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chapter two



He was a living form of energy, an elemental component of all realities. That which gave him life, a manner of existence, was belief itself, wishful thinking as well as imagination played a great part in his continued existence. He was Magic, that great unknown that many have through the centuries attempted to truly define, he was the all encompassing force which governed, controlled, and even watched over, all of the things that a majority of Beings thought to be not real, figments of imaginations, figures in dreams, wishes that would not likely come true.

Every unicorn that lived and protected every forest, every dragon that flew the skies free and unencumbered, every mermaid or siren that sang her alluring song, every elf that danced in the wood, every nymph that escaped from a satyr, every centaur that looked up at the stars, and so much more, they were all a part of him as much as he was a part of them. He was Magic, and no force would be able to change that, especially not after the stunt he had pulled to rid himself of his very own dark lord.

Every spells or magical gesture, every word of power, every release from the world of the normal, every sudden thought of inspiration, every revelation, every epiphany, every unbelievable sight at the edge of vision, every faint sound heard even in silence, everything and more were as much as part of him as he was of it.

He was like Death himself, a part of everything, and yet, separate, his own Being, his own self. He was unique, even among those that were they themselves unique. He had unlimited and unimaginable power at his fingertips, though not limited to just those parts of his anatomy. He was akin to a god, but at the same time not as...powerful or almighty as his cousin the Devil strived to become.

He was the prince of two opposing forces, the gray area between black and white, the twilight, the dawn, the dusk, he was noontime, he was between night and day, between light and darkness. He was many things, found in many places, lingered around many creatures, and people too. He was here, there, and everywhere, while at the same time no where, and nothing.

He was a ruler in his own right, a king of a nation, a father of a family, a husband with a single wife. He was the Prince of the Hells and the Prince of the Heavens, truly a unique creature was he.

He was unable to rematerialize himself back in his home reality, on the world that he had magicked into becoming the new home of his people, those on his side, the Galactic Empire as he had decided to call his people, while naming his planet Bob, and its sister creature preservation planet named Martha. He was unable to due to the rules he himself had to begrudgingly follow, though he could bend those rules, he would have to do so when he attended his son's graduation.

He had found it rather uncomfortable and unfair that he could not materialize himself in his own home but could materialize himself, give himself a more solid physical form, in other worlds of other realities. He eventually accepted it as his punishment and at the same time reward for doing what he did, it was both reckless and heroic at the same time. It was really the only thing he could have done at the time, but at the same time that didn't make it a really sane thing for him to have done.

He had visited so many realities, and many worlds, he had even managed to disturb a few of his cousins when he visited them, he called it payback for their stint as being Visitors. He was actually invited to attend the Quidditch World Cup by Har Potter, but had declined the offer as he had watched that particular game so many times, and found to his shock and dismay, the results were always the same.

Time moved differently in every reality he visited, though he did have the power to synchronize times, it was a rather bland thing to do, messing with time and all that. It was a long eternity before his son graduated, plenty of time to goof off or around, as well as find himself another wife, or three. So many different world, so many countless possibilities, though he wasn't really looking forward to all of those possibilities, it wasn't like he had a time limit when it came to continuing his bloodlines, it wasn't likely that he would die anytime soon. Death had even at one time shown him that weird hourglass that counted down everyone's lives, it was a bit twisted, very little sand had managed to slip into the bottom part of the contraption for some reason, grains had a tendency to go up and down at will or something like that. Harry theorized that it was the ebb and flow of belief and whatever else kept him alive.

He sometimes spent his time spending all seven years at the different Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardrys, there were a rather large number of them in existence, a great number of realities of them in fact. If Harry didn't know any better, he would have believed himself infinitely immortal, if it weren't for the fact that Death had an hourglass for him. Death didn't really have one for the Five as they now liked to call themselves, or at least that was one of the ways they referred to themselves whenever Harry came a calling.

Harry had also spent a lot of time as a number of other things, he was able to dematerialize his belongings, those special little things that he had been given by his Visitors. He was warned not to let anyone on his original world see some of the more advanced stuff, but that didn't mean that he could make some money for himself in other realities. Currency was a little bit more than universal when one simply traveled between similar realities, though he did have to do a lot of forging when people became suspicious of where he was getting all of his money.

After several centuries or several thousand years, Harry decided that instead of simply going through his magical Magic self, he would do so the Star Trek or Stagate way, through spaceships and the like. He did after all create or recreate an entire star fleet worth of ships from an assortment of science fiction things, as well as realities that were also real. Explaining to Luke Skywalker how someone that looked like a Sith was not out to get him had been a doozy the first hundred times. After those times, he had realized that perhaps it would be better to be a little bit more secretive of his actions, and thus used cloaking spells, and whatnot to hide his identity when he visited those advanced realities.

He had a star fleet and took it wherever he went, he even had a Death Star one which scared a helluva lot of planets when he visited the Star Wars realities that had finished their war with the Sith and whatnot. It was the size of a large moon, and had the power to do more than destroy a planet. Running his Death Star and ships, Harry had created himself a great number of golems, puppets, and robots.

When a particular reality got a little bit boring, when he thought that the peace had lasted a tad bit too long, Harry would start his own war. Whenever he did that, he made sure to make it known that he was known or calling himself Magus, Magus Iunctio, which simply meant magic connection, literally too. He sometimes even returned, moving through time so that his name was spoken in legend or myth, or even as a means of scaring disobedient children. He loved barging in on some of the bedtime stories to scare children, appearing like he usually did, simply materializing in place with a swirl of some sort of blue and emerald cosmic dust like dust. When one sees his sudden appearance, it was like watching the cosmos, and watching a sun explode, it was beautiful and at the same time could spell the doom of an entire world or more.

Most times, instead of feeling intense fear like the adults, children were rather fascinated with him. They reacted quite ecstatically that they had met the bad guy, since usually the next day there was news of a massive fleet stationed just beyond the planet's atmosphere.

There were those occasions that he would also suddenly appear in public and shout 'Get out here right now before I blow up the planet', he usually did that only when he was playing with himself, it got boring without anyone to regularly interact with. IT scared the people, and it gave him a lot of entertainment to spend his days. He was a bit on the hyperactive side, and had a thing for being constantly on the move. While he didn't blow up the planet, he made a show of running around the worlds, engaging in high speed chases, and getting his puppets into some rather fascinating savior type stories.

"This is getting rather boring," Harry said as he sat on his throne in his throne room in the Death Star, it was every bit like the one that Darth Sidious had on his own Death Star. Harry really needed to think of a new name for the blasted metal planet.

"Maybe we could visit a more primitive world?" one of his many robots asked him, it was easier to think with so many perspectives.

"Perhaps that would be a good idea," Harry said, sitting straighter in his throne, "Set a course for an earlier age, one where magic and non-magic live side by side without that pathetic barrier of secrets."

"Right away, sir," the robot said, and began to issue orders on Harry's behalf.

He had actually been in the middle of a war when he came to the decision that he was bored and wanted a kind of change, something kind of or slightly new to him. It was a surprising move for his enemies, he was practically winning and suddenly he was pulling all of his forces back.

At first his enemies thought that he was about to fire the Death Star, but when even the Death Star began to look like it was retreating, the good guys thought that it was their chance to strike back and destroy the seemingly evil Magus Iunctio. They fired everything they had at Harry's fleet, and didn't even managed to dent any of the ships, or nothing. They weren't even ants on an elephant, they were specks of dirt in the universe compared to Harry and his fleet. The realization that Harry had simply been toying with them for his own amusement scared many of them senseless. It was a rather disturbing thought, one which Harry managed to pick up on, and his maniacal laughter filled many realities for several hours, echoing in space, and resounding in the hearts of many.

The realization also made those, his puppets, that had managed to beat him back, those that he had sought after and battled personally, his puppets, look to be on a whole other level compared to the regular person. It was rather shocking.

The forces of good watched as a massive wormhole suddenly appeared in space, and continued to watch as Harry's forces slowly trickled into it, the last thing to leave was a small ship that launched a rather pathetically small rocket at them.

The good guys were scared out of their wits thinking of what possibly dastardly dangerous weapon was heading their way, as well as would they be able to survive when it hit them. Not having ever experienced whatever it was was not a good thing as they had no defense against it.

But instead of blowing up with them, it blew up and wrote a message to them stating, 'Got bored, going sometime else, see you whenever – Magus'. Short and deceptively sweet, the forces of good were scared out of their wits.

No one that had seen it would ever forget how futile it was to bring the man's fleet down, it was clearly an impossible feat, and for him to simply say that he got bored and left without looking back, while an insult, was very much a terrifying thought and experience. He simply up and left and could have simply obliterated them with just a thought, but he didn't. Suffice to say, Magus Iunctio was a name that no one would be forgetting for a long time.

So...maybe he had to find himself four more wives due to the name change, it added another heritage.

Harry ended up just about when an Earth was being born, the Big Bang had occurred several thousand or million years ago, and so he decided to wait for the dawn of man playing spot the species. Cataloging, categorizing, and whatevering all the species that popped up on Earth, and a few other inhabited or inhabitable planets. There was also his fascination with the less magical types, he sent down ships to collect him some of the young ones for him to care for and whatnot, maybe he could influence their growth and turn them into sentient beings, then have them somehow evolve into rational thinking beings.

Several million years after his arrival he had managed to breed a number of races, he called them races, since they were all capable of rational thought. Though all of them did view Harry as a god, a higher power, not that he minded as he had come to accept that he was basically one of those. He was Magic after all.

His first tentative venture to the surface of the Earth was during the time when Tyrannosaurus Rex roamed the land, and while it was an interesting experience, he found out the real reason that the dinosaurs went extinct. It was a good thing that he had managed to obtain several hundred eggs of each species, and preserved them for the future, since he was the one that got them semi-extinct in the end. Meteors? That would be a joke, he had given the order to exterminate the dinosaurs while he was sleep talking one time. It wasn't so bad, since it did happen at just the right time.

His second trip down to Earth had caused the whole world to be covered by ice for a full minute, that had caused some havoc in and of itself, which was why he decided to try and avoid causing some major cataclysmic changes. He did have the ice melted and excess water stored in one of his ships.

When Atlantis rose out of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Harry decided to do a Death and see what trouble he could sow, and what adventure he could see. He brought a speeder, a bike like contraption, with him down to Earth, and landed just beyond the sensing abilities of the Mages of Atlantis, not that he could hide from them if he really wanted to, but he was rather lazy.

He jumped onto the speeder and made his way to Atlantis simply for the fact that he had always been rather curious about the mythological place, and its powerful mages, mages that were believed to be even more powerful than the Merlin.

The first thing that happened upon his arrival was that he was attacked, several spells flew at him, from the elemental kind which consisted mostly of fireballs and ice shards, to some swords, spears, and arrows. The first thing he did when these things headed his way was to send his speeder back to where it was usually parked, and simply let the spells hit him, and the weapons to go through him. It was a rather odd experience, the holes that the weapons caused on his semi-solid body bled a bit, but not blood. His semi-solid body bled magic, visible magic, normally in blue and emerald green for some reason, and there was a little bit of his magic dust, that sparkling sand that he sometimes left in place when he did his shimmering, or teleportation, or dematerialization.

Standing in place as the wizards, mages, and soldiers, of Atlantis bombarded him with spells and weapons for a good half hour was kind of something new, since most folks didn't do the shoot first and ask questions later bit, they usually did the diplomatic thing first. Harry didn't really mind, he even ended up playing solitaire while the defenders of the city began to stop their attack, and their faces gained a look of definite confusion as well as a little bit of fear.

Harry wasn't really paying attention, as one soldier walked up to his crouched form and took a swipe at Harry intending to cleave his head from his body. It wasn't going to happen, since the blade simply phased through Harry, and he didn't even notice that such a thing had happened. He was like an illusion that just wouldn't go away.

"Were you expecting to be attacked or something," Harry asked in the language of the time and place as he stood up after collecting his cards and vanishing them back into himself, he had simply conjured them after all, "Because if you were, you just wasted a lot of energy in your effort against me."

"Who are you stranger?" one of the older looking mages asked.

"I sometimes go by the name Harry Potter, but you can call me Magus Iunctio," Harry said as he turned to face the man who spoke to him.

"What is your business with us, Magus Iunctio?" the old mage asked, "Also...what are you, that nothing that we did managed to harm you?"

"I was curious about Atlantis," Harry said, "This is Atlantis, isn't it?"

"It is," the old mage replied, "But you have yet to answer the second question, though your first one is a bit vague."

"It may sound a little bit hard to believe," Harry said, "But you mages and wizards were attacking me with parts of myself, as for the weapons your soldiers used not being able to harm me...well...I have been told by Death himself that I am immortal."

"I asked you a clear question," the old mage said, "I expect a clear answer, and not some riddle."

"Told you, you'd find it hard to believe," Harry said, than simply appeared beside the old mage, "But what of what I said is hard for your to understand?"

"H-how did you do that?" the old mage asked, a little fearfully.

"Do what? Oh...you mean appear here all of a sudden," Harry said, "Its easy, especially considering who and what I am."

"Which is...what exactly?" the old mage asked.

"Let me just say that...there is nothing in existence more magical than myself," Harry replied, and simply appeared back where he had originally been, "I hope that you can figure out what they meant."

"Do you have any proof to back your claim?" the old mage asked, "It is rather hard to believe that such an elemental force would take on a mortal guise and visit."

"Are you trying to understand me?" Harry rhetorically asked, "Cause I'll have you know that not even I, Magic himself, understands everything about myself...and if you make me swear on my life and magic, I fear that nothing would happen. Though if you want, I can try."

"Go ahead," the old mage said.

"Fine then," Harry said, then took out his special wand and intoned, "I, Harry James Potter, Magus Iunctio, swear by my life and magic that I am who and what I say I am. So mote it be."

The effect was instantaneous, Harry was Magic after all, and thus certain things were ingrained into his very being, he knew what to do and a very small part of himself did whatever needed to be done. All those with magic in them and some that had it swirling around them, in all realities, even in Crius' own office, felt a kind of tingle, a very noticeable tingle. They all somehow knew that it was a confirmation of something, something big, and only certain people knew exactly what it meant, one of them was the old mage, as he simply openly stared at Harry who wore a smirk on his face.

"I-Impossible...y-you can't be..." the old mage said, almost having a heart attack in the process, "Y-you really are..."

"I be," Harry said, "Now, if you'll simply let me go about my business, I'll try to stay out of yours..."

"O-of course," the old mage said, "If you need anything, anything at all, don't hesitate to inform me. I'm Malachai by the way."

"Your descendants, one in particular will be quite powerful, revolutionary even, but at the same time not that much of a mage," Harry said as he passed by the old mage, Harry was referring to Merlin.

"How do you know this? Are you also time?" Malachai asked.

"I've...felt it, seen it, been it," Harry said, "That's the best explanation you'll get out of me, now...this city wouldn't happen to have a library would it?"

"Shouldn't you already know?" the old mage asked.

"I'm not all knowing," Harry said, "So...that would be a no. I am Magic, the power, the energy, and a host of other things, but all knowing isn't one of them. So...is there?"

"We just managed to erect one," the old mage said, then gave Harry some directions as well as told him what to say to the librarian in charge to let him in without any trouble, but also asked, "What will you do should Atlantis come under attack?"

"Nothing," Harry said, "It is not my place to directly interfere."

"I see," the old mage said accepting the answer, "Thank you for being honest with me."

Harry managed to find the library, while at the same time attracting some rather interested looks from the female population of the city, he didn't really pay them much mind as he had a library to raid. Knowledge is power and all that, and while he himself was power, it always helped to be more prepared. What if he needed to know what the library of Alexandria lacked one day after all.

He spent most of his days within the library, didn't even leave to eat or sleep, not that he needed to, though people did start to wonder what the heck was with him. He did find out that Malachai was the King of Atlantis of the time, and had simply ordered his people not to disturb Harry while he stayed in the library.

Since he originally had a bunch of things he wanted to do while in Atlantis, he had his puppets run around Atlantis, even the dragon puppet Draco could be seen occasionally circling the city at the same time every day. Charity had managed to snag a number of men to go along with her experiment, Harry wanted to know just how far a man would go to please a Veela. Based on the results, those ensnared by the charm would do absolutely anything within their power, and the thought of disappointing Charity was worse than the thought of Death for the enslaved.

This was witnessed when Atlantis was finally attacked. While Harry did say that he would not directly do anything to help, he did have Charity charm a few soldiers, and told them that she would be greatly disappointed if they didn't protect Atlantis to the best of their ability. They did more than Harry had expected, they managed to cause the attackers to run screaming. Ten men was all it took to scare an army of hundreds. It was quite the awe inspiring and terrifying sight.

The ten men were commended for their bravery, and lauded as heroes, but they were also told that they had to retire as well as to promise not to do something that insane ever again. Harry had actually fallen into the water when Malachai used the word 'insane', he laughed so hard that he forgot that he was semi-solid. The splash he made was huge, there was a massive tidal wave that could have drowned Atlantis, but Harry returned to sanity quite quickly and turned the wave into a water elemental, and had it roam the seas.

His power was terribly amazing and it made a lot of the women, girls, ladies, and a little bit more, a little bit or a whole lot more interested in him. He had created a water elemental out of a tidal wave just like that, it was a feat that not even the King of Atlantis could have managed on a good day.

"I did something without thinking again didn't I?" was all Harry said, when he got back out of the water.

"Pretty much," he had Tristan say, right before Draco swooped down from seemingly out of nowhere, and carried him off to somewhere else, as his time in Atlantis was more or less at his end. He pulled his puppets to him as he left the Atlantic region. The citizens of Atlantis, didn't really know what to think, but those that had initially met him thought that perhaps Magic himself wanted to better acquaint himself with the rest of his world.

Though watching a dragon swoop down from the skies, and watch as a vampire, a werewolf, a veela, and a host of other humanoid things joined Harry on his journey was a little weird, and caused some stories to start being told about Magus Iunctio and his avatars within every race.

Harry's next destination was where Hogwarts was to be built, the land which this version of Hogwarts was to stand was saturated with magic, a lot of it. The center of the structure, now that Harry was able to get a better look of it, or where the structure would be in a number of years was directly on top of a ley line. It made everything that had to do with the school quite powerful, magic-wise. Harry decided that he might want to stay for the inception of this Hogwarts, so he set up a place for himself within what he was sure would be named the Forbidden Forest, but this time he knew quite well why it was to be known as such, and not because there were things in the place that could literally eat a student leaving none the wiser.

While he waited the world changed around him, and the forest grew even more magical than the lands that the future premier educational institution of magic would stand would ever be. The only time that Harry had decided to leave his forest was when he heard tales of someone spreading a rumor about some legendary sword stuck in a stone, and whose wielder would be able to unite the country under one banner, and peace would reign.

Harry found the rumor, or tale, or fable, to be quite interesting, but couldn't help but think that it sounded quite familiar. There was something about the story that seemed to call out to him in a strange way. Then he realized why. The sword in question was Excalibur, and the its wielder was none other than Arthur Pendragon, Harry was going to be going out of his forest to find himself Merlin.

The magical community was looking to Merlin for direction to the location of the rumored sword that could unite the country and cause peace to spread across the land. But while he was quite powerful, having accidentally revealed his power when a band of demons had decided to try and claim that land as their own.

Merlin Atlan had taken to living away from people after his magical power was accidentally revealed to be so potent and powerful when he gave into his saving people tendencies. He didn't really care for the fame, he liked to help, but he really didn't like it that people had so many expectations of him.

He lived alone, he wasn't all that old, but he wasn't all that young either. He had yet to find someone that would willingly spend their life with him, sure there were his familiars, but that was it. No human had bothered to see him as anything more than the great and powerful Merlin.

Being at the top sure was lonely, and Merlin was at the top and knew the feeling oh so well. He didn't like it one bit, and wished that someone would up and wrest him from his seat and possibly replace him, or at the very least give him something meaningful to do.

"I know very much how you are feeling Merlin," Harry said, suddenly turning up in front of the the mage, "I am Magus Iunctio, I have come to help you with some of the problems you have been having lately."

"M-Magus Iunctio!" Merlin exclaimed as he jumped up from his chair, he held his staff in front of him in a protective manner as if expecting Harry to do something crazy, "I...I didn't think you were real...not that many people nowadays know of your existence..."

"I am well aware of this fact," Harry stated, "I was also an acquaintance of one of your ancestors, I believe you know the one I speak of."

"I believe I may have a clue," Merlin said, "What do you wish of me?"

"That rumor that someone decided to spread, has become real," Harry said, "I have a place in mind to place it, but once it is pulled from the stone, the place will not be found for a long time after. Are you up to the task of guiding the youth that will be able to pull the sword from the stone?"

"I am up to any task that would allow me to better aid my fellow man," Merlin said, "Show me the way, and I shall do my best."

"Very good," Harry said, "Visit the most powerful of the warlords and inform him that you know the location of the sword of kings."

"But I do not know of the location," Merlin said.

"When you meet with the warlord, you will know," Harry said, "I will make you know, and say the words. Trust me, for I am the Magic."

"I will," Merlin said, "I shall leave immediately."

When Harry left Merlin to do his thing, he returned to the future site of Hogwarts and began to construct the site of the future fabled and present rumor and soon to be reality, sword in the stone. The stone itself was simply in design, one with three interconnected rings on it, surrounding the stone were columns and such, resembling Stonehenge, once it would be built. When those were done, Harry poured as much of himself as he deemed safe through the ley lines which fed the stone, and through the stone he crafted a sword, one with a number of special properties as well as some regular spells. The stone, the sword, and the ring of columns, were made to seek out not the blood of a king, but the mind, soul, and mentality, of one. He set up all the parameters, all the requirements, everything he wanted in a king, in a ruler.

On the ground, he made the ley lines form a kind of pattern, one that was the same one found on the stone. The stone itself, with the sword Excalibur, was found right smack dab in the middle of the interconnected rings.

With his job done, he sent the image of the place, the name of the sword, the directions to the place, as well as some more instructions for Merlin to follow. The mage was the main conduit for which change would flow through, he was the one who would ultimately bring the one true king to claim the sword, Harry was sure of it. He saw the threads of fate, and the tapestry of life, he had seen that many a Merlin was connected with many an Arthur, and this one was no different from those countless others.

Harry waited patiently for the first travelers to arrive, he offered some of them food and drink which he simply produced, and made sure that none of them grew curious enough to ask him where it had come from. The creatures that lived in the forest surrounding the grounds that would one day hold a school for young witches and wizards, had chosen to stay within the boundaries of the forest where Harry's presence seemed to be the strongest, even stronger than where the ley lines met, but more uncontrolled, more wild, and more to their suiting.

Many came and went, many tried and failed, it was only when Merlin himself arrived that Harry knew that the one who would pull the sword had arrived as well. The boy, Arthur, was squiring for a knight, and really didn't seem anything out of the ordinary, he didn't really stand out. But Harry knew of the boy's potential, but he didn't seem to want to go anywhere near the sword. So Harry decided to take things into his own hands by approaching the boy.

"Arthur, son of Uther," Harry spoke as he walked up to the boy the night before his group would leave in disappointment, "Come here, I have a question for you."

"Yes, sir?" the boy said, walking closer to Harry who had taken the guise of a much older man.

"Why have you not attempted to pull the sword from the stone?" Harry asked.

"I doubt that I'd be able to pull it, since all of these other men were unable to do so," the boy said, "I'm nothing but a squire, sir."

"But if you were able to pull the sword from the stone, what would you do with the power of the king?" Harry asked.

"Well...I would...I would do what was right by the people," the boy said, "I know about all the troubles of the lands, and I know what pain and suffering is, as well as that I am not the only one to have experienced it...I would do what was best for my people, protect them, make things better all around."

"An admirable goal," Harry said, "Then, why do you not try to make your dream come true?"

"But I don't think that I have what it takes to pull the sword," the boy said, "Why don't you try, sir?"

"Because, he cannot," Merlin said, walking up to the pair.

"Sir?" the boy turned to face Merlin.

"He is not the one to rule," Merlin said, "He is not fit to rule a land of men."

"Oh, then what about you, Master Merlin?" the boy asked, "Why haven't you tried to pull the sword from the stone?"

"I do not meet the requirements, what they are, I may not share with you," Merlin said, "Suffice to say, that my bloodline contains too much tragedy to rule..."

"Oh?" the boy said, "What do you mean your bloodline?"

"What he means, Arthur," Harry said, "Is that the blood of Atlantean Kings is strong in him, he would not fit the role that the lands require."

"Atlantis is real?" Arthur asked in disbelief.

"Magic is very much real, how much more unbelievable is Atlantis?" Merlin said.

"I guess..." the boy said.

"Will you at least try?" Harry asked, "I really don't want to have to wait any longer...every person that tries helps a great deal...everyone wants peace...what if you do not try and a king is never found...evil triumphs when good men do nothing."

"I...alright, I'll try," the boy said, "If it'll stop you from getting in the way of my work."

The boy then stalked off toward the intersection of power, while Merlin was left with Harry.

"Why did you insist that he try his hand?" Merlin asked, "I know you gave me instructions to find him, well not specifically by name, but with a certain set of qualities...but why him? I haven't heard of you badgering anyone with that bullshit you told him."

"He's the one," Harry said, "I'm sure of it, you are after all an excellent judge of character and potential."

"Am I the measuring stick now?" Merlin asked, "...You want me to be the adviser of the king, don't you...a packaged deal..."

"You picked the kid," Harry said, "Not me...sort of..."

"It must really be complicated being you," Merlin noted, "I am so glad I'm just a mage."

"Shall we head on over to him," Harry suggested, "He's nearly pulled it out, his hesitation is all that is holding him back. He'll need your support, he really wouldn't want to disappoint you."

"Fine," Merlin said, and walked to where he was sure the boy would be able to see him.

It wasn't long until the entire encampment were shouting and cheering, no one really cared that a fifteen year old boy had been proclaimed king by pulling the sword from out of the stone. All that mattered was there was a king now, someone to unite the lands under one banner, someone to rule, govern, and lead them to a greater and more prosperous era. It was the age of King Arthur, and in the near future, that of Camelot, the Knights of the Round Table, and a few more adventures.

When the mortals left his field, they didn't bother to leave anyone to secure the sight, Harry hid the place away, but made sure to have the place, and the forest, placed under his name when things and properties were recorded as owned by someone, whenever that would be. He planned on being a man with two faces, one of Lord Hogwarts, and the older looking man, the old wise man that lived in the forest that was known as Magus Iunctio.

The Golden Age of King Arthur came to a bitter end, when the King's bastard son rebelled and caused the bloody wars to start anew, all because of one foul mistake in judgment. A battle where brother fought brother, father fought son, and a nation bled a river of blood so thick that the magic and non-magical worlds had to be separated as many bloodlines were lost in the bloody crusade of corruption on one side against the righteous on the other. Of course had Arthur been younger he probably would have won.

At the end of the battle he gave up his sword to Merlin, and asked the ancient mage to return the sword to its rightful owner, as he would not need it in death. Merlin brought the sword to the edge of the hidden lands that Harry had sequestered, and hidden away from prying eyes, and called out to Magic.

Harry walked out from behind his wards, and accepted the sword back from Merlin, as he knew of the events that had occurred, he was sad that it had not gone on for longer, but glad that it had gone on longer than most. When Pandora's Box was opened, all of the evils, the sins, escaped and supposedly left hope for man to use. While that was the official mythological story on that event, Harry knew otherwise. Hope had already been released into the hearts of men, the age in which Arthur had lived and ruled in was but a sampling of the possible potential futures of the world, there was always hope, and those that would chose to dash it.


Time was a rather strange thing, especially considering that many things that Harry knew of the modern day, within the magical world, could not have occurred or been around at the times that the history books claimed them to have been. He then supposed that time did a kind of loop, hiding the fact that there were some hidden years from the non-magicals. There must have been some time travel involved, but it was all rather confusing for one that really didn't care to understand such things.

Venturing out of his forest home, Harry walked into Hogsmeade, which he had founded some years back. Witch trials, hunts, and whatever, were the trend for the non-magical world, and Harry knew that such purely magical places were needed for the magical world to have a future.

It was during this particular trip into town that Harry found himself cornered by a pair of young men that demanded his opinion on some matter. The matter being if founding a school for those gifted with the ability to perform magic was feasible and beneficial to the magical community.

Harry happily shared his opinion with the two young men, and was rewarded with the knowledge of their names, which were Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin. They were both heirs to Lordships, with land, gold, and everything, but at the same time, they didn't share the same views as their parents on families schooling families, and leaving those unfortunate to have non-magical parents to fend for themselves, or simply be put down.

"If you are serious when it comes to your dream of founding a school of magic, I may be able to help you," Harry offered, though he noticed the distrustful looks that the two young men gave him, he really didn't mind, they were entitled to their distrust as the thinking of the time was that families should teach themselves, and leave others well alone.

"What are you saying?" Godric, a red head, asked cautiously.

"Your dream is to found an institution where all magically gifted humans, witches and wizards, from both worlds, will be able to go to for ten months in a year, to master their magic, and learn more about the magical world," Harry said, "It is an admirable dream, and I am willing to sponsor your endeavor for a percentage of the school. Though the land and castle that will be used will still be owned by me. The school, the institution itself will be owned by all the founders, which will include those two cousins of yours."

"How do you know about Rowena and Helga?" Salazar hissed, drawing a dagger, "We didn't tell you about them."

"How I know is none of your concern your Slytherin," Harry stated, "Gather your cousins, and meet me at the Three Broomsticks in a week's time, and I shall lead you to where the school will be."

"Why a week's time?" Salazar asked, "Why not now? For all we know, you could be after us for our families' vast fortunes, and not really interested in our concept."

"I guess, you are right," Harry said, "I could be after those fortunes...I could...but I am not. You will have to take my word, I am not swearing by my life and magic...that wouldn't really convince you. It might even scare you off."

"Why do you think such a sacred oath would have such an effect on us?" Godric asked.

"I will tell you my name, and let you figure it out," Harry said, "I am Magus Iunctio, good day, and see you in a week's time."

Harry left the two young men with their stunned expressions, and moved himself to where the stone once stood, and had it stand in place once more, complete with the sword once again stuck in it.

"Time to get to work I guess," Harry said, and began gathering himself, and poured himself into the stone.

As he poured himself through the stone, the earth shook all around, it was a magical earthquake, one which those magicals bordering on mage status could feel, they just didn't know where such a sudden surge of magical energy was coming from. Harry's Hogwarts lot was still hidden away from the world, only the Forbidden Forest was seen by all, and all knew not to go past the tree line.

From around the stone, where the pillars used to be, rocks began to rise out, the ley lines themselves also glowed an ethereal glow. Harry pouted forth more of himself, he was creating a castle that would stand the test of time, as well as one day be known as one of the safest places in all of Magical Britain, and not due to its headmaster, but due to the powerful magics protecting it.

He pulled the blueprints of his original Hogwarts castle from within the archives of his Death Star and uploaded them into his mind, and with those created the new Hogwarts castle, complete with hidden passageways, protections, traps, pranks, and everything else. He even included the Chamber of Secrets which would be attributed to Salazar Slytherin.

When the week was up, he met the Founders Four, at the Three Broomsticks, where instead of being known as Magus Iunctio, he was known as Harold Harry Hogwarts. The four young magicals had brought with them everything that they owned that they managed to wrest from their families' clutches.

"I take it that you are impatient to see the structure of which I spoke of," Harry said, and had them follow him.

When they reached the boundary between the forest and the village/town, they were stopped by a guard, one of the sentries that were in place to make sure that no one managed to get through and into the forest.

"Halt!" one of the sentries said upon seeing the four young magicals, he had failed to notice Harry, until the older, but healthy looking, man was right beside him.

"They're with me," Harry said.

"L-Lord Hogwarts, I-I didn't see you...my apologies, my lord," he said.

"Forgiven," Harry said, "You might want to warn the townsfolk that I'll be revealing the hidden area."

"Yes sir, right away sir," the sentry said, and rushed off, leaving Harry and his companions at the edge of the forest.

"Revealing the hidden area?" Godric asked, "What area? And I thought you were Magus Iunctio?"

"I am," Harry said, "But the townsfolk, and anyone else that lives nearby, know me as Lord Harold Hogwarts. As for the hidden area...well...the people know it as where I live, which is only partially true. I own the land, but I do not live in the castle."

"What castle?" Rowena, the black haired beauty, asked, seeing no castle but only a forest.

"That castle," Harry said and pointed up the path, that suddenly appeared, to the magnificent castle that gradually made itself appear.

The four were stunned into silence at the sheer majesty of the castle, as were the towns people that saw it gradually appear from out of nowhere. They all knew that powerful magics were at work there, such power was needed to hide something so big. They had all expected that the hidden area would not hold something so grand, but hey were mistaken.

"Since you already will be known as the Founders, I might as well get to name the school, since it will be held in my castle," Harry stated.

"What name would our fine institution be known as?" Helga asked.

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," Harry replied, "My lands consist of the castle itself, the surrounding grounds of course, the Black Lake, the Forbidden Forest, and of course Hogsmeade."

"It's alright by me," Rowena stated.

"I as well am fine with it," Helga said.

"Fine," Salazar said.

"If we must," Godric resigned himself to the name, as he had no control over the naming now that his other three partners were in agreement with their sole sponsor.

"Then it is settled then," Harry said, then led them up to the castle, "While I may not have a map of the whole castle, feel free to explore as well as chose your rooms, I will see you tomorrow with a map of the castle, not the whole thing mind, but the general layout of the place."

"Where do you actually live, if you don't mind my asking?" Godric asked, curiously.

"I could tell you," Harry said as he deviated from the path, "But the many magical creatures that inhabit the forest would not allow you to get within seeing distance of it, not even in the air."

"You live in the forest?" Rowena said, a little bit frightened for him as only the boys knew of his identity, "But that's the Forbidden Forest, there's no where more dangerous!"

"I know," Harry said, "But it is where I live. I shall see you tomorrow."

"See you then," Salazar said, while Helga was near fainting.

"How can you be so calm and accepting of where he lives?" Rowena rounded on Salazar.

"He owns the land, the creatures that live within the forest know who their master is," Salazar said.

Upon entering the castle, they each went their separate ways, exploring the place, but making sure to remember where in the world they were heading as not to get lost. Finding a place to stay in was, while locating difficult, but choosing was easy. The criteria they used to choose their living quarters was based on their interest.

Salazar Slytherin, a real serpent of a man, he preferred the relative darkness, a place with a chilling atmosphere to mirror his darker tendencies. He chose a set of interconnected rooms within the dungeons of the castle. He found them as if they had already been prepared for him, as if Harry already knew where he would go. He surprisingly found that the color scheme, while not in his family's colors, was made up of browns, earthy colors, his favorites.

Helga Hufflepuff, a rather happy woman, she was hard working to the bone, loved spending her time among plant life, but her greatest joy was the stars, astronomy and divination was her love, but no one knew that extent of her interest. She was surprised to find rooms already prepared for her use, she was told to seek out rooms to use as her living quarters, but never dreamed of someone already anticipating her interest. The room had a blue and white color scheme, not too light and not too dark, were the shades of blue used. The set of interconnected rooms were located in a single tower, the top floor being the bedroom had a balcony from which the sky could be viewed, it was also the highest of the towers.

Rowena Ravenclaw, normally a relatively shy individual who unsurprisingly preferred the company of books to people. The thought of her and her house as being bookworms was spot on, her rooms were located near a vast treasure trove of books, scrolls, journals, maps, and any other source of knowledge that she could think of. Yet while she loved knowledge, she loved secrets even more, she loved exploring the unknown, she loved mysteries, while she liked facts there was still the curiosity about that small grain of truth that lay within falsities. While the main entrance to her rooms was in the back of the library she had found, the library itself was not the library to be used by the school, it was Harry's very own library, filled with his knowledge, and he had allowed Rowena access to it as he knew she would keep most of her findings secret. The other entrance of her rooms was located near the main rose garden, as what damsel does not like roses.

Godric Gryffindor, a brave and bold young man, had battle in his blood, he fought for what was right and what he strongly believed in. He could think up strategies and tactics at the drop of a hat, while also fight his way through and win against nigh impossible odds. He was also a charmer, normally he was quite the gentleman, but that came with his being the heir of his father's title of Lord. The rooms he had found and chosen were located beyond a gargoyle that had moved out of its way once Godric made himself known to the creature. The office, the interconnected rooms were located in a tower only accessible through the stone creature, was the first thing that one would see upon leaving the revolving staircase behind the gargoyle.

Once they had each settled in, went to bed, and whatever it was that they wished to do in preparation for their pending confrontation with Harry. It was a confrontation as there would be clashing of ideas, desires, and needs, as all that and more came with the preparations for the actual school and not the finding of a building to have the classes, and house the students in, as well as finding the sponsor.

While the Hogwarts Four, were resting, Harry himself was busy making a more advanced Marauders' Map, of course this one would not reach the hands of any that would use it for ill gain. He also made ones with lesser features for the four that resided in his castle. He also spent his time that night issuing orders to the denizens of the forest. While the castle and the open grounds were surely meant for the light, the Forbidden Forest was to balance the light of the castle with its darkness. The castle was the positive side of things, the good, the light, the brighter side of things, the day. While the forest was the negative side of things, the bad, the malicious, the dark, the darker side of things, the night.

The Black Lake was also a part of the balance, it was the fence, the border between the two, just as the tree line was a border in itself. Harry had decided to tie in the protections that the students would have to the lake herself. The reason for students having to cross the lake o get to the school was for the schools protective magics to lock in on them and layer them with these protections. It was not only meant for students to view the castle in all of its glory, but served to begin their protection.

The school was not only to be a place of learning, but also a fortress for times of need, which was why, like other castles that had protectors, soldiers, Hogwarts also had some in addition to the magical protections. The Forbidden Forest had its share of foot soldiers, they were the centaurs, and the other creatures and sentient beings living within it. Even the very trees themselves were soldiers, but only when the school was in dire need of their aid.

The Black Lake's very waters were sentient, they were elementals, cousins of the living tidal wave that Harry had created while in Atlantis. The merfolk also served as protectors, just as the other creatures underneath its murky depths.

The castle itself, had gargoyles, stone pigs with wings, serpents and snakes, a dragon or two, suits of armor, rock golems and earth elementals, and the house elves, that were tied to the castle's core which was the stone of Excalibur itself, which was where they got their magic from.

House elves were a kind of elf that needed to be tied down to a magical structure or source of magical power, or bonded to a magical being, in order to survive and perform magic. The well being and happiness was also somehow tied into their own happiness and longevity. Like their cousins the wood elves, dark elves, and other elves, they tended to keep out of sight, but should they be needed, summoned, or called, they would appear. They appeared short of stature in order to be underestimated as well as overlooked, it also tied in with keeping their cousins safe from those that would seek to enslave them, or perform experiments on them, as a growing number of witches and wizards, and regular non-magicals were already begin to take interest in doing.

When the sun began to rise over the horizon, Harry stepped out of the forest and made his way to the Great Hall for breakfast, while he really didn't need to eat, he did enjoy food, and he had made sure that the house elves knew how to make almost any kind of dish from almost any era, period, century, reality, so long as the ingredients were available.

Having gotten used to eating in some sort of hall, the other four members of the Hogwarts staff also made their way to the Great Hall upon waking, Harry did sleep a wink. The Great Hall was not like its future where there were five tables instead of the staff table being the only one present at this time. There were five seats, a throne like chair, and four plainer chairs, two on each side of the center.

Harry took the middle, Godric and Salazar sat to his right, while the two ladies sat to his left. Those that were unused to having food suddenly appear before them, nearly fell backwards with shock from seeing food simply appear before them as if they had been there from the beginning of the meal.

"Eat the food, unless you want to hurt the feelings of the house elves," Harry said, "They worked ever so hard," he then continued to eat his breakfast after delivering his message.

"You have house elves?" Helga asked, only the oldest of families had managed to acquire house elves.

"This castle has several," Harry replied, "Don't bother asking how many, for there are quite a number of them living in the kitchens."

The rest of the meal was spent in silence, after which the five of them began their meeting, the start of which consisted of Harry taking out the four more normal maps and handed them over to his companions.

"These are the maps which I promised," Harry said, "I leave finding out their features to the four of you."

"So there are a grand total of seven floors," Godric said, "But I've only found six."

"There are actually a total of thirteen floors," Harry said, "But the ones not on the map need not be included on the map."

"Oh," Godric said, "Why is that?"

"Secrets are meant to be kept secret," Harry said, "They are not on the map for safety purposes, certain skills or abilities are needed to reach these hidden levels, they are more part of the defenses than anything else, so you need not worry about students finding them."

"That reminds me," Godric said, "We really should start talking about the school itself, there are five of us.."

"Four only," Harry said, "I will not be teaching, I will be headmaster though, as it will give me something more to do with my time, you four wished to teach, and I wish to govern and administer, as headmaster is an administrative position."

"We can accept that," Salazar said before Godric could add his two cents, the red head wanted the position.

"I've been wondering," Rowena said, "How do we go about locating and inviting our future and potential students? For I do not know of any way to tell if a child is magical or not."

"Like I said," Harry said, "I will handle the administrative aspect of the school, the four of you should focus on teaching, on the curriculum, as well as who you would like to focus on, who among the students you wouldn't mind helping to hone their inborn skills, watch out for while in these hallowed halls, and such."

"Are you saying that we divide the student body?" Helga asked.

"I believe that it is a sound idea," Salazar said.

"You're just saying that as you do not want to have to deal with those of non-magical ancestry of family," Godric said.

"We have already agreed that our school will accept any student no matter the familial background," Salazar said, "I propose that the division of students be based on traits that we prize and wish to hone outside of a classroom environment."

"The school is to be a boarding school, a home away from home," Rowena said, "I agree that dividing the student body is a good idea, since it will group together students that would be able to relate and be comfortable with since they would share similar traits."

"But what do we call these groups?" Helga asked.

"As Rowena has stated, the school is to be a home away from home," Harry said, "Therefore I propose calling these four groups Houses, each one named after each of you."

"A splendid idea," Godric said, "That way we will be immortalized, remembered for hundreds of years."

"The idea has merit," Salazar said, "I'll agree to it."

"We as well," Helga said at Rowena's nod.

"Now that that is settled," Harry said, "What traits would each of your houses want to be known for?"

"Courage for my house," Godric said.

"Cunning, ambition," Salazar said.

Harry was writing everything down.

"A greater thirst for knowledge," Rowena said.

"I'll take the rest, those loyal and hard working," Helga said.

"Helga, dear, you're such a people person," Godric said.

"Each House should have a color scheme and mascot," Harry said, "That way the students can tell each other apart, there should also be a kind of sigil or coat of arms, a simple one. Come up with your own ideas, and submit a description to me once you've reached your final idea."

"Lord Hogwarts," Rowena said, "If you are the headmaster, shouldn't you have an office of sorts within the castle? Rooms as well?"

"I do have rooms within the castle," Harry said, "They are not on the maps though, but my office is, it is labeled on the map, also it is guarded by something."

"What sort of something?" Helga asked, "If one of us needed to speak with you, how would we deal with this something?"

"By speaking the password of course," Harry said, "Dormitories, offices, and other private places, will be guarded by something, be it a gargoyle in Godric's case, or a stone dragon in mine, or a painting."

"Stone d-dragon?" Rowena asked, "You have a dragon guarding your office and rooms?"

"It is sleeping," Harry said, "Nothing to worry about, it shall only awaken when the castle is in need of its aid and protection. The present password is 'Never tickle a sleeping dragon'. To set the passwords of your rooms, offices, and whatnot, simply inform the guardian of the change in password."

"How short of long do these passwords need to be? Do they need to be sentences, words, or can they be riddles?" Salazar asked.

"Just so long as a student can pronounce it," Harry said, "Anything is fine. Now what classes will we be offering?"

"Charms!" Godric said, "Defense Against the Dark Arts."

"Potions," Salazar said, "Dark Arts."

"Arithmacy, History of Magic, Ancient Runes, Transfiguration," Rowena listed off the subject she wished could be taught.

"Herbology, Astronomy, Divination," Helga said, "Care of Magical Creatures."

"All may be included," Harry said, "I'll just have to find us some additional instructors, among other things. Aside from your requests, there should be some other subjects, I won't mention them, but I shall find us some instructors for them as well."

"Since you say that you'll find some other instructors, I would like to teach Astronomy," Helga said.

"I can't really pick which of my requests I'd love to teach the most," Rowena said, "If possible Arithmacy and Ancient Runes."

"I've only got two choices, and I can't decide which one to part with," Godric said.

"I refuse to confirm that there would be another person skilled and knowledgeable enough to teach my two courses," Salazar stated.

"I'll keep that in mind," Harry said, "Now..."

The meeting continued for the rest of the morning, through lunch time, the afternoon, dinner, and well into the night. Before each of the five went off to bed, Godric came up with a solution for one of their problems, which was, how to sort the students. He simply took his hat off of his head, and asked Harry to charm it into something of sentience. Having dealt with such a hat on numerous occasion, Harry simply connected the thing to himself, it was better than doing nothing.

