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Ginny and Hermione sat with Luna quietly in the empty Ravenclaw Common Room. They had finally stopped crying, but the trails from their tears were practically stained onto their cheeks. Luna sat holding their hands in between them both. They heard a voice from the other side of the door, and then an answer before the door said "Incorrect." Obviously, someone was trying to get in and was failing.

"HOW CAN THAT BE INCORRECT YOU STUPID BIRD? THAT WAS A GOOD ANSWER!" Hermione and Ginny looked at each other before simultaneously saying "Pansy." Smiling, Luna got up and walked towards the door.

"That it was, but it was not correct," the bird handle answered again. Pansy let out a frustrated growl before the door opened before her.

"Hello, Pansy," Luna said with a smile. Pansy's snarl quickly turned into a smile.

"Hi Luna, are Ginny and Mia in there? I wanted to stay with them after... Well, what happened." Luna smiled and nodded, before letting her in. "Hey," she said, taking Luna's place while Luna sat on the floor at Pansy's feet. "You two okay?" They both shrugged. She sighed, and then remembered the situation that she had just come from. She took in a deep breath, tilted her head back, closed her eyes and yelled at the top of her lungs: "EEEWWW! Ew, ew, ew, EEEWWW-hoo-hoo-hoo!"

Luna, Ginny, and Hermione all jumped looking up at her. "What the hell Pans?" Hermione exclaimed. "What was that for?"

"Your aunt and... And... SNAPE!" She buried her face in her hands. "I think things were getting heated before I walked up; they didn't have a silencing charm on the door and I heard her when she was telling him to get the door because of 'obvious reasons' and I think he was clutching his robes shut when he opened the door but the voice in the background didn't sound like your aunt it sounded younger-r-r-r!" Pansy practically cried, raising her head a bit. "I have NO idea what was going on but EEEWWW! I THINK I'M GONNA BE SIIICK!" Pansy once again buried her head in her hands.

Hermione quirked an eyebrow. "Hey, Gin, you wanna get your mind off tonight like I do?" Ginny nodded while rubbing Pansy's back, trying to get her to calm down. Hermione smirked. "Well then, I say let's check this out." Pansy's head shot up, a horrified look upon it.

"Oh please, sweet Merlin, NO! I don't want to imagine it again!" Pansy squealed. Hermione smirked in a very Slytherin-ish way, and she groaned. "She's gonna make us anyways, isn't she?" Pansy said looking at Luna and Ginny, who nodded.

"Oh, come on! It'll be fun," she replied. Luna perked up a little bit, smiling.

"It'll be perfect blackmail," she said, for once not in the dreamy voice she normally spoke with. The other three stopped and looked at her with wide eyes. Luna looked at the three of them expectantly. "What?"

"You-you just said we'd use it for blackmail!" Ginny exclaimed.

"Yes, and... ?"

"But... But... You're LUNA!"

"And you're Pansy," she replied.

"Luna," Hermione said, "I didn't know you were like that."

"Oh, I'm normally not," she replied. "But this is a teacher who's also you're aunt, Hermione." She smiled. Ginny began laughing, soon followed by Pansy. After a bit, both Hermione and Luna joined in.

"Oh, Luna, you're such a good friend," Ginny said. "Alright, 'Mione, let's go!" All four girls gave a Whoot! and bounded out the door of the Ravenclaw Commons and quickly, but quietly, made their way to McGonagall's office, all of them giggling a little bit.

"Shhh," Hermione said, still giggling as they turned down the corridor to McGonagall's office. They approached the door in silent giggles. "Alohomora," Hermione whispered. She poked her head in and looked around. Not seeing anyone, she motioned for the other three to follow her. All four girls walked into the deserted classroom, seeing nothing and hearing nothing. Hermione held her hand up, to signal the other three to stop. They looked around, until Ginny nudged Hermione while pointing at the office door. She stifled a laugh, tugging on Pansy's sleeve, who caught Luna's attention as they all looked at the door. The four girls approached the door quietly; Hermione put her ear to the door, but moments later shook her head to signal that she couldn't hear a thing. She silently unlocked the door, opening it without so much as a creak; that fact of which surprised them all.

