The Curse of Roberta's Purse, chapter 10

Mr. Seven glared at Isis for a moment, upset about her revealing her shape-shifting ability to whom he thought was a primitive yokel of this era. His expression turned from anger into puzzlement when the young lady smiled calmly, as if seeing a shape-shifting alien morph right in front of her happened every day. He also wondered what Isis meant by welcoming her back, certain that he had never laid eyes on the petite twenty-year-old blonde girl before. Claudia stepped forward, deciding this time that it was best for expediency sake to reveal everything about who she really was and her mission here.

"Hello again, Mr. Seven. Believe it or not, we have met before." She raised her hands in surrender, hoping he would lower his servo. He didn't.

"Who are you and how do you know so much about us?" He asked suspiciously.

"My real name is Claudia Donovan and I am from over forty years in the future. I am here this time to make sure World War Three doesn't start, by pulling you back with your safe-like transporter before Scotty can beam you back on board the Enterprise. The last time, when my friend Myka was here as Roberta, she didn't fiddle with the controls and Scott beamed you back. They detained you too long, thus letting the warhead detonate just outside of the Russian city of Moscow." She paused and was a little amused at his astonished expression as he finally lowered his servo. He continued to stare at her incredulously as she continued. "Kirk and Spock are due to arrive at your door any minute now. I have to be out there in the foyer to stall them so you can go to that rocket base and do your thing with the missile."

"How do you know all this?" Seven asked, aghast. "Where is the real Miss Lincoln?"

"Probably at Warehouse 13 in the future. That's a building that holds objects and people that have otherworldly qualities. That's where I come from, via her groovy little purse that somehow transports people into the past to relive your first meeting with her. It's been whisking gals like me into the past for over forty years. Trust me, Mr. Seven. It would take too long to explain how I know all this. Time is of the essence. Leave now to get a head start. I am sure you already know what happened to agents 201 and 347 by now."

Seven nodded, his mouth hanging open in utter astonishment.

"There is one thing that I am concerned about." Isis interrupted smoothly. "How are you going to know when Scott will try and beam Mr. Seven back, Miss Donovan?"

"I will need Mr. Seven's help with that, Isis. Sir, do you have some sort of communications device? If I remember correctly, it won't take much time for Scotty to lock onto you and beam you back, once he locates you with the weather satellite. Going right now will give you more time to accomplish your task. When you are certain that you can get the warhead to go off course manually from here, contact me and I will beam you back. Quick, show me which buttons to push and which knobs to turn." Seven wordlessly did just that and activated the transporter, disappearing into a blue haze with an astounded and puzzled look on his face, leaving the map of the rocket base in his haste on his desk next to the green blinking sensor cube.

Gary Seven stepped out of the storage building after materialization was complete at the McKinley Rocket Base. As the doors slid closed behind him and the transporter effect dissipated, he and Isis approached a nearby concession stand for spectators. He didn't have to wait too long before a security man named Lipton approached him. The young woman who had called herself Claudia had insisted that Isis accompany him, in her words, to make things as right as possible again. By now, he believed her incredible story about being from the future, also knowing about the warehouses holding all the mysterious and troublesome items this planet had, for he had once worked for them himself. She also had such a serious expression on her young face that he knew that she believed what she was saying about preventing World War Three. It had to be true, for there was no way a civilian from the nineteen sixties could know all about him and Isis too.

Lipton had seen the mysterious gentleman in the business suit step out of the storage building, also noticing a strange blue haze that seemed to vanish quickly. It was enough to get his attention. His first thought when he saw the blue haze was that the mystery man holding the black cat was smoking pot, but he could not detect the distinctive odor of weed and a joint was nowhere to be found. He sighed, considering that he may be up to something, anyway. He approached him, asking to see his credentials.

"Sure, Sarge." Seven answered affably, withdrawing his wallet out of his breast pocket of his blazer and then choosing a previously forged I.D. card from it. The guard took it and read it curiously.

"Uh…what's a tribble?"

Startled, Seven realized that he had given him the wrong card. He quickly took it from him, hoping that the security man didn't see the date that that card was issued. He was a member of the North American Tribble Breeding Association, a twenty-third century organization dedicated to protecting this endangered alien species.

"Sorry, sir. That was a joke." He quickly put the card back in his wallet and produced the correct one.

"I will have to get confirmation on this, Colonel." The man eyed him as if he thought Seven was a bit Looney Tunes. "Put your cat down and keep your hands where I can see them."

Seven complied as the man went to a nearby security phone and looked down at Isis, admonishing her to stay out from under foot. He actually spoke to her telepathically, asking her to fake being stepped on so the sergeant could be distracted enough for him to use the happy beam on his servo. After accomplishing this, he led the dazed man to the floor of a nearby parking garage, telling him to go ahead and take a nap after taking the phone receiver away from him, reading his name tag, and, using his name, saying everything was all straightened out. He couldn't help but smile a little as he surreptitiously made his way to the gantry.

Roberta couldn't believe at first that she was over forty years in the future, until she noticed the unusual technology around her. She also wanted to see what was outside of the strange building that she was in, but the man named Artie told her that she might get hurt, and he couldn't risk that. Even though the Russians had disappeared and history had apparently reset itself, he was concerned about Peter's supersonic football possibly injuring her for the second time. He couldn't allow that. Suddenly, there was the sound of someone entering the room through a secret entry way. They all gasped in astonishment as they recognized the new arrival. It was an older woman, and she looked like the actress who had originally played Roberta.