No longer was Harry just Magic, he was now the Sorting Hat. He didn't have to worry about sorting anyone into a house of his own...

"One last thing," Salazar spoke before they went their separate ways.

"What is it?" Harry was the first to ask.

"While you merely seem to consider yourself the sponsor, as well as the first headmaster," Salazar said, "I insist that you also have a House of your own, students to call your own. I find it rather unfair that the fifth founder of our school would not have something to be remembered by."

"I'd rather n.." Harry was interrupted by the other three agreeing with Salazar.

"Then it is settled," Salazar said, "You now must come up with the same things as we do for our Houses as you yourself have one of your own."

"Fine," Harry said resigned to his fate.

"Great," Salazar said, then walked off, followed by the other three, leaving Harry in the Great Hall alone.

"Great..." Harry drawled, then dematerialized himself.

The following days were busy ones, as the original founders four had to spend time with finding accommodations for their students, classrooms to be used, as well as a number of other things that needed to be considered, all the while also compiling reports and requests, which were submitted to Harry's office. They did not see him for an entire month, but knew that he was getting their messages, reports, and whatnot.

Harry was quite glad that the magical world was not that organized yet, that not everyone knew everyone, save for the famous ones. He was glad because he didn't need to go out of his way to seek out possible instructors, all he needed to do was create them. With enough magic anything could be brought to life, or so Harry believed, and him believing something was possible made that something possible. The part about souls was someone else's department, and so he did not bother with thinking about that part of the equation.

He followed in the footsteps of Har when it came to creating more than simply sentient life, he formed their mortal shells out of clay, and when they were solid enough, he breathed the breath of life and magic into them. When they were all standing around his feet he filled their minds with the knowledge and wisdom they needed in order to fulfill their purpose, which was to teach, to educate, to elucidate, to whatever.

When he was done with their creation, he informed them that he expected them to trickle into Hogwarts Castle one at a time within the coming days after their creation. He had a complete staff, and thus also decided that perhaps it would be a good idea to have a maintenance staff, a caretaker staff of sorts in addition to the house elves, as well as a groundskeeper or two.

Squibs, they were not his creation, they were the previous Magic's creation. They were genetic byproducts of inbreeding, as well as a response to the lack of real magic being present, the lack of belief, imagination, as well as a host of other things, lead to their creation. They were also a form of karma for families, or simply parents. Their being born had nothing to do with parents' magical power or lack thereof.

Harry found a purpose for them, and not only for when it came to filling in positions in the workplace that did not require one to be able to cast spells, or simply perform visible magic. With their lack of magic, Harry could inhabit them, possess them in a way, when he saw fit to do so. With a lack of their own magical core, Harry could fill them with all of himself without harming them. Their ability to see things that regular non-magicals were unable to see came from their being devoid of magic. Everything was clear to them. It was a balance to their lack of a magical core, they could enjoy the sights while not being able to perform.

The founders four were quite shocked when they noticed additional witches and wizards appearing and setting up shop in some of the other living quarters and offices around the castle. They were equally shocked when some of the magical world's outcast members also began to show up and fill in some of the dungeon rooms.

When the faculty and staff were all finally present, and Harry had already taken care of making the book that listed magical children that were the potential students, sent out the invitations, and even sent out portkeys to kidnap those that were without parents, outcasts themselves, were abused, and all other cases, Harry introduced everyone to everyone, as well as informed everyone of everyone's duties, as well as some rules that he had come up with for the school as well as living in the castle.

"The students will be arriving at the end of summer," Harry said, "I have arranged for all of those of non-magical descent to join the school, regardless of their ability to pay the tuition fee, the magical potentials on the other hand...we'll be lucky to get half of them to come."

"How many students are we talking about?" Rowena asked, they were all seated in large enough conference hall to hold their meeting.

"Oh...yes...about that...there are to be seven levels," Harry stated, "students ages range from eleven to seventeen. I have also set up a school for the younger potential students, as well as a halfway house for those whose parents have abandoned them, or were lost to them for a number of possible reasons. I have estimated that there should be roughly no more than a thousand students. I know it seems like a big number, but I assure you that the number of students will drop in the future as I am certain that others will take the idea of starting schools as their own and will take some of ours as their own to lessen the strain that such a number will cause us for the years to come."

"Do we have enough room for that many students?" Helga asked concerned.

"We live in a magical world," Pompus Mannus, the Care of Magical Creatures professor who was a rather rotund and balding man, said, "Anything is possible, therefore, even though I have not been living in the castle for as long as you have, I believe that there is more than enough room to accommodate all thousand of them."

"Thank you Pompus for putting her in her place," Gerard Montgomery, the Master at Arms professor who was a rather muscular man whose subject was to teach magicals how to defend themselves when their magic was unavailable, said, "Moving on..."

The meeting continued, and had to be cut in half, as it was continued the next day, and the next, until everything had been finalized. In the end, everyone was satisfied, and the unveiling of the House crests, as well as the Hogwarts crest was unveiled.

When September first rolled around, Harry surprised all his fellow professors by personally fetching all of the students, he had them all arrive right outside a dilapidated shack. He lad left instructions to his deputy, Godric, to wait by the front doors for the arrival of the students, all 840 of them. He whisked the students away in batches, by year of course, the elder ones first, followed by the younger. Their sorting was the first ever, and thus needed to be done in a certain fashion. None of the students, pureblood, halfblood, of muggleborn, dared complain when faced with their Headmaster, as well as Lord of the Lands of Hogwarts, he was as powerful as they all suspected him to be. He exuded power, and his very presence demanded respect.

It was smooth sailing from there.

Harry kept a record of all the significant goings on in the school, he was really compiling information for the the book about the school that he would be writing. Hogwarts: A History had to have been written by someone, and who better that Lord Hogwarts himself. As the first headmaster, primary and sole sponsor, as well as one of the founders, who better to write the first edition than himself, he could be a little bit unbiased if he wanted to, he was a kind of omnipotent Being after all.

He had said nothing to alleviate Salazar's fears of the muggleborn students potentially leaking it or revealing the extent of the magical population to the rest of the world. The man simply disliked teaching them due to the possibility that they would or could cause problems for the rest of the magical world as they held or were given knowledge about said world to do almost as they pleased. Harry kept track of all of them, and made sure that the secrets of the magical world were kept just that, secret.

He trailed all of the students the moment they left the school for the holidays, he tracked their every movement beyond his borders, and made sure that they were unable to say anything that could potentially be a danger to the greater community. He even made it possible for underage magic to be monitored, it was part of the rules, no magic out of school unless one was in seventh year, or seventeen summers old.

He also made sure to inform the monarchy of the existence of the school, as well as the rest of the 411 on the magical community of the time.

He witnessed the falling out between one of the greatest friendships the magical world had ever known, as well as the shifting relationships between the founders four, and the rest of the professors. He witnessed as Salazar honorably left the school instead of calling for its ends after a rather heated disagreement with Godric. Harry was there when the families politics entered into the situation, he watched the rise and fall of the some of the most brilliant minds of the magical world, go from the top of their game, to retiring from such a public life.

He had even been there to witness his defenses being used for the very first time against a real threat, a light and dark wizard pair had banded together in the sake of keeping old traditions in place, as well as wanting to rid the community of the taint of new blood. The school was their prime target as it had the biggest concentration of muggleborns in it. Their combined armies, made up of regular soldiers, as well as the magical equivalent alongside magical creatures was no match for Hogwarts's defenses.

While he witnessed the end of the siege itself, it was great fun participating in it as well, his actions solidifying he belief that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was the safest place to be, Hogwarts Castle that is.

He stood in front of the gates to the castle grounds, and waited for the two leaders of the attacking force. He stood there patiently as the two leaders made their way up the path, having been able to slip through the defenses. They did not expect to find him there, the students were all safely within the castle walls, but at his back were some of the professors. They were merely witnesses to the spectacle.

"I would cease this pointless attack if I were you," Harry stated, as he stood tall with no wand or staff in sight, simply himself in plain everyday robes, but at the same time he looked amazing.

"Why should we listen to ye who holds the fate of the magical world in the palms of his hands," the light wizard said, "Hand over the vermin, that we might expunge them from our world. They continue to be a greater threat alive and with knowledge, than they would be alive and without it."

"They will be the doom of us, our society, and our traditions," the dark wizard said, "They are not worthy of the magic they possess."

"Who are you to dictate to me what to do?" Harry said, "Who are you to order me around in my own lands."

"Your own lands, who are you then?" the light wizard asked.

"I am Harold Hogwarts, Lord of House Hogwarts, Lord of the Lands of House Hogwarts, and you are trespassing on my property," Harry stated, "I am also Headmaster of the school you are trying to take students from. I vowed to protect my students from those that would wish harm upon them. Now will you cease this pointlessness, or will I have to resort to violence?"

"What can one mere man do?" the dark wizard said and prepared to do battle, "You don't even look to have a wand on you, how do you think of fight us?"

"If that is the way in which you wish to resolve this issue, so be it then," Harry said, and exploded with power, sending a shockwave all around him which pushed back all of the attacking forces. The wards of the castle, grounds, lake, and forest, stopped being in the defensive, and turned into offensive wards. The only ones not affected by the blast were the two leaders, they simply stood there in shock and wondered how it was possible that one man could have such power at his disposal.

Harry walked sedately to between the two of them, and whispered in their ears simultaneously.

"I shall always protect what is mine," Harry whispered for only the two of them to hear, "I am Magus Iunctio, who are you to think that you can succeed where the Ages have failed."

He then returned to the spot that they had first found him on.

"Now that you know, I will say this," Harry said and declared, "For as long as the school exists, it shall remain under my protection, along with all those that seek shelter within the walls of my castle."

The two lords, light and dark, could do nothing but shake in fear as they stood before the one who was greater than even Merlin himself. He was a myth, a legend in himself, only the oldest of families even had an inkling as to who he was, and even an inkling said a lot about him and his power.

"Shall you continue the pointless attack, or will I have to do something else aside from repelling your forces," Harry said.

The two leaders ran away screaming and shouting as if the devil was on their heels.

Godric was the last of the mortal founders, of his friends, that remained within the castle walls. His family lived in a town named after him due to his achievements. It had been some sixty years since the founding of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and he finally got what he wanted. Harry handed over the reigns of the school to him, he was Headmaster at last, but he would never gain full control over the place, as only the Lord of the castle, the lands, and of House Hogwarts could have such power. His office and rooms became the seat of headmaster power, while the office of the Lord of Hogwarts would remain as Harry's office, and would remain as it was as Harry was unlikely to give up such a thing to just about anyone.

"I shall leave the running of the school to you," Harry said, "Groom a replacement, and do not perish until you do, lest I be forced to once more step in. I shall watch over the school as I have promised to do, as well as govern my own lands from the shadows as I have done for quite some time."

"I am honored that you finally recognize my worth as a headmaster," Godric said, "I will do my best at the position you have passed on to me. And I hope that you shall need not take it from one of my successors."

"The Board of Governors which I have set up, the thirteen houses that I have chosen, work with them," Harry said, "They will be your balance, while I am in hibernation. While I would say that you answer to the Lord of House Hogwarts, this lord will be resting and watching from the shadows for a while. The governors answer to me as I am their lord."

"I shall work with these people," Godric said, "Hopefully they shall not betray your trust."

"This group of families is made up of allies of the four," Harry said explaining the make up of the board, "Two allies from each of the four visible houses, and the remaining five seats belonging to the founders families, meaning you have a seat in it as well, as would I had I not given my seat in it to the House of Black. The board may only be dissolved should I once again take up an active role, or any time that I see fit."

"Before you go," Godric said, "How much control do I have over the wards of the castle and grounds?"

"You have mid-level control," Harry said as he turned to face the forest, "Only the Lord of the Castle and grounds, will ever be given full control of them, and even then, unless it were myself, that control would be second to myself."

"What about the other protections?" Godric asked, "The automatic defense systems you have in place?"

"I have hinted at all of them in my book," Harry said, "If you have any more questions, simply hand them over to the sleeping dragon, my password has yet to be changed."

Harry then walked toward the forest, shifting into his Magic form, which was simply energy, a dematerialization of his solid self.

"Finally!" Godric jovially said, "I'm Headmaster! Too bad the others have left me alone with these younger professors...I miss my old colleagues now..."


"I'm bored..." Harry said one day, he really didn't bother keeping a calendar of the days, he knew the day, the month, the year, each passing moment was made aware to him, each grain of sand in the hourglass of all things asked his permission to pass down into the bottom of the jar. He was a primal element, one that would exist forever, much like his cousins Death and Aetas.

"Really now, my lord," Cadmus, and elven god of the shifting of day to night and of the seasons, said curiously as he sat on a branch of a silver tree with purple branches, "You, bored? Preposterous," the tree was his, gifted to him by Magic himself as his doorway to the grove where Harry's hovel of a house could be found.

"Cadmus, what are you doing here?" Harry asked, the beginnings of a headache forming as the elf normally did try to grate on his nerves.

"I simply came for a visit, my lord," Cadmus said, "Is there something the matter with that?"

"Plenty," Magic replied irritably, "Say what you have come to say child of my power."

"Such irritation my lord, I am so blessed to be on the receiving end of it sir," Cadmus said, "The ages have past, and the time of greater magics has waned. The goblins have taken a greater liking to their gold, but have gone farther than most in inter-race relations, as they have taken the position of guardians of the gold alongside the gnomes. The elven race has gone into hiding, alongside the greater elementals, the other greater races have as well. The monsters and sentient magical beings have fled into obscurity, hiding in the shadows, in caves, under rocks, in the jungles deep, in the forests secure. We hide, we all hide. We are all shrouded in the warm and tender embrace of your flowing power. But for some, it is not enough."

"You speak in a sombre tone," Harry noted, "What is your request Cadmus? What does the lower court request of Magic."

"We may have managed to hide from the non-magical humans," Cadmus said, "But the magical humans...they have grown arrogant and prideful of their power, their worth, they're strength. They view themselves as greater than all their equals, and have set themselves up on a pedestal far higher than the endless sea of the sky."

"Get to the point Cadmus," Harry said, standing and shifting his wand into a staff.

"Thousands of voices cry out in the darkness," Cadmus declared, "They call not for Cadmus, they call not for Odin, they call not for Zeus, they call not for Kami, they call not for the Golden Throne."

"They call," Harry said, "They call."

"They call for he who the bells toll for. They call for he, whose presence the bird of Hermes bows down to. They call for Crimson the Blood Red Warrior. They call for Goldgrinder the Pot of All Gold. They call for Silvertongue of the Serpents. They call for Valens the Ultimatum. They call for Harold the Sovereign Lord. They call for Magus Iunctio. They call for Magic. They call for...You," Cadmus spoke, speaking for the People of Magic.

"So they call," Harry said, "I have heard this call."

"Then why do you do nothing!" Cadmus stood on the branch he was on, "We! We are not as you are! We are not Magic! We are. But we are not You!"

"This is a matter that I need not intervene," Harry stated.

"Then why do you stand there, ready and poised for battle?" Cadmus said, voice still strong, then in a softer more hopeful voice said, "You have thought it over, I can tell. Please..."

"The Keys to the Kingdom," Harry, the Forbidden Forest beginning to hum and pulsate with his power, said, "The Keys cause much strife, pain, anger, suffering, sorrow, distrust, discord, depression, sadness, hate. Return your Keys...to The Keeper."

"But they are all that is left!" Cadmus shouted, "Why strip us of that which keeps us whole! That which keeps us...keeps us the way we are?"

"Do you no longer trust me, Cadmus," Harry stated and looked into the eyes of the lesser god, "Do you no longer trust my judgment?"

"But you have heard the voices...all those that have cried out in the darkness...all those that rely on your protection...all those children of your power," Cadmus said softly his voice trailing on the wind, "Why do you still do nothing?"

"There are tales told in other worlds, other existences, other realities," Harry said, "Stories of the fantastical, of the mystical, of the wishful. The Keys, while keeping what is left of those oppressed children of my power protected and whole, they also cage them. Without these protective relics my protection shall not wane. It shall remain, but all you need do is trust in me. Can you do that, Cadmus? Can you trust me?"

"I...I..." Cadmus said, at a loss, for he did not know as even his faith was wavering, such inaction from his lord had brought about doubt within himself, "Once...a long time ago...when I was still a youngling, a child, I would have gladly said 'yes'. But now, as a grown man, as a god of my people, immortal just as you are, I cannot...I apologize my lord, but I...I cannot..."

"I understand," Harry said, his physical features taking on that of an old man, his beard stark white and long, his robes a dull gray, his face growing wrinkles, his body looking a little frail, "Then I shall do as I must. As I have done for the humans whose gift I had given, so shall I do for the voices that cry out for me..."

"What will you do, my lord?" Cadmus whispered his question, he knelt at the base of his tree.

"These others, these voices, these worshipers and believers of old," Harry said, "You and all the others call them great," Harry briefly closed his eyes, and his power swept across the realm, "I have taken the Keys, they are now with The Keeper. His books shall not open, not for you, or for anyone else but me. You claim that the humans have grown in arrogance and pride even with the weakening of their overall strength.."

"They have grown in cruelty as well, in discrimination, in lies, in corruption, in hate, in chaos," Cadmus said, "We hid, we hide, what would you have us do? We, followers of the old ways, of path of enlightenment, of the path of peace. We who have walked the path less traveled."

"While I have seen these things that you claim," Harry said, "I have also seen the other side of things, of events, of actions. The so-called oppressed children of my power, have too abused their gifts, admit it you may never do, but I know. I have your hearts, I have witnessed your indifference, your own arrogance, your own cruelty, your greed, your own pride. I have witnessed your own hate."

"Then you have lumped us all in one pile," Cadmus said, standing now, "You have doomed all the races to a life of separation from our souls..."

"Your souls are your own," Harry said, "I have merely placed you on equal footing with the humans, for you are a people just as much as they are. You too have fallen from the heights that you had reached, just as much as they have...and like anyone else that has hit rock bottom, the only way is up."

"Then...by your leave, my lord..." Cadmus whispered softly and sorrowfully as he realized the faults of the Peoples of Magic, as he had finally noticed that the reason why Harry had not acted was that he believed that the children of his power did not deserve his aid, that those of this world, reality, and countless others had decided to walk the path most traveled, they traveled the short road, and not the long and winding one that lead to greater things.

"Then go," Harry said, "Faces, races, the color of the skin, the size, the stature, the power, many things are different, but you have forgotten that at the same time all are the same. All are unique in their own special way, but all the same time all are similar. I shall take a more distant and passive role when it concerns the children of my power...yes...it is for the best...for now."

"Thank you for your counsel, and the warning for the Peoples," Cadmus said and faded into and through his tree.

"It is now no longer a mystery to me, why it was so easy for my sacrifice to be taken as a sign of my willingness to serve as Magic, as well as why my predecessor took such a passively active role in all things," Harry said to himself as he took a seat on the roof of his hovel and watched the stars of the night sky, and witnessed as countless stars twinkled for the last time as the lighters of their lights hid away, "The forest grows more stifling, more frightening, the nightmarish side of dreams has taken its truer hold, while the castle and grounds shines as a greater beacon of light, and the lake's waters still to keep the balance between both realms of dreams, of wishful thinking, of magic."


The magical humans of the world noticed the change in the air, or in their world for that matter, other races, those lesser beings as they viewed the other races, got rarer and rarer as time wore on, even some of the more prolific of magical Beings had seemed to vanish off of the face of the world. Many of the sentient races were thought to be going extinct, and the Wizards and Witches, the self righteous lot that they were decided to do something about it. Enacting laws, and such to keep the numbers in check, and cage up those that were supposed to remain and be free.

Only a few of the races were able to keep themselves free from the iron fist of the Ministries of Magic, the governing body of the Wizarding World, and subsequently and forcefully the rest of the Magical World as well. One such race was that of the Goblins, they were a proud race, one who had two interests, spilling blood and gold. There were many goblin rebellions through the years, but no one could ever truly say that they had been beaten, only thwarted from victory.

Although they did win one battle, one time in their long history shared under the thumb of the humans. The reason for the battle was that the Ministry of Magic had learned of their knowledge of the whereabouts of the other races. The goblins chose not to give at least that very important secret away, not only were the ministry dogs intent on enslaving these free peoples with their laws, but taking their hidden wealth away from them. The goblins couldn't allow such things to happen, and so they did battle and actually won. They won the right to keep their secrets, but right after they lost a number of other rights and things. Their single victory in the written history of the Wizarding World was not as well known as the propaganda spouted by the rulers of the lands about how they were an ungrateful race whose only use was to be the guardians of the gold of the people.

The goblins mostly kept to themselves only interacting with the human race when doing business in the form of all the services their bank provided. They rarely ever really left their bank, and there were rather few half-bloods from their race due to their minimum interaction.

Whereas there was Cadmus for all the elves, there was Goldgrinder for the Goblins. Harry being that Pot of All Gold, while a pot of gold may have been a leprechaun thing theirs was fake, while the goblins' one was real. While Goldgrinder the Pot of All Gold was titled that, he wasn't depicted as a giant pot of gold or a golden pot. He was human for the most part, while it seemed a bit odd for goblins to worship a human, there was the added sapphire like blue ooze that served as a second upper body of the god. The ooze added four arms and two heads looking in different directions, there were no eyes, but had shark like jaws to them. The ooze part was like a cloak shrouding and actually protruding from the back of Harry.

He one day walked into the bank located right at the corner of the fork that ended Diagon Alley and led to other alleys in the magical shopping, business, and financial district of Magical Britain. None of the goblins recognized him at first, but after he threw a single golden galleon which multiplied into hundreds at the center of the lobby, they knew without a doubt who exactly had walked into their bank.

What they had not been expecting was for him to open up a bank account, one which was separate from the HSWW account, or his own House of Hogwarts account, this one was he chose to call his Golden God account, only useable by himself and whomsoever he chose, even the key to the vault was for his hands only.

"Now remember," Harry, in his Goldgrinder form, instructed the goblins, "As soon as Goldmangler the Silversmith attempts to make his first withdrawal you will contact me immediately."

"Your will be done Goldgrinder," the goblin warchief of that time said while thumping a claw to his chest as a salute.

"Good," Harry said, then simply turned incorporeal, and returned to his hovel, he had plans for this world, for this magical world, and the source of silver was only a part of things to come.


Time had a rather annoying tendency to pass one by, especially when that individual happened to not really care much for the passage of time as he was immune to its effects. Students of the school arrived and graduated, came and went, were born and died. Dark and Light Lords rose to power and fell at the hands of another far luckier than they. There was much going on in the world, and only so much that Harry himself could do with the events. None of them interested him all that much.

He was several, minor to himself, gods of the magical peoples. While he could visit them, what would the point be, why should he visit them at all, what would the purpose of suddenly showing up be. He had tried to visit some of the other magically infested or inhabited worlds, but none of them had the same appeal as this world. Even visiting his space station, and space ships seemed a bit bland. He bode his time, he waited for the opportune moment to once again surface. There would come a time, and an individual that would be of much entertainment value to him.

He wasn't bored per se, he was just out of things to do. He had tried gardening and ended up with a whole batch of new plants and trees with either medicinal or murderous properties. He had tried arts and crafts, which had resulted in the most beautiful or bizarre sculptures found in the Forbidden Forest that is if anyone actually stumbled upon them, they were scattered about, ready to be viewed. He had also tried his hand at pottery, of course that resulted in a lot of things that could and would be mistaken for porcelain or jade, as he had dumped those things in the Hogwarts Castle kitchens for the house elves to use. He had tried many things over the years, things that did not require his powers. The greater things that he did, simply happened by accident since no Harry Potter could ever afford to be normal.

The goblins kept on the lookout for the source of all silver, the silversmith as the being had chosen to calling himself. It was a confused being that suddenly appeared on the doorstep of Harry's hovel that eventually became Goldmangler the Silversmith. The being himself wasn't exactly entirely corporeal, similar in a sense with Harry himself, but this one was more spectre than solid for some reason, as if he were a mere memory or an astral projection traversing the stream of time.

After the being had acclimatized himself to where he was, as well as to his company, he began to reveal exactly what he had started out as. Before the mangled mess that he appeared as on the doorstep of the hovel. He was a child, a rather young one, Harry surmised that the child had been looking for a path of escape from whatever his living conditions were, and had tapped into his connection to Magic, his gift, his magic, and had simply stumbled upon the safest place in the world that could be found. The only thing was that he had failed to take his actual body with him. He had only managed to bring his mind and his soul on the journey. He also had a tendency to vanish for hours at a time, Harry had theorized and eventually realized that the child only appeared before him in dreams, when he was not in the land of the waking.

The child had introduced himself as James, not wanting to associate himself with his other names for some reason, Harry decided not to pry, and simply accepted it as a side effect of whatever life the child lead when in the land of the waking. Having nothing to really do, Harry decided to at least have the child lead a somewhat productive astral life with him, when he was around. He at first taught him how to smith, then moved on to goldsmithing, but that didn't turn out as well as he had hoped it would, the child was unable to even handle the precious metal, Harry thought of possibly moving onto alchemy, but pushed that thought aside as he realized who he had before him.

His plans had born fruit, and even fate and destiny decided to bow to his will, he had been brought the goldmangler as that was what the child had accomplished. Every piece of gold that entered into his hands was somehow tarnished, destroyed in a sense. If it were a coin, it would crumple in on itself, or crumble to dust in one case.

Due to this, the child decided to experiment with silver, but not knowing what it was called he decided to ask his companion, guardian, and teacher, who told him that he, the child, was free to name the substance as he wished, and so silver was born. Harry had given the child the nickname of Goldmangler the Silversmith, a name which through an accidental adventure had led the child to be added to the pantheon of Goblin gods, his position second only to Goldgrinder the Pot of All Gold, and right above Velens the Ultimatum, a god that was shared between the goblins, the dwarves, and the gnomes.

The accidental adventure came about when Harry and James were pulled away from whatever time they spent their company in, and found their core selves in the past, a distant past where men shared their world with all the other magical races, it was also the time when all the races were more or less simultaneously starting out, conflicting with one another, and where the gods ran rampant in the world of mortals...of course Harry did that even in the present, or whatever he referred to as the present.

They landed in a heap, pulled by the wishes and beliefs of the goblin forefathers that they too had a higher power watching over them, that they too had a powerful protector. They knew of the elves, the entire race had a fondness for a god that walked in the skin of a mortal named Cadmus, the vampires and lycans shared a god named Crimson the Blood Red Warrior. The dwarves and gnomes, two diminutive races that shared common ancestors, had Valens the Ultimatum as their premier higher power, his favored metal being bronze.

The goblins didn't really have any that had shown themselves to them. They had priests, shamans, wise men, all of whom had crafted higher powers for the goblins to believe in and worship, but they also believed that there must be one powerful enough to manifest in the mortal world as the other races too had. So after all their wishes, and worshipful prayers and pleadings, they received Harry and James.

Harry had of course immediately transformed into his Goldgrinder form, while he had to disguise James in a kind of silvery blue mist to obscure what he looked like, as the child had yet to settle on a form. Harry had not yet mentioned to the child that he was to be viewed as a god, and play the role as well.

"For what purpose has the goblin nation summoned one such as I, and one such as he," Harry questioned the goblins, even though he already knew the reason, he even grew in size for a more intimidating form, his other heads glaring with their eyeless glares at the goblins, each and every one of them feeling a piercing gaze baring down on them.

"We..." a goblin stepped forward and spoke on behalf of the starting out goblin nation, "I am Ragnok of the Goblin nation. Long have we searched for a sign, this was our final try at contacting ye who stands before us in all thy splendor. The other nations, the other races, had already flaunted their knowledge, their privilege of meeting or having an audience with their primary protector, we were among the last to have such a meeting. We were starting to lose hope, for it has been said that those without a higher protector cannot hope to survive past the dawn of the ages."

"I am Goldgrinder," Harry introduced himself, keeping his other heads glaring annoyed at the goblins, but his main eyes never leaving the form of Ragnok, "It is from myself that all gold flows. There is a reason why gold in itself has a power all its own, why mortals seek that shiny metal, why it is immune to manipulation. The most precious of all the metals. Gold."

"Hail Goldgrinder the Pot of All Gold," the goblins chanted.

"Greed is both sin and virtue," Harry said, "Gold is the most precious and coveted of metals, for it mortals would fill the rivers with blood. That too flows from myself. Much can be done with gold, but at same time, what use is gold to the dead, save for safe passage."

"Then we goblins..." Ragnok said, "We are your mortal embodiments? Our thirst for the rush of battle and bloodshed. Our want for gold is your doing?"

"But of course," Harry said, "Gold is power, and power is gold. Your belief was powerful to say the least, bringing me here before you to provide your dearest wish. It has also brought with me, my young student, young by our standards for that matter. He is Goldmangler the Silversmith, from which all silver is formed, he is malleable, with no apparent form as of yet, for he is change, and permanence in one."

The mists surrounding the child then began to dissipate, revealing what could have been mistaken for a dark elf, just heavily scarred, covered on one side of his silver armor plated body with rivers of red, flowing and disintegrating upon touching the ground. His scars were silver lines that marred his otherwise perfectly black skin, but his eyes were probably the only gold that would ever manage to touch his person.

What really differentiated him from Harry was that he was shorter than the other god, like how a goblin would compare with one of the other races height-wise. He was a bit stockier, more muscle than anything. But then a moment later he changed form, giving way to his other side, his sleeker form, his more elvish form. In this second form he kept some scars lined in silver, and even his armor, though its silver sheen was more pronounced. He was slightly taller too. It was the second side to his coin.

"I am Goldmangler," James introduced himself, "No gold shall touch myself, unless it wishes to be mangled or destroyed. Ill awaits any that should try and offer up gold to this lesser power. I am the middle power of three, Gold on high, silver in the middle, and bronze down low. I am cunning and intelligence, as well as resilience. Know me well, serve me well, believe in me well, and you shall prosper. But forsake me, and all the gold in Goldgrinder shall not save you."

Hanging at his waist was a black pouch which caught the attention of the goblins, only Harry and James knew what it was. It contained James' silver creations, he had it on his astral person at all times, it had a number of properties and abilities, one of which was the continuous and infinite production of silver.

"If there is no other purpose for our being here," Harry, his other heads stopped their glaring and stared off into space, said, "Then we shall take our leave for home, for even gods have a home and hearth to sit by."

"There is nothing more that the Goblin nation wishes to confirm or affirm," Ragnok said, "We thank you for humoring our curiosity and need for confirmation and affirmation."

"Very well," Harry said, "I expect a river of gold to flow continuously in my main worship hall...lest I cease my attention to your peoples."

He then simply vanished, no theatrics, he simply was no longer present before them. He even took James with him as he didn't believe that the youth knew how to make a proper exit. When they returned to their main meeting time Harry gifted James with a way to enter the grove, a way similar to Cadmus' tree. James was given a tree as well, a boabab was the tree that James received from Harry, a kind of home away from home or so Harry claimed as the tree itself could be used as a house based on just how thick it was.

With the tree in place, among the treeline of the grove, James would be able to come and go as he pleased even with his fully physical form. But it was only a few months later that the two of them realized that James' conscious mind was unaware of his nightly or unconscious doings and adventures. It was like having a split personality. But Harry reassured his young friend that there must be a purpose, a reason for the apparent splitting of the mind, and so James did not pursue the knowledge of why it was the way it was, and so left it up to fate to decide when it was his time to know and possibly unite the two sides of his being. A small part of him knowing that it was possibly and probably the doing of Magic himself.


During James' waking moments he was blissfully unaware of just how chaotic the rest of his life was. His other life was unaware as well of how chaotic the rest of his life was. The part that was never discussed even in the presence of the one that was aware of everything that had to do with himself. Magic knew who James was, and decided to respect the youth's decision to be James and not Harry James Potter. There would also be problems if the two of them used the same name. Though James did sometimes call Harry Harold or Magus since those two were his names as well.

The Dursleys really didn't treat him as he should have been treated, there would have been much bloodshed in the muggle world if it ever got out that when the god was not being a god, he was a young human that was treated like one of the scum of the world. There would have been all out war, and James would be unable to stop anything drastic from happening if he had no access to his god form and powers which for the time being one his subconscious and unconscious selves knew about.

Harry kept watch on his lesser cousin, making sure that the Dursleys never went too far in their treatment of him. But even he could do only so much, he still had rules to follow, and it was a good thing that James knew of the existence of those rules as even he had to follow some of these unspoken and unwritten rules.

The Dursleys were unaware as well of who and what exactly they played host to for however long James had been a god and a mortal at the same time. He was living two lives while being blissfully unaware of one, which allowed him the freedoms that mortals were able to avail of, even though his freedom was rather limited compared to others. He did not mind, as a small part of his conscious mind was aware that there was at least one being in existence that was looking out for him.

Whenever he reached the point where he was at the brink of death, where he found himself nearly coming into contact with his colder cousin, he was pulled away by Harry who unlocked or unsealed a small strand of his awesome immortal goblin god of silver might, which quickly healed him. It wasn't really his gift alone that was keeping him alright, and a little bit freaky, but the release of such power. Which was why no matter how many times his aunt attempted to cut his hair, it always grew back.

His god form was a bit more mature than his mortal form, since when he was in his god form, time was relevant and he did sometimes spend what seemed like years and decades as a god compared with his mortal life, as he did a lot of time hopping, be it intentional or accidental. He did manage to become akin to a younger brother to Cadmus, even though the older god still had doubts about Magic himself.

His feats of accidental magic were also caused by the unlocking or unsealing of his power. He had a greater connection to the energy or force that was Magic, but at the same time he used more of his godly gifts and power. His spirit, mind, and soul, was more used to the power rather than the connection to magic or the allocated magic that grew within him, that the two energies seemed to clash while he was awake, the younger and weaker of the two, magic, stood down whenever James was confronted by something that his physical form was unable to deal with.


While Harry and James spent their times together in studies and adventure. Harry did not neglect his other duties as an assortment of gods to many subjects, people, creation. On Earth, in space, or in other worlds, realities, and the like. While he did have the multitasking bit down pat, there were just some situations that needed a more personal approach. Such as his roles as Valens, Crimson, or Silvertongue.

James only had his position as Goldmangler, unless he suddenly produced another alternate personality that would eventually have to be recognized by the whole, by the core, and be unified or merged into one whole being, lest he be forced into giving into insanity.

Harry decided that while he waited for Harry's time to finally arrive in his hovel's present, he would try his hand at visiting the other great magical nations, his first target was that of the vampire nation. The vampires and lycans shared pantheons, gods, and a number of other things. This was partially why they were bitter rivals. To the vampires and lycans, otherwise known as those that had the ability to shiftshape from human to an animal form and also permitting a half form, he was Crimson the Blood Red Warrior. He had two forms, that of a pale crimson eyed figure that wore marred silver colored body armor along with a black cape, and a horned helm, the other form he had for this persona was that of a large silver wolf with glowing purple flames licking at his paws, and crimson eyes that shone brightly in the moonlight.

He left his forest haven, and walked, literally walked, all the way to the capital of the vampire nation that was surprisingly found deep beneath the catacombs of Rome. Directly beneath their other arch-nemesis' own capital, the Vatican City itself. They had chosen that place to house their capital as it was right underneath one of their greatest foes' greatest strongholds.

The vampires, while great in number had cast a vote long ago whether or not to attempt to eliminate those followers of Christ, or even those who only believed in the Old Testament. The majority had chosen to attempt to live in harmony with their fellow creatures, for even man was a creature, though not the only rational animal in existence. As for the Church, their views varied, the Pope leaving the dealing with other races up to a secret organization, their own private army that too was hidden away from the rest of the faith, and only those who were members of it, or those lucky or unlucky few that had stumbled upon their existence.

Harry had walked all the way there to burn time as he had a lot to spare, it also gave him the sense or feeling as if he had finally found something that he could call a pilgrimage, he had forgotten to try his hand at those things back when the Crusades were still very popular. On his way he met up with several people of varying religions and beliefs who for some reason had also decided to go backpacking, not that Harry himself had a backpack, but that was more or less what he was doing.

They ended up as a traveling troop, looking out for one another, all of whom were apparently heading for the same destination that was Rome. Of course Harry was aware that of his companions, half of them were undercover dark creature hunters, among those dark creatures they were stalking the vampires that they were traveling with but were unable to attack due to his presence as they couldn't figure out just what exactly or who exactly was he. The other half were vampires the whole lot of the, all in all there were six of each.

Vampires, the older and more experienced ones were able to walk in the sunlight, and some of the age old beliefs about their weaknesses were proven as not being true. The only reason why they did not enjoy garlic was due to the smell, their enhanced senses just did not agree with the smell, but there were some members of the race that loved the stuff, but they were really old and so was chalked up to slight insanity or great amounts of power by the younger members of the race. Blood was more of a power up than a staple food, as the vampires did not necessarily need it to survive as they could eat regular food to nourish themselves, but of course nothing was better than blood. Water, which has a purifying effect had was still something that the vampires didn't react that well to, it didn't incinerate them, it just weakened them to a degree. A stake through the heart could kill them, as that could kill most anything, decapitation was also another way of taking their lives. A bullet to the head could work as well, though not necessarily to the really old ones.

The vampires too did not know what to make out of Harry, they were glad for his presence as it meant that the undercover hunters would not attack or attract any unwanted attention of the world that was more or less unaware of their actual presence. They had approached him one night in such a manner that should have normally scared away any one, but Harry had simply asked them to join him for a game of poker. He did not react in a manner befitting a normal human being. His actions told them that he was not one of the regular run of the mill humans, but at the same time it did not tell them what in the world he was.

Harry did not disclose to anyone just who or what he was, he simply introduced himself as Harry, it was a common name by that time. It was better than introducing himself as Magus as that name would attract a lot of unwanted attention, as the holder of that name was generally viewed either as a powerful immortal or a god by the magical humans.

When the group finally arrived in Rome, the hunters were forced to abandon their targets, but hoped to run into them again in the future, while the vampires tried to ditch Harry not knowing that he was not following them but simply heading in the same direction.

"Sir," one vampire decided to confront Harry said, "Why are you following us? One would think that you were a stalker."

"We must simply be heading in the same direction," Harry said as his complexion grew paler as the day progressed, "It could simply be a coincidence after all."

"We are heading for the catacombs for some exploring," the same vampire said, "Are you claiming to be heading there as well?"

"No," Harry replied, "I am heading for Cuore Oscuro, have you heard of it?"

The vampires knew that Harry was not like them, but were weary at the fact that he knew the name of their nation, their race's capital city. Thoughts were entering their minds that it was possible that he was an even more hidden agent of the Vatican sent to infiltrate their city. But at the same time they did not know for sure if he was that. It would not do to simply attack someone, for all they knew he could have been an agent for their side of that particular conflict. They did not suspect him of being a lycan as they would not know even of the name of the city.

"Who are you, really?" the vampire asked, his companions ready to either fight or flee at a moment's notice, their city was so close, as was aid, "You introduced yourself as Harry, but who or rather what are you really? For you to know that city's name, you must already know what we are."

"I know what you are," Harry admitted, "I also knew of what our companions were."

"Then what are you?" the vampire asked, "Whose side are you on?"

"I am on...no one's side," Harry said, "You're conflict is you own, and is one that I hold no particular love or dislike for."

"A fence sitter then," the vampire said, "I must apologize my friend, but we cannot permit you to step even a step forward without knowing what you are, as well as your intentions for our city."

"So distrustful," Harry said, the day had turned into dusk already, his skin had turned a waxen white, he was as pale as the moon, and his clothes as well as his physical age seemed to be slowing shifting to one who was in his mid-fifties, "What do you think I be?"

"Someone who also doesn't seem to trust us," the vampire said, then noticed the sudden change in appearance, "A shapeshifter...magical human...metamorphmagus?"

"No," Harry said, mirth shining in his eyes, "I am not one of those, though I could be should I wish to be."

"Then what are you?" the vampire nearly demanded but held back as something in him told him that demanding something of the being before him could result in a lot of bad things.

"I am of magic, as are you," Harry stated, "That much you have guessed rightly. But as to what specifically I be...well...you'll have to keep guessing, as you have no power over me."

"You are right about us not having power over you," the vampire said, "But at the same time, we are within our jurisdiction, we stand in defense of our people...now what are you?"

"It matters not," Harry stated, then turned around, "You do not wish for me to follow you...very well, I shall not. But I shall see you there."

He simply vanished once again, but before doing so, he allowed the six to glimpse his vampire god form, leaving them puzzled, confused, and a little bit afraid for they were not sure what or who it was that they had seen and been in the company of for the past two months traveling on the road.

The six could do nothing for a while but stare at the last spot in which they saw their former traveling companion, and decided to simply cautiously make their way to their city. They moved at the fastest that they could as to avoid anyone to track their movements. They were so in a hurry that their speed had startled the border and city guards, forcing them to stop and were then told that the city would have to be placed on high alert, until what had happened had been discussed by the Tredici Famiglie, the thirteen families, the ruling class of the race, who answered to the king, who answered to their King of their pantheon, Crimson the Blood Red Warrior.

The six were brought to the council chambers to relate the events that led to their hastily entering the city which had caused quite a stir. The elders of the council, they were the heads of the thirteen families, had decided to hear all the details before passing judgment on whether to keep the city on high alert or to contact their king for some advice on how to proceed. The problem with that second option was that their king had been unavailable for a few decades, some say that he had been captured or killed. But since he had not left or appointed an heir he remained as king. There were those that believed that he had left, since the time of his disappearance the thirteen families, and their clans, had been at constant war with one another. He had chosen to be a mediator in the conflicts and not participate actively in them, as his interference seemed to cause more conflict. Those that believed in such a theory also believed that their king would return when all the families and clans were one.

"...he simply vanished right before our eyes," the vampire that had confronted Harry ended his version of the events that had transpired.

The Tredici Famiglie were thirteen families who were descended directly of the thirteen children of their king, thirteen of the most powerful vampires in existence who had ended up killing each other due to their father's inability to chose amongst them who would rule in his stead should he be vanquished or should he vanish. Each of the thirteen children hailed from a different part of the globe, their mothers were mortal women and had taught them much, while at the same time teaching them what power could accomplish. Their father on the other hand had left them to fend for themselves, only appearing before them when they were strong enough to be of use to him. Back in those days he cared not for the weak, but for the strong, but of course none were strong enough to challenge him. Those were the days of the Dawn of the Ages, when he had encountered the one that could challenge him without even batting an eyelash. Harry had been dubbed Crimson the Blood Red Warrior by the King of the Vampires as at the end of the battle, Harry had spared the king, and at the time Harry was bathed completely in the blood of the king of vampires who himself was nearly nothing more than a puddle on the ground.

The king had been separated from his sons that day, and had remained away for a whole week due to his fight with his god. After the battle and after the king had uttered the words that named him who he was, Harry shifted into his wolf form, and howled to the moon, while his doppelganger in another part of the same country took the form of the vampire and roared at the moon. Both Vampire King and Lycan Lord were recognized by their gods, and knew humility.

"The information you have on the situation is very limited," the eldest elder said, "If it were not for the fact that our King is still unavailable, we would seek his counsel...but as things stand we are forced to keep the high alert status of the city."

"I have a suggestion cousin," the youngest member of the council said.

"Speak young cousin," the eldest spoke.

"Why not seek out counsel from who even the king deferred to?" the councilman suggested, "Perhaps...just this once we consult with the Warrior."

"But only the king has even had the privilege of speaking seeking counsel from the Warrior," another councilman said, "Who are we to seek such advice?"

"We are His people," the vampire that had confronted Harry said, "We do on occasion request advice or protection from the gods, why not seek advice from the highest of them all."

"If something disastrous should come of this," an elder said, "You shall be the one to be blamed, and we shall send you to the Vatican wrapped up for them to do with as they please."

"Then you are indeed going to seek His aid?" the vampire asked.

"What choice have we?" the elders said as they got off of their bronze thrones and made their way to the city's temple. It was carved out of marble, white marble, but for some reason when light hit it it shone blood red, or was in some cases mistaken for being made out of polished rubies.

Upon entering they found something rather odd, as while there were priests that performed the rituals of their religion, there was only silence that greeted them. But the deeper within the temple that they got, a kind of hum filled their ears. The elders, their guards, and the six vampires that traveled with Harry, could not figure out what the humming sound was.

Upon reaching the main prayer hall, the one where an iron throne was positioned on the far end of the hall atop a raised platform. On the throne normally sat an iron armored skeletal statue, but this time there was a more live looking figure, one that had rivers of blood flowing from from the throne, as if bleeding an unending amount of blood, that after reaching a certain distance evaporated. The figure on the throne apparently had his eyes closed and was simply sitting there, waiting for something to happen.

"What is going on here?" one of the elders asked in whisper a nearby priest, all of the priests were had their foreheads to the ground in worship.

