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chapter one



To get out of his relatives hair and care, Harry James Potter, decided that at ten years old, it was time for him to start supporting himself. He was a bright child, more on the prodigious side too, he had photographic memory and remembered everything he had every seen, heard, smelt, tasted, and felt. In short he had a perfect memory, and with it, he had to, at an early age, learn how to better organize his mind to better rifle through the stored knowledge he had within his head. It was a unique ability which he seemed to have stumbled upon by accident when he was around five years old.

Of course by stumbled upon, he had actually been running away from Dudley around the school that he and his cousin studied at. He didn't notice it at first, but he memorized the route that he had taken when he was running away, he also noted where was the best route to take to get as fast and far away as possible from the brute of a boy. The stumbled part came when he tripped on someone's foot, a foot that had never been in the way before.

The foot belonged to a rather old looking man who was dressed up as a janitor of the school, but Harry knew that he had never seen such a old man at the school before, he had even actually seen the employees registry of the school, the one with all the pictures of the employees as he didn't want to get in trouble for not knowing someone's name or something like that. How he had managed to even see the registry was still a mystery to him, but he recalled that his parents were able to do some strange, to him, things back when they were alive.

On the old man's name tag it read 'Alex', and the man smiled down on him as he helped him up to his feet, and shoved him in the door behind him just before Dudley rushed past. Harry had been pulled out after his cousin was out of sight. The old man then informed Harry that he had been observing him for some time now, and that he was not that surprised when Harry had tripped on his foot, as the man had known that Harry had been running through memory. It had taken many countless chases before Harry had managed to figure out the fastest route to getting him out of harm's way, and every time that the child had run he had passed by where they were speaking that day.

Harry was puzzled as to why the old man was telling him such things, and was puzzled as to how the man knew about what he was thinking, and what exactly he was doing. He also wondered what the man had been doing in the school even though he did not work there, and Harry also knew of the possibility that the man was after more than a few words.

The man reassured Harry that he had no ill intentions toward the child, and that he was only intent on informing him of his potential. Harry was a prodigy, one very close to being a savant, but had enough mental faculties to not be as mentally challenged as one. The man had gone so far as to inform Harry about the reasons behind some of the strange happenings and circumstances that surrounded the boy, and went so far as to demonstrate some form of the impossible to most adult, but to a child was something that they dearly hoped was real and indeed possible. Of course, Alex's demonstration was unlike what modern day practitioners were supposed to have been able to perform, but it did have the desired effect on Harry's belief that magic did indeed exist, and that there was no limit as to how it was performed and what it could be used to accomplish. Magic was real, and next to nothing was impossible. But he was also warned not to go about advertising his abilities as they made him unique and special. Alex also explained a bit of what karma was to him.

Before the two parted ways, Alex touched a glowing finger to Harry's forehead, specifically his scar, and Harry felt a searing pain course through his very Being for what seemed to have lasted for days, weeks, months, and years, while in truth it only lasted for a mere second. As soon as Alex's skin lost contact with Harry's the pain disappeared. He did apologize immediately afterward, explaining that there was something really bad in the scar that needed to be removed. He also explained that he had implanted knowledge for Harry to access, study, and practice, on his own free time, and to believe that he wouldn't be caught. He was told to think of himself as some sort of really young secret agent.

Alex left Harry with a thirst for knowledge and inspiration for his imagination when he said, "Knowledge is power, and there is no such thing as too much knowledge."

It was after that meeting that Harry began to walk the path of a scholar, amassing, consuming, and absorbing knowledge as fast as he could get his hands on them. He did not showcase his talents in class during the passage of time, but he did get just enough for his teachers to get suspicious that he was not giving everything his all. He had eventually been approached by his teachers about his lack of drive, and he had simply said that grades didn't really matter, all that mattered was that he passed, and it wasn't like his relatives would care so long as his cousin got a higher grade than he did, even if it was by one single point.

He had at one point been tricked into taking an aptitude and IQ test, which was how his teachers had found out how much of a child prodigy he was, as well as how phenomenal his IQ was. It was only due to the disbelief of his relatives of his intelligence, that the educators were unable to move Harry up a level or more.

He preferred to stay amongst his peers anyway, even though due to his rate of consumption of library books he was well beyond their years in knowledge. He still wanted to have some friends his age, and even though he knew of the rather impossibility of that happening with his cousin around. That didn't mean that he was not willing to try, even though deep down, he knew that it would slightly be in vain, as there was also the factor of his love for spending time in the library.

When he was finished consuming the books in the library, even the ones in the reference and teacher's section, he had been forwarded and even written a reference for the local public library, which was where he eventually applied for a part-time job at so that he could be close to the sources of knowledge he so loved. While not an advertised know-it-all, he did know a lot, he just chose not to flaunt his knowledge. As for how he actually managed to get a part-time job as a librarian, he had not forgotten about magic, his own brand of the stuff which he had decided to call what he could do after he had accidentally chanced upon pathetic and lazy modern wizard, though Mundungus Fletcher was probably the worse case scenario that Harry had to have encountered, but the man, if he could even be called that, was a prime example of what each and every modern magical human was like underneath all of their pride.

With his magic he made himself look old enough to have a part time job, something which he had learned about when a librarian had shown him the part of the library that held the law books thinking that a child wouldn't really find such things so interesting when he found out that there were no pictures and there were words that even most of the library staff had a hard time understanding themselves. Harry didn't even have a problem to the astonishment of the librarian and had been asked whether or not his parents were lawyers since he could understand the jargon used in the books.

While he used all manner of books to sate his thirst for knowledge, he used story books, mostly of fantasy, to sate his hunger for imagination. The non-magical world's version of magic and magical books was even more informative and imaginative than any of the things that Harry had encountered that one time that he had accidentally ventured into the magical world, the part of it which was located near his local public library, in fact it was located within the library itself. The magic books read more like science books, with theories and whatnot, uninteresting when it came to application of magic, but knowledge all the same. So Harry consumed it all.

While he may not have understood all he read, he understood that once he meditated time flowed differently in his mind, which allowed him to go over all of the information that he had managed to stock up on, and thus eventually gained an understanding of all the things he had read, seen, heard, felt, tasted, and smelt.

He was a walking and talking dictionary, encyclopedia, and thesaurus, all rolled into one. There had been a few older scholars that had accidentally stumbled upon him, in his slightly older form, that had thought that the younger generation did not give that much importance to the quest for knowledge, or to academics in general. These men were quite shocked and delighted when they found a kindred soul in such a young body, more so when Harry revealed that he was far younger than he looked when the topic of discussion reached what was considered as impossible and truly impossible, religion and magic were the first things when it came to that.

All these friends promised to keep his gifts a secret, as they didn't want to lose the friendship they had gained with one so young and yet had a thirst for knowledge as unquenchable as any thirst for adventure that the explorers of old were so known for. Some had gone so far as to offer recommendations for him should he ever decide to go to college early, there were many benefits for someone of such a young age to obtain a degree in any field, of course there were also some downsides, but to the old men they were worth it. But they left the final decision to their young friend that wished anonymity it seemed.

He loved his life in the library which he went to after school, actually he really didn't need to attend school after his tenth birthday, he didn't even really need to live with his relatives, but since he knew that there was someone more or less out to get him, he chose to remain within familiar surroundings before venturing forth in search for whatever his parents must have left him as he recalled that his parents had talked about their wills in case they perished in the war they were in, he just happened to have been in the same room with them when they were talking about it at the time.

He knew that he was placed with his non-magical relatives for a reason, as well as who it was that did indeed place them there. It was an old man that went by the name Albus, a name which he was very much familiar with as his parents had spoken about him a number of times when they were alive while he, Harry, was in the room with them being a baby and all at the time didn't really concern his parents about the sensitive information they shared or discussed with one another.

While he did not actively seek out what was rightfully his, he did seek out as much information about the other world he was very much a part of during his free time. On his day offs, he sometimes would invite one of his friends to accompany him, to quench their curiosity, as well as to not make him stand out too much, his scar may have faded away unless one looked closely, but he didn't need someone to recognize him for some other reason, or even simply suspect who he was.

He knew about his fame, his celebrity status, as well as his political power, a power which apparently no other ten year old ever held, and whoever it was, Albus, that claimed to be his protector, guardian, or representative held that power. It would be easy to regain that power from such an old man, an old veteran in the chess game called life, but at the same time Harry was still not sure whether or not he wanted to get it just yet. There was still much of the magical world that he was unfamiliar with, and thus he didn't need more on his plate before he was sufficiently ready to deal with any of the other things that could fill up the scheduled life he led.

A month or two before his eleventh birthday, Harry encountered a rather odd Asian man in his library. The man looked to be in his early thirties, he was in full business attire, and had asked the librarian at the front desk for him. A not so odd request given the sheer number of older people that insisted on speaking with Harry.

This Asian man had brought with him a briefcase, what was inside actually interested Harry, as one of the things he had come to enjoy was comics, many of the things found in them were very informative and inspirational when it came to ideas for magical feats, or simply for research for the future possibilities of technology.

The man had introduced himself as Kyonshi, he claimed to have had some words with a man who at one point in time posed as a janitor who went by the name of Alex. He had become interested in Harry after the chat and decided to aid Harry in acquiring some more talents, abilities, and skills, which could help him in the future, as well as turn him into a force to be reckoned with, or simply more so than now.

Before handing over the comics, free of charge, Kyonshi, like Alex, had touched Harry's forehead right where the scar was formerly a fixture of, and implanted the mastery of several languages, along with forged experience of its use. The languages implanted were Mandarin along with two Chinese dialects, Korean, Japanese along with the different ways it was written, Filipino, and a few European languages, the most prominent of which being Latin itself, the primary magical language of Europe.

The European languages were given to Harry as a bonus, while Latin could be used in the magical world, and the Asian languages were for reading the comics in their raw and untranslated form, a feat which few people were able to do, compared to all those that read the translated versions of them.

There were several comics that Kyonshi had decided to hand over to Harry, a number of which had yet to actually be published in the world, and Harry had to promise that he would not show anyone his copies until he was sure that they were available to the rest of the public as well before he did. Some of the titles of the comics included Bleach, Naruto, Hellsing, Fairy Tail, and one of his personal unalterable favorites Pugad Baboy, to name a few. There were enough comics fill a small library, all of which were contained the briefcase that came with them. He also supplied Harry with Marvel and DC comics, with copies to spare just in case he decided, in the future, to in a way spread the wealth, although there were more Marvel comics in the second briefcase that appeared out of thin air than DC. Kyonshi was very much a fan of Manga and Marvel.

After telling Harry that he expected great things from the young man, Kyonshi departed from the library the same way he had arrived. Through the front doors with nary a word to the librarian that had pointed him in the direction of Harry. He simply left after telling Harry what he expected, preempting a certain wand maker in being the first to say such a thing directly to the young lad.

After that meeting at the library, as Harry was on his way back to Number 4 Privet Drive he met another stranger, this one was someone, Harry suspected that Alex and Kyonshi weren't really as they appeared to be, who looked to be about fourteen years old. The teen that stopped Harry on his way home while taking a short visit to the park had grabbed him, introduced himself as Har, and shoved a golden seed into Harry's mouth and did something to force Harry to swallow it. There was no forehead touching this time, or farewell words, Har simply kicked Harry in the arse, in the direction of another fourteen year old.

This next fourteen year old had a rather blank look on his face and wore a business suit. His cold emotionless eyes bore their way into Harry's soul or so he thought. The teen then monotonously introduced himself as the Devil as he didn't really have any other alias to go by unlike the previous teen. Before Harry could say anything or even move for that matter, the Devil pulled out a Desert Eagle, pressed the gun against Harry's forehead, and swiftly pulled the trigger.

It wasn't really all that surprising that Harry did not die. As soon as the bullet entered Harry's skull it released what magic the Devil had placed within the bullet into Harry, merging with the boy's magic, and adding a few more abilities to the child's arsenal, these ones more 'evil' so to speak than any of the other things he could do. As the bullet exited the young lad's skull, the exit wound just like the entry wound sealed themselves up and made it so that it was impossible to tell that Harry had been shot in the first place.

Once the gift had been given, Harry was roundhouse kicked by the Devil, and flew the rest of the way home via roundhouse kick, bouncing on the ground a few times, giving him a lot of wounds that simply healed seconds after opening.

The surprise encounters with strangers that wanted to talk to him, give him gifts, special abilities, and the like did not end that day. There were seven more strangers that decided to impart their knowledge on the child, a child whose original prophecy no longer applied due to the tampering of forces beyond anyone's control, save for themselves, and the one that created them whoever that was.

A week before his eleventh birthday, Harry was kicked into a side alley somewhere in London after his uncle dropped him off near the train station in the hopes that Harry never made it back to Privet Drive. The kick was delivered by a man who introduced himself as TenMaster, a weird name for a weird person, since normal people didn't just kick ten year olds into side alleys just to get their attention.

TenMaster had informed Harry that if he, Harry, needed anything he could simply contact him, TenMasters, using a scroll he handed over to Harry, along with instructions on its use. There were also lists of things which could and would not be provided even if they were ordered and in some cases paid for or purchased by Harry from TenMasters. One such commodity which was unavailable were parents, or any dead relatives that Harry might think of. It was a reasonable limitation, since he didn't really want to meddle all that much with the spirits and souls of the and most especially his dearly departed.

After speaking with Harry, while kicking him in the groin multiple times as he knew that Harry could regenerate that part of his body even if a permanent castration curse was used on him, of course his advanced regenerative and healing ability nullified the permanent part of the curse, TenMasters simply vanished into thin air, leaving Harry to vainly try to get the pain to go away.

Lucky for the little lad, his next strange visitor arrived in the nick of time to stop Harry from actually and consciously cutting his jewels off. This new arrival wore a fishnet muscle shirt, dark green cargo pants, and an eye patch. He healed Harry of his injuries as well as nullified the pain using a green energy which surrounded the man's hands when he traced Harry's injuries. He introduced himself as Power, he explained that it was a mere translation of his other name, his other alias, well it was more of a translation of the name he had chosen for himself.

Within the span of the remainder of the day, Power, enlightened and taught Harry of how to heal with his magic, instead of a special brand of energy that in some cases and ways acted like magic, but magic was in a way more potent or powerful and easier to use. The boy could automatically heal himself, or rather he automatically got healed from any injury even things that should have normally been killed him already, an example being shot in the head at point blank range with a Desert Eagle.

Once nightfall arrived, Power drove Harry back to Surrey, by drove, Power stole a police car and used that to get through all the traffic, as well as participate in a high speed chase, which ended in the biggest fireworks display Harry had ever seen in his life, of course the fact that he had been pushed out of the vehicle that started it all made it even more spectacular.

Before any of the authorities could spot him, he was picked up by a man who wore the garb of a priest, and also had the fortune of having wings on his back, which made escape from law enforcement agent quite quick. It was a very short and very fast trip which led to Harry finding himself in, of all places, Notre Dame. The man, or angelic Being, that had flown him to Paris, introduced himself as Clement, and informed Harry that for the remainder of the night, or morning whichever he preferred, he would be going over magical and non-magical creatures. While Harry already had a vast mental library worth of such things, Clement planned on giving the child a rather in-depth look at these creatures, from the just plain dumb, all the way to the top of the food chain, man.

When dawn broke, and the sun rose above the horizon, Harry's head was hurting so much that he didn't think meeting another of these stranger than strange strangers was going to help his already fragile mental health. Which was more than enough reason for Clement to literally fling the child all the way back to London, and into the waiting arms of a man that introduced himself as Shadow, and boy was the man like a shadow.

Shadow, after gently putting Harry down on the ground of the side alley where Harry got his ass kicked by TenMasters, informed Harry that there were more ways to travel than being flung across the channel. Aside from flight, there were doors, portals, windows, portkeys, teleporters, and the like. He showed Harry how to turn as simple doorknob into a doorknob to anywhere in the world, so long as Harry knew where it was, and in some cases that didn't even matter.

He also taught Harry, as quickly as he could anyway, how to create magical balls or rather magic marbles. These marbles could be made to store different magical effects, as well as could be used to store items, magic, power, energy, life force, souls, and even be used as keys to open portals or doorways.

He showed Harry what he meant by opening up a doorway to somewhere that looked to have an azure blue gate floating in what looked to be outer space, by hanging six different colored marbles in the air, and applying some sort of energy to them which made them glow, which made the rest of the door to appear.

Since practice made perfect, Harry decided to try it out as he needed to get to school pronto lest he be marked late or absent. But before he could make a door appear he was assaulted by another man, this time the man wore a blue shirt with a red and white fan on the front, and black leather pants, he introduced himself as Tobi before he kicked Harry in the nuts and watched as the boy was flung into the street, as well as applauded as Harry was run over by a many wheeled truck. A rather grotesque sight, but worth applauding all the same as Harry picked himself up off of the pavement, his clothes looking like they would definitely be needing replacements, while his body only had blood smeared all over his form, while at the same time hiding the fact that he had not a single wound on his person.

Harry who had no real prior fighting experience, was left to try and fail at defending himself against brutal onslaught delivered by Tobi. The two did battle in public, in the morning, in the middle of the street, which caused a lot of traffic, and also for classes to be suspended for the day due to the principal of his school, and most of the teachers being unable to make it to class on time that morning due to the ten year old kid trying to stay alive as a madman who changed his outfit mid fight into one where he wore a black cloak with red clouds covering his clothes, as well as an orange spiral designed mask to cover his face save for a single eye.

Tobi left craters in the pavement, as well as a lot of property damage, while Harry sustained multiple injuries which healed just as fast as he gained new ones. There wasn't a moment when he did not sport an injury. The ministry of magic didn't send a single one of its agents to investigate the disturbance as what Harry and Tobi were doing was not exactly considered as magic, even though the two of them were doing things only seen in martial arts movies, even though Harry had no experience fighting, and had only read about martial arts, along with a few manuals.

Bystanders and law enforcement agents at the scene of the battle did not know what to do to handle or control the situation, never had such a spectacle ever been witnessed in the heart of the city before. When Tobi pulled out a sword out of thin air, the watchers really didn't know what to do, and as much as some people wanted to flee, they were more interested in seeing how everything played out. But luckily for Harry and Tobi, there were no news crews or media personnel on scene to capture the display, which would leave no video evidence of the event ever happening.

Harry may not have managed to get any hits in, but the longer the battle lasted, the faster he got, reflex wise, and in simply moving in general. He sometimes appeared to be a blur to the spectators, but to Tobi, he always remained visible as the man had experience battling with the very best there was when it came to speed.

By around lunch time, it was a strange fact that no media personnel had shown up still, Tobi had finally gotten a solid, and to most people, fatal looking hit on Harry. His blade was hilt deep in Potter. This was what forced the police to act, they brought out their firearms and prepared to engage Tobi, but were rather surprised and scared out of their wits when the man, took out another blade and cut Harry's head off in one swift motion, followed by the barrels of all the firearms. He then took hold of body and head, and vanished from the scene, leaving nary a trace of who exactly he and Harry were at the scene of the battle and crime of destroying public property.

They reappeared in a kitchen of an apartment found in a condemned apartment complex somewhere in the US. Tobi then detransfigured the blade stuck in Harry's body back into Harry Potter himself, and vanished the fake body parts, then began to instruct Harry on the culinary arts. He also informed the boy that the school would be receiving bomb threats and the like until they were finished. It may have been summer, but Harry's school for some reason continued to have classes.

The last dish that Harry was taught how to make was none other than ramen, miso ramen to be exact. It was the last dish Tobi taught the boy, as well as made the boy taste. When the bowl was empty, the man grabbed Harry by the spine and sent him flying back to the side alley, where yet another person was waiting for the arrival of the child.

The scary thing about this latest stranger was that he looked to be about the same age as Harry, ten years old, there was also the massive wolf at the child's side. He introduced himself as Nul and Wolf. Then stepped closer to Harry and placed a finger to Harry's forehead and transferred mastery over languages that had been forgotten or deemed not worth knowing by most people. With that the boy and his wolf vanishing in a puff of black smoke, leaving Harry alone finally, for a time.

It was on the eve of his eleventh birthday that he met with the second to the last stranger, by this point he viewed them as visitors in his life, as that was what they did, they visited him. While there were those that enjoyed putting him through the grinder, he found that his life had become a little better ever since the first of them had visited him all those years ago. Alex was the fist, and Death himself was the second to the last.

Death, was a concept that Harry had embraced, and when he met the Being himself, he literally did embrace him. It was a rather strange thing, even for Death himself as never in all of his life had someone actually hugged him for being who he was and what he was.

Harry had asked him if it was his time, but he knew that it wasn't, and Death had also confirmed that it wasn't his time yet. The Being had also gone so far as to inform the child that he would be notified in advance before his time among the living was up. Secretly Death had already checked Harry's hourglass, the thing had tubes diverting the sand back to the top for some reason, it must have been all the meddling he and the other Visitors, or strangers, had been recently doing in the young man's life.

Since death came in many forms, in many ways, and in many times, Death had decided to gift Harry with the power to shapeshift, be change human, animal, object, or even gender. He had placed the power within an emerald box tied with a simple crimson bow, and even attached a Happy Birthday card on the top of it, before visiting Harry for the second time in his lifetime. While it wasn't the first present Harry had ever received, it was very much appreciated. Death had also handed Harry a book about Death and the unknown.

When the gift giving and hugs were over, Death told Harry that while he would not move on to what lay beyond life any time soon, he, Death, would be glad to come visit Harry any time the young man wished. He handed Harry a more powerful version of the Deathstick which Albus Dumbledore was in possession of. A powerful wand, one which Harry really didn't need to use magic, but it could prove useful. While being more powerful than one of the three legendary objects given to the Peverell brothers, it also had the feature of not being able to become the property of someone else, no one but Harry could touch the thing unless Harry let the person or unless the person was of Harry's blood. Not even Death himself could hold it for long, as that was how special he decided to make it.

Death stayed with Harry in his cupboard under the stairs, which had been magically expanded to comfortable proportions, until Harry was ordered out by his aunt to make breakfast. He was actually the first one out of the cupboard under the stairs, which nearly gave Petunia a heart attack. Seeing the anthropomorphic personification of death or simply Death himself come out of a cupboard followed by a still living and breathing Harry Potter was something that she could not fathom.

Her scream was what brought her overweight family thundering down the stairs to see what was wrong, and they stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the form of Death, that which most thought that Death would look like, or associated with it. Simply put, Petunia had a stroke, and the two Dursley's had near fatal heart attacks, but were all saved when Harry called for an ambulance, and Death didn't bother even poking them with his scythe. He simply stared at them, as Harry calmly spoke to the person on the other end fo the line.

After the ambulance arrived, Death departed as he had business elsewhere, something about killings in Africa or something that sounded like that. Harry had accompanied his relatives to the hospital, and as he was the only one among the inhabitants of Number 4 Privet Drive that hadn't suffered anything, he was the one that had to fill out all the forms, good thing that he had a perfect memory as he had to do something similar in the past.

He was glad for once that when he called for an ambulance the other two emergency units also arrived on the scene. A police officer was shocked to his system when a memory surfaced of him seeing a pillow and blanket in the cupboard under the stairs as he helped the paramedics take the Dursleys out of the house, of course Vernon and Dudley needed a lot of people, as the stretchers weren't meant for people as heavy as they were.

It was only when the Dursleys were finally pronounced stable and that they would live to see another injury that the authorities and child services decided to interview Harry, as well as interrogate him on his living conditions and the like, especially after that one officer had decided to inform his superior of what he had seen in his peripheral vision.

Harry thought of the possible consequences, and while he was well versed in the laws that governed society, he couldn't really think up a way of not being handed over to another family, as he didn't think that Albus Dumbledore would have liked that very much. There were too many unknown variables. Then a thought struck him like blue lightning.

'What if Death wasn't the last Visitor...' he thought, as he realized that all the previous ones had done something that led to another coming for a visit save for the one before Death. Petunia's stroke, and what happened to the hippo and the whale, they were all part of some plan, of some scheme, which would lead to the grand entrance of the next and possibly the last of the Visitors.

He was right.

Right before child services could get their claws into Harry a new Visitor made his appearance. This time it was a middle aged man, one that looked smartly like a lawyer, the kind that not even the Devil himself or Death for that matter would dare cross paths with. He introduced himself as Crius Crossworld, and represented Harry James Potter, and had been tracking down the young man but there were certain elements in society that had blocked him at every turn. He had only managed to locate Harry, or so he claimed, after stumbling upon records of an aptitude and IQ test, as well as filed and approved documents for the child to be granted emancipation at the age of ten. He had brought all the documents, and files with him, that immediately granted Harry adult status, and therefore child services could not touch him, nor could a certain white haired and Gandalf the White wannabe.

The man claimed to be the family lawyer and had merely been trying to locate his client, and that the filing and approval of the emancipation, was done in accordance to his deceased parents' wills, there were two of them, aside from leaving him many things, assets, they had left the names of people that he would live with if they ever perished, as well as a list of people that he was not to ever be handed over to. Any violation of the stipulations of the wills, and Harry would have to be granted emancipation, or at least be handed over to the care of Crius Crossworld.

Crius also had managed to procure, and add public and government records of all the people named, while keeping some things confidential for one reason of another, and these files would only be known when the people whose files they belonged to or were about were involved in something that needed the files.

It had all come as a great surprise when Harry left the hospital with Crius. Dudley was now the target of child services, while Petunia and Vernon would be facing criminal charges, and Marge Dursley was later to be informed that she had a criminal for a brother and sister-in-law which she was sure to deny and lose every single pound she owned in trying to clear their good name.

Somewhere else in London, Harry and Crius had ended up in some random warehouse that Harry apparently owned, but had not been used in quite some time due to the deaths of his maternal grandparents, and had been left to Lily in their will and not to Petunia whose husband was not an approved match.

"As I have already introduced myself," Crius said, as he conjured sofas for the two of them to sit in, "I am able to skip that part of the proceedings, or whatever you would like to call this conversation. I am the last of the Visitors as you have chosen to call us. While my fellows must have given you gifts, as well as a sound beating in Tobi's, as he wants to be referred by you as, case a battle of nearly epic proportions, I shall stick to what I have done so far. Which is that I have given you complete control of your life, as well as reinstated the validity of a prophecy about you, but with something different to it. That being that while you are still mortal, the only thing that has the potential ability to kill you is Tom Marvolo Riddle, and the emptying of your life hourglass, a time which has yet to be determined even by Death himself. I will be leaving you a briefcase with all the documents that you might want to look over," he then indicated that which he was talking about suddenly appearing beside his sofa, "Do you have any additional question?"

"Why?" Harry simply asked, it summed up everything that had gone through his mind since his encounter with Alex.

"The first and biggest and most important of reasons, is that we were bored," Crius stated, "You see, boredom is not a very good thing, it shouldn't have a place in our lives, or yours for that matter. To solve that little problem, we went out of our way to find someone worthy of our attentions, you fit the bill perfectly, aren't you glad that we chose you?"

"Of course I am," Harry said, "You said 'reasons', what are they?"

"That's classified information, well some of it is anyway," Crius said shrugging a little, "Some of the others did it cause they consider you as family, they are, after all, your cousins in a way. Remember that there are alternate realities, dimensions, universes, etcetera."

"Ok," Harry said, "Anything else, for I believe that you will be leaving me in a short while or something like that."

"After our conversation in this warehouse ends, we will move on to getting you to somewhere else to call home," Crius informed him, "As well as getting you all the necessities, and not just the bear necessities like a grey bear would have you simply do."

"If you say so," Harry said, then asked, "Do I have any kind of ID to prove that I am indeed an adult?"

"Yes," Crius said, and handed Harry several IDs, when their hands made skin contact Harry gained some more skills such as how to drive any kind of transportation, "Here you go, enjoy the skills you've gained," he then stood, and Harry followed suit, "Maybe we'll do the house hunting first before proceeding with everything else. What do you think?"

"That would be fine by me," Harry said, "But would it also be possible for me to simply sleep on my birthday and do everything else tomorrow?"

"Sure thing, Harry," Crius said, before leading the young man on the start of this great adventure called life, which in Crius and company's case was simply a means of relieving boredom.

It didn't really take long for Harry to chose a home from out of all of his properties, while not as plentiful as some other members of the class which he, himself, was a member of, he really didn't mind. He chose to live in Potter Castle, instead of Potter Manor. It was a castle which was actually visible to both the magical and non-magical world, which made coming and going from the place rather easy when Harry wanted to visit either side of the worlds. The people that lived near the castle knew that it was a privately owned castle. It was rather large, and even had a number of house elves that kept the place clean and orderly, they were bound to the Potter bloodline, as well as to the castle itself.

Harry realized that being free of the Dursleys and the powers that be of the magical world entitled him the choice of discontinuing or continuing his current education or doing as his scholarly friends had suggested to him several times. Since it was his first time in his new home, he decided that perhaps he needed to have a house warming party, and so asked Crius for counsel for planning such an event, which he planned on having a week or two after he and Crius were to go on their shopping spree of sorts.

One of the uneventful things that happened after Harry and Crius went shopping for the necessities, and a little bit more, was that he received his Hogwarts Invitation, which he simply sent a letter back stating that he would not be attending the school. Crius of course contacted the magical bank of Gringotts and informed the goblin in charge of Harry's account to not send the money to pay for tuition, and also to send Harry a copy of his bank records.

