The long awaited update for Destiny. If you haven't read Adjusments, you need to to understand this. Simple as that. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Jake and the boys got the tattoos, and they looked really great. We went on a few dates, but honestly, we didn't really need to. Jake was the perfect counterbalance for my life. We kept each other leveled and sane, and we worked together so well that a lot of times we finished each other's sentences. There weren't any real fights, save for the occasional spat where I yelled at Jake for making the kitchen too dirty when he was hungry, but I let it slide the majority of the time. Jake was happy, and so was I. I couldn't describe to anyone how I felt about adjusting to being Jake's girlfriend because it was indescribable. I felt, for the first time in my life, that I fit perfectly inside this little life that Jake and I were creating. Jake made me very happy.

The pack all grew to know me very well, and some were as dear to me as any friend I had ever had. Especially Paul, ironically. Paul was very protective of me, where we had clashed so much before when Sam had been the Alpha. Speaking of, Jake made a phenomenal one. An Alpha, that is. He led the pack with a wisdom that seemed to be natural as breathing and was never too harsh, but always firm in his decisions.

He had told everyone in the pack about his proposal weeks before he actually did it. He called me pretty early in the day and told me to come down to La Push around four in the evening for a party for Emily's birthday, as it was the following weekend. I thought it was kind of weird not to wait until the actual weekend to celebrate, but I said brushed it off and drove on down. I pulled into Jake's house and was so excited to come and see him again. We had been dating for ten months, but it felt like so much longer.

I knocked on the door, and suddenly realized that there had been several voices talking because they all silenced at once. Paul was the one who opened the door and moved back so I could step inside.

"Hey, Bella!" Paul exclaimed and grabbed me in a bear, or should I say wolf, hug.

"Hey, Paul. Good to see you," I answered, leaning into the hug and walking inside.

Everyone from the pack was there and it was the perfect setting. I smiled warmly at my family.

"Hey, Bells," Jake warmly spoke, pulling me close into his arms for a brief hug.

"Hey," I whispered, squeezing him gently before he released me.

Everyone was very silent. I glanced around, unsure what exactly was going on.

"Um…did I miss the party or something?" I asked, stifling a laugh.

Jake shook his head. "Nah, you're the reason for this party."

"What does that mean? I thought it was for Emily's birthday?" I spoke, nervousness slowly entering my brain as I tried to squash it back down.

"Bells…I've known you a long time and I am so happy to be with you. Everything that I thought was so scary and so hurtful to our relationship at first have vanished. You're with me, you're happy like I've never seen you happy before, and I like to think I have a bit to do with that," He flashed his smile at me and winked. "But, Bella, there's something I've wanted to ask you almost since the first time I met you. Somehow I knew, even then as a young boy, that you were the one that I would spend the rest of my life with," He continued, dropping down on one knee right there in front of everyone and pulling out a box from his back pocket, opening it to reveal an gold ring with an emerald stone, and I swear my heart completely stopped. "Bella, I love you more than I've ever loved or will ever love anyone. You are my other half and with you, I am complete. I love you so much. Please, Bells honey, will you marry me?"

I was surprised I didn't levitate and float up into the sky when he spoke those words. I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands, instead.

"You…you want me to marry you?" I gasped.

"Of course, Bells. Will you?" He repeated.

"Of course I will. I love you, Jake," I felt the tears begin to fall and I grabbed him, pulling him up to me and kissed him.

He pulled back and took the ring out of the box and slipped it onto my finger. It was perfect. Life itself was perfect, and I felt overwhelmingly happy to be living in this moment with my wolf family gathered around me, all whooping and yelling with joy over mine and Jake's engagement. I had worried so much over Edward and vampires and werewolves and death, but now all those things seemed small. In the big picture, I realized now that I knew what my future held, and that was Jacob Black.

Time seemed to move too quickly and before long, Jake and I were married. It was a small ceremony on the beach at La Push, but it was perfect. I used the word 'perfect' a lot, but it really was. Jake looked so handsome in his tux, and I nearly fainted when I saw him. Beside him stood his pack brothers, but Paul had chosen to stand on my side and I had given him a kiss on the cheek when he'd said he wanted to. He truly was a good friend. My Dad tried to hide his tears as he escorted me down the aisle in my lacey white dress, but seeing them made my own eyes fill up with tears. Seeing Jake patiently waiting for me, the sea to his back, made me feel like I was walking into the ocean with him. There was no one there but us. Of course, my mom cried the entire wedding.

After the ceremony, we danced into the night under the stars with all of our family around us wishing us well. It was the most perfect night I can ever remember having. Paul and Sam both gave toasts to us both, and I had never felt more accepted. When we were thoroughly exhausted and most of the guests had left, Jake and I retired to what would now be our home together, a small cottage tucked away in a corner of La Push. It was secluded, quiet, and peaceful. We were both laughing and still high on the night itself when we stumbled up the stairs. There was an envelope on the mat by the door. I hesitantly picked it up. Written in immaculate script was the name 'Bella Black'.

I didn't have to read the contents of the letter to know the identity of its author. I glanced at Jake, and his eyes told me that he knew, as well. I carefully opened the letter and in the pale porch light, I could read, although barely, the letter in my hands.

Dearest Isabella,

Today, I want to wish you the warmest of congratulations. I have no doubt that you were the most beautiful bride there ever was and probably will ever be. I have thought of you often, and I know you are doing well. I hope you do not look back upon me with contempt or malice as I only wished to keep you safe and happy. Now, Jacob is there to keep you happy, and I have confidence that this is what you want and what is best for you. You and Jacob both have my best wishes for the future.

Forever yours,


It was a short letter, but it was the words I had needed to hear from Edward. He was content that I had chosen Jacob and there were no hard feelings. He wished us well. Again, I thought, tonight had been the most perfect night.