"He appeared shortly after the state of high alert was announced to the populace," the priest whispered back, but refusing to move from his position on the ground, "Prostrate yourself before the almighty Blood Red Warrior, as his blood feeds and sustains the our race."

The humming suddenly stopped, the priests were the source of the humming sound, it was actually a prayer song that they had been performing, one of high praise and protection. There were so many words to it in their race's ancient unified language that it came out as a humming sound to any that were not participating in the prayer. It was one of the things that had been taught to the first priests of their order by some kind of prophet, the one that had introduced the race to their religion, it was actually Harry that had introduced their prophet to the religion they believed in and followed. The prophet herself was still living, and had at one point in time been a lover of the King. Her name was Lisa an apothecary and an herbalist who used her knowledge to aid the ailing, she lived in a small village at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. She was one of the greater immortals, one that was worshiped as part of the pantheon of Vampire gods, the Lycans didn't really care much for her as they had their own prophet in the form of a time traveling werewolf that went by the name of Remus, the brother of the founder of Rome.

"Speak," a whispered word that echoed throughout the chamber was spoken, the source unmistakably the figure on the throne whose eyes were open and looking everywhere and nowhere in particular.

"We," the eldest of the elders said, "Of the Tredici Famiglie, humbly beseech thee to provide some advice for the present situation that Cuore Oscuro is facing, as our King is unavailable at this time to give us counsel."

"Cain..." a single word spoken, it was a name, the true name of the King, not that any of his descendants knew that it was also another reason why the Vatican sought to rid the world of the dark creatures, he irritably continued,"So distrustful...and paranoid."

"E-excuse me," the elder said, unsure if he had heard correctly, as did the vampire that had confronted Harry, "I-I am uncertain whether or not I had heard correctly."

Instead of replying, the figure stood from the throne leaving behind the iron statue, and walked through the throng of still kneeling priests, and made his way to the assembled elders and their companions.

"Vladimir...you know him as," Harry said, "I know him well, as well as know that he is indeed still among the living, or unliving as all of your race remains. Unliving and everliving. There is no cause for alarm, perhaps is was in bad humor for myself to journey here among the still of this world."

Instead of waiting for any reaction from the assembled group, he walked right through them sending freezing cold shivers down their spines, they believed that eve ghosts would have found the experience frightening. He then left the chamber, heading for who knows where. Even he did not know where he was heading, but he did remember to discard or shift the clothes he wore into some more modern apparel as his armored state would attract far too much attention to himself.

As he walked through the silent streets he made sure to avoid the city watch that patrolled the streets ensuring that no civilian was out and about due to the state of emergency, while he did his sightseeing, the assembled group still within the temple finally got out of their stupor, the elders turning to six that they had summed to stand before them in the council chambers.

"Congratulations," the elders said, "You traveled with the Blood Red Warrior..." one of them then turned to their escort, "Inform the guard and the watch that the state of emergency has passed and been resolved."

"At once honored elder," the soldier said and hurriedly walked away.

"Now what do you propose we do?" the elder asked of the six, "Also what was your purpose in coming here?"

"We simply thought to visit the capital," the apparent leader of the six said, "We have been lifelong friends and were turned only a decade ago, our sire told us stories of the wonders of the capital, and so we journeyed in the hopes of seeing its splendor."

"Very well then," the elders agreed, "You are free to go since you did not bring about misfortune but great fortune. Forgive us, but the safety of the many comes first before the needs or wants of the few."

"Understandable," the six said and asked for directions out of the temple, as the other cities only had minor shrines to the gods and not one big and elaborate temple.


When the information that it was safe again, and that there were no longer any problems or issues that needed the city to be on high alert, the populace cautiously made their way out of their homes and shops to go about the rest of their day. They may live underground, but they still lived their days, while only the warriors, the soldiers, guards, and travelers had a different schedule.

The city was populated mostly by the purebloods of the race, the nobility, the commoners or lower to middle class of vampire society were mostly made up of those that were turned, those that contained some foreign blood, human, lycan, elf, whatever. The nobility could trace their bloodline to the King himself, it didn't matter that the mothers of his children were mortal, his sons were all born as full blooded vampires, only one son was in-between that, only one son was half, and only that one son did not have a representative on the council. He was the fourteenth son, the youngest of them, while at the same time the oldest as his mother was the Prophetess herself. Harry had a thing for time travel so long as it suited his needs, his growing needs.

As Harry walked around the city he was often approached by the purest of all races, in every race there were only one class that were the purest of the pure in all aspects, that of the children. They approached and greeted him, all of them able to see his true nature, who and what he was, but they also knew not to voice their discovery to the grown ups who were sure to either not believe them, or berate them for one thing or another. Telling the true about him normally got children in trouble with their parents. Some parents apologized to him for their children's behavior, he simply stated that he didn't mind at all. His clothes placed him between nobility and upper middle class. He waved them off with a gloved hand. Even the most well mannered and behaved of children, couldn't help but approach him, just to greet him, and try to get some secret out of him.

The architecture of the city came from every age, but not going anywhere near the twentieth century for some reason, even though there were texts in the public library that had depictions of that future age. It was probably the blandness of the structures that the vampire architects didn't like.

He didn't really mind as he admired the structures, even in such a place there was light. With enough belief something could come out of it, which was how the gods that were not him had come to be. The sheer amount of belief had birthed them, their stories of creation and whatnot coming to life as well, the parts that Harry allowed to happen anyway.

If there was one thing that the whole of the world, the magical mostly really, had in common was the basic currency, gold was valuable, and the goblins really did love their monopoly on the stuff. The Dwarves and Gnomes were more of inventors and miners for metals, jewels, minerals, and the like. Gold wasn't their thing. It was a little bit weird for Harry to be shopping, he hadn't really had the chance in the past to do so, so he decided to do so now. Gold was the only thing that flowed from his hands, he did not accept change if it were in the form of silver or bronze for that matter, gold and only gold would he allow to pass onto his hands.

The vampires trusted the goblins enough to allow them to have a bank in the capital of the vampire city, they trusted them enough to keep the secret locations of the vampire cities, so why not allow them their bank. A goblin on break, walking around the marketplace noticed the squandering of gold, and stalked Harry to investigate. He ended up being cornered in an alleyway by Harry.

"What business do you have with me, goblin?" Harry calmly asked the goblin, a little bit of an intimidation aura filling their immediate area, only to be felt by the goblin, "For there must be a purpose for your watchfulness of me."

"I found it quite disturbing that one of your kind would be shelling out gold like it was candy," the goblin replied, "There was something heavily suspicious of you, and your confronting me on my behavior adds to my suspicions."

"I simply refuse anything less than gold to touch my hands," Harry said.

"Is silver beneath you then," the goblin said, a bit insulted as his race valued silver and bronze almost as much as gold, which was why they knew how to properly spend their hard earned gold, "For if it is say so, that I might inform my superiors to ban you from our services, vampire."

"What could one little goblin hope to do to me?" Harry asked amused, "It is quite entertaining this little meeting of ours, little goblin, Ragnuk second son of Ragnok the third."

"You know who I am...yet you dare threaten me stranger," Ragnuk said, "Who are you? Who do you think you are?"

"Who I am is none of your concern little goblin," Harry said, he was no Goldgrinder at the moment and thus need not act kindly to his goblins, even as Harry he really didn't need to act friendly or favorable to all magicals.

"You have insulted the goblin nation by insulting me vampire," Ragnuk said, "I would have your name, lest the goblins and vampires have a war."

"Interesting words little goblin," Harry said, stopping his intimidation aura, the level being so low he really didn't expect it to affect the goblin, but for it to not even dent the goblin's composure was commendable, "Should I reveal myself, what would you do?"

"I would do as I threatened, I shall inform my superiors of your status to us," Ragnuk replied, "But should you apologize, our forgiveness shall only cost a small fortune since you don't seem to mind losing so much gold."

"I refuse to apologize little goblin," Harry said, "But since you are an interesting one, I shall give you your desired fee, the unasked price for your silence as to our encounter."

"H-how do you know about that?" Ragnuk asked in surprise, bribery was not looked down upon by the goblins when it did not have anything to do with their business, but to know to offer the unasked price was something only goblins seemed to know. It was an offer where the briber would pay the equivalent of the goblin's total assets.

"I have had dealings with your kind in the past," Harry said, "Though none of your kind would recognize me as I am now."

"Very well then," Ragnuk said, "Let us proceed to the bank to perform the transaction."

"I would rather we do it here," Harry said, "I am uncomfortable bringing out such an amount in front of so many greedy goblins."

"And how do you propose to do that?" the goblin said, "We don't have a vault available to perform the transfer of funds out here."

"But we do have a satchel in which the amount shall be transferred to your claws," Harry said, pulling out a small pouch and enlarging it into said satchel, "Within is the amount, down to the last gold piece."

"You are aware that the pieces now have names don't you," Ragnuk said, "Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts."

"I am well aware of this," Harry said, "I simply refuse to trade in the other two, shall you verify the contents of the satchel?"

"Do I need to?" Ragnuk asked, "Suspicious as you are, we are dealing with goblin customs, honored and hold customs, the magic involved would smite thee should you cheat me."'

"Then we are done," Harry said, and began to walked off.

"Wait," Ragnuk said, stopping Harry in his tracks, "You have yet to give me your name."

"Nessuno Niente," Harry introduced himself as, "Doubt me you should not, as we still are within the bounds of the sacred transaction."

"Are you of a clan? Or of one of the families?" Ragnuk asked.

"You ask quite the number of questions little goblin," Harry noted, knowing that the goblin was only narrowing down who had paid him to forget their interaction, as the next time that such a transaction took place the price would be significantly lowered, so he needed to know as much about Harry or Nessuno as he could, "I am of none of the clans or families, you may view me as a loner, an independent."

"I see, very well then," Ragnuk said, "It is about time I return to the bank, it was nice doing business to you, may you gain more gold."

"And may your vault be blessed by Goldmangler," Harry said, "Since you care much for the silversmith's works."

"You really are pushing your luck, you know that," Ragnuk snarled in response.

"Be gone goblin," Harry said, as he instead vanished first, leaving the goblin to feel his frustration and aggravation grow.

Harry reappeared be one of the walls that made up the underground chamber that made up the city's space. It was a large chamber that was literally the size of a small city. The Prophetess had led the first council to the place, via her followers the Order of the Crimson Skull, the religious order of the vampires. It had been prepared by Harry, but not as he was now, but by a simple whim, he made it happen, Magic made it happen.

The actual walls of the chamber were impenetrable, unbreakable, and smooth to the touch no matter how coarse they appeared to be. The chamber being underground was too deep in the earth to be reached by sunlight, but it was somehow far enough away from any magma. The world of magic did not really follow anything that science, regular science, said was. The city had plant life, ones that lived by the light of stones that littered the ceiling of the cavern. These stones were the source of light for the underground city, the vampires were the only ones to have them, as the dark elves, goblins, dwarves, gnomes, and the other subterranean living races preferred torchlight to this other source of lighting.

The reason he had appeared by the wall was that he had felt something pull him there. What he found was something he really did not expect. Apparently James was having problems during another part of his childhood, and had created another alternate persona, another aspect of his whole being that could be used to become something more. He had awakened another higher power within himself, another form of escape as well.

"Do you recognize me?" Harry asked the ghost like form of the child, kneeling down beside the scared mess at his feet. The child looked up at him, it looked as if he had cried himself to sleep on a night that Harry was not entirely around.

"Magus, its you," James said, "I didn't think I'd see you again..."

"Well, I'm here with you now," Harry said, "What ails you child?"

"Everything," James said, "My uncle and aunt don't love me at all, the forgot to pick me up from school today, then got mad at me for coming home all dirty and late enough that aunt Petunia had to make dinner."

"I apologize for not being there for you," Harry said, "But you know as well as I that I am not allowed to interfere with your home life."

"I know," James said, "But I really wished someone else would come and take me away from it all, and not simply escaping into this magical world that I sometimes think is all a dream."

"You are not Goldmangler right now," Harry told his young friend and relative, "It looks like we will have to find you another niche."

"Is being a multiple god allowed?" James asked, "I mean an inter-race higher power."

"Yes, it is allowed," Harry said, "I myself am god to many races, while still holding my post as Magic himself."

"Ok...so what can I be?" James asked.

"The blurry images of the gods that I hold in mine memory are the ones that you may fill in," Harry said after thinking it over, "What particular race catches your fancy right now?"

"I caught a glimpse of some horror flick my uncle and aunt watched one night," James said, "It had vampires and werewolves in it. Could I be a god for both?"

"Well, I suppose you could," Harry said, "But I will not be there to guide you in how to act and what to do, Goldmangler was easy as I had already planned on the event somewhat, this time you are on your own."

"Since I feel all left out, and even have these rivers of tears continuing to flow down my face even though I feel better already," James said, "Is there a spot for a god of outcasts, loneliness, outsiders, the unwanted, and the like?"

"Yes," Harry said, "There is room for such."

"Then I want to be them," James said, "I want to be those gods, since I know how it feels even at this age."

"If that is your wish," Harry said, then shifted to simply being Magic, his voice turning ethereal, "Then so be it, but what name do you wish to go by? You shall be dealing with the vampires and lycans, the sophistication and bestial nature of beings, the knowledge hungry, bloodthirsty aspects, and animalistic aspects, of human beings."

"You speak as if you are referring to parts of yourself," James said.

"I am," Magic admitted, "For they are in a manner of speaking a part of me, just as you are, my little mage."

"Can't I be a wizard?" James asked.

"No, unfortunately you can't," Magic said, "It is unavoidable for one such as yourself."

"If you say so," James said, "So...I think I'll go with Azure."

"Blue huh," Magic said mulling the color through his head, "I like it, then Azure you shall be, but Azure the what?"

"Who named you the Blood Red Warrior?" James asked.

"Cain did," Magic replied, "I fought him in the past, but there were many of their pantheon then."

"Then I guess I should simply leave it to fate, huh," James said, "Like last time, a prayer should summon me to the right time, shouldn't it?"

"I would guess so," Magic said, "While you go on your adventure or journey, I shall wait for you in the marketplace."

"As you are now?" James asked.

"As a vampire, you shall recognize me I am sure," Magic said, "For I am still Goldgrinder, and only gold shall touch my palms."

"Do you really always do that?" James asked.

"No, of course not, I touched your silvers didn't I?" Magic said.

"I guess," James said, as he sat on the ground, his form shifting into an older version of himself, but with silver hair sapphires for eyes replacing his emeralds, and twin streaks of red trailing down his face. His skin turned pale, like a full moon, much like Crimson's skin. He was turning himself into what he perceived as his new form. For the vampire side of things he was humanoid, and wore the same garb that monks wore but only the color was a light azure, the sash around his waist the belt held numerous pouches each containing some herb or potion. He wanted to heal for some reason, heal the hurt he was sure others were feeling. His lycan form, his lycanthrope form was that of an azure furred werewolf with emerald eyes. Even his lycanthrope form he still retained his belt or sash of healing items.

After he completed his two transformations, he had gained a doppelganger for he needed to be in two places at the same time for what was going to happen. He also had the multitasking thing down from his being Goldmangler which allowed other parts of his being, more his subconscious to perform his duties.

The pull was recognizable, once he felt it, he allowed it to bring him to where he needed to go. Apparently Crimson had forgotten to heal the downed King Cain, as Azure found him lying as nearly a puddle of blood on the ground where the two had fought, nearing death's door.

"I take it Crimson forgot that you are still mortal compared to us," Azure said kindly as he knelt down beside the dying King, "I can heal you, now this might sting a little, though I doubt that you are in a position to scream."

Azure then pulled out some blue powder and sprinkled it around the vampire king's bloody remains, said a few whispered words, took out crooked dagger and slit his own wrist, and let a few drops of his own blood fall on the king. Once he was done and his wound was healed, he stood up to watch the fruits of his labor.

The vampire king felt renewed, as if he had been reborn in an instant, all his wounds vanished, even some of his older ones, ones from before he had changed into what he had become. Even to the point that even his heart was healed, he was more human than monster or beast.

"Try not to antagonize Crimson again," Azure said, "He cares not for the arrogant."

"My Lord, if I may know," Cain said, "Whose presence do I have the honor of being in?"

"Ah, yes," Azure said, lightly, a smile gracing his face, "I am Azure. Nice to meet you Cain...Vladimir...Mathias...Dracula...Alucard...King of the Vampires, King of the Night, Master of Darkness, Master of the Night, Marked One, Forgiven Son."

"I have yet to be forgiven for my act of jealousy," Cain said, "How am I forgiven?"

"Were you not permitted to have family?" Azure questioned.

"I was...I see," Cain said, "But what is with the multiple names? The last one is not a name I go by."

"You shall in the future possibly," Azure said, "Your thirst for blood has yet to be sated, and you insanity has yet to be truly purged."

"Then I am still healing?" Cain asked.

"No," Azure said, "I have healed all that I could heal, some things are still beyond my control, unless you wish for us higher powers to be all tyrannical."

"I...do not think I would enjoy that," Cain said.

"Then I bid you farewell," Azure said, "And no, your prayer was not all that was needed to catch my attention, your peoples are worried for your safety. Return lest I undo what I have done."

"Yes, my lord," Cain replied, and gathered his strewn belongings.

The Lycan Lord had a similar experience.

After leaving and reuniting with himself, James rematerialized right in front of Nessuno who had been meticulously taking an apple apart while leaning against a pillar in the marketplace. He had been standing there eating apples for what apparently had been days as the city watch came and told him to leave or asked him to leave or tried to ask him to leave. There weren't really any laws against loitering or waiting for someone else to arrive.

"Took you long enough," Harry said in greeting, "What did you find?"

"The next time you beat someone up to a bloody pulp, heal them yourself," James said, "I am a healer," he had appeared wearing the robes of a healer of the Jade Order, why jade he did not know himself. His membership in the order when he was in the form that he now took, it was his god form minus the twin streaks down his face and with the addition of elven ears, was that of unwanted outcast as he had a thing for doing things for charity. He would also heal anyone, including the enemies on a battlefield as he had done during the time it took him to get to the marketplace. It was one of those multitasking things. He wanted a background for his vampire and lycan persona, he was in this form a mixture of both which was greatly frowned upon by both races. Nessuno Niente didn't really have much of a background, he simply loitered and spent galleons by the pound.

"I'll keep that in mind," Nessuno said, "So what name should I refer to you as in this form?"

"What name should I refer to you as in yours?" James asked.

"Nessuno Niente," he said, "Yours?"

"Salus Proficio," was the reply, "Just how many names do you have anyway?"

"A lot," Nessuno said, "I tend to create them on the fly as needed."

"I see," Salus said, "Where to next?"

"We go about our duties, until you need to wake up," Nessuno said.

"Do you happen to have a house here?" Salus asked.

"No," Nessuno replied.

"One would think that your having so much gold on you, you would own at least a small manor in this here city," Salus said, "Why don't you purchase one and let me stay there?"

"Fine," Nessuno said, "I'll find us a house.."

He then walked off grumbling about brats in general, his mood keeping the children away, which he actually minded. They did decide to flock over to Salus instead who loved the attention of what he perceived as still being of the same age as he was, since in his conscious form he was still a kid himself. While the Jade Order were mostly made up of stiffs and pricks who took their profession far too seriously, Salus acted his age around the children surprising their parents.

It was a few hours later that Nessuno came knocking at some lower noble's door looking for Salus saying that he found them somewhere to stay in the city. After thanking the family for their hospitality, Salus left with Nessuno. The house was found near the where the two had met up before Azure was officially born. It was a modest two storey house. It was also probably the only structure in the whole city that was from the twentieth century, which was why Nessuno managed to purchase it for only a single gold piece.

"You just had to buy the bland looking one," Salus said, not really complaining, but he had to say something about the place.

"It was the cheapest one around, no haggling involved, and no identification, papers, and the like needed for the purchase," Nessuno said, "Got a problem?"

"No," Salus said, "Its just that you shell out gold like candy, like that goblin said."

"You really do keep track of everything concerning you don't you," Nessuno said.

"What else am I going to do with my spare time?" Salus said, "When my mind wanders, I awaken, and so I stalk anyone that mentions silver."

"Then you heard my insults?" Nessuno said smiling.

"Those were simply your excuses to give away free gold," Salus noted, "I know you enough to know that you would do something like that."


After the events at the Vampire capital, things returned to the way they were. Harry did his thing, while James went about as two gods, sticking to his duties actively pursuing projects, and simply being himself. Ever helpful, and in some cases quite vengeful. He eventually gained the godship of vengeance and retribution, as when he was invoked he really did appear. He appeared as an emerald and lemon yellow being made out of flames that hovered partially visible behind the one that had invoked him or vowed to deal vengeance or retribution in his name. Of course, if there was no just cause, he would consume by fire the one that had performed the false invocation. If he couldn't deal any karma on the Dursleys he might as well do it in a more productive manner.

He was a general god of vengeance, one shared by most of the major races, those that were greater than simply being sentient. He was referred to as Ekdikisi for some reason, even he didn't know why he ended up with such a name. Only the invoker and the target of the vengeance, retribution, revenge, was able to see him, and a few special people.

While James had his fun as Goldmangler, Azure, Salus, and Ekdikisi, Harry on the other hand returned to somewhat boredom. He needed to find something else to take up his time. So he journeyed to the the subterranean world under South America where the Lamia and other reptilian humanoids lived. These were the races that shared the trait of being cold blooded, all of whom could trace their ancestry to the serpent that tricked Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They were all some form of reptile. But only the Lamia, those serpents that could shift between being wholly human, to wholly serpent, or have their lower halves be serpent, were the ones considered as being royalty. Their Queen was a basilisk lamia.

To this empire of mixed races, Harry was known as Silvertongue of the Serpents, which was why the lamia were at the top of the food chain. He had two forms, one was a nondescript human form, his features simply had something akin to a notice-me-not charm on them. His second form was his more recognizable form, that of a gargantuan double headed basilisk. His scales were as black as pitch, his eyes were emerald fires, and unlike mortal basilisks, he could spit his venom like a spitting cobra.

He had a glade all his own, one which was viewed as sacred by the combined races. While the reptilian races lived most of their lives underground, they did have hidden cities above ground. One of which was located near the glade that Silvertongue appeared in, or in some cases appeared to sleep in. In it, no blood was permitted to be seen, smelt, of felt, only the blood within one's veins was allowed there, any that violated that rule was eaten whole, just as one of the Queens of the past had done thinking that she was greater than some overgrown two headed serpent. He simply devoured her before she even noticed his presence.

This day was no different as he awoke from his slumber, for as he slept, in whatever position his physical body turned to stone. He awoke to the stench of freely flowing blood present in his glade, as he extended his power and senses, he found the source. Three siblings had been fighting for the throne, well more like two. The first males to be born to the line of Queens, triplets. The Queen only bore one egg, and it was always a princess, but this time was different, there had been three in the egg, a sign of change, one that was unwelcome to some and welcome to others.

The blood belonged to the princess, something which he did not approve of as he was the one to appoint the line of Queens. She was not yet within his cousin's embrace, but was getting there. So he uncoiled, which was noticed by the fighting brothers and the two sides of the political conflict, apparently there were very few that sided with the proper order.

The fighting stopped, from anger and greed, their faces took on a look of utter fear and terror, it had been quite a long time since he had stirred from his slumber. They had thought that it was safe to shed blood in the glade, it was for their future after all. But it was not meant to be.

Silvertongue lashed out, his maw tongue flying out like that of a lizard's taking hold of the bleeding form of the princess. The people assembled there thought that he approved of the change from Queens to Kings. But he did not swallow but simply healed her with his tears, something which he had duplicated from phoenixes. Then he set her down, behind his coils, shielding her from view.

"I once recall a similar situation," Silvertongue told them as if reminiscing, "I also recall that it was during the Dawn of Ages where time blended into one time for a time. It was a time of beginnings, the shaping of the world, the formation of races, and the appearances of gods. It was a chaotic time, and it was also when I first came to appear before you, a mountain of stone uncoiling to form the serpent that is before you. Two brothers fought before me, and laying by the base of my necks was a young female lamia, bleeding from a wound received as she tried to stop the fight between her siblings, both older. Her actions spoke tomes of wisdom as compared to the chaos in the minds of the brothers. There is a reason why I had chosen a line of Queens. I had thought that the princes could help the Queen, but alas, it was not meant to be."

"Our humblest apologies Great Serpent!" the brothers fell groveled before their god, as did the others with them, "We meant no disrespect! We only thought.."

"You did not think!" Silvertongue spoke anger clear in his booming voices, "You simply acted, allowing your emotions and lust for power to overpower your responsibilities and common sense. I can fault you in that, but you were princes, you should have had better control over yourselves and your selfishness. Only one Queen has ever fallen to insanity, and she paid the price for her folly."

"WE greatly apologize and humbly ask for your forgiveness," the brothers said, "But our sister too fought us on sacred ground, she fled here when she was failing to show her power as Queen. What right does a weakling have to power."

"I do not see what power she lacks," Silvertongue said, "I see her power, and see only weakness in the two of you."

"But we are strong," the brothers said in response, "Should there come a time that war should break out, then our strength will allow the nation to survive, to conquer!"

"You dare raise your voice at Me!" Silvertongue's dual voices rang out, echoing even in the far reaches of the empire, "I set the Line of Queens! I! I Silvertongue! I, who you dare raise your voices to. Shame, shame on your race. You have dishonored your ancestors!"

At the pronouncement all their supporters gazed at them with hate as their own god had told them of the great dishonor they had brought to their nation. While they wished for a change in gender of leadership, they supported the murder of the princess. They did not want their god of gods to leave them, as that was a really bad scenario.

"Well where were you when our mother fell to the blades of assassins!" one brother shouted, their bodies upright, their lower halves ready to let them spring into action, "Where was you everlasting protection! Where were you! You false god! Gods are not seen or heard! Their presence is felt! You are a false god!"

"Where were you during our race's time of need! Where were you when the empire needed your aid! Your counsel! Your presence!" the other brother shouted in anger, "You left us alone, sleeping away! You are no god, but a pretender! Leave us! The Lamia need you not!"

"Do not speak such words! Lest you doom us all!" their sister shouted but not as loudly as her brothers.

"There are other gods! We are the ones who set out the outcomes of our decisions! No god is needed to make the crops grow, or the weather to be what it is, these things just are!" one of the brother argued, "The gods, especially this so called god, are nothing but great entities that preyed on our naivety!"

"Then if your decision is to forsake the gods," Silvertongue said, he slowly turned to stone starting from his tail tip, "Then so be it. Without the gods, you are nothing."

The petrification had already covered one of his heads entirely, having it assume a slumbering pose. But before his other head could fall to the petrification, the princess that still remained protected behind his coils, pleaded with him to not revoke his protection.

"There are still those among the people that believe, and will not succumb to the propaganda that my brothers are sure to release," she said with a pleading tone, "Please don't abandon us, I know the extent of your influence and power, Great Serpent, please don't leave us. We need you, even if they refuse to believe it."

"Little princess," Silvertongue spoke, "They have made their decision...but...I shall not revoke my entire protection. I shall let the other aspects of the higher plane deal with what needs dealing with, and shall continue to honor my responsibilities, should I not, well, the reptilian race might end."

"Please don't leave," she pleaded, her brothers, and their supporters had already left the grove, "Please."

"Hmm.." he said, then solidified into stone, the petrification spread from him covering the rest of the grove, and some of the surrounding area. The grove was found in the middle of a forest on an island in the middle of what could have at one point in time been a volcano, the inside had widened and turned into a lake, and in the middle of the lake was the island that played host to the forest and the grove. The former volcano was one of the hidden areas of the world. After the petrification of the entire island, it slowly began to sink into the waters of the lake, the island unbeknownst to all had actually been floating on the surface of the water all that time.

"If you would be willing to come with me," a new voice spoke, it belonged to Harry, or Magus or Harold Hogwarts, in his late seventies but still going strong form, "I shall ensure that you live to see the day that the gods are welcomes back, or rather forced to return in some manner. Do you wish to come with me my little hatchling?"

"Who are you?" she asked him, not recognizing him as the Great Serpent.

"I am still the same as I was, like you I have more than one form," he said, "I am...Magus, you may refer to me as such. Now, you can either come with me to my home, or drown as my island sinks to the bottom of the lake due to the foolishness of your brothers."

"I...I shall come with you, O Great Serpent," she said, and took his outstretched hand, and simply vanished from the former grove, and reappeared just beyond the treeline of the hovel's grove.

"Welcome Medusa," he said as he walked her beyond the treeline and into the grove proper, "To my home, an intersection of sorts between all the magical gods, and I guess your home until the reptilian race embraces the gods once more, truly and not simply due to misfortune."

"Thank you Great Serpent," she said bowing to him, but a hand on her shoulder made her look up into his kind eyes.

"Call me Magus," he said, "Here, I am no god, I simply am. Now just so you know, some of the trees of the treeline are special, in the way that they are homes away from home for some beings and gods, while the rest are regular trees in my purplish paradise. So you should expect guests to arrive every now and then, mostly in the form of a child...at first anyway."

"A child?" she asked, "Why a child?"

"He comes to me for comfort on occasion," he replied, "His caretakers are not kind to him."

"Then why not take him here all year round?" she asked him, "You are the Great Serpent."

"I am," he said, "I am also Goldgrinder, Valens, Crimson, and so much more. I am also Magic. But I cannot, there are rules and laws that even I must follow, and interfering with the child's home life until the appropriate time is one of the limitations that I have, powerful as I am."

"Then allow me to take him from that place," she suggested, "I may still be a hatchling myself in your eyes, but I am clearly older than some child."

"That would not work," he said, "There are powers at work in his situation that are in some cases more powerful than myself, as I am merely one aspect of existence, and of all things."

"Oh..." she said, a little bit disappointed that she could not be of help.

"But that does not mean that you cannot meet him," he said, "If James will let you, you may meet him in his time."

"He is not from this time?" she asked, not at all perturbed or shocked at the revelation for she was already going to live with her god.

"He is from the future," he said, "There is much for your to learn before I shall truly allow you to visit him, and it shall be a long time before you will really be able to visit him in any form."

"I understand sir," she said.

"Good," he said, then transformed one of the treeline trees into a dark purple cypress, "That will be your home, do with its innards as you wish, so long as the outside remains the same. While not as wide looking as the boabab, it will do as you wish, as it is now a part of you, as you are of it."

"Thank you sir," she said.

"If I have something for you to do, I shall inform you, but for now rest, you have had a trying experience," he said, then entered his hovel of a house.


All the greater magical races lived apart from one another, rarely did they really interact with one another, save for the goblins and gnomes, as they were in charge of the magical banks, the dwarves were the ones who the magicals sought out for things that couldn't simply be found everywhere else, they also liked to keep to themselves.

Cadmus still didn't show himself in the grove again, though James and Medusa could have sworn that they sometimes saw some of the leaves rustling, and that could only happen when the elven god was amongst them, as there was no wind that blew through the grove, unless Harry let it which he didn't, ever. So the elven god was either curious as to what was going on in the grove, or he was possibly apologetic for how his last visit had turned out. But in any case the two more mortal than their host suspected that he came by every now and then. While Harry himself knew that Cadmus was simply taking peeks every now and then, and also acting a little bit like a coward, and a bit too prideful.

There finally came a time when James stopped visiting for some reason. It wasn't a long stretch of time, but it seemed as if his home life had improved, that was until Harry actually went to consciously check on him. He found his friend in the Leaky Cauldron, in both of their present times, meaning, it was time for the unification of the Harry James Potters to commence.

"I'm heading out," Magus (A/N:he shall be referred to as such since two Harry's has gotten me quite confused) informed Medusa who, since gaining her immortality, had gained some metamorphmagus abilities and made herself look permanently like someone in their early twenties, and was quite the sight to behold, it was a good thing that she was away from gods of the seas, or she might have had to attempt to calm down Magus.

"Is this long term or short term?" she asked, she took care of some of the things in the grove whether or not he vanished for however how long, it was just polite to ask, and to know.

"I am not quite sure yet," he said, "But you may visit Gringotts Diagon Alley Branch if I'm gone too long."

"Alright, sir," she said, and went back to her crossword puzzle.

He vanished from the grove, leaving some magic dust in the spot where he had been standing, it had been a long time since he had left the stuff anywhere, which was how it had become such a rare find. When he arrived just outside of the Leaky Cauldron, he received a prayer from one of the goblins at the bank informing him that the Silversmith had tried to make a withdrawal. While the youth was not aware of his status, the goblins immediately knew who he was, and more or less kidnapped him from the half-giant's clutches. Rubeus Hagrid had no clue what to do, and for once in his life, he didn't think that Albus Dumbledore would know what to do, or be able to influence a platoon of goblin warriors into letting the Boy-Who-Lived-And-Did-Something go. So instead of informing the headmaster of the school, he simply went about what he had originally been sent to the bank to do, which was retrieve a certain stone from a certain vault. When he was done with that part of his business, he asked for somewhere he could wait for the young man he had come into the bank with.

He didn't really know what happened after his transaction, all he knew was that Harry (A/N: James shall be referred to as this for now) Potter was in good hands, and that nothing was wrong, everything went according to Dumbledore's wishes. The perks of being Magic himself.

Harry was led by the goblins, all of whose smiling faces were kind of creeping him out, but he didn't say anything lest they do something to him. They brought him to a room and told him to wait for someone to come get him for a ritual of some sort, then locked into the room, only allowing him to hear shouts of rejoicing coming from the outside. He didn't know what the celebrations were about, but he hoped that it wasn't because they got some dumb ignorant kid that they could use in some devious ritual to bring about the end of wizarding kind.

"I wouldn't go so far as to say wizarding kind," a voice suddenly assaulted his ears, it belonged to an old man, that stood in front of him, but he could have sworn that the old man was not there to begin with.

"Who are you?" the eleven year old asked.

"I am a friend," Magus said, "Let me reintroduce myself to the core of my friends. I am Magus Iunctio, otherwise known as Harry, but we shall be going by Magus from now on as two Harrys can be quite confusing. I am known by many other names, just as you are known by many other names."

"Huh?" the youth said.

"Now come follow me," Magus said, "I shall reveal these hidden truths and secrets to you, and make your splintered self, whole once again."

The youth obediently obeyed the old man, and followed him amidst the cries of 'Hail Goldmangler!' which the goblins chanted as he walked past and through a throng of them, amongst them were even a few wizards wanting to know what had gotten their bosses into such a good mood, but none of them were able to see his face.

They finally stopped they were within a room filled nearly to the brim with silver, well it was actually one of the most secure vaults in all of the bank, and was connected to all of the other branches as the main supply room of silver, Magus had a similar vault, as did his Valens form. His Valens form being that of a suit of bulky looking armor with lots of spikes on it, and had a large hammer strapped to his red caped back.

"Now, Harry," Magus said, "I want you to just stay in here, don't worry about dying of suffocation or something like that. You are safe, as Gringotts is one of the safest places in all the world. Don't worry, we'll be just outside of the door, and know that what we do is for your own good."

Magus then dashed out of the vault, and closing the vault door upon exiting the vault. As soon as the vault door slammed shut, the youth had not time to panic as he was immediately buried under silver, and he even felt some coins, bars, ingots, and the like coming out of his skin. It was an unnerving experience. Then came the feeling of himself dying, but at the same time not, then came a feeling of breaking bones, and his body generally shifting shape. Finally he felt a great burning as if his whole being was on fire. He had burst into emerald green and lemon yellow flames, then returned to being an eleven year old boy. But this time with all of his memories accessible to him, as well as his powers. He was whole, and he had a bone to pick with Magus. He simply walked out of the vault and kicked the older god into the black abyss that could be found beneath the cart tracks, which simply led deeper into the bank.

"The next time you decide to lock an eleven year old into an enclosed space full of silver have the decency to stay in there with him!" Harry shouted at Magus who had climbed back out of the ravine like crevice like abyss, "I really thought that I was going to die!"

"Well, it couldn't be helped, you were kind of mortal back there," Magus said, "In any case, welcome back."

"Glad to be back, and whole for the first time in centuries," Harry said, "Should I take on the form of Goldmangler?"

"No," Magus said, "These are no longer the time for such things, though you may if you wish to."

"I think I shall," Harry said, shifting into Goldmangler, "Tis better this way, I am only visible, and barely to the goblins."

"I suppose," Magus said, "I shall remain in this form for the mean time, I am all powerful...more or less...in this form as in any form, my being Magic and all that."

"Of course," the younger immortal said, and walked with him back to the surface, it wasn't really that long as walk, they even arrived at the surface before their escort of goblins did riding a cart at full speed, there was more than one speed, the goblins just delighted in the looks that their clients and customers wore as the carts zoomed this way and that way.

When they got to the main lobby, there were more lobbies though those were specialized ones for other races as the magical humans had a thing about looking down on anything not human. It was somewhat engrained in them from birth, they subconsciously did it, even those that knew better. Magus and Harry didn't really bother with them, as the two had things to do, they both had to go shopping. Magus with a list of things that Medusa had pestered him about for the past two years, and Harry needed his school supplies.

It was funny to watch Magus in the apothecary as he added a bit of this and that into the jars and other containers after Harry got what he needed. He even left some of his special dust in a container for that Peruvian darkness powder or something or other. He planned on messing with the students of his school come term during potions class. Harry being the only one more or less moderately immune to the immortal's antics.

Then in the pet shop, not that Harry needed anything from there, they were just there for various amounts of pet food, Medusa had a thing for collecting animals that were not reptiles, save for the turtles. The animals in the place went ballistic in a happy way once Magus entered, and became even more happy when Harry entered. The proprietor didn't know what to make of the occurrence. Since the proprietor didn't really seem to know what he was doing, as many of the animals kept complaining, both Magus and Harry cursed the shop to force the owner into doing some research and hiring some experienced and knowledgeable personnel in order for the animals to feel better. They understood that messing around too much with the business may create problems in the world, and they didn't want to deny the other people of their pets.

It was when they got to purchasing a wand that things got interesting, as not a single wand in the shop, or even material was for Harry. The wandmaker was saddened and disappointed, and generally didn't know what to do and even thought about finally going out of business.

"Would it be better if the items, or rather materials were more personal in nature?" Magus suggested in the form of a question, "If it would, I know of where to get what would possibly work."

"It could work," Ollivander said, "If they don't match, may I have these samples?"

"Harry, what do you think?" Magus asked, their identities other than their first names had puzzled the wandmaker.

"Sure, if they don't match," Harry said, "Whatever it is you've got planned."

Magus then procured some items directly from the grove by sticking his hand in a deep pocket. They were a branch from Harry's boabab, some of Harry's wolf hair, and melted silver in a vial. He then handed over the items to the wandmaker.

"Make the wand," Magus said, "We have all the time and patience in the world."

"How are you so sure? Are you a wandmaker yourself?" Ollivander asked as he accepted the items, "I can do a rush job, but I don't know how it will affect these items."

"Nothing bad will happen I assure you," Magus said, while Harry simply sat in a conjured chair made out of silver.

The shop sign was flipped over to closed and a sign about a lunch break was put into the window. Magus and Harry took to playing old maid while waiting for the wand to be finished, the materials that were given were enough for two wands, one set for Harry's wand, and one set as a gift, since they didn't expect that Ollivander would ask for payment, since his own stock had not been able to fulfill his promise to all that walked into his shop.

It took Ollivander an hour to finish his best work yet, by that time, Harry had lost more games than he could count to Magus on their very speedy game of old maid. He summoned the wand to his hand, and a kind of rush filled him with even more power, the wand was meant to channel or focus his energies a bit more. His wand was for healing which jived with his being Azure the Topaz Healer, it was made of himself mostly of silver and fur, which represented Goldmangler, the Ekdikisi part came with a healer's knowledge of anatomy and the many ways anyone could die.

"If I may ask," Ollivander said before the two left his establishment, "While I thank you for the materials, might I know what they are, and where can I get more?"

"Go on ahead Harry," Magus said to his younger companion, then turned to face Ollivander, "The wood is of a magical boabab, one which is found in the Forbidden Forest in a purple grove, one that is sacred to many of the great magical races. The fur is that of an azure wolf, are you familiar with he wolf of which I speak of? Lastly, the liquid that you used as a sealant and varnish to combine the other two materials and your potions was liquid silver, the spilled excess from the forge of the Silversmith."

"You would have me believe that you have access to these sources?" Ollivander said, "If you simply didn't want me to know, you did not need to lie."

"Then you do know of these sources," Magus said, "I did not lie. I wonder who it was that told you of these things...was it your great great great grandfather's journal perhaps, stories he had written told to him by an elf named Cadmus."

"H-How do you know about that!" Ollivander questioned startled that such a family secret had been revealed, the stories that Cadmus had shared with the Ollivander family were about sources of power and concentrations of magic that could be used to make wands as well as craft them.

"I know Cadmus," Magus said, "If you come across another difficult case, then pray to Valens, Crimson, Silvertongue, Goldgrinder, and if you do not like that option, then write or owl Harold Hogwarts or Magus Iunctio. For those are who I am, and more, lots more, and one more. Nessuno Niente as well if you wish."

"Y-You a-are them all?" Ollivander exclaimed, then got down on his knees and pressed his head against the floor of his shop in protestation, "I humbly apologize for any disrespect I might have shown thee, Lord Magic."

"Yes Olliver," Magus answered an unasked question, "The wand does indeed choose the wizard, I play an indirect role in such a ceremony."

"I see, and thank you for the information as well as the patronage," Olliver said.

"You need not kneel before me in this form," Magus said, "After all, you did not kneel before the Silversmith, before Azure, before Ekdikisi."

"God of Silver, God of Healing, and God of Vengeance," Olliver listed, "Then the young man I made a wand for was those three and more?"

"No, just those three, and one more," Magus said, "Can you guess how unfortunate he is?"

"Potter," Olliver said, "He was Harry Potter."

"Very good, I commend your skills of observation," Magus said, "Well, if that is all, I bid you adieu."

He turned around and walked out the door only to be met by Harry who had waited for him.

"You told him then," Harry said, "Where to now?"

"Are you missing anything?" Magus asked.

"Electronics that will work on your environment," Harry said, "Nothing that I really need, just want."

"Very well," Magus said, "I have a number of those like you wouldn't believe! What do you want?"

"Laptop, printer, scanner, mouse, GPS tracker, you got anything I could ride around in?" Harry replied.

"Tools for homework, a map, and recreational toys," Magus said, "I got that, I got that and more!"

"Why are you so giddy?" Harry asked.

"Because, I get to play with some of my toys again," Magus replied, "Come."

They teleported to a clearing somewhere else in the Forbidden Forest, it was walking distance from the Purple Grove, and really looked like it didn't have anything in it. That was until Magus pulled out a remote control and pressed a bit red button, that whatever else that was in the clearing made itself known.

"Holy Shit!" Harry shouted in surprise, "An Imperial Transport! Where'd you get one?"

"I made it," Magus replied, "From magic of course, and when I say I've got a few more, what I mean to say is, think of every space related movie you can think of, and everything that appears in them, or in books, comics, and whatnot. I've got 'em all. And they're all cloaked just outside of Earth's sights."

"So...I can pick anything?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Well, of course I won't allow you to get anything really big," Magus said, "But I do have a selection you can chose from," he then led Harry inside and had him buckle up in preparation for their flight into space.

As they broke through the atmosphere at light speed, NASA and others that tracked such things were unable to keep track of their sudden movement. But the guys that tracked ET activity did manage to catch a glimpse of the armada parked just within the galaxy. It was massive and thought of as a joke played on them by some hackers.

Harry didn't know how to react at the sight of what could be considered as an alien civilization floating within the Milky Way Galaxy. Magus' Death Star was the size of an actual star, it rivaled the sun even. There were smaller ships zipping all over the place, and in some places there were blue and white mecha acting like traffic enforcers of some sort.

"Wow," Harry decided to say after some time of staring open mouthed at the sight.

"I'm glad you like what you see," Magus said, "We'll be landing on one of the battleships, then take a transport to the Death Star."

"You actually have a Death Star," Harry said in excitement.

"Of course I do, my young apprentice," Magus said grinning as he said it.

"I'm not some sith knight lord or whatever," Harry responded.

"Of course you're not," Magus said, "But I have gone by Darth Magus Iunctio before, it was fun messing with the Alliance."

"I really can't believe you did that," Harry said, then simply continued to look out the window at all the space ships, and even managed to catch a glimpse of a dogfight, "Hey, why don't you have some sort of escort?"

"We are cloaked," Magus said, "We'll be entering one of my private hangers."

Upon entering and after the hanger bay doors sealed them into the place, Magus changed his clothes into plain black flowing robes, and a cloak complete with hood. He also changed Harry's into what could pass for Jedi Master robes, and even gave him a purple lightsaber.

"I am so liking this," Harry said as he flicked the thing on and off, and tried doing some fancy stuff with the thing, but almost dropped it when it passed through himself, "Gah!"

"Don't worry so much about hurting yourself," Magus said, "You are a god even in your human form, you will have to consciously think of yourself as being like everyone else to avoid any unwanted attention."

