Riley walked down the sidewalk, listening to Thugnificent on his earphones, when suddenly, someone's fist came rushing through the air, and hit Riley in the face. He was knocked out. Someone took off his earphones and walked away, chuckling.

Later on, Riley woke up at night, on the couch in the dining room. "Ugh…what happened?" Riley asked. "You got robbed." Huey said, as he stood with his arms folded. "By who?" he asked again. Huey sighed. "Your old nemesis." Riley stood up surprised.

Next morning. "I bet you it was Lamilton, he probably want revenge on me." Riley said. "Remember what I told you, to beat a bully, you gotta stand up to him." Robert said.

"If anybody would attack somebody for no reason and take there stuff, then that'll be…." Riley had a flashback.

"Butch Magnus!" he then shouted. Robert gasped. "Ooooh! That nigga done gone too far this time, I'ma kill that ma'fucka! That's it, I'm getting some backup." Riley said, walking to his room.

Riley layed on his bed, starring up at the ceiling speechlessly. He had multiple flashbacks of Butch Magnus. Robert opened the door to his room with the phone in his hand.

"Hey Riley, someone's one the phone for you." He said, handing Riley the Phone. "Hello?" He started. "Yes I am." He excitingly said. "A'ight, cool!" Riley ran back to pick up the phone.

Next day at school, Butch and his gang were chatting behind the school. "Hey Bitch Fagnus!" Riley shouted, as Butch turned around to see Riley standing there.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the little shrimp squeak." Butch said. "Nigga, you goin' get it this time." Riley ran and jumped at Butch, with his fist up. Butch just threw a punch, hitting Riley in the face and knocking him down.

"Ahh shit!" Riley said. Butch approached Riley, but suddenly, Huey appeared and stood infront of Butch. "Big Brother to the rescue. You Freemans win this time, but remember, I'll be out there if you fuck wit' me again." Butch said, as he and his posse walked off.

Later that day, at home, it was raining. "Riley, your delivery is here!" Robert called from downstairs. Riley jumped up excited and ran downstairs quickly. He opened the door, and nine silllihouttes were standing there, and Riley gasped.