1st Day Prompt-Family

It had been 40 years since Ozai's defeat. Many things have changed-for the better. The Avatar led the world into an era of peace with the help of the Fire Lord, now there was peace, prosperity and love all around.

As the Fire Lady walked down the halls of the Fire Nation Palace, she couldn't help but sigh happily at what had happened in a few mere months-changed her life and caused the best 50 years of her life. her sigh was cut short as she saw two shadows-she would've taken out her water flask to attack who ever it was that was coming-but she stopped. It was just her granddaughter and her 'nephew'.

She smiled as she saw the pair running to her, hand in hand. 'Now what are They up to now?', she thought

"Anai, what are you doing?" Fire Lady Katara asked her granddaughter.

"Oh nothing, Gran-Gran, just playing with Dei" said the young girl as she wiped cookie crumbs from her mouth-her companion doing the same.

"Oh? And just What are you playing?" Katara asked; her hand on her hip

"Uhm… I forget…" Anai said

"Hey-Anai, we were actually going see what my grandma is doing" Dei said, tugging on Anais arm, then running away with her, far from Kataras line of sight.

Katara laughed softly, her grandchild was a gem-and her 'nephew' was too. They were always together and it seemed that maybe they would stay that way; he, maybe shed live long enough for her to see her granddaughter marry like she had her son.

Katara walked to the center Courtyard and saw the rest of her family. Her husband was playing Pai Sho with her brother, who was losing but too prideful to say so, her sister in law Suki was lecturing her daughter on some Kyoshi Warrior movements that she could still use, even at 7 months pregnant, her friend Toph was showing Dei some rather complex moves for a 6 year old, and her son was standing with his wife, Ty Lee and Haru's daughter, Kimiko. She couldn't help but cry-not of sadness but joy, joy that she had experienced so much since she was a 14 year old girl in the South Pole, trying to help save the world.

"Gran Gran?" Katara heard her granddaughter call out from next to her some few feet

"Yes, sweetie?"

"Why are you crying?"

"Im not crying" Katara said, picking up Anai. "Im just happy we have such a great family"