"I really sometimes dislike being your...somewhat relative," Harry said, annoyed slightly as they walked.

"Its been a while since I've been here," Magus admitted, "I rarely physically visit."

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Boredom mostly," Magus said, "There's next to nothing new to do here."

"What about Earth?" Harry asked, "You spend most of your time there."

"I do," Magus said, "It reminds me of home you see."

"Oh," Harry said, then continued following them until they reached some kind of ticketing station, "What do we do here?"

"We get us some commutation passes," Magus said, "I'll pay, then set up an account for you later."

"Alright," Harry said, and leaned against a wall waiting for Magus to finish his transaction. Some people as they passed him by, looking at him funny, they weren't all humans, but a lot were humanoid. Harry didn't know why they were staring, but it was probably due to his being a kid in masters robes. Jedi were real, as were Sith after all, and the empire was ruled by a Sith Emperor...well...god...Magic...whatever.

"Yes, you do look odd," Magus said and handed Harry a card, "That's your commutation pass, its on the infinity plan, meaning you can use it an infinite number of times...but its only keyed to yourself. Next we'll go set up a bank account for you, gold, silver, and bronze, are used as currency, but I had it so that everyone normally uses things like credit cards instead of coins. Transactions can get pretty large."

"I see," Harry said, "So...how will it work? The account I mean, do I borrow some money from you first or something?"

"No," Magus said, "I'll be linking the account to your Gringotts account."

"Ok, so where's the bank?" Harry asked, "Well be taking a bus to the bank, its the money bag ship which I'm sure you saw."

"You couldn't think of anything else, huh," Harry said.

"Kinda," Magus said as he walked in the direction of the nearest transport station on the ship, it was the size of a large city.

As they got on the bus, they had to stand since all the seats were taken by a tentacle monster type alien. It was that big, and it wasn't even at the level of people, it was someone's pet. Harry didn't really mind everything as it was like seeing Diagon Alley for the first time. Magus was a little bit gladder since standing made him feel a little bit like everyone else, even though he knew that he wasn't normal by far.

It was when they were about half way that the dogfight that Harry had caught a glimpse of decided that their transport needed to join in one the festivities. The transport's pilot sure knew how to fly, the trip was a little shaky, but still comfortable enough. It was also exciting in that it was a little bit like a rollercoaster, Magus looked a little bit irritated by the delay.

The delay of their arrival at the bank eventually became irritating for the other passengers, the uniqueness of the situation had died down, and had been replaced by repetitiveness. The reason why no one seemed to be interfering with the dogfight was because it was between the children of two very high officials in the senate, and there really was a kind of galactic senate rip off. Magus still got the last say in everything, but they generally ran the place.

"That's it," Magus muttered, "I'm going out there and giving them a piece of my mind."

"I don't think..." Harry began to say, then shut up upon seeing that Magus was actually hiding his anger very well, the way these two imbeciles were acting was unbecoming of their station in life and looked back on their parents, especially their fathers who were members of the senate, "Carry on then."

Magus vanished from within the bus, no one save for Harry noticing his sudden departure. The next thing everyone knew was that their transport stopped all of a sudden, and there were military ships coming out of hyperspace, and some were teleporting in. In the distance, the Death Star revolved and turned to face the two that too had stopped their fight, and instead looked on in fear as the active duty members of the military and the Death Star itself turned to face them. They swore that they could feel the utter disappointment their emperor and god had to them.

"What do you think you were doing in public space?" Magus' stern voice echoed throughout space, that even some that were on the planet's surface could have sworn that they too had heard some otherworldly voice speak, "Your actions and behavior are unbecoming of your station! There are commuters trying to get to work, others to school, and others to other important things, and there you are disturbing the peace! There are spaces allocated for quarrels, battles, spars, and the like! Use them! Lest I decide that you are wasting space!"

The two pilots gave their reply, no one really knew how, but apparently their ruler had heard them, since the Death Star powered down and returned to the way it was facing originally, which was outward as if looking for dangers to the empire that spanned how ever big it did. A few moments later the military ships left, and two escort ships towed the two disturbers of the peace away. What was on everyone's minds was that why now did the emperor decide that something as common as that was something to get the military involved in.

"You really know how to start rumors don't you," Harry said once Magus returned to his side.

"The bank closes in two hours," Magus stated, shrugging, "I don't want to have to rely on privileges too much."

"I see," Harry said.


After setting Harry up with an account of his own, the two of them headed for the Death Star, they were stopped several times by military personnel checking if they had the clearance necessary to enter such a space, which they did. Magus really did have a number of civilian aliases that he could use, he even gave Harry really high security clearance. They got in without any real trouble.

Just how many vehicles or ships Magus had, even he didn't know. He practically created his own empire so how many of his transportational devices he had didn't really matter. He and Harry made their way through the enormous space station which was the size of a star, nearly anyone they passed by bowed to them in respect in some form or another. There were those that were puzzled as to Harry's presence not really knowing what to make of him.

When they reached Magus' private hanger there were many things in it, from miniature Death Stars to storm trooper speeder bikes. The latter being what caught Harry's attention, he really looked like he wanted one.

"See something you like?" Magus asked after he finished turning on all of the lights of the large hanger.

"Yeah," Harry said, "You got a costume or uniform I could have? One that could grow with me?"

"Storm Troopers are cool," Magus said, "I've got several, though I think you'd prefer a customized one."

"Whatever you think is best," Harry said, "I want a bike."

"Speeder, good choice," Magus said, "Anti-gravity enchantments, good for speed, great maneuverability. Good choice indeed."

"Can I have blasters with that?" Harry asked, hoping.

"Sure," Magus said, "I'll give you a whole package, you'll be outfitted like one of the elite senior officers, bounty hunters will have fewer armaments than you."

"Thanks," Harry said.

Once Magus had his younger companion outfitted with all the things he had requested, the two of them made their way out of the space station, and to the commercial space station to shop for the tools for homework, the GPS tracker, and some other supplies while they were at it.

Magus aged himself as they walked around the shopping space station, he really looked like a grandfather the way he was, and Harry played the part of grandson perfectly. With so much money to spend, Magus was zipping this way and that, with Harry keeping him out of trouble. They didn't plan on having such interactions, it just ended up that way. Harry was the cute grandson making sure his grandfather didn't get into too much trouble.

The GPS tracking system and all its accessories was one of the easier things to find and purchase, Magus even got the kid a satellite all his own, one that could pierce any magical barrier. But when it came to the computer and all its accessories, they had a few problems, such a Harry not knowing this and that, while Magus having a difficult time deciding how advanced the technology should be. There were so many to chose from, there was an entire sector dedicated to computers, from the abacus which was the first calculator, to the really advanced stuff.

The printer and scanner were easy decisions as Harry was the one to look through what was available. He simply read through the manuals and the descriptions of the available things. He purchased ones for homework, which was of the all-in-one kind from Hewlett-Packard, printer, scanner, fax, xerox machine. The keyboard and mouse would only be purchased after the computer itself had been chosen, which didn't look like it would be any time soon. It was a good thing that the shopping space station never closed, even on holidays, else they would have to return another day, and Harry didn't think that Magus would have enjoyed that all that much.

"I'm going to wander around for a bit okay?" Harry asked Magus.

"Sure sure," Magus said, waving him away, the shopkeeper that was helping him thought that he was a bit irresponsible, but who was he to interfere with another man's family matters.

Harry walked around window shopping, waiting for something to really catch his eye. They'd already done their miscellaneous supply shopping, and so it was pleasure seeking that the young man was performing. It was a good thing that there were teleportation station all over the place, each place convenient to anyone who wanted to go almost anywhere on the station. Since the computer sector was huge, Harry used one of the teleporters to get him out of there and into the hobby sector.

It was a big sector, it was even bigger than the computer one. People could lost in there for days on end, if it weren't for the maps that could be found every intersection or two. Harry had a blast going from shop to shop. He didn't necessarily purchase anything, but he did find some interesting things.

He made himself into a giant for a short time so that he would be able to enter a giant's shop without being trampled on. It was interesting to note that people didn't really find it odd or unique as there were a few other people that could do it too.

He spent an lengthy amount of time in the hobby section before moving onto the food sector, where he didn't spend long, as he already knew what he was going to do there. He raided the nearest candy shop, sending the owner into early retirement due to his purchases. After doing that, he returned to Magus to find that he had decided to go with a computer that used technology which allowed it to tap into the seals of the world. The seals of the world were seals and runes etched on all of creation in every reality, with these things anyone that knew how to access them could do a lot of things not normally available. Men could become gods, and gods could become greater than even that. Though to even gain access to the information of their existence needed one to either have met with those five or know someone who has had some form of interaction with those five. Magus had met them, and more, and so Harry knew about those seals. They were the Gameshark of the realities.

The thing was touch screen with a little bit of VR in the mix. It was the highest level of technology available in the shopping district, the higher level ones were found only in the Death Star and in Magus' other modes of transportation. The ability to connect to the seals was just part of the technology, but one had to know about the seals to access them, one would not be able to accidentally stumble upon them.

Once done with their shopping, the two of them returned to the Death Star as that was where they had decided that they would stay for the mean time. Magus had his own private quarters, and so arranged for Harry to use one of the guest rooms.

The days passed, most of which were spent traveling between Earth and the Empire. Harry spent his time mastering the use of his new equipment. He even went through a crash course of military school, somehow ending up with the rank of captain, and Magus didn't have anything to do with it other than enrolling Harry into the crash course, only the best of the best managed to even graduate from such a rushed course.

When the morning of September first finally arrived, Harry was half way to Earth, he had commandeered Magus' Imperial Transport with Magus still at the wheel sleeping, really sleeping, complete with snores and little blue 'Z's floating above his head. It was a comical sight. Harry had more or less just kidnapped a god and an emperor, and the empire didn't know it. Magus probably didn't mind.

He landed the ship where it was usually parked within the Forbidden Forest, disembarked after kicking Magic awake, which kind of had a jump-starting effect on the castle making it a whole lot more awesome to look at later on in the evening. Magic then kicked him away, making him land ass first in one of the compartments of the Hogwarts Express as it waited for its passengers, some who would be riding it for the first time in their lives, while others would be riding it for nearly their last time, unless they decided that it would be a great idea not to ride it out when they graduated, unless that was not a tradition.

As he waited in the compartment that he landed in, which was located somewhere in the middle of the train, he fooled around with his computer, he'd call it a laptop, but it didn't exactly sit on his lap, it kind of floated in the air. The CPU being a small bead that hung on a necklace, while the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, were kind of projected onto the air, the screen could be expanded to probably fill in the Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle, or so Magus had said. He was fiddling with the seals of the world, trying to get it to rain when the train began to head for the village nearest to the school. He was trying to program the weather, but it didn't really want to cooperate with him, which ended up with him doing business with it, also known as entering the negotiation phase, and wishing that he could be one of the blurry figures that filled Magus' memory about weather gods and the like.

There weren't all that many people that enjoyed the rain, which was probably why he wanted it to rain. Rain was a sign of not so nice things to come, especially when it had lightning, thunder, and gale force winds accompanying it. The weather didn't seem to want to agree with him, and kept trying to delay his programming, but in the end, when the first of the other students arrived, they gave in and let him do with them as he pleased.

After getting the weather to bend to his will, he decided to fool around with the train and how it worked, making sure than some random non-lethal accidents would occur to the students once the train began to move. He was letting out the prankster within, Magus had a thing for pranking calling it getting rid of boredom therapy, there was also the fact that it was in his blood. His mother's side included.

When the train began to move, Harry deactivated his computer, then locked his compartment door, and unless someone was at the level of power that Merlin was at his prime, then there was no way that the door would be unlocked. Rules be damned, Harry did not want to be disturbed.

While Harry was busy sleeping the rest of the way to school, Magus was busy thinking of whether or not he should take up his position as Lord of Hogwarts Castle, the Lord did have the most power since as the position and title dictated, he had the most power over the place. He did finally reach the decision that it would be best to allow Harry to have a normal school life, without his older friend and colleague butting in. Two gods in a castle would be disastrous for the health of the professors, not to mention that Albus Dumbledore would not be able to put his schemes into play.

With his decision making for that particular problem over and done with, he moved on to what he was going to do about the Board of Governors that he had left behind. Over the years he had noticed their decline in quality, as he didn't want to bother with once again taking up his title and position as Lord, he would definitely have to do something about the Board, their performance left a lot to be desired, and there were some members that had no right sitting on the board.

It was time for Magic to enforce his rules, and so while Harry was on his way to the school, Magus summoned a meeting of the governors to give them a piece of his mind. The meeting was to take place in one of the conference rooms of the castle itself, which did actually force Magus into donning his Lord uniform, and take up his mantle of Lord Hogwarts. He wouldn't be staying in such a position for long, but only until he straightened out the board itself. The Headmaster of the school seemed to be doing a piss poor job of holding things together, the school had fallen far since the time that Magus had left the running of the school to Godric, it was time for the governors to finally step in. With the blessing and fear induced by the heated and nothing short of intimidating glare directed at the from the man, the god, the being, the primal force, that could end their careers, jobs, lines of work, profession, magic, and honor, all in one swoop.

As the governors arrived they all wondered who in the world had the power to summon them all, they were bound it seemed by their magic to attend the meeting they were summoned to. They didn't know the cause, and so they took up their positions around the conference table, each taking the seat they were assigned by a kind of seat plan. The high-backed chair at one end of the table empty, and devoid of any name. It was the only seat that did not have a name. There were fourteen seats around the table, all of them with names on them, the rest were forced to conjure up a chair and try and fit themselves somewhere around the table or the room.

Magus simply appeared sitting in the chair once all the board members, both legal and illegal, were sitting in their seats conjured or not. The board members were startled at his sudden appearance, and didn't really know how to react, but instinctively knew that he was not a man to mess with.

"Welcome to MY castle," Magus said in greeting, "I am sure you are wondering who I am, and by what power I have to claim this castle as mine...I am Lord Harold Hogwarts, immortal founder of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I am the Sovereign Lord of the the independent state of Hogwarts, which includes the castle, grounds, Hogsmeade village, the Forbidden Forest, the Black Lake, and a few of the magically hidden surrounding areas, and I swear by magic and my life that what I have said is the truth."

Since he didn't die, the board members were forced to believe him, and were at the same time astonished and shocked to find an actual immortal and founder of the school with them in the same room.

"Before any of you voice your questions and concerns, I shall voice mine," Magus stated, "When I first formed the Board of Governors, there were thirteen seats, five of the seats were for the founders families, one of which I handed over to the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black, the remaining seats were given or assigned to two allies of each of the other four founders."

He then looked around the room, the other founders seats were vacant, none being able to take those seats.

"All those that are not in one of the thirteen seats I had set around the table have no business being on the board of governors," Magus stated, "Leave."

"My family has been sitting on the board for years!" one man shouted, standing up, "While what you have said is truth, what right do you have to tell us to leave! I will not stand for it! I have every right to sit in this meeting as I have been a member for a long time."

"Then should I perhaps disband the board as I once told young Godric?" Magus suggested, "I could take up my role of Lord of the Castle and run things again, as much as I do not want to."

The ones that were officially on the board from the very beginning quickly protested the disbandment of the board, some tried to argue with their allies and tried to persuade them to leave meeting. Some argued that the rules had been bent for far too long, and some even managed to realize why the school founder and sovereign lord was suddenly interfering with their lives and work.

"If you, who do not belong here, do not leave," Magus said unleashing a fraction of his actual power for the inhabitants of the room to feel, "Then I shall be forced to turn to drastic measures and turn your families into squibs. I am, after all, also Magus Iunctio."

"M-Magus I-Iunctio?" Lucius Malfoy exclaimed, he placed a lot of importance on history, especially on the names of all the important people in magical history, he instantly recognized the name and the significance, as well as the fact that Magus hadn't died from claiming the name as his own, "I-It is an honor to be in your presence," the Malfoy lord then stood up from his seat only to kneel before the Hogwarts Lord.

No one had ever dreamed or thought that they would witness a Malfoy ever bow to someone so willingly, even the ones that had been Death Eaters knew that Lucius hesitantly bowed to Lord Voldemort, but to this lord he not only bowed, he knelt before the man. They wondered why, since not that many knew of the significance of Magus Iunctio, the perceived God of Magic for the human magicals.

"Rise, Lord Malfoy," Magus said, "You have done well to remember my name."

"You honor my House with your praise," Lucius said, then turned to those that did not belong, "Begone from these chambers lest the God of Magic destroy you. Your presence on the board has defiled its sanctity, leave our presence now and be glad to have at one time been a part of such a great body of magicals."

Much grumbling was heard, and they would not have left had the rest of the governors followed as Lucius, the one perceived to be the most powerful of the lot of them, addressed those that were being dismissed. Lucius in a rare show of force unleashed his own aura on them, proving that he did have the power to back up any threats he may have.

"This board of governors was meant to be the balance to the seat of Headmaster," Magus said, "In fact the Headmaster of the school was meant to answer to the board. Explain to me why things have degenerated to what is has."

"There are no excuses for the actions of the board," Lucius said, "Most of the members were blinded by the Headmaster known as Albus Dumbledore. I am aware of the startling changes to the school and the quality of education provided, but have mostly been outvoted over such things, as the rest, those that have left the chamber, chose to focus on other more mundane things, not including the budget that still needs looking into. The Blacks used to be in-charge of that due to their great business sense and tied with the Goblins."

"Lord Malfoy, are you the speaker for the board?" Magus asked.

"At the moment, I am," Lucius replied.

"Of the thirteen original members, the founders seats are empty, the Blacks as well," Magus noted, "Where are the representatives of those five magically strong Houses?"

"You-Know-Who, who was the heir of Slytherin never took up the post," Lucius supplied, "The Last scions of Hufflepuff perished before the last war. The heirs of Ravenclaw have not been located, and the goblins refuse to aid in the search. The heirs of Gryffindor have decided against taking up the mantle of Lord Gryffindor for more than three centuries."

"You have been keeping track of the heir lines, I see," Magus said, "And what of my seat? Where is the representative of the Blacks?"

"My wife and son are the only legitimate Blacks left," Lucius said, "But being of my House they are disqualified from taking up the seat. I say legitimate as prisoners or criminals are ineligible to take up a seat, or the Lordship for that matter."

"Alright then," Magus said, "I want you to work with the goblins in locating those that should be sitting on the board, I want these empty seats filled by next year's annual meeting. I know who the Gryffindor heir is, and he will need a representative after all no student should be allowed on the board, unless the other members allow it."

"Who is he, Lord Hogwarts?" Lord Edric Rosier asked, his father was a Death Eater.

"Harry James Potter," Magus replied, "I want one of you to approach him and inform him of the needed appointment. I would, but there are just somethings that are not my place to do."

"I volunteer," Lucius said, "Anyone willing to contest?"

"Go ahead Lucius," the other members said, a volunteer was better than someone not volunteering for the task of educating a young school boy.

"Due to the vacant Ravenclaw seat, until a suitable living Lord or Lady is found, Helena Ravenclaw should take the seat," Magus said, "She is more than capable of looking out for the best interests of the school and the students."

"Helena Ravenclaw?" one board member asked puzzled as to why if such a person existed did they need to seek out another.

"She is in no real position to hold the seat," Magus explained, "For she is the Grey Lady of Ravenclaw House, not that many actually do speak to the ghosts that roam the halls of my castle, which is why not that many know of her status."

"Since we can not undo what has already been set into motion for this school year, we should meet weekly to prepare for the next school year," Lord John Abbot suggested, "During the rest of the week when free, we should also try and seek aid from the goblins about locating the missing heirs, Lord Hogwarts are you sure that there still are heirs that could take up the mantles of Lord?"

"There should be," Magus said, "The magic of those Houses remain strong, there should still be at least one heir to each, and someone find a Black, the board needs one, bring in the closest one to the main family as possible, legitimate or otherwise, a Black must sit in the board."

"I'll deal with the goblins," Lord Joseph Cattermole volunteered, "They're friendly enough with me, which should make things easier."

"How in the world can you be on friendly terms with the goblins?" Lord Marcus Cod asked.

"It was very hard for the family to accomplish," Joseph said, "Lots of studying and respect that needed to be shelled out, as well as gold, lots and lots of gold. But it is well worth it."

"Until next time then," Magus said, "I only really summoned the lot of you to inform you of how displeased I am with the performance of the board and do hope to see some improvement before the start of the next school year," he then stood up and prepared to leave.

"Lord Hogwarts," Lucius said, once again playing the role of speaker said, "How may we contact you should we need your counsel?"

"Find a relatively empty floor," Magus said, "Here in this castle, there are many secrets, floors, passages, and rooms. My office being one of them. But shall share this secret with you. The fastest way to contact me would be by leaving asking the dragon that guards my office for me."

"This dragon would not happen to be a stone dragon, would it?" Lord Cromwell Crowley asked, he had stumbled upon in during his first year in the school.

"That would be it," Magus said, "Just remember to never tickle a sleeping dragon."

"That's the school motto," Lady Ester Scamander noted, she was the only woman on the board at the moment, "Don't tell me that's the password too."

"Actually, it is," Magus said, "It hasn't changed since the last time I spoke with Godric, leaving him the position of Headmaster."

"Do we have your permission to enter?" Lord Marmaduke Tressley asked, curious about the interior of that particular office.

"Depends on the mood of the dragon," Magus said, "That dragon is not some animated statue, but an actual dragon, just so you are aware. I might have described some of the defenses of the school in the Hogwarts: A History first Edition."

"Your office guardian is one of the castle defenses?" Edric asked.

"It is," Magus said, "I am a very busy immortal, and since the meeting has already been ended, I would appreciate it if you acquired a copy of the first edition and read up on the school. Until next time then, lady, and gentlemen."

He then left them finally since there were no more questions that needed answering or his attention for the time being. He returned to his hovel, to wait for word from either the board, the goblins, Cadmus, the others, or Harry himself. He couldn't wait for news from Harry, it was exciting to know someone attending the school, and since he couldn't really go and visit his own kid, he might as well be excited for his own cousin, distantly related, but cousin nonetheless.


The sorting ceremony was going splendidly, students were sorted, there was no fuss, no one even knew that Harry Potter was among the students to be sorted, it was like a temporary forget-me-please charm had been placed over Harry. Not that anyone knew that little fact. It would only be removed once the child was called for his time under the hat. Magus was waiting to actively sort his younger cousin. Magus was the Sorting Hat after all, or at least a part of him was for that matter.

"Goldstein, Anthony," Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall read from the roll of parchment, calling forth another of the students to be sorted.

Once the hat had been placed on the boy's head, Magus, who was fully into being his hat-mode, delved into the eleven year old's memories to determine what House best fit the young man. He had a bit of every House in him, but all the students had that, just not in equal quantities.

"RAVENCLAW!" Magus the Sorting Hat called out, a smattering of applause welcomed the student to the Ravens.

"Goyle, Gregory," it was surprising to not just how badly the effects of inbreeding usually ended up, but Magus took pity on the bloke and jump-started his mental faculties, maybe this member of the next generation could make a difference, just as Vincent Crabbe could possibly as well, "SLYTHERIN!"

"Granger, Hermione," now she was someone with something to prove, it was a brave new world for a friendless child such as she. A thirst to prove herself to match her love for knowledge, a lot of ambitions in her, and in a world where change was regularly frowned upon she was quite brave. There was also the bit about her wanting to be like her absolute and ultimate idol, Albus Dumbledore. She so wanted to emulate him.

'I suppose you would want to be placed in Gryffindor...' Magus said directly into her head, 'Don't you dare answer me vocally, you've got a brain, use it.'

'Y-you talk!' her inner voice sounded so excited at the discovery of a mentally speaking hat, 'I mean you can talk into my head! Like a psychic!'

'Yes, well...I could do that too, if I really wanted to,' Magus said, 'But I won't. Well, I've viewed all I needed to view, even your deepest and darkest secrets which consist of a polka dot pink bunny, a cheese grater, and a watermelon. So where to put you..'

'Please Gryffindor,' she pleaded, she really wanted to be like the uber well-liked Albus Dumbledore.

'I don't really see how that would be such a good choice for you, I mean I don't really see you growing into your own person in Godric's House,' Magus said, trying to reason with the girl.

'But the Headmaster turned out alright,' she argued.

'Through hardwork, dedication, determination, a will to succeed, a healthy dose of cunning and ambition, loyalty, a healthy thirst for knowledge, and of course a bit of bravery,' Magus said in response, 'Are you saying that you know more than I do? That you know yourself so well that you are more than capable when it comes to sorting students into the best house that will actually really help in reaching one's potential? Cause if you are, you are welcome to my job, you are welcome to sort the other students. I have dealt with many that have demanded to be placed in a certain House, some with even better reasons than yours. While of course I have given in to those demands and wishes, I still try my hardest to persuade ones such as yourself from setting down a path that will only let you grow only so much. Your bombardment of thoughts of Gryffindor and your comparison of your life to the Headmaster is making me lean more toward Slytherin, due to the sheer amount of ambition you have in you.'

'I want to be in Gryffindor! I'm sure that you've got the best of intentions, I appreciate that mister hat, but I know what I want, and I'm sure that everyone in Gryffindor will appreciate my becoming one of them,' she told him, 'And besides, muggleborns such as myself are unwelcome in such a house, how would I survive, I've already encountered the likes of Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass, and Draco Malfoy, all of whom are sure are shoo ins for Slytherin. They would make my life a living hell, they'd probably smother me in my sleep. They've also said that it is an unwritten rule that only purebloods are welcome there.'

'Fine, if you really feel that way, Gryffindor!" Magus shouted, slightly angrily, 'Don't come whining to me that you've got no friends or everyone hates you.'

"Greengrass, Daphne," Magus found a lot of great qualities in the girl, one of them was just how serious she was concerning her studies even at her age. Her standards for most things were also pretty high, she had a good head on her shoulders, and would not bow down to pressure or power. She was a real snake she was, though she really did take the being cold to others a bit far. It was to be expected, when her family valued trust, and she did not trust easily. She was very well guarded, and her mental shields that were supposed to hide her sensitive side were very strong, but nothing that Magic found impossible to bypass. She knew when to act, how to act, and how to plan. She was cunning and ambitious, but that was expected of her, and any from her family. The Greengrass family was a mix between Ravenclaw and Slytherin after all.

'I'd like to put you in Slytherin, but wanted to get your opinion on the matter first,' Magus told her mentally.

'Don't you just sort people based on what you find in here?' she asked due to his bewildering request.

'Most of the time I do,' he said, 'But you are indeed quite interesting. If you were a bit more open and trusting, I might have chosen to place you in, what is in my opinion, the best House. But since you lack quite a bit of those things, it's down to raven and serpent. I would like your opinion.'

'I think I shall go with Slytherin,' she said.

'Any particular reason why?' he asked.

'Can't you simply read my mind?' she asked a bit haughtily.

'I can read your mind, but not your heart, that is a different matter entirely,' he replied, 'I assure you, there is a difference.'

'Alright. I chose the serpents since they are at the bottom of people's opinions, and perhaps by being one, I might be able to bring its reputation back to a respectable one, the connections that I could make in that House also helps,' she stated.

'Well, if that isn't ambition, I don't know what is,' he said, then announced, "SLYTHERIN!"

"Hopkins, Wayne," "Hufflepuff!"

"Jones, Megan," "Hufflepuff!"

"Li, Su," "Hufflepuff!...Crap! Mind wandered!...Sorry! I meant Ravenclaw! RAVENCLAW!" Su Li was real confused, as were the rest of the occupants of the Great Hall, Harry figured that Magus' mind had wandered, "I'm being serious here! RAVENCLAW!"

"Longbot.." McGonagall was interrupted by Magus' shout of "GRYFFINDOR! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!"

"Are you quite finished?" Minerva asked the hat.

"Macmillan, Ernie," Magus knew that this was one loyal guy, though a bit easily swayed by public or majority opinion. He'd stick by his friend in a heartbeat, as well as believe anything that is a threat to his friends in a jiffy, "Hufflepuff!"

"Malfoy.." McGonagall was once again interrupted by Magus' shouting, "SLYTHERIN! SLYTHERIN! SLYTHERIN! BASILISKS EAT DRAGONS FOR BREAKFAST!"

Complete and utter silence filled the Great Hall, it was so silent that one could have head the grass growing from the other side of the world. Harry did. Draco Malfoy pissed his pants due to the tone of true evil, or what sounded like pure evil, was heard in Magus' voice, as well as the pain promising glee that echoed from when he shouted the name of the House. It was a truly terrifying experience for the newly appointed Slytherin.

"GET MOVING! THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT STUDENTS TO SORT YOU KNOW! YOU'RE JUST A MALFOY! GET MOVING BREAKFAST! MAY THE DRAGONS WAKE! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" Magus cackled evilly at the end, only to receive a silver coin in his hat-face, which caused him to topple backwards off of the stool he sat on, "DAMNIT MANGLER! THAT HURT!"

"SORTING HAT SHUT UP!" McGonagall couldn't stand the shouting any longer, "Your job is to sort the students! Not scare the fucking shit out of them! Now sort them properly or ELSE!"

"Shutting up now..." Magus said, slightly terrified, though the more rational part of him knew that she couldn't afford to do anything to hat-him or his true self for that matter.

"Thank you," she said, then composed herself before continuing with the sorting.

"McDougal, Morag," "Ravenclaw."

"Nott, Theodore," "Salazar."

"Parkinson, Pansy," "Slytherin."

"Patil, Padma," "Rowena."

"Patil, Parvati," "Gryffindor."

"SKIP THAT ONE!" Magus really couldn't help himself, "I'm not sorting anyone if you call out that next name! Finish everyone else first!"

"Fine..." McGonagall said, "Thomas, Dean."

"Gryffindor could use more soccer enthusiasts like you!" Magus shouted.

"Turpin, Lisa," "Ravenclaw."

"Weasley, Ronald," "Huffle...Gryffindor! GRYFFINDOR! DAMNIT! HE DOESN'T KNOW THE MEANING OF HARDWORK! GRYFFINDOR! WOOT!" -Magus was clearly insane, but who were the mere magical humans to judge a relatively old Sorting Hat that was never wrong.

"I know how to work hard!" Ronald Weasley tried to defend himself, though his brothers, the Twins, weren't helping his case with all their shouts of 'No YOU Don't!'.

"Enough of that please!" McGonagall said, then shooed the Weasley off to Gryffindor, "Zabini, Blaise."

"..." Magus didn't say anything since Blaise did not approach, the rest of the hall, save for Harry, thought the same thing, that Magus was just going to shout something, "Put me on already. I have a healthy respect for the Zabini family, excluding your mother."

'What do you have against my mother?' Blaise (male) Zabini asked the hat after putting it on.

'Money grubbing bitch that she is insulted all four founders by thinking that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was beneath her,' Magus replied, it was his school too after all, 'So...where do you want to go, you could easily fit into any of the Houses...though...maybe not Gryffindor if you want to keep your neutrality.'

'You're giving me a choice?' he asked.

'Certainly, most students get a choice in the matter, those that don't want the sorting to simply get over with any way,' Magus replied, 'So..where do you want to end up in, you've been patient so far.'

'Who is Mangler? I noticed you mentioned such a name after toppling backwards,' he said, his face a mask of indifference to all watching, Harry was laying on the ground, noticed by no one, and simply looking under one of he girls' of Ravenclaw's skirts.

'Noticed that did you,' Magus said amused, 'Mangler is a nickname or a shorter form of a...higher power...the school used to have a class that taught about religion in the magical world and what role the religious figures and beings play in magical rituals and the sort. Too bad the Ministry of Magic and the Board of Governors turned to shit a few decades back.'

'I see...Slytherin I suppose, I wouldn't want to disappoint my mother,' he said, 'Its not like it matters much to you which of the three Houses I chose anyway.'


"May I call the next name now, or are you not planning on sorting him?" McGonagall was the only one immune to the forget-me-please charm apparently.

"Go right ahead," Magus-hat said, "Though perhaps you would allow me to do the honors?"

"You want to call the student?" McGonagall asked, not really understanding why a hat wanted to do something as trivial as call a student, sure the student in question was quite famous, but he was still just another eleven year old, "Go right ahead," she said then went to her seat at the Head Table.

"HARRY JAMES POTTER GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW AND STOP LOOKING UP OLDER WITCHES SKIRTS!" Magus bellowed, the spell lifted, and everyone began chattering about Harry Potter, forgetting that he had been doing some rather perverted things, that could potentially be considered as sexual harassment.

"You could have simply called me name," Harry said as he put the hat on his head, 'I mean seriously, calling me out like that...bad form Magus, bad form.'

'Oh shut up you,' Magus said, 'We both know that this is just a formality, you already know where you'll be ending up.'

'But of course,' Harry said, 'Where else could I possibly end up...other than...'

"HOGWARTS!" Magus roared, Hogwarts castle responding to the proclamation. A single long table rose out of the ground right in front of the raised platform where the Head Table was located, along with a single chair, it faced the rest of the student body. Murmurs broke out at the same time as the table rose out. Trumpets were heard from somewhere within the castle as if announcing or welcoming a lord. A loud dragon's roar was also heard echoing from somewhere in the castle. It was a bit of revenge on Magus' part on his fellow Founders, as he had just deprived their Houses of Harry James 'Boy-Who-Lived' Potter.

Disbelief was the most common reaction from all of the students, ALL of the students. The teachers were a bit better at hiding their surprise. They themselves had never heard of there being such a House, was it some well guarded secret, since the castle apparently was aware of there being such a House due to the table placement, the trumpets, and the school banner actually looking a lot clearer and cleaner, as well as more prominent as the other four Houses.

"Silence!" the Headmaster shouted over the noise of the Hall, amplifying his voice to silence the masses, "Thank you. Sorting Hat, if you would kindly explain this latest sorting."

"Remove me from your head, Harry, and place me on the floor," Magus-hat said, then from the floor added some more instructions, "Go sit at your table, young Heir of House Hogwarts."

Harry did as told, knowing that Magus had something planned, something big.

Once Harry was seated, and facing the hat on the floor, as was the rest of the school, the hat began to glow an unearthly glow as did the walls of the Great Hall, the banners that lined the walls of the Hall, the ones chosen by the Founders themselves, too lit up, the Hogwarts Banner did not glow, it simply dimmed.

There was a bright flash of light which originated from where the hat had been. When the light finally died down, and everyone could clearly see without any dots littering their sights, they saw a man in place of the hat. A very old man, but one that looked to be in better shape than Albus Dumbledore. Magus Iunctio, Magic, had decided to make an appearance.

He was in gray robes, but of a style befitting the station of a magical sovereign, as he was also Harold Hogwarts, Sovereign Lord on equal standing as Queen Elizabeth II herself, and a way much much more powerful. He was magical royalty, one who was known far and wide by all of those whose station in life was equal to his. The magical kings and their equivalents knew of his existence, and power.

"My Lord," Harry removed himself from his seat and knelt facing Magus.

"Be seated Harry," Magus said, not facing him but the staff table, "This is neither the time and place for your antics."

"I hear and obey," Harry said, it was all an act of course, he never really did act that way with Magic.

"Who are you?" the Headmaster demanded.

"Who do you think you are to demand anything of me," Magus coldly stated, "Are you Lord of this castle? Lord of these lands? Lord the Black Lake? Lord of the Forbidden Forest? Lord of Hogsmeade, and her surrounding areas? No. You are certainly not Lord of anything."

"How dare you..." the Headmaster rose to his full height feeling quite insulted, in his own citadel of power, or so he believed.

"I am Harold Hogwarts, immortal fifth founder of this school, Lord of Hogwarts Castle, ground, the Black Lake, the Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade Village, and her surrounding areas," Magus stated, "I dare, for I have the right as Sovereign Lord of these Lands. What right have you halfblood to demand information from me."

Magus then drained the headmaster of a great percentage of his magic, then flooded the castle with his own, an insignificant fraction of it anyway, as all of it would be too much for any of the living and mortal to bear witness to.

"I have the power and the right to kick you out of this deplorable institution," Magus said, "The years that I have been away have proved to have been a mistake, as I have noticed that the quality of education has gone down each and every year. Shape up Dumbledore, read the First Edition of Hogwarts a History. I was a better headmaster than you see to be. Headmaster Dippet was a better headmaster than you are, even with as much confidence he had in your ability. Shape up, or leave."

"You lie," the headmaster accused, he had just stepped into dangerous waters.

"First you show disrespect to your betters," Magus stated, "Then you try and intimidate me with your meager magic, followed by calling me a liar. You tread on thin ice you squib."

The headmaster whipped out his wand and shot a curse at Magus, one which fizzled out before it could even make it half way to the man, to the shock of all those present in the hall. The magic of THE Albus Dumbledore had failed.

"Temper temper, Dumbledore," Magus chastised, "Had we been in a duel, you would have already lost your life. I speak the truth, I swear on my life, immortal as it is, and on magic."

He was going for spectacular with his little light show, a clap of thunder without sound, a bright blue and emerald glow of magic exploded out from him. He was alive, and no one could question his still being magical. Not even the headmaster could call him a liar and not look like a fool now, people already thought of him as a loony, if he pushed it, he'd get kicked out of Hogwarts.

"The Four known Founders pushed for myself to have a House of my own," Magus said, turning to face and educate the students, "So I founded one, House Hogwarts whose only requirement is to have all the valued traits of the other houses in equal or nearly equal quantities or levels. It also helps to already know of the existence of the House, but not by much. One other thing that can get a student into the House is for him or her to be a descendant of the founder, which would be myself. Harry is not my descendant, I've never been married in this world. Anymore questions?"

"Is the Chamber of Secrets real?" one brave Slytherin asked loudly.

"As much as I would like to answer that question," Magus said, "It is for me to know, and you all to discover. School is an adventure all its own, is meant to be not only an educational experience, but also an enjoyable one. You are here to gain the knowledge and skills that you will need to survive in the real world once you graduate and leave these hallowed halls. Any more question?"

"Can we eat now?" another student decided to ask.

"Certainly," Magus said, then lightly clapped his hands, which was the signal for the house-elves to send the food to the tables, "Dig in."

The food that appeared seemed to be of a higher quality compared to all previous feasts in recent memory for all those in the hall, even the oldest of members found the food to be of a higher grade. The Headmaster could not comment on that fact as he was far too busy enjoying his meal. While the students were using the regular tableware, Harry was using silver tableware, pure silver, he suspected that the house-elves knew of his being Goldmangler, thus providing him with pure silver silverware, it would not do to insult him, lest he declare war between the house-elves and goblins. He could do that.

"Hey! This is great!" Ronald exclaimed from the lion's table.

"Of course it is," Magus said, "Only the best for my guest, while I am within my castle. Students, professor, I shall now take my leave, I have other places to be, and other things to attend to."

With those parting words, he simply vanished, leaving a few grains of his magical sand behind, only the ghosts noticed it, and only two in particular knew of their significance. They had been the guests of Magus Iunctio, and by the way that Harry summoned the grains to him and placed them into a light blue silvery pouch, they knew that he knew as well.

After feast was over, and the last minute announcements were given out, the problem as to where Harry would be staying came up. He must have some sort of place to stay, since he had a table in the Great Hall, the question was where was he going to stay. Before the teachers could decide on what to do with Harry, Magus rematerialized within the Hall.

"Harry, I almost forgot," Magus said, exasperated with himself, "While the lions have their tower, the ravens their dorm near the library, the badgers near the spires, the snakes their dungeons. Your allocated space is located near my office and rooms, it is guarded by a blank framed canvas," he then whispered the rest of his words so as not to be overheard, "It is blank since the inhabitant is to be the most senior member of that particular House, which in this case is yourself. You are your own secret keeper. You shall be the guardian of House Hogwarts. The password is yours to set, and if those professors ask, your head of house is the Head of House Hogwarts, which is myself, since I am still Lord Hogwarts, when I am unavailable, any member of the Board of Governors is whom they are to defer to. If the Headmaster should assign a Head of House, inform me immediately that I may make sure that the name Dumbledore will be used as the foulest of swear words. Got it?"

"Yes, sir," Harry replied, "Anything else?"

"I created a map, when the school was still starting out, it is called the Marauders' Map, it is the master map of the castle and grounds. It is the master map of my lands, and is now in the possession of the Weasley Twins," Magus informed him, "It is a modified map actually, I didn't invent it, my father and his friends did, I simply modified it, and left it in the castle to be discovered by worthy individuals, most of whom were pranksters. Only your father and his friends opted to honor the original owners of the map by taking up their nicknames, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. The password is the same as my office, the one guarded by that stone dragon I told you about once. You are my heir apparent, should I have children while you are living you shall continue to be my heir, and my grandson your heir. To retrieve the map without having to approach the Twins, you are simply to request it be returned to you, spoken verbally, while standing in front of a silver and gold pedestal within my office. Good luck, and have fun."

He then once again vanished from the Hall in the same manner that he had first left, and arrived again.

Harry was the first of his House and therefore was awarded the position of Prefect until such a time as newer members joined or something to that effect. He was also given the captaincy of his House' Quidditch team, which didn't do much since, while he could play, he was a one man team. It was unheard of, such a thing, but not against the rules, Harry checked one time.

No one bothered him on the way up, his space was after all on the top floor of the castle's main building. He found it easily enough, its entrance was found in a corridor that could only be reached by a special set of stairs that could be found only by jumping off of one of the moving staircases while it was moving. Before hitting the ground floor and going splat, Harry simply vanished. It was a teleporter that landed him at the bottom of a spiraling flight of stairs which was found somewhere else in the castle. When he had looked like he had just committed suicide, the other students were in too much shock to react.

Upon reaching the canvas, Harry didn't really know what to do, so he touched the canvas with his hand. He felt a sudden rush of magic flow from within him and enter the canvas. He blinked, and found himself looking at himself, the painting acting like a mirror, it would only act that way to him, or when he was around. He was the guardian of his House' common room, and dorms.

The password he chose was 'Goldgrinder is awesome', he really did think that his friend was awesome. No one would be able to guess such a password, it also was made even more difficult to guess since he had made sure one needed to say it in the goblin language.

As soon as he entered he realized that the color scheme was a blend of all the other four Houses. It was a very nice and comfortable place. While the atmosphere could need a bit of an adjustment, he couldn't really do anything about that since he was the only student there, and one couldn't really simply invite a student from another House into the sanctity of his common room.

'You can actually, its not against the rules of the school,' Magus said telepathically, then his presence vanished again.

Well that certainly solved the problem of the possibility of having friends over. When he searched for his sleeping quarters, he found himself in a rather opulently furnished room. He doubted that the other students had it that good. He only found that one room, and supposed that the secret space worked in a similar manner to the Room of Requirement, otherwise known as the Come and Go Room.

The only remaining problem he had was if there was a more sane way of getting to the area, and if he had to or wanted to bring some friends over, was there a way to bring them there without having to show them the way.

'If you say "Never tickle a sleeping chimera" while physically touching a painting, you will be able to walk into the painting,' Magus said, 'By traveling through the Painting Realm, you will be able to get yourself and your friends to your painting, they must also be touching you as you touch the painting and say the password.'

"Thanks for the info, Magus," Harry said aloud, knowing that his friend could hear him.

'You could also use your god powers, but that would attract too much attention,' Magus noted, then his presence faded again.


The first week of school went rather well, which was not really to be expected since apparently all the other houses seemed to keep to themselves, and only spoke to members of other houses during classes when it was needed. Harry having no housemates was left with talking to himself, Magus didn't think it was fair if he conversed with his bored friend, unless his friend went into God-mode, which was not often.

Harry's first Potions lesson was a rather...amusing one to say the least. Professor Severus Snape didn't like Harry to begin with for some reason that he decided to keep to himself.

"Before you begin to rant and rave about how special, I am, I would like to warn you that should you not act in a manner befitting your station as well as profession, I shall report you to the Board of Governors, or Head of House, whichever you prefer for abuse of power, misconduct, unprofessionalism, bullying, and a host of other things that I can think of," Harry stated, "Due to some research that I have independently conducted before coming to this institution," he had read some of the reports that Magus had laying about the hovel and the office in the Death Star about the quality of education that Hogwarts provided which continued to decline, and sought out the factors of such a decline, "I have managed to conclude that ever since you started teaching the number of students that have managed to pass their Potions NEWTs has been steadily decreasing every year, the only ones that have actually passed with an O have mostly been your Slytherins, the students of others houses that have gotten a NEWT in Potions are mostly from Ravenclaw. The result of your performance as a teacher is apparently sorely lacking based on the results. From such results it can be safely concluded that you are biased in favor of your Slytherins, which is something that I cannot in good conscience condone. It can also be concluded that you do not actually teach, but dictate instructions and do not explain your material, reasons why things are done, and what certain ingredients do, what their purposes are, where can they be found, and other such information necessary to excel of in other words better understand the intricacies of your subject. You are a profession which means that you are meant to impact knowledge to your pupils, which you have clearly been unable to accomplish to the best of your abilities, unless you have decided that only Slytherins as well as only those that simply do not care about your bias and inability to simply care about your students in general."