The planning for the party that Harry wanted to have went without a hitch, and even Death came by to visit and help with the planning and preparations, of course knowing how house elves lived for work, they didn't really have to do much manual labor. But one thing that kept interrupting their breaks from planning was the increasingly numerous owls, and letters that arrived for Harry, all of them sporting the same Slytherin green ink used on all Hogwarts Letters of Invitation.

The day before the party was a real shocker, he knew that people in the magical world were a little bit dim, but to send someone to demand that he go to a school he had no interest in was just...too much. The half-giant had apparently been brainwashed from a young age into believing that what Albus Dumbledore said was gospel since every third or fourth sentence out of his mouth was praise for the man as if he was god.

The half-giant was forced to leave the property by the combined might of the Potter house elves, Harry had a lot of them. He summoned them all to expel the unwanted guest to his abode and to erect their own special wards around the property that would make sure that the half-giant would not be allowed to even step foot on the grounds, unless Harry gave his express permission that he was allowed. Same went for Albus Dumbledore himself, whose many titles really didn't matter to Harry.

The party went as planned without any incidents or unwanted guests. Guests were allowed to bring their own guests to the party, which made it possible for some magicals to slip into the castle and nearly faint upon meeting Harry Potter, they had thought that the Potter that their friends were talking about was just another scholar, but to meet Harry Potter was just something else. Who knew that such a young lad had left his mark on the hearts of so many intellectuals, as well as was the reason why they were friends with who they were friends with regardless of the world they lived in.

It was a bit strange to some of the guests that there were no children at the party save for Harry himself, but they chalked it up to his party theme being men and women of knowledge and wisdom. The magicals wondered why Albus Dumbledore had not been invited, and Harry simply told them about his refusal to attend Hogwarts, and even demonstrated why he didn't think he would benefit from the magical education which that institution for learning offered. He even told them how desperate the headmaster had been and what lengths he went to try and manipulate Harry into attending the prestigious magic school.

There were those that inquired about other invitations he might have received, and he told them that he only received the hundreds from Hogwarts, which left those people appalled at the fact that someone had been tampering with Harry's mail all these years.

Investigations were in order, and while Harry didn't think that he needed to look into it for the time being, some of those people promised that they would initiate the investigation themselves on his behalf, as they too considered him as a friend then.

A week before September first, the investigations revealed that while it was known in the records that Albus Dumbledore intentionally disregarded the wills of the deceased parents of Harry Potter, nothing had been done to him in the form of punishment about it. The man even illegally retained his control over the Potter political powers. Even when the investigations brought to life that Albus Dumbledore had illegally appointed himself as Harry's magical legal guardian and had been apparently stealing funds from Harry's vaults and not using them for Harry's betterment, nothing had been done to the Gandalf wannabe, he only received warnings and slaps on the wrist. That was all.

The citizens of magical Britain refused to believe that the Light Lord could be anything but good. If he did something illegal then there was probably a good and valid reason behind the action. Unless Harry himself accused Dumbledore of something, no one was going to do anything about it, and even then it would be the word of an emancipated minor versus that of Albus, freaking, Dumbledore.

In order to preempt Harry's possible public announcement, Dumbledore decided to hold a conference stating that Hogwarts' resident Divination professor and Seer, had spoken a prophecy about Neville Longbottom saving the world from the dark, sometime in the future, which made another youth more popular than Harry. It was all political and societal manipulation. He even went so far as to plant much proof or evidence of the claim of a new potential hero of the wizarding world, the sad thing was that he said wizarding and not magical.

Not that anything that happened in the magical world really mattered to Harry unless it directly affected himself in anyway shape or form. Like when he found out that other people were making money by using his name, likeness, and that scar that used to prominently adorn his forehead.

When September first rolled around, Harry found himself walking with the other freshmen at the university of his choice. He had been accepted due to the sheer volume of recommendation letters, as well as the fact that he was also the friend of the dean of the college his course was a part of.


During his freshmen year, he didn't make any friends, since most other students were either intimidated by him, embarrassed to be seen with him or associate with him, or were insulted with his presence. The professors really didn't mind him being there, most, if not all, of the professors already knew of him before he even enrolled.

But at least he was known in this world for something that he himself actually did, actually accomplished, and not for something that had cost him his parents. He excelled in everything that he did, all his assignments, projects, and whatever else the professors had him do. He may have only been a freshman but he was already made to do advanced work.

He was studying to get more than one degree, and the number wasn't two either. He was studying to get multiple degrees, and the workload for anyone else would have been considered as hell on earth. But Harry had magic along with his many talents to help him finish all of the work on time.

Since no one wanted to work with him for projects and the like, he was left alone, with himself, to finish his projects and multitask, which was accomplished with the aid of magic strings, puppet string that stuck out of any part of his body which he used to make the things around him move. He had gotten the idea from watching a Disney movie, and reading two comic books, namely Naruto and Spider-Man. Pinocchio, Akasuna no Sasori, and Doctor Octopus, were great influences in his puppet master ability.

Since he lived in a castle and he didn't have any friends closer to his own age, he was left with livening up his home with the only way he had figured out how, which would seem or look to other people as a little bit more closer to normal. He built himself some puppets, ones that looked more than simply looked alive. With his ability to multitask, as well as accidentally and subconsciously gaining a certain mental disorder, he was able to be all of his puppets at the same time, while still being himself. While technically he was talking to himself when he interacted with his puppets, no one needed to know that, though his elves knew of this little eccentricity.

He felt like he was insane once summer finally rolled around the corner as he had around fifteen puppets living with him in his castle, and still had no friends closer to his age. He even ended up deciding to make one of his puppets his uncle, going so far as to name it Uncle Jamie. Uncle Jamie almost like how James Potter would have looked had he lived past that night, with the exception being the eyes which were made to look light purple which was a little bit freaky in itself. There was the butler and bodyguard Maurice, who kind of looked like Maurice from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, save for that his hair wasn't all white but brown, and he wasn't bald.

Uncle Jamie was the puppet which Harry used when he needed to deal with the magical world or the business world for that matter. The gold in his vaults and the funds in his non-magical bank accounts didn't simply grow on trees, they were put there, and added to by his investments as well as his self-sufficient and running businesses which he had set up on the advice of a friend of four. He of course also had investments and the like in other places, especially in the magical world seeing as he was the last of a long pureblood line, one which was considered as one of the most ancient and most noble of such houses. The goblins were in charge of the magical side of things, as one of the things they loved more than themselves was gold, they got a commission for their services after all. It also helped that they liked Harry for he could speak to and with them using their own native tongue, including all the guttural sounds that most humans would have a rather difficult time using. The goblins also made sure to keep the magical world from interfering with Harry's life, he didn't want to be bothered with or by them.

For the summer, instead of doing some sort of project, immersing himself in libraries, or any of those things that he had been doing since he was five, he decided that it would be a good idea for him to act like someone's his own age in a way, which was to spend summer vacation under the sun, and by the sea. While not yet a hormonal teenager, he did want to see what was so great about the beach. He had never really been to one, and decided that he would first go to a public or community pool or something like that, then follow that trip up by going to an actual beach resort somewhere.

When he did go, he made sure to bring along his fifteen puppets, all of them, save for Uncle Jamie, were dressed like elite bodyguards, Uncle Jaime was dressed like just another guy, a regular Joe. Harry also dressed normal, he always did unless there was a party or some occasion like that.

It was a public place where many families and simply people went to have a good time during the summer while still in the city. Harry's guards were simply there to act as decoys and guards in case anything happened. Uncle Jamie was there so that Harry looked more normal among the other people present. He really just hoped that none of his classmates from college were there at the time, as he didn't really want to have to deal with them when it was his time to have some fun.

As he swam in the pool, Uncle Jamie and the guards interacted with the other people in the place, it was a test for Harry as he had never had the chance to actually be so many people and interact with so many people all at the same time, it was like a test of his proficiency with his puppetry skills, as well as his multitasking skills. The people of the pool were none the wiser about what he was doing.

While swimming he actually bumped into a girl that was actually trying to learn how to swim from some instructor that her parents had hired for her as they believed that she needed to know the skill in case she needed to go for more than a dip. Harry only knew how to swim due to his elves dumping him into a lake he owned after he decided that he wanted to learn how to swim. The best teacher was experience, and the elves thought that it would be funny. He learned and he learned fast.

He also needed to learn in order for his puppets to be able to actually swim. What he knew they knew, and what he could do they could do, to an extent of course. But there were things only they could do, as they were non-living things that could be fitted with all sorts of hidden gadgets that made their secondary purpose easier, that being his weapons for protection.

Since he had bumped into the girl he had decided that since he was the cause for her losing her concentration, he would help her since he knew how to swim. She introduced herself as Hermione Granger after he introduced himself as Harry, not giving his family name. By the time that she had to leave, she thanked him profusely then left.

He went to the deep pool where there was a diving board as there was something he wanted to try. Needless to say, after he had done what he wanted to do, he had to high tail it out of there since if he stayed he would have to explain how in the world he had managed to stay underwater for around half an hour before the lifeguard noticed and another half hour swimming around underwater while avoiding people's attempts to rescue him since most were in panic mode thinking that he must have drowned or something. It was an interesting and exhilarating experience, he couldn't wait to try what he did out in the sea, when he visited the beach.

The beach that he ended up going to was one in Hawaii, he traveled there using a plane, as he didn't want to be overly reliant on his gifts, abilities, skills, and whatnot. Of course he had to bring his puppets with him as well, since he didn't think that leaving them in his home was such a good thing to do, for what was he to do when he got bored, and needed a way to not look all that suspicious like for example if he were to beat up some random criminals for the fun of it.

Aside from having his puppets beat the crap out of a bunch of would be terrorists that tried to take the resort hostage, nothing eventful happened. But that did not mean that Harry met some people there that, while not able to be called friends, he could call acquaintances.

His school days were filled with classes, while his summers were filled with vacations out of the country. This pattern continued until the end of his third year of learning, he had opted to finish his studies earlier than expected, as he didn't want to spend more time than necessary with people that didn't really want to be around him. While they respected him for his accomplishments and his intelligence the other college students still didn't really like him all that much due to his age, and his ability at the same time.


While Harry enjoyed his life in the non-magical world, Hogwarts experienced hell, while the school wasn't closed, it came near to it happening several times. In first year there was the break in, which the wizarding world expected their new savior to thwart, but alas Neville Longbottom was not up to the task. Years of ridicule by his own family had rendered him as cowardly as the cowardly lion. He disappointed people, but Dumbledore made things right, by awarding Neville and his friends in Gryffindor a number of points for their house to win the cup at the end of the year for showing maturity, knowing one's limits, using logic, having common sense, and a bunch of other bullshit that people believed.

The fact that there was a corridor that could have killed students was overlooked by the Ministry of Magic as well as the Board of Governors, since the only one killed was the thief. Justice had been served swiftly, and everything went according to Dumbledore's plan. If he couldn't get himself a savior or secret weapon to fight for him, for his cause, for the greater good of Albus Dumbledore, then he would gladly settle for a martyr, whose memory he could personally use in the future. Of course he hadn't yet given up on quest of manipulating the Boy-Who-Lived-But-Was-Forgotten, his only problem was the boy himself.

During the second year of Neville Longbottom, the school was almost closed due to the unforeseen, even by the Headmaster, opening of the dreaded and legendary Chamber of Secrets. Luckily no one died, since a prefect had managed to confiscate the Diary which compelled people to write in it. Ginevra Weasley was saved from a fate worse than death, which was to feed the soul and bring to life, to rejoin the physical world, a fragment of the Dark Lord Voldemort.

The dark object was found and destroyed using fiendfyre as its flames could burn even fire itself. Of course the revelation as to how the dreaded chamber had come to be reopened happened after several students had already suffered the fate of missing classes due to petrification, which negatively affected their future in the magical world.

The headmaster found some twisted way to twist the events of that year into making the public love Neville even more, a hollow sort of love, one which the boy grew to like, but at the same time loath as it was not sincere and he felt that he did not deserve it. It was only when his abusive relatives, those that tried and eventually succeeded in scaring his magic into manifesting itself, praised him, did he accept the love and adoration.

Since it was known that Hagrid was the one who took the fall during the first time that the chamber was opened he was left to rot in Azkaban for doing nothing but loving dangerous creatures. Even thought the diary was revealed to be Tom Marvolo Riddle's diary, no one important wanted to believe the evidence instead thinking that Hagrid had planned it all, planted the evidence wanting some form of sick revenge against the perfect prefect that had gotten him caught the first time around, even though all the evidence did not point in Hagrid's direction. He was a victim of the corrupt government of the magical world.

During third year, several criminals had escaped from Azkaban prison, more accurately there were three of them. Rodolphus and Bellatrix Lestrange, and Rabastan Lestange, had escaped leaving the bloody promise of finishing what they started when they turned the Longbottoms into vegetables.

Neville was assigned a protective detail of aurors, and was also taught some advanced defence, which he did poorly at due to confidence issues as well as having to deal with the thought that the three escapees had managed to do more than simply incapacitate his parents, whom many people praised. That was at the start, but when the aurors started to convince him to use his anger, and give into his hate, he got a whole lot better when it came to fighting.

During the year, during Halloween, Rabastan managed to sneak into Hogwarts, and had actually nearly managed to turn a set of Hufflepuffs insane with the torture curse, the second unforgivable curse. The students that had been tortured to the brink of insanity were a bunch of muggleborns, which was really unfortunate, and caused problems for the Ministry and the school. No one had anticipated that the Lestranges would go after anyone else before Neville.

While he was stopped it did cause much problems, since he was not exactly captured. He had managed to escape when the aurors had chanced upon him and his little party. Neville battled him for a bit, but it was obvious that the boy was no match for the veteran of a war that Harry Potter helped end. Such a failure, the inability to partially avenge his parents, had caused Neville to delve into the Dark Arts, as he needed more power, more deadly force to take down his foe. Fight fire with fire, and since Dumbledore planned on Neville turning into some sort of martyr in the future, he let the boy, claiming that the Chosen One deserved all the knowledge, power, and help he could get.

When Christmas rolled around, Rodolphus Lestrange managed to break into Longbottom Manor and brutally raped Neville's grandmother, and any other female relative the Chosen One had, before leaving them hanging from the ceiling by their toes, but all of them with their lives intact, but not their sanity. It was fuel to the fire that had ignited and exploded into a raging inferno. Neville was out for blood, and he really didn't care how he got it.

The change in his personality was swift, from being the mild mannered, shy, and self-pitying fool, he became an confident, arrogant, and all around asshole whose goal in life was to make the Lestranges pay for their crimes against him, his family, and humanity. In that order. It was at the point where the boy changed into a man, that Dumbledore couldn't help but laugh maniacally with overflowing glee as he had finally gotten a two for the price of one type of deal.

It was during the end of the school year that the aurors along with Neville had accidentally stumbled upon Bellatrix and her relatives preparing to raid Hogsmeade and sow chaos in the magical community. Though it could be noted that she, the most loyal of all of the Death Eaters, seemed to be a bit hesitant in participating in the attack, as well as the attempted slaughter.

By the end of the battle, Rabastan had been killed due to Neville kicking him too many times in the family jewels, and gut. Rodolphus was rendered near vegetable state, his spine was snapped but in a way that left him alive, but without the ability to move anything save for his head. Bellatrix had managed to get away, but it was later revealed that she had been innocent of her crimes and had been under a curse and potion that was beginning to wear off before the attempted chaos sowing. Her name was cleared, and she was named as just another victim in the previous war. Though given her freedom, and a clean slate, she was not compensated for her unjust imprisonment.

Due to the mental conditioning that Neville had gone through since an early age about how all three Lestranges had been the ones responsible for his parents' states of being, he hid away his secret hatred for the innocent woman, as he did not want his precious reputation as a hero to be tarnished by one act of premeditated murder of an innocent, even one as despised as Bellatrix Black, since Rodolphus had been given the Kiss, and it was revealed that the marriage contract had been violated.


It was finally the summer of 1994, Harry had graduated with his multiple degrees, and had already accomplished all the necessary requirements for multiple masters, and even post graduate degrees, all of which he had finished during his last year in college. Getting them submitted and accredited was simple, easy peasy. No trouble at all thanks to his connections in the academic world. He was actually a thesis submission away from getting a Nobel.

A new addition to his hectic and chaotic life, and summer, happened the day after his birthday which served as the day that he accepted a Nobel, for that thesis that he did manage to submit, and due to it being his birthday the committee decided to make the presentation date his birthday, an exception to the norm. He had managed to find a possible and affordable cure for cancer and AIDS. The one for AIDS did not in any way have anything to do with castration.

He had been wandering around Knockturn Alley, of course accompanied by his wonderful family, more like secret weapons, when he stumbled upon what looked to have started out as a mugging and was leading to what would have been rape, had he not intervened. Intervened meaning that his puppets attacked the two lowlifes, while he flung some strings at the victim. Once attached he pulled her to him, which was a rather easy feat as he had been doing such things for years. Needless to say, the two criminals were turned into puddles of goo staining the already stained balance to Diagon Alley and the rest of the Light sided Alleys of London's Magical Shopping and Business District.

The noise of the beating, as Harry hadn't made it a quiet affair, had attracted a few other criminal elements, but since Harry didn't really want to draw too much attention to himself, as well as knowing that these people without any loved ones save for themselves would not be missed he had his weapons turn their eyes on them.

"Kill them," he ordered, his eyes glowing with emerald fire, his puppets' eyes glowing briefly with crimson flames before they began the dance of death, limbs opening to reveal blades, mouths revealing small cannons, and all other manner of ways that the puppets could reveal themselves to their victims. Only Uncle Jamie did not join the fray, as Harry used him to comfort the poor witch that had been the victim of the original two lowlifes.

Blood, like anything, was easily removed from the puppets which Harry did before the seventeen of them left the darkness of the alley and into the light of Diagon Alley, keeping the girl or woman in the middle of the lot along with Harry and Uncle Jamie.

"T-thank you," the rescued person finally thanked them when they reached Gringotts as Harry had some business with the goblins for the day, "I d-don't know what I would have done if you hadn't arrived..."

"No problem," Uncle Jamie said, while Harry was a pretty good ventriloquist he didn't need to use that skill when it came to his puppets, since part of how they were made made it possible for him to speak as them through his magic, it was basically thought magic mixed in with multitasking and having multiple personality disorder, and being a little bit nutters, "If you don't mind me asking, but who are you?"

"Oh...yes...I'm Bellatrix Black," she replied, "I...hope.."

"We do not regret our actions of rescuing such a beautiful damsel in distress," Maurice interrupted her, "Its not everyday that we do, we mostly have to keep an eye out for dangers to our master."

"That would be you?" she then pointed as Uncle Jamie, who shook his head and nodded in his nephew's direction, "Since we doubt you'd tell anyone, we'll tell you a little secret."

"That fourteen year old is our master, he is also our creator," the puppets whispered as one which made it sound like it was coming from one person, one source, "We are his servants, but at the same time we are a part of him."

"Huh?" she said, confused, "Are you some sort of dark creature or something?"

"Far from it," Harry decided to speak up, replacing the voices of his puppets, "I am Harry Potter, and they," he motioned to his puppets, "Are my puppets, literal puppets, but I poured enough time, energy, and magic, into them to make them as life like as I possibly could, which is the result since you believed Uncle Jamie to have really been my relative."

"Oh...ok...you know that's kind of a lot to take in on such short notice," she said, "So why are you letting me in on this little secret?"

"I know who you are, what you are, and how you've been...mostly anyway," Harry said, "I feel you are trustworthy with my little secret, as I had planned on sharing it with at least someone. I also know that you have a growing dislike for the wizarding world or the magical world in general due to their most recent actions against you."

"How about it," Uncle Jamie spoke up, "Would you like to join us? I'm sure living on the streets, even with all the gold in your vaults, you would like to at least have a place to stay. From your state of dress we can tell that even the Leaky Cauldron hasn't wanted to accept your galleons."

"So how about it? We're willing to let you stay with us," Maurice said, "Another human is what the master needs at home anyway."

"Uh...I..I really don't want to impose on you," she said, "It just wouldn't seem right, and we just met and all..."

"Nonsense," Harry said, "I live a rather eccentric life as it is, what's one more eccentricity to add to the list. Plus, the magical world doesn't or isn't really able to govern me or my actions, its been too preoccupied with recent events, as well as pleasing the still rising star known as Neville Longbottom."

"From what I remember, during my sane moments, the Longbottoms were very humble, or at least Frank and Alice were," Bellatrix said, "But from I've seen, the apple has fallen far from the tree, and I'm willing to say that it looks more like a lemon."

"I can agree to that," Harry said.

"If you agree to stay with us," Maurice said.

"If you also want the taint attached to your names, Lestrange and Black," Uncle Jamie offered, "We are also willing to blood adopt you into the family. God knows that the House of Potter could use more members as it is."

"Well..I.." she said, not really knowing what to say.

"Of course by being blood adopted you would become the daughter of the current Head of the House, which is Harry Potter," Gilbert, another of the puppets this one sporting long black hair, looked a bit Japanese, and wore a black suit with sleeves long enough to conceal his hands from view, said, "Let's face it, he's too young to even consider you as a potential wife."

"Plus you're being my child does fit the bill of it being rather odd and downright eccentric," Harry said, "So what d'ya say?"

"But what about the things I own? My share from the Black inheritance was willed to myself as either a Black of a Lestrange," she said, not sure she wanted to be known as the daughter of a fourteen year old.

"Don't worry about that," Harry assured her, "The goblins will be able to fix that, for a small fee of course. No worries about losing anything save for the name of Black. You'll still be one of course, as I'll just be a third parent in the mix."

"I'm not sure, but won't that take time, there must be a mountain of paperwork just to get a petition for that sort of thing signed or approved or something," Bellatrix said.

"We're within the Halls of Gringotts as it is," Harry said, "And from sixteen perspectives, I can safely and confidently say that if you agree, we can get it over with within the day."

"And how do you propose to do that?" she asked him, all of him.

A goblin was listening in on their conversation and decided to step in, since the answer to that question would be a lot more believable coming from one of his race than from the friend of his race.

"I can answer that," the goblin said, "My name is Griphook and I manage the Potter accounts. Mr. Potter is a friend of the Goblin Nation, and we are quite willing to do almost anything for him...for a fee of course."

"Of course," Harry said.

"Does he...?" she asked referring to Griphook knowing his secrets.

"Of course he does," Harry said, "It would be a little bit bad to not inform my own account manager as well as the one in charge of my finances in general about my substitution secrets."

"Nearly scared the goblin out of me when he began to rummage through the gut of one of them looking for a pen to sign something the first time I encountered them," Griphook admitted, "Quite a sight worthy of a goblin, there was even a bit of what looked to be blood and gore in there."

"I just did that with the goblin tendency for bloodshed and gore in mind," Harry stated, then turned to Bellatrix, "What say you of my generous offer?"

"What have I got to lose?" she said, "Alright, I'll do it."

"Great!" Griphook said, and began to physically and forcefully drag her off into the bowels of the bank, and stronghold of the goblin nation within the British Isles, with Harry following close behind.

They were led to a great hall with nothing inside save for a single punch bowl on a pedestal.

"Lord Potter, if you would supply the three drops of blood for the punch bowl to produce the potion, as well as the magic needed," Griphook requested, as no one ordered Harry Potter around except himself.

After providing the necessary materials, Harry let lose his magic, uncontrolled like a sudden storm, it filled the hall in all its wondrous power. It powered up the punch bowl and all the runes etched into the hall, which allowed them to finally be used after so many years of disuse. The punch bowl was the last thing to be powered up, and once it was it produced a kind of popsicle inside it complete with a stick. A frozen way of taking in the potion, though whether or not it was to be sucked or swallowed was something which had yet to be explained.

How the potion was to be ingested or infused with Bellatrix was explained to Bellatrix, it must have been rather embarrassing or something of the like as it had left her rather red in the face. Griphook simply smiled, showing off his razor sharp teeth, and informed Harry that he might want to close his eyes until everything was over. He would know when it was due to the feeling of some sort of connection being formed between himself and Bellatrix.

It was a rather pleasurable experience as far as Harry could tell by just listening to the sounds coming from Bellatrix. He figured that Griphook had been up to one of his pranks again, and had managed to do something that would alter the process in a way. It was a gesture that Harry couldn't help but appreciate as it fit right in with his separation from the norm. When the ritual was finished, Harry felt the familial connection snap itself into place, and he sucked back in all of his power, well all the power that was used to fuel the hall.

"Welcome to the family!" Harry exclaimed as he enveloped Bellatrix in a hug, accompanied by the many appendages of the puppets.

"T-Thank you," she said, "But since I'm now your...d-daughter..."

"You can call me dad or father like any other daughter," Harry gleefully said, "Yes, I'm insane like that."

"O-okay...father," she said reluctantly, and if she viewed the development with her sane mind, she was more sane than Harry, she found it quite strange, odd, and a little bit disturbing.

"Griphook, I trust that you will be able to make everything legal in the non-magical world as well?" Harry asked, while already knowing the answer.

"Of course," the goblin replied, "By tomorrow morning, everything will be legal and binding, including the moving of all of the former Bellatrix Black's properties over to the present Bellatrix Potter."

"Since we're done with that," Harry said, "Bella, why don't you go into Diagon or wherever and get some new things. I"ll have Gilbert accompany you, he's more pureblood looking than I am, which is sure to make it more bearable for you during the little shopping spree. He's got a built in connection to one of my vaults which you can use."

"If you say so...father," she said, and began to walk away, Gilbert following close behind her.

With her walking in one direction, Harry and company went in another direction heading for Griphook's office as Harry still had some last minute or rather scheduled business to accomplish.

The business had to do with Harry's discovery of his godfather's innocence, while the man may not be able to actually be a godfather, he was still being held against his will in a cell on the one island that even Albus Dumbledore had a respectable amount of fear of. Harry had been looking through his memories of his life with his parents and had stumbled across a memory of his godfather convincing his parents into having one Peter Pettigrew into being their secret keeper.

They discussed how to get Sirius Black out of Azkaban without having to resort to illegal means, and found that he, Harry, could petition for Sirius Black to receive his trial, as they, Harry and Griphook, had stumbled upon the only record pertaining to Sirius' trial was a notice for a pending trial. He was illegally in Azkaban, lawfully he should not have even set foot in the place as he had not been allowed a trial. It was a miscarriage of justice, one which Harry wanted solved as quickly as possibly. An innocent man was still within the walls of the prison, one which in another world Death had shared that it had become his home.

"If you could give me a copy of your memory of the event where your parents discussed the switching of secret keepers, I will be able to at least get the ball rolling," the goblin said, after they decided to petition for the trial to finally be given, "Unless you have found a better memory based on the look on your face."

"Oh, I've got a better one," Harry said, "I was apparently awake during the time that the Fidelus charm was set, needing all the people who were to initially know of the secret be present at the casting."

"That's a lot better than the sketchy one that you were talking about earlier," Griphook said, "Since I'm sure you'll be needing the goblin's legal team to aid your godfather in his fight for justice, there will be no need to see how low you can go with the negotiations."

"Its always nice doing business with you," Harry said, getting up from the seat he had taken for the duration of the meeting, and followed Griphook out of the office, and into the lobby of the bank, where goblin, human, and puppets, exchanged greetings of farewells, and see you soons, before Harry walked into the still busy alley in search of Bella and Gilbert, all of his puppets were registered under his name, meaning that they were all Potters, or at least had some form of identification which would label them as members of the House of Potter.


Bellatrix was having one of the best days in her life as she walked on the cobblestones of the streets and alleys that made up the major commercial and business district of the magical Britain. Her companion had made it possible for her to actually shop in shops and not be overpriced or simply kicked out, innocence be damned, as she had previously had to suffer experiencing.

Gilbert was the perfect deterrent against any form of abuse on the shopkeepers' and shoppers' parts in her shopping experience. Most of of her worldly possessions, the ones not in her vaults, had been destroyed by those that were more than simply disgusted due supposed acts, most of which she spent being tortured as well while the Lestrange brothers did all the deeds, and simply implicated her by her very presence at the scenes of the many crimes.

While she was able to procure items of monetary value, such as clothes, books, and a broom, among other things. What she wanted most was actually to be happily reunited or simply reacquainted with her sisters, one of the mottos of the Black family was that once one was a Black one was always a Black. She had felt a little guilty at her simply not doing anything when her sister Andromeda had been blasted off of the family tapestry as well as was disowned. She also felt guilty when it came to her other sister Narcissa, the youngest of the three of them, she being the middle child. Narcissa knew how to hide her scars and bruises, but Bellatrix knew that Lucius was not a loving husband, but a beater, one that adhered to the old traditions when it came to the treatment and worth of a wife and women in general.

"I may not be psychic," Gilbert suddenly said, when he noticed Bellatrix stop walking and simply staring at a blonde woman that kind of resembled her, "But I can tell that there is something wrong, and that you seem to want to approach whomever that person you are staring at is."

"I...she's my sister," Bellatrix said, "I wasn't a really good sister to her once I married Rodolphus whether or not due to the mind control curse he used as well as the potions, it doesn't really matter. I just feel bad that I wasn't there when she needed me, same goes for my younger older sister, Andromeda."

"Well, then walk up to her," Gilbert said, "I will be with you, and if Lucius Malfoy tries anything from physical to magical, I will be there to stop him."

"How do you..?" she asked.

"I know of Lucius due to his being a business rival," Gilbert said, "I've handled some business deals for the master, and some of them dealt with him. He knows not to mess with me."

