I'm Pregnant: A Duncan/Courtney story

Hey! This story goes back to Total Drama Island! ok, im not a dee dee dee. i KNOW they just finished TDA! I'm not stupid like Lindsay! XD So, use your imagination and pretend everything AFTER the episode where Courtney got voted off in TDI never happened yet. (Basic Straining) Anyways, this story is about Courtney and Duncan (duhhhh) and Duncan and Courtney sleep together, and a week later, Courtney finds out she's pregnant, but Chris lets her stay in TDI because getting pregnant was an accident! :)

I was inspired by Total Drama School/University on youtube by CherryLine101. Sub to her if you have a youtube! :) Okay, the first chapter is called: Marshmallows. Just to let you guys know, this is in Courtney's POV. Kay, enjoy! :)

It was time to vote someone off. I voted off Harold for being a big geek. And for alomost making me puke after seeing his underwear with smores on it. "I only have 5 marshmallows on my plate. Okay, you all look tired, so I'll just throw them." Chris said when everyone got back from the confessionals.

"Duncan, Geoff, Bridgette, DJ."
I did an evil glare at Harold, knowing he was gonna get it.


I was furious! "What? You guys voted for Harold over me?"

"Yes, yes. Always a shock." Chris said sarcasticly.

"This is impossible! I demand a re-count!"

"Dude, I know for a fact that 3 of us didn't vote her off." Duncan said, pointing to him, DJ, and

"Okay, I'll look at the confessionals." Chris said. "IF you say this" Chris whispered something in his ear.

"Oh, no. I am NOT saying that!"

Chris grabbed my arm.

"Okay, fine! I'll say it!"

"I'm listening. And so is the entire viewing audience"

"Chris is way more h-hotter th-then Justin, and is the most, g-good looking host the w-world has ever seen. Don't forget that, or he'll bomb your house." Duncan said.

"Okay, going live with your confessionals.." Chris said.


Harold: you guys think you're soooo funny. Let's see how you like it when someone messes with your loved one.

Everyone gasped and started talking about Harold. I was about to attack him.

"I'm gonna get you, you little-" Bridgette and Duncan grabbed my arms as a started kicking my legs.

"It's not worth it, Courtney." Bridgette said to me once her and Duncan let go of me and I calmed down.

"Harold, dude, you're going home." I watched Harold go home, and waited till I couldn't see the boat of losers.

"YES! He's gone!" I screamed. "LETS PARTY!"

"Ooh, you're turning into a daredevil. I like that."

I kissed Duncan.

"ooooh!" The others said.

"SHUT IT!" Duncan said after we stopped kissing. The Gophers came over by us. By now, the camera crew went to their cabin. And took their cameras with them this time.

Geoff grabbed his iPod, put it in the speaker, and blasted it. Everyone started dancing and screaming and hollering.

About 2 hours later, Running away, a slow song, came on. "I've never slow danced before." I said.

"It's really easy." Duncan said. "You put your arms here-" He put my arms around his neck. "And I put my arms around your waist."

"Cool." I looked around and looking at who was dancing with who. Gwen was dancing with Trent, Bridgette was dancing with Geoff, and Heather was dancing with no one. (HAHA!)

"This is nice." I said

"Yep." Duncan said.

"Thanks for saving my butt from getting eliminated."

"Anything for my sexy lady." He wiggled his eyebrows.

I smiled, and kissed him.

"Woah." Duncan said "You kissing me was the best kiss ever." Duncan said all tounge-tied._In The Morning_

I was in Duncan's bed when I woke up, and the other guys were already at the cafeteria. I shook Duncan. "Duncan. Wake up" I got out of the covers.

I screamed.

I was naked. And so was Duncan.

Cliffhanger :P Haha xD

We'll bomb your house- That line was dedicated to my Elberg loving terrorist, Muslim, Jewish wanna-be friend Sunni. Rock on x)