"Are you quite finished?" Snape said, holding back his rage at being told off by an eleven year old.

"I am not done, thank you very much," Harry said, and continued, "I have also read up on your history, youngest potions master in a century, nice title, accomplishment, congratulations, but I do have to say that your people skills leaves a lot to be desired, since as I discovered you had gone through a few masters before completing your apprenticeship due to your insufferable personality and behavior, as well as your superiority complex. I have also read about your years at Hogwarts, from the nearly unbiased perspectives of all of your former professors, I say nearly unbiased, since it is nearly impossible to be purely unbiased, s well as the fact that I read a mashed up version of their accounts and views and opinions about you as a student. There were also your disciplinary records, as well as interactions with your fellow students. I am well aware that my father and his friends bullied you, but holding a grudge against a dead man really is unbecoming of a professional, if you cannot forgive, then at least put aside your hatred for him, and realize that I am not my father, I have never met him, he did not raise me, he simply donated sperm to conceive me."

"Are you quite done.." Snape said barely reigning in his annoyance, irritation, and rage.

"No," Harry stated, "I am well aware of my disrespect, but due to your past actions I cannot help but disrespect a man not worthy of the respect of an ant. You are a disgrace to all humans, due to the manner in which you treat students outside of your own House. Embarrassing, verbally abusing, and other such things to students. Should you continue to act in such a manner while I am a student, and even after I have left, I shall file a complaint against you with the higher powers, and see that you are stripped of your license, your mastery, and your magic. You can keep your life for all I care, so long as you will be unable to ruin the futures of the next generation. And yes, I am done."

Needless to say the class was immediately dismissed, since Snape knew that he would receive a Dementor's Kiss should he murder Harry Potter in cold blood with a classroom full of witnesses. While the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs he had a class with were grateful for the early dismissal, due to all the warnings and stories that their upper years had told them of their potions professor, they were also rather disappointed that they had not been able to try their hands at brewing, and would need to wait for their next class.

Snape was not seen for a a month after his first classroom encounter with Harry, the Headmaster had to fill in until either Snape returned or a replacement could be found.

Harry was the talk of the school for than entire month up until Snape returned, and actually acted like a professional was supposed to act. He did of course refrain from adding or deducting points from any of the Houses. If he had to treat all of his students equally, then he would do it without that little reward system mattering to him in class. Outside of class though he gave points away to his snakes like candy, for the most inane of reasons. When Harry found out, he received another lecture from the first year, one which he did not enjoy. The threat was a complaint in the form of abuse of powers, and favoritism. He stopped giving and deducting points after that, period. When he decided that detentions were all the rage. He got another visit from his friendly neighborhood Potter, and decided that he would simply act like a professional, and simply not care about the students, all of them. Even his Slytherin. He got another visit, and the threat was neglect.

By Halloween, he ended up following Harry around on his hands and knees begging for no more of the torture which he had so far endured. He couldn't have fun, he couldn't enjoy the perks of his job. He couldn't do as the other professors did. Harry simply stared at him and said...

"Its not my fault you're not having fun, or are able to enjoy your time as a professor," Harry said, "Why in the world did you decide to become a professor in the first place anyway. No one is stopping you from quitting, and if its the Headmaster, then what right does he have to order a grown man around. You know, for a hundred or so galleons the goblins will be able to provide you with a really good lawyer to help you with any legal issues you might have."

"Are you really eleven?" Snape asked as he looked up at Harry, he was close to tears by that point, since Harry had basically and simply ruined his life one way or another, and the headmaster really was keeping Snape on a short leash, the leader of the light had no qualms about resorting to blackmail apparently.

"No," Harry said, trying to sound sarcastic, the students that were witnessing the odd conversation and interaction believed the sarcasm, "I'm older than anyone alive save for probably the other higher powers."

"Oh," Severus said, then got off of his knees and stood, opened his mouth to speak...then closed it, then opened it again, "I don't really have that kind of money at the moment...do you happen to have a guidebook that I could borrow and follow, so that we won't have to keep meeting like this?"

"I'll owl you one tomorrow," Harry replied, "Good day, professor," then walked off, the students in that particular corridor giving him a wide berth, since if he could send to the state that he was in, then he was scary enough not to be messed with, and must be kept at a safe distance, lest one be driven to tears.

In the middle of the Halloween feast, Professor Turban head ran into the Great Hall screaming about trolls in the dungeons, then fainting forwards. The students panicked, and the teachers tried to calm them down, when things were calm enough, people had not noticed that the turban wearing professor had vanished, the prefects were instructed to lead their housemates back to their common rooms while the professors searched for the troll.

Quirell had forgotten to mention just how many trolls there were, since once the professors had left the Hall, and before the students had managed to leave the Hall around the trolls made their presence known by lumbering into the Hall causing the already panicky students to panic even more.

Harry counted that there were roughly about thirty four of the things, how so many had gotten into the castle was anyone's guess. The defenses were strong enough to keep out gods, so the only way that such things could have gotten in was if they had been brought in, and not simply let in. Quirell was Harry's prime suspect.

Since the students were too busy panicking, and the prefects and seventh years were too far away from the doors to do much. Harry rose from his seat and conjured a pair of shining silver butterfly swords in one fluid motion and ran, which looked as if he had simply pushed against his table and slid, all the way to the trolls and began to turn into a whirlwind of motion. The flashing of silver was all that the students managed to make out, while the trolls were busy succumbing to their growing wounds and falling unconscious.

By the time he was done, the whole of the Hall was silent, some in awe, but most in abject horror and fear, since what he had done was more or less impossibly human. So they went for the most logical conclusion and believed that he was some kind of vampire, which also solved the mystery of why he had not been seen in the wizarding world for such a long time.

When he was finally done, had banished his conjured creations, and looked into the Hall to see if everyone was alright, he noticed the looks of fear on their faces, and so chose to simply leave them petrified in the Hall, as he valued the time he had for sleeping.

For the rest of the remainder of the year ending with the beginning of the winter holidays, the school had made sure that interaction with Harry was at a minimum as none of them wanted to become vampires themselves or food. They were all ignorant of how human vampires were, and were only aware of those wretched members of the race that sullied the respectable vampire race. Harry knew of their view, and did nothing to dissuade them of their belief that he was indeed a vampire, he was a vampire god, but that was about it.

For the winter break, most of the students had chosen to go home, Harry himself opted to stay with Magus in the forest, which scared the crap out of those that chose to stay in the castle, since instead of boarding the train, he slipped into the Forbidden Forest as if nothing in it was going to harm him. Nothing did harm him, or could harm him for that matter since upon entering he shifted into his Azure form, then to his Salus Proficio form.

His Christmas gifts were all delivered to him via Magus, the gifts he received were plenty, but they were mostly from worshipers of his, mostly children though since only they would think that they would be able to gift a god during the yule tide season. It would come as a surprise to their parents when they, the children, in turn received presents from him. He knew what they wished or wanted, and so sent them that, but of course the gifts were only the practical ones, not the outlandish ones.

He received gifts from his fellow gods, as well as of course from Magus himself. He also received a package from Albus Dumbledore, a man that had apparently stolen and only recently felt guilty about the stolen Potter family heirloom. An invisibility cloak like no other, of course Magus had one himself, not that he needed it, or used it. He just had it, and kept it as a memento from his father.

'Use it well' the note that came with it said, Harry would use it well indeed. He left it in the care of Magus, since his friend was good at keeping things. He, Harry, didn't need such a trinket, he would keep it for future generations of his family to use, but he, himself was already quite immortal, and would not be needing its abilities due to being able to turn completely invisible when he entered god-mode.

When school resumed once again, most of the student population had forgotten about Harry being a vampire, or rather had forgotten about their belief of Harry being vampire. Instead, they believed that he was some kind of other dark creature, since he spent his holiday within the Forbidden Forest. Any owls requested to go look for him ended up flying over the Forbidden Forest, and were seen diving into the forest. Unfortunately for those owls, they had been turned into Thestral food.

It was turning out to be a rather interesting year. Albus Dumbledore also seemed to think so, since he couldn't get his biggest chess piece to move in the manner that he liked. Harry Potter was not giving into curiosity and hunting after the stone. Harry didn't really care much for a fake stone, since he knew that the stone that the headmaster wanted him to go after was fake, it was bait. He was not falling for any of the headmaster's tricks. Magus also made sure that Harry knew how to avoid Jedi mind tricks, no mind control magic would work on Harry. Dumbledore was screwed.

When the end of the year finally arrived, Harry had made no new friends, was disappointed with that fact, but was still happy that he had a more or less enjoyable school year. Severus Snape had become a kind of acquaintance of sorts, since the man kind of feared him. The headmaster's ploy to turn him into a hero in the eyes of his schoolmates did not work.

The trap that had been sprung did indeed get rid of one dark wizard, it also caused three students to be placed under probation starting their next year at the school. Three Gryffindors had managed to find their way to the Mirror Chamber and stall the villain until the headmaster had no other choice than to intervene. How they had managed to figure out what to do was probably thanks to one of their number actually paying attention in class, while the other two bullied Hermione Granger into helping them solve the mystery, once her help was no longer needed they dropped her like a hot potato.

Harry didn't really care all that much, as it seemed as if the headmaster could act like a proper headmaster and deal out proper punishments for students that did not know how close to death they had really come to. With the school year coming to a close, Slytherin won the both the House cup and the Quidditch cup, they had a tough time beating Harry though, since he kind of cheated though they didn't know that, but they did suspect that he might have, since they only won by one point, it was due to a whole slew and mess of fouls, and technicalities and the like. Harry researched his Quidditch rules well, just to get the perfect score that he got.

When he played the game, he was simply a Chaser, but he did have a custom made broom, which was allowed, but the students considered it as one of his cheats. Little did they know that he was in both god-mode and playing around with debug-mode the entire time he was in the air.

He loved flying, which was why as soon as he returned to Magus' hovel, he would see about becoming some sort of god of the sky or something like that. There had got to be a race that valued the sky, flying, the wind, etc. He was so sure that Magus' long and vast memory had some blurred parts concerning the sky or aerial gods, he was just sure of it.


"So let me get this straight," Magus said, while adopting a considering or thinking pose, "You want to become some sort of god of the sky since you love the feeling of flying. Did I get that right?"

"Yes, sir," Harry said.

"Very well," Magus said, "There are a few spots open...no real names yet in my memory banks...So...which race? Which religion?"

"I was wondering," Harry said, "Do Dementors have a religion? A pantheon of gods of their own, or are they simply beasts?"

"Well, that really depends on whose dementors you are referring to," Magus said.

"Here," Harry said, "The ones here, obviously."

"Possibly," Magus said, "Why?"

"I wanna be their god," Harry said, "It could come in handy in the future."

"I don't see any problem with that," Magus said, "But I'm not helping you with that project, you're on your own this summer with that project."

"Thanks for the help anyway," Harry said, then retreated to his boabad.

He spent time in his boabad going over all the books he had accumulated over the years about both Dementors and Lethifolds, he had a feeling that both creatures were linked somehow. His collection of books, was partly from Magus, and partly from himself as a god, time travel and prayer travel and all that. He had quite a collection, the only books really missing from his collection were new editions, new books, and school books, minus his first year books, he already had those added into his collection, and the second year books would be bought once the list of school supplies was delivered later on in the summer months.

He understood that lethifolds were creatures that looked to simply be a black mass of shadow that kind of floated on the floor. They looked like cloaks or capes draped across the floor that rippled as they moved, and they had a thing for eating their prey as they slept, suffocating their unsuspecting victims, then taking them into themselves, looking all bloated once done with their meal. The Patronus Charm being the only spell known to actually deter them, it was a great possibility that a Killing Curse would work as well, but no one has seemed to actually mention it.

There were no mention as to the actual intelligence level, or their level of sentience for that matter. There were so few of them, that no one really knew a lot about them. The Quibbler, a rather fantastical publication should probably do an article on the mysterious lethifolds. Harry was interested in them in the same light as dementors due to their look, they were cloaks, rippling on the ground as they moved about, but so few in number.

The Dementor, the guards of the Wizarding prison known as Azkaban. They wore hooded cloaks, and long cloth, to cover their corpse like forms, as well as their heads with a single gaping hole of which they used to suck out the souls of the living. Their very presence sent those around them into a state of depression and despair. Their weakness was also the Patronus Charm. They fed off happiness, or simply positive emotions and memories. But the purity of the Patronus charm was too much for them to take. There were also no mention of how they would react to a Killing Curse, but Harry had a feeling that most wizards and witches were either simply ignorant or stupid.

Magus would neither confirm or deny such thoughts, as he was partial to anything that had a part of himself flowing through them. He was Magic after all, and everything had a bit of him flowing through them, well, almost everything. Squibs were a bit of a void, or so he said. They were in a way punishment for the magic users of the worlds.

From his studies of the two creatures, he figured that since all acount about them and their behavior, as well as their habitats, were so few, their history and creation being a mystery to most sources. He could tweak them a bit. He had learned from Magus that he, Death, and Aetas, two other cousins had a hand at creating Dementors. The interconnectedness of their cousins got a little confusing sometimes. Even the one known as Clement Nostredamos, had something to do with te Dementors, but not that much in terms of their creation. The last news that Harry and Magus had of that particular cousin was that he was a potions teacher at a French magical academy or something that also taught cooking on occasion. He also owned Notre Dame. But that was in a different reality altogether. Rarely did the realities mix, unless someone was bored, and needed something or needed excitement. Magus being one of the reality hopper, him and his Galactic Empire.

Harry decided to join the ranks of those creators, he would for once be the primary god of a race, his choice being the Dementos and the Lethifolds, which he decided was a single race. How they would come about he would leave it up to fate or something like that. He didn't really have much of a plan, but he would be playing everything by ear. He only wished that nothing really bad came out of his meddling and summer project.

As he emerged finally from his boabad, he decided to start on this journey, this quest of godhood, he would have to start by actually meeting with a Dementor, as well as a Lethifold, that or temporarily lose his memory as not to knowingly change history.

As he left his tree house, Magus appeared behind him and smashed the heavier end of a baseball bat against his young friend and cousin's head, knocking him unconscious, as well as missing a good chunk of his memory, but still retaining the basics needed to survive as well as the knowledge necessary to access and control his god powers. He was in god-mode, but was barely aware of that fact.

"Sorry my young apprentice," Darth Magus said, donning his Dark Lord of the Sith costume, then hefting his young friend up, and throwing him into a portal which would send him to the a time that was both before and after the Dawn of The Ages.

When Harry woke up, he didn't remember much of his life, only that which Magus had allowed him to remember. He didn't even remember his name. It was time for his naming, or so Magus believed. All of the cousins eventually got a new name, a signature to go by. Magus himself, went by many names, but out of all of them he was Harry James "Magic" Potter or Harry James "Magic Himself" Potter. There were of course others such as Death, Devil, Har or Aetas, Ryoku, Kurai, and Clement, to name a few.

Harry not knowing his name, but knowing the importance of having one, decided to come up with a name for himself for the time being. Going through the many words and definitions of words that he knew, he decided on the word Lismosyni to be his name. It simply meant forgetfulness. While he had chosen such a name, Magus knew that that was not the end of the Naming, since no one before him had decided to give such a ceremony or tradition a name, he named it that, The Naming.

After being dumped wherever he was, he also had a feeling that his looks had changed as well, just as in his other god forms, this one was no different. He walked for some distance, until he remembered that he could simply have a reflective surface appear in front of him, which was what he did. Looking at his reflection, he found that he did not look the way he normally would according to his memories, the ones that remained that is.

He wore a tattered dark gray hooded cloak over his form. Try as he might, the hood simply didn't want to come off, as if it was a part of his body. The only part of his face that he could see was his mouth, and when he smiled, it was the most frightening grin that he had ever thought he would ever encounter, and it was his very own grin too. Beneath his cloak, he found that his body was near corpse-like, his skin had a leathery feel to it. But over his skin he had a similar in color long sleeved shirt, and pants. From his elbows all the way to his hands, while there was skin, it was simply that and bones, the tips of his fingers ending in claws rather than a finger tip topped off with fingernails. His feet were a nother thing entirely, it was as if smoke had solidified and formed skeletal feet.

He was a corpse in a cloak, with a fiendish grin. Had he not known that it was himself, he would have instantly come to the conclusion that his reflection was evil. After some tries to adjust, or fully adjust to his new body, he figured out that he could float, fly, turn half of his body into what could be mistaken as part of a dense fog or a dark mist, or smoke even. He could even turn every part of his body into nothingness, save for his cloak.

When he was finally done observing and figuring himself out. He vanished his mirror, and went walking. He didn't really know or remember why he was wherever he was, the only thing that registered in his mind was that he needed a higher purpose, one that was not simply him walking through life wondering what his higher purpose was.

He wasn't really all that sure as to how long he had been walking across the relatively flat land that was the world. He had not encountered any sentient life, there were simply beasts and plantlife, no beings, no rational animals. Just him, and nature, or so it seemed.

He had crossed over mountains, walked through valleys, forded through streams, rivers, lakes, rapids, he had even walked over the oceans and seas. The deserts had been some of the hottest places he had visited, right next to the volcanos. He had also jumped off of waterfalls. There was no form of terrain, land mass, or body of water that he had not crossed. In all his travels, and they were all by foot, he did not encounter anything that really caught his interest, there was nothing that had called out to him as a hint to his purpose.

He knew not how long time had passed by him, he knew not if his travels had lasted for mere minutes, or days, weeks, months, or years. All he knew was that time passed, anything more than that, he was not sure or simply put didn't know.

But what he did know was that he was beginning to grow lonely, no man was an island, even if he were a higher power himself, he could still grow lonely. But he was not one of those that could simply create life out of nothing. He was not of that lot, he was not of the heights like Magic, or Death, or Time. He was simply Lismosyni, forgetfulness, and one that had yet to find a calling and his higher purpose.

Loneliness was something that could eat at one's soul, one's humanity, it could cause one to sink into despair and depression. He continued to walk, to move, to travel, even as such negative emotions grew within him. Happiness begets happiness, sadness begets sadness. What one thinks and feels attracts the same, and repels the opposite, it was strange to be that way, but that was the way things were with Lismosyni for a time.

Due ot the overwhelming sense of loneliness that had grown within him, along with his godliness, he ended up hearing calls for aid, voices calling out in the darkness, voirces crying out for help, or simply for company. They were distressed, they were in need of aid. They were his purpose.

He did not know exactly where they were, but as their cries had yet to be silenced, he knew that he still had time to get to them, to go to them, to help them, to save them, to free them. He knew that they were not of the same time period as he was, they were scattered all over the river of time. They were everywhere, and at the same time no where. He had all the time in the world to get to each and every one of them. He would get to them, and with them, he would no longer feel those negative emotions that had built up within himself due to his wandering of the world and finding nothing and no one.

He sought the power deep within himself, the power that would allow him to transcend through time, to seek out the owners of all those cries and calls for help, for all those voices in the darkness seeking comfort and aid. He sought out the power to do so, and found it. Wielding it, he vanished from the time before and after the Dawn of the Ages, and his time joined the time of creation, which was right before the Dawn of the Ages, but after the time that he had been sent to by Magus. It was a push in the right direction, his ending up in such a lonely world, a harsh one, but a helpful one nonetheless.

He appeared in all of those different times, in the vinicty of the owners of the voices that he alone had heard. All that he found were in similar situations, they were all suffering, from loneliness just as he had been. They were all suffering from despair and depression, and sadness. One other things that they all suffered from was that they appeared to not have a sliver of happiness in them, or have ever really experienced even a sliver of it in their lives. They appeared to be souless beings, living their day to day as empty shells, themselves without purpose. They were anchored, chained to the earth, they were caged birds.

They were all outcasts of their civilizations, societies, cultures, they were the scapegoats for problems that plagued their species, their cities, their dwelling places. They were those lost souls without any other place to go. They were all broken, their wings had all been torn from their bodies, and all they could do was look up at the sky, and some could not do even that.

He approached each one of them, his aura exuding compassion and not pity, for no one wanted pity. He held out a hand to each one of them, they knew not the concept of what others perceived as beauty or what was not. So they were not detered by his grotesque form. He appeared before them as a living shadow.

~I heard your voice crying out in the darkness...I heard your call for aid...I heard your plea for purpose...I saw your helplessness, so I came~ Lismosyni said in a strange rasping yet smoth voice ~Come follow me, and I shall give you a purpose, I shall give you life, I shall give you company...Come...come with me...join your hand to mine...and be mine...and be free~

Without really giving much thought to it, each of the beings that Lismosyni held out a hand to, grasped his, then simply vanished before any observers' eyes, as if they had never been where they had been in the first place. They reappeared, during the Dawn of the Ages, on an uninhabited island, one where there was only land, sand, and lots of rocks covered the ground. There was not a single sign of life, save for the new arrivals, and Lismosyni.

He, himself, sat on top of a boulder as those he rescued got their bearings back, and studied their surroundings. They all looked unsure of their surroundings, they were each clothed in the same garb as Lismosyni, dark gray hooded cloaks, but instead of shirt and pants underneath, they wore tattered rags that looked to have at one point in time been sleep clothes.

~Lord...who are you...?~ one of the beings asked, then noticed that her voice had changed, and sounded similar to the shadowy form that had taken her away from where she had previously been, she stood to approach him as he did not respond, and noticed that she felt rather light, as if she did not weigh anything, ~Why do I feel so light...?~

Others around her, along with everyone else on the island, noticed that they did indeed sound different, as well feel rather light. They cared not much for their garments, but their concerns lay in how they physically felt. They noticed that they were more like those that had shunned them, they felt good, healthier than they had ever felt in their lives. It was a good feeling, they liked it, and all they could think of after that fact was realized was that it was all thanks to the offer of the shadowy stranger thah had approached them, not with pity, but something that they knew not what it was. But they liked the feeling he exuded, and so moved closer to him.

~Lord...who...what are we to call you?~ one brave soul decided to speak for all of them, asked.

~I am Lismosyni Umbra~ he replied, finally responding, to the relief of those he had saved from the pits of despair, saving himself in the process as well ~Is that all you wish to know?~

~What happens now?~ the representatives of the saved outcasts asked their savior.

~Since you have followed me thus far, I shall give you a purpose...as well as power...~ he said, the floated off of his boulder and beckoned them to follow him into the sky above the deserted island, they followed him up into the sky, their cloaks billowing around them moved by the wind ~You are to live on that there island and provide others that had suffered as you have suffered a safe haven, where they might recover...take in any and all of these souless shells, and give them comfort and purpose...should you chose not to dwell in the fortress that I shall form for you out of the formless mists and shadows, then you are to infest all the darkest and filthiest of places, and provide such havens there as well. All those that would seek to harm those under your protection shall feel the bitter wrath of your spirits, your ability to drain all of the happiness from their very beings, causing them to fear the dark, to run, to leave you in peace. You are far too different from other races to be able to live comfortably amongst those that might dispise you for your differences. The height of your power is your ability to suck out another's soul, and assimilate it into yourself, but only perform such a rite if all else fails.~

~Then we are to act as you did, we are to save those others that you were unable to save?~ the volunteer representative of the five hundred cloaked forms asked.

~You were the only ones to cry out, you were the only ones that had no sliver of hope that anyone would hear your plea...don't you remember? Had you had hope, the others would have heard you...~ he said, as he glided on the air currents basking in the coolness of their touch on his leathery skin ~It was not that there were those that I was unable to save...it is that you were the only ones that specifically called out to me, you were the only ones that I had heard, and sometimes still here...from all across time you called, and I came, and you followed, and now you are as free as the winds...~

~These powers that you have granted us...they seem powerful...can they be controlled?~ the representative asked.

~Of course they can...but to control them shall grow harder and harder through the years...the older you get, the more powerful you shall grow...but the harder it shall be to control...but I am giving you this power, this blessing and curse, with the belief that you shall control your urges, that you shall not abuse what I have gifted to you...that you shall be responsible...~ he said, as he glided to the ground as the five hundred watched, as soon as he touched the ground with his fingertips, the ground shook, tremors extending for miles around the island, the waves not only rippled, but there was chaos in the sea. Then lightning from the heavens struck Lismosyni Umbra, flowing through him it touched the island. It scorched the land, and from the inky blackness, walls, towers, doors, cells, rooms, and all sort of things grew like weeds from the inky blackness. A fortress formed where once there was only desolation.

~A fortress...out of the inky blackness...~ the representative said ~Such a magnificent sight...~

Once the fortress had finsihed growing out of the ground, once even the basements were done forming themselves underground, and the extension of the forrtress under the waves had finished forming themselves, Lismosyni Umbra shot out of the fortress faster than a speeding bullet and halted in the midst of his semi-creations, wth a grin plastered on his face, a terrifying sight to any other but not to his semi-creations.

~Lord..?~ the floating beings said in unison, they didn't find his grin frightful, but at the same time, they didn't know what to make of his sudden grin.

~Do not abuse the power I have given you, do not let it consume you, be the master of the power...do not give into temptation, you are now the protectors of the unprotected of those outcasts that seek your protection...~ he said, continuing to grin ~I will know if you have allowed the urges to go out of control and rule you, I shall know if you have forsaken the task I have left to you...I shall know...So keep your wits about you, defend those that seek you out for aid...aid them...welcome them into the fold if they so wish.~

~How are we to do that Lord Umbra?~ another voice spoke up, finding some courage to speak his mind.

~To welcome them into the fold...you must immerse them in the mists, in your mists, have it seep into their skin, feed them the mists, while instead of pulling out their souls, breathe a part of yourselves into them, make them one with one of you, and in so doing, make them one with me~ he said as he surveyed them all, while a blanket of fog began to form over and around the island ~I am Lismosyni, forgetfulness, forget your troubles...for you are all one in the darkness...I am Umbra, shadow...I am the darkness...seek out the darkness in the hearts of others...~

~We shall then from this day forth serve you by fulfilling the purpose you have given us~ they said all in agreement.

~But what if we are not enough to hold back any that would wish to reclaim those that seek out protection?~ the voluntary voice once again voiced a question.

~Then call out in the darkness for me..and I shall come...but only so long as you keep to your purpose, and not branch out to intentionally sow despair in the land~ he said, then beckoned them down to the fortress, through the many corridors, and halls, into its Great Hall, where tables and chairs were strewn about, and where a single throne sat in one end of the Hall. It was made out of what looked to be corpses, screaming in paralyzed agony. In it, Lismosyni Umbra sat, and grew, filling the Hall with his shadow, and with his dark mists ~I am a cousin of Death, and he too has those that are similar to you, but serve a different purpose, as he named them...so shall I name you...Dementor...that is what you shall be known as...for a fourth of the day you shall be as beautiful as the most beautiful of your former races out in the world, but for the rest of the day, you shall retain these forms that you now posess, half smoke or mist, and half humanoid...but should you stray from your path, you shall either lose more of yourself to the smoky mists and crave flesh, blood, and bone, to gain back that which you had lost...or lose the ability to shift forms for that fourth of a day...may you not stray...my children...may you not stray...~ he then turned to stone, only the mists at his feet and filling the floor did not turn to stone.

From his stony vantage point he watched as the ages passed before his eyes, he watched over his semi-creations, and also watched as a few allowed their urges to get the better of them, while some managed to control reassert or regain control, there were those few that simply gave up, and ended up becoming simply their cloak, and due to the need to protect those living within the safety of the fortress, these living cloaks were brought to the tropics, where they were free to roam, until they found hope, or somehow regained control of their powers, which by then would be overwhelming.

The Dementors didn't question their ability to speak any language, or even why they were unable to sap the strength of lesser life, of beasts. But they knew that just as their powers themselves were their weaknesses, as they could be overpowered by their powers and the urges to do more than they needed to do. Their other weakness was simply an solid representation of that which they were denied in their past lives.

The patronus charm, an invention or innovation depending on who was asked, or which inventor was interviewed, as one man thought of its creation after witnessing a dementor unable to get close to a children's birthday party, the joyous atmosphere too much for it to take.

People, human magicals, and other beings, knew about the dementors, but treated them as they were treated before they had become a race unto themselves, like outcasts, they were treated as monsters, since for three fourths of the day, that's what they looked like. Their looks coupled with their powers, their defense mechanism and abilities, they were viewed as monsters, as a plague on the world, and that since they could not be destroyed, there should at least be a way to keep them at bay, or scare these living nightmares away.

The dementors themselves had managed to control their powers and urges for centuries, until more than half of the originals of the race finally died, and their essences joined them mists, while their souls, full of life passed on to the next great adventure.

It was when the majority of the population were made up of the next and the next next, generation of Dementors, did the warnings of Lismosyni Umbra fall on deaf ears. It all started when a wizarding clan stumbled upon the home and fotress of the dementors, and decided to try and invade due to thoughts of the possibility of the destruction of the race could possibly be found on the island.

The army bombarded the island fortress with spell of destructive force. It was a threat to those that sought sanctuary within the fortress. By that time there were only around twenty-five of the originals, they were very old by this time, and so they were the most powerful of the race, they were considered as Elders of the Race, the leaders of the race, but due to attacks, their aged and wise counsel was disregarded by the younger generation. The rebelliousness of youth, caused five of the Elders to decide to go into voluntary exile, taking those they were protecting and nursing back to sanity, health, and whatnot, with them. The twenty that remained, were to try and stop the younger generation from doing anything stupid, if they failed, they were to plead with Lismosyni Umbra to turn them to stone, where their powers could manifest passively, until such a time that their race could be redeemed.

The outcasts that were lead into the underground catacombs that went on for miles underneath the bottom of the sea floor, were a tribe of elves, cousins of the dark elves, but these ones shunned even by their closest cousins, due to the bad luck that they had apaprently brought to the race. They did not explain it why they were hunted by their own race, but the dementors had welcoemd them into the fortress. These outcasts that sought sanctuary stayed within the fortress until such a time that they were confident enough to venture back into the rest of the world, but there were those that chose the life of a dementor.

The younger generation of dementors got frustrated with the fact that the attackers were not letting up in their attacks, and even though they poured out more power, more magic, into their auras, their enemy still would not leave them alone. So as they had been taught, they were forecd to use their trump card. They flew out of the fortress en masse, and descended like a black cloud on the attackers, sucking out the soul of the first person they came across. The euphoria they felt after the consumption of the first soul, was a bit much, but they could still control their urge to do more, until they noticed that their foe still refused to back down, and were firing off Patronus charms, trying to drive them away.

Some of the dementors visibly began to weaken, and began to drift back to the fortress. So the only course of action left tot he dementors, or so they thought, was to press on their attack, and suck out of a few more souls. It was after around a third of the attacking army had been sucked souless, did the army generals order retreat. But by that time, the dementors on the field of battle had already given themselves over to their lust for souls, it was like a vampire giving into their bloodlust, or a goblin giving themselves over to the ir greed.

By the end of the battle, the coast was filled with the bodies of the souless, empty shells, of human life. They littered the shore, the coast, and parts of the inland. The dementors were thorough in their feeding, they fed until they were full, and then some. When they returned to their fortress to rest, they were unable to. So they turned to their Elders to guidance, as they felt as if they had an unsatiable need to feed.

~You have gone too far...you called out even those that were pulling themselves together...you fed even though there was no longer a need...your greed has doomed us...~ one Elder said, as he took up his place along the wall of the Great Hall, ten of his brethren had already began the process of petrification, Lismosyni Umbra stared down on the dementors gathered in the hall, then visibly slumped forward slightly. His gaze too fell away from them, and his posture went to one of uncaring. His shadowy mists receeded back into his cloak, and his form visibly shrunk as well.

"I have no use for the greedy...for those that would willingly cage themselves...chain themselves to their urges...from beings to beasts...only a handful remain of the race of protectors of the outcasts of the world..." Lismosyni Umbra spoke, from the ground, slumped and turning transparent, his statue fading as well, along with the mists that kept the fortress powerful and strong, strong enough to stand the test of time and of nature, "What use have I for protectors that might even devour those they protect...regain yourselves by yourselves...you shall find no aid from me..."

~Wait!~ the Dementors shouted just as Lismosyni Umbra vanished, as did the giant of a stone statue of himself that once filled up one end of the Hall. The only thing that remained of him, was the throne, one which none of the Dementors dared sit on, for fear of what greater curse might befall them.

After being somewhat abandoned by their Lord, their god, they tried to control their hunger, barely able to control themselves. Their inability to fulfil their purpose, their responsibility, they locked themselves away in the darkest and foulest of place. Hiding away from the temptation of the world. A great number of them, going so far as to willingly perish, instead of doing more damage. This resulted in the decline of the population of Dementors.

Some of their number began to devour one another, and themselves, instead of feeding on other races. They eventually turned into semi-sentient creatures, no longer worthy of being called Beings. Those that fed on themselves, became lethifolds, and made their way to the tropics, to areas less populated by Beings, and more of plants and animals.

The remaining Dementors in the world still found comfort in the dark, in the shadows, in the fog, and in the mists. Those were still places where their god slept and dwelt. They were not completely abandoned, but at the same time, they would not be getting any help from him, in the form of control, as they had learned, their greater control in the past was from adiding the wishes of the Lord, but without the mists that mixed in with their own personal mists, controlling themselves was even harder than before.

When the Ministry of Magical Britain rounded up the remaining Dementors, not including the five that had exiled themselves to help protect the still hunted elves, the Dementors had all but given up hope of controllin themselves and their power, they gave into the offer of being supplied a source of food. They were to be the guards of the wizarding prison of the United Kingdom.

The wizards had bluffed their way into gaining the servicse of the foul beasts, as they viewed the dementors. They told the dementors that they had found a spell that would end the existence of dementors, it was a believeable bluff, as the Minister of Magic of that time had had his auror corps summon up their Patroni en masse, which helped drive a feeling of doom into the Dementor ranks. They only managed it that time due to the threat. The dementors were also quite hungry at that time, their powers, their auras were quite spread out. Cheering charms and chocolate were what were keeping the wizards sane in their presence.


Harry returned to his own time, he regained all that he had lost when Magus knocked him out and flung him into that limbo. He reappeared in his boabab, but still kept his connections to his Dementors and Lethifolds, just as he did with the vampires, werewolves, other lycanthropes, and goblins. He was now a god of darkness, and of the sky, since he could freely fly as could the Dementors, and the Lethifolds were able to glide. He was also a god of silver, and a god of healing.

"How was your first half of summer?" Magus said in greeting, Cadmus had finally visited, the elves regularly spent a half hour worshipping their many gods, but Cadmus didn't need to be present for those times. He spent Harry's first part of the summer in the company of Magus and Medusa.

"It went rather well...considering their current situtation," Harry said, he looked like just about any wizard in robes.

"Do you think that perhaps, the power that you granted them might have possibly been to much for mortals to control?" Magus asked, "I know a blessing and a curse are a good thing to have, but at the same time..."

"If they can prove themselves to me, that they are able to control their urges to the point that they would protect the outcasts, the innocent, and those that would seek their protection, I might consent to refining their powers, abilities, and forgive them," Harry said.

"Fine," Magus said, "Do you have any more adventures planned for the remainder of the summer?"

"None that I can think of," Harry said, "But...what in the world..." his gaze landed on Medusa who was carrying around a laptop, half her body was in serpent form.

"...Evil, evil, error messages...how am I supposed to know how their relationship progresses now..." Medusa kept muttering, while one hand held the laptop, while the other kept pressing the F5 button, and she continued muttering as she slithered past the three males.

"That..." Cadmus said in bewilderment, "Was weird...I've seen a lot of odd things in my lifetime...but that..."

"I know what you mean," Harry said, his eyes trailing after the lamia.

"...Now there are blank white pages...dumb pages...load...load...by Cassandra's black stretch marks...load..." she muttered as she slithered by a second time, still doing as she had been doing the first time.

"Can we skip over to when I ride the train to school now?" Harry asked Magus.

"Sure," Magus said, waved a hand...


Harry had borded the Hogwarts Express right after his brief conversation with Magus. The rest of his summer vacation had lasted for nothing more than a wave of a hand, since he didn't want to think about Medusa and her mutterings about blank white pages, error messages, and downtime, whatever she had been viewing must have really been interesting to her. It was slightly disturbing that she had been doing that, using a laptop, in the first place.

He holed himself up in a compartment, and remembered to lock the door, which made it impossible for anyone else to join him in the compartment. But an hour into the ride, he decided that he had had enough loneliness to last him a life time, and thus unlocked the door only to find, three first years about to knock on his door.

"Well, this was unexpected...what do you three want?" he asked the three of them as he sat by the window.

"C-can we j-join you?" the blonde of the trio asked him, "The other compartments are already full and the others don't want us to sit with them..."

"Get in then," he said, then wandlessly moved their things underneath the chair and onto the trunk racks, that resized to fit the additional baggage, "I'm surprised that it took you an hour to decide to go for the locked compartment."

"There was a lot of people in corridor..." the red head supplied.

"Just take a seat or something," Harry said, as he produced his computer, and connected to the seals of the world, and tweaked the weather again, this time causing tornadoes to randomly appear and stall the train.

"How can that work here?" the brown haired boy of the group asked, the other two were girls, "I was told that electronics can't work around magic."

"Special piece fo equipment," Harry said, not looking up from what he was doing, which was finishing his summer homework as he didn't have the time to do it, finish his homework being making sure he got perfect on them, not that he was a perfectionist, but it gave him something to do, aside from sleep.

"Can you do whatever you did to my stuff?" the boy asked him.

"Are you a Seventh year?" the red head asked.

"Do I look like one?" Harry asked her, then conjured a mirror to look at himself, and only then noticed that he did look a bit like he was in his late teens to early twenties, "I guess I do.." he then made himself look a bit younger, morphing his appearance like a metamorphmagus.

"Are you a meta.." the blonde began to ask, but he interrupted her.

"No, I am not," he said, then vanished the mirror once he was satisfied, and sent his computer into his pouch.

"Then how did you do that?" she asked, expecting to be answered with the word magic.

"Practice," he replied, "Lots of practice."

"Could...I learn?" the blonde asked, "I mean...if you don't mind..."

"What year are you anyway?" the boy asked.

"Second," Harry replied.

"Impossible!" the red head exclaiemd, "I mean you can do wandless magic! How can you only be a second year!"

"I'm twelve...sort of..." Harry said, since he really wasn't all that sure about his age, what with his being mutiple gods at once, "And I don't have the authority to teach you the exact method that I use, plus you need a particular level or amount of magic to do as I did."

"Really...then that means that you're really powerful, huh," the boy said.

"Pretty much," Harry said nonchalantly, "I'm Harry by the way, in case you were wondering."

"Oh..s-sorry for not introducing ourselves," they said.

"I'm Colin, Colin Creevy," the boy said.

"I'm Ginny Weasley," the red head said.

"I'm Luna Lovegood," the blonde introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you," Harry said.

"So...Harry...any chance that you'd be Harry Potter?" Colin asked hesitantly.

"If you start hero worshipping me, since that is indeed my name, I'll feed you to the monsters in the Forbidden Forest," Harry said calmly, while looking out the window just as a tornado touched down, "Or have that tornado take you to the Land of Oz."

"Is that place real?" Colin asked, distractedly.

"Land of Oz?" the two girls asked, forgetting their hero worship, "What's that?"

"From the Wizarding World's point of view? No it does not exist," Harry said, "But from any other point of view, it is highly possible that it exists."

"What do you believe?" Colin asked.

"It is real," Harry said, "I've been there, tornado accident."

"Whoa...how'd you get back?" Colin asked.

"I have a cousin who own a pair of ruby slippers...I really wanted to kill him when he said that it was the only way," Harry said, "Such a humiliating experience."

"Is it really the only way?" Colin asked.

"No," Harry said, "I only remembered the other ways after I arrived home, awake in my bed."

"Oh..." Colin said, "I'm sorry, if I brought back some bad memories."

"S'ok," Harry said, then split his attention away from the boy, and shifted to the girls, "Do you two have any questions?"

"What's Hogwarts like?" Luna asked, "I've only heard what Ginny told me her brothers told me, do you know them?"

"I know them," Harry said, "All four that are currently still students are bullies in one form or another. I don't particularly like them."

"Why not?" Ginny angrily said, the world reknowned Weasley temper making itself known.

"Well," Harry calmly said not really minding Ginny's sudden anger, "You should already be aware of how bad Ronald is as a person and a student, the twins are bullies in the sense that they have fondness for pranking only one house, and trying to prank only one teacher. They also have a tendency to try their prank items on unsuspecting students, without taking into considersation the risks involved with untested potions, magical items, and spells. Percy is a prat, not that I have much interaction with him, that's just what I've gotten from other students."

"Oh...I didn't think my brothers could be like that...I know they kind of like being the center of attention...but to be irresponsible and uncaring..." Ginny said, calming down slightly and taking a seat on the chair beside Luna who was by the window, while Colin sat near the door.

"So...what House are you in?" Luna asked, "A wandering sprite told me that you're not in one of the known houses...is that possible?"

"Don't start acting all loony now," Harry said, "It won't work on me, and you don't need such a mask while around me."

"O-okay," she said, "I just feel a little uncomfortable is all."

"Understandable, since you got your information from a wind spirit," Harry said, "I know because the same spirit informed me of her gossip spreading."

"But she didn't tell me what House you were in," Luna said, "No word reached the public about that, even after your first year ended, not even the gossip rags had any information. How was that possible?"

"Magic," Harry said, meaning it, since Magus made sure that the House of Hogwarts wouldn't be released to the general public for a while, even letter home were slightly tweaked to erase any evidence of Hogwarts having a fifth House.

"What do you mean magic?" Luna asked.

"If Hogwarts does not wish for information to be known, then the information shall remain a secret," Harry said, "It is not yet time for Hogwarts' secrets to be revealed to the rest of the world."

"Could you tell us? Please?" Ginny asked.

"Well, since we are on our way," Harry said, "I guess I could..."

"Please?" the three first years asked.

"Fine," Harry said, "I am the sole member of Hogwarts House."

"There's a fifth house?" the two purebloods asked.

"Yes, there is a fifth house," Harry said, "Hard to believe, I know, the headmaster found it hard to believe as well."

"What does one need to have to get in?" Ginny asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Harry asked.

"I...well..." she said, hesitating a bit before speaking her mind, "I don't want to stay in my brothers' shadows, and I don't want to be in Slytherin..."

"I'd like to join you as well," Luna said.

"I think I don't want to leave my new friends," Colin said.

"You need to have an equality of all the houses traits, or close enough to an equilibrium of them all," Harry said, "Or be an outcast, I guess...you could ask the hat too...he'd probably let you into his house..."

"His house?" Ginny said, "What do you mean his house? The Fifth House is the House of the Sorting Hat?"

"Of course not...well not exactly," Harry said.

"Then what do you mean?" she demanded off him, she ended up pouting for some reason, which was kind of cute on the face of a first year.

"The Sorting Hat...is...I wasn't really supposed to mention the bit about the hat," Harry said, "Anyway, the fifth House is the House of the fifth founder of the school, as well as the Sovereign Lord, who is one of the remaining magical royalty in the world."

"Oh," the three said.

"So what are the chances of us three getting into it?" Colin asked before the girls could.

"Slim to none," Harry replied instantly, not really thinking about his reply, "Though there is still a chance, you could pray to the god of wizarding magic..." Magus rarely heard any such prayers, just swearing to Merlin, but not to him, since not that many knew about him anymore.

"But...we don't have a religion...we just have magic," Ginny said, disbelief in her voice, "I know its unexplained...but I've never heard of such a god..."

"I think...I think my dad mentioned it once," Luna said, unsure of her information, "I mean, I overheard him say some weirder than normal stuff, while my mum was sick..."

"Selene Lovegood, was her name, wasn't it?" Harry asked.

"Y-yes..." Luna replied, "H-how d-do you know?"

"I know that your family never held a funeral for her, your father not believing that she was truly gone," Harry said, "The earth spirits told me as much, her body is not within the earth, as you believe."

"How do you know that?" Ginny asked, "What do you mean earth spirits?"

"There are spirits in nature," Harry said, "Magic himself, works through then sometimes. They are normally a conduit for his wonders. Now, Luna, who is the god of wizardry?"

"Magus Iunctio," she said, hesitation in her voice. In the Purple Grove, Magus stirred from his mid-afternoon nap, his power stirred as well, as if someone where calling out to him, not as Magic, but as Magus Iunctio, sometimes called Darth Magus Iunctio. One of the trees that lined the perimeter of his grove, of the glade, shook, growing healthier at a more rapid rate, it was a weeping willow with platinum leaves, and sky blue branches.

"So...you know his name," Harry said, leaning forward in his seat, "There are no ritualistic words...all you need to do is ask..."

"How do you know about this god?" Ginny asked, "I've never heard my parents mentioning such a thing."

"I have my ways," he said, his voice only a whisper, "And no, it is not taught in History of Magic, it should be located in the family grimoire of the oldest of wizarding families."

"Then how do you know about the existence of this god?" Ginny asked.

"Alright then," Colin said, "Let's ask then, what could it hurt? Right?"

