Soundwave's Awkward, Very Strange Day

Hello peeps! First of all, I know that I had other stories in desperate need of updating. However, this would not leave me alone. It is set in the wonderful Demyrie's 'Odd Couple' and 'Odd Moments' universe. And yes, the title is a shameless rip-off of the 'Odd Moments' chapter title Megatron's No Good Very Bad Day. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Transformers in any way. This wonderful re-imagining belongs to Demyrie.

There were times, Soundwave mused, when he was eternally grateful that he had his own apartment, disused though it may be. For the last week, Rumble and Frenzy had been particularly rambunctious. Every time he had gone to visit his sister and nephews, there had been some new disaster, caused each and every time by the twins. When he woke up on his day off from work, he sighed and mentally prepared himself for the disaster that was almost guaranteed.

Thanks to their latest stunt, his sister's apartment was... damaged to say the least, and while it was easily fixed in a day, the workers had to do it today, or it wouldn't be done until a week-and-a-half from now. Unfortunately, Karen had work, and it was an unquestionable fact that Rumble and Frenzy couldn't be trusted alone anywhere. So, from nine-thirty in the morning to six at night, Rumble and Frenzy would be unleashed upon Soundwave's unsuspecting apartment.

Gently removing Ravage from where she had been curled up on his chest, he rolled to sit on the edge of his bed and look at his bedside clock. A bright red 8:57 stared back, and he reached over to turn off the alarm that was blaring angrily at him. Stretching, he quietly padded to his kitchen, and started the coffee pot, before pouring himself a bowl of cereal and sitting down to eat.

He had just made himself a cup of coffee when someone knocked on his door. Puzzled, he glanced at his stove's display, which read 9:14. He briefly contemplated checking his cellphone for a message from his sister about dropping Rumble and Frenzy off early, but was prompted by another knock to go to the door. He subconsciously tensed when he opened the door to find Shockwave, dressed in a dark brown turtle-neck and black slacks.

Soundwave suddenly felt very self-conscious in his own T-shirt and pajama pants.

"May I come in?"

Shockwave's crisp accent jolted Soundwave from his surprised stare, and he nodded dumbly as he moved aside to let Shockwave in. After a few moments Soundwave remembered what he had been doing and nervously signed 'Coffee?'. A quiet 'Yes, please,' spurred him into motion, and soon they were seated at Soundwave's kitchen table. Soundwave sipped his coffee in awkward silence while silence while Shockwave blankly drank from his own mug.

Shockwave had just set his coffee mug down on the table when the unthinkable happened: Ravage, in true psychotic-she-cat form, suddenly raced across the table, displacing everything on it. Soundwave could only watch in alarmed disbelief as Shockwave's coffee was sent flying, drenching Shockwave in nearly a whole mug's-worth of coffee.

There was silence as Ravage zoomed around the kitchen, before finally leaving to dive behind the living room couch. Soundwave stared in open-mouthed horror for a few moments, before the vaguely surprised look on Shockwave's face caught his attention. He jumped up and amidst frantically signed 'Sorry!'s, 'New clothes,' and 'Wash!', he somehow managed to push Shockwave into his bathroom with a T-shirt and a pair of draw-string pants.

Heaving a weary non-sigh, Soundwave grabbed a towel and mopped up the floor and table in the kitchen. The sound of the shower running assured him that he had a moment to collect himself, and he slumped down onto his couch. He glared at a passing Ravage, who looked at him innocently before trotting off in the direction of his bedroom.

His reprieve, however, was short-lived. At the sound of the front door opening, he looked up just in time to be tackled by two squealing balls of nephew. Surprise swept across his features, before being replaced with dawning realization as he glanced at the clock on the wall.

Before he could even attempt to usher the twins into a different part of the apartment, and hopefully get Shockwave to leave without a scene, the bathroom door opened. A still-damp Shockwave stepped out, Soundwave's too-big clothes hanging off of him, making him look even thinner than usual. Rumble and Frenzy stared at Shockwave, glancing between the two men a few times before disentangling themselves from Soundwave. Both of them looked ridiculously excited.

"Boss! Why didn't you tell us your boyfriend would be here?"

Soundwave blushed in embarrassment while Shockwave, stoic as ever, turned back into the bathroom and retrieved his coffee-soaked clothes. As Soundwave got up to take Shockwave's clothes and wash them, Rumble and Frenzy attacked Shockwave with a barrage of questions, all of which were answered with short, nondescript replies.

During the next hour-and-a-half, Rumble and Frenzy played a game, which Soundwave had mentally dubbed 'Ask Soundwave Embarrassing Questions Until He Snaps', while they waited for Shockwave's clothes to be washed and dried.

Amazingly, by the time eleven rolled around, Soundwave had not spontaneously combusted from embarrassment, much to his chagrin. It seemed no matter how much he insisted, his denials of any... relationship with Shockwave were dismissed when the twins looked to the blonde man for confirmation and he simply remained silent. To them, Shockwave's lack of response was an undeniable confirmation.

So, at eleven-forty-three, Soundwave was very relieved to hear the insistent 'beep-beep-beep' of the drier. At this point, Rumble and Frenzy had momentarily tired themselves out enough to fall asleep on the living room couch, with Ravage having wiggled her way into the middle.

Soundwave retrieved Shockwave's clothes from the drier and returned them to the skinny man, who then silently took them and walked to the bathroom to change. After he was finished, Soundwave walked him to the door. In a split second, Soundwave suddenly found himself held firmly against the wall next to the door by Shockwave.

Instantly tense, he ended up looking directly into Shockwave's eye, and saw a flash of something he couldn't distinguish. The sudden firm press of a warm mouth against his own surprised him further. After a few tense moments, Soundwave relaxed into the impromptu kiss, at which point Shockwave abruptly pulled away. Shockwave then calmly strode out of Soundwave's apartment, leaving a very confused and flushed D-Con Communications Officer in his wake.

Soundwave simply stared baffled at the now closed door. This, he decided, was what he got for letting Shockwave into his apartment.

His body, on the other hand, couldn't decide if he really minded.

OH SHOCKWAVE. I can totally see him doing this, if only to mess with poor Soundwave's head. You wanna blame someone for this ship? Blame Demyrie, because it's ALL HER FAULT. On second thought, go read her stuff and praise her for her awesome-ness! Unless there is OVERWHELMING DEMAND this will remain a one-shot. Then again, one well written review is probably all it'll take to break my resolve of 'FINISH-YOUR-OTHER-STORIES-FIRST-KITTY'.