"You talk as if you are not a mere puppet for some reason," she noted while mulling over the thought of walking up to her younger sister, "Why is that?"

"Well, from what we have been able to research and experiment," Gilbert said, "We are evolving, slowing, but surely into what the Japanese refer to as tsukumogami, or objects which had gained sentience or turned into some form of spirit. In short, while we may not become human, we are becoming more alive, and its all thanks to wishful thinking, and the prolonged exposure to our master's magic and multiple personality disorder."

"So then, the lot of you are becoming your own persons, but are still an extension of my father?" she asked.

"Yes, that's pretty much what I'm saying," he said, "Now are you going over to your sister, or am I going to have to turn Lucius into a puddle of go in some dark alley, before you get the courage to walk over there?"

"I'll...I'll go over," she said, and strode over to her sister that looked to be waiting for someone.

As she walked over to her sister, Gilbert followed her at a sedate pace and also kept an eye out for Lucius whose magic he could sense was nearing their position. He decided to preempt a situation which would require him to take another life this day by simply casting a finite incantatem on Narcissa which revealed all the signs of abuse that could be thought to be found on a woman of noble birth. This action caused Bellatrix to actually go into protective sister mode as she ran the rest of the way to her sister, while Gilbert flew the rest of the way and delivered a vicious jaw shattering kick to Lucius' unprotected and prepared jaw.

He was just about to order his wife to cover up the evidence too. But there were enough people in the alley to see the signs, and to frown at Lucius, but they chose not to act as Lucius still had more money than most of them, and they didn't want to get on his bad side. Gilbert didn't have any such problems with confronting the man, and informing him that the beating was a way to protect his charge and her sister from his interference, as well as to inform him of the real possibility that he would be getting a visit from aurors in the near future.

Since Narcissa was not responding to his orders, the Malfoy lord left his wife in the care of her sister, though he did mention divorce.

"Its okay Cissy, he won't hurt you anymore," Bellatrix whispered to her sister, "I'm sorry I haven't been there for you like I should have been. But everything's going to be okay now," she then called out to Gilbert, "Gil, we need to get to Gringotts!"

"He has already been made aware, and complaints have been filed at the Ministry of Magic courtesy of our little green friends," Gilbert said, "Grab hold of my arm, and we shall be heading for home," Bellatrix did so, followed by her sister, "Potter Castle," Gilbert whispered and caused his built in portkey to whisk them away to Potter Castle. The portkey's effects were different from the regular kind as it didn't open up some sort of tunnel, and didn't pull at the navel. It was instantaneous transportation, like a stationary teleporter.

They arrived at roughly the same time as Harry and his escort. Maurice led the women to adjacent rooms for their use while they stayed in Potter Castle, which would be near permanently if Harry had any say in it, with Bellatrix that was a given, but with Narcissa there were still a few legal steps to take.

Harry informed the two women that the goblins had managed to file the complaints before Lucius had managed to file for divorce. He left the two women to their own devices as he had some things to take care of, and felt that Bellatrix could better handle her sister than he could. He also needed to see about the level of progress that his puppets had undergone. He needed to know whether or not it was time to upgrade his number of puppets, since his present ones were turning more into golems than staying as puppets.

Narcissa was well enough to see a doctor in the morning, a doctor was better one that was both a non-magical practitioner and a magical one as well was the best solution, and Harry did know a few of them. Most of the ones that worked in both worlds were muggleborns. All injuries were documented, and through the use of the big sister card, Bellatrix was able to convince her younger sister into allowing the documentations be used at the trial that was sure to be had regarding Lucius' treatment of her.

The trial had happened a few days after the exposure of what kind of husband Lucius was, the conservatives were on his side, while those who were more modern in their thoughts and actions, as well as their views on certain traditions had managed to sway the verdict into proclaiming Lucius as a wife beater, and announced that he was to be punished for his crimes. But it was a very light sentence and hadn't really made a dent in his vault's contents. He also managed to keep his son, as well as make it impossible for Draco Malfoy to see his mother any time before he turned seventeen unless out in public where such a thing couldn't be helped.

Their marriage was also dissolved due to a breach and violation in the marriage contract, apparently Lucius had not read the entirety of it, and simply wanted a piece of the Black family fortune. Narcissa was able to retain her monies, and on the day before September first of that year, she too was welcomed into the House of Potter.

While they were a tad bit too old for anything below college, the two sisters were able to attend college. Harry decided that since he lived in both worlds, mostly in the non-magical world, his daughters would have to as well, which meant that they would need to be brought up to speed when it came to a non-magical education. Luckily for the two women, Harry had a different view on magic which allowed studying to be a whole lot easier. Cramming so many missed years of schooling into their heads was a simpler feat with magic than the alternative would have been.

While they didn't have the non-magical records to be able to apply for acceptance in a university, they had their Hogwarts grades, OWLs, and NEWTs, but those could only help them a little. So Harry had them take the necessary exams to get the alternate requirements, the kinds that home schooled persons took to get into college. It worked and the two women were to spend their time in college. They were less intimidating than Harry since they still looked rather attractive for women in their early thirties, which was still rather young for witches.

While those two were busy, and since Harry's finances ran themselves, he really didn't have anything exciting planned for the year. Being successful at an early age was starting to bite him in the ass. He needed something to do, and so he decided to make himself some additional puppets, just three this time, and not having them act as people was a good thing. They were purely weapons now, since he already had all the people he needed to appear or have a more normal lifestyle.

His newest creations were each packed with enough things to be able to take on Gringotts without Harry having to directly join in the fray as well. Of course he wasn't aware of the full potential and capabilities of his newest puppets. Each puppet, while having a humanoid shape, had been influenced by some magical creatures.

Like there were many different kinds of spiders, there were also many different kinds of vampires, veelas, werewolves, trolls, and the like. There were even many different kinds of humans, from retards to savants to regular folk. It was from the different and more animal like kinds of humanoid magical creatures that Harry got the forms of his three newest creations.

The first of the trio was a variant of a vampire, the kind that followed the orders mental orders or suggestions of its master. It was a step up from a mere inferi or zombie, while it did not have a mind of its own, it did have some basic instincts, and really was more animal than anything else. It had all the qualities that a regular vampire had, but at the same time lacked all the intelligence. With the lack of a need for a personality, Harry had his own personal vampire puppet.

The second puppet he crafted, created, and partially conjured, was that of a werewolf, the sort that was more animal than man. While werewolves were of both, were a cross between a wolf and of a man, the particular breed was of the kind that started out as a regular wolf. It was the closest to an animal having a kind of animagus form. But instead of the wolf having another animal form, it had a more humanoid form. The wolfsbane potion would have no effect on this particular kind of werewolf as this kind didn't have a human side to let out. It was pure animal. Harry's puppet had the ability of transformation, it could shift from the form of a large alpha wolf, to that of a werewolf.

The third puppet was one in the form of a veela, gorgon, and angel, all rolled into one, but not at the exact same time. It was the most complex of the trio, as like the vampire it was normally in a humanoid form, and at the same time it had an ability similar to the werewolf, that of transformation. With the use of a number of spells, runes, and seals, Harry was able to make the third puppet rather versatile, in the sense that it had three forms, with three different sets of abilities.

Its veela form was the seductress of the three forms, it had the same abilities as a real full veela when it came to turning men into putty in their hands. But it did not lack the ability to turn into a bird, but it could conjure up fire and use it as an additional weapon to the things stored within itself.

Its gorgon form, was the polar opposite of the veela, it looked closer to being a rotten corpse than the vampire ever hoped to be. It could probably be compared to a hag. It was humanoid save for its head, which sported those snakes as hair each one was able to inject a different sort of venom. Its eyes were covered by a blindfold to hold back the petrifying gaze that it had, something which Harry used a lot of runes and seals for in order for himself to have more control over that aspect of his weapon.

Its angel form looked just like what most angels were depicted as, humans with wings. This form was no different from those depictions. Whereas the other two forms were for offense, this form was more for defense as well as healing.

This hybrid puppet was a mixture of three puppets which had been merged into one by magic, as well as non-magical means. Each form had a different look, from the skin to the clothes. Each one also had a different role to play, should Harry ever want to use them off of the battlefield. Each one of the three puppets also happened to be stored on a different part of his body. The vampire was sealed in a storage seal located around his neck. The activation of the storage seals was by magic, and not by blood like he had read in one of his comic series. The werewolf was sealed on both of his hands, its was rather complex bit of spell, rune, and seal, work, but he had managed to pull it off. The angel was sealed on his back, in two separate places as well, each of the two places was one Harry's shoulder blades, which allowed him to pull out the wings if he ever actually wanted to experience flight in that manner. He kept his third puppet's default form the angel one.

When the three puppets were completed he informed his daughters that he would be spending time in France, but would be leaving the living puppets, the fifteen that were more like Pinocchio than Harry had ever hoped they could one day become. The two women were alright, but asked that he at least bring them back some souvenirs, anything to do with fashion would be welcome.

After arriving in the country, the first thing he decided to do was explore the non-magical portion of it. It was a good thing that he owned a hotel in Paris, or else it would have been a hassle for him to stay at one. The day after his arrival, he decided that it would probably be a good idea to get his girls their souvenirs. Once he was done, he wondered just why in the world he had agreed to get them something from Paris, France, he also never knew just how tiring shopping was without the additional appendages.

Realizing just how lonely traveling on his own was, he decided to bring out two of his three puppets, the vampire and the hybrid in veela form. Both puppets were works of art in the looks department, but were just all looks as both lacked personality. The vampire served as the stoic bodyguard, while the veela served as the vampire's female counterpart, it was the one which was closest to having a personality, but not enough to potentially turn it into a Pinocchio wannabe.

Having two intimidating in their own way bodyguards caused a number of people to take an interest in Harry, and it wasn't due to his being one of the most intelligent people on the planet either. Having a bodyguard was a sign of being an important person, and most important people were those that had money.

Those that took a liking to him were of two circles, the one that was made up of teenage girls and young women who simply loved how he looked. For a fourteen year old with glasses he was worth more than a simply glance as there were those that openly stared. The other group was of the criminal sort, the kind that likes to kidnap for the bountiful ransom that lay ahead.

It was only when he visited a village near a certain magical institution of knowledge that the two groups finally decided to make their move on him. Why he even bothered to be in that town was answerable by his curiosity, and while normally curiosity killed the cat, he was no cat and Death was one of his friends, and apparent relatives.

Being in the town, or village or whatever it was, was a rather new experience, as the only purely magical community he had ever bothered to be in was Diagon Alley and all her other respective branches. It was fun, finding out how a purely magical community functioned compared with the non-magical communities and mixed communities he was used to.

The group of girls that accosted him consisted mostly of part veela for some reason, but Harry was glad that he had grown immune to their charm from overexposure to his veela puppet. The only bad thing about the apparent immunity was that the part veelas were even more attracted to him. It was a weekend, and it was one that had been set aside for students of the nearby school to visit the place.

His time spent there started in the morning, and by mid afternoon he was left with a one-quart veela and her best friend. Fleur Delacour and Monique Martin were the two witches that Harry had managed to keep him company for the remainder of the day. It was thanks to the others trying to increase the potency of their charm to affect him that made him get annoyed with them and have his bodyguards frighten them away.

They two girls served as his guides as well as his dates for the afternoon, but it was probably their being with him that got him mixed up with the criminal element of the magical world. As far the magical underworld was concerned veela and part veela were a commodity, and the daughter of the French Ministry of Magic's Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs was one of the best things that a poacher, bounty hunter, mercenary, or kidnapper could find.

They had stopped by a small cafe for some afternoon snacks, or as the Spanish would call it merienda, and the two girls had gone to the restroom for a bit, while Harry waited for them at their table, as well as for the food. After a number of minutes of waiting, he began to wonder whether or not girls really took that long in the loo, and so he sent his hybrid puppet, which he named Charity, in there to check on them.

What he found in there, via the eyes of Charity, was Monique laying on the ground, her clothes had been ripped off of her, and well, it wasn't a very good sight, hot sure, but good, no. Someone had entered the restroom and attacked the two girls, defiling Monique, and taking Fleur as there was no sign of her. He had Charity carefully pick up Monique, also wrapping her in a conjured blanket, then brought her out.

Tristan, the vampire puppet, and Harry had positioned themselves near the restroom in the guise of impatiently waiting for Charity. When she came out of the restroom carrying Monique's unconscious form, Harry immediately started shouting for help, which was answered a few minutes later by someone calling for aurors and sending for a mediwitch.

Harry was of course interrogated or interviewed by an auror that had arrived on scene. Once Monique had awoken, the mediwitch and aurors had decided to keep the knowledge of her having been raped a secret until after she was able to tell them about her missing friend. Veela hunters had managed to somehow position themselves in the restroom waiting to strike. For some really odd reason, she was more concerned over her friend than her being raped, she simply stated that she was a bit loose and didn't really mind. Mentally, she must have gone over the deep end a little bit when it came to such an experience.

Harry was not a suspect, nor were his two puppets, for one thing he was fourteen, for another thing one of the professors of Beauxbatons had vouched for his innocence, as the man was an acquaintance. After being allowed by the aurors to leave, Harry immediately decided that perhaps it was time to test out the full capabilities of his puppets.

While he had quite a lot of friends, he had so few his own age, and since there were so few, he cherished each and everyone of them a lot. Which helped fuel the flames of desire within him, that desire being one for vengeance. It was time for a little bit of search and rescue. After sending a message to his girls via Uncle Jamie, Harry returned to his hotel room, and changed out of his casual clothes into ones that the main character of the game Metal Gear Solid would wear. His puppets were also outfitted with matching outfits.

When he was done playing dress up, he did some scrying to divine the location of Fleur, which was thankfully somewhere still in the country. He discovered the general location of where she was being held, it was not all that surprising that she was being held captive in the dungeons of some old castle hidden away from non-magical eyes. When he was finally able to zero in on Fleur's location, he did the first thing that popped into his head, though in the future he would think that it was a crazy idea, he jumped into the image that presented itself. It was a good thing he knew how to create portal to anywhere, if not he might have just killed himself.

As he appeared in the dungeons, he found out just how many of those with veela blood had been captured. He also realized that not all of them were going to be sold as sex slaves, others were going to be cut up and used for potions ingredients or magical rituals. Kidnapping was a criminal offense, and the hint of the possibility of one of his friends potentially getting a really bad deal, along with many other innocents was a really bad thing in his book. The perpetrators of the crime were about to find out why it was a bad idea to cross paths with a not so happy Harry Potter.

He pulled Charity and Tristan to him, as he had left them in his hotel room, they came to him via teleportation, and he also released Nero, his werewolf wolf. The appearance of three people in the dungeons, near where Fleur was being held prisoner, was quite a scary sight for the other prisoners, as they expected that at least one of their number would not be seen by them again, whether because of being sold to slavery, or being turned into some sort of mere non-living object.

He paid no attention to the girls he was with, rather he focused on the task at hand, which was to rescue all of the girls from the evil clutches of whoever it was that headed the organization that captured them all, there were quite a lot of them, and not that much space. The bars that were used for walls for cells, had spells, runes, and wards, on them to prevent the veelas within from using any of them magic. It was a good thing for Harry that he wasn't a veela, or that his magic was quite unique.

He contacted Uncle Jamie through the magical link that still existed between himself and his servant creations, and informed him that there would be a number of veela dropping by and a number of them would be needing medical attention. When he was done with that, he gathered his power, and sent the required amounts through his strings to his three puppets to activate their special abilities.

As one they moved, Charity shifted into her angel form, to be able to create portkeys that would send the users to Potter Castle where the Potters, human, golem, and house elf, were waiting. Nero positioned himself by the stairs that led from the upper floors into the dungeons, as a guard dog that would maul unwanted guest that entered through there. Tristan removed the bars, which allowed Harry to step through and hand the veelas ropes that had been turned into portkeys. With assurances that they were being rescued, the veelas took hold of the portkeys that would take them to safety. Harry really didn't bother to count how many veelas he saved that night, but he was pretty sure that Uncle Jamie would update him on the count.

Fleur was the easiest one to convince to leave as she had recognized Harry and hadn't been there long enough to be considered as abused or tired as the other captives. She was able to tell him about the other Beings held against their will in the facility, while not necessarily in the dungeons, there were other rooms in the castle. As she personally knew him, she was reluctant to leave, but used the portkey, when she realized that he had managed to get into the facility all on his own.

With all the veelas gone from the dungeons, Harry had Nero transform and the four divided and slaughtered, figuratively speaking. Not only was it discovered that the organization that Harry attacked was part of an illegal slave ring, but also a bunch of smugglers of exotic creatures, and in some cases sentient and more than simply sentient Beings.

Harry owned a castle with vast tracks of land as part of his property, which included a mountain and forested areas. By the time he was through with the criminals, he had acquired a lot more wildlife than he ever thought he'd get. He used the Right By Conquest law which was still in the books to obtain everything from the castle facility which the organization ran. The only downside of that law was that he had inadvertently made his new friend and those like her, objects as well, slaves too in a sense. It was the best that he could come up with at the time, when it came to capturing the bad guys, and having a stronger case against them, as well as a reason to keep some of the other real creatures he had taken from their clutches.

Harry could think of a single set of parents that would not be happy with his declaration by and to magic of his Right By Conquest. The Ministry of Magic would inform anyone involved, whether directly of indirectly of the change of ownership, so that they could not claim ignorance of it in the future.

When Charity had petrified all of the criminals, Harry scryed for the French Ministry of Magic as that was the best place to bring his captives, as well as his vial'd evidence of their crimes. When he arrived in their lobby, wands were immediately pointed at him and his group.

"State your name and business or else we'll have to resort to force you into revealing such details," a random auror barked out.

"Next time, I'm traveling the normal way..." Harry mumbled to himself, then said more clearly, "I'm Harry Potter, and well...the bound, gagged, and petrified gentlemen are the ones responsible for the recent kidnapping of Fleur Delacour...eheh...any questions?"

"How can we be sure that you are who you say you are, and have done what you imply you have done?" the same auror demanded with his wand still pointed at Harry, "Do you have any proof?"

"Sure I've got vial'd memories of the events that just took place, along with something else," Harry said, then proclaimed, "I Harry James Potter swear on my life and magic that I am who I say I am, and that I spoke the truth about the bound, gagged, and petrified gentlemen with me."

A bright flash of white light flooded the area, proving that Harry was telling the truth, since he was both alive and his magic had not left him. But the sheer strength of his magical aura was awe inspiring that it caused those with wands drawn to drop them in sheer shock.

"I...I believe you Mr. Potter," the auror said after a while.

"Its Lord Potter," Harry stated, "I may be fourteen, but I've been an adult for a while now, emancipated would be the term I believe."

"Lord Potter then," the auror said, "You wouldn't happen to be the same one that survived from exposure to the Killing Curse, would you?"

"I am," Harry stated, "To tell you the truth, I believe that its some sort of genetic mutation on my part that caused such a positive reaction to the curse."

"If you say so Lord Potter," the auror said, "Since you've rounded up the criminals, what have you done with the captives, as I believe that this many people would have more than just one captive on their hands."

"I sent them to my home, where my staff is sure to be taking care of them as we speak...my home being Potter Castle," Harry said, "Feel free to verify if they are indeed safe and sound."

"I don't think that that would be necessary Lord Potter," the auror said, "But I guess it would be alright if I said that you should head for home now. We'll contact you if you need anything."

"Alright," Harry said, "Looks like I'll have to cut my vacation short."

The handed over vials of memories, were of altered memories, but unlike regular altered memories, his alterations would not be obvious, as his magic was very very unique. The alternations included his use of his puppets, he only showed the presence of the two that were already known, and in the state that they had already been seen as being.

With his vacation shortened, Harry semi-reluctantly went home, only to be greeted by his house elves teleporting him to the his personal library, and informing him that it was not really all that safe for him to wander the halls of his own castle due to the Beings that he had rescued. His castle had been turned into a hospital, with only the private rooms being left alone, along with his personal library, office, and a select few other places.

With nothing else to do, he poured over some law books and old traditions that were still in practice to figure out what exactly Right By Conquest entailed, as he only encountered a brief summary of it, which was why he thought it appropriate to use at the time.

What he found really bothered him, as he had more or less converted a hundred or so Beings into being his slaves, which was lower than servant even. A not so good thing in his opinion, and an even worse thing since he had done so to save them. The only good thing about it was that slavery was still legal when it came to both sides of the world. The non-magical world was just not as aware of it as the magical side.

He was in deep doo doo, and thus he decided to find out as much as he could about his situation, as well as what he could do to get his captives their freedom, those that could or would want it that is. What he found after a night of no rest, was that freedom from slavery was only possible if both parties agreed on it, then there was a magical ritual that needed to be performed, and the non-magical side also had some things that needed to be done, while both sides also needed to go through a lot of paperwork. That was one way, there were others, but one of the ones that caught his attention was freedom by marriage, meaning the slave would be considered as a regular citizen save for the fact that they would still be, in a way bound to the family, by the old laws.

The Old Laws were stuffed rather deeply in the law books of the country, that they were the hardest ones to eradicate, and well the Right By Conquest one was a very old Old Law. One that law makers had tried to bury beneath so many stipulations and conditions, that it was more or less forgotten in the non-magical world. But alas, Harry fit everything perfectly, he even had the magical requirements down pat.

By the time he was done, which was a full week's worth of research and solitary confinement for his own safety in his personal library, he was finally liberated from his room and fell into the lion's den. The lion's den, or pit, was that of the parents of seven part veela girlss that had been kidnapped in the course of ten years during Vieux Ville weekends. These parents had come to petition the release of their daughters from slavery, they didn't know that the slavery was the only way that Harry could be sure that they were saved from the clutches of the kidnappers, the other veelas were adults and therefore didn't have parents who would come a knocking at Harry's door.

While they were well versed with the law of Right By Conquest, as well as the enslavement clauses, they were not as well versed as Harry when it came to the ways of acquiring freedom. There was the long way, the really long way, the short way, the really short way, and the instant way. No one wanted the instant way to happen as that was simply put Death's territory.

Once he explained to them why their daughters had come under the slavery clauses, as well as what had happened, he made sure that they swore not to tell the Ministry of Magic about the things that he had left out of his tellings of what had happened. Eight out of the nine sets of parents had agreed to go with the mutual agreement way to freedom from the slavery, while the Delacours had something else in mind. At the end of that day, Harry was effectively married, as the parents believed in the old ways, in traditions long unused, as well as the small and slight emotional attachment that Harry had for their daughter enough reason for the two of them to be married. The signing of some documents was all that was needed, as well as a slight alteration of the bond by means of Harry proclaiming the marriage to magic itself.

After that really short marriage ceremony, Harry was told by the Delacours that they were happy for their daughter and that he could do with her as he wished as was his right. The marriage was the best thing that they could have done for their daughter. After they had left after speaking with their daughter about her sudden change in marital and civil status, Harry was left to deal with the remaining veela. They had opted for the long way to freedom, but since they all had life debts to him, they asked if he would allow them to live on his land, and work for him at least as servants. It was a little bit weird for Harry, but he went along with their wishes, somewhat.

With the veela problem gone, he was then faced with the dilemma of dealing with the parents of the vampires that he had as slaves as well. Yes, vampires weren't merely undead, they could procreate as well, through the usual means. These parents were, like most concerned for their children, but also wanted to meet with the vampire that their enslaved children had spoken about, the one that served Harry, and helped with the rescue mission.

Harry had them swear to secrecy before he revealed Tristan who emerged from Harry's neck storage seal like a tattoo coming to life. Harry explained to them that Tristan was a puppet, and demonstrated some of his artificial abilities to them for them to believe him. They were amazed, but still requested that they free their children from his service, as they were still very young based on vampire age.

For each race, freedom from slavery had different options, the ones that Harry had looked through most dealt with those that the Ministries of Magic viewed as full citizens of their countries. But that did not mean that Harry did not look through the options for those that were considered as second hand citizens. For vampires, it was all a matter of proclaiming the freedom of the individuals to and by magic, as well as the signing of some documents. Lesser than veelas to a certain extent. Luckily for Harry none of the vampires wanted to marry him, but there were those that wished to ally themselves with him.

After the time he spent releasing slaves, and making deals with the more magical members of the magical world, as well as keeping tabs and track of his preservation worth of magical creatures, Harry was finally able to spend some quality time with his daughters as well as finally get to know his hastily acquired wife.

Fleur was a strong willed person, but due to traditions on how witches, once they became wives in the magical world, were supposed to act had to tone down her strong-willed-ness. The two of them spent some time in the master bedroom getting to know each other better after they got to know each other better as people outside of the bedroom, of course the other reason why they got to know each other better inside the bedroom was due to it being a stipulation in the marital contract, and it also strengthened their bond as husband and wife.

Fleur, at first thought that the gentleman that she and her friend Monique had befriended was really a two-faced man, but then after waiting for him to claim her as his wife, she had grown to accept that he was under pressure and enacted the best magically binding law he could think of to secure all of her companions and her safety. She stopped acting extremely submissive after he informed her that she could still finish her education, as well as participate in the Tri-Wizard Tournament which was to be held at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she was after all still enrolled as a student, as well as was still part of the roster of students that would be attending the tournament. There was still time for her to put her name in the Goblet, once it had been explained to her that there was still time, she jumped at the chance to compete for the glory of Beauxbatons.

"Please!" she desperately pleaded that he allow her to attempt to join the competition, as well as to finish her last year in school, "Please let me join! Please!"

Being temporarily a slave to Harry had improved her English greatly as the magic did all the work, when it came to aiding her in becoming more useful to Harry. The bond they shared as husband and wife also shared a little bit of Harry's magic with her, strengthening her, as he did not want his wife to be without protection. His daughters also had a similar connection which allowed them to leech some of his magic.

"Might as well let her go," Bellatrix said as she was there that night trying to finish her research paper, she had taken to non-magical technology like fish to water thanks to Harry's help, as did Narcissa as it gave her something to do instead of mope about not being able to see her son by blood, "Her pleading is grating on my nerves, and I've still got a research paper to finish."

The time for the announcement of the champions for the tournament was almost up, there was only this one more night before the night of the announcement. So Fleur was really pouring the pleading on thick, as her charm really didn't work on Harry.

"Please!" she begged, as it was something that she would not get to participate in ever again, even a little, "Please! I'll do anything you want!"

"Oh please, let her do it already, father," Narcissa pleaded as well, "I've got several test tomorrow, and I need to concentrate on my studies, and can't really do that with her constant pleading."

"The two of you do know that there are other libraries and sitting rooms to study in, right?" Harry said, he was seated on the couch reading over Bellatrix's shoulder, while Fleur pleaded with him, it was probably the most pathetic thing she had done in her life.

"We know," the sisters said, "But this is the one you're in, its easier this way, if we need help all we need to do is turn to you and ask."

"Plea..." Fleur was about to plead again, but was silenced by a searing kiss from Harry.

"Fine," Harry said, defeated after releasing his young wife's lips, his being young as well didn't really count as he acted older than he really was most of the time, or some of the time depending on who one asked, "I'll drop your name in tonight, and I'll drop you off tomorrow night."

"How're you gonna do that?" Bellatrix asked, "I remember that no one can apparate into Hogwarts."

"Dear sweet Bella," Harry said, "I don't adhere to the accepted rules of magic, remember."

"Oh, right, forgot that," she said, then went back to her paper.

"So...how are you going to get passed the wards of Hogwarts?" Narcissa asked looking up from her book.

"Simple, I'm going to do a slight variation of what I did to get into the French Ministry of Magic," Harry said, then got off the couch causing Fleur that had been sitting on him and shaking him while pleading him to let her enter the tournament to fall on Bellatrix.

Once standing he conjured a mirror to float in mid-air, and used it for his scrying purposes, and searched for Hogwarts, once he found it, he searched for the Goblet of Fire. Once he found that, he made the image show the place where the names on paper or parchment were to be dropped in. With the image firmly in place, he asked Fleur to write down her name as well as the school she was representing, and had her hand him the paper, which he dropped into the Goblet by sticking his arm through the mirror, which shocked those that had gone out of curfew to try and get their names into the Goblet.

"It is done," Harry said, once he retracted his arm from the mirror.

"Could I learn how to do that?" Fleur asked.

"No," Harry stated, "Its getting late, shall we get to bed?"


The next afternoon, after classes had ended for Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and the non-magical universities, Harry gathered up his girls and transported them to the grounds of Hogwarts. He also brought along his daughters' body guards, as well as the one he assigned to his wife.

While Bellatrix was satisfied with only Gilbert, Narcissa had four golems guarding her, they were each named after one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. While Fleur on the other hand had had a vampire as a bodyguard, not all of the magical Beings had chosen freedom, and a werewolf of the wolf base form as a familiar.

They made their way to the Beauxbatons contingent's living quarters for the duration of the tournament, which was a large fancy carriage, which Harry assumed must have been pulled by winged horses that Pegasus was counted among. They were met by none other than Monique, Fleur's brown haired and fair skinned best friend.

"I heard you were rescued shortly after being abducted," Monique said after hugging her best friend, "I'm glad you're alright!"

"I was also enslaved, engaged, and married," Fleur supplied the summary of her most recent exploits.

"What?" Monique loudly exclaimed, which attracted the other French students, as well as the headmistress.

They came jogging up to the group, and upon seeing Fleur rushed up to her hugging her and generally making sure that she was real and in one piece, before turning to Monique for the reason for her exclamation.