None of the girls, though, were prepared for the sight before them: in a tangle of bed sheets that they must have dragged from her quarters attached to her office were none other than Snape and what had to have been a younger looking McGonagall, covered and asleep in each others arms. Resisting the urge to scream and be sick, Pansy bolted for the door to the hallway. Hermione, Ginny, and Luna did all they could not to either be sick or laugh, quickly backed out of the room (Hermione remembering to re-lock the door), and swiftly followed Pansy by bolting to the hallway. Silently and slightly gagging and/or giggling, they all ran back to the Ravenclaw Common Room; Luna opened quite quickly, which surprised the knocker. As they all tumbled through the opening, their silent retches and giggles became full on out loud retches and giggles.

"Oh, Merlin, NOOO!" Pansy squealed, rubbing her eyes while shaking her head furiously. "I didn't want to re-imagine or even SEE that! No, no, NO!"

Ginny giggled a bit. "Isn't she old enough to be his MOTHER?" This then cause Pansy to stop and look at her before squealing again and continuing to freak out even more than before. Luna giggled along with Ginny, while also trying to shake the image they saw. Hermione sat down and was thinking; she thought that she had remembered seeing a school record about a Minerva McGonagall right around the time of Snape and Harry's dad being here at Hogwarts.

It can't be the same McGonagall, though, can it? Hermione thought. That just can't be Aunt Minerva... She is... Oh, how does Caleb put it? Ah! More experienced at life, that's the phrase! But, the person we saw in her office with Snape looked a lot like that one girl I've seen in a few of her pictures... Only about eight or nine years were between her graduation date and his... The wheels in Hermione's head started to turn, and Ginny noticed.

"What's up, 'Mione," the younger girl said, scaring Hermione. "Sorry." Ginny flushed slightly, not realizing that she'd scare her.

"Oh, it's nothing," she said quietly, staring into the fire again; her brow furrowing slightly.

"Yeah, sure," Pansy said, "it's nothing. Then why is your brow furrowed like you're thinking?" She smirked, making Hermione roll her eyes. "So, what's on that little Gryffindor mind of yours?"

Hermione sighed. "Well, it's just that I was looking through some documents right around the time that Snape and Harry's dad and Professor Lupin were all in school," she said. "Right about the time that they started-maybe a year or two earlier even-there was a record for a Minerva McGonagall and I was just thinking-"

"OH MY MERLIN! What if it's Professor McGonagall?" Ginny suddenly exclaimed, covering her mouth while her eyes widened with slight shock. "What if she's not really as old as she makes us students think?" Hermione nodded.

"Hmmm, well, it could be possible," Luna said thinking. "Didn't she start teaching right after Professors Snape and Lupin graduated?"

"A year after, to be exact," Hermione replied. "And she looked then like she does now."

The four girls were silent for a moment, thinking. Their silence was disrupted by a slight gasp, a snap, and Pansy suddenly shouting, "Glamour Charm!" making the other three jump.


"A Glamour Charm," Pansy repeated herself a little slower. "If it's the same McGonagall then she would have had to wait until all the students that knew her when she went here would have had to be gone! That would be at least two to three years after Snape graduated!" Pansy's eyes were wide with excitement as she bounced a bit in her chair. "Then that way, no one would be able to recognize her name! And she used a Glamour Charm to make herself LOOK like an old hag in case any students parents recognized it!" Pansy's face was positively glowing with glee because she figured it out.

Hermione nodded a bit. "It makes sense," she rationalized. "But, how do we prove it?" Pansy's glow of glee faded and was replaced with a mischievous smirk; which did not go unnoticed by Hermione, who quirked her eyebrow.

"What are you thinking Pansy?" Pansy just grinned devilishly in reply.

"Well, I'm gonna go to bed! Luna, where's your room at?" Pansy asked, jumping up. Luna smiled, and directed the girls up to her dorm room.

Pansy's mind continued to twist and turn mischievously, trying to figure out how to put her plan into action.

Ginny and Hermione, at the back of the pack, looked at each other and then shook their heads. Oh, Pansy, Hermione thought, what do you have up your sleeve now?