"Whatever," Ginny said, as Harry leaned back in his seat and waited for the waves of magic to sound like thunder around the train.

"O Magus Iunctio...uhm...allow us to be sorted into Hogwarts and no other House, that my friends and I will not be separated or our friendship divided by the barriers of House," Colin intoned, he just made it up as he went along.

"Is something supposed to happen now?" Ginny ask Harry, who was looking out the window as if expecting something, "You know, like a sign of some sort?"

"Sure," Harry said, "Though not always..."

"Well, nothing's happening," Ginny said, "Guess it was a wasted effort...huh.."

She looked out the window and the tornadoes had vanished, they were replaced by water spouts, and purple lightning, as well as some streaks of blue lighting up the dark clouds that had suddenly appeared over the countryside. Then all the occupants of the train felt it, a sudden rush of magic swept over and through them.

After the wave of magic pushed its way through the train, originating in the Forbidden Forest within the Purple Grove, there was a deafening boom, it was an explosion of sound so loud that the windows shattered, then repaired themselves.

Within Hogwarts Castle, the deputy headmistress had to drop the sorting hat as a single straight line of purple lightning suddenly struck the hat, and the castle itself shook upon impact, magic whose epicenter was the Sorting Hat exploded outward, and in a way recharged the castle's ambient magic.

'Hear my words...a thousand years or more had passed before one called out for aid from Magic's Connection...a life to save a life...and now a bond to keep a bond...' Magus' unminstakable voice rang through the three first years minds, 'Heard your call...Have I...Heard your plea...Have I...Listen to thee...Have I...My reply...Hogwarts be.'

"That was wicked cool..." Colin said after a minute or two, shaking his head, he gazed out the window as the sky cleared up to reveal the night sky, it was as if time had sped up to get them to Hogsmeade faster.

"I heard a voice in my head, and I'm not saying that to sound loony," Luna said.

"I did too," Ginny said, then faced Harry, "You knew that was going to happen didn't you..."

"Well, not exactly," Harry said, "I didn't know what he would do, just that he would answer your call."

"But you knew," Ginny pointed out.

"Yes," Harry said, "I knew. Truthfully, I had discussed with him where I would be placed at length."

"Discussed with him..?" Ginny asked, "How is that possible?"

"Ah..I had said too much," Harry said, "You might want to change, we're nearing the station. I'll see you at the sorting, try not to act overly excited when the Hat calls out your chosen House."

He then left the compartment, for the train was pulling into the station. The three first years, were about to change into their robes, when they noticed that they were already in their school uniform, but they couldn't for the life of them figure out how it had happened.

They rode the boats across the lake, and gazed at the magnificence that was Hogwarts, it was even more beautiful and magical than when Harry had first rode across the lake the previous year. There was a welcoming feeling in the air, and even the Giant Squid managed to make an appearance.

Luna was really happy that she managed to see evidence of a lot of the magical creatures she and her father claimed existed in the world, the water and air related ones anyway, for they escorted the boats with their glimmering lights to light the way, not that it was dark, as even all the stars in the sky shined so brightly.

"The first years, Pr'fessor," Hagrid said after leading the first years to the deputy headmistress.

"Thank you Hagrid," McGonagall said, then turned to adress the students, "Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, once you enter, I shall call each of you by name, and you shall be sorted into the House that fits yout he most. Unlike what is known beyond the walls of Hogwarts Castle, there are in actuality five Houses. Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hogwarts."

After being led into the Great Hall, the new students were amazed by the enchanted ceiling, but were also a bit nervous, what with all the other eyes within the Hall gazing at them expectantly. But the one that caused some more worry within them was the gaze of one Harry Potter, who sat directly in front of where they were told to stay and wait for their name to be called.

"Creevy, Colin," McGonagall called out, he mousy brown haird boy that sat with Harry on the train, made his way up the raised platform where the stood and Hat were situated, then placed that hat on his head.

'Do not speak out loud, lest you be thought of as crazy, not that anyone really will, but unless you want to broadcast your thoughts to the world, you shall speak with your mental voice,' Magus said as the Sorting Hat, as he had done countless times before, 'Lets see...plenty of courage...some brains...lots of loyalty...a bit of cunning and ambtion...why...'

'Yes?' Colin asked impatiently.

'Impatient are you...' Magus teased, 'Fine...let's cut to the chase, you want to join Harry in House Hogwarts! Right?'

'Yes, sir Hat,' Colin replied, not yet realizing that his House had already been chosen, though the rest of the Hall thought that he was in shock which was why he still hadn't removed the hat from his head.

'Well hop to it then! There are still so many more students to sort!' Magus ordered, disloged himself from Colin's head, then nudged the boy in the direction of where Harry was sitting, where a chair materialized on one side of Harry. Colin's school robes gained the emblem of House Hogwarts.

A few names later it was...

"Lovegood, Luna," McGonagall called out.

The little light blonde girl that had sat with Harry skipped her way to the stool and hat, but before the hat could touch her crown, it cried out, "Hogwarts!" a cry that was met with the silence of the Hall, for no one had been expecting a second one to be placed in such a House.

Her placement was followed by several Hufflepuffs, some Ravenclaws, Gryffindors, and Slytherins. Then finally, the last name on the list of first years was called..

"Weasley, Ginevra," McGonagall called, the deputy headmistress herself already expected that the girl was to be placed under her care, which is why she fainted, when the hat called out, "Hogwarts!"

Dead silence filled the Hall with such an announcement. Ginny awkwardly made her way to Harry's table, and sat beside Luna, who was on Harry's left side, while Colin was on his right. He smiled at her knowingly, Magus had told him that he wanted to shock, and shock he did, as the silence continued, as students simply stared at Ginny as she walked to the Hogwarts House table.

"Ahem..." the headmaster said, he too was still in a slight bit of shock, "I...hmm...eat up then..." he sat down as the food magically appeared on the tables, the school year was off to an interesting start.

After the feast, after the announcements were made, after the school song was sung, all students that were heading for the Great Staircase, the main staircase, anticipated the reactions of the newest members of the fifth house of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to the manner in which they would be traveling to their own dorms. It was no big secret amongst the veterans of the school that to get to the dorms, to the secret location of the Hogwarts Dorms, was to do a suicide dive, no one from the other houses had tried, since they believed that there was some sort of password to not get killed.

Harry led his housemates to the top most floor that the main staircase reached, then turned and faced them, to give them the instructions as to how to get to the dorms.

"Don't be afraid," Harry said, "I'll see you three on the otherside.."

"What do you mean on the otherside?" Colin asked, a little bit apprehensive.

"I was told that the common rooms of the houses were guarded by paintings," Luna said.

"Yeah," Ginny added, not wanting to feel left out.

"Well, our common room is guarded by a painting, along with a slew of other protections," Harry said, "See ya later," he then picked up Colin like he was a sack of potatoes, and flung him over the railing, followed shortly by Luna, then Ginny. When their screams were heard, and suddenly silenced, he himself jumped from the banister and free fell to the ground floor, where he, like the other three, simply vanished, instead of going splat.

The three found themselves perfectly alive, and standing at the foot of what appeared to be a really large number of steps of a flight of stairs, a moment later they were joined by Harry, who simply appeared in their midst.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get a move on, those steps aren't going to move on their own you know," Harry said, then simply took the lead, and stepped on the first step, which actually began to switch places with the next, and the next, and the next, step, taking along with it its rider, Harry. What else could the other three do, but follow the apparenly insane Boy-Who-Lived-Dangerously.

They stood on their steps, for who knows how long, Harry didn't really care since he knew that time kind of moved slowly outside of the stairwell in which they were in. Magus, must really have been bored, since he turned parts of Hogwarts Castle into a fun house.

When they finally reached the top of the single flight of nigh infinite stairs, the three new comers, noticed that the stairs seemed to disappear from view once they were all off of it, and so wondered how they were to go back to the rest of Hogwarts.

"I'll explain how to get back to Hogwarts Castle proper, later on in the tour," Harry said, "First we head for the common room," he lead them a short ways away, to where the painting that guarded the common room was located, right beside the sleeping stone dragon guardian of Magus' office, "Just to warn you, that sleeping dragon is alive, and will attack you if you wake it...so don't bother."

"Why? What's it guarding?" Colin, ever curious asked.

"The office fo the Lord of Hogwarts," Harry replied, "Though I am allowed inside, you three aren't."

Luna was staring at the painting, but with a puzzled look to her features, as she didn't see anythnig within the frame save for the background image, or the reflection of the wall right in front of the painting.

"Is there a problem Luna?" harry asked.

"How do we get in? The painting doesn't have anyone in it," she said.

"Ah, that's because, I'm here with you," Harry said, then faced the mirror, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the godliest of us all?"

"You are of course, you handsome devil you," Harry's reflection painting self appeared and replied sarcastically, "The password has already been changed. So password?"

"The lion goes error, error, error, the dark error plague has struck again," Harry replied.

"There was a software and hardware update, apologies for the inconvenience, enjoy your stay at Enchanted Kingdom," painting Harry said, then swung to the side to reveal the portal into the Hogwarts Common Room, "Before you go in, I would just like to say that the Fun has just begun."

"Thanks for the warning, extension of my very being," Harry said, then stepped through the portal, his three companions reluctantly following suit, then once they were inside, the portrait swung closed, and the inhabitant left to rejoin Harry himself.

"What in the world was that?" Ginny said, spinning on her heel to face Harry, who was their prefect, and kind of head of house due to Magus being irresponsible or simply lazy.

"The portal guardian," Harry replied, "Since I'm the first student that was sorted into Hogwarts House, the formerly blank canvas took on my guise. I'll be guarding this place til the day I cease existing. Any other questions?"

"Who's our head of house?" Luna asked.

"I am," Harry said, "By proxy anyway, our Head of House is Lord Hogwarts himself, rather the Immortal Lord Hogwarts. Anything else?"

"How do we get back to the rest fo Hogwarts?" Colin asked.

"Oh, that's easy," Harry said, "Simply touch one of the paintings in the common room and think that words 'never tickle a sleeping chimera' then simply walk into the painting. From within the painting, you simply traverse the realm of the paintings until you get to the one you want to exit, then you simply walk out. You can do that to get back in here. But you can't tell anyone that, since its a House secret. Got it?"

"Yes," the three said.

"Good," Harry said, "As far as class schedules go...your schedules should be found in your rooms, yes rooms, you each get a private room, bathroom, dressing room, whatever. Private suite. Yea..don't tell anyone about that either..."

"So...do we have a Quidditch team?" Ginny asked.

"Sure do," Harry said, "Wanna play?"

"Are you serious?" Ginny asked, "I mean, there's just you."

"I flew solo last year," Harry said, "And I played every position. Nothing in the rules says that I can't...or that a full team is needed."

"Oh," she said, "But I thought first years aren't allowed to bring brooms."

"Hogwarts House is special," Harry said, "We got an extra set of rules to follow."

"Where can we find these extra set of rules?" Luna asked.

"Why? You planning on breaking any of them?" Harry asked.

"Well, no," she replied.

"Good," Harry said, "You'll have to figure them out for yourselves. Oh, before I forget," he added, "We don't really have a curfew, or follow the one perscribed by the headmaster. You can also bring friends over to the common room, and only the common room, if you want to bring anyone to your room, you gotta clear it with me first."

"How are we to bring friends to here?" Colin asked.

"Come find me when you want to do that," Harry said, "I'll tell you then, the original way is not really something that we'd like friends to experience."

"Oh," the younger boy said.

"Any more questions?" Harry asked, "Classes officially start tomorrow."

"House points?" Ginny asked.

"It would be nice to win the cup this year," Harry said, "But even should we not, it shouldn't really matter."

"Oh, okay," she said.

"Our House has no standing rivalries with any other House at the moment," Harry said, "We are the ultimate in neutral House. So don't start any quarrels with other Houses. Just as the Slytherins show a united front, just as they protect their own, so should we. One more thing..." Harry held out his hand in Ginny's direction, "Hand over Tom Riddle's journal, as a prefect I really must confiscate the dark artifact that Lucius Malfoy dropped into your cauldron at Flourish and Blotts."

"B-But...its not...its harmless," she said, having grown fond of the diary, even after spending such a short time writing in it.

"Hand it over," Harry said, "We take care of our own, and allowing you to keep such an artefact would not be considered as taking care of our own."

"A-alright..." she said, "I'll go get it..."

"Its in your robe pocket," he said, "I know it is, now hand it over."

"Fine," she said, and pulled it out and handed it over, once it touched his hands, a bloodcurdling scream escaped from its pages, followed by a dying wail, then silence.

"Now that the evil has been exorcised, do you want it back?" Harry asked, still holding onto the thing.

"N-no, n-not after hearing that," she said.

"By your beds there should be a potion," Harry said, "Drink it, it'll make you sleep easier."

When the three first years had left, Harry retired to his own room as well, but before going to bed..

'I took care of the Diary,' he mentally informed Magus.


The school year was another bland one, nothing really happened, though the headmaster did try to discreetly stir up some trouble. Petrifying students behind their backs to make it look like they were attacked or something. He also wrote on a wall in chicken blood that the Chamber of Secrets had once again been opened.

Harry had found out that the headmaster had modified Tom Riddle's memory of that even in his life, Tom had never really gained access of the Chamber, nor had Dumbledore, it was all a fabrication. Myrtle was an unfortunate victim of an illusion and a Killing Curse, set on her by then transfiguation professor Albus Dumbledore. The man really wanted another notch added on to his saving the Light belt.

Harry knew what the headmaster wanted, the old man wanted Harry to go out of his way to find the actual chamber, which Harry already knew the location of, and slay the Basilisk held within. It was a test, and a training exercise that the headmaster had planned. The man had probably not used his wand during his other taking ceremony upon becoming headmaster, if he could so carelessly disregard the lives of his students. Though considering that he could kill a student and pin the death on two others, he probably didn't really care all that much about anyone aside from himself to begin with. The headmaster's sex life had gone south for an Ice Age since he thought that backstabing his lover was a good way to get more power for himself.

The greater good indeed, the greater good of Albus Dumbledore, but Harry knew that the headmaster's wishes, dreams, and desires would not come true. Harry and Magus had every more or less mapped out, and there is nothing in the world that a magic user can hide from Magic himself, unless Magus wanted a challenge and ignored parts of himself. Which is kind of what he did, which was why Harry was left to do all the, not really all that hard, work.

Later in the year Colin was petrified.

If there was one thing that really ticked Harry off, it was messing with his friends. Colin was his friend, even though a year before him, and even if he wasn't, they were housemates. Dumbledore really knew how to push one's buttons when he was in a corner and desperate.

It was sometime near the end of the school year when it had happened. The headmaster had decided that it was time to actually listen to the Board of Governors, all of whom were god fearing men (Magus being the god), but there was still something about pissing off Albus Dumbledore that warred with their fear of Magus. They finally put their foot down when Colin was attacked, and were quite surprised when the headmaster willingly vacated his position as headmaster. Attacking a member of Hogwarts House was going to far, and since they knew that the headmaster wasn't really doing much, they really had to put their foot down.

Wihout the headmaster present in the school, Harry made his move. He snuck into the infirmary and healed his schoolmates, then left silently in the night, and headed for the edge Black Lake, Professor Septima Vector and Aurora Sinistra, were the only ones to catch a glimpse of his jogging form as he approached the lake.

They stealthily made their way after him, keeping a distance from him, in case he was the Heir of Slytherin, which he was by rite of conquest. They were not so far that they were unable to hear him speak, but even if they were too far to hear someone speak with a normal volume, they heard him loud and clear from their position, and while under cloaking charms.

"Silvertongue!" Harry called out, his arms extended to the heavens, over heard thunder rolled, and lightning flashed, "The False Protector has left the castle, has fled from his duties! Conjure a souless serpent that he might return! Tail between his legs in shame! If not...then at least so that the school can rest easy for the time being!"

More thunder and lightning.

"What is he talking about?" Aurora asked her friend and colleague.

"I really wish we had Bathsheba with us, she might know," Septima said, "He sounds like he's requesting aid from some sort of higher power."

"The Protections must not wake! Must not come alive before the time is right!" Harry said aloud, "The Basilisk! The Dragon! The Gargoyle! The Clazmonian Sow! And all the rest!"

Still listening in on Harry, unknown to them Harry knew they were there, they grew a little bit confused by his calling such creatures as protections. They were unaware, like most, of the protections of the castle, the creatures that were left sleeping awaiting for the call to arms to defend the castle from would be invaders.

"Silvertongue! Conjure a souless shell! A golem! They shall not believe that all is well unless they see it with their very eyes!" Harry called out, "He will rue the day he left the children to fend for themselves!"

Thunder rolled across the sky, lightning flashed, and the wind howled, then a mountain in the distance seemed to bow down to the whims of the heavens. Then the ground shook, yet the lake remained calm.

"What is happening?" Aurora said panicking slightly, she hadn't expected anything to come out of Harry's rambling.

"Maybe there is a god?" Septima said aloud but mostly to herself.

Then the lake itself began to froth with bubbles on the surface, water then cascaded down from a rising form. The two professors looked on in shock, amazement, and fear. A serpent with two heads rose out from the lake. It was a serpent unlike any other that the two women had ever encountered. They didn't know what to make of it.

"I...I think I've seen that before..." Septima said, "But...its impossible.."

"What is it? Do you know?" Aurora asked, "I've never seen anything like that in the skies.."

"Back when we were still students I was researching in the library about runespoors, and found in some ancient tome, a picture of a serpent with two heads, just like that one. It was just a picture, no description or explanation for what it was...then in another book..I was looking for information on naga and lamia, I found the same image, then in a book about dragons, wyrms, and a anything about reptiles, serpents, and snakes. A stone two headed serpent with head raised of sleeping...it was in all those books...It kind of freaked me out, so I dropped the class," Septima said.

"So...it was in all those old books..." Aurora said.

"Not just the old books," Septima said, "Even in the newer ones, the ones that it wasn't in before. I thought I was going mad, seeing a two headed giant serpent. It was like some mysterious otherworldy power was calling out to me."

"The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, again, has it," Silvertongue spoke, addressing Harry, "Very well, such superficial perceptions of reality these watered down mages are, these wateed down warlocks, sorcerers, and sorceresses. These wizards and witches...magic is already real enough that the mystery is lost to them..."

"Great Serpent, Lord of Reptiles, Serpents, and Snakes," Harry said, "The souless shell if you would please."

The emerald fires glowed even brighter within his eyes, and the ground suddenly rumbled, then stopped as if nothing was amiss.

"Happy hunting," Silvertongue said before sinking back into the depths of the Lake, ~Lismosyni Umbra~

The two professors were a bit confused as to what had just happened, and they really wanted to know what the giant serpent had said to the student, since it was clear that it had said something. The manner of speech that the serpent had used soundly eerily similar to how a dementor spoke.

"You do know that eavesdropping is considered rude," Harry said, appearing right in front of them, "Professors or not. Really."

"Err.." they said, they were caught, but what really bothered them was that Harry could see through their illusion.

"You can see us," Aurora said.

"No secrets can be hidden from the higher powers," Harry said, "The moment that Silvertongue appeared, your cloaking spell was disintegrated."

"Silvertongue was that giant serpent, correct?" Septima asked.

"Yes," Harry said, "While one head spoke vocally, the other told me that he had tried to connect with you in the past, but you did not listen. You did not see him."

"It freaked me out!" Septima said, "What was I supposed to think when the image of a serpent that I'd never seen in my life kept appearing before my eyes!"

"I thought the professor was supposed to be the calm and composed one, and not the student," Harry said, signing slightly, "But I guess, its understandable in this situation. I am not a regular student."

"We kind of guessed that," Aurora said, "Especially after you called out to what we're guessing is some kind of god."

"Yeah, Silvertongue is a god, one of many in the pantheon of Magic," Harry said.

"How do you know?" Aurora asked, "I was lead to believe that you lived most of your life in the muggle world. The headmaster said as much any way."

"It is partially true that I lived in the muggle world," Harry said, "But that was merely my mortal shell, my spirit and soul occasionally left my mortal shell to live out other adventures. My dreams are more real than any of your own."

"So...then, are you admitting that you too are a member of this pantheon of Magic?" Aurora asked, skeptically even though she had borne witness to a conversation with a god.

"Ah, ask me to questions, I tell you no lies," Harry said, "I shall be returning to the castle now, see you at breakfast, where I try not to make a fool out of myself against a basilisk golem."

He then walked off in the direction of the castle, forming swords made out of diamond in both of his hands, then covering his body in some sort of armor that looked to be made out silver, followed by a dark gray hooded cloak.

His walked eventually became a light jog, then a run, as both professors realized that the sun was beginning to rise over the horizon, it was nearly dawn, and nearly breakfast. They were not about to miss what they thought could potentially be the battle of their teaching careers. Then ran after Harry, and when they finally caught up to him, it was dawn, and he was protecting the early risers that were making their way to the entrance fo the Great Hall from something that was just a few meters shorter than the giant of a serpent they had seen in the lake.

The students' brain seemed to momentarily stop functioning as they stopped in their tracks once the serpent suddenly came out of a side corridor, and lunged at them. After their short lives flashed before their eyes, Harry skidded to a stop right in front of them, and raised his twin diamond blades and held the serpent back.

"You might want to go somewhere else, or pass somewhere else," Harry said, while not taking his eyes off of his present plaything, "As you can see there's a giant serpent here trying to eat you."

They didn't move and simply stared, it was a good thing that the serpent had its eyes blocked by Harry's swords, else they would be dead, and it was also a good thing that they had been staring at its enormous maw.

"RUN!" Harry yelled at them as he pushed the serpent back, that was the only time that they actually heard him and ran away screaming.

When the students were out of eyesight, and earshot, as were the two professors that decided to make sure that no student came across Harry and the serpent instead of staying to cheer him on, Harry entered multiple god mode. Though it was souless, that did not mean that he could control the thing. Being souless actually made it have no survival instincts, which was why Harry could go all out, since he knew that Magus had made the thing more formidable than any run-of-the-mill basilisk.

He really needed an audience, and so herded it to the Great Hall by occasionally kicking the thing in the jaw which pushed it backwards, there wasn't enough room in the corridors to allow it to attack with anything other than its upper body, most notably its head. Its eyes were not having any effect, due to Harry not seeing, since his hood masked his eyes from view.

By the time that the two combatants reached the entrace of the Great Hall, the double doors were closed shut, and the professors even used magic to keep the thing even more protected. But since they were far weaker than a god, and since Magus wasn't reinforcing the doors, they were blased backwards, showering the students in the Hall with splintered debris as they serpent rammed its way through. It didn't have time to look over the morsels laid before it, as Harry came flying through the doorway after it, blased raised over his head, then slamemd them into the neck part of the serpent, causing it to thrash about attempting to dislodge the blades as well as their wielder.

Its tail swished left and right, causing tables and chairs to go flying about, while students scrambled away, scared out of their wits. Sure when the news that the headmaster was out of the school when the fight broke out, and that no such fight had happened while he was in the school the public would be divided on their opinion of the events. There would surely be those that questioned the headmasters dealing with such situations, and there would be those that would believe that the students would have been safer had he still been in there. It was doubtful that anyone would question the attacks happening during his tenure.

When the serpent finally managed to buck Harry off of him, he simply got up from where he had landed, and ran back at it before it could settle its gaze on a bunch of students or teachers. One of his blades was still lodged into the basilisk's thick hide, the other was in his hand. He pulled out his wand then cast cutting curses at the serpent's eyes, his accuracy managed to destroy its primary weapon. In its enraged state, it still had a lock on his scent, and thus used that to its advantage, sort of. It lunged for Harry, and he simply charged into the jaws of death to the horror of all the witnesses.

It was quite a show of just how flexible he was, for as soon as he entered the serpents's gaping maw, did a kind of flip that allowed him to pull himself onto the top side of the serpent's head just as his legs kicked his sword through the roof of the serpent's mouth, he then flipped onto the thing's head, and made a mad dash for his other sword, which he then used to decapitate the serpent. He grabbed the sword while in a run, and dragged it with him as he jumped off of the side of the already falling thing.

He stood up from his crouched landing position, beside where the head of the beast lay, the body spread out around the room that was in shambles. He looked like he hadn't received any wounds from the fight, which he didn't. Dumbledore missed his chance to add to his already large store of power and fame. Harry added the kill in front of a school full of witnesses to his own. The witnesses were all speechless at what they had just witnessed, to them, a twelve year old had managed to down quite a large serpent, the King of Serpents for that matter.

He kicked open the serpent's maw, to retrieve his sword with a summoning charm, then slammed both his blades into the ground, returning them to where they had come from. It wasn't like he really needed them. He could call on them at any time. He then banished his cloak, it reverted into smoke then left on a nonexistent wind. Finally his armor, melted off of him, then made its way into his pouch, the one that contained his silver.

A lot of the students, pureblood and halfblood ailke, had read about his fanciful exploits growing up. Those made up novels of his life before Hogwarts, of the creatures he had slain, and the heroic deeds he had performed. The more sensible ones knew them to be false, and their authors simply using another's fame to make money for themselves, the goblins had dealt with those criminals on Harry's behalf. But what they had all witnessed blew their image of what the Boy-Who-Lived was all about out of the water.

When the silence was too much for him to bear, and since he had grown a little bored, he placed a hand on each of the two parts of the serpent..It was time to bring back the fear of gods back into the wizarding world.

"Silvertongue!" Harry called out, his voice clear and loud enough for all in the Hall to hear, the ghosts that had wondered into the hall only to stop and stare themselves, were floored when they heard the name. For they, being members of the categorical race fo the dead, dearly departed, living dead, or simply unliving, knew of the existence of the many gods in the world, from muggle to magic, or extraterrestrial.

The two heads of Silvertongue formed out of the wall on the side that Harry was facing, scaring the students and teachers. It was too surreal for them to understand to comprehend, and to believe that it was real.

"I offer this serpent's remains to you," Harry said, his hands still on the two halves of the god's creation, "May you find it enough to bless and strengthen the protections that were thought left by Salazar Slytherin!"

"Acceptable," Silvertongue spoke, not at all sounding like a serpent, instead his voice was overlapping, since both heads had spoken at the same time, instead of separate. He then lunged for the two halves, consuming them in one bite, "Though..could have been better," the great serpent then vanished, the wall returning to simply being a wall, the only evidence that an even larger serpent had been in the hall being that the carcass was no longer occupying the Hall.

After a few moments of momentary uncomfortable silence, the Hall erupted in cheers and shouted questions, all aimed at Harry. The Chamber of Secrets debacle could finally be put to rest since its monster had been slain in front of more than a hundred witnesses. There would be quite some embellishing in the resports, and subsequent interviews and interrogations, but at least it was sure that the professors would be stating facts unlike the additional tidbits that would be provided by the students. Harry left the Hall admist pats on the back, words of congratulations and thanks, as well as a few complaints as to why he had waited an entire year before saving anyone.

"It is not my duty to protect the students of the school from inside and outside threats," Harry stated before leaving the Hall entirely, "It is the duty of the Headmaster and the faculty and staff to provide a safe learning environment. Albus Dumbledore, hailed as one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful wizards in the world over, should have done everything in his power to stop the attacks, get better protection, or a myriad of others things. But what has our esteemed headmaster done? He left the sorting of the threat, which caused a student seventy years ago to lose her life, to a mere second year student..."

He left the hall to their partying mood, and simply left the castle prematurely, and entered the Forbidden Forest, since the students would be sent home in a few days, and since there were no classes for those few days, what would have been the point of his staying in the school for much longer than necessary. He also didn't want to have to deal with the headmaster when the old bastard returned from his short sabbatical. He did of course hope that some of the students would question the actual safe environment that the school supposedly provided. It was not Magus' fault that protection standards had dropped, increasingly, while Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and his greater good were members of the school. There was also the quality of education provieded, while the Board of Governors had managed to provide an not so well known, but very knowledgeble professor for the Defense Against the Dark Arts course, that was more or less the only really good thing that they had been able to do. But unluckily for the school they were unable to keep him, as he found greater opportunities abroad. The curse on that particular teaching position had struck again, and they were faced with having to locate another just as competent professor.

Magus met him halfway to the Purple Grove, Harry did not use his boabad to get there faster as he wanted to take a stroll through the dark forest that was fraught with many a danger for any and every regular being. It was home for Harry, more so than the Dursleys could ever hope to be, if they ever did or could find it in their hearts and mind to actually hope for such a thing to become possible.

"You've been stirring quite the hornet's nest," Magus said, as he took his place beside the younger higher power, "You actually called on one of my forms, while also educating your young friends on the forgotten histories of the magical world. I'm quite impressed with your initiative, but at the same time I believe that you could have waited a few more years, you know, wait for there to be more ears to listen to your sermon in our House."

"Well, you didn't seem to mind all that much, especially when the students in question did ask for your help, it could almost be considered as an invocation," Harry said.

"So then," Magus said, "How shall you be starting this summer? Found another position in which you wish to fill in? I've still got loads of blurred out histories that are in need of revising, revisiting, and unblurring."

"I'll think about it," Harry said, "Though I do have a feeling that my becoing Lismosyni Umbra will benefit myself in the coming school year."

"Ah, I had a feeling you were going to say that," Magus said, "Yes, I really did have a feeling you were going to say that. Tell me..what have you divined from the streams of time?"

"My children's children, the Dementors, shall be let loose by the Ministry of Magic, due to an anomaly in their version of The Rock," Harry said, "I look forward to that development, as it might give my children's children the chance they have wanted to redeem themselves in my eyes."

"Why in the world did you insist on giving them a blessing and a curse at the same time?" Magus asked, "Their history could have gone a whole lot differently."

"I thought, at the time," Harry said, "That life was a pain in the ass, and shortcuts were unwelcome things...it was only after regaining all that you had temporarily removed from my mind that I realized my error in decision. But at least if they do manage to redeem themselves in my eyes, they will get a greater control on their abilities and powers."

"I suppose that a reward due to their actions and decisions, many prove to be enough to permit you to correct your mistake in judgment," Magus said, "While I cannot claim to be perfect...some of the time...I understand what you went through...sort of."

"I know, what you mean," Harry said, as they continued walking through the now dense folliage, completely ignoring a herd of Centaurs that crossed their path, and had threatened to kill them for tresspassing on their territory. They were quickly scared off when the two humans trancended into one of their god forms, those of Crimson and Azure, but they did continue talking about innane things instead of watching the centaurs flee.

By the time they reached the grove, Medusa and Cadmus were waiting for them around a small bonfire. The two of them looked to have prepared dinner, as the two cousins took a lot longer than they had thought and arrived just in time for dinner. While the food did not look like a feast, the roasted wild boar tasted heavenly.

"So..what pantheon shall you be forming or joining next Umbra?" Cadmus asked over dinner, they decided to eat under the light of the stars, all of which glowed in different, yet bright, colors in the night sky, "If you plan on joining the elves, I'm sure that we should have an open spot somewhere."

"I'm sure you do," Harry said, "I do have a question though, I only just remembered it."

"Shoot," Cadmus acknowledged.

"The elven race has a branch that is considered as outcast even by the darkest of the dark elves," Harry said, "What is their proper branch name, and why has such a group been so ostracized? Why are they outcasts of the race?"

"How did you find out about them?" Cadmus asked, a little intrigued, "I had thought that they were extinct, since the branches had hunted them, to the point that even the almost all seeing Moon Elves have been unable to locate even one."

"Azkaban's remaining five protectors, five that are still up and about, have been protecting the remaining members of that branch," Harry informed the elven god, "Cad, you still havne't told me their proper name."

"They are the Charred Elves," Cadmus replied, "They are an offshoot of the Fire Elves...scroned for the color of their skin and the manner in which they manipulate the elements, as well as their abilities."

"These elves, the Charred Elves," Harry said, "Their skin is as dark gray, the same color of my hooded cloak, my shroud. What did they do that was seen as bringing much misfortune to the elven race as a whole?"

"I haven't a clue," Cadmus admitted, "For some reason I am unable to actually recall the reason..."

"Umbra," Magus said, "I believe that we have found what you are to do during this summer.."

"Alright," Harry said, "I guess, I'll be losing my memories when I get to wherever it is that you shall send me...right Magic?"

"But of course," Magus said with a manic grin, as he proceeded to kick Harry through a portal, Magus' foot connecting with the space between the younger higher power's legs, eliticing a high pitched bloodcurdling scream. Cadmus immediately got out of the grove, while Medusa simply looked amused, as she helped Magus clean up.


Harry fell to the ground with a thud, as the portal's other end was a couple hundred feet up in the air. His landing, which was surprisingly not that loud, had attracted the attention of a band of Fire Elves. The time or era that he landed in was before the elves united under one council with representatives from all the races. It was a time before the High Elves were considered as the royalty and nobility among the branches of the great tree of the elven race. But it was after the Dawn of the Ages, and those damnable limbos.

The Fire elves, were elves whose skin and hair was of a combination of color and what looked liked tattoos that made them look like the element that they were named after. They lived near volcanos, due to their greater affinity for fire. Even their eyes burned with an inner fire, one that occasionally glowed on their own volition. Their hair, skin, and tattoo like markings, were of varying shades of the colors yellow and red, with a tiny mixture of orange as well. Of course they had the elven trademarked pointed ears.

They crowded around him, and wondered what in the world he was, as they had never encountered a human before, since no human dared go close to a volcano, due to all the dangers one posed. Even living near a volcano was not uncommon, it was rare. They poked him with the butts of their spears, while speaking amongst one another. Since he was apparently unconscious from his fall, they decided to bring him back to their settlement.

When next he woke, he found that he didn't recall anything, not his name, not what he was, his age, or even that he was a multiple god. He knew nothing aside from the basics, which was bodily functions, and how to speak. Though there were a number of words missing from his vocabulary. As soon as he woke, he was brought before the village chieftain, as there were some questions that the old elf needed answered for the safety of the settlement.

"Who are you?" the leader of the elven settlement asked the amnesiatic youth, for Harry did indeed look like a teen, not one of his older forms.

"I...don't remember," he replied honestly, not a trace of a lie on his face, in his eyes, or his body language for that matter.

"I believe you," the older being stated, "Do you at least know how you manged to get where you were? Do you know what happened to you?"

"No...I really can't remember anything," he said honestly again, then began to panic, thoughts of possible scenarios playing out in his mind, as well as wondering who the hell he was, "I'm sorry..."

"It can't be helped then," the older being said, "I will permit you to stay with us, but you are to pull your own weight, should your memories return to you, you are to inform me immediately. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," Harry said.

"Now that we've cleared that up," the older being said, "You are in need of a name..."

"I think...you should refer to me as Lismosyni," Harry said, "I'm sorry if you were thinking of naming me something else, but it suddenly popped up in my head."

"We'll go with that for now then," the older being said, he then made a gesture calling for one of his guards, and told the guard to show Harry/Lismosyni to a cave within the active volcano that he could use for his stay with the settlement. Due to the elves being what they were, the active volcano didn't affect them, which meant that Lismosyni would not accidentally get burned to a crisp.

After being shown to where he would be living, he was told what was expected of him as well as what his duties were to the settlement. Since he lacked a load of his memories, he was delegated the task of joining the women in preparing the meals for the entire settlement. It was something that not many men were permitted to do, simply for the reason that it was not something that men did.

The women didn't really know how to treat him as he looked human, the amnesia part made them not so wary of him, and so they simply demonstrated what he was to do, never really speaking to him, as he was an elf, it was a kind of discrimination. But Lismosyni didn't mind all that much, he was grateful that he was allowed to stay with them, as he doubted that he would survive left on his own, what with his missing memories.


Cadmus was shocked when he heard a fellow god praying to him, it was a rather odd experience for the elven god. It was none other than Lismosyni, but not Umbra as he was of the Dementors. His interest in Lismosyni allowed some of his power to subconsciously reach out to his fellow god, starting a chain reacftion with his friend's body, granting a more elven look. To the elves that, as the days passed by, noticed the changes to Lismosyni's physiology, it was like he was undergoing some form of rapid evolution or his magic was unlocking a caged or sealed off form.

The changes were gradual, but they did surprise Cadmus the next time he laid his godly eyes on Lismosyni. It was a real shocker that he was not only the one to have him walk down the path of becoming an elven god, but also the one to grant him a change in appearance. He also had a feeling that Lismosyni would be the one to bring about whatever it was that caused the Charred Elves to be considered as outcasts, to the point that they should be eliminated.

'I wonder what Magus has planned for Lismosyni in reagards to the greater scheme of things...' the elven god wondered to himself, before returning his gaze to his fellow higher power.

He watched as Lismosyni lived amongst the Fire elves, while turning elf himself. It was rather entertaining to watch, since the elves eventually began to treat him as just another elf, but at the same time expecting him to know a number of their customs. His amnesia remaining strong throughout his evolution.

He proved to be rather elven in that his lifespan was longer than any human's. Cadmus wondered how his longer life would affect his wizarding life, or persona. But after watching his friend and fellow god, he found that he believed that it really wouldn't matter all that much.

'How's he holding up?' Magus' voice suddenly entered Cadmus' mind.

'Well, considering the circumstances. Why do you ask?' Cadmus asked.

'No reason really. What of the other branches?' Magus inquired.

'They have yet to actually meet, its not like I can simply dictate what they are to do,' Cadmus said, 'It is still a long wait before that should happen.'

'I suppose you are right...' Magus said, then his mental voice left Cadmus to his thoughts and ponderings about the race which spawned him and made him a god.

Cadmus, with nothing better to do with his time, simply continued to watch his amnesiatic friend, subconsciously adding to his already formidable power gifted to him by Magic himself.

He watched as Lismosyni changed from his tanned teenage human looks, to a pale gray skintone, finally ending up with dark gray skin, but keeping his jet black hair. He turned out to be an elf that none of the other Fire elves had ever encountered. Cadmus had no doubt in his mind that Lismosyni was to be the founder and representative of the Charred Elves in the elven pantheon and council of gods.


Lismosyni's status within the settlement changed through the passage of time, it would be considered as a long time if one were a mere human, but since he had apparently been some kind of sealed elf, time moved normally for him, at a regular pace for elves whose lives were so long. He went from being ignored due to being human, then he gained the attention of his fellow elves when his features began to change. But his initial accpetance from the fire elves grew to be annoyance since there was so much about elven customs and culture that he did not know. Mild annoyance grew into irritation, since he eventually was viewed as a separate entity from the settlement, this was in part due to his dark gray skin color. The different branches of th elven race didn't normally get along so well, but since the fire elves didn't know what he was a member of, they distanced themselves from him instead of quarrelling with him.

Eventually the Fire elf chieftain had to act since the environment of the polite young elf that had joined them as a human was not stimulating the return of the young elf's memories. It had already bee two hundred and fifty years, and still no change to the young elf's memory, they remained with the same gaps as there were since the beginning. He saw how his fellow fire elves treated the elf, whose branch even he as old as he was did not know which branch he belonged. It never occurred to him or to any of them for that matter that he could possibly have been the offspring of a mixture between the branches. Ignoring that possibility stemmed from such a coupling to be taboo as well as frowned upon, and in the few cases that such relations produced offspring, the offspring were discarded as abominations.

"Lismosyni," the chieftain called out to the young elf that was busy carrying some coal to the smithy.

"Yes, sir?" he said, "Is there something I can do for you?"

"I am sorry, but I must ask you to leave the settlement," the older elf said, "I know it is sudden, but I fear, rather I know that you were not meant to live with us for longer than today. You have forged no ties with the other elves save perhaps with myself, but a tie with one elf is not enough for you to be considered as family. I'm sorry, but I must ask you to pack up your meager belongings and leave the settlement before the sun is up tomorrow."

"I...I understand, sir," the younger elf said, nodded as if making up his mind, "I'll just deliver the coal to the smithy, then fetch my things. It was nice knowing you."

"Same to you as well my young friend," the chieftain said.

After his delivery of coal, Lismosyni packed his stuff in his satchel, he really didn't have that much stuff, then left, without bothering to say goodbye to the chieftain. A few hours after exiting the volcano, the magical protections of the settlement suddenly shattered causing the molten rocks to slowly flood the settlement. Luckily the elves managed to save their belongings, but were unable to save their home, even with their affinity for fire. They blamed Lismosyni for the disaster, even though it was their fault for not remembering to regularly reinforcing their own protections, even though there had been no sign of weakening in the magic.

As he walked through the world, he made sure to avoid all the other races, while searching for others like him. He traveled through the forests for a period of five years, and through that time he had not encountered a single wood elf or forest elf, most of whom made their home in those greener parts of the world. Their tracking of the strange elf that didn't seem to care about branch boundaries and territories, distracted them enough for dark beasts to grow in number and threaten the ecosystem. When Lismosyni finally left those green places, the elves blamed him for the additional dangers to the peace loving creatures.

Cadmus merely shook his head at the patheticness of his people, as he watched branch after branch find misfortune in his friend's wake. First the fire elves, then the wood and forest, followed by the earth elves, then the shadow elves, then the averial elves, water elves, sea elves, rock elves, moon elves, sun elves, high elves, house elves, and finally dark elves, both lesser dark and drow.

His meeting with the dark elves, both sub-branches of the dark branch, was not a very pleasant one. He was taken captive by then, they believed that he had intentionally orchestrated the misfortunes that plagued the other branches of the elven race. They wanted to usurp the power of the high elves, and so wanted him to use be the tool for the high elves undoing. But Lismosyni did not want to take part in such a thing, and accidentally lashed out with his sealed power. Magus had sealed them away along with his memories, but when they were unsealed, his memories were not.

The wave of power that exploded from his body forcibly flung away his captors, causing some to experience being burned alive and living to tell about the experience. The wave of power did do one good thing, it scorched the ground of the elven campsite so bad that the ground melted away to reveal the vile experiments of the dark elves. Experiments that they performed on captive members of the other branches, which were for the purpose of creating some sort of weapon, camoflauged weapon, to be used against the other branches.

They didn't look all that well to him but thaty was to be expected considering their circumstances, and so he forced their bindings off of them, freeing them from their bondage to the dark elves. By that time the dark elves had gathered around the group of freed elves. There weren't all that many, since most of the captives had died during the experimentation process. There were roughly only twenty-seven of them.

His power was still visibly fluctuating around him, and everything his power touched changed. Objects burnt to a crisp or simply disintegrated, while the elves that he had freed began to change to look like he did, while any dark elf that was touched was burned alive, but the pain stopped once brought out of range, and were sure to live to tell of the experience, parts of their bodies looking permanently affected by the nonexistent flames.

"Back away you pathetic excuses for elves," Lismosyni said threateningly, he grabbed hold of his chaotic power, even though he did not know exactly how to control it, he knew that it would respond to his feelings, emotions, and will, "Else I unleash hell, one that not even Lloth will save you from."

"There is only one of you, and an army of us," one of the dark elves said confidently, "Your threats are meaningless!"

"Run, I shall protect you," Lismosyni whispered to those he had rescued, then challenged the dark elves, "Come at me then!"

The dark elves didn't even wait for Lismosyni's challenge, and charged yelling battle cries as soon as the former captives turned to escape. Their battle cries soon turned to pain filled cries as Lismosyni lashed out with his power. Calls and pleas to the elven gods were ignored, as not one of them wanted to interferre with the punishement dealt on the mortals by one of their own.

He lashed out at his attackers with whips of acidic fire, when they touched one of his opponents they felt the burning pain of a combination of what fire from the sun felt like coupled with the most corosive of acids. They screamed until they were unconscious, but the whip marks that were left on their skins were like third degree burn marks, which would remain as scars until the day they died.

He walked away once the entire encampment were rendered unconscious, and left at the tender mercies of the gods they had requested aid from. Cadmus being the first one on scene to get them back to consciousness, since Lismosyni had rendered them too badly injured to wake on their own.

'Magus, unseal his memories! He could have caused the extinction of the dark elven branch!' Cadmus thought frustrated, as even the elven gods were unable to do more to the burns, then render them as ugly scars on the bodies of the dark skinned elves.

'Maybe later,' Magus replied, 'His purpose in this time has yet to be fulfilled, I cannot simply have him do as he pleases knowing the consequences of his actions. We must let things happen naturally to him without my interferance.'

'Whatever you say, he won't be the cause of the voices crying out in the darkness will he?' Cadmus asked.

'Of course not, that's still a long time from this time,' Magus replied, then removed his presence from Cadmus.

Lismosyni finally caught up with the group of twenty-seven elves, they were frightened and surprised when he landed right in front of them after taking a giant leap over their heads, somersaulting to face them. When he went into battle mode, his skin had turned blacker than the skins of the dark elves, and had a number of bright orange lines criss-crossing his body in the form of what looked like runes. But once he landed in front of the group, the colors of his skin returned to being dark ashen gray.

The group of elves immediately dropped to their knees, and pressed their foreheads to the ground, as they didn't know who or what exactly Lismosyni was, and simply chose to perform the action showing the highest form of respect that they knew to show to the one that had rescued them from their fate worse than death.