"I'll explain," Fleur said, "For the past month or two, I have been kidnapped, rescued, enslaved, engaged, and married, to put it simply."

"Married to whom exactly?" Monique asked, as everyone failed to notice Harry and company.

"Harry Potter," Fleur replied, "In case you haven't noticed he's here with me."

"Yo," Harry greeted, waving at the group of French students and headmistress.

They simply gawked at him, as he resumed his waiting for Fleur to dismiss him or something, as he really didn't feel all that comfortable being on Hogwarts grounds.

"My Lord," Michael, the vampire, said, "I've got all of my Lady's things shrunken in my pocket, I promise to keep her safe. The vampire was one of those that enjoyed a limited freedom, while not a slave, he was a servant, but there were those that had willingly stayed on as slaves, for one reason or another.

"Fleur," Harry said, before the French could say anything, "I hope to see you during the first task."

"I hope so as well," she said, then kissed him, unashamed of doing so in public, "Michael has all of your things apparently."

He knew he had stayed on the ground for too long when he caught a glimpse of Albus Dumbledore's sparkling eyes peering down at them from one o the upper floor windows of the castle. Harry felt something in his gut telling him that he would be finding himself at Hogwarts earlier than he hoped to visit again.

"Fleur," Harry said, before leaving.

"Yes?" she said.

"There's a chance that I'll be seeing you later this evening," Harry said, "I have a feeling that someone has decided to try and get me killed."

"What do you mean?" she asked him, sounding a little bit worried about him.

"I feel that someone that doesn't particularly like me will somehow manage to get me to join the competition as either the third or possibly fourth champion," he said, "So you might want to warn your headmistress on the possibility."

"A-Alright," she said.


Once he got home, he explained to his two lovely and older than himself daughters what he believed was going to happen. He also explained a bit more about himself, as well as his great dislike for all things Albus Dumbledore. After a few questions from them and a few answers given, as well as some additional explanations, and assurances of his safety and the unlikeliness of his demise during the competition, Harry went to the master bedroom and began to pack his things. Once he was summoned by the magics of the Goblet of Fire, which he was sure would be happening, he planned on appearing every bit the Lord that he was. He wore a black hooded cloak, with the hood down, over dark red robes which bore the Potter Family Coat of Arms stitched over his heart. Underneath his robes he wore a gray sleeved shirt, and dark gray pants. Black leather boots finishing off the look. His black hair was long and tied in a pony tail. His face was a mask of indifference.

While his choice of clothing made him look the part of a Lord of an Ancient and Noble House, he also decided to go for a greater look of intimidation. He summoned to himself some of his family blades, two daggers were hidden in his boots, a sword was strapped at his waist, and several smaller knives were hidden somewhere else on the rest of his body. While he normally did wear glasses, they were simply for show, as his eyesight had been fixed in the past, he chose not to wear any or bring a pair with him.

He walked to the sitting room which his daughters frequented when they decided to study, and stood by the fire and looking into the flames as he waited for the Goblet's unmistakable call. As he felt the tug on his magic, a cold feeling as the flames were as hot as a frozen hell, he unleashed an intimidation aura, broadcasting his power, or rather a mere fraction of it, his emerald orbs giving off a slight glow.

He soundlessly made his way into the Great Hall of Hogwarts before his name was spat out of the Goblet's maw. The hall was filled with chattering students from three schools, along with professors and ghosts, they had at first been talking about Neville Longbottom having been entered into the tournament, and now were speaking about his semi-unknown and overshadowed name.

He decided not to keep them in suspense, as Headmaster Albus Dumbledore hid his glee at his success but wondered how he would get the fourteen year old to the castle, Harry simply appeared dropping his invisibility spell. His appearance draw looks from all over the hall, there was shock, surprise, and even awe, but most important of all was the slight fear everyone in the hall, even the great Albus Dumbledore felt it.

"I have heard the call of the Goblet of Fire," Harry announced to the hall, "I have felt its icy flames licking at my magic's core. I have come, and I shall compete in this false Tri-Wizards Tournament."

Dumbledore said nothing and motioned that he enter the anteroom of the hall, while the students protested to the addition of a fifth champion, one which clearly did not represent a school. There were calls for a recasting of names, and votes, and such, and it had to be explained to the students that no such actions would be allowed to be taken. Once the names had been called, that was it. They were magically bound to participate in the tournament, regardless of the original rules of the tournament. There was also a brief historical background about the tournament given by Hogwarts' very own Professor Binns, it was one lecture that no one wanted to sleep through. He stated that the Tri-Wizard Tournament was derived from a much older tournament between wizarding clans in the past as a form of gaining fame, fortune, and prestige, for their clans. The reason why the cup had spat out five names was that there was no real limit to the number of participating institutions, groups, organizations, or families, that could enter potential champions.

As Harry walked along the aisle between the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tables, the looks did not cease, as he walked with a predatory grace. Those who were pureblood knew just by what he was wearing that he not only meant business but was the Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter. His stride was confident and it even put some of the more pompous pureblooded princes to shame. He may have been fourteen, but they way he carried himself, he could have been mistaken for a twenty year old or older.

There were some that knew of there being a family ring that should have completed the look, it was something which Harry allowed to be seen once he reached the staff table's raised platform.

Once he joined the other four champion, he was not all that surprised to see his very own wife amongst them. But he did notice that she was the only witch participating in the tournament. After finding a fourth champion joining their midst, only Madame Maxine and her champion were unsurprised by his arrival.

"And what school do you belong to boy?" Headmaster Karkaroff demanded, not bothering to really take a look at Harry and his state of dress.

"For your information, I am not yours or anyone else's boy," Harry stated, "I am Lord Harry James Potter, and while the other champions are representing their schools, I am representing my House, my Clan, my Family."

"What are you talking about? The tournament is one for school!" Karkaroff insisted.

"Had you decided to wait a little bit longer within the hall, you would have been able to listen to the history behind the tournament, as well as one of the original purposes of the Goblet of Fire," Bartemius Crouch Sr. said succinctly, "There are no rules against more than three, the tournament was just named thus as the traditional participants were the Big Three of Europe."

"Can we get on with this?" Harry asked, looking quite bored.

"Yes, yes," Ludo Bagman said, entering into the conversation, "There are three tasks for this tournament, the first task will occur on November 24, and what it entails will remain a secret until then. I wish you all the best of luck."

"That's all?" Karkaroff asked.

"Yes, that's all," Ludo said, "Today's events were only scheduled as the naming of the champions, and the announcement for what to expect."

When the Ministry employees left the anteroom, only the champions and the headmasters were left.

"Are there any more questions?" Dumbledore asked those gathered.

"No," the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons representatives said, and they left the chamber to rejoin their contingents.

"Lord Potter," Madame Maxine said as she passed him by, "For the duration of the tournament, you will be welcome to stay at our carriage if you wish."

"Thank you," he said gratefully, "I shall see the two of you later on this evening, before I leave for home."

When the Hogwarts students, headmaster, and Harry were the only ones remaining, Harry sent an icy glare at Dumbledore before speaking to the aged manipulator of fate.

"I am aware of your intentions, old man," Harry stated, "You were the one who placed my name in the Goblet, after not being able to get your paws on me when I turned eleven you thought you could gain control of me now that I have been entered into this tournament. Know this, by the end of this tournament, the name Albus Dumbledore will be nothing but mud under my boots."

When Harry left the chamber with those parting words, it left Cedric Diggory and Neville Longbottom to wonder what in the world their headmaster had done to deserve such accusations, and words of warning, and thus voiced their concern.

"What was that all about headmaster?" Neville asked.

"Did you really enter him into the tournament, sir?" Cedric asked.

"To be truthful, yes, I did," the headmaster replied, "It is for his own good, and since he knows that rules and traditions, it does not seem to be a problem."

"Then you are favoring him over us?" Neville asked.

"Why headmaster? Sure he's the Boy-Who-Lived, but that doesn't have to do with anything," Cedric said, "You-Know-Who is dead and gone."

"You must understand that he turned his back on the magical world by not accepting the invitation to Hogwarts," the headmaster said, "This was the only way I could think of to get him more involved in the wizarding world, and to show him that it is worth being a part of. I knew his parents quite well, and know for a fact that they would not be happy with him shunning his legacy like he has been doing."

"Really headmaster?" Neville asked, "He seemed to be pretty chummy with those Beauxbatons representatives."

"Perhaps he was simply being polite," the headmaster said.

"Whatever you say, headmaster," Cedric said.


Harry had decided to stay the night with Fleur, as well as erect some protection wards around the Beauxbatons' carriage in case that the other schools might try to sabotage the French's chances of winning. Not that they had much of a chance considering that Harry Potter was part of the competition.

"You do know that you could have claimed to be Beauxbatons, second champion to even the odds with Hogwarts," Madame Maxine said, "We would have gladly had you as one of us, though by marriage you already are in a way."

"I agree," Fleur said, "Why didn't you?"

"It's easier this way," Harry said, "Makes the slimy old man focus more on me, than on anyone else I may be linked with."

"What do you think the first task is going to be?" Fleur asked.

"As soon as I find out, I'll share the information with you, mon amour," he said affectionately.

"Merci," she said in reply.


On November 8 the Weighing of the Wands was held, and it was also there that Rita Skeeter interviewed the champions. But due to her unique style of writing, Harry refused to have an interview with her, as did Fleur following her husband's example. Harry had even warned the woman that he would be pursuing legal action is she would mention any lies in her next article pertaining to himself or his wife, a fact which he was not ashamed of.

Mr Ollivander was intrigued when presented with Harry's wand, it was a very very unique wand. One which Ollivander couldn't figure out what it was made of, and Harry wasn't willing to share. But after some Ministry official demanded that its components be made known, Harry decided to indulge their blatant curiosities.

The wood used was bark from the heart of Yggdrasil, the core was a mixture of two things, the blood of Death and Harry's own blood. It was about the length of Harry's forearm.

All in all a very unique wand, one which Ollivander wanted to meet the maker of, but when he did, Harry doubted that the man would be prepared for such an encounter, after all the maker of the wand was Death himself.

The headline article that came out the day after the Weighing of the Wands, centered around Neville, and there was no mention of Harry aside from his name, as well as Fleur's status as his wife. But in other newspaper, and publications, there were articles about Harry, as well as some things that put Dumbledore in a negative light, from not following the Potter will as the man had been a witness to its creation, as well as some other things that Harry was having the Goblins make the public aware of, not all of it pertaining to Harry himself. There was even some evidence of the possible invalidity of the prophecy which supposedly involved Neville Longbottom. Only a few of the articles were outright attacks on Dumbledore and members of the Ministry of Magic, those articles were ones that had solid evidence backing up the claims, the other articles were surprisingly neutral pieces, questioning many things.

Harry had accidentally found out about the Dragons that would be used as part of the First Task when he had sent Nero into the Forbidden Forest to scope out the terrain for any immediate dangers to his darling wife. There were five of them all in all, and all of them were nesting mothers, from what he had seen through his puppet's eyes that the task had something to do with taking an egg or something similar from the nesting mother's clutch.

He did immediately share this information with Fleur, as Madame Maxine was unable to procure such information. Cheating played a big part in the tournament, though in the past there was also a lot of sabotage involved.

Knowing that he would be dealing with dragons, Harry already knew what he was going to do. Fleur also didn't want his help in devising a plan to deal with the majestic creatures, and so did not receive any.

When the time of the First Task arrived, Harry was prepared, he simply wore what he had worn when he stepped into Hogwarts during the announcements of the champions.

After what they were told what they were to accomplish, the two Hogwarts champions were the most nervous of the bunch, having no clue before hand as to what they were going to be doing. They had no plans, and had simply practiced as many spells as they could think of as they had not been forewarned about the challenge.

Harry being the last to be entered into the competition, was the one to get the remaining dragon from out of the sack, his being the Hungarian Horntail, he didn't really mind as compared to what he could do a little dragon was nothing. Also compared to what Tobi had put him through, being burnt to a crisp looked like a walk in the part. Though he did have to reassure Fleur that everything was going to be alright. The rest of the Potters were in the stands prepared to cheer him on if necessary. Draco had chosen to actually sit with his biological mother, and go against his father's wishes for once.

The four original champions did alright, none getting a perfect score thanks to Karkaroff, but it was duly noted that Neville, a fourth year, did a whole lot better than seventh year Cedric Diggory. When it came to be Harry's turn, there was much anticipation, as everyone wanted to see how bad someone that had no recorded magical education would stand up against the most aggressive dragon that the tournament had decided to use.

The unmistakable feeling of his aura flooded the arena as he entered from the champion's entrance. As soon as the dragon caught sight of him, spectators were baffled as they sensed that the dragon was feeling a little bit of fear itself.

Harry simply positioned himself clearly visible in front of the dragon and used a hand gesture which caused the dragon to run at him full tilt only to stop when it was but a foot away from him. Its snout was merely a foot away from him, and he could smell and feel the sulfuric breath on his face. He didn't mind. He simply looked the dragon in the eyes, and spoke with a clear voice.

"If you value your life, you will surrender that which is not part of your clutch," Harry spoke monotonously, and even holding out his hand as the dragon back up a bit. It then turned toward the nest and picked up the golden egg and handed it over to Harry.

The audience was shocked, surprised, and confused as to what had happened. The judges automatically gave him a perfect score as he had finished the task with nary a problem as well a with the fastest time. Even Karkaroff who had been known to give low scores, had given a perfect ten due to his shock, surprise, and slight awe.

The dragon waited patiently for more orders as she now viewed Harry as a superior, his power, the parts that were hidden were clearly greater than the magic which flowed through her, and she was a dragon to boot. He on the other hand seemed to possess an even greater and closer connection to magic than any dragon ever would.

"Being of magic, conduit of power, with your connection you are better free than held in captivity against your will," Harry whispered so that only the dragon could hear him, "Free yourself from your bonds, and take your children, your brothers, and your sisters, with you to freedom from oppression and those that would do you harm due to their misguided views of wanting to protect and preserve your race."

Upon hearing this, the dragon turned back to its nest and breathed a stream of magical flames at the eggs, the handlers had never seen such behavior before in their lives and did not move to stop it. It was not the regular dragon flames that they were used to, and there appeared to be no heat coming from the flames. Once the stream of fire ended its release, cracks could be heard, and suddenly all of eggs hatched, revealing baby dragons, all of which like most babies were cute.

But when Harry finally left the arena, the handlers returned to their senses and began to try and do their job, which was knock out the dragon and transport her back to her holding pen, and as well as separate her from her babies. Well, Harry didn't like that, and since he knew that that was what had been planned, he magically released the dragon from her binds, and watched from the safety of the arena entrance, as the dragon took to the air, her babies following her close behind. The stunned silence of the audience was replaced with panic and fear, and no matter how much magic Albus Dumbledore tried to fire at the dragons trying to be the hero, nothing was happening.

When a dragon wanted to protect her young, she could be rather powerful and hard to beat, or even placate. But when there were five of such Beings in one place, banding together to do the same thing. Well, the dragon handlers had never had the pleasure of experiencing what they were experiencing, and seeing as Albus Dumbledore didn't seem to know what he was doing, as it turned out that he was causing the overprotective mothers to grow even more agitated, they began to panic.

Most members of the audience believed that the Chosen One was going to help them, save them from the aerial terrors, but alas, they were forced to witness the reality that Neville was ill prepared to deal with more than one dragon at one time. He was one of the first ones to bolt for the supposed safety of the castle.

'Help!' Harry mentally heard, it was a cry of help, of desperation from the collective dragons as they were surrounded on all sides and were unable to escape. Had they not had their young with them, escape would have been simple. But with their young with them, there was a chance that they would be recaptured even though the handlers were rather pathetic in their attempts, it would only take one lucky shot for their efforts to be in vain.

So in response to the plea for aid, Harry slammed his palms on the ground, to others it may have looked like an act signifying frustration or anger, but in reality Harry was accessing the power he had received from that seed that he had been forced to swallow.

Shooting out of the ground, mere moments later, were numerous, small to larger than a dragon sized, venus fly traps. Their stems were so thick that those that did not know what they were supposed to be thought that the things could literally swallow a dragon whole, which was precisely what did happen. The dragons were forcibly transported to a part of the Forbidden Forest, away from any dragon handlers, and released there for them to begin their journey home. A journey which could possibly lead to the dragons turning into some sort of endangered or even extinct species when truthfully they were just better at hiding than meddlesome wizards gave them credit.

With their purpose met, the massive plants, were sucked back into the ground, as if they had never been there. The power that had been used, cycling back into Harry before he stood back up, and walked off in search of his wife and family, to make sure that they were alright. He even brought out his puppets to make the search easier.

He found them within the champion's medical tent, waiting for him. Even Madame Maxine and her students had followed her there to congratulate Harry, and they had enough sense in their heads to not go running off with the rest of the headless chickens.

"Well? What do you have to say for yourself?" Bellatrix asked, before anyone else could.

"It was quite fun ordering a dragon to hand over the egg," Harry said jovially, "It was also fun helping them escape."

"You did what!" Narcissa shouted, Draco was no longer with her as he had gotten his cowardice from his father.

"That was you?" Monique asked.

"How did you do that?" Fleur asked.

"I helped them escape," Harry said, "And Fleur while I'd love to tell you, I'm keeping it a family secret and therefore there are far too many people present for me to share such sensitive information with you at the moment."

"Oh alright," she said, "But I expect you to tell me a little bit more about yourself, so that I don't have to ask you to explain things again in the future."

"Sure thing," Harry said, then accompanied them back to the castle as he was sure that there would be people worrying about them, and wondering what had taken them so long to return to the relative safety of the castle.

The newspapers and other forms of publications, released the next day articles questioning the safety of Hogwarts and the tournament being held on her grounds, as well as the sanity of Albus Dumbledore as there were countless accounts of the man aggravating the dragons even more, and even some that were of the opinion that the man had no idea what he was doing. His only exploit when it came to dragons was the use of their blood, and even then it was a joint work with Nicholas Flammel renowned Master Alchemist.

If his actions just the day before were any indication as to how much Dumbledore valued the safety of others, his being headmaster should also be put into question. So many more lives could have been lost if those over grown weeds hadn't appeared when they did. Dumbledore's only real and personal achievement was being the defeater Gellert Grindelwald, as well as being the only one You-Know-Who feared the most.

After the articles published, and the news reports released on that day, many parents began to finally once again think for themselves regarding the state of their nation, as well as the arising evidence of manipulations done by the men, and some women, in power, such as the Minister of Magical Britain and Albus Dumbledore.

But these reports failed to stop the continuation of the tournament as it was still considered as a magically binding contract for the participants and stopping it midway would only cause the majority of them to lose their magic, and in most cases their lives as well. To give the participants a form of reprieve from the danger, it was announced that there was to be a Yule Ball, where champions were informed that they would be leading the first dance.

Suffice to say that Harry and Fleur were obviously going to go together, while the other champions were left to actually go around the school and find dates. Due to his love for the library, Harry was well versed when it came to dancing, and due to her upbringing Fleur was to. Their only real problem was what to wear as their outfits had to match during the ball. A solution was quickly found, and all that was needed was a pair of clothes to be custom tailored, as well as Harry's bank account, one of them at least.

Once the ball finally arrived, Harry and Fleur definitely stood out amongst the other champions as they did hold the highest status of the lot, politically and otherwise. Neville and Cedric were both simply heirs to the Lordship of their families, and Viktor Krum was member of a minor pureblood house, one whose only claim to fame was his fame in the Quidditich World.

"Introducing Neville Longbottom of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and his date for the evening Ginevra Weasley," Professor Minerva McGonagall announced, after which the champion in question and his date entered the great hall arm in arm.

"Introducing Viktor Krum of Durmstrang Institute and his date for the evening Hermione Granger," McGonagall announced, the two then made their way to their assigned place on the dance floor.

"Introducing Cedric Diggory of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and his date for the evening Cho Chang," McGonagall announced, the couple walked into the hall and took up their position on the floor.

"Introducing Lord Harry of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter and his wife Lady Fleur Potter of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic," McGonagall announced, which was followed by all eyes in the hall locking on to Harry and Fleur's forms as they walked gracefully into the hall and took up their place on the dance floor, and began to dance the first dance to the music played by the Weird Sisters.

It was safe to say that Neville actually knew how to dance as his grandmother must have taught him how, his date didn't seem to have any complaints when it came to his ability to dance. Viktor Krum on the other hand caused the rather beautiful Hermione aching feet and toes to be more precise. Cedric and Cho were another pair that didn't really need to improve their skill and ability on the dance floor. But they along with Neville and Ginny, were nothing compared to the Potters whose skill and grace alone caused many in the hall to wish they were one of the pair.

After the first dance, the first half of the night consisted of traditional dances, and the second half were more modern, which had more dancers on the floor. The night was young, and the moon was out, and unlike most other couples who had opted to go for the gardens, Harry had pulled out his angel wings and took his wife on a short fly above the castle. There was nothing like spending some time under a moonlit night and a blanket of stars.

It was a good thing that they had chosen their venue, as the next day the gossip articles about the night were filled with revelations, and of course Rita Skeeter had to put her own slant on a few things that she had uncovered. The only truly and purely factual account in the papers was of what Harry and Fleur had done, although none of the reporters were quite sure how Harry had managed to get them that high up in the air. Theories ranged from Harry having angel wings to the two of them sharing a broomstick, going so far as to others thinking that they had ridden on a hippogryff.

Harry managed to figure out what how to hear the clue for the second task of the tournament, but need not inform his wife about it as she had figured it out herself all on her own. While the champions were only left to figure out how they would be rescuing whoever they needed to rescue from the bottom of the lake, the organizers for the event had come across a problem. Their problem being who exactly were they to kidnap for the duration of the event when it came to Harry, for as far as precious people go, not much was known about Harry on the issue, and with his family always accompanied by bodyguards, it wasn't safe for any of the organizers, or even Dumbledore to attempt a temporary kidnapping. They had to think long and hard for what to do with Harry's case, but in the end left it up to Dumbledore to decide the fate of Harry Potter when it came to the second task.

Dumbledore knew something about the second task that would possibly cause some problems politically, but to him the danger was worth trying to get his mitts on Harry Potter. The merfolk didn't really have a good relationship with the veela community, and any veela, or even part veela, found within the merfolk territory would be treated as trespassers, any that were offered to the merfolk were treated as worthy of ritual sacrifice. Dumbledore's task for Harry Potter was for him to rescue his wife, and the one she was supposed to rescue. Two quarter veelas in one go, the merfolk would be pleased. Dumbledore didn't like the fact that Harry was so free, there was nothing the old man could do about Harry's lordship status but he could make it possible for the young man to lose his wife in order for the old man to step in, console the lad, and offer a suitable replacement.

Harry was held back and made to wait for Dumbledore to give him his instructions. After the original four champions dove into the water, Dumbledore informed Harry that he was to simply make sure that all of the champions and those that that they were to retrieve made it back to the surface.

While the other organizers and other judges assumed that Dumbledore had sufficient control over the merfolk as two part veela were in the water, Harry knew better. He also knew about the blood feud between the two races that had yet to be resolved. Which was why he transfigured his clothes into a wet suit, and goggles, before diving into the Black Lake, picturing his wife in his mind, before shoving himself directly to her location using his magic.

The wizarding world knew very little about their fellow magical creatures and Beings. They were unaware that the merfolk were among the water faeries that were considered by the other aquatic magical creatures as their superiors. The aquatic magical creatures were all somehow able to speak to one another, regardless of species or race. The merfolk had managed to get the grindylows to capture Fleur once she was within range and keep a hold of her until they came to get her.

Harry didn't like the fact that some skeletal looking creature was manhandling his wife or the fact that she was scared out of her wits as she must have realized what she was really up against in the water. Using his magics he made it possible for him to move as freely in the water as he would on land, as well as granting him gills to breath underwater. He summoned to himself his sword, which came flying through the air before hurtling its way through the water into his hand. The surface dwellers that made up the audience of the task wondered what did someone need a sword for underwater. Such a thing would prove to be ineffective in their minds. But since they were not Harry, they didn't know what he could do.

Water is supposed to quench fire, but not when Harry is the source of the flames. Since the creatures that had vice like grips were hiding in a forest of water plants, Harry created a forest fire as he hacked and slashed at the creatures, severing limbs and heads from the rest of their bodies.

He then conjured an oxygen tank for Fleur to use, as well as transfigured her outfit into a wetsuit, and even gave her a conjured set of goggles. As he more or less knew that Fleur had a little sister, Dumbledore must have used the girl as Fleur's hostage, though this time the hostage was not a make believe one, but a real one that was in grave danger. He had Fleur stick by him as it was safer for her.

By the time they reached the merfolk village, Neville had just gotten Ginevra free of her bindings and using hand signs told the merfolk that he was not going to stop them from doing whatever they wanted to do with the little part veela. Suffice to say, that Fleur managed to get out of the lake with her sister intact, and that the merfolk of the Black Lake cowered as best as they could after Harry informed them that should they continue to have hatred in their hearts, and not try and forgive and forget as they had forgotten when and why their conflict with the veela had began, he would return and finish what he had started that day. The surface dwellers were stunned once more into silence when the Black Lake's waters ran red with the blood of many merfolk.

When Harry broke through the surface of the water, he was followed by the merfolk chieftain who informed all those present what had occurred beneath the surface of the lake, as well as the role that Albus Dumbledore had played in the events. The headmaster knew of the dangers of placing a defenseless part veela within the territory of the merfolk, and even went so far as to inform them that so long as there were no witnesses, he would turn the other way when they did what they wished to the girl and her sister.

Needless to say that Dumbledore was in a lot of hot water, and international relations were not looking too well for a country whose Supreme Mugwump of the Wizengamot the law making body of the Ministry of Magic disregarded another's life for his own gain, as that was what it looked like.

Attempted murder was one of the charges filed against the man, but for some reason the accused was able to get away Scot free, with no one being able to really do anything as there was still a tournament going on. But it did shed some more light on the true Albus Dumbledore.

The incompetence of the Ministry of Magic is brought to light, as well as opinions of Dumbledore's wavering loyalty to the Light. His manipulative ways becoming more obvious, and more people began to think for themselves for once in their pathetic magic ridden lives.

It was a semi-unanimous vote that Harry once again receive a perfect score, and remain in first place in the tournament. It was also embedded into the minds of all that witnessed the Black Lake turn crimson that Harry Potter of any of his were not to be messed with or else. He had already stared down and ordered a Hungarian Horntail into doing his bidding, and had caused water to burn, and even massacred almost and entire village of merfolk in their own environment, home turf, whatever.

On May 24 Ludo Bagman explained to the champions what the Third and Last Task was going to be, he led them to the school's Quidditch Pitch and showed them that a maze was being raised, one which would be filled to the brim with spells, traps, and magical creatures, all of which were to be in place in order for them to be impeded in getting to the center of the maze which would hold the Tri-Wizard Cup, and whomsoever managed to get to the Cup would be proclaimed as the winner.

The champions were also told that the last task would be broadcast internationally over the wizarding wireless, and the event would have more safety measures in place then the last two events. They were wished luck, and told that it would occur on June 24, just a month away.

On June 24 1995, the Third Task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament was held, there were people from all over the world, and nearly all walks of life. Harry had brought with him several of his slaves, servants, retainers, and creations, along with his family members. The magical Beings that were viewed as second hand citizens by the British Ministry of Magic that worked for Harry each had a concealed portkey which was linked to their master, as a precaution in case the Cup was actually a portkey set up by the old man to take Harry some place else.

Ludo Bagman served as the announcer for the event, and it was revealed that the only reason there were points was to assign who would be going in first, second, third, fourth, and fifth, into the maze. Being in the lead in points Harry was the first in, followed by Viktor, then Fleur, Neville, and finally Cedric.

Harry decided that since everything goes, he would have to resort to means that the magical world was not used to, and therefore erected a kind of secrecy ward around himself that would make it quite difficult for anyone to know or even see what he was doing. Since he was a shapeshifter he transformed himself into a vampire, without all the disadvantages and the need for blood, but with all the advantages. He also brought out two of his puppets, namely Tristan and Nero, both of which had been modified some.

He shot through the maze and decided that since the Ministry was kind enough to provide these sacrificial lambs, he would do what he could to increase his number of puppets, and instead of starting from scratch, he would be copying a certain puppet master that he had read about in one of his comic series. It was puppet base and parts collection time.

While his actions were masked, the sudden appearance of a vampire and a werewolf was not hidden away, Harry didn't mind if those two were seen as it was highly impossible that Bagman would know what they really were. Harry decided to use his puppets to locate the center of the maze faster, while he could simply do his portal thing, it would attract too much attention, as the maze was also a race against other and time.

Shock, fear, and alarm, swept through the audience as it was announced that a vampire and a werewolf were in the maze, roaming or rather sprinting quickly, and even bypassing traps left, right, and center. Some aurors were tasked with taking them out as they were not a part of the task, and the Ministry had not placed them in the maze. Due to the puppets Bagman had forgotten about Harry and the other champions as he was more concerned, as was everyone else, with the dangerous beasts.

The puppets had been equipped with storage seals, which they sealed their prey into once it had been defeated. They each encountered their fair share of magical creatures, but had been able to dispatch them easily, the darkness of the maze aiding in the concealment of things that normally would not be considered as a body part of a vampire or a werewolf. The greatest scare had been delivered when both, natural enemies, had met in an intersection one with a particularly annoying sphinx. The two did not answer the riddle and instead did battle with the creature, and when the audience thought that they had been taken care of, the two's parts simply floated in the air as if attached to strong, which they were, and attacked the creature, eventually encasing its in all of their body parts, killing it in one blow. Disengaging they sealed the thing into one of their storage seals, then reformed into their separate form and continued to hunt the rest of the denizens of the maze.

