're freaking out! Don't worry, we have an inn here."

"….Oh." I just freaked out for nothing. I feel so embarrassed.

"So, do you want me to show you where the Inn is now or do you want to hang out at the beach for a while?"

"Actually, I think I'll just walk around town and find it on my own and maybe introduce myself a little."

"Alright, sounds good to me! I'll be at the Inn to show you your new job in the morning. Is ten o'clock fine?

"That's fine. See you then."

I started walking around town. I also started noticing how fresh the air smelt here and how green the grass was here compared to the city. I kept walking until I arrived at a church. I saw a calm, blond man and two happy children outside.

"Hello there! I don't believe I've seen you before," the blonde man said so friendly.

"I'm new around here. I'm from the city and I'll be staying at the Inn."

"That's great! We normally don't have many people moving from the city to live here."

"I don't see why not. So far that I've seen, this place is great!" I said. Carter looked grateful that I said that.

"Thank you! It's nice that you feel that way," he said, overjoyed.

"You're welcome err…"

"My name is Carter. I am the town's pastor."

"I'm Jack."

"Mr. Carter! Stu won't stop showing me bugs!" the black haired girl screamed.

"Aw, come on May! You're just like my sis!" Stu complained.

Carter laughed. "They are such a handful sometimes."

I laughed a little too. "Well, I should be going now. I have to check into the Inn."

"Okay, it was nice to meet you, Jack."

I nodded and waved as I walked away.

After twenty minutes of slowly walking around town, I had found the Inn. During that short time, I somehow managed to meet six people, who I happened to run into while walking. I walked into the Inn and a girl sitting at an empty table noticed me and made her way towards me. She had orange hair tied back into a braid with a big ribbon on top. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean water I saw on the beach. She wore a yellow shirt with overalls and worn out white sneakers.

"Hi! I don't think we've met before," the girl said with a big happy grin on her face. She was definitely friendly and was kind of cute too.

"I'm new here. I plan on checking in to this Inn."

"That's great! Just sit right over there at that bar and I'll be right back to check you in!" she said pointing towards the direction of the bar.

"Wait… So, you work here?" I said a bit confused. I thought she was a customer since she was sitting at the table eating with three plates on the table. I assumed they were her friend's leftover dishes or something.

"I sure do! My dad runs this place and I help him. Why? Is there something wrong?" she asked with a worried face.

"Oh, no. I just thought you were a customer at first since I saw you over there eating. That's all."

She laughed a little. "Nah, I was just eating my lunch."

"With your friends?" I asked. Why am I so curious about this girl? She just told me she was just having lunch. Why do I need to know if her friends were with her? It's none of my business. She looked confused after that question.

"Umm…no. Why do you ask?"

"Well, there are three plates there so I just figured..."

She turned red. Why would she be turning red? I should be the one turning red for embarrassing myself by asking so many questions that really were none of my business.

"Actually those are mine too," she said.

"What? You ate three dishes?" I said, shocked. I can't even eat that much for lunch and here is this very skinny girl saying she ate three dishes. She must be joking!

"Guilty. I get kind of hungry on the job," she said while laughing. Her laughter was pretty contagious because now I was laughing. Then an orange haired man with a mustache walked up to us. To be honest, he kind of looked mean.

"What are you two laughing about over here?" he asked curiously. He kept looking at me; sort of like he was examining me for something indecent.

The girl just answered him like he wasn't mean at all. "He is just a bit surprised by how much I eat." The man had a deep laugh, making him not seem so mean anymore. The girl spoke again to the man. "Anyways, he wants to check in here. Is the sign in sheet still on your desk?"

"No, it's not. I put it back by the register. So, who is this young man?" the man asked the girl.

"Oh, I still didn't get his name."

"My name is Jack," I said, holding my hand out to the man.

He shook my hand firmly. Just by that handshake, I could tell that that man was quite strong.

"My name is Doug and I own this inn. And that is my lovely daughter, Ann."

"Hello!" Ann greeted from across the room.

"It's nice to meet you two."

Ann gathered the necessary papers for signing me in, organized everything, told me I'll have the empty room since the beds in the other room were already full, and discussed the fee for each night.

"Hey, Dad, since Jack is new around here, why don't we make him a welcome meal on the house?" Ann said.

"Sure! Just make sure you eat here all the time! Jack, leave it to me! I'll make the best dang meal you'll ever eat."

"Yeah, my Dad is a really great cook," Ann confirmed.

They made me the best apple pie I have ever ate in my life. I guess Doug wasn't lying. They even served me seconds and it was even better! I'm definitely eating here all the time! I would recommend the meals here in a heartbeat.

"Well I better get back to the kitchen," Doug said. "You know what Jack? I've decided I like you. Jack sure is a nice and handsome young man, isn't he Ann?"

"Yes, he is Dad," she said, sounding a bit embarrassed and wanting their conversation to end. Doug then laughed under his breath before walking through the back door. I laughed a little too at how eager she was to end the conversation. I bet she likes me. After that, she showed me upstairs to my room. It had two extra empty beds and the flowers on the wallpaper would make you want to fall asleep. "Well, here is your room. Is that really all that you've brought with you?" Ann asked, pointing towards my backpack.

"Well, it's all that I really need. I had sold a lot of my clothes and stuff when I was still looking for a job in the city. I was actually homeless for a while but then Zack told me about a job here. Thank Goddess he did because I was starting to run out of clothes."

"That's awful, Jack. What kind of job did you find here?"

"I'm not sure yet. I'm supposed to find out tomorrow, but all I know is that I'm going to be helping an old man."

"Oh, I think I know where you're working at now! I remember the man mentioning he needed more help. You're going to be working for a man named Roy and his granddaughter, Claire. He's very nice."

"Really? Do you know what I'll be doing there?"

"Yes, but I'm not going to tell you."

"Huh? Why not?"

"Because it's more fun not to," she said, giggling.

"That's no fair Ann."

"I know. I guess you'll just have to find out tomorrow!"

"Ann, are you ticklish?"

"Ye-no." She said, changing her answer. I can tell she sensed danger.

"Oh, really?" I jumped on her and started tickling her. She could not stop laughing if her life depended on it. Her face was quickly turning red from laughing so hard. "Now, are going to tell me?" I asked still tickling her.

"Hahaha! NEVER! Hahaha!" Ann cried. She laughed uncontrollably until she finally gave in. "OKAY, OKAY! You're helping him and Claire on his farm!"

I stopped tickling her after she gave in. "Now, was that so hard?" I asked playfully.

"You're the most evil being on this planet, Jack."

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