"Enough of that," Lismosyni said, "No need to bow, not now anyhow."

They hesitated before rising from their knees, but they did keep their heads bowed, thinking themselves unworthy to gaze at the face of their savior. He tried telling them that they didn't need to bow, but they either didn't hear him or they ignored his words. He gave up telling them not to bow after a while.

So he plopped himself on the ground in front of them, they sat on the ground after he did. He looked at them curiously, since they seemed so obedient for some reason. So he decided to ask, he still was not aware of all the elven customs, traditions, and the culture in general.

"Why do you bow to me?" he asked them.

They hesitated, thinking it was a test of some sort.

"Speak up," he said gently, "I would really like to know."

"W-well s-sir, you saved us from those dark ones," one elf decided to speak up, "Y-you are our master now, s-sir."

"I see," he sighed, "Very well them...I guess.." but he was interrupted by the arrival of Cadmus, who decided to act even though Magus had said not to, "Who are you?"

"I can't believe you don't recognize me," Cadmus said, then glanced at the assembled elves, they felt the power in his gaze and looked away, as well as positioning themselves behind Lismosyni.

"Who are you?" Lismosyni cautiously asked, rising to his feet, his whips coming to life as he clenched his fists.

"No need to get all hostile and cautious...sort of," Cadmus said placatingly, raising his hands in the universal sign of 'I mean you no harm', "Nice transformation, by the way."

"You still haven't answered my question," Lismosyni said.

"Fine," Cadmus said, "I am the god you know of as Cadmus. Satisfied, take note that no mortal may claim such and live."

"What do you want from us?" Lismosyni asked, unclenching his fists, yet remained in battle mode.

"Nothing," Cadmus said, running a hand through his perfectly styled hair, "I simply wished to inform you of you place on our council, on the Council. Your memories were sealed for a reason, I am unable to unseal them, but your power you unsealed on your own."

"Why inform me of this now? Who am I then?" Lismosyni asked.

"You were about to introduce yourself to your primary people," Cadmus said, "Weren't you, Fos."

"I was," Lismosyni Fos replied, "But without the knowledge of my divinity, merely as their savior."

"Well, now you know you are divine," Cadmus said, relaxing his posture slightly, "Now that you know, you have an even greater responsibility over them now. Lismosyni Fos, God of Forgetfulness, God of Forgotten Memories, God of Amnesia, God of Light, God of Memories. God of the Charred Elves, God of Outcasts."

"While what you say maybe the truth, I have no memory of such responsibility," Fos said.

"You don't need to have such memories," Cadmus said, "All you need to know is that you are all of those I mentioned. You are Lismosyni Fos, and you are in charge of the safety, well being, of your own creations, or rather alterations. These twenty-seven behind you, are now the Charred Elves, a mixture of all the branches of the elven race, in the fires of your power, you claimed them as your own, branding them with your marks. Remember to make sure that your branch does not wither and die."

"I know not customs and traditions," Fos said, "Surely I would need such wisdom."

"I'm really sorry, but I am unable to help you with that," Cadmus said, "I am in enough trouble as it is, I was not supposed to inform you of what I have, you were meant to find out on your own."

"Very well," Fos said, "I shall perform my duty, I hope that the other branches do not shun me and mine."

"For their sakes, I hope so as well," Cadmus said, before vanishing from sight.

Fos then turned to face his elven branch, his skin returning to normal. They had returned to being back on their knees, with foreheads touching the ground in respect and worship. He knew that getting them to at least stand in his presence was going to be a real battle.

Aside from that, he needed to find out what their primary affinities were, he had a feeling it was multiple due to his whips. It was through trial and error, once he got them to stand in his presence, that he found out just how bad their situation was going to be when the other branches found out about their existence. Generally the elves were the protectors of nature, even the dark elves had an affinity for nature, they protected and defended it and the balance of nature in their own way.

He found that his elves affinities were those of decomposition and disintegration for their primary affinities, while acid and flame being their secondary affinities. They were also gifted with the ability to breath out noxious gas, similar to a nundu but not as potent. Fos, eventually, taught them how to enter into battle mode, that smoldering form of his. It was only when in that form that their affinities could be manifested and used, same thing went for their toxic breath.

They settled within a crater, that at one time must have been a volcano, and it must have gone extinct a long time before was filled in with whatever sand plugged up all the holes. The structures that they put up were made with a special kinds of coal and charcoal, ones that would not turn to ash when lit, and when touched by the Charred elves in their transformed state, also known as their battle mode.

Their clothes, and all other items were also made of special materials, ones which Fos eventually figured out how to create after much trial and error. Mythril would not survive their transformed states, so Fos had to create something even better than mythril, something that would grow sturdier with continued exposure to the Charred elves transformed states.

Fos himself also lived with his elves, not really knowing where the elven gods went when not around their branch of responsibility, Cadmus didn't visit after that first time. So Fos simply created a shelter for himself, a small hovel, and it was the source of light for the settlement during the nights, since it resembled their transformed state when night was upon them, black, with lines of orange criss-crossing its form.

Since Fos was always around them, they need not make some sort of offering to him, but that didn't mean that they didn't offer anything to him. They made small sculptures of different animals out of their special coal ores. After five hundred years, he grew to have quite a collection of the things, all of then shrunken and kept in his hovel. Their prayers were supposed to be in the form of song, but since none of the original twenty-seven knew the full traditional prayer songs, they simply copied Fos' humming. The humming sounded like the Christmas song 'O Come All Ye Faithful'.

They grew in number during their isolation, while other gods had married, Fos remained single, even though many of his elves had offered themselves to him. He rejected all offers, not harshly, but rejected nonetheless. He knew that it was still not yet time, not yet time for him to start a family of his own. But starting a family was what would be needed for his elves to recognize their leaders, their royalty, as all the other royalties were thought to be descendants of their primary gods.

Then a day came when their isolation was broken, and a single wood elf entered into their domain. It was a rather confused young elf that entered their settlement, quiver on her back as was her bow. She had a rolled up parchment clasped in one hand, the other on the hilt of a dagger. She was cautious in her approach, as she had heard tales of the Charred elves, of how they brought misfortune and possibly death, the dark elves had exaggerated their tale of encounter with Fos.

"H-hello?" she said hesitantly, since the settlement looked to more like a ghost town than a place where elves actively lived. They had all gone into hiding, blending with their surroundings, even Fos' hovel was devoid of color. They were watching her, analyzing her, and making sure that she was not a threat to the young ones, "I-is a-anyone here?"

Deciding to take pity on the poor scared wood elf, Fos signaled his elves to make themselves known, himself appearing right behind their guest. They simply appeared out of nowhere, she was rather surprised, that she pulled out her dagger and spun around intent on attacking the presence she felt appear behind her, only for her wrist to be caught by Fos.

"Is it custom for your branch to greet your host with a dagger?" Fos asked, a manic grin forming on his face, "If it is, go ahead, I shall let your wrist go, but I do not think that the others would forgive you for such transgressions."

"I...I'm sorry!" she cried, dropping her dagger, and dropping to her knees.

"Just my luck...another one..." he muttered to himself, then said more clearly, "Get up, and off of your knees, I'm not about to spend several hundred more years convincing another elf to stop with the kneeling."

"Huh?" she said confused about his statement as well as the chuckles that it produced from the surrounding elves, so she got up off of her knees, and shook the sand from her garb.

"Is there a purpose to your visit, young wood elf?" Fos asked her.

"I..y-yes," she said, then held out the roll of parchment, "A truce between all branches, the High elves shall host the convention between representatives of each branch."

"Summarize the contents of the scroll for me," Fos requested.

"The meeting is to be held in the High Elf capital of Amarost, during the Summer Solstice," she said, "Each representative is permitted to have an escort of two hundred elves. That's basically it...and one more thing..."

"You sound hesitant," he noted, "Follow me then, we can talk where there are not so many eyes and ears," he then addressed his elves, "Go about your business, show's over."

The gossips among the elves wanted to hear what else the scroll entailed, but wisely kept silent as they moved on to continue about their daily routines, while Fos and the wood elf walked to his hovel. She was truly surprised at the sheer simplicity that the apparent leader of the settlement showed, he lived in a hovel of all things.

The interior walls of the home were lined with little black statues of different creatures in different poses. There were dragons, wolves, goblins, elves even, wraiths, rabbits, you name it, it was probably in there. There was a bed on one side, a desk, a single chair, an a trunk. There wasn't much else in the home save for those things.

"Chair or bed, doesn't matter to me," he said, motioning to the two pieces of furniture, she moved over and sat on the bed, "Please fill in what you have left out, and seemed to have been embarassed to speak of in the company of the entirety of the settlement."

"I...I was a captive of the high elves once...but was given the choice of continuing to serve as a mere slave, or be a messenger..." she said, hesitatingly, "...and...all messengers are peace offerings..."

"I wasn't expecting that," Fos said, "Tell me, what are you now then?"

"I...I am yours to do with as you wish...but custom and tradition dictate that you may not free me lest your actions be seen as an insult by the high elf branch," she replied, "So...I...remain a slave, just with a new master...sir."

"I'm going to murder Cadmus in his sleep...I know this is his doing...I just know it..." he cursed under his breath, and somewhere far away, Cadmus sneezed then felt the touch of a cold cold hand caress his spine.

"M-master?" she said uncertainly, she managed to catch the word murder and the name Cadmus in his mutterings.

"Don't call me that," Fos said, not really liking the term all that much considering the present circumstances, "Call me Fos...and since Cadmus thinks that I need to settle down, then so be it."

"Sir?" she said slightly confused, as well as fearful since he spoke of the high elven primary god so casually, as if laced with disrespect.

"Come along then," he said, walking out of his home, "I have an announcement to make because of this news, hopefully they don't kill you for it."

He walked ahead with her trailing, once outside they were faced with all the adults of the settlement, the children need not be present for any important announcements. His hovel glowed with its orange lights, like embers or inner fire of a molten rock cooled on the outside but not within.

"Cadmus has decided that I have abstained from marriange long enough," Fos stated, "The other gods have orchestrated a truce between all branches to meet in Amarost, the messeger, a slave of the high elven court, was sent as a gift as well. I am unable to free her from such a fate, powerful as I be. Therefore I have decided that she shall be my lifemate.." he was met with cheers from the assembled, all had shifted into their transformed states, enhancing their cheers, not caring that it was not one of them that was chosen since she was chosen by Cadmus, "Enough with the cheering, I'm not finished yet!"

"Sorry," someone from the crowd said aloud, and was met by laughter from the rest of the crowd.

"You can cheer later," Fos said mildly amused, "It would not do well, should the wood elves see a wood elf as my mate they would take it the wrong way, therefore...it is time for a changing."

"A changing..." the wood elf in question squeaked.

"Gather the children! The Changing and Wedding in one!" Fos announced, then turned to face his now fiance, "Questions?"

"Uhm..." she said.

"Let us return to within my abode for a moment," he said, "While my elves prepare, gathering the children will be quite the task for them to complete. By the way, how did you find us?"

They moved back into the hovel, Fos taking the bed, while the girl took the chair.

"Before answering my last question, answer me this," Fos said, "What is your name?"

"Moira," she replied, "I was once known as Moira Aelin."

"Nice to meet you, Moira," he said, smiling slightly, "I am Lismosyni Fos, Lismosyni is more of a title than a name."

"Fos? You were named after a god?" she asked him.

"No," he said, "I am a god. I have simply chosen to stay with my people."

"I..." she said not really knowing how to act after such a believeable revelation, since to claim to be a god, if false would get one instantly struck down, and he was still alive, "I am forced to believe you...but why marriage?"

"That bastard Cadmus must think me lonely or pathetic, and I do not approve of slavery," he said, "Even if you are to be my lifemate, you are still not allowed to insult the other gods."

"But...to be married to a god..." she said clearly overwhelmed.

"Normally I expect priestesses would be called in to dress you appropriately," he said, "But I have neiter priest nor priestess, so you'll have to come in what you wear, the tailors shall provide you with garments once the Changing ritual is done."

"I understand," she said, subservience in her voice.

"It would be a good idea to learn that you are not my slave, but in a few hours shall be my wife...the time frame depending on when they locate all of the younglings," he said, his eyes looking out over his domain with the use of his powers.

An hour or three later, one of the hunters of the settlement requested entrance into the hovel, a request which was quickly granted. He reported that all the children had been located, and had been brought to the center of the settlement where all ceremonies and celebrations took place.

It was time, so Fos lead Moira to where they were to proceed with the ritual and the wedding ceremony. The wedding of a god was officiated either by another god, or by an even higher power. And thus it came as no surprise to Fos that Crimson the Blood Red Warrior was seated on a throne near where he himself would sit after he was finally wed.

Once there, he greeted Crimson with a bunch of innane pleasantries, not knowing where the feeling of familiarity came from. There was also a stream of knowledge that was unsealed for him to use, in order for him to recognize of which pantheon the red god belonged to.

He then instructed Moira to lie down on the ground, within a cirle of white sand that had been prepared by Crimson to contain the power that was to be poured out and into her. He then stood hands raised and head bowed. His dark ashen gray skin cracked, while lightning flashed and thunder rolled overhead. The gray turned to black, and lines of orange fire formed on his skin. His eyes flared emerald and yellow flames smoldering within those orbs. His body then glowed, brighter and brighter, before finally exploding in a brilliant flash of yellows and reds, engulfing himself and Moira in a tower of fire. The searing heat causing some of the older elves round to shift forms to be able to handle the sheer heat.

Within the tower of fire, Moira's skin literally burned, changing from their leaf green color to a burnt black, her walnut eyes shifted into emerald green fires, but not of the same intensity as Fos'.

Within the tower of fire and outside of it, all present heard a voice, just as Crimson vanished from his seat.

"Immortal and Mortal, we are gathered here today for the union of God and Elf," Crimson spoke, his voice taking on a triple layered effect, one that consisted of his own, of his Magic form's, and of Goldgrinder's, "Benedictionem et maledictionem, et in potentia omnia, per virtutem mystico animæ PC unam quidem animam. Nunc et semper." (A blessing and a curse, by the power of All Things, by the power of mysticism, I bind these souls as one soul. For now and always)

There were no 'I do's to be exchanged, as it was what a god wanted, and the elf maiden, she was still a untouched, had no choice but to obey. With the blessing of Magic himself, and by association and extension the other gods, the two souls were joined. It was a prime example for the word soulmate, they were two souls entwined into one. With those words having been spoken, the tower of flames snuffed out, revealing a charred husk of an elf in front of an equally charred Fos.

There was silence that greeted the revealed forms. Crimson rematerialized behind the two husks, and so walked up to them, and unsheathed a sword from out of the ground, and pierced the two forms with the blade. None of the elves dared interferre, not knowing what exactly was going on. They had thought that the ritual and ceremony would be like theirs, but they must have forgotten that when it comes to gods and Potters, things were never normal.

As Crimson pulled out the blade, and returned it to the earth, cracks formed on the husks, splintering, then the black shell fell away to reveal an elf with a new color to her skin, as well as some swirling tattoos along her arms, they kind of looked like bruising. Fos had similar tattoos, on his own arms, they were the other half of Moira's, to symbolize that they were two halves of a single whole. They were married, they were one.

Fos pulled Moira up from the ground, noting her changed looks, as well as the tattoo additions they both sported, like crawling and dying flames on their forearms. When she was firmly on her two feet, he encircled her form in a hug, then kissed her.

The Charred Elves cheered, and their cheers could be heard all the way in Amarost, where some of the other branches had already began to converge, their representatives and escorts setting up their encampments in preparation for the meeting. When the kiss ended the cheering only grew in volume and intensity. Fos then led his wife to their seats, he sat between his wife and Crimson.

"You'll need something more recognizeable than those rags you have on for the meeting," Crimson leaned over to whisper in his ear, "I know a good tailor."

"I think I can whip something up myself," Fos whispered back, as the elves changed they way the area looked, and brought out tables and chairs, and food for the wedding feast, "Are you not going to congratulate me, O familiar one?"

"I am not unsealing anything for you," Crimson stated.

"I wasn't asking you to, Cadmus wouldn't do it, so I assume there is some sort of reason, I respect your decisions," Fos said, "I was thinking of making myself a set of ashen gray robes, which would be over some light armor made out of our special materials. All uniformed ashen gray in color to match the color of my skin, and will stand out while in battle mode."

"Hooden I suppose?" Crimson asked.

"But of course," Fos stated, then shifted his attention to his new wife, "Is there something wrong, my dear?"

"I...I don't know how to act..." she quietly said.

"Crimson, may I castrate Cadmus," Fos said, "It appears that the bride he chose for me had been under her previous status for far too long for my liking."

"No, you may not castrate Cadmus, his wife would declare war on you," Crimson replied, "I wonder if the other branches and races would react in the same manner as your elves behave around us, around you."

"I doubt that they'd react in the same manner," Fos said.

"I suppose so," Crimson said, then focused on the food that was laid out before him, they were the bloodiest things he had ever seen, he licked his lips, then dug in.

"Don't mind his eating habits," Fos told his wife, "I'm positive that he hasn't had a good cooked meal in days."

"But...he's a god...like you," she said, she couldn't comprehend the possibility that a god ate real food.

"I eat too," he said, "But for now, you might want to start, or the others might take offense or think that you have been displeased, isn't that what you would think in their position."

"I'm sorry," she quietly said.

"Don't be," he said, "Just eat, and enjoy the food, then later we can dance, and play, and party."

He was happy, he didn't know how. He had only been married for such a short time, and he didn't really know much about his wife other than the things he had told her for the brief moments that they spoke to one another before the wedding. It had all happened so fast, but he didn't mind how things turned out. He was married, and soon his family of two would grow, it would surely grow.

The festive atmosphere lasted for a good week, six of those seven days, Fos and Moira spent inside his hovel. His home needed an upgrade, since he was now married, and there was not enough room for a family in it. So when the week was up, he simply forced his hovel to transform into a house, one much like his elves' houses. Similar in looks, and space, but it still glowed in the night.

Fos waited a full year before gathering volunteers for the trip to Amarost, an another six months before leaving with his small family for the peace talks. He warned his people that there was a possibility that it was all a set up to make each race drop their guards, and for an invasion of the territories to occur. He was still their god, but without him physically present there, the others might think they would be weaker.

Within the span of that one year and six months, Moira bore him twin boys, both could pass as carbon copies of him. The other elves were less likely to attack his group with children present, princes in the eyes of the Charred elves, and Moira their Queen, while Fos remained as their god, the title of king would be disrespectful to him, not that he minded all that much.

It took them six months of contnued travel to reach the capital city of the High Elves. Once they reached the borders of the territory, they were escorted the rest of the way by a platoon of high elves, and led to their designated camp grounds. They were eyed with distrust, not only by the platoon, but also by the other branches. It seemed that their misfortune from centuries past had yet to be forgotten.

He informed his people to be on their guard, to be ready to act at a moment's notice. Fos brought his most senior of elves with him as he made his way into the city proper, and headed for the central palace, to where the conference hall could be found. His branch was the last of the elven branches to arrive.

Moira and the twins were left in the care of the other Charred elves in the encampment. Their group was designated right in between the Shadow and Dark elves. They were uneasy, due to their history with the Dark elves, so they had a triple watch set up.

The other elven branches, were on high alert as soon as the Charred elves set up camp, they all remembered their branches' misfortunes in the past due to the presence of only one Charred elf, they were dreading what would come about due to the presence of more than a hundred of them.

Moira knew the reason for all those disasters and misfortunes, Fos had explained it to her, it was all due to the irresponsibility and distractedness of the members of the other branches that all that happened.

Once again, the other branches gave into their distractedness as they analyzed and kept watch of the youngest of the twenty-seven branches. They disregarded their duties in exchange for what they perceived as possibily the greatest threat to the peace talks. There were of course those that were simply more concerned with finding a reason to attack their youngest branch of cousins.

The dark beasts, creatures, and a few other beings and races, grew restless due to the conference of the elves, of the gathering of the elven leaders. There were grudges and quarrels between the races and not only amongst the branches of a race. The elves were the high and mighty ones, some or most of them viewed the other races as being their inferior, save perhaps for the fae, the true fae, those winged ones, a race which the elves were close cousins with and for the vampire and lycanthropes.

These others that held contempt for the elves too began to amass beyond the borders of the High elves, they all wished to cripple the elves by attacking a peace confernce. Some smaller armies also began to gather around the other territories of the other branches of the elven race.


The gods too held a conference amongst themselves, a gathering, but one not held in the Purple Grove, as most did not want to have to involve Magic himself, not knowing that Magic was among them in other guises. They were all monitoring the situation, some wanting the elves to receive a major blow, while others wanting the fighting to end.

Allainces among the gods were formed, some intermingling with others, but all growing to know who their allies were in the coming conflict. But as the meeting they were watching over was about to begin, the elven gods noticed, minus Cadmus, that one of their number was missing.

"Where is Fos?" Lloth asked her cousins, then they too looked around and failed to find him.

"I know where he is," Cadmus decided to speak up, backing him up in case a fight broke out were Magic's other forms, and the rest of Harry's.

"Where? Why haven't you brought that amnesiatic upstart here?" one of the other gods asked.

"Our conference was not compulsory, not all are needed to be present," Cadmus said, in defense of his friend, "Not all the higher powers or powers that be, are present here with us."

"Your own branch suggested the peace talks, are you not concerned about the unfairness to the other branches if a fellow god is not monitored, he could make the talks lean in his favor," one of the other elven gods said.

"For gods, you sure are ignorant," Cadmus said, "Fos IS one of his elves, he's actually the last one to enter the conference hall containing the representatives and leaders of the twenty-seven branches."

"WHAT?" the elven gods exclaimed, not knowing about that little tidbit.

"You ignore him for centuries, then now you expect him to join us here?" Cadmus sarcastically said, "You expect too much. Much too much. I leave the running of my branch to my distant descendants, as have you, but Fos only married in recent memory, his is the youngest of all branches remember."

"Well, since you seem to know him best, go down there and fetch him!" Lloth demanded.

"By what authority do you possess to demand something of a fellow god!" Crimson decieded to join in the conversation, "I officiated and presided over their joining of souls! I am not an elf, I am a vampire, and even I am aware of the going ons of the Charred elves."

"Stay out of this blood sucker!" Sehanine, elven goddess of the moon, a normally passive and calm being shouted, "This is an elven matter!"

"Then consider our alliance ended," Crimson stated, Azure nodding.

"Now now Sehanine, that is no way to speak to a friend," Corellon, the head of the council of elven gods, chastised, "My deepest and sincerest apologies Crimson."

"So you make yourself known, Corellon," Goldgrinder said, "What is your opinion of Fos?"

"He may do as he pleases, he is not a member of the council, outcast just like his branch," Corellon stated, "He may do as he pleases. He has already made it known through his actions and beliefs that he is not an active or helpful part of the elven race. So, I say, let him do as he pleases, as soon as he leaves those chambers, and as soon as the talks, end, fate shall decide what to do with him."

~Is that your final decision Corellon?~ the normally silent Umbra spoke ~For if it is...then the Charred shall have the unyielding protection of the Dementors~

"The twenty-seventh branch, is an imperfection and needs to be redone, reborn," Tethrin, god of war, stated, "They are far too imperfect, and far too destructive in nature. They were born from abominations, and thus must be destroyed."

~And why should they be denied life? Why must they be denied existence?~ Umbra asked, lifting an unseen eyebrow.

"Due to their being the cause of far too many problems with the other perfect creations, perfect branches, those with purposeful existences," Aerdrie, goddess of the skies and weather, a normally distant goddess said, "The dragons nearly wreaked my primary branch's homes in the mountains as one of those Charred ones crossed the ridge."

"I will side with Fos in this discussion, as his effect on my branch was not that bad in my eyes.." Cadmus said, "I have no ill intentions for my friend."

"After this truce is over," Corellon decreed, "If nothing comes of it, then the branches are free to hunt the Charred down, and Fos will be unable to interferre. So mote it be."

"You would go that far!" Azure shouted, "Why! They are lives still!"

"It is none of your concern you over grown rabbit," Tethrin bit out.

"Mayhaps, I should shift shape and devour you where you stand," Azure said, barring his canines, he was a healer, but that did not mean that he knew nothing of fighting, "Say that again, and I'll rip you to shreds."

"Now, now Azure," Crimson said, "Now is not the time for such fights, we shall be busy aiding Umbra keep his word."

"Yes.." Azure said, calming himself, "You are right."

They all gazed at a clear pool of what resembled water in the middle of the lofty conference chamber that they all found themselves in. They all watched as indeed nothing could be decided amongst the leaders and representatives. Fos pushing for peace amongst the branches, while the others traded requirements and demands, but all secretly agreed that something had to be done about the Charred ones, as all misfortunes and disasters and failings were blamed on Fos' branch.

When the peace talks finalyl ended a month later, nothing had been agreed upon, save for the fact that it had all been a grand waste of their time. But Fos knew something was afoot as soon as he returned to his wife and children.


"Pack up, only the necessities," Fos said urgently to his generals, the ones that he had brought with him, there were three of them, "Inform all our troops, we must leave as soon as possible, it is no longer safe here."

"Sir? But surely, you can protect us," one general said.

"There are forces at work here that are beyond even what I am capable from defending against," Fos said, "I received a covert message from Cadmus...the others plot against me, against us. We must return home post haste."

"We shall inform the others, discreetly," the generals all agreed, then left in haste, as Fos began to pack up what meager belongings his family had brought with them.

"Why the rush?" Moira asked, "I haven't heard of anything or anyone intending us harm."

"I received word from Cadmus," Fos repeated, "That is all that matters, he would not send word if it wasn't a grave matter. I will not stand idly by, and allow any harm to come to you."

Once they were all packed and ready to go, Fos ordered his people to travel in three groups. Each one to leave one after the other, himself leaving last, his wife would travel with one group, while his children would be split between the other two. He would take up the rear. Once they passed the borders they were to shift into battle mode in order to move even faster.

The other branches watched them leave, trying to make sure that they were not planning anything, not planning an ambush or anything like that. They all had their senses trained on the fleeing elves. With their full attention fixed on their fellow elves, they missed the signs of the start of an invasion, until they only had time to set up a meager defense. But at least the invasion got them to work together, all the remaining twenty-six branches in the vicinity of Amarost.

By the end of the battle, they had managed to drive away the invaders, they blamed the Charred elves for the invasion, their transformations were said to have been the signal to attack. They were viewed as spies. Guilty until proven innocent, was how they were viewed, and without consulting with their gods, the leaders met once again, and this time formed a pact, they would work together to bring an end to the Charred elves.

Cadmus made to directly aid his friend, but was thwarted at every turn, his message was the last one he was able to send his friend for a time. The others that vowed to aid Fos and his people, were on their own.

The Elven Empire was formed the day after the decision to end the twenty-seventh branch. Corellon then spoke to the leaders proclaiming the ranks of nobility, as well as proclaiming that a mojority of them were high elves, it was compensation for the partly traitorous Cadmus, but he didn't mention that since Cadmus was close to Magic.

The empire decided to build up their fighting force in order for there to be little to no chance that the Charred elves would surive. They left the Charred ones alone for two hundred fifty years, before setting out to crush them. During that time, the twin sons of Fos grew into adulthood, their growth was enhanced due to their god-heritage. They balanced one another, they may have looked like their father, but only one took after him, while the other took after their mother who favored the healing arts to fighting which was Fos' contribution to the twins, he was the fighter.

They had no allies among the other branches, but they did have allies amongst the other races, most notably the vampires and lycanthropes. They had sent messengers that brought news of the elven empire growing an army to crush the Charred elves, news that was not taken well. Fos used his powers to raise the defensive barriers around his domain, but at the same time had some of his poeple leave with those messengers. Those that were advised to leave were told that they were to found settlements in other parts of the world. They had grown in number, but not at the same rate as the other branches.

When the day finally arrived that the Elven Empire finally decided to lay seige and annihilate the Charred city, it was now worthy of being referred to as one, ten tribes had been dispatched to found settlements in other parts of their world. They called themselves tribes instead of Houses, Clans, or Families, to differentiate themselves from the other elves. There were twenty-six tribes all in all, all descendants of the first twenty-seven. The Royal Family was considered as made up of three tribes, that of Fos and Moira, the heir's future family which would eventually grow, and his brother's. The twins were named Silath the Warrior and Noresh the Healer. Both were ordered by their father to leave the city and seek out the Demetors on their isle, and bring all the younger elves with them, as well as a few older ones. It would be easier to sneak out in the chaos than any other time.

"I will not leave, I wish to stay and fight," Silath stated, while Noresh understood the importance of their task, they were the future, and the best path to survival was to seek the protection of the Dementors.

"Brother, stop being so stubborn," Noresh said, "It is not our place to demand to stay, we are the future of the Charred elves, father is entrusting the continuation of our branch to us. Now come older brother, we must make haste."

"I would say that I will watch over you," Fos said, "But that is something I cannot do, lest the eyes of those that wish to end us follow my gaze...Umbra will protect you, Crimson has reassured me of this. Leave now, while you still can my sons, and remember to live."

"As you wish father," the two brothers said, bowed, then rushed away, to collect what few young ones remained, and their personal guards that were going to join them on their journey, which was sure to be fraught with danger.

After his sons left him, he made haste to where his wife was, which was among the healers that had decided to stay and fight in the only way they knew how to. He was dressed in the garb of a healer and not a queen, but all knew that she was a queen.

"Moira.." Fos said as he approached her.

"My dear...what troubles you...our sons are already away with the younglings," she said, noticing worry on his face.

"Many shall die this day," he said, "I fear for you as well...I came to give you something to protect you...should I be unable to myself."

He then touched the back of her neck, she felt something cold and metallic touch her skin, then he brought his fingers from the back of her neck to the front. When he finally drew away his hands, nestled against her chest was a pendant, a diamond shaped emerald embedded in a piece of silver.

"Its beautiful," she said, "But what does it do?"

"It will keep you safe..." he said, hesitating.

"But...something still worries you," she said, noticing the hesitation.

"There is the slim chance that you may die..." he said softly, "It is a possibility, for we not only fight elves, but gods as well..."

"We are bonded, for all time," she said, trying to reassure him, and herself that all would be alright, "Should...should something happen to me...you will find me...won't you?"

"Of course I will!" he said, drawing the attention of some of the healers nearby, then spoke softly again, "But...I promise to do everything in my power to keep you safe from harm...from death..."

"Should something happen, should I vanish, disappear," she said, "We will see each other again...you will find me again...won't you? I know you will."

"I promise, should I lose sight of you...I shall never stop searching until I find you again," he said. Had he known his relation to Death himself at that moment, he would not have worried so much, but his lack of memories and knowledge caused him to worry. His little gift would surely protect her, and prevent her from passing on to be remade, to be reborn, as another soul. They were after all bonded forever and always, their souls entwined for all eternity.

As soon as the first of the elven imperial army was sighted, Fos was up on the wall along with the archers, he was the first to shift into battle mode. His warriors taking that as their cue to transform as well. It was time to fight. No words were needed to be said, all that needed to be said had already been said. No prayers were sung, as that day they would fight, for the first and last time, alongside their god.

"Ready your arrows!"



The arrows were loosed into the sky, each one coated with acid and flame, the arrows filled the sky, and many of their enemies fell at the first volley. It was repeated over and over again, until the enemy decided to use magic and shields, while the other elven gods bombarded he protective barriers that gave the Charred elves their advantages.

Once the barriers were down, and the Charred elves ran out of arrows, they unsheathed their swords, or lit their whips. They would go down fighting, to protect those that had already fled. They would fight for their families that were away with the aid of the vampires and lycanthropes.

Apparently portkeys were something that wizards had stolen from the elves, since as soon as the barriers were dropped, elves appeared on the walls, no ladders, they simply appeared, discarding a rock, or sock in one case.

The reinforcements that were stationed within the city, waiting for the gates to be breached were suddenly engaged in battle, the gate they were waiting to be breached untouched by the enemy. It was chaos within the city, the fastest of Fos' elves were in charge of bringing the injured to the medical zone.

They were fast, sure, but there were those that were faster, and stealthier. The invading army eventually reached the medics, one of which was Moira, and it was her scream that brought forth the power of a god.

Fos, upon hearing the scream, reached deep within himself, and unleashed a torrential rain of fire on the city and surrounding areas, scorching all it touched, save for his people. Not even finished with that attack, he raced across the rooftops, heading for his wife, unknown to him several gods, including Tethrin, were on his heels in an instant.

By the time he reached the medics, in his haste and worry he forgot that he could simply telepot to the area, he found that several medics had alerady been butchered, and all of the injured were either dead as well, or dying in agony. He then saw his wife fighting with a makeshift whip, she was in her transformed state, but sported several long gashes on her body. He raced to defend her, but was blocked by the swords of his fellow gods, ones that seemed to wish him to suffer in the most painful way.

As he battled them desperately trying to reach and help his wife. He was momentarily distracted by a fist to the face. He was physically forced to fly into a wall, and when he got back up on his feet, he witnessed one of the lesser elvish gods mercilessly run his wife through with a sword, going so far as to pull it out without remorse.

She smiled at him, before closing her eyes for the last time that day. She hoped that he would receive the message that everything was going to be alright, she believed that he would find her again. While that message reached him, it was overriden by his guilt that he was unable to get to her in time.

Time slowed down around him, and finally stopped altogether.

"There are some things that are just meant to be," a voice older than all the world spoke up near to where Fos stood, as he looked to where the voice came from, he found himself gazing at a blurred being, Magus had come blurring his form, as he overlapped all his forms, one over the other, constantly changing.

"Who are you?" Fos asked, "What do you mean some things are meant to be?"

"I sealed your memories," Magus stated, not at all apologetic for his actions, "I prevented you from saving her...as her death was needed..."

"WHAT!" Fos shouted, then pointed his sword at Magus, while preparing to strike with his whip as well, "Explain thyself, lest I rend thy flesh from thy bones and flay thy organs!"

"Had I left your memories unsealed, you would not have founded the Charred branch, and you would not have caused the elves to band together and unite," Magus explained, "While it was not the best way to do it, it was the only way that presented itself. I'm sorry...but at the very least you shall be able to find her again, you are, after all, bound together as one soul in two forms."

"But why! She didn't have to die! I could have saved her!" Fos cried out, "You've stopped time to speak with me, can't you turn back time! Undo this cruelty!"

"If I undo it...not everything that has happened will happen again," Magus said, "You might decide not to create the Charred Elves, and without their creation, who knows what will happen to the elves, they might never unite...you might never meet her again...your sons will cease to exist as well. Do you really want all that?"

"I...do not want that," Fos said, his voice lowering, "But it still hurts...she still died..."

"You have hit rock bottom," Magus said, "The only way for you is up...once I have unsealed your memories, and all of your power...I give you my permission to unleash your fury on these invaders on your lands."

"Then let loose this beast within me," Fos said, standing straight, fury etched on his features, his skin as black as night with angry burning lines criss-crossing his body, his eyes smoldering with a fire whose heat was greater than any inferno, "I shall avenge all those that died today, due to the stupidity of our foes, and their gods."

"So be it," Magus said, then laid his hand on the younger Being's head, then time started moving forwards again.

"GRRRRAAAAHHHHH!" he yelled, his power overflowing around him exploded outward, pushing away all of his people's enemies, he was not only an elven god, but many more, and not even Cadmus could rival his might, for Cadmus was merely a singularity, while he, Fos, was a multiple god. He had powers that others could only dream of, and while he may not have been visited by one of those five, he could more or less be thought of or seen as Magic's apprentice.

The Hogwarts' motto was 'Never tickle a sleeping dragon', dragons are seen as one of the most closely connected beings or creatures to and of magic. Fos may not have been a dragon, but he sure was closer to magic than any dragon could ever hope to be, which was why, the sleeping dragon within him was awoken, and not by tickling either. He was kicked awake, and when he roared all the world heard it.

He knew that death was a cruel fate for those that attacked his home, his family, and his people. So he did the next best thing, he put a curse on all the elves, the gods were unable to escape from the curse as well. While long their lives were, children, their joy and most precious things, were to be few and far between. He cursed them with the near inability to have children, which could possibly doom the race, save for the twenty-seventh branch. All fighting would have to stop, as each child slain would lessen the next generation of elves. While in the past children could be replaced, as they were more prolific than the Weasleys, they would now be forced to cherish their children. They were also made aware of their mistakes in the past, they were forced to be made aware of their own misdeeds and inactions. Each time they blamed the Charred, they would remember what they had failed to do to prevent their own misfortunes. But Fos was sure that they would still have a great dislike for the Charred, and continue to blame them, and disregard their memories as false, as guilt. The only ones spared were the House elves, as they had a future of enslavement save for the ones that served the House of Hogwarts, at Hogwarts Castle.

His power also pushed all the invaders away, and back to whence they came, including the gods were forced backwards, and a barrier was erected over the capital city of the Charred Elves, Kathanbenerel, one that would keep all out, save for the Charred elves, and any that they deemed worthy of entrance. Due to Fos being complete, his memory unsealed and restored, his power was great, and enough to keep away the council of elven gods. Cadmus being the exception, since he was a friend.

When he had sufficiently used enough power to split the magical world into thousands of pieces, he stopped and sucked in his power, before collaspsing, fainting. The battle had been won, but at the cost of hundreds of lives. From the thousand plus Charred elves that had once filled the city to the brim, there were now only a third of that number in all the world. He was also sure that not all of those that had escaped lived to see their destination, there was an average of about thirty per tribe, and smaller party that escaped, of those thirty, there was a great possibility that only a fraction of each survived the dangers in the world, as well as the grudges of the other races.

In the capital, there were only around twenty-seven, not counting Fos, left. The same number as at the beginning of the branch. They were few, and quite injured, so they headed for the medical zone, only to find all of the healers there had been killed, even their queen, and to their horror, they found their god unconscious on the ground. They had originally thought that they other gods had killed him, but surprisingly they found a pulse, and so, despite their own injuries, they brought him to a bed, and performed first aid on themselves as best as they could.

But even as Fos slept he continued to look after them, sending out waves of healing magic that while could not be felt by his elves, they noticed that they were healing faster than normal. So they looked to their god, and noticed that he was still unconscious sleeping, but with a trail of tears streaming down his face.

When all their injuries were healed enough for them to move about. The twenty-seven went about gathering the dead. They would all be permitted their own funeral pyres, especially their queen, but not one of the pyres were to be lit until Fos awoke. They gathered even the bodies of their enemies, and dressed them appropriately. All the dead deserved to be honored, even the honorless in life.

All the bodies of the fallen were lain on the funeral pyres, all of them in white, pristine looking, all their wounds cleaned, all injuries dressed. All of them looking as if they were merely sleeping. Fos stood at the highest point of the city, raised his hands, and hummed to the tune of a funeral march. With his humming dark clouds formed overhead, and rain began to fall. The twenty-seven joined in on the humming. Then before any of them knew it the funeral pyres were lit, the rain bringing down blue magic fire, consuming the bodies, and allowing the remaining souls to have safe passage through the Hall of Judgment, to their next life, their reincarnation, to their loved ones, to their next great adventures, to a land where evil error messages don't exist. The elves were not immortal, simply long-lived.

When the last of the pyre's flames died down, not a scrap of wood or corpse remained. The twenty-eight of them were alone in the city of Kathanbenerel.

"We have lost many," Fos said as he approached the remaining twenty-seven, "I am entrusting you with our beloved city...I shall continue to keep watch over you...ever listening...just as the Dementors are protectors of the outcast, I am tasking you with caring for the unwanted...for those that the other elves unjustly punish, those that they blame for every unfortunate thing that happens in their lives...in a hundred years or so from now, the house elves, shall be passed on from their present servitude to a much harsher one, watch over them as well."

"Sir? Lord Fos, you mean to leave us?" one of them asked him.

"There are more settlements now than before," Fos said, "There are also stronger protections now than before...you shall be safe here, and should you venture out, I shall protect you...as I now have all of my memories."

"The God of Amnesia remembers..." the youngest elf said, then spoke up in the stead of all the rest, "Then go Lord Fos. Watch over us on lofty heavens, and in the land of dreams and memories...and find her, find your love, and our queen."

"How do you know about that?" Fos said startled.

"I'm sure that when I find my love, and she died...I would search for her for all of eternity," the young elf said, "My father told me that you were bonded by Lord Crimson, two souls entwined into one."

"We were, and still are bonded," Fos said, in confirmation, "I shall find her, even if it takes me all of eternity, though I wish it had not been this way."

"We know you'll find her, Lord Fos, we shall keep to our duty, and never waver from this set path, and when you shall return, or when you call, we shall come to you, even should you be at the end of the world, we shall come, we shall answer your call," the twenty-seven elves said, then bowed low to him, they knew all to well that he didn't like it when they got down on their knees before him.

"Very well then," Fos said, then he walked off, then simply vanished as if he had never been with them in the first place, of course they knew better, but he had never simply disappeared right before their very eyes in the past.


Fos reappeared as Harry in the Purple Grove, and the first thing he did was launch himself at Magus only for Magus and Medusa to hold him back. They understood what he was going through, they both also knew the feeling of loss, but for a parent or a sibling or a child, but not for a lover, a wife.

"It just had to be done," Magus argued, "You know that as well as I! I know the feeling of loss, I experience it almost everyday of my life! While my family may be alive, I am unable to be with them. I've told you this."

"I...I know...but still!" Harry cried, then simply broke down in tears, and over all his children his creations, and those that knew and saw him as their god, it rained.

He was a wreck for a good week, his funk ended when his birthday finally rolled around the corner. It was the first birthday that he actually celebrated in what seemed to have been years, it really had been a millenium or more in truth. But it felt different depending on what form, body, persona, or guise he was in. Cadmus stayed in the Grove mostly, as the other elven gods still didn't like the fact that he had sided with the Charred elves, even though they knew better, they were still bitter over the fact. Though when they found out that he was a friend, a close friend of Magic himself, they wisely kept any of their negative comments to themselves.

It took a while for things to return to whatever routine that there was in the grove, more than half of Harry was out in the world in all the times that he existed, searching for his wife. There were times when he sensed her, but when he reached where he sensed her, she was gone, as if all he had sensed was a mere echo. He would not give up, just as Magus would not give up on finally being able to be with his family, but unlike Magus, Harry felt that he would not be able to find another, whereas Magus felt another soul pulling at his already entwined soul and heart.

They spoke not of such things, but on the innane things that went on in the world, as well as the progress of technology in the non-magical part of the world, also of the muggle's ability to locate Magus' Galactic Empire that floated within the Milky Way Galaxy.

As soon as the school list reached him, Harry and Magus, with Medusa and Cadmus in tow, made their way to the Empire's shopping ship, where all supplies were purchased, and Cadmus got himself a top of the line set of electronics.

The rest of the summer flew by, and in what Magus considered as less than a blink of an eye, he was kicking Harry away, the youth flying all the way holding his gut to London, where he landed in a heap, his trunk landing on his head, comically, in front of the train station.

No one bothered to help him since he appeared rather clumsy as he made his way to the magical platform where the Hogwarts Express waited for her occupants to arrive. He entered the train, placed his trunk in a compartment, then locked the door with spells that Magus said were still considered as spell, but were complex enough to keep the gods out of the compartment.

He leaned on the train waiting for his three housemates, he had a feeling that there were going to be more this year. As he waited his eyes landed on a newspaper that had been left on the ground possibly by the driver of the train. After picking it up, he learned that Sirius Black, a high security prisoner at the wizarding prison of Azkaban, home of the Dementors, had escaped. The man was said to have betrayed the Potters, and killed a destroyed a street full of muggles as well as one of his other best friends. Harry had a hard time believing it, since he felt that some of his Dementors had begun to regain some form of control over themselves, and possibly aided the innocent man to escape.

'The man is indeed innocent,' Magus spoke in his mind, 'He saw Peter Pettigrew in the prophet, and is now out to get him...a strange sense of revenge and justice. Have fun this year, my young heir apparent.'

'I see...should I keep a lookout for this man?' Harry asked.

'Prove his innocence, let him not become a murderer,' Magus advised, 'It would be good to have another ally.'

'A third color to our little group of gods?' Harry joked.

'Precisely,' Magus said seriously, 'The dogstar would be a fine addition...but on a lesser level than you and I.'

'If you say so,' Harry said, then excused himself fromt their conversation as he spotted his friends and housemates, and so walked up to the trio of students who had disengaged themselves from their parents and were walking in his direction, Colin brought a tag-a-long with him.

"And how was your summer my dearest housemates?" Harry asked them cheerfully, "As well as who is this young man you've brought with you, Colin."

"Mom and Dad didn't let me out of the house much, due to Black's escape," Ginny said, "Its never been done before see."

"Oh...so he's a wizard escaped convict?" Colin said.

"Sirius Black is really Stubby Boardman," Luna said, "Daddy wants to interview him on how the Dementors treated him during his stay under their protection."

"Interesting," Harry said to Luna, then shifted his attention to Colin's obvious relative, "And who are you? Since your apparent relation has deemed himself unfit to introduce you."