Instead of heading for the center of the maze, Harry had decided to hunt down the other champions, ensuring his win. Sure his wife was probably going to try and kill him after all was said and done, but that was the price for victory. There was of course the fact that she did not know that he could shapeshift.

Time was of the essence, and his first target presented itself as none other than the Chosen One. Neville didn't see it coming, but after being knocked on his ass, he was faced with the dilemma of dealing with a vampire, one whose face was shrouded in shadow.

Lashing out with his wand, Neville attempting to beat Harry with spells, but alas, the young Hero of the Wizarding World was unable to even land a hit on something that was clearly faster than him. He didn't even think of sending up a really bright light as it was known that only the oldest of vampires were able to survive in the light, or those that had found some means of doing so, solutions ranged from creams, clothes, and rituals, but those things were only temporary, and the vampire would normally be ill prepared for such a surprise attack. All Harry had to do to fully incapacitate the Chosen One was to snap his wand and stun him, followed by shooting up red sparks to call for assistance.

As he was done dealing with Neville, he began to sprint off in search of his next victim, this time taking on the form of a werewolf. What stopped him dead in his tracks was hearing a girl scream, it was unmistakably Fleur, and thus finding her had become his priority, as he knew for a fact that whatever attacked her was not one of his puppets.

Judging by her scream she was rather close, and so he simply followed where his ears lead him, which was Viktor Krum casting the Cruciatus curse on her, apparently Bagman was still very much into tracking down Harry's two puppets, who were making minced meat of the predators within the maze.

He swiftly kicked him in the balls which propelled him backwards howling in pain. He followed up this initial attack by bringing his two puppets to himself, and having them have a go at the Bulgarian. While he had his puppets tend to the sick sick seeker, he tended personally to his wife. Calming her down with his magic, and erasing the effects of the torture curse, as it was well within his power to do so.

"H-Harry?" she asked, uncertainly, in the background she could hear Bagman directing the aurors and professors to where they were as that was where the vampire, and now two werewolves were. Due to one of them seemingly attacking Fleur, Dumbledore got the bright idea of discreetly stalling the aurors from helping her, as he believed that it would be just cause for Harry to leave her due to such a condition.

"Its me," he said in reply to her query, "Not a real werewolf though."

"O-oh," she said, "H-He hurt me...ambushed me...cruciatus curse."

"I know," he said, holding her in his arms, "Its over, I stopped him. He won't hurt you again."

"You s-sure?" she asked.

"Yes," Harry said, as he glanced over to his puppets, not that he needed to, as they strung him up against the wall, and stripped him before kicking him in the gonads over and over again, until he was howling and sounding more like a werewolf undergoing his first transformation, "He won't hurt you again. Though, it looks like you'll have to quit from the competition."

"Fine," she said, giving up, "Its not like I could beat you anyway."

"Good," he said.

"But you're explaining how you're a werewolf later," she demanded, a little bit of her strength having returned.

"Promise," he said, then left with his two puppets in tow, the vampire giving one last kick, before following the two wolves. Fleur shot up some red spark, asking for aid, which Dumbledore had to allow as nothing life threatening was there to threaten her.

With three of his opponents taken care of, he only had Cedric remaining to take care of. He split up from his puppets, as they double teamed an acromantula, while he sprinted towards the Cup, where he sensed Cedric would be appearing shortly.

He was correct in his assumption, and so called up a some black smoke to hide the fact that the vampire and werewolf reentered their storage seals, while he reverted to his base form, stunned Cedric and dispersed the smoke.

The audience were rather surprised to find that Harry had survived a battle for the Cup as well as a battle against two creatures that were considered as dark creatures. Since there appeared to be no evidence of there being any remains, the audience simply took it as a sign that Harry had obliterated them.

A cheer rose up among the crowd as Harry approached the Cup, as it still needed to be held for a winner to be declared, and for the tournament to be officially over. But before he touched the Cup, he hesitated, as he sensed that it had been tampered with, with that in mind, he signaled all of his people with portkeys to prepare themselves for a bumpy ride.

As he grasped the Cup, the cheering turned to shouts of surprise, and some of fear and panic, as Harry was whisked away from Hogwarts to god knows where, or as some would love to, in the future, believe Dumbledore knew where.

As soon as he disappeared almost all of those associated with the Harry Potter, stepped into the shadows and activated their portkeys, which allowed them to travel to wherever it was that their master had gotten himself to. Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Fleur, were updated on what had happened by their guards, and told that they had nothing to worry about as Harry had a veritable army heading his way for assistance. The Potter house elves had also been informed of the possibility of their master needing their help, and it was quite a surprise as three house elves popped beside the three ladies.

Knowing just how potent the magic of a house elf was, Dumbledore chose not to approach the three Potter women, as he didn't fancy being turned into a goat. He believed that whatever happened to Harry wherever he was, would allow him, Dumbledore, to gain some form of control over Harry.

Harry landed in a graveyard, a few second later he was joined in the shadows by those that called him master. He waited in place a short while, since he didn't have any injuries to speak of he waited for whoever had brought him there to show their face.

"Stun him you fool!" a half rasping and half hissing voice shouted from somewhere nearby.

"Master, its not Longbottom!" a voice replied.

"It matters not," the first voice said, "His blood will suffice."

"I am not letting anyone use my blood in some twisted ritual," Harry said, getting up off the ground, and prepared for a fight, "I'd be willing to fight you for the right to us it, seeing as you or your servant aren't able to at the moment obtain my blood."

"I told you to stun him fool!" the first voice shouted again, his servant suddenly appeared in front of Harry, and tried to stun him, only to fail as he was decapitated by Harry in one swift motion.

"What do you plan on doing now, now that you're servant is no longer among the living?" Harry calmly asked as he cleaned his sword of the blood of his kidnapper's servant.

"I have more than one servant, that one was just the most pathetic one," the first voice said, "Wormtail!"

"Hey! I know that name!" Harry exclaimed, "Peter Pettigrew! You rat! Show yourself!"

The response he got was a cutting curse, that managed to actually hit him in the arm, causing some blood to fly, which was summoned by the rat animagus that had at one point in time been a friend of his parents.

"Alright, fine," Harry said, "Do your ritual, I don't care. Sheesh. Get it over and done with, call out the rest of your followers, and then maybe we can have a go at each other."

"Thank you," the first voice said, "I will show you a little mercy before killing you later."

"As if you could kill me whoever you are," Harry said.

It took a few minutes for the ritual to be finished, bone of the father unknowingly given, blood of an enemy unwillingly given, and flesh of the servant willingly given. After it was over and the newly resurrected of solidified dark lord was robed, Harry finally figured out who the heck it was that he would be having the pleasure of battling.

"I am Lord Voldemort!" the owner of the first voice finally introduced himself, "Now who is it that I have to thank for my resurrection?"

"I am Lord Potter," Harry introduced himself, and unlike Voldemort Harry was an actual Lord.

"Potter?" Voldemort said, "Any relation to Harry Potter?"

"I am he," Harry said, "Why? You gonna start spouting about how you're going to finish what you started all those many years ago? Cause I can assure you that I won't go down quietly, I have it on good authority that I won't be dying anytime soon."

"What could a fourteen year old possibly do to survive against I?" Voldemort said mockingly.

"I may be fourteen, but at least I didn't have to suffer through Albus Dumbledore," Harry said, "I actually have managed to hit him where it counts. Unlike someone I could name."

"You dare mock me?" Voldemort said, "I could kill you now if I so wished. But I won't, you'll need an audience for your death."

"Call for your servants then," Harry said, "I've already got mine."

"What are you talking about? I only sensed your arrival by the portkey my servant at Hogwarts created," Voldemort really needed to work on his dark creature senses, "I sense no other wizard than yourself."

"I'm no wizard!" Harry said, laughing a bit at the end of his proclamation, "I'm something more!"

"Ha! There's only room for one dark lord in this country, and that dark lord is me!" Voldemort declared, then shouted, "Wormtail!"

"C-Coming my lord," the rat said and approached his lord.

"Your arm," Voldemort said, then once the arm with the tattoo was presented, he jabbed the mark painfully sending a bit of his magic into it which sent out the summons.

"Just so you know," Harry said, once the Dark Lord was done sending out the summons, "Narcissa and Bellatrix aren't going to come."

"What makes you say that," Voldemort said.

"Well for one thing, they're not loyal to you," Harry said, "For another thing, well, Bella was never loyal to you, and Narcissa was beaten by Lucius as well as divorced. So that means you don't have a Black amongst your ranks. There's also the fact that the only Black remaining is still in Azkaban as both Bella and Cissa are Potters now."

"I didn't think you'd be into older women," Voldemort said while they waited for the arrival of the Death Eaters.

"I'm not," Harry said, "I blood adopted them, making them my daughters."

"Interesting," Voldemort said, "Blood adoption, blood magic, the Ministry considers that a dark art. Care to join me instead of fight me?"

"Nah, I think I'll pass," Harry stated, "You killed my parents, I really can't in good conscience join up with you."

"Fair enough," Voldemort said.

The two Lords waited for the arrival of the Death Eaters most of whom arrived a few minutes later. Time which the two lords spent playing Go Fish, which somehow ended up turning into Old Maid. The Death Eaters sure took their sweet time.

"Uh...My Lord?" Lucius Malfoy spoke up after arriving, "We're here."

"Crucio!" Voldemort shouted as he pointed his wand at Lucius who ended up screaming on the ground, "Not now! You made us wait, now its your turn!"

"Got any fives?" Harry said, the game had reverted back to Go Fish.

"Go Fish," Voldemort said.

It took a few more minutes before both players decided to call it quits, since they couldn't decide on a winner, as they played a few more games. Harry's servants hadn't really grown bored as their patience was almost unlimited as it wasn't everyday that their master got to act a bit childish with an equally childish dark lord. It ended in a tie, the end score of won games was 54-54.

"Well...now what?" Harry asked, "The only thing we haven't played is Scrabble, Monopoly, and Life."

"We haven't played any sports yet," Voldemort noted, "You any good at badminton?"

"Nope," Harry replied, "You?"

"Unfortunately no," Voldemort said, as the two of them rose from their sitting position, the cards they had used returned to Harry's pocket, "I guess we could have our little showdown now."

"Sounds like a good tie breaker," Harry said, "Do our servants battle each other as well?"

"No," Voldemort said, "The larger the audience the better I suppose."

"That will have to do then," Harry said, "So, here amongst the tombstones, or is there a clearing that we can do this in?"

"There's a clearing a short walk away," Voldemort said and lead the way, Harry following while signaling his own servants to make their way out of the shadows, and following him along with the Death Eaters who didn't know what to think of the proceedings.

When they got to the clearing, they each took a side, they skipped some of the protocols when it came to dueling, as they were a little pressed for time. Before they began t the duel, Voldemort took some time to look over Harry's servants and was surprised to find a number of dark creatures, from vampires to dark elves.

"How about a wager?" Voldemort suddenly suggested.

"I'm listening," Harry said.

"We battle until one of us is no longer able to fight," Voldemort said, "The winner gets the servants of the loser."

"Sounds fine for me," Harry said, "The loser serves the winner."

"That's about right," Voldemort said.

So they bowed, and at the count of ten, they sent their curses flying, Harry had chosen to actually use his wand. Silently cast spells streaked through the air, none of them actually hitting their intended targets, or any of the spectators for that matter.

The duel was basically a ping pong match, as neither of the two combatants had yet to bring out the big guns, relying on common curses, none of which were classified as dark, while some were borderline. Harry had refrained from using any of his other gifts.

"How about we stop stalling and bring out the big guns?" Voldemort suggested, his followers weren't all able to understand what he meant, but Harry did.

"Sure thing," Harry said.

"Avada Kedavra!" both combatants shouted, their wands pointed at each other.

Neither one of them knew what the other would be casting. But somehow the audience was expecting it, all that mattered now was the outcome. While it may have been such a fast paced competition, such a spell spelled victory for one combatant, and defeat for the other.

Voldemort's green light slammed into Harry flinging him into a tombstone, while Harry's transformed into his buddy Death, who slammed Voldemort into another tombstone using a vicious right hook. He then summoned the dark lord to him, and held him aloft as Harry picked himself up off the ground, healing his wounds as he walked over to Voldemort and Death.

"Looks like I win," Harry stated.

"What in the world?" Voldemort managed to say, without stuttering or seeming to have a problem breathing.

"Oh right," Harry said, "Introductions, Voldemort meet Death, I can't really cast a Killing Curse, since all of mine summon my friend. While you can't kill me, since Death doesn't want me to die, even though I eventually will die someday."

"Do you surrender?" Death spoke, his voice heard by all in a strange way, but all knowing exactly who the question had been posed to, "I am a very patient Being, I can keep at this position and wait for all of eternity, but you can't afford to. Now what'll it be?"

"You win Potter," Voldemort said, and he was promptly dropped to the ground by Death, who then faced Harry.

"That was fun, call me again anytime you need some help dealing with a someone you intend to keep on as a servant or something," Death said before departing through a tombstone.

"I can't believe you're friends with Death," Voldemort said, "I still can't believe I just met Death and lived to tell that tale...why are you so special?"

"Well...I don't know really," Harry said, "My Visitors, which is what I call them, were bored and decided to bestow upon me some gifts, one of those Visitors was Death himself, I'm kind of related to him."

"Oh, that's nice to know," Voldemort said, "Well, then, I'm a man of my word, and my magic and life would probably leave me if I don't do as I agreed upon. So Lord Potter, what would you have me and my Death Eaters do?"

"Alright," Harry said, "So from now on, you are one of my retainers, my loyal servants, and your servants will remain yours to an extent, but will also serve me through you."

"Ok," Voldemort said, "You heard him, didn't you?" he spoke to the Death Eaters, "We serve the House of Potter now."

Murmurs of agreement were heard as none of the dark wizards wanted to have to fight with a friend of Death, as they doubted they were important enough to be allowed to live.

"I believe that the Magical World is in need of change," Harry said, "It has stagnated for far too long. I'll try for change through legal channels, as well as a little politics and blackmail, while you and the Death Eaters do what you do best. But instead of targeting the innocents, you target the aurors that aren't doing their job. The hit wizards that act more like mercenaries, and let us not forget the corrupt officials, as well as the people that are in Albus Dumbledore's pocket."

"I like that last one," Voldemort said.

"I'll leave you to that part then," Harry said, "Since you are all servants and not slaves, you will get paid, and will have some benefits, and I'm not just talking about cookies."

"We can work out the details at a later date then," Voldemort said, "Are you going back to Hogwarts now?"

"Yes I am," Harry said, "I'll be taking Wormtail with me, as I've got a Godfather to free."

"Why is it that its alright if I serve you, but you didn't quite like the idea of you joining me?" Voldemort asked, as he picked up a stunned, bound, and gagged, Wormtail.

"Serving the man that killed my parents would just be me losing," Harry said, "But by you serving me, I'd be winning, and I don't really think my parents would mind you serving under me, they'd probably think of it as justice or karma or something."

"Oh, alright," Voldemort said, "So...when will I see you again? Also where am I going to live? I really didn't think that far yet."

"You can live with me in Potter Castle," Harry said, "I could find a way to buy back Gaunt Castle if you want. Death told me once that you were a Gaunt."

"My mother was," Voldemort said, "My father...well...let's talk about that some other time."

"If you say so," Harry said, "Personally I don't care whether or not you're a pureblood or not. We'll be talking about restructuring of ranks and goals, once this tournament is over and done with, and summer starts up again. Not that I go to school."

"Well, I'll see you then, then," Voldemort said, and watched as Harry disappeared with the portkey, while Harry's primary dark creature servants began to make preparations for returning to the Potter estate, but were stopped when asked by Voldemort, "How do I get to Potter Castle?"

"Grab hold old man," one vampire said, "You can portkey with us, the Death Eaters too."


When Harry reappeared with the portkey and Pettigrew in tow, he was surrounded immediately by the Potters that were left on the Quidditich Pitch, and before addressing his family, he decided to address the headmaster of Britain's premier school.

"Dumbledore! Why that hell did you have me portkey to some graveyard!" Harry shouted, "I can't believe you used the betrayer of my parents to try and kill me in some graveyard! I know you were planning on framing the Ministry about it, once your double crossing servant returned with my body!"

"My boy, I don't know what you're talking about," Dumbledore said, "It is clearly evident that you managed to barely make it out of there alive."

Very few were buying it, as they had spotted the bound, gagged, and stunned form of a balding Peter Pettigrew. According to the man's memories he had run off during Neville's third year in search of Voldemort. Harry had decided to mess around with the man's memory, add a few fabricated ones, and altered some of the ones that the man had. All in the hopes of implicating Dumbledore in the attempted kidnapping and murder. There was even the bit about Dumbledore staging a false resurrection of You-Know-Who which originally Neville Longbottom was supposed to witness.

The truth would come to light, that there was no real Voldemort, and that there was only an Albus Dumbledore and his blind followers, who had used Time Turners in the past war, to trick the Ministry into thinking there was more than one threat to her power. The second coming of Voldemort was to be Albus' new ploy to gain more power, through the sacrifice of others. Of course there were those that would believe Albus' lies, but a few more people would grow to have the ability to think for themselves.

"Minister Fudge," Harry said approaching the man, "I've had a trying night, what with catching an illegal animagus before he could report to his true master about his failure. My winnings if you please?" Harry then held out a hand to accept the winning, which were dropped into his hands, "I will be taking my family and my leave now. Good night."

With those parting words, and the winnings in hand, Harry and the Potters, left Hogwarts, walking to the gate before portkeying home. They were followed by Amelia Bones, head of the Department of Magial Law Enforcement.

"Lord Potter," Amelia said as she managed to reach Harry.

"Yes?" Harry said, turning around, his family ready for anything, "What is it Madam Bones?"

"What made you call Peter Pettigrew a betrayer?" she asked him.

"He was my family's secret keeper, and sold us out to Voldemort or Albus Dumbledore," Harry said, "I have something akin to photographic memory, I remember casting of the Fidelus Charm, I was awake at the time, and Peter Pettigrew was made the secret keeper."

"Are you willing to provide memory proof of that statement?" she asked him.

"Sure," Harry said, and extracted a copy of the memory and placed it in a vial he took out from his pocket, and handed it over to Amelia Bones, "There you go. Is there anything else?"

"We'll contact you, in case you are needed for the trials of Pettigrew and Black," Amelia said.

"Thank you," Harry said, "I look forward to seeing justice be done."

With those parting words, Harry and the Potters vanished from the vicinity of Hogwarts, and appeared within the transportation room of Potter Castle. The house elves them took Harry to where Voldemort had been made to wait.

"Busy night we've been having," Harry said as he entered the sitting room, it was a different one as the castle had several.

"Quite a busy one, I agree," Voldemort said.

"Due to some thing I said while at Hogwarts, you're going to have to either return to being Tom Riddle or think up another name, but we'll have to change the way you look," Harry said, "As of right now, there are those, including the Ministry, that believe that Dumbledore was the reason for their being a First War, the one you started after the fall of Grindelwald."

"I guess Tom Riddle will have to suffice," Voldemort said, "What of the muggle side of my heritage?"

"Your father was adopted by Tom Riddle Sr, if anyone asks you," Harry said, "He was a squib of the Morgan Clan, a clan that had nearly died out. The supposed last remaining scion of that noble House was your father who had been found by the non-magical authorities placed in an orphanage, and had been adopted by the Riddle family."

"What if someone challenges such a claim?" Tom asked.

"The goblins are friends of mine," Harry said, "They'll help with that. The new body, as well as new blood status. Those little green buggers will and can do anything for the right amount of gold."

"I doubt I have enough to afford that," Tom said.

"Don't worry about the cost," Harry said, "I'll pay for it, moving the gold around and all that."

"How soon do we go do this?" Tom asked.

"We rest for the rest of the day before we head over to the goblins," Harry said, then snapped his fingers calling one of the house elves, "Take Tom to one of the guest bedrooms, he'll be staying with us for a bit."

"Yes Master Potter, sir," the house elf said, and led Tom away. Tom Riddle was a servant, but at the same time a retainer, or so Harry deemed him to be, it was simpler than going from slave to servant, which made such a thing possible and easier.

It was the day after the day that the Tom had been told that he would be visiting the goblins, that Harry took him to visit the goblins. The former Black sisters had opted to take summer classes, as they seemed to enjoy college, and had also managed to make some friends in the non-magical world.

After being led into the bank, Harry and Tom were led into an office where a goblin had been waiting for their arrival.

"'Lo Griphook," Harry greeted, his words were heard in the goblin language by the goblin and English by Tom, "Tom here needs to be a real pureblood, he already is the last of the Gaunt line, and since I've already paid off their debts, all he needs now is to become the last heir and lord of the Noble House of Morgan," Harry said, "Is it doable?"

"Same fee as your blood adoptions," Griphook said, "I've already reserved the chamber. So Tom Riddle will be Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Gaunt, Slytherin, and Morgan. Will you be taking up the mantles of your other Houses?"

"Might as well," Harry said, "I might be needing some additional wives for the continuation of my lines anyway..."

"That second part doesn't have anything to do with accepting to take up the Lordship of your other Houses," Griphook pointed out, "Plan on rescuing anymore damsels in distress?"

"Not really," Harry said, "When it happens it happens, so, the blood adoption and cheating room?"

"Right this way, gentlemen," Griphook said before leading the two men, both young and old, to the Blood Adoption Hall, which was roughly the size of Hogwarts Great Hall, and whose walls were covered in runes, seals, and whatnot, as well as had the punch bowl on a pedestal in the middle of the room.

"I'll provide the magic like last time," Harry said, and began to power up the room, while Griphook led Tom over to the punch bowl, and took out a vial of blood, and poured its contents into the punch bowl, the resulting potion filled up half the bowl, and so Griphook handed Tom a straw.

"So, am I to suck up the potion?" Tom asked, receiving a nob, "When do I start?"

"Now!" Griphook shouted as he slammed the doors to the room shut, pulling Harry out with him, as Harry's presence would have made Tom adopted into the Potter family as well.

It took fifteen minutes for the ritual to complete itself, and when it was done, Tom Marvolo Riddle stepped out of the chamber a new man. He looked to be in his early thirties, and actually looked better that his post resurrection form, the one that he had used in that obscure ritual.

"How does it feel to be young again?" Harry asked as he leaned against he wall.

"Like I could rule the world!" Tom said, attempting to cackle madly, but failing.

"Ehem," Harry coughed into his hand, then said, "While we were waiting, I convinced Griphook to purchase the old Gaunt Castle, it has been, in recent years, dubbed the Haunted Castle, and is located two hours away from my castle, and is visible to non-magicals, the two hours is how long it would take by car."

"I see," Tom said, "So I'll be living there, then?"

"You will," Harry said, "Lord Riddle-Gaunt-Slytherin-Morgan. We managed to make a lord out of the Riddle family, you being the last living descendant and all that, no one would dare contest its validity, and Gringotts has a reputation when it comes to record keeping."

"And if you doubt such a claim, we'll have you blood adopted by the Weasley family," Griphook threatened, "So don't test me."

"I believe you," Tom said, "So, my Lord, what are our plans for the rest of the day?"

"You get to check out your new home, as well as go over your family finances, and portfolio," Harry said, "While I spend the afternoon going over mine, the ones pertaining to the Houses of Gryffindor, Hogwarts, yes the school was named in honor of the primary sponsor, and Muggle."

"Muggle?" Tom inquired.

"Yes, there is an Ancient and Noble House of Muggle," Harry said.

"Its from his mother's side," Griphook supplied, "To be without magic is to be a Muggle. The last Lord Muggle was the one to coin the term as he had broken an oath he made, the penalty being his magic for several generations. The House of Muggle bore powerful wizards and witches, and it was all thanks to Heronius Muggle that the legacy was nearly lost."

"So you've got four lordships, and I've got three," Tom said.

"Yes," Harry said.

"Cool," Tom said, as they followed Griphook to his office for them to have a bit of privacy as they looked through their folders.

While the Gaunt and Slytherin folders didn't really hold much, save for a few coins, and a few small properties, as well as the ones that Harry had bought for his newest retainer. The Morgan folder held a lot more, as there was a lot of unused gold, and a few more properties, as well as invested businesses.

Having been informed by Death that the Ravenclaw line had ended when Tom had killed the last of the line, Harry decided to cooperate with the goblins when they suggested that the properties, monies, and investment shares and stocks, that the Ravenclaw line had, which the Ministry had been unable to obtain, be split between him and Tom, with a third of everything going to Gringotts as the fee. Same went for the Hufflepuff line which had ended only a few generations after the Great Helga Hufflepuff passed on. While Harry was unable to influence the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff magic into accepting either himself or Tom as the magical heirs, he did manage to get the two family magics to at least give Harry's and Tom's future children or descendants the chance at the heir-ships, ensuring that the Hogwarts Four were somehow reunited.

After looking over the contents of the folders, Tom found some inconsistencies in his family finances, specifically the folder containing the Gaunt and Riddle finances, he had some money and of course properties and investments from his Riddle heritage, him being the last one as well, the goblins had acquired the Riddle accounts from the non-magicals that were in charge of the Riddle estate. With some help by the relatively friendly neighborhood goblin, for a fee of course, Tom was able to trace the inconsistencies back to the Hogwarts Headmaster. He and Harry theorized that Dumbledore planned to have the Slytherin line wiped out due to its potential for creation dark wizards. But dark wizards were a needed aspect of any wizarding society, there can be no light without the dark after all. What gave dark wizards such a bad name were the actions of a lot more dark wizards who aspired to gain control of the country than light wizards, like Albus Dumbledore.

As Harry had already looked through the Potter folder, his only concerns were the Hogwarts and Muggle folders, as when the Gryffindor line ended it was revealed that it simply merged with the much older Potter line, but still kept its rights, privileges, and whatnot that it had obtained during its existence, from investments to a seat on the Wizengamot. The Wizengamot was basically a more updated form of the Council of Sorcerers that used to govern the wizarding world, which was a part of the Council of Magic that used to govern the magical world in the past.

The Hogwarts folder showed that aside from investments, businesses, and monies, he actually owned Hogwarts Castle, and its grounds, as well as Hogsmeade. The House of Hogwarts had simply been renting out its lands to the people of Hogsmeade and to the Hogwarts Four for their school, it was the school that the Hogwarts Four owned and not the castle and its grounds. The House of Hogwarts nearly as old as the House of Potter, but was far older than Gryffindor, the reason why Harry was the remaining heir, or rather Lord, was that its magical line had all but died out before being resurrected in the form of Lily Evans, as had the Muggle line.

The House of Muggle, while considered as one of the Most Ancient and Most Noble like the House of Potter, no longer retained its vast tracks of lands, but retained some properties. The properties it did still own was being rented out to shopkeepers, and was known as Knockturn Alley and Factu Alley. Its vaults were still overflowing with gold since they were keyed into magical heirs and lords, and not non-magical members of the line. It also, like Harry's other lines, afforded him another seat on the Wizengamot, should he ever claim them.

When they were done with simply looking over the folders, Harry had the goblins, through Griphook, compile everything that they could find that could be used against Dumbledore in a court of law, which would get him publicly humiliated and put away, where he would be unable to aid the wizarding world when it came to Harry and Tom taking over, one from the shadows, and one in the business, political, and social world.

Once done with their business at the bank, and after collecting the necessary things that would make withdrawals much easier, they went their separate ways, one to Gaunt Castle, whose name had been returned, and the other to Potter Castle.

Once home, Harry shared with his family members about the recent change in their status. Fleur was informed that eventually he, Harry, would have to take on more wives. She accepted the decision, as she had to, and since polygamy was not frowned upon, only that no one really cared to practice it as one needed to be fairly wealthy to dare. There was also the fact that Fleur was not possessive and not head over heels for Harry, had she been she might have actually fought or argued a bit before giving her consent, not that Harry needed it.

With her two stepdaughters taking up college courses, and since she was out of magical school herself, Fleur decided that she would also pursue obtaining a degree in the non-magical world as she was living in both worlds, it was a good thing that during the summers her parents had her balance her magical studies with non-magical studies which allowed her to keep up with the her non-magical education. She decided to go to the same university as her stepdaughters, getting in was easy for her as she was a rather smart young lady, and Harry didn't need to use his connections for her to gain entrance.

With the three women in his life quite busy with their lives, Bella and Cissa having their summer classes, and outings with friends, and Fleur with her college preparations, as well as seeing if she could find herself a part-time job as she wanted to feel some form of achievement that didn't have Harry attached to it, Harry himself busied himself with planning another trip to some other foreign country for another adventure, as well as whether or not he would be taking up his seats in the Wizengamot.

Harry decided that Tom should start operations as soon as possible, there needed to be a healthy dose of chaos for there to be any chance for change to take place. Chaos was needed to stir up the magical, or more specifically the wizarding world. Harry came to the decision of claiming his seats in the law making body of the Ministry of Magic by his fifteenth birthday, a bit early for a coming out move, but he was already an adult in the eyes of the law.

While the news of his claiming his seats was big news, it was still a bit drowned out by the news of law suits and accusations against Dumbledore, as well as the public announcement of the release of the falsely accused Sirius Black. The public loved a good scandal, and it selling more papers was of greater importance than anything Harry could or would have done. Sirius decided to move back into his ancestral home before attempting to get to know his godson that apparently didn't need him.

Since the Death Eaters were mostly pureblood families, that meant that there were a number of members with a seat in the Wizengamot, which made anything that Harry wanted to happen possible, he just needed to get word to Tom for things to move in the right direction, but the one thing that they didn't need to talk about and agree upon, was that they both wanted to see Dumbledore behind bars.

When the first attack that Tom launched against the wizarding world happened, the Ministry was quick to assume that Dumbledore was at his tricks again, wanting attention and attempted to destabilize the community with accusations of a dark lord rising, and it being almost time for Neville Longbottom to prepare for his destiny. With the mention of Neville Longbottom many citizens were reverted back to sheep, but the Ministry decided not to turn a blind eye to Dumbledore, more especially so when they received the complaints against Dumbledore as well as the filing of criminal charges against the Supreme Mugwump. With the filing of the criminal charges as well as the submission of complaints against the almost infallible old man, he only lost his position on the Wizengamot, but not his teaching credentials or his position as Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and by the time Harry thought about using his power as the heir of a founder to kick out the old man from his position, it was too late as an official change in headmastership was not a good thing for the students. But of course there was still the chance of killing him, but it would have to be done discreetly and not be tracked back to either him or Tom, as tracking such an action back to Tom would lead back to him by association.

Instead of pushing through with his vacation out of the country, he heard about problems in the vampire community from his servants who frequented London. Of course they knew how to hide themselves from the those that would try and rid the Earth of them. There were several organizations that were out to rid the world of dark creatures, and not all of them were members of the magical world either. These organizations spanned from a secret arm of the Vatican to one funded and certified by the Crown to smaller mercenary organizations, and even a few families with long standing grudges.

Harry decided to investigate as he cared for all those that were under his protection, which included servants and slaves. He went so far as to inform Tom not to bother with England unless he could do so extra discreetly, like terrorist attacks during the daytime without revealing the existence of the magical world since most purebloods were behind the times.

It was night when he released his puppets, all three of his main ones, plus a fourth puppet which was made from an acromantula which he had named Arachne, after the half human half spider in Dante's Inferno. His acromantula's default form was that of a spider the size of a horse, but it had the ability to be like a centaur as it could sprout the upper body of a woman, and attractive one with a toned down version of the Veela Charm that Charity had.

He had Charity sprout her wings and track Tristan's and Nero's movements from the air, while Arachne followed them from underground, specifically the sewers, while Harry followed in the form of a grim. They were hunting those dumb enough to get caught and killed by these beyond the magical world organizations.

It took them a good hour before Harry decided to try the red light district of London, which actually was a good idea since upon reaching there, they came upon a nightclub that lured humans, humans entered and very few of them left, especially those that wouldn't be missed by society.

While he didn't like the practice, it was obvious that these vampires were of the new age type. They were arrogant, and believed that they ruled the night, and were above the laws of their worlds. But since Harry was after the hunters, he would leave these vampires alone, and wait for the arrival of the hunters, as he believed that they would come.

He didn't have to wait long before two hunters appeared, but what surprised Harry was that the hunters were of the race of the hunted themselves. Two vampires, one was clearly a master vampire, while the other was his fledgling. The younger vampire sported the coat of arms of the House of Hellsing, which Harry swore to research once the night was through. He watched as they went to work, and even had to stop some of his own vampires from interfering with the Hellsing Organization's work, as it would most likely get them killed as well.

"Watch and wait," Harry instructed, "I wish to see how they operate before confronting them."

"As you wish, my master," the vampires and dark elves that came with them said, there were around ten of each race in number that had decided to back up their master.

The Hellsing operatives went through the nightclub with brutal efficiency ending unlives every few seconds. Harry could tell that none of the innocent lives that had entered had any worry of being killed as they were most likely already dead. When it was all over, Harry watched as the two operatives left the building, and waited for some military cars to arrive, as well as a Rolls Royce, which apparently held their master.

"Surround them," Harry whispered, but knew that his servants heard him, as he positioned his puppets as well, "I wish to speak with the Head of House Hellsing."

When they were all in place, Harry released a spell he had placed on all of them, in order for them not to be detected by the master vampire. Once he was done, a gun barrel was instantly trained on his form as he moved out of the shadows in his grim form, followed by his servants and puppets. The Hellsing soldiers were far too surprised by the possible ambush to raise their own weapons.

"Interesting," the master vampire said, "Who are you?"

"What are you talking about Alucard," the Head of House Hellsing demanded of her charge, "Rid the world of this filth at once."

"I must apologize, my master, but I cannot," Alucard the master vampire replied, "I am much too restricted to be able to take out these filth as you called them. As for what I find interesting, is that the creature before me is not as it appears to be. Kindly show thyself."

"Heh," Harry chuckled a bit, then shifted his form back to his base form, "Greetings Lord Alucard of Clan Nosferatu and Sir Hellsing. Let me introduce myself, I am Lord Harry Potter of the Houses of Potter, Gryffindor, Hogwarts, and Muggle."

"It has been a long time since I have heard those names, Lord Potter," Alucard said, "It is a pleasure to meet one who remembers who I am."

"Its a little difficult not to realize your importance in the world of some of my servants," Harry said, "How has it come to pass that the No-Life King is now the servant of a human?"

"It is a long story, where I at one point in time forgot myself during a hunt," Alucard admitted, "But enough about me, what is your business with the Hellsing organization?"

"My servants have told me of organizations indiscriminately hunting down dark creatures," Harry said, "I'm merely looking out for their safety, which is that I hope that the organization you belong to is not out to rid the world of all dark creatures, and only attacks those that are truly viewed as a threat to the peace of the nation."

"I am unable to answer your query," Alucard said, "But my master might be able to."

"Well, Sir Hellsing," Harry said shifting his attention to the light blonde haired woman, "Do you have an answer to my concerns?"

"I only seek the continued safety of the nation," Sir Hellsing replied, "If ridding the world of you filth, then so be it. Kill them already, Alucard, that is an order."

"Would you be her champion then? Her avatar?" Harry asked the master vampire.

"It would appear so," Alucard stated, then asked, "Why?"

"How about a bet, Sir Hellsing," Harry said, "Loser serves, the winner also gets to claim the Rights By Conquest. How about it?"

"Fine, whatever," Sir Hellsing said, "Alucard, didn't I give you an order."

"Of course, my master," Alucard said, then prepared to engage Harry.

"Incapacitate! But do not kill!" Harry ordered his own forces, then flared his magic, while bringing up a ward to hide their battle from the Ministry of Magic, "Shall we?"

"Let's," Alucard agreed then blurred out of sight, and proceeded to physically engaged Harry, as he transformed into a vampire himself to better keep up with the master vampire.

Numerous punches and kicks were exchanged, but neither of their attacks hit their target, only barely missing due to their reflexes. Harry's magic also roared like a flame around him, that to those watching the battle, he seemed like a comet or a fireball, while Alucard's own aura was that of a mass of black shadows. Their auras battling each other as well for dominance.

"It is quite sad that the great No-Life King has to serve a mortal," Harry said, while trading blows with the vampire, "You could be out and about in the world, ruling over your race right now, and keeping a tighter leash on these new age vampires, that lack the nobility of your race."

"While I may agree with you," Alucard said ducking under a sword swipe, "There is nothing I can do about it, unless of course you manage to defeat me, which is highly unlikely."

"Highly unlikely?" Harry said, as he delivered a roundhouse kick which managed to connect, sending Alucard flying into a lamppost, "I think not."

"A lucky shot," Alucard said getting back up and getting back into the fight, "But that's the only shot you'll get."

"I think you are underestimating me," Harry said, "You saw my transformation, and know what I am, but what you do not know is that even among my kind I am rather unique."

"So you survived a Killing Curse," Alucard said, "While that makes you special, I'm not a Killing Curse, I am the Bird of Hermes."

"Keep underestimating me, and I assure you, you will lose," Harry said, as he jumped back, brought out his wand, and shot a blood draining curse at Alucard, the purple spell missed the master vampire and slammed into a wall.

"I think it is you, who are underestimating my abilities," Alucard said, as he slipped into a shadow, appearedb behind Harry and kicked him hard in the back, then speeding in front of Harry to deliver a right hook to the face, then kicked him in the gut which sent him flying in another lamppost, "You are several centuries too early to be challenging me."

"Or so you claim," Harry said, then began to shift shape, "While you think me a magical animagus, you are sorely and sadly mistaken."

"What are you talking about, whelp?" Alucard said, a little intrigued and waited for Harry to make his move, but gained a shocked look on his face once Harry was done with his transformation, "No! It can't be! How dare you mock me!"

"What in the world is going on, Alucard, finish him off already!" Sir Hellsing shouted impatiently.

"I am not mocking you, master vampire," Harry stated, as he took a step toward his foe, "I am no mere copy cat, I am something more."

"You fiend!" Alucard shouted, drawing his guns and letting lose a spray of holy silver bullets, all of which were melted by the intensity of Harry's burning aura, "You dare mock me! Taking on this limited form!" he emptied his clip, and another, and another.

"I mock you not," Harry stated, "The form which I have taken, is that of yours, but with the alteration of it being what you once were before you were chained like a dog to the House of Hellsing. It is not only the form which I have at my disposal, but also all of your abilities. Now surrender, concede defeat, for even you must know when a battle just can't be won."

"It...it is not my place to surrender," Alucard said as he replaced his guns with new cartridges, then began to empty them to the roaring flames that was Harry's aura.

"Sir Hellsing, you are nearly beaten," Harry said, "Your vampire, the master of his own race is no match for my present form, and even he with his vast pride and overly large ego knows this."

"..." Sir Hellsing had nothing to say, she simply glared at Alucard, as she found herself in a position to lose her power to someone more than half her age.

"I guess, this means that I will have to defeat your avatar, your champion, in battle," Harry said, then rushed the master vampire, who with a renewed sense of vigor joined the battle once again.

The battle raged well into the night, no one daring to interfere, as it could possibly mean their deaths. The soldiers had all be knocked unconscious, and Sir Hellsing, was left conscious to watch as her freedom from any power, save for the Crown, was slowly being stripped away, as even she could sense the difference in power between a bound master vampire and a free one.

The vampires were in awe at the sheer potential of their whole race, while as fledglings they had heard tales of the conquests and feats of power of their King, it was different seeing it in action. They were also equally amazed by how their master, a shpdeshifter, was able to use the full extent of the No-Life King's abilities, while Alucard appeared to have stopped rising in power, Harry continued to soar.

By the time that the fight was winding down, sunrise was almost upon them, which caused the Potter vampires and dark elves to begin returning to the shadows as they had not brought any of their protective gear with them. Alucard was immune to the effects of the sun's light, and Harry was not really a vampire.

Harry ended the fight by using his puppets to wrap themselves around the Sir Hellsing, she didn't think to protect her, for the battle had only consisted of her champion battling the opposing Lord.

"Release Alucard from your services or forfeit your life," Harry said, it was another way of saying 'surrender, and she knew that either way, she would lose. Harry had drained the master vampire of the energy he would need to rescue his master.

"...Fine...I release Alucard of Clan Nosferatu from my service..." she resigned herself to defeat, as well as to serving under another House, she did have her honor after all, "...I will keep my end of the agreement."

"Very good," Harry said, "I guess that will make you one of my retainers. Congratulations!" he sarcastically said that last bit, "I expect that you will cease operations unless there is a real need."

"What? But the safety of the nation is dependent on my organization, not only from abominations, but also from the Vatican's Iscariot Organization," Sir Hellsing said.

"Before we continue our little chat, I would like to know your name," Harry said.

"Integra, Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing," she replied.

"Alucard, while you have been released from her services, I still defeated you," Harry said, "Are you willing to serve one such as I?" he had already reverted back to his base form.

"Serve in what sense?" Alucard asked, "While I may be used to captivity, I would chose freedom from any bindings as much as possible."

"As a retainer as well," Harry said, "I would still be your superior, but I would not be binding your power, as well as your right to rule your race. How about it?"

"I shall serve then," Alucard said, "It would be a nice and interesting change I believe."

"I would prefer a magical oath of loyalty from you," Harry said, he had received ones from all the rest that served him, when honor was not sufficient in quantity and quality.

"I Vlad III, Last Prince of Wallachia, of Transylvania, of Romania, the Impaler, Dracula, Alucard, swear on my immortality and my magic, that I shall forever serve the Houses of Potter, Gryffindor, Hogwarts, and Muggle, as a faithful retainer, and servant, to defend their lines, and fight for their cause," Alucard pledged, "So mote it be."

"I Harry James of the Houses of Potter, Gryffindor, Hogwarts, and Muggle, do so accept the pledge," Harry stated, "So mote it be."

A bright rainbow like light sprung up between the two rulers, forming a thin strand of magic binding the oaths for eternity, before twinkling away, but remaining there.

"I don't have any magic," Integra said, "You'll have to accept that I shall serve, and stake my honor on it."

"I'll accept that," Harry said, then returned his attention to Alucard, "I would have you police your own people. They have gone on too long without their leader."

"That sounds terribly like work," Alucard said, "Fine, I'll do it, its not like I've got anything better to do...Filth ruining my noble race...disgraceful..."

"M-Master, what about me?" his younger companion asked.

"We shall seek out the local covens that I might summon the clans," Alucard said, "You will of course be coming with me."

"Yes master," she said.

"Hey Alucard!" Harry said, once the master vampire was a little ways away from them, heading into a manhole.

"What is it?" the vampire asked, not turning to face Harry, but still stopping.

"She's a cutie," Harry suddenly said, "You think I could keep her when you're done with her?"

"I'll think about it," Alucard said after a pregnant pause, then left the scene of the battle.

After Alucard left, Integra did as well, but not before reviving her troops, and informing her highest ranking officer of their new protocol and orders, and whatever other changes had been made to her organization.

With no one else to deal with in the vicinity, Harry ordered his own forces to get back home, as well as telling them that he planned on vacationing in Rome for a time, as there was the Vatican's secret division to deal with.

Informing his family of his plans of being out of the country was simple, as once again they requested some souvenirs from him, Fleur didn't bother requesting to accompany him as she had to deal with college. The others were of the same mind, and so with a number of vampires and other dark creatures, Harry teleported to Rome, and checked in with the local Ministry.

The Italian Ministry of Magic washed their hands off him, as they didn't want to have anything to do with a person that was crazy enough to antagonize the Holy See. Harry didn't mind, as he was used to dealing with things by himself, or simply with his own people, and resources.

Getting into the Vatican was easy as pie, even the vampires, werewolves, lycans (no full moon needed), dark elves, banshees, doppelgangers, nightmares (shapeshifters that usually took on the form of a horse from hell), and three demons, were able to simply walk into the seat of power of the whole Roman Catholic Church, in disguise of course.

They had split into groups, a mixture of men and women, pretending to be groups of friends on vacation, with Harry walking on his own, accompanied by Tristan, Nero, and Charity (in Veela form). Each group was tasked with making sure that they stayed within the walls of the Vatican well after the gates were closed to the public, which would be the time that they would make their way into buildings and sniff out Iscariot, and the bloody hands that worked there. With such sinners in the Vatican, it wasn't really much of a holy place, which allowed the normally weak against such things members of the groups able to make full use of their powers.

As soon as night fell and the evening's events had concluded, and the gates had been closed and locked, Harry forces began their seek and incapacitate mission. One of the easiest parts of the operation was locating and infiltrating the Pope's quarters. Harry left Charity in her Angel form in the room with the Pope, in case he woke up.

As he searched through the catacombs underneath the Vatican for the organization, his servants joined him, as well as in the buildings of the Vatican. They moved as stealthily as possible, as some went so far as to incapacitate some of the traditional guards. One of the demons even went to the main security center and knocked out the security team and played eyes in the sky for his comrades.

When a member of the organization was found, all hell broke lose, as all it took was the sounding of the alarm and the place was suddenly swarmed by fighters under the banner of the holy cross. But Harry was unable to join in that particular battle as through the eyes of Charity he watched as a Priest sneaked into the Pope's room, and was summarily taken out via puppet. He teleported his way to the Pope's bedside and quickly shook the old man awake.

"Wha-what is it?" the Pope asked as he tried to see clearly in his darkened room, "Who are you?"

"I apologize for waking you at such an ungodly hour," Harry said, "But I need to get you to a safer location, it seems like my infiltration into you home has ignited a kind of civil war amongst your ranks, most especially within the Iscariot Organization."

"How do you know about...?" he tried to ask Harry.

"Some of my servants, and possibly myself included are what that Organization have spent most of their time hunting under the direction of Enrico Maxwell," Harry said, and had Charity check the identity of the human trespasser, "And it looks like he just tried to kill you..."

"What in the world? An angel? How?" the Pope said rushed, "Who are you?"

"Pardon my rudeness, but maybe that can wait," Harry said, "I've got to get you out of here before any of Maxwell's more fanatically loyal subordinates decide to finish what he started."

"Alright, but how are you going to manage that?" the Pope asked, but was answered not by words, but by Charity being sealed in her storage seal and Harry himself sprouting wings.

Harry flew the Pope out of his room, while pulling on the activation nodes of the portkeys of all of his servants, as he needed them all to regroup to better protect the Pope, as well as come up with a way to lure out the corrupted leaders of the militaristic arm of the Vatican, ones that seem intent on overthrowing the Pope.

As he landed with the Pope in the middle of the biggest open and flat space in the Vatican, he was soon joined by his servants, an experience which surprised the Pope himself as he had never thought that he would be among the kind of things that some of his priests tended to have more than petty agreements with.

"When they start flooding the plaza, make sure that they don't reach the Pope," Harry instructed as he brought out Charity, along with the rest of his puppets, which was quite a lot, there was even a dragon, one that was inspired by the Hungarian Horntail, "Incapacitate the regular soldiers, I'm sure they're loyal to the Pope, but make sure that we capture the leaders alive."

"Yes, my Lord!" his servants said as they began to take up defensive positions around their Lord and the Pope.

"Normally I wouldn't condone fighting," the Pope said, "But I suppose it is necessary...so are you going to introduce yourself now?"

"Yes, sorry about that," Harry said, "I'm Harry Potter, can't say that I have a religion though, since I've met quite a few higher powers in my life."

"Quite understandable I guess," the Pope said, "Nice to meet you Harry, I'm sure that you already know who I am."

"'Course I do," Harry said, "But can I call you Karol instead of your title?"

"I suppose..." the Pope said, "Considering the circumstances."

"Thank you," Harry said, but before he could say anything else his three demons appeared via portkey. While they were demons, they were actually fallen angels of the highest order, and had somehow ended up being captured by those criminals that Harry had defeated in France, and thus decided to serve him as servants.

"We should have gathered more intelligence on the place before this operation," one of the demons said.

"What have you discovered?" Harry asked.

"They've got abominations on their side," the same demon replied, "They've also got wizards and witches, they're called the gifted, and have been brainwashed into thinking of their, and I guess, your race as evil. Witch hunts and the like are what the leaders of Iscariot would want to be reimplemented if they had their way."

"By abominations you would be taking about actual abominations and not...dark creatures, right?" Harry asked.

"Unfortunately," the demon said, "The mixed and matched kind, they've got a few that have giant parts in them too."

"That can't be good," Harry said, "Well if worse comes to worst, I'll have to call for some reinforcements."

"Why not call for reinforcements now?" Karol asked, joining the conversation.

"Err...well..." the demon said uncertainly, "Our reinforcements aren't more of what you've already seen...they're...well..."

"They'll make you think that the Book of Revelations is coming to pass," Harry supplied the best explanation as he could think of in such a short time, "Although there is a possibility that they don't come, and just one of my friends hears my call."

"Of course," one of the other two demons said, "You might want to be prepared to meet Death, should that friend come."

"Why is that?" Karol asked.

"Simply put, my friend is Death himself," Harry said.

"That's not that reassuring," Karol said.

"I know," Harry said, "But its the best warning I can give you."

"Incoming!" a vampire shouted as they all dived to the ground as a barrage of Killing curses lit up the darkness.

"Ah screw it!" Harry shouted as he got back to his feet, "Avada Kedavra!" he shouted and predictably Death himself shot out of the wand and barreled his way towards the members of the Iscariot Organization.

"I can't believe you chose to fight the Church!" Death wailed, as he knocked out Christian after devout Christian with the blunt part of his scythe, "This is madness!"

"Don't anyone dare!" Harry shouted as he knew what Death was trying to humorously do.

"This is Sparta!" a random lycan shouted.

"Too late!" one of the demons shouted.

"Sorry my Lord!" another lycan shouted.

"Just don't do it again!" Harry shouted again, then shifted his attention to a group of around ten people, at the head of them was Enrico Maxwell.

"The infidels have kidnapped his Holiness!" Enrico declared, "We must rescue his Holiness! For the greater glory of God! Attack!"

"Oh no you don't!" Death exclaimed and charged the leaders of the organization, just as Harry too joined the fray, intent on getting those corrupt officials of the Holy See tied up.

"What do I do?" Karol asked one of the demons.

"You stay put, while we guard you," the black haired fallen angel replied, "Oh, and you can call me Azrael."

"I'm Michael," the red haired fallen angel introduced himself, "Yes, that one."

"Gabriel's the name," the blond haired fallen angel said, "I'm sure you already are aware of who or what I was."

"Why?" Karol asked.

"Let's just say that we had major disagreements with Him, and leave it at that," Gabriel said.

"Alright," Karol said, and simply sat on the ground until the festivities were over, as he really had not experience in hand to hand or even long ranged combat of the likes that was going on around him, though he was fascinated by the dragon.

Suffice to say that the Vatican suffered a lot of structural damage that night thanks to the war zone that it had become. One would think that a holy army would consist mostly of paladins and knights, but not this one, as there were abominations, mashed up creations of a mad scientist's mind, as well as some of those that would be considered as heathens themselves, those bearing the Gift as magic was called or considered, it was also referred to as the taint.

After a little more time of fighting, the ringleaders of the secret organization were finally subdued thanks to Harry remembering that his only limitation was his own imagination, and thus stunned the ten leaders, bound them, gagged them, then had his people carry them to where the Pope was, the soldiers of God, the knights, and paladins, were paralyzed thanks to the use of Charity's gorgon form.

"Couldn't you have done that from the very beginning?" Karol asked, as Harry returned to his side, with the unconscious men in tow.

"I could've," Harry sheepishly said, "But I only remembered that I could a moment ago...hehe..."

"Alls well that ends well, I guess," Karol said, "So what happens now?"

"We wake them up, and you ask questions," Harry said.

"Although you might want to use your power as the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church," Death added, "Such a proclamation grants you some mystical powers of your own. Holy ones, compared to what the demons or fallen angels are able to do, or what Harry or I can do."

"Let's get this over with then," Karol said, then put on his Pope face.

"Ennervate," Harry intoned pointing a finger at Enrico and his cohorts, "The show's all yours your Holiness."

Once Enrico and company came to, they were faced with a very much, but not obviously, pissed off Pope. His holy aura was a bit stifling and became a bit more once he began his interrogation.

"As the Supreme Pontiff, I demand an explanation for tonight's events," the Pope demanded, "Chose your words wisely, for by the grace of God, they may be your last."

Enrico was forced by some otherworldly force into spilling the beans so to speak on how under his leadership he had undermined the power of the Pope and had strived to one day become Pope, as with such power he would be able to finally put an end to all things that were not human or Christian in the world. His goal was world domination under the banner of Christ. Brainwashing, kidnapping, murder, they were all merely means, tools, ways to fulfilling his goal of one day finally bringing peace to the world, peace under his reign which he would rule with an iron fist.

He, along with his officers, had lied, cheated, and stolen, and a host of other unspeakable things to get to where he was presently. He even admitted to attempting to assassinate the Pope amidst the chaos, and finally be able to reveal to the rest of the ignorant world the existence of the dark creatures as well as the still prolific magical world.

He and his fanatic followers were of the extremist sort, like the terrorists of the Islamic faith, the kind that were more harmful than helpful when it came to the betterment of the world.

"From what you have said, I have the unfortunate burden of declaring you a danger to the Catholic Church, as well as to the peace and safety of the world," the Pope declared, he was saddened that he had to make such a declaration.

"I can take them off of your hands, though where their souls will go depends heavily on whether or not you will forgive them...they are still priests you know," Death said.

"I would appreciate it...though...wouldn't that be murder on my part? A taint on my immortal soul?" the Pope asked.

"No...not really anyway, since I'll just be doing my job after all. I am Death if you would kindly remember," Death said, he watched as the captives, now all conscious heard his words and squirmed in their seats, bound and gagged as most of them were.

"I forgive them, I would absolve them of all of their sins...but...their sins are far to great for one as fallible as I to forgive," the Pope said reluctantly.

"Understandable," Death said, as he waved a hand over the damned souls, "Its the Hall of Judgment for you lot. It is better to have an impartial Being to place you in your after lives, and I doubt you'll be worthy of going on another great adventure."

"See you next time then, Death," Harry said.

"Hopefully, next time wont be as insane as this one," Death said, bid them all adieu, then vanished, the soulless bodies slumping to the ground dead.

With Death gone, and numerous Iscariot agents littering the plaza, all of whom were still bound, the Pope asked Harry if it was over.

"For the time being," Harry said, "Although you may want to create a kind of magical relations office or something similar to deal with or allow you to work along side the magical community, as well as the vampire community whose leader is one of my retainers actually, as well as a friend."

"I'll see what I can do," Karol said, "But what about the Iscariot operatives?"

"Oh, almost forgot about them," Harry said, then faced his three demons, "Free 'em, they should be quite loyal to Karol and anyone he appoints as their new head, also those that Death didn't take shouldn't be all that bad."

"Yes my Lord," they said and began informing the others to free the prisoners.

"So...now what? Anything else? Other concerns? Have I forgotten anything else?" Harry asked his new found friend.

"None that I can think of, save for repairing the damages done to my city," Karol noted.

"Ah, piece of cake," Harry said, then released a wave of magic which engulfed the Vatican, and intoned, "Reparo."

Everyone within the city-state (or country) watched as all the damages were reversed, and since Harry poured out a lot of magic, they were cleaned as well, and the whole place looked brand spanking new, to the shock of all that witnessed the repairs.

"I think you may have overdone it," Karol pointed out as he couldn't find even a speck on dust on the ground he was standing on.

"Well...you may be Pope, but I think that there are times when even you can lie," Harry said thinking over his words a little bit, "You can cheat at the converting game a little bit too...though I would have to help you with that...and hope that the Almighties don't smite me or something..."

"Maybe we should have our conversation in my office?" Karol suggested.

"I think that would be a great idea," Harry said, "Though you might want to have someone close the gates of the Vatican...the public will find out about the whole really clan and repaired bit since I believe the effects of my magic went a few feet beyond the walls of the city...it'll be looping for a while, the cleaning part that is."

Getting to the office was a simple thing, while getting all those that lived in the Vatican to head to the plaza was something else, since Harry had to cast an invisibility ward over his forces, and seal up his numerous puppets back into their storage seals all of which were located somewhere on his body.

"So let me get this straight," Karol said as he sat in his official outfit behind his desk while Harry floated mid air, "You want me to say that there was a battle of biblical proportions within the Vatican, and since the place was really messed up, God decided to restore it all to its former glory. Did I understand that?"

"Pretty much," Harry said, "Though I will be having my three demons linger a bit...as well as Charity in angel form to stay there...you know...look like they're making sure that everything was done to some kind of specifications...and kind of publicly leave..."

"I'd be lying to millions or even billions of people!" Karol exclaimed, "I can't do that!"

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," Harry argued, "I guess, I could ask Death to threaten your God into ordering you to do it or something..."

"I don't think that that would be necessary," Karol said, "But this better not be a mistake..."

"It won't be...I mean it isn't!" Harry said, "Listen, just inform your people, while I...well...prepare mine for the revelation that there is more to the world than regular Human Beings...then we can go to being really theatrical with the public..."

"Well...fine...miracles don't happen everyday anyway..." Karol said, and prepared to speak to his people, while Harry teleported down to his, and explained the situation to them as well as inform them as to what was expected of them.

After the existence of the magical world was explained to the other residents and workers of the Vatican, Harry did his little demonstration by lifting the ward which exposed his servants, to the shock and slight awe of the people present.

"As you can see, magic is very real," Karol said, "My friend, Harry here," he then motioned to Harry, "was with me as the battle took place right here where we are right now. The magical world has chosen to hide themselves away for their own protection as well as ours. The Iscariot Organization which was originally established to protect the Catholic Church, just last night launched a coup and tried to wrest the my position as Supreme Pontiff for their own gains. The city was heavily damaged, but thankfully kept within the walls, and was repaired, and cleaned as you all must have already noticed. As we will be unable to inform the public of the existence of the magical world, it has been agreed that we inform the public that the ancient battle between good and evil had been fought, and that God had decided to directly intervene after the forces of good triumphed over evil by repairing all damage as well as restoring everything to its former glory."

The Pope didn't bother informing them about the angels, as they too needed to be surprised at their being there, and not look like they had expected it. Harry's part was more sinister in look.

Once the public had been let into the city, Harry's people mingled in with the crowd, the exceptions being the demons or fallen angels. He too did not mingle in with the crowd, as he had to hide himself for his part in the performance, it was a good thing that he had already gotten a message from Death that their cousin The Devil had approved of the advertisement, and didn't really mind being impersonated, as he had more important things to do, such as woo a young Ravenclaw.

After the announcement was made, there were a great many skeptics in the crowd, but before anyone could demand for some proof, Harry signaled his three demons to get ready. He then had Charity leap from the top of the basilica, and flew over the heads of the crowd looking as if she were surveying the work of God. When she was half way across the plaza, Harry summoned out his dragon puppet which he also enlarged a little bit more, as well as added a few additional heads and horns, and made it blood red and black, before having it launch into the air to do battle with Michael, Gabriel, and Azrael.

"You have got to be kidding me," Karol mumbled under his breath, as he too looked up at the battle taking place, he didn't know whether or not Harry was behind it or not, all he knew was that he could do nothing but watch until the show was over.

The red dragon did battle with the angels, it was smaller than many had imagined it to be, but thought that perhaps there was more than one red dragon that looked like the one in the Book of Revelations. There were only four angels, one looked to be a healer, which was what she was, while the other three were clearly seraphims, the warrior angels. Harry waited a while before pulling back his dragon, making it look all hurt and preparing to retreat. When he did, the three demons made to pursue, but they were shoved back by fireballs, which they caused to explode in order not to harm the crowd.

It was then that Harry made his presence known, he had resealed the dragon and was using its wings to give him flight. He looked every bit the handsome Prince of Hell, his cousin had more or less granted him that title anyway, though he did change his facial structure, as well as his eye color, and his hair color. He wore no shirt, but wore some really expensive looking leather pants, as well as black combat boots. He even went with the horns coming out of his forehead, to complete the devilish look.

What no one was expecting was a voice from the heavens to speak up, and it wasn't part of the script either.

"You dare show your face here! After your loss at the hands of my champions!" the voice echoed with power, "Run now, while you still can, else I be less forgiving of your actions in the past few hours! Begone foul creature!"

'Harry...that's the boss of the Almighties...the one our dear cousin will be battling soon enough,' Death mentally whispered to Harry, 'He was informed of the little show you had prepared and is really rather fond of Karol, and so decided to make the miracle more real...plus it does one up his rivals.'

'Thanks for the rather late heads up,' Harry mentally replied, then spoke to the voice with his magic making it possible for all, including those watching from TV to hear him, "I decided to get one last hit in before, returning home is all. You got a problem with that, old man?"

"You dare mock me!" the voice from the heavens stated, "Do you have a death wish?"

"Of course I do! Dare mock you I mean," Harry exclaimed, enjoying every moment of his mockery, "Who else would have the gall to? Your son? No way! He's too respectful to speak his own mind!"

"Well...run along now, you've had your chance," the voice stated.

"Fine! I'll leave for now," Harry said, "But be warned, in the words of MacArthur, I shall return!"

"Not if I have anything to say about it," the voice retaliated with a bolt of lighting, reminiscent of Zeus, but didn't really do anything to Harry.

"Well you don't," Harry said, then realized something, and decided to voice his personal revelation, "You have no real power over me...just a basic grasp, a way of circumventing my activities...Your power wanes in this world, as there may be peace...but beneath this blanket...there is much hatred in the world. What do you have to say about that?"

"I have given them a choice," the voice stated, "Theirs is a will that is free...I dare not change that, lest I be viewed as a tyrant. While their hatred may fuel your power, there is still much love and care in the world which fuels mine. We shall see in the End, whose might is greater."

"Its too bad that you chose the path of passiveness, while I and mind chose the path of actively undermining the world," Harry said, he was taking his role rather seriously now, "Fine then. Let their actions speak for themselves. I have used up what unholy power I had in this world to breach the protective barrier between realms in my attempt to wrest control from your hands. But the next time, the world may not be so lucky."

With those parting words, Harry reverted back to his human form after teleporting to a safe location, one where some of his people were waiting for him. The voice too retreated to His realm, On High.

'I admired what you did, therefore along with the title your distant cousin has granted you, I too shall grant you a title, a rank, status, within the Heavenly realms,' the voice from the heavens mentally communicated with Harry as he prepared to go over to Karol, 'As you seem to have a fondness for angels, and since three of my former servants have chosen to continue to serve you, I shall grant you the position and title as a Prince of the Heavens. I hope that this will keep you out of my conflict with your relative, and also hope that you do not abuse the power such a station grants you. Good day.'

'Why me? Why oh why...me...' Harry thought to himself, as he approached Karol, 'Why Crius? Why!'

Of course he didn't receive a reply, but he did hear some stifled laughter somewhere at the back of his mind, he could have sworn that it had sounded like Crius laughing at his fortune or misfortune depending on how one looked at it.

"So...what did you think?" Harry asked, his friend.

"I was just briefed on your new status, as well as the reality of what had just happened," Karol said, "Congratulations!"

"You're not going to turn me into some sort of knight or something are you?" Harry asked.

"Well...you seem to have a lot of experience in leading people, and so I named you as the head of the Iscariot Organization," Karol said, mirth was dancing in his eyes.

"You're serious, aren't you," Harry said, "Of course you would be...damn...oh well...what can I do...fine I accept the position...I'll leave my angels here in the Vatican to coordinate with the rest of the organization here, unless you would permit them to migrate back home with me...though I highly doubt that Integra would be happy about it."

"I seem to remember hearing that name from somewhere before," Karol said adopting a thinking pose.

"She was Enrico's rival," Harry supplied, "She's the head of the Hellsing Organization...and she doesn't particularly like Christians."

"Oh, I think I remember her," Karol said, "But I bet she works for you now."

"Yeah," Harry said, "So...Section XIII?"

"You live in a castle don't you," Karol said.

"Yes...I own around three, why?" Harry said.

"I'll speak with some people before I make my decision," Karol said, "But prepare one of those castles just in case. You saw our numbers. I'll also come and visit you, I'm sure that even Popes get to go on vacation."

"Feel free to bring your work with you," Harry said smiling, "Just remember to inform one of my fallen angels about your visit, that I may prepare somewhere for you to stay."

"I'll do that," Karol said, then they said their good byes, as Harry still had other organizations to thwart, disband, or take control off.


It was a few months later that Harry was contacted by Karol, and was told to expect him. Harry had been a bit busy, what with his political maneuvering in the magical world, in the Wizengamot, as well as finally getting Dumbledore thrown into Azkaban. Tom was doing a splendid job keeping the Ministry on its toes, and they were both very successful in ridding the magical world, or simply Great Britain, or the United Kingdom, of some outdated, and useless laws, while keeping the Old Laws, those things just couldn't be removed. They also managed to have several new laws put in place, and some to replace some old ones.

Tom's dark wizards had been able to do a splendid job of wreaking havoc and sowing controlled chaos throughout the land, that those very few were able to stop the change from within. While Harry was happy with some of the elements within Tom's band of merry men and women, there were just some members that really had to be put down, like Fenrir Greyback, and Lucius Malfoy, there were others of course, but they would serve their purposes first before being fed to the vampires and werewolves, or genetically enhanced piranhas.

Alucard had managed to order his people to reinstate the Death Dealers, otherwise known as the police of the vampire world. He had also managed to convince the lycans and werewolf clans into doing the same for their respective race, give the Ministries of Magic less of a reason to think bad about them. Integra decided that since she could not longer actively seek and destroy things, she would work cooperatively with the Vatican, along with Harry's other acquisitions. Earlier in the month, Karol had sent over the Iscariot operatives, and had managed to get them accepted as dual citizens.

The two former Black sisters weren't all that familiar with the Catholic faith, and thus didn't really think about it when they informed some of their friends that some guy called the Pope was going to stay at their home for a few days. Same went for Fleur. Needless to say they were more shocked that the girls didn't know who the Pope was over the fact that he was going to be staying with them for a few days. They immediately jumped at the chance to meet the Pope, and asked the Potter sisters and Lady, if they could come over some time during the visit.

Harry didn't mind, but he told them, that the Pope's visit wouldn't really be on the news as he was actually simply going on vacation, and his travel from the airport to the castle would be spent 007 style, all secret like, and stealthy. His flight arrived at night, and Harry himself picked up the religious leader from the airport, well before the press got wind of his arrival. The trip to the castle was a quiet one, considering they were flying just above the clouds, swooping down every now and then to make sure that they were going in the right direction. Harry had opted to use the dragon puppet. On the ground there were several convoys just in case someone had got wind of the pontiff's arrival in the country and wanted to ice him.

It was a busy night, and Harry already knew that his daughters and his wife would be bringing a few friends the next day after classes ended to visit, see the castle, but more importantly the Pope himself.

"Are you sure this is safe?" Karol asked as he looked over the side of the dragon, uncertainly.

"Perfectly safe," Harry replied, "I've done it before, and I promise that if something does cause you to fall, I'll catch you."

"That's not very reassuring you know," Karol said to Harry and simply chose to enjoy the rest of the journey, for very few people could actually claim to have ridden on the back of a dragon puppet.

"I know," Harry said, "You know, I could let go of the string holding this thing up..."

"Please don't joke about something like that," Karol said, "I'm enjoying the ride."

"Oh fine," Harry said.

The rest of the journey was spent with the two of them sharing some childish banter, all in good fun of course, when the flight ended, they arrived atop one of the towers of the castle, it had been made larger than it appeared to accommodate the landing of such a large puppet.

He lead Karol down to the sitting room, the main one that had the Potters, and servants, and Tom, and a few Death Eaters, but they didn't refer to themselves as that any longer since it was now connected to the Order of the Roasted Chicken. Harry introduced the Pope to everyone present, and even made sure to let them know that while he was a non-magical, he had a kind of magic power at his disposal, to be used only when needed.

"Its nice to finally meet you your Holiness," Tom said as he grasped the hand of the Pope, "Unfortunately I was never a big fan of your faith, I'm sorry to say."

"Quite alright," Karol said, "We're all entitled to our own beliefs. Last time I saw Harry, he was trading insults with God."

"That sounds about right, when it comes to Harry," Tom said, "Though I really should call him Lord at the very least, but he says not to call him such unless talking business."

"I see," Karol said, "I've heard a little about the things you do, you are in government I hear."

"Yes, yes I am," Tom said, "Harry too, though I'm sure you already knew that. We've been changing things from within the corrupt ministry, while at the same time my people have been keeping them on their toes. I won't go into specifics as it might cause you to try and make me repent or something similar."

"Quite alright, quite alright," Karol said.

"Your Holiness," Fleur approached the man in white "I"m Fleur, Harry's wife, rather young for him to have one I know, but its so nice to meet another friend of Harry's."

"Lovely to meet you as well Mrs Potter," Karol said.

"Please call me Fleur," she said.

"Fleur then," Karol said, "Please call me Karol, its what Harry calls me, even during official meetings."

"A Muggle!" a man in dark robes suddenly said, "I'm Manuel Zabini! Nice to meet you your Holiness, and just so you know, my family and I are Catholic, its from our roots back in Italy. I even visited the Vatican about two or three times in my lifetime."

"That's nice to know," Karol said.

"I really wish I could have brought my family with me tonight, they would have gotten a thrill about meeting you," Manuel said, "Do you think I could bring them over tomorrow?"

"That would be fine Manuel," Fleur said, answering for Karol as he wasn't really all that sure.

"Harry! I've got great news!" Alucard shouted as he barged into the room, Ceras Victoria his fledgling trailing slowly behind him.

"Ah, Alucard how nice of you to drop by," Harry said, "Don't you need to be invited in first?"

"You told me to drop by anytime!" the vampire reminded the mage.

"Oh right, I did," Harry said, "So what's the great news?"

"I'm in the lead!" Alucard exclaimed.

"What does he mean by that?" Karol asked Fleur.

"Alucard has a friendly rivalry with Fr Alexander Anderson," Fleur supplied, "I asked him about the No-Life King once, and he told me about the rivalry."

"So what games do they play?" Karol asked.

"Oh...well normally they fight, but sometimes they have dares and challenges, and one time they had to see who could outrun an enraged Harry," Fleur said, "Though...seeing him mad was quite a frightening experience."

"It wasn't that bad!" Harry shouted from across the room. The main sitting room was literally filled with a lot of chairs, it also had a grand piano, and kind of resembled a hotel lounge or lobby.

"Of course it was!" Tom said loudly, "You practically raised Hell on Earth on the two of them!"

"So that's what happened..." Walden McNair, not such a bad guy just misunderstood, said, "I had wondered where all the cute little creatures came from."

"Only you," Liam Avery said, "You and Hagrid..."

"Which reminds me..." Tom said, "We had better get him out of that horrid place, along with those that gladly went to the place, of course, we must also rid the world of the lost causes."

"I still can't believe that the dark side is fighting for what is best for the magical world," Gregory Goyle Sr. said, "I know I may not be brightest banana in the bunch, but I know that at some level saying that dark wizards are fighting for what he light should be, is a bit insane."

"Dark side? Have any of you watched Star Wars?" Karol asked, he had and it was great.

"No, why? Should we?" Gregory asked, "How do stars have wars anyway?"

"Its a non-magical thing, pictures that move and have sound, its really great Greg," Fleur said, "Maybe I can convince Harry into letting us use the great hall or the ballroom to watch it within the week."

"Sounds like a fantastic idea!" Tom said, "I haven't seen that thing in ages."

"For a dark wizard that sounded almost like you were a muggleborn," Narcissa noted.

"Well I am a Dark Lord, and there are Dark Lords and stuff in Star Wars," Tom argued, "Even though the bad guys don't win..."

"But they control the Galaxy for most of the movie," Karol said.

"The galaxy?" Walden said.

"Really?" Liam said, sounding a tad bit excited at the prospect of possibly seeing this thing that the Pope was talking about.

"Harry!" Fleur called out across the room.

"Yes?" Harry said, he waved Alucard and his daughter over to where the drinks were being served by a house elf and a dark elf or two, while he walked over to his wife, "You need something?"

"I want something," she said.

"Well, what is it?" he asked.

"Uhm...can we watch Star Wars...?" she asked.

"When you say we, what do you mean exactly?" Harry asked.

"Well..." Fleur said, but was interrupted by Tom.

"Karol mentioned Star Wars...and well, we'd all like to watch it," Tom said, "Like an association movie night or something, the Trilogy!"

"You sound like a muggleborn," Harry commented, before giving his approval and that he would set it, up but told them that they would have to tell him when they wanted it done.

"YES!" Tom and Karol shouted and began to dance a pretty good jig in their area of the room as the former Death Eaters and the Potters stared at the two of them, a Dark Lord and a Muggle dancing a jig.

"I think I need to go to bed," Bella said, "I think I'm seeing things..."

"I think I'll go too," Cissa said, as she too found it rather odd and a little bit disturbing, though Tom was rather attractive she still thought of him as the Dark Lord.


The rest of the week passed by quickly, or enjoyably, there were a few visitors to the castle and her grounds, and most of the ones that visited came to see and possibly meet the Pope himself. There was even a visit from the Queen herself, Harry kind of squirmed during that meeting as he had some explaining to do, but in the end he gained another high ranking in the world type of friend, and even invited her to come and join Star Wars night which was going to happen at the end of the week.

Harry had managed to set up the great hall of the castle, turning it into a movie hall, complete with seats, projector, and outside he had even conjured up some stalls that would provide snacks and drinks. There were even extra large popcorn boxes for half-giants since Fleur had decided to invite her former headmistress even though school was still in session, and Tom had somehow managed to get Hagrid out of Azkaban.

It was to be a family event, there was an area up front by the screen itself that was very comfortable if anyone wanted to lay down or something. Harry even had a mound of pillows and blankets that could be used.

Of course he had the house elves man the counters, and even some really bored dark elves man the ticket booth, as he wanted the whole movie experience to be complete. He even had aircon in the hall, actually he had aircon all over the castle, but it wasn't always on, since he didn't really think that people wanted it chilly all the time.

Harry had chosen to suit up as a storm trooper, as he knew that there would be people coming in costume as Fleur, Bella, and Cissa, would be bringing some friends over, and while it wasn't really all that likely, Elizabeth might come in some costume as well, her getting there was a really hushed up affair.

The first to arrive were Tom and Karol, Tom wore a Darth Vader costume while Karol wore an Emperor Palpatine costume. They got their tickets and snacks, then entered the hall to find their seats. Alucard had decided to come along as well, and managed to convince his rival, and Harry's second-in-command, to come along. Integra, Ceras, and Walter Dornez, also accompanied him as guests. All five were dressed up as storm troopers, Alucard's reasoning was that he was sure that the Sith were already represented.

The girls and their friends were next, wearing all sorts of other costumes, although there were a number that had decided to go in protest as they wore Star Trek costumes. Fleur was the only one to wear the slave Leia costume, her friends idea of course, and Harry didn't mind one bit, and was incredibly glad that he was in armor.

Elizabeth and her entourage came in a variety of costumes of the Rebel Alliance, who were followed by the former Death Eaters who had yet to come up with a name for themselves, and decided to come in an assortment of both the Empire and Rebel Alliance costumes, there were a few that were dressed up as Sith, while the Crabbes and Goyles were in Wookie costumes.

An assortment of other attendees to the event arrived after those groups, there were even a few from the nearby town, and somehow Harry had managed to convince some Hogsmeade residents to come watch the trilogy.

Once everyone was seated or simply comfortable as there were people, children and adults, on the floor, Harry began to play a short medley of the music from the trilogy just to get people in the mood for the movie, and when it was done, he began the first of the three movies.

The magicals, those that were not all that familiar with science fiction along with most of the non-magical world, were able to find something that they could relate to in the movies, for one thing there was the Force which looked to be a bunch of basic wandless magic spells, the laser bolts looked like a bunch of spells, and the lightsabers simply looked like magical swords. The movies weren't all that odd considering that the magical world had a lot of strange and odd creatures and peoples already in it.

By the end of all three movies, the Dark Side of Magic, which was Tom and his former Death Eaters were really pumped up, Tom had a plan one which would cause a whole lot of chaos in both the magical and non-magical worlds. Tom was sure that Harry would help since it would be an enjoyable experience, they just hoped that Star Wars wasn't real or that no one would be able to figure out that it was them.

After Karol had returned to the Vatican, Harry provided Tom and his forces with the equipment that they would need, luckily there were places to buy Star Wars paraphernalia, from costumes, to blasters, to even lightsaber handles. Harry had his servants help him in making it possible to turn the blasters into or mediums for magic to be refined as it passed through, but would only shoot a single spell color as well as only allow stunners, but the stunners were modified in that they only stunned if they hit organic material like people, but anything else they would act like the lasers in the movies. The lightsaber handles were converted into lightsabers through magic, while they would be unable to cut through people, they would be able to cut through almost anything else, but would depend on the setting. While the only storm trooper speeders available on the market were for display, Harry had used them as a model for a new type of broom, more like customized brooms.

Helmets were spelled with a number of things that would improve sight, and most of the other costume equipment was improved with the use of spells. Only the most magically powerful of the former Death Eater forces were trained in the art of wandless magic, they only needed to be able to perform levitation spells, summoning spells, some lightning, choking spells, the imperius curse, and a slight and minor memory charm, just those kind of spells.

Harry had had his potion masters prepare potions that would help with reflexes, strengthening potions, and a bunch of other power-up potions to be used by the combatants. Some of the potions were grenade types which once thrown would explode upon impact and release a kind of gas cloud that would make an illusion of sorts to appear. Harry didn't really want to figure out how to create those big machine, and otherworldly creatures appear. Another potion that Harry had brewed was an illegal one which scrambled the magical signature of an individual, it was to make doubly sure that none of those impersonating Sith and Jedi would be found out by the Ministry of Magic, it would not do for the Ministry of Magic to suddenly send some of their operatives in to deal with Tom and Harry's people.

"For this operation you can use your former alias," Harry told Tom, "I'll play the Emperor since I can shapeshift."

"Alright," Tom said, then donned his Sith gear along with a Darth Maul mask, the realistic kind that Harry would use when making a puppet, "I am Darth Voldemort!"

"Let's hope that Lucas doesn't find out about us," Harry said, "And if he does, we hope that he thinks that he's some kind of prophet."

"Whatever," Tom said, "So...since we're The Empire, who're the Rebel Alliance and the Jedi?"

"I convinced Griphook to play Yoda," Harry said, "Some of my lycans are playing wookies, and as for the Rebel Alliance...the Iscariot Organization, Hellsing Organization, as well as some random Star Wars fanatics that I convinced that the Rebel Alliance was real, and that Lucas actually made the movies as a kind of recruitment video for Earth...showing that the Rebel Alliance has a chance to win and some bullshit."

"Non-magicals?" Tom inquired.

"Muggleborn and halfblood," Harry said, "They need more magic than the regular non-magical to use the weapons, as for the Jedi, I convinced my other humanoid servants to do that."

"This is going to be fun," Tom said, "So where are we going to stage our battles again?"

"All over London," Harry said.

It didn't take long for all the groups to get into position, but it did take a while for them to figure out and coordinate when they would start their battles. Harry decided that a Sith and a Jedi should bump into each other on the street, pull out their lightsabers and simply have a go at each other which would serve as the Go signal.

All participants were supposedly bathed in the power of the Force which would allow them to hide in plain sight until the battles were to commence in order to not cause a panic before it was time. Tom had decided that he wanted to have his battle at Kings Cross station, while Harry would do battle with Griphook just outside of the Leaky Cauldron.

The beginnings of the battles started out in synchronized order, all Sith and Jedi actors walked along the street at the same time, most people thought that there was probably a Star Wars convention somewhere in the city, it was the best course of action, hide in plain sight. When a Jedi spotted a Sith or a Sith spotted a Jedi, most people simply thought them to be friends, up until they drew their lightsabers and did battle.

Harry and Griphook did not run at each other, they played with the Force for a little bit when they saw each other from across the street.

Lightning arched over the street and slammed into each other, at first people thought that it was a promotional stunt, up until the Empire and Rebel Alliance forces made themselves known and began shooting lasers at one another. One has to admit that the speeders looked real enough as they really did hover and move above the ground with nothing holding them up. Laser fire was clearly seen streaking through the air, and the Sith and Jedi really did fling things at each other. When their sabers touched one another there really was that cool lightsaber sound that everyone loves to hear.

Since it was all fun and games, and no one really wanted there to be an investigation that would look for anything more than people who would pay property damage, Tom and Harry agreed that there should be a maximum of zero civilian casualties, but aside from avoiding regular people, they could destroy as much of the city as reasonably possible. For example, Tom could derail an empty passenger car and fling that in the direction of his Jedi counterpart Frank Shortstomach, it was a bit hilarious during their introduction to one another, while Voldemort was a rather Sith-ey name, Shortstomach was just weird.

Trash cans were thrown at one another, cars, busses, Rebel Alliance and Empire troops. Killing curses were never fired at anyone, everyone stuck to using what had been provided to them. Harry planned his day well, as he wanted the battles to last well into the night, he made sure that at some of the locations the press would be present to document the historic event.

It was clearly obvious that Harry had too much time on his hands, if he was able to make a few TIE fighters, and X-wing fighters, they were simply heavily modified cars and jets that he had managed to purchase on the black market.

One of the best things that he had managed to accomplish was producing a C-3PO and an R2-D2, both of which were run by house elves, and made to walk around London avoiding the battles, while still managing to be within seeing distance of them, and occasionally being fired upon by both sides of the conflict.

It was a crazy and more or less fun filled day, they even had short breaks. The breaks were short because whenever two sides spotted each other in a certain eatery or coffee shop they would pull out their weapons and start tearing up the place with blaster bolts and flying things. The final battle was held right in front of Buckingham Palace, where Harry and Tom had bumped into Frank Shortstomach and Griphook, and the battle waged on from there.

When it was getting pretty obvious that the authorities were about to actually send in some military aid into the city, all players portkeyed out of there, as if they were teleported out of there or something, someone actually dared to say 'Beam us aboard', which was hilarious at the time.

Those in TIE fighters, X-Wing fighters, and on speeders, engaged their cloaking spells in order to evade detection as they flew upwards as if to exit the atmosphere. The media had a field day on the whole day event, it was so sudden and unexpected, that no one really knew what to do about it, but there was a sudden rush to watch the trilogy all over again.

"Could we do that again sometime?" Tom asked as he walked to his car, which was parked in the underground parking lot that Harry had under his property.

"Sure," Harry said, "Maybe something else next time too."

"Well it was fun, I'll admit that much," Tom said, "I'm sure that as soon as the Ministries of Magic get wind of the events we were parts of, they'll be even more panicky than they already are, and we'll be able to slip a lot more through the radar."

"Change in a matter of years...or months...good luck to us huh," Harry said, then bid Tom good bye, and walked back to the main part of the property, in his bedroom he found Fleur waiting for him, in her slave Leia costume...


The news stations the battles that happened all over London, and were expecting a repeat in some other city or country. But there were none. NASA and other space exploration programs and the like tried searching the space around Earth for any kind of intergalactic transports, they of course found nothing until Harry decided to cast an illusion out in space. Needless to say the governments of the world began to coordinate and work together to try and come up with some planetary defense systems in case the illusion in space decided to attack. There were also government agents tasked in locating the Empire forces on Earth as well as the Rebel Alliance forces. There were also those that bombarded George Lucas about his works as well as what his relationship was with the illusion in space.

Harry didn't really care about that stuff, although he did follow the news and progress of the non-magical world since he half lived in it anyway. He did add to the illusion by making it look like more ships were arriving every now and then.

With Albus Dumbledore out of the way and Tom working for him, Harry didn't have much opposition in the magical world save for the Ministry of Magic and the International Confederation of Wizards. Those were two major organizations that stood in the way of progress. The British Magical world was a century or two behind the times, the other countries magical worlds were also in such a state, but not as bad as others. This state of stagnation and being behind the times in terms of technology, fashion, and a host of other things, could be attributed to the separation of magic and non-magic.

The separation in a way was bad since there were a lot of magicals that didn't even know that there was a power higher than the Minister of Magic or Supreme Mugwump of the the Wizengamot, there was the Queen. Very few magicals looked beyond their world's borders. Harry wanted to change that, as their ignorance of the non-magical world would potentially be the cause for the outing of their hidden world.

Fighting and fixing the state of the world from within the Ministry of Magic were only half the battle. There were still the problem of the people, the citizens themselves, that needed to change as they needed to start really thinking for themselves and not waiting for someone else to think for them, to chose what to think, and what to do. They needed to open their eyes, or else a lot of what happened in the past would simply happen again.

There was the press, the media that also needed to be fixed, while there should be freedom of the press, there should be libel laws, and the like within the magical world, most laws that protect privacy and the like were not present in the books and made it quite easy for creatures such as Rita Skeeter to make a killing.

There were a lot of change that needed to be done, and if killing corrupt Ministry officials and some other people was the way to go, Harry didn't mind heading the movement, so long as people didn't find out about his part in things, the killing part of things.

Aside from the political killings, Star Wars thing in London, the thing in the Vatican, the year wasn't as eventful as the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The rest of the year was a typical year.

It was only at the end of the year, school year that is, that something finally happened, something of consequence, something worth noting.

The Order of the Phoenix got fed up with the status quo being mixed and mashed and minced and whatever without their Lord doing all the remixing of things. So they broke out Albus Dumbledore out of Azkaban Prison. After which they broke into the Ministry while the Wizengamot was in session, went down to the Department of Mysteries and took the prophecy that Dumbledore had heard Trelawney predict, and brought it with him to the Wizengamot session where he forced it to play, for all to hear, and proclaimed that he had known all along that Tom Riddle was Lord Voldemort but didn't want to upset the people as he wanted to do things without bloodshed. He was unable to defend himself since the Ministry did not help him when it came to raising the hero of the magical world that was Harry Potter, and so he had to come up with a false prophecy that proclaimed Neville Longbottom as the savior of the Wizarding World, take note that its not of the Magical World.

He brandished all the power he could muster after just barely escaping the clutches of the Dementors that had sucked out the souls of many of his weaker Order members. With such a degrading revelation, he projected memories of his previous confrontations with Tom Riddle back in the First War where he disowned the name, sure the memories were a bit muddled, but the former sheep became sheep once more, and Tom had to flee the courtroom, his servants and allies fleeing alongside him. Harry had decided to stay as he did have ways of escaping undetected, and needed to see how Dumbledore wanted to play.

Since Harry was most notably seen as Tom's political ally, people turned on him believing that the Boy-Who-Lived had turned his back on them, betrayed them, and joined the Dark Side. They hurled curses at him, and insults, and scorn. While Dumbledore was brought back as the hero of the magical world.

Harry had no choice but to flee since if he stayed, while it would normally have shown that he had nothing to hide, no one cared. The people also still believed that Neville Longbottom was the true Savior.

Since the prophecy in the Hall of Prophecies could only be taken or removed from the place by the ones named in the prophecies, then that meant that Albus Dumbledore was the Dark Lord, but since people are generally stupid, and the wizarding world is normally even more so due to being a hundred or more years behind the times, they overlooked that little tidbit as well as the fact that escaping from Azkaban was a bad thing.

Since the Wizarding World, and some of the minorities of the Magical World, changed their minds at the drop of a hat, and seemed to be more not worth saving than saving, since Dumbledore simply reversed all of Tom's and Harry's hard work. Since the many of the Ministry's corrupt people had been removed, those people that worked for their own gain, Dumbledore was able to put in a lot of his people into government.

The world was turned upside down, the Dark became the Light and the Light became the Dark. It was at that point that all the smart people decided to leave the magical world since Harry and his allies simply decided that enough was enough, and it was time to start anew, if the majority of the magical world didn't want to change, and wanted to remain in stagnation, they who was Harry and company to stop them.

Harry decided that he would do nothing to make change happen, but that didn't mean that he would do absolutely nothing. He sent out feelers all over the world to see how things were progressing, if Dumbledore's belief system and influence had corrupted them as well, if advanced Ministries had been downgraded, had lost some of their luster, their advancement, their modern-ness. What he received or read in the reports was that most of the magical world was losing intelligence and common sense. Therefore it was up to a brave band of a few hundred magicals to make sure that the blatant lack of common sense and laziness, and irresponsibility did not spread to the rest of the world.

If Tom wanted to go to war, and eradicate the non-magicals during his first reign of terror, well Harry wanted to eradicate those simpletons that populated the magical world. He wanted them gone, dead, destroyed, eradicated.

What was the power that the dark lord knew not...simple, it was common sense. The dark lord was two things, a person, and the magical world. One cannot truly live while the other survives, if the magical world wanted to continue down the path of infecting the world in its mental illness, then it had to get rid of Harry Potter and his merry band of misfits that were gearing up for war. If Harry wanted to be happy knowing that he had really saved the world through his own merits, then he had better inform the governments of the world that they had nothing really to fear military wise when it came to the magical world, and that the Galactic Alliance was going to aid them in stopping the threat to the peace of the world before it went out of control.

Harry claimed to be the leader of the Galactic Alliance, which was amassing just beyond the moon, which was in a way true. While he was basically infringing on the copyright and trademarks of LucasFilms, there was nothing George could do about it since Harry's things were the real deal compared to the costumes and for display only things that George had.

Since anything was possible with magic, Harry used his magic big time, he went to work overtime, and created a literal Galactic Alliance star fleet, allowing his imagination to run wild. He even went so far as to appear before the United Nations to explain that George Lucas' films were meant as a propaganda campaign to promote the Rebel Alliance, and that the events there were a little bit far from the truth. The Rebel Alliance was bent on stopping progress, ending free thought, free speech, and a number of other things, mostly bullshit, that got the United Nations to side with Harry on his quest of eradicating the seed of stupidity found in each nation in the form of the Magical World, with the wizarding world at the head.

He also informed the world leaders that there were aliens among them, and not the illegal aliens kind, but real aliens, like himself, he was just of the humanoid kind. He went all science fiction on them, pulling things out of his ass that sounded like a mixture of all the science fiction things that people were familiar with. It was all a ploy, a plan, a scheme, to get the world to be more accepting of them once they revealed themselves, and it seemed to have worked as compared to the magical things.

Harry was recognized as an otherworldly leader and given diplomatic immunity in all of Earth. Although, his people were asked to leave the planet and return to their own planet, even though they had been living in coexistence with the human race. That was probably the only downside. While magic was recognized as real, there were still those skeptics since this hidden world was still unable to be found, but that didn't really matter since the world leaders and governments believed in their existence. They wanted Harry's people off of Earth due to their possibly becoming casualties of war, and even asked Harry if he could evacuate Earth for this war that was to take place. Since the magical world was so allergic to technology, the United Nations did not believe that they would try and infiltrate the space crafts.

Harry didn't mind, and when questioned by his people as to how he could lie about such a huge thing, he said that he wasn't lying when he said that he would be evacuating Earth since he had already created the facilities and spaceships that were going to be used. He had even said that he had created a world very much like Earth in another the Andromeda galaxy, as proof of its having been created and being real, Harry uploaded memories of the place in the minds of all of those allied with him that were not of the Human race.


The year was 1997, Harry had just celebrated his seventeenth birthday, but he looked a number of years older than that, but still was quite handsome. The only people left on Earth were the military personnel of the nations of Earth, and the Magical Community, though divided, they all were indirectly under the control of Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of the School of Magic Formerly Known As Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as Harry and Tom were able to close the school and take all of their properties and the properties of their allies with them, and Harry transferred the properties to their new planet that Harry had decided to call Bob. He was originally going to call it Coruscant or something similar but decided that since the world was still relatively free of pollution, and there were no truly purely technologically advanced cities, he would not call it that and more or less went and ripped off the name that the dude in Titan AE had called their new Earth.

The United Nations armies banded together and simply attacked the places that Harry informed them were where the magical world was hiding, and preparing for war, they may have at first looked harmless, but when the spells began to fly, the United Nations found out just how dangerous they were.

Harry's people had to go with being people from Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Stargate, and a number of other science fiction movies and television series. Even though Disney hadn't even created it yet at the time, Harry even brought to life Stich.

With magic anything was possible, which was how Harry had managed to evacuate the magical creatures as well as a number of the regular creatures of the world, and had them transported to a planet near Bob, which he decided to call Martha.

Harry did his very best when it came to the war against Albus Dumbledore, even Tom had to work hard at something that came naturally to him, killing. They were tasked with eradicating all remaining magical life on Earth, a task which was needed to be completed before the citizens of Earth were permitted to return to Earth and continue to live out their lives and grow technologically as Harry's creations were impossible to reverse engineer as they were simply too complex for even Harry himself to explain, his excuse for not knowing everything that there was to know about his own technology was that while his planet was still very much blue, white, and green, most technological advancements were done in outer space and not on the planet itself as not get to the point in Gaia's life that people needed to take medicines due to all the pollution in the air, in the water, in the land.

The illusions that Harry had set up became real, and the only thing really magical to the people of Earth and former people of Earth was Harry, as he was crazy insane. When guerrilla tactics were not working against the hidden world, Harry decided to step in as he didn't have all decade, he had a family to spend time with, and people to reassure that the end of the Universe was not near. So he pulled up all of his allies using a massive number of portkeys, and called for all of his troops, from storm troopers, to mobile infantry equipped with those lovely weapons from Starship Troopers, a number of lizards that had been transfigured and alchemitized into those ugly mugs from the Predator movies, and a more intelligent version of xenomorphs, learning that those aliens from the Aliens movies were good guys, was a bit hard to swallow for most of the people of Earth that had grown up to the idea that ugly aliens were evil.

While a magician is traditionally able to pull rabbits out of hats, Harry went nuts and pulled aliens out of black holes, spaceships out of his ass, and a number of other things that should have gotten him sued for copyright infringement. Death had even popped up one day and told him not to bother him, Death, for an large chunk of the magical people of and from Earth had just had their lives shortened thanks to the world of Harry, and therefore he would be rather busy collecting misguided souls and bringing them to the Halls of Judgment, multiple halls due to the sheer mass of souls that were going to be entering the afterlife.

After Earth was cleared of all friendlies, Harry had a bomb dropped on Earth, one filled to the brim with xenomorphs and their movie rivals, all of then were wearing as much protective armor made out of magical silk as they could to be able to survive the spells that were most likely going to be cast on them. Alucard also sent platoons of vampires to the surface to kidnap as many of the magical children as possible as no one wanted to be accused of murdering children. The goblins, and any other race that had been viewed as less than human by the Ministries of Magic in the past were also sent down. It was time for their revenge. The goblins were looking forward to their finally being able to shit on Binns' face and declare that they had lost several rebellions but had won during a war.

The magicals had magic and very little imagination, while the goblins and the rest of Harry's forces had advanced and stolen technology. The goblin race went nuts once they landed on Earth, they brandished their own weapons in one hand, and in the other they held blasters, and in some of the leaders lightsabers. Apparently Griphook was a Goblin Chieftain that was really bored at the top and so chose to work as an account manager for the Potters.

Not all of the children could be saved as there were many that, in such a short time, had been irreparably brainwashed by Albus Dumbledore and his sycophants into fighting for the greater good, which was the greater good of Albus Dumbledore. How such a good person had gone astray and decided to do what was easy, and be corrupted by power. Power corrupts, and all that, apparently Albus Dumbledore had gotten to the point when absolute power, he was the top guy in many things in the magical world, and was revered as the second coming of Merlin, and some had even said that he was the reincarnation of Merlin.

When the ground troops weren't enough, Harry himself teleported down to Earth, to the dismay of his family as they didn't think that the Earth would be able to survive. Someone had to deal with Albus Dumbledore before all was lost.

Sibyl Trelawney had, before Harry went down to Earth to do battle with Albus Dumbledore, spoken a true prophecy about the fate of the world, Earth, continued survival and destruction were centered around the dark lord and Harry Potter. It was that clear, the only riddle that there was in the thing, the only unsure thing in the thing was who the dark lord was. To the people under Albus Dumbledore the dark lord was Tom Riddle who went by the title of Darth Voldemort. While to Harry's side the dark lord was the light lord Albus Dumbledore.


Harry appeared in the area that used to be where one of his properties was, he found himself where it all began, in Godric's Hollow, what was left of Godric's Hollow anyway. He was where his room would have been a floor above, and directly in front of him with a wand pointed at him was none other than Albus Dumbledore.

"Harry, my boy," Dumbledore greeted, "Why don't you come with me, give up this foolishness."

"Mother fucking sister killing goat fucker," Harry greeted evenly, "Why don't you give up and die so I can live my life without your shadow hanging over me."

"I don't think I can do that my boy," Dumbledore said, "You are far too important to my plan for world domination. Though I thank your for ridding this pure world of those bumbling oafs called Muggles, they did nothing but kill the magic, strangle what magic the world had."

"How about 'no'?" Harry even did air quotes, "I'm fighting for the betterment of mankind, and the rest of the people of Earth. What are you fighting for again?"

"Myself, without me nothing deserves to continue to live," Dumbledore said, he was planning on ruling the world with his white beard and an iron and immortal fist after he pried the information on how to create horcruxes from Tom Riddle's brain, he had already discovered and destroyed all of the horcruxes save for the soul fragment that had become whole in Tom Riddle aka Darth Voldemort.

"Oh, that's what I thought too," Harry said.

"Is there no other way for us to work on the same side?" Dumbledore asked, he was a bit insane as well, all that power he had accumulated in the centuries he had lived had gone to his head.

"I don't think so," Harry said, his hands going up his sleeves.

"The trouble with you my boy, is that you've been too stubborn," Dumbledore said, Harry found it a little unnerving that the first thought hat popped into his mind was of a pineapple headed Asian kid staring up at the clouds, "Too much like your father, Severus, my boy, was right."

"Well, that may be," Harry said, "But I still think I look more like my Ma, around the eyes."

"Harry, my boy, there is no need for me to destroy you," Dumbledore said, "Not that I want to either...Surrender, surrender this world."

"You always did love to have an audience," Harry said, "You and your eccentric speeches, you sap. I admit that with all the technology laying around me, I haven't had much practice with my magic, or with my wand either for some time."

"Oh?" Dumbledore said, and thought that he had the upper hand.

"Yes, its not like I need a wand anyway," Harry said, "Would you mind if I used mine for the first time in a long time during this fight of ours?"

"I don't mind," Dumbledore said thinking that it would be an easy win and that Harry just wanted to lose with all of his honor intact, "I don't mind at all."

"Good, good," Harry said, one had pulled out his wand, "But before that, I want to show you a trick I learned when you weren't around," he then pulled out a Walther P-38, pointed it at Dumbledore and pulled the trigger before the old man could react, "You son of a bitch," then filled the man with some more lead.

Harry wasn't aware of it at the time, but Dumbledore had marked all those on his side with a mark of his own, one that made it possible for him to use them as batteries to increase his own magical power, as well as to prolong his own life. While he had been unable to get the secret of the horcruxes from Tom Riddle, he did think that he was immortal since he could pull on the life forces and magic of all of those on his side. While Harry thought that the old man was finally dead and his soul had been taken by Death to be sent to one of the many Hells that there were in existence, he was mistaken since as soon as he turned his back on the old man he was hit in the back by a powerful blasting curse which knocked him forward with a broken back. He healed his injury as he believed that it was possible, and since his original plan had not really worked, he resigned himself to a magical battle.

"That really hurt you old man," Harry complained as he pushed his body off of the ground, his wand grasped tightly in his hand.

"You tried to kill me," Dumbledore said, "I would have died, had I not tied my followers' lives and magic to my own."

"So...if you don't mind my asking, how many people would that be?" Harry asked, "I've still got a few more clips with me."

"You don't have enough for all of those on my side," Dumbledore said, "Although I didn't include pregnant mothers and minors, even I'm not that desperate for immortality."

"Would you mind, terribly, if I just call my wife for a bit, you know...to say good bye and whatever, just in case I do die here today," Harry said.

"Go right ahead, I'm not going anywhere, and you already know that you cannot kill me," Dumbledore said confidently.

Harry pulled out a Hello Kitty walkie talkie, and called Fleur then whispered for her to get everyone, on their side, off of Earth as he planned on doing something very stupid and insane at the exact same time. Since the call was going on for quite some time as Fleur kept asking him if he was alright, Dumbledore decided to strike while Harry was distracted. As soon as the old man's magic slammed into Harry, he knew that he was fucked up terribly bad.

"Excuse me luv, I'll call you later," Harry said into the walkie talkie, then shut if off and turned to face Dumbledore, "I can't believe how much of a coward you are. Attacking a man in the back while he was talking to his wife. How pathetic can you get? Nevermind, no need to answer that, we both know how pathetic you are, after all Gellert did turn you down."

"Why I ought to..." the old man tried to wave his wand threateningly, but he had failed to notice that the strand of magic that he had sent Harry's way was still connected to his wand, which was connected to Harry, "What in the world?"

"Game over old man," Harry said, then pushed all of himself through the connection, and zipped through the old man's magic spread himself throughout the web that was the old man's plan for immortality, he fueled his magic into a weaker version of the unstoppable Killing Curse, but made sure to overpower the thing as he was using his entire Being to fuel the magic.

The last thing that Albus Dumbledore had seen in his life was Harry's body exploding, his entire Being giving into Magic, and exploding outwards, covering the entire world in magic, a scorching magic that targeted all those that Albus Dumbledore had used to fuel his bid for immortality.

The whole of the Earth was rapidly encased in a shell of magic, the colors dancing on the surface covered the entire spectrum, and there were even those that no one was able to recognize. As no one knew what it meant, they simply looked on at the beautiful sight.

When the first crack made itself known, there were those that began to worry, and those that had resigned themselves into believing that whatever Harry Potter did, it was not going to hurt them, too badly. But the Potters knew to brace themselves, when Harry Potter did something big, they knew that it was going to be bigger than simply big. Even Darth Voldemort and his troops, the former Death Eaters, knew to brace themselves for whatever was going to happen next.

The shell exploded outward, scattering Harry's magic across the universe, the shockwave felt was incredible, it passed through everyone and everything. Those with poor health were made healthy, those with problems had revelations and epiphanies, and everyone gained the feeling that everything was going to be alright.

"He just had to go and mess everything up...why oh why did I have to go along with a plan born out of boredom...why?" Death asked no on in particular, though he did sigh as he noticed that Harry had sent off all those souls directly to the Halls of Judgment's reception or waiting areas which was a good thing, "I hope he knows that I'm not going to be taking his soul to the next great adventure just cause he turned himself into Magic...eradicating the original energy and replacing himself with it...sheesh...I wonder how Crius, Shadow, Alex, and Aetas, are dealing with the paperwork...must be hell...the little bastard must have known that this story was too just too much to be continued with such a powerful Being as himself in it...stupid little cousin...you're not getting out of mortality yet."


After the United Nations' people scout out the Earth for any survivors of their opponent's side, they find that the world has more or less renewed itself, save for the cities. The planet was more or less intact, but all the environmental problems had been reset back to before things had started to go south for the planet.

A year after the end of the war, a war which no one really knew how long it had taken due to all the magic messing up that part of their memories, most of Harry's people decided to move permanently over to Bob, the ones that didn't remained on Earth to rebuild the magical world, while remembering to not repeat the mistakes of the past, else they experience whatever it was that Dumbledore's side had experienced.

While Harry was thought dead, the running of the human government was left to Darth Voldemort, he was unanimously elected as the Prime Minister, while the Potters were placed on a pedestal, they were a new Royal Family, the one of the human race both magical and non-magical that had decided to live on Bob. The other races still had their leaders, and set up their own countries on one of the many continents, a continent to a race.

It was a few months after finally settling in, and everything wasn't as chaotic as at the beginning of starting a new nation on a new world, that Darth Voldemort got a visit from someone he did not expect to be visited by.

"Bloody paperwork..." the former dark lord, turned light lord, turned Sith lord, turned Prime Minister, complained as he did his share of paperwork for the day, "Why in Harry's name did I have to accept the position?" he sarcastically asked himself.

"Because you aspired to get a desk job at the Ministry of Magic back in Britain ever since you found out what a desk job was?" someone said behind the Prime Minister.

He twirled around in his seat and pointed his wand at the interloper, then immediately dropped it in shock.

"You really should be a lot more careful with this thing," the interloper said and handed the wand back to the one that had dropped it, "There isn't another like it in the world, you know."

"I...how...explain now," Tom ended up demanding.

"Can't really explain it," Harry said, "I gave myself over to the magic, I wasn't really thinking straight at the time...hehe...but what a rush."

"Power usually is quite a rush," Tom said.

"Since my physical body was disintegrated when I gave myself over to the Magic, I kind of had a hard time figuring out how to appear...or be more solid again," Harry admitted, "I've only just managed to recreate my body from before I went 'Boom'."

"Oh...so...Have you visited your wife yet?" Tom asked, not really being able to think of anything else to say.

"I was going to head on over to her after speaking to you," Harry said, "I'm not really going to be able to stay for very long...a year I think will be the maximum I'll be able to stay..."

"Why is that?" Tom asked, "Why only a year? Are you dead?"

"I'm not dead," Harry said, "Death proclaimed that the end of the line for me is when people stop believing, its complicated like that...I've got more duties and responsibilities now than ever before..."

"Why is that? I mean, you did say that you gave yourself over to the magic, but wouldn't that simply make you stronger, or into some sort of representative of the magic?" Tom asked.

"I think...if it had been anyone else that's what would have happened," Harry said, "But since it was me...well...I am Magic now. Simple, and yet as complex, as that."

"I guess I should have expected as much," Tom said and sighed, "Well, I've got to get back to work, and you have a family that will love trying to kill you for making them worry so much."

"I know," Harry said, then faded away from the office only to end up being slammed through several walls by Fleur and the former Black sisters as he materialized right in front of them.

"Someone please check if that was another suitor," Fleur said testily, her period was a number of hours away, "If it is, kindly throw him out on his ass."

"Yes mother," the sisters said, Harry's magic had made them young again, they rushed to where Harry was still trying to pick himself up off of the ground and out of the last wall.

"Ugh...damn...that hurt," Harry muttered as he fell out of the dent he made in the wall, and pulled out the leg that had gotten stuck in the floor, "Next time I do that...I'm looking before leaping...what are you two staring at?"

"Ok...this is really new," Bella said.

"So...are you a suitor...or someone with a death wish?" Cissa asked, brandishing her wand.

"Suitor? Death wish?" Harry asked kind of confused, "Why would I be a suitor or have a death wish? Can't a guy come home and not get decked?"

"Fath...er...?" both Bella and Cissa started to say questioning the realness of the situation, but were interrupted by their mother, stepmother, whatever.

"Bastard!" Fleur flew into the room in her bird form and punched Harry in the gut with a burning fist, followed up by a burning uppercut, had she said Shoryuken Harry would have fainted, but she didn't so he didn't either, "You had me worried sick! Going out with a bang like that! Can't you do anything normal for a change! You scared me half to death! Death even visited just to reassure me that you hadn't died yet! What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Uh...I'm...sorry?" he said unsure of himself, he was really scared of her at that moment as he had never really been around when she was in a bad mood during the day before her period and during her period.

"You're not sure?" she said, arching a brow at him.

"I apologize for worrying you," Harry said, then he appeared in front of her and wrapped her with his arms in a hug, "While I cannot promise to never do that again, I promise to always love you."

"What do you mean you can't promise to never disappear again?" she asked, while being hugged.

"I can only stay a year..." he said, "I'm really sorry...but...well...circumstances beyond my control and all that...I've been reluctantly promoted to a slightly higher plane of existence..."

"So...you're going to die in a year's time then?" she asked, starting to feel like she was going to cry, "Why?"

"I'm not dying...I'm not dead either...not for a long time..." he said, "I...well...I gave myself over to the magic...and unintentionally became Magic...which is why I can't stay..."

"Oh..." Fleur said, then she pushed away from him before gripping his arm tightly and pulled him out of the room, "Then we've got no time to lose, gotta spend every remaining second, minute, hour, day, week, month, of this year doing stuff, from catching up, to making love, to enjoying our time together as a married couple and a family."

"Uh...you're taking this quite well..." he said, a little bit frightened by the sudden change in demeanor.

"Since I know you won't really be gone, I won't really be sad, I'll try not to be," Fleur said, "But since you will in a way be gone, we've got to make the most out of the remaining time we have with one another."

"I know that," Harry said, "But what do you mean by I won't really be gone? Did you figure something out that I haven't thought of?"

"Of course I have," she said, "You say that you're Magic right?"

"Yes..." he said, no sure where she was going with this.

"Then you'll always be with us, with me," she said matter-of-fact like, "Magic is a part of everything, is everywhere, and will always exist so long as there are those who believe. Plus you'll always be in my heart, and the hearts of all your family, and those that knew you or simply of what you did."

"Well when you put it that way...hehe...why didn't I think of that," he said.

"I guess you're just to focused on the complex, that you sometimes forget to look at the simple things," she said, then continued to drag him to their bedroom, "You're not leaving me without leaving a part of you with me."

"Huh?" he said a bit dim of him to do so, then Death smacked the back of his head, "Ooh...hehe...Oh yeah."


Nine months after his return to his family, he found himself pacing just outside of the delivery room of the local hospital, he was pacing left and right in worry even though he knew that nothing bad was going to happen, since Death was also pacing alongside him. That probably was what got him even more worried.

When he heard the sound of crying, he knew that his heir had been born, he waited impatiently outside the doors for the nurse or doctor to inform him that he could enter, he did not barge in since he had already been kicked out by his own wife.

"You can come in now, sir," a nurse poked her head out the door, "Just the father, I don't want a repeat of Death suddenly appearing like he did with the Prime Minister's wife."

"I didn't intend to scare them," Death said, "And I'm sure Harry and Fleur knows that I don't mean any of the harm."

"We have a policy now that states that we are not to let you enter the delivery room or operating room," the nurse sternly said.

"Ok, ok," Death said, then took a seat with the rest of the family as Harry vanished leaving some sparkling dust behind. He reappeared at his wife's side as she held their baby in her arms.

"He's really cute," Harry said, "I guess we both know where he gets his looks from."

"Me," Fleur said, "And don't you try and say otherwise."

"If you say so dear," Harry said, "So what are we going to call him?"

"I remember watching a movie a month or two ago," she said, "I really liked the name Niccolo for some reason, could we name him that?"

"Sure...but I don't think it would be fitting as a first name," he said.

"Then you think of a first name," she said.

"I originally wanted to consider Merlin...but thought that it wouldn't do...even though he surely has inherited my magical strength," he said.

"Magical strength my ass," she said, "You are Magic."

"Yeah, well," he said, then thought about a name for a bit, "How about Mikhael? With a 'K'."

"I prefer with a 'C'," Fleur said.

"Fine then," Harry said, "Welcome to the world, Michael Niccolo Potter."


A few years had passed since Harry had been forced to return to being simply Magic, it had been eleven years since his son had been born. The child was about to journey forth and seek out his destiny by taking the first step which was attending magic school. Tom had resurrected Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but had not encouraged House rivalry. In traditional Hogwarts style the journey to the school was by train, a happy red train, found in a hidden train station, though this time it was hidden since it was supposed to be the start of an adventure.

Michael was the opposite of his father, in that he had friends his own age, and grew up with a loving family. Harry had found a way to make it so that he didn't really disappear entirely. He had left a painting of himself, one that was magical, but only to the extent that it could speak, and only moved when a message was being delivered to Harry, Harry would say a few words, since more than those few could be dangerous. There was some sort of law that made it rather problematic for him to spend more time with his family in his home reality. But it wasn't the same as having him physically there.

"Have fun," Fleur told her one and only son, before they parted at the train station.

"Don't get all fidgety," Bella told her little brother, "You're a first year, nothing at all to worry about."

"She's right you know," Cissa said, "But if you do have any problems, Aunt Gabby'll be there to help you."

As Michael's family wished him luck, and bid him good bye, he couldn't help but feel a little jealous of the other kids. As he got onto the train and went off in search of a compartment, he couldn't help but notice that other kids had fathers. While he knew about his own father, and that he was with him, it was still different to actually have that person there, well, in person.

After he found an empty compartment, he placed his shrunken trunk in the baggage compartment, then took a seat, waved at his mother, sisters, and brother-in-laws, then face the seat opposite him, only to find that someone had already joined him, without making a sound too.

"Hey, I'm Michael," the young Potter decided to introduce himself to the person, "Nice to meet you...uhm..."

"How do you expect to make newer friends looking all disappointed?" the new arrival asked.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Michael asked, and it was only then that he got a good look at the person that had joined him, it was a fourteen year old judging from the person's height, there was also an aura that just screamed fourteen.

"When you introduced yourself, you were faking being alright," the fourteen year old looking person said, "When you said 'nice to meet you' you didn't look all that happy."

"Oh..." the kid said.

"So what's the problem Michael?" the teen asked.

"Well, shouldn't you know?" he said, "I mean everyone knows that my father kind of had to leave when I was around three months old, I saw all the other kids, and they had their fathers with them, wishing them luck, saying good bye, and stuff, I'm sure you had your whole family when you first went to school with you."

"Well, I do kind of know how you feel," was the reply, "On my first day of school I only had my aunt and uncle, and they didn't really like me all that much."

"Oh...I didn't think that there was anyone here like that..." Michael said, "Sorry."

"No worries, it doesn't really matter," the person said, "It was a really long time ago, you should actually be happy."

"Why? I mean, I am..was..am happy," Michael said, "I know my father is always with me, floating around everywhere and stuff...but that not the same as having him physically here with me. Its not like he could just drop in here, mother said it was impossible for him to even bend the rules that govern him."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," the kid's companion said, and Michael watched as the image of the teen faded away and was replaced by Harry as he was in the portrait in his personal library, "As many have come to learn and realize, nothing is impossible for me, especially when it concerns magic."

"D-Dad?" the kid asked.

"Yep," Harry said, "I thought I'd ease you into my surprise, wouldn't want you attracting attention to yourself so early on in the year, instead of simply popping up next to your mom. Last time I did that she punched me through several walls before we made you."

"Eww, I didn't need to hear that last part," Michael said, he was happy, maybe not content, but just happy, "I can't imagine mom punching you through a wall, I mean she's always so prim and proper."

"Oh...yeah...that means you haven't been around when she's in a bad mood," Harry told his son, "Anyway, my time here is short...I've only managed to get away from the rules...hehe...so since your mother has already told you to have fun, I'll simply tell you that no matter what you do in life, not just in school, I'll be proud of you. Also stay safe, and here," Harry pulled out a folded piece of magical parchment from within the folds of his trench coat, "Its called the Marauders Map, think of it as a family heirloom of sorts. I filched it from a couple of jokers back in '94, it was created by your grandfather and his friends..."

"You mean serious Grand Uncle Sirius Black created something like this?" the kid asked skeptically.

"Yeah...why?" Harry asked curiously.

"Well he's always so serious, keeping track of the people who go in and out of the country and stuff, he uses computers and stuff," the kid said.

"Well, back in his day, magic didn't work so well with science," Harry said, "I'm the reason magic, science, technology, electricity, works so well nowadays."

"Oh, so...about the map?" the kid said.

"Its a magical map," Harry explained, "And not because I'm Magic, and giving it to you. Since the school you are going to uses the same castle as the one that we, Tom and myself, closed down back on Earth, this map will come in handy. Its a map of the castle and part of the grounds, I added my own stuff to it, like making it self updating and stuff. All you've got to say is 'I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good', and the map will reveal itself to you. To shut it off so to speak, you simply say 'Mischief Managed'."

"Wicked," the son said to the father, "Why would they create something like this?"

"Well you see...breaking the rules is in our blood," Harry said proudly, "While I didn't really break school rules, almost everyone else in our family did. The only rules I apparently break are the rules or laws of magic...well back when I wasn't magic...I'm not only able to bend rules...hehe. I believe Minerva McGonagal is somehow still teaching, ask her about the Marauders, she'll tell you a whole lot more than I can in just one sitting."

"Oh...so...you're leaving then?" the kid said.

"In a way yeah," Harry said, "In a way no," he then gathered up his kid in his arms, "Now, since I've done my fatherly duty, I really must go. Just remember what I told you."

"That you'll be proud of me no matter what," the kid said.

"And that I love you," Harry said, "Don't forget that too, your mother must have forgotten to say that too."

"Hehe," the kid said, "So...will I ever get to see you again?"

"Maybe...if you believe hard enough...I might make it to your graduation," Harry said smiling as he let his son go, and exploded back to being Magic.


In a rather small office nearly filled to the brim with pizza boxes, Crius Crossworld shuffled a bunch of paper he had been looking over, reading would be more correct a term, then handed them over to his latest assistant.

"Where does this go?" the assistant asked.

"In the new folder I set aside for 'Harry "Magic" Potter'," Crius simply answered, before getting back to his work, whatever that entailed.

"Gotcha boss," the assistant said as he located the new folder and inserted the story into it, and replaced it in the filing cabinet underneath all those pizza boxes.

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