Here's part 2 and 3 of my story: The ridicule and life right now.

When I was on a 5-month maternity leave, I got an online job. I earned over $70,000, which was enough to satisfy my babies. I had no intention to go back to school, cause who would want to go back as a slut? Not me. But I had to go anyways. Once I got there, I reunited with Gwen and Bridgette, and I was starting to want to go to school. People have forgotten all about me..But that all changed once Heather ruined my life. I was so depressed. Now everyone had remembered what had happened; That night Duncan took me to see Country Strong [Which was aammaaaazzzinnng, by the way] and we had so much fun. We went in the photo booth, and our pictures are still here.. I love Duncan so much. Even though his personality and attitude doesn't show it, he's really kind at heart, even though he's embarrassed to admit it sometimes. OK, onto part 3: Life right now. Right now, I am 18, and I'm graduating in a couple months as possible valedictorian, and yesterday was the twins' 3rd birthday. We went to their favorite restaurant, Chick-Fil-A, and the paparazzi were snapping pictures like madmen [If you see us in US weekly, that's why]. But we totally didn't care, and the kids thought it was funny. Anyways, back to the birthday. And then today we threw them a really cute little party in my backyard. They played in the pool, colored, and did Arts and Crafts. I really love my life. I can't believe I ever doubted being a pregnant teen, meeting Duncan, auditioning for a reality show... Well, sure, for some things I had my doubts and insecurities.. But having a wonderful life and being around people I love more than anything in the world... Priceless :) Now don't go on getting knocked up because I said it was fun.. Its A LOT of hard work. Trust me. I don't want the Women of the worlds club coming up to my doorstep. To leave you off: Remember; No matter gay, straight, bi, lesbian, or how big their criminal records are, I believe that everyone is good at heart :) If you treat me right, I'll treat you right too :)



I'M BACK ;D Teehee! I haven't been updating as much as I used to. But my school has NO FRIDAYS so I can stay home and have a 3 day weekend EVERY FLIPPIN' WEEKEND. Yeah, I'm cool c: Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this story and after this I will immediately put up the epilouge and then the first chapter of My Miracle, and I hope you all tune in :) Review, and if you have any ideas for My Miracle, let me know :D I honestly have forgotten a small portion of what I've written in it (It has been a year, after all) and I wanna hear from you all what YOU wanna see in this sequel :) New couples? Drama? Divorces? ANYTHING :) Well I hope I remember how to upload chapters onto fanfiction! LOL xD Bye bye!

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