"I'm Dennis, Colin's younger brother," the little firstie said, "My brother said that there's a fifth house, and you could help me get in, so I can stick with my brother. Can you help me?"

"Colin..." Harry said, turning to the boy, "What did I tell you about not spreading that little bit of information around?"

"To only inform those that are deemed worthy?" Colin squeaked, then said, "Oh, c'mon, he's my brother, of course he fits the requirements. Plus, he's still rather impressionable, you can fill his head with all the stuff you've been teaching us about other cultures, races, and customs, as well as those obscure beings called higher powers that govern our world, and all that."

"Fine," Harry said resigned, "Get in, I've reserved us a compartment, you'll know which one it is."

"What about you?" Ginny asked, as she noticed that he had leaned back against the train, "Aren't you coming?"

"Later," he said, "I'm gonna stay here and scope out the potentials."

It had taken a while until he had seen all the first years enter the platform and board the train, when the last student aside from himself boarded, he too did follow that student aboard, but then headed for the cabin in which his friends were already in. He took his seat by the window, popped out his computer and began to program the weather, as well as provide a kind of ward around the train that would alert him if Sirius Black approached, or was simply nearby. He programmed the weather to rain, to flood the way to the school with a torrents of water, with an accompaniment of thunder and lightning.

"What are you doing?" Dennis asked, as he watched Harry's fingers dance on what appeared to be air.

"I'm programming the weather," Harry replied not looking at the youth, "Yes, I can do that, and no, its not really magic."

"Oh," he said, "Then how are you doing it?"

"The same way the higher powers are able to make things simply appear, or at least one of the ways they work their own brand of magic in the world," Harry replied, as he pressed the enter key, then hid away his contraption, "Any more questions young padawan?"

"Pa-da-wan? You like Star Wars too?" Dennis excitedly asked, what Muggle doesn't like Star Wars.

"Like it? No," Harry deadpaned.

"Then why'd you call me a padawan?" Dennis asked, the others in the conpartment listening in on the conversation, Colin had already told the two witches about Star Wars.

"Cause, you're like one," Harry said, "I've met some, Jedi Knights, Masters, a Dark Lord of the Sith, I've lived that life. So I don't like it. I love it."

"Seriously Harry?" Colin couldn't help but ask.

"Sure," Harry said, "Wanna see my lightsaber?"

"Eww!" Ginny and Luna said at exactly the same time.

"I wasn't talking about that one, girls," Harry said, "Really, and people think guys are the pervs."

"Oh," they said, then Ginny asked, "Then are you really talking about some glowing sword?"

"Do you really have an honest to goodness lightsaber?" Colin and Dennis asked, they couldn't hold in their excitement.

"Sure do," Harry replied, "Course, mine's red," he then plucked out the hilt of a lightsaber, having it materialize right into his hand, and had the blade blaze out, "Don't touch, else you'll lose your hand faster than you can say, 'May the Force be with you'."

"Cool," the four younger students said as they gazed at the plasma blade, before Harry had it vanish to where he kept all of his valuables, which was his Pouch. He had a separate one made for his silver.

"Where can I get one?" the brothers asked, still excited.

"The Purple Grove or...well...I guess the Death Star," Harry replied, "The Dark Lord keeps his smithy in the Death Star."

"Why the Purple Grove?" Luna asked, "Isn't that the intersection realm where Magic resides, and where all magic meets? You told us about that last year."

"While that is true, to some extent magic and the Force are one and the same," Harry said, "But in some other points and cases, they are two different things, there is a fine line between the two."

"Oh," she said, then asked, "But what does the Purple Grove have to do with lightsabers?"

"Ah, well," Harry said, "That's where the Dark Lord usually resides."

"So the Sith did win in the end after all," Colin surmised, "I thought the rebel alliance won."

"Nah, not with the Dark Lord in the Purple Grove," Harry said, "He wins every time, plus he has cookies."

"Oh...does the dark side really have cookies?" Dennis enthusiastically asked, the girls were beginning to think that Harry was not all that serious.

"There are muffins too," Harry stated, then caused a tray to appear, floating in the middle of the room, "Want one?"

It was at about that time that the trolley lady knocked on their compartment door, which Luna opened.

"Anything off the cart dears?" she asked, then eyed the floating tray of confections, "Those look like something Darth Magus claimed to have baked once."

"He was telling the truth!" Ginny and Luna exclaimed at the same time, with equal looks of surprise and disbelief on their faces.

"Why yes dears," she said, then her form kind of shimmered a bit letting them see that she was some sort of tentacle alien in-disguise, "My father is a Senator, but the family has a hand in the snack industry here on Earth," she explained, "I'm the youngest, and so I spend my time as the trolley lady of the Express, you do know that the Express doesn't only serve as transportation for the students, but also for the residents of the Lands of Hogwarts, don't you."

"I didn't know that," Ginny admitted.

"I did," Luna piped up, "Daddy wrote about it once."

"So, it is considered as a mode of public transportation, and only serves as private transportation during these times in the year?" Colin asked.

"Precisely," she said, "Now, while I see you have some baked goodies, might any of you fancy some sweets? Or juice?"

"You sell juice?" Ginny and Luna asked.

"Of course, dears," she said, "You have to wash down all those snacks with something."

"Do you have anything that's not pumkin juice?" Colin asked.

"I have a wide selection of things for sale, dear boy," she said, "I have a list of items sold with me, do you want a copy? For future reference, I deliver too, to the school if need be."

"Sure," he said, then she gave him one, as well as copies for the others in the compartment, no one had ever really paid much attention to her other than for her snacks, she had never really struck a conversation with the students before either, but those baked goods really did catch her attention.

"Now, Master Jedi, what about you?" she asked Harry, he was recognized as a Jedi Master and a Sith Lord, not the Apprentice of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Magus didn't want someone trying to usurp him, not that anyone would succeed.

"Nothing for me," Harry said, "Though I might order something later on in the year, school food lacks some things."

"Very well then," she said, "Anything for now? Or do I move on?"

The four younger inhabitants of the compartment took a look at their lists, and made their purchases.

"Nice doing business with you," the trolley lady said, wishing them well before moving to the next compartment, "I hope to do business with you again, dear prince," she was referring to Harry's being heir apparent to the title and position of Sovereign Lord, Lord of Hogwarts, which was Magus'.

"Please don't spread that around too much," Harry said, mock haughtily, "Have a pleasant sales trip."

Once she had gone, and the compartment door closed, and locked itself once again, his friends rounded on him, firing off questions, wanting to know about anything and everything that had been mentioned in the parting words.

"One at a time," Harry said, "Dennis, you start."

"So...she's really an alien?" the boy asked, "And you really are a Jedi?"

"Yes to both questions," Harry said, "I am also a Sith Lord, registered. Luna?"

"Prince?" she asked.

"As you well know, Lord Harold Hogwarts is the Sovereign Lord, his title and power is equivalent to that of a King of any country. His country being the lands of Hogwarts, which includes the castle, grounds, lake, forest, Hogsmeade, several miles of plain and forested areas around the castle, and a few smaller settlements, all hidden away by magic," Harry explained, "I, as his heir apparent, am considered as a prince, and that lady should have kept her mouth shut about the matter."

"Do we have to call you your highness now?" Luna asked, jokingly.

"Of course not," Harry said, "Colin, your turn."

"Do you have plans on getting a girlfriend?" he asked, "Not that I'm crushing on you or anything."

"Colin," Harry said, "I am well aware of your bisexual tendencies, but no, I am not looking for one...but I will say that I am looking for someone. Why did you ask?"

"No reason," he said, "Its just that you looked a bit troubled when I spotted you as we entered the platform."

"Ah," Harry said, "Don't mind that. Ginny?"

"Will our after class lessons be continued?" she asked, "I mean...and...since you're already the Head of House by proxy, as well as the prefect, and guardian of the common room...do you have any other powers?"

"Ah..hmm...now that's a tricky question to answer," he said, "But to summarize a thesis worth of answer, yes. There are other privileges to being who and what I am, and I'm not talking about he BWL nonsense."

"Oh," she said, "Do you think, we'll have more housemates this year?"

"Well, Dennis will probably be accepted," he said, "I saw a few potentials among the new arrivals, so there is a possibility of some being added to our ranks."

"How do you know that?" Luna asked.

"I scout them out," he said, "It is something I picked up, the Hat does have the final say, but I can see things from the way people act with others, mannerisms, personalities, etcetera."

"Wow," the younger inhabitants of the compartment say in amazement.

"How, why?" Ginny asked.

"It is one of the traits I possess as a member of Hogwarts House," he said, "Its the Slytherin in me."

"The Slytherin in you?" Luna asked, "What do you mean the Slytherin in you?"

"You plan on disseminating this information through your family's publication, don't you?" Harry said.

"Yep!" she said, happily.

"Remember, Hogwarts House's traits are those of all the other four houses...and then some," Harry said, "The Slytherin in me allows me to analyze each and every situation, or in this case, analyze people, same thing that the sorting hat does, except I don't delve into your memories and surface thoughts. Any more questions?"

"So Slytherin is the analyst?" Lun asked.

"Yes," he said, "Gryffindor, the brave and bold, that's the...well..I guess the promoter, that's the leadership quality. Ravenclaw while the brains, is also the controller, they hold in their hands the hard facts. And of course, Hufflepuff is support."

"What does that have to do with traits?" Luna asked, "You already explained Slytherin, but what about the other four, how do they apply to you in terms of abilities and or skills?"

"Gryffindor is simply courage, the ability to act, and of course the ability to lead," Harry said, "Ravenclaw is the one that processes the information, its very close to Slytherin. Hufflepuff is everything else, Hufflepuff is general, it is also the ability to be unpredictable."

"I see," she was writing down the things he was saying in a notebook, an actual paper pages notebook, "Anything else you would like to add?"

"Nothing at this time, unless you have any further questions?" he asked, then received a warning from his wards about the approach of ministry officials, "The train is going to stop in a few minutes."

"What? Why?" Ginny asked, "Its not Sirius Black is it?"

"No, its..." Harry said, but then didn't need to continue speaking as his companions began to feel the cold.

"W-what i-is that..." Ginny said, as she slid into her seat, the others mirroring her actions, their arms folding over themselves, as if they were naked on the grounds of the school at the height of winter, a feeling of despair filling their beings.

"Worry not," Harry said, standing within the compartment, "They will not harm you."

"W-what are t-they?" Colin asked.

"Dementors," Harry stated, then his features began to morph, his companions failed to notice, as they began to relieve their worst memories, their eyes closed shut, ~Have some chocolate...it will help~ they failed to notice the change in his voice. He dropped some bars of chocolate into their hands, and once he left the compartment, they waited a few minutes before daring to eat the things, which did make them feel a whole lot better.

He glided along the corridor, heading for the front where the Dementors were coming from, inspecting each and every compartment for the one they had been ordered to locate. He did not alert them to his presence, and they were stunned into motionlessness when he suddenly floated in front of them, not a thing could be seen below his hood, not a grin, or a smirk, or a frown.

~Sirius Black is not here~ he rasped in his own way, similar yet different ~Now leave, you are scaring the children~

They recognized who and what he was, never thinking that they would see him again, of the group they were all older members of the race, they had told stories of their god to the younger generation of Dementors, but they had all thought that he had forsaken them due to their folly. But it seemed not, as he had appeared before them. The ministry officials accompanying them were baffled at the sudden appearance of a Dementor unlike the ones that they had encountered, and thought him to be wild.

~Lord Umbra...forgive us...~ one of the Dementors pleaded ~Allow us passage, we must search...~

~Leave...lest I make you leave~ the mists around them grew thick and cold, and the Ministry officials believed that ice was about to form on their legs and feet, they were on a potion that was supposed to make them more resistent to a Dementor's effects, but in the presence of Umbra, the potion's effects vanished to nothing, as they fell to the ground, unconscious but still relieveing their worst nightmares and memories all over again.

~My Lord! The officials!~ one of the Dementors said, ~They are in pain...your presence is too strong...~

~They are in the way...the children are not affected by my presence...only those I see fit to be, and those that I deem unworthy to see me~ he told the, ~Now, are you going to leave?~

~We shall leave...we apologize...~ the Dementors said bowing as they picked up the Ministry officials and left the train in peace ~...forgive us for past transgression...we have suffered enough...~

'~Then right a wrong...do your duty, the purpose I left you with~' Umbra mentally informed them, then he teleported right outside of his compartment, where he surprised the latest Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor.

"Expecto Pat..!" the man was about to cast, until the Umbra's features receeded, leaving him as Harry once again.

"Shocked you didn't I?" Harry said, nodded to him, and entered the compartment, leaving the man baffled in the corridor, his wand poised to unleash the spell.

The atmosphere in the compartment, as well as with the rest of the train was a subdued one, as the Dementors' effects on them had been quite the ordeal. Some of the students that had recovered earlier on had managed to see the Dementors fly away, as if fleeing something within the train. Some dared venture into the corridor and saw the new professor walking back to his compartment.

As soon as the train arrived at the station the faculty of the school, as well as Madam Rosemerta, were there waiting for them having received word of the train being stopped mid way on their journey. It was a frightful experience, or so the students claimed. They were each given some chocolate in the form of a bad, a piece, or milk. Harry declined, as he hadn't felt the effects, the new professor simply watched him like a hawk, suspicious of him.

"Dennis, follow Hagrid," Harry said, "You three, with me."

They walked to the carriages, which were the transportation used to get to the school by the rest of the student population. They didn't walk, they rode something, pulled by Thestrals.

When they finally got to the castle, all the students headed for their respective tables, Harry and company heading for their table at the front, right smack dab in front of the Head table. Then they all waited patiently, or as patient as impatient youth could, for the arrival and sorting of the first years. Many were hoping for new additions to their house, while the four members of Hogwarts House knew that they were going to be getting some new additions.

The sorting was a rather straightforward affair, while most knew that Hufflepuff House normally received the most number of students, this year the only difference in the sorting was that Hogwarts House got what Hufflepuff would have gotten. There were six Gryffindors, seven Slytherins, five Ravenclaws, eight Hufflepuffs, and ten additions to the fifth House. It was a surprising turn out. The Hogwarts House table looked a bit more filled with the influx of new members, one of which was indeed Dennis Creevey.

Albus Dumbledore started up the feast with some announcement, like informing the student body of the Ministry's decision to post Dementors around Hogwarts for the safety fo the students from the escaped convict Sirius Black. The Ministry of Magical Britain was only making it look like they were doing something, good or bad it didn't matter, so long as they looked like they were doing something. Even though they were overextending their jurisdiction, since the Lands of Hogwarts were in actuality foreign soil.

There was a curfew, one which was to be followed by the Four Houses, Hogwarts House had their own set of rules, and regulations, most followed what the other four followed, but with a few exceptions. Harry as proxy and acting Head of House, made most of the rules. He was Head of House, Prefect, Guardian of the Common Room, and all around boss of his House. And there was nothing Dumbledore could do about it, or dare to do about it.

There were also the notices of additions to the already long list of banned items, as well as the reminder that the Forbidden Forest was forbidden, of course, there were those that were exempted from that rule, or rather warning. Anyone that willingly walked into the forest were responsible for the choice of facing the dangers that could be found within.

"...and finally I would like to introduce our latest addition to the Hogwarts teaching staff, Professor Remus J. Lupin," the headmaster announced, and motioned for the man to stand and be recognized, there was a smattering of polite applause, how good the professor was would depend on his first week, where he would set his first impression on the students, but considering what they thought he had done on the train, there were some that believed that the year was going to be a good one when it came to DADA.

The food appeared after some additional nonsensical words from the headmaster, and the six tables dug in. When supper was finished and all were full, the headmaster gave some additional announcements and reminders, then bid the Houses goodnight, as he and the staff left for their own quarters, save for Remus Lupin, as he was advised to watch but not interferre with Hogwarts House as they headed for their common room for the first night.

"Alright," Harry said as he lead his group to the top of the stairs, to the last floor that the main stair case reached, "Colin first."

"I'll wait by the stairs then?" Colin asked.

"Head on over to the portal," Harry said, "Ginny, you go next, but wait by the stairs."

"Got it," she said.

"Luna, you go before me," Harry said, then nodded to Colin to begin.

The whole of the school that passed throuh the main staircase, were mostly surprised that the way to the Hogwarts House common room was still via suicidal leap of faith. The first years were screaming when they saw Colin leap off of the banister, while the upper years saw the grin plastered on his face, especially as he seemed to slow down before reaching the bottom, by slowing down he managed to salute Peeves before vanishing from sight.

When it was Ginny's turn she somehow managed to perform a backflip, then head head first into the ground, or that's what would have happend had she not vanished right before her head hit the floor. The ten new additions of Hogwarts House, leaned against the banister or railing, to look down. They got the nerves as they realized that they were next. One of them was scared of heights too, and the thought of jumping down was a rather frightful thought.

"Kyle," Harry spoke to the first year.

"Yes Harry?" he said.

"You seem more afraid than the others, fear of heights?" Harry said, then briefly nodded to Luna, who began to push the first years through the railing to free fall, screaming, before vanishing feet away from the ground, following them herself.

"I...I c-can't," he said, "It's too scary...and what if I die?"

"You won't," Harry said, "I promise. When it comes to Hogwarts House the, Castle is one of, if not, the safest places in all the world. If you want, you can go with me."

"But what if?" he said, the other Houses had mostly already moved on, not really caring much if Harry Potter hadn't gone and done his dive yet, as some of the older students saw him speaking to one of his first years, "How can you be so sure?"

"Maybe for you, we can go through the other way," Harry said, "How about that?"

"There's another way?" he asked.

"Sure there is," Harry said, "This way is just the fun way, fun for most, but not all. I was going to teach you the other way once we all got to the common room, but since you have a problem with heights, I guess we could pass the long way. Just wait right here, while I talk to Luna."

"O-okay," he said, and watched Harry walked throgh the railing, and simply step onto air, and walk to right about the center of the space. Remus too remained and watched as one of his best friends' son walk through a solid object and walk on air, as if he were a ghost. If that wasn't magic, he didn't know what was.

Once at the center, Harry suddenly dropped, his speed faster than any of the others, and instead of simply vanishing, he actually slid through the floor, it scared the pants off of Remus, whom Magus really did vanish the pants off of the lycanthrope.

A few minutes later, Harry walked out of the painting behind Kyle, dropping to the floor on his two feet, then looked to be dusting his robes from of whatever might have gotten stuck there from his strange modes of transportation.

"Ready to go?" Harry asked, surprising the boy.

"Y-Yes," Kyle said.

"Very well," Harry said, holding out a hand for the first year to take, then he touched a painting whispered a few words, then the two of them were sucked into the painting. Remus didn't know what to make of it, never in all his years of living had he ever witnessed something like that. With nothing and no one left to watch, he walked to his quarters with his head in the clouds.

By the time Harry and Kyle arrived at their destination, the other students were waiting patiently in front of the empty mirror image of the Hall.

"Hey Harry," Luna said, "What's the password?"

"Positive Reinforcement," Harry replied, before stepping out of the painting, pulling Kyle out as well, who had been just out of the border of the painting, "Have you explained how the painting guardian works Luna?"

"Yes," she said, the first years simply stared at Harry in amazement, even the purebloods had never encountered something that was truly magical, "I'll explian it to Kyle later, should I explain the rest as well?"

"Do you want to?" Harry asked.

"Yes please," she said, "So go on ahead inside, so we second years can explain to the first years everything that you explained to us, O Head of House."

"Fine," Harry said smiling a bit as he simply walked through the painting, once inside his painting self appeared in the canvas, and greeted the students and helped Luna explain to the students some of the things they needed to know before permitting them to enter the common room, where Luna left them to the tender mercies of Colin and Ginny, who divided the group of first years into boys and girls.

While the second years were busy with their self appointed duies, Harry spoke with Magus in his room.

'..so what do you think?' Harry asked his friend.

'I guess, it is a good idea to have prefects,' Magus said, 'I shall inform the Headmaster of the appointments, my young proxy. Was there anything else?'

'I was wondering if you knew of the whereabouts of Sirius Black,' Harry said.

'I know that he is on my lands, the Ministry of Magic has no real jurisdiction here, but I am merely allowing them to post their officers and their hired help here as they are in a way within their rights, when it comes to the defense of their citizens' children,' Magus said, 'But should they overstep their bounds, I shall put my foot down, and show them just how displeased I am with them.'

'You won't be taking away their ability will you?' Harry asked, 'You know how they feel about themselves, their supposed superiority over the other races...much like the elves of old.'

'No I shall not deprive them of that, they are doing it all on their own, rejecting real magic for this bastardisation of science..as well as their treatment of each other and the other races is indeed causing the weakening of their general connection to me,' Magus said, 'The number of squibs in the wizarding world grows each year, but I suppose through your efforts, the wizarding world shall not fall to ruin?'

'I hadn't originally thought of that,' Harry admitted, 'I only thought to educate my fellows, about the Old Ways, the Old Gods, the Old Beliefs, and the Old Magicks. Those things long forgotten save for a few, as even the races themselves have in some cases forgotten much of their past, their history, and their patrons and higher powers.'

'Movingo on' Magus said, 'Have you thought about forgiving the Dementors?'

'I have thought about it,' Harry said, 'But I shall only do it, if they are able to show me that they are truly repentant and willing to rise once again and perform their duty to protect those that need their protection, that seek their protection, and such.'

'Then I shall leave some clues for them to interpret as they wish, along with dreams of reuniting the race,' Magus said, 'Those lethifolds have been punished long enough I believe.'

'Fine...do as ye please, Lord Magic,' Harry said, 'If there is nothing else..'

'Talk to you again, sometime, cousin,' Magus said, then severed their conversation connection.

Finished with the conversation, Harry went to the common room, where Luna, Colin, and Ginny were telling the first years some of the stories that Harry had told them about the days before the magical world became so fractured. The days before Goblins had rebellions, and the days of magical cooperation among the races.

"Enough with the story telling for this night," Harry said, leaning against one of the walls of the two floor common room, "We've all got classes tomorrow, Have you shown them to their rooms?"

"We pointed them in the direction of their rooms," Luna said, "We also noticed that we've got these 'P' badges," she then showed him the badge she was talking about.

"I had a talk with Lord Harold," Harry said, "He said it was a good idea for you to be the prefects, since I'm already the proxy Head of House. You guys did volunteer to be the guides of the first years after all."

"Oh," Luna said.

"Thanks for having so much faith in us, Harry," Colin said.

"Go on to your rooms," Ginny said, not shooing the first years away, that they may get enough sleep on their first night in the castle.

"Since we don't know all the things you do," Colin said, "Do we have a library of sorts here about them?"

"There should be," Harry said, "There's a painting on the second floor that looks like the castle public library door. Step into it, to get to the House library. Though I must warn you, that there are some Beings in there that are far from normal."

"Cool," the three newly appointed prefects said.

In addition to the classes held for the students in the school Harry had taught his three mortal friends about the histories fo the magical world, something which the ghost Binns would be unable to do. He held his story telling time after classes ended and before they went to sleep. Story telling was one of the best ways to teach history, as a story is more captivating and memorable than a lecture. Now it was Colin, Luna, and Ginny's turn, and he suspected they volunteered in order to be more useful, and to say in the future that they had contributed something great during their stay in the school.

The first day of classes was an interesting one, as Harry introduced his House to a new way to get to the Great Hall and it had something to do with falling from the ceiling of the Hall, Kyle being the exception as he was simply popped on over to his assigned seat at their table. The rest of the school were certainly surprised at the arrival of the Hogwarts House. They were like gods descending from the heavens, and the classical music echoing within the hall really helped with that image.

Harry did like the DADA class, since the teacher was competent, but not good enough to be considered as an expert, or a sage when it came to the so called dark creatures. Harry knew all about those creatures, due to his hundreds of years of living through the time stream, his different god forms had encountered many of the things he was studying in DADA. His elective courses were Arithmacy, Ancient (modern for him) Runes, and Care of Magical Creatures.

Septima Vector didn't really know how to teach Harry, all her other students were easier to guide, but Harry just seemed to have chosen the class as something to wile away his time. It was quite vexing that he was already able to mix and match Ancient Runes with Arithmacy. It was the fault of his computer, due to its connection to the Seals of the World or Imagination, depending on what he wanted to do. She actually asked him after their second class if he was cheating by requesting the aid of some old god. He told her that he wasn't, and the only help that he had was what he had learned as a child. Her encounter with Silvertongue had intrigued her enough to ask him about the histories of the world, and so he told her to seek the knowledge in the tomes of the school, as there were clues in them that would and could lead to the hidden libraries of the castle, one of which was the one hidden in the painting world.

Sometime during the first half of the year, Harry had decided that maybe it was time for him to freak out some of his yearmates, by copying Zeus when it came to rearranging the heavens or adding a new constellation as the Greek and Roman gods had a thing for doing. In relation to the escape of Sirius Black, Aurora Sinistra had ask the students to look for and map out the constellation or position of the dog star.

He had the clouds swirl and vanish, creating a clear hole in the night sky, then moved the constallations, but instead of keeping their shape, he had then swirl into a whirling pattern ending with an arrow pointing at the dog star. Muggle scientists didn't notice at all, since it was all magical and highly impossible to explain.

The students were oblivious to what was happening, though most if not all the people, aside from Harry, hurriedly made their way into the castle as soon as the Dementors converged on their location en masse. They weren't really projecting their aura, they attempted to reign in as much of it as they could, but there were simply over two hundred of them in the area. What little of the magic was unable to be kept back was enough to cause the students and teacher to flee in door. Of course they forgot that Harry was up there, and did not follow them inside.

"So you can control it now, that's interesting since you've always had the ability," Harry said, not loudly, but he knew that they heard him, "But you still have a long way to go, to earn my forgivenes.." he then turned around and gathered the telescopes, star charts, and whatever else, shrunk them down, summoned the house elves, and had the things taken to where they were supposed to be, which was with their owners. The house elves didn't bat an eyelash at him, he was a student, the heir of the Sovereign Lord, a lord in his own, right, and they didn't know that he was Fos.

"You have until the end of the year," Harry spoke before entering the castle, "To earn my forgiveness, fail, and you shall be forever dead to me."

A week later after that incident, Harry noticed that there was an evident lack of Dementors in the area, as if they were doing their hardest to suppress their abilities, and were either keeping a low profile or were planning or taking steps to gain his forgiveness. Some of their number occassionally would use an unoccupied floo fireplace and go to the tropics to retrieve the lethifolds there, as they might want to return to being Beings instead of remaining in their cursed beast forms feasting on whole living organic things.

During a Care of Magical Creatures class, Hagrid, why in the world the headmaster had decided to convince the Board of Gevernors that his, Dumbledore's, appointed groundskeeper would be the best for the position, the half-giant had decided that it would be a good idea to have the class take up hippogriffs of all things. They were listed in some book as to be handled by profesionals, how the man thought that they were safe for third year students slightly baffled Harry, until he remembered that giants were a bit soft in the head, and that Dumbledore was a bastard.

He offered himself up as the first volunteer to approach the majestic creatures. He wasn't really paying all that much attention to his own powers, and thus it came as to a shock to him and the rest of the class when the hippogriff initiated the bowing. Harry of course managed to remember to bow back.

Draco Malfoy decided that if such a creature found Harry as worthy of bowing to, then he as a Malfoy was more than worthy, pureblood pride and all that. It didn't really work that way, as not only was the hippogriff insulted by some of the things the Malfoy heir said, but Harry also sent him flying right into the jaws of a large wyvern that was flying through the area.

Screams of horror met the ears of the students, and so Harry decided that he didn't want the blood of an idiot on his hands, summoned the spoiled brat right from out of the jaws of the creature, who he also glared at. When Draco hit the ground, he scrambled to his feet, aching as his body was from the fall, and drew his wand in preparation for casting some curse or hex at the creature. What stopped him wasn't Harry's magic, but the arrival of a flight of wyverns, most of which were glaring down at him.

That experience provided ample entertainment, as well as made sure that Draco Malfoy knew to think before doing anything. Once the class was over, he sought out Harry, since he was the more or less nuetral out of all the students in the school, what with being the Head of Hogwarts House. He thought back on his life, short as it had been, and noted that he wasn't really all that likeable, and lived in the shadow of his father. He wanted out, and somehow the only person he thought that could potentially help him was the one person in the school that was more or less unbiased and seemed to know a lot more than he let on. Draco was not daft enough not to realize that.

"...hmm..." Harry said, as he walked with Draco at his side, with a worried look on his face, he was worried that his fate was forever carved in stone.

"Well? I've told you what could be considered as my life story, don't you have anything else to say other than 'hmm'?" who'd have thought that a Malfoy would use air-quotes.

"There's hope for you yet," Harry said.

"What do you mean by that?" Draco asked him.

"Well," Harry said, contemplated a little bit, then said, "You seem to want to turn over a new leaf, which means that you are really willing to change, and thus have hope when it comes to becoming a better person, human being, and Being altogether."

"So...how do I achieve this thing? This new state of being?" Draco asked, he had gotten too used to relying on others to mold himself after that he really did need some form of intructions and guidelines to follow.


The change in Draco Malfoy was not instantaneous, but gradual. It was hard for him to turn over a new leaf, but he did his very best, and by the third quarter of the year, the Slytherins could safely say that the ponce had been kidnapped, tortured, killed, and replaced with a body double that they couldn't prove that he was a phoney, which he wasn't.

Draco Malfoy had been converted to a religion nearly forgotten by the history books, but could be found in some old forgotten tomes that still existed even after the Ministry of Magics of the countries of the human world declared that they all be destroyed to lose their dark secrets, or to be more precise, things that the ministries did not want their people to know.

The young Malfoy's new religion was one that his parents would probably cause both of his parents to be both proud of him for choosing to pursue it, while at the same time distance himself from it. He had been converted to the religion of the Draconum, a race that had formerly been considered as a mere branch of dragon-kind. He worshiped dragons, ones that could be mistaken for Hydra due to their many heads, starting with two, and so on and so forth, they were sometimes also confused with Lamia and the gods of Silvertongue's pantheon of gods.

The Draconum were two things, battlehungry and philosophical, they hungered from physical betterment and mental expansion. They may have hatched from eggs, but they soon grew to walk on two legs, gaining a stronger connection to magic, and a greater ability to wield it for external attacks and tools to complement and support their bodies while performing martial arts. After a sufficient enough time passed, they went through a second transformation that would give them a greater form, more strength, magic, and abilities.

The only level of evolution there was after that was becoming acscending to the level of the ruling dragons of the world, or obtaining demigodhood in power. Demigods and minor deities were known to have not more than two heads, while there were those few that could be mistaken for gods, as those were half serpent looking. They had the upper body of a double headed dragon and simply a tail.

He worshiped Ardoribus Sempiternis, or Ardoribus for short, the Head of all the Draconum Gods, though there were only around seven of them. There some minor deities, but their existed was an in and out affair depending on the number of worshippers or believers they had.

When it came to humans, specifically the gifted ones, they had their share of believers and worshipers, then war broke out and they were lost, they ancient texts scattered to the four winds, until finally Ardoribus himself touched the mind of Draco Malfoy. It had actually been a spur of the moment decision on Harry's part, but he did all the time traveling necessary to secure such a position, one which Magus hadn't been expecting his protege of a cousin to obtain for himself.

Draco was then deemed worthy of becoming High Priest of the human faction of believers, and was given the task of recruiting or converting new believers. He now followed the philosophy of 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth' and respect for respect, which explained his changed personality.

Instead of gaining new allies, as he still refused to refer to his friends as friends from Slytherin, he peddled his wares to Ravenclaw, the brains, they needed some more life in them, and all those books of theirs would get them in trouble some day without their balance of pure and simple belief.

But even the gods themselves had gods, one such Being was Magus himself, but for the Draconum, Dragon People, and Dragons themselves, other than Magus the god of their gods was none other than Harry himself, but not in the form that such a name delivered to one's mind.

He was a hundred headed dragon, with fifty pairs of wings, and three pairs of arms. Instead of legs he had a seven tails upon which he moved about on. He was larger than life and mostly stayed within a realm separated from the rest of the reality, a pocket dimension of sorts, where his massive size didn't pose a problem space-wise. He was that titanic. He went by the name Katavrochthizei Terata or Terata for short.

Like any and all dragons he was a warrior and an intellectual. There wasn't a mortal alive that could manage to best him in battle, nor was there another god of his pantheon that could manage to be able to dare challenge him to more than a simple spar. Wealth-wise, he was one of the wealthiest of all the hoarders, though there were many that wondered why he had such a fondness for silver unlike the rest of the race that he belonged in. He did have a treasure trove of knowledge, all sorts of old tomes could be found within his pocket dimension.

At first Draco didn't think it was possible for some draconic religion to exist, but after being visited by the equivalent to Zeus of the Draconum race, he couldn't help but instantly be converted, and soon he began to receive vision after vision from the god. Eventually gaining the right to petition to visit or meet with Terata himself.

From the visions he learned all he needed to know as the High Priest of the religion for the human branch. He also learned a lot of forgotten spells as they were necessary for the protection of the religion, and continued existence of the main branch of the religion, the Draconums now relied on him and his acolytes for protection from those that would destroy them.

How Draco turned over a new leaf would seem rather complex as compared to Harry's transformation into Terata. His transformation came the night after he had spoken to Draco. He had forgotten to eat dinner that night, and so woke from his slumber quite famished. He hadn't realized it at the time, but he had actually woken from his slumber in the distant past, back during the first days of the dragon races.

Once again, like some of his other god transformations, he had no memory of who he was, or at least, he didn't remember anything even though nothing had been sealed away by Magus. He was simply overcome by hundreds of thousansd of years worth of hunger. As he woke, he roared a great roar. He didn't know it at the time, but he had awoken right smack dab in the center of a rock that resembled an egg that was found on an island at the center of a lake of magma within an underground volcano.

It just so happened that at the time of his awakening there had been a flight of around twenty-seven dragons resting within the volcanic environment. These dragons were among the first dragons in existence on the world, and were like hatchlings in the sense that they connected with the more powerful figure in their midst and for once it wasn't what appeared to be an adult, but a hatchling.

The primal roar that escaped Terata's lips was so powerful that it was not only heard, but also felt all over the world. It was world shattering. Hatchlings were normally hungry things, and so the adults of the flight, for that was what dragons were called even though these ones were without wings, went about finding some food for the hatchling.

As soon as the egg's shell finally shattered revealing what was inside, the food that had been brought was instantly consumed as if nothing had been brought there. The dragons were at first unable to see his form, but that was a good thing as it allowed him to imprint their form and potential into himself, which was how he became a dragon, one who went through the many stages of evolution that a dragon went through, no matter which branch of the original singularity it was a part of.

When the dragons were able to see him clearly, he was not a hatchling, but a whelp. He roared again, and they knew that he still hungered, and thus brought him more food, after each set of food brought to him he grew or shifted through an evolutionary stage instantly, all the way up until, there was no chance that he would fit in the underground.

Back then, dragons knew nothing about the above ground, the world where there was a sky, which was why they hadn't grown wings yet. But Terata had wings, and once his many heads broke through the ceiling, and his entire form reached well beyond his crater and reached the sky. That was when the first dragons saw their potential, and call the gluttonous one a god.

His supposed birth then became a racial memory that would be passed down through the blood and genes of all the dragons or those related to them, even Silvertongue in a way would be affected by the dragon god of gods. Magus didn't really mind, but to find out that his serpent people were related somewhat to the dragons was something that had previously been a fuzzy memory.

The next time that the dragons of the world felt his presence was when the dragons of the old world, those who ruled their own part of the world alongside the likes of the dark nations, the elven, and the like, had decided to summon up their god to request aid in conquering the rest of the world.

The ruler at the time had the audacity to order around the god of their gods, and so had been devoured, along with all of his brood, and the city he had been in at the time. When he was done, those that witnessed his wrath and destructive power, tried calling on their own gods for aid in defending their people from such a powerful god. But only a few responded, many of whom were still fuzzy in Magus' own memory. But there were quite a number of them. Magus as Magic himself was not among those that had appeared. But there were those few that managed to hold the immortal at bay, those that were able to sate his anger and thirst for battle once his revenge for the insult had been dealt.

As the saying goes, there had been a beauty involved in soothing the rage of the savage beast, for Terata was a beserker when in battle, not that it mattered much, thanks to his size in comparison to most of his opponents or would be opponents.

All illusions had been voided during Terata's rampage due to the insulting summoning that had been performed. The world was indeed much larger then, all hidden realms, world, and lands, that were hidden away by magicks had been revealed, and the world was large engough to engulf the regular Jupiter, but all of the cosmos was revealed for what it really was.

It was a limitless place, and Terata had tails long enough to wrap around the world several times, his upper body covered more than half of the world, his reach was long, simply put he was huge, even with all the space provided.

There was a woman that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, no one could really remember where she had come from, but she was suddenly there. She stood on top of the god's snout, and simply pleaded that he stop, which surprisingly worked, as he simply stopped whatever he had been doing, and focused his attention on her.

He was a god, but even with the ability to shrink down in size, he chose to semi-exile himself to his own pocket dimension. He asked the woman to join him, but she told him that it wasn't time yet, and she simply faded into seemingly nothingness.

He had felt something familiar about her, he was not only stopped due to her beauty as even dragons knew to appreciate such things, but it was the feeling of familiarity that he had felt that caused him to pause momentarily in his rampage. It was that feeling that restored his mind somewhat to a more clear state, but not whole as he was unable to connect the feeling with a memory, not until after she had already vanished and the cosmos had reverted back to what it was.

He had found her again, but at the same time lost her to the passage and flow of time again. It was a loss that took decades as the god of the gods fo the dragons, for him to get over it, and move on back to finding her again. He knew that he would find her again, no matter how many of her lifetimes he searched for her, he would definitely be reunited with his one true love.

Back in the present, he found himself listening to one of Draco's underground sermons about the dragons of old and the ways of the draconum. Draco didn't really mind that Harry was there as he was the one that had brought him down the path of enlightenment. He just wondered why Harry did not actively participate.

It would only be later in the year, when he finally got the chance to actually speak in the presence fo the god of the dragon gods that he would be trusted with the why. It would only be then that he would be trusted with the highest secret of his order, which was the other identity of the god.

The year passed on, nothing of any real consequence occured, nothing to call upon the attention of the multiple gods that were Magus and his apprentice. There was only studies, helping the students, and the like to occupy the immortal denizens of the lands of Hogwarts, even Magus himself took a bit of studying, well it was more along the lines of how to make his own Manga, but that was still in a away, studying.


The Dementors were at their busiest, they were going here and there, in and around the Forbidden Forest, as well as in and around Azkaban. They were all on a mission, one that had dire consequences if they failed. They were finding a way to prove without a shred of a doubt that Sirius Black was an innocent man. They were for the first time in centuries doing what they were tasked to do, and that was to defend the helpless, the weak, and simply put those innocents in need.

It was a chaotic time for the Ministry as the Dementors seemed to suddenly sever their ties to the Ministry. They were uncontrollable, and even the Patronus could no longer affect them as they once did. The Dementors were in a way gaining back their humanity, they were returning to what they had been before they allowed their powers to take over. Even the Lethifolds that had been brought back were reverting back to what they had at one time been.

It was a rather frightening time for the world outside of the lands of Hogwarts, as report after report arrived on the breakfast table of families about the dementors and their odd behavior as well as the weakening of control spells. The beasts had managed to sever their restraints and were on the brink of freedom. It was finally proven that they were not classified properly, that they were not mere magical beasts, but Beings in their own right, with culture, beliefs, religion. They were a civilization unto themselves. They had lives. They were people, and the magical humans were only realizing that they had oppressed yet another race.

But of course the magical humans were more focused on their own safety and not the oppression and manipulation that they had performed on the Dementor race. They hated the Dementors, but at the same time relied far too much on them to keep the criminals of their society at bay, caged, and tormented constantly for crimes they both did and did not commit.

The magical humans had been conditioned far too much to the thought that they were superior and that all other races were below them. But now that one of their most dangerous tools, had not only rebelled but more or less succeeded in becoming free from their control, fear seeped into their hearts at the thought that the Dementors would come in droves to all of their homes for either feeding or conversion. The things people could think up when in a tight spot or felling rather fearful.

It was due to this atmosphere that the Dementors managed to work unhindered on their quest to find a solid way to prove the man's innocence, some loop hole that had been missed or some bit of information that had been buried deep beneath all the paperwork. Seeing a Dementor in the Ministry archives had been one of the most odd and frightening things that anyone in the archives had ever seen in their lives.

Who would have thought that the Dementors actually had a bank account, apparently the original treaty which could still be found in the archives with the race stated that they be paid as a race a monthly salary of several thousand galleons for their actions in Azkaban Prison as well as when they went out of their home, as the land was their by right and by magic, to work for and with the Ministry officials that needed them. They had a vault, key, protections, and everything. The goblins weren't all that surprised, but their human employees were more than just surprised, and several had to be laid off for acting unprofessional in the presence fo a customer or client.

There had been numerous sightings of Dementors in Knockturn Alley spending their hard earned gold on stationary supplies as well as a number of other things, like furniture, and food of all things. People actually thought that happiness and souls were all that they could consume. Well, those people were proved wrong, when one of the Dementors was spotted chewing on a granola bar while looking through a bunch of trunks.

The Dementors were not only on a mission from god, but on a mission that they had imposed on themselves, and that was the betterment of the treatment of those under their care both the innocent and those that definitely needed getting rid off. They knew how the non-magical humans treated their prisoners, and were even aware that such prisons had standards of living, and thus sparked their intentions of redecoration.

~What do you mean you are attempting to restore relation with Our Lord?~ one of the elders that had gone into a deep sleep a long time ago asked the ones that had awoken him and his brethren from their nigh eternal slumber, ~He is ready to forgive us? What needs to be done? I'm ready for action~

~We have been tasked with making a truly innocent man be proven irrevocably innocent of any and all crimes that he has and had been charged of by the Ministry of Magical Britain~ one of the Dementors said, ~The mission has been going well, and some of our number have returned to us after turning over a new leaf so to speak. There are many changes happening within the walls of our one and only real and true home. Many changes, we are beginning to adopt muggle standards when it comes to our agreement with the Ministry of Magic, as well as when it comes to protection we provide, there have been many advances in the fields of medicine and technology.~

~I see, I understand, and I shall help where I can,~ the elder Dementor vowed, as he and his formerly slumbering brethren began to do their part when it came to the reunification of the race and their god.

It came as another great and powerful surprise when several older Dementors first made their appearance at the Ministry of Magic one day near the end of the year. Their auras were very powerful, yet very restrained. They were not projecting an aura of fear, rather they were containing it with their very wills that were stronger than admantium.

They arrived with an escort of half the population of Dementors of the world, there were just that many of them, most decided to defend the perimeter, while the rest followed the elders of their race into the belly of the beast that was the Ministrty of Magic. Half of the elders were there to speak about another treaty between the two races as the old one had apparently been violated far too many times, as well as had finally expired the moment that Sirius Black had been sent to their home to serve as his prison for what would have been eternity.

The other elders were there to prove once and for all that Sirius Black was not only an innocent man, but a victim of a miscarriage of justice as well as the corruption that had been plaguing the magical human's government for far too long to number the years of the infestation reigning in the hallowed halls of the Ministry of Magic.

The Ministy officials didn't really know how to react to such an invasion by one of the most feared of all Magical Beings in existence. The DMLE officers as well did not know what to do, they had after all never been trained for such a situation, but the reception wizards and witches simply decided to go on about their work like any other day. They directed the Dementors to wherever it was that they needed and wanted to go.

By the end of the day Sirius Black was declared innocent, and the Dementors had managed to muscle their way into getting what they wanted in the new treaty with the Ministry of Magic. They were more successful than the Goblins in getting what they wanted since they didn't really need anything from the Ministry. The Ministry officials that viewed them as blights on the world that needed to be eradicated found that they could not voice their displeasure during the whole experience for apparently the saying that the walls had ears was very literal when the Dementors were everywhere listening in on private conversation in the guise of making sure that their elders were safe from any and all harm, even though it had already been proven that the Patronus didn't really work that well anymore.


Harry found himself around the central campfire within the Purple Grove, it was a weird experience at this time he was there with not just his fellow immortals, but also a representative of one of his respective races. A Dementor had been granted access to the Grove by none other than Magus himself. Harry had complied with the decision to meet with the Dementor as any and all information regarding Sirius Black had been kept from him by Magus himself, which meant that he was not aware of the successful mission that the Dementors as a race had undertaken, or of the other things that they had done for the betterment of all.

He was asked to come as Lismosyni Umbra, which he did, and was not surprised when the Dementor before him kowtowed to him, it wasn't new to him, though he still really didn't like it when anyone did such a thing for him.

~What is your purpose in this sacred Grove?~ Umbra asked his Dementor.

It was a rather awkward manner of meeting with a god of any race, and the Dementor was shocked to learn that about the Grove and its significance to all the religions of those associated with Magic. A campfire of all things was nestