3rd Day Prompt-Pain

He's been through nearly every type of emotional pain and worst physical type imaginable. Betrayal, lies, etc, you name it-he's endured it.

His face was half near burnt off because of a simple mistake, his mother was banished for doing something that saved his life, his father was a monster, his sister was the poster girl for PURE EVIL, he's been banished, beaten, near starved, pride broken, re-banished, escaped death HOW many times?

But in a mere moment-just one moment, he decided something… he'd do it all again. He'd go through it all again-maybe even more than once-all for her.

When she had hugged him after they found her mothers killer, that pathetic excuse of life, Yon Rah, he told him she forgave him. She no longer hated him and she hugged him. Many things had happened in his life, but this-this moment, this moment made all his pain worth while. He had done something right and it was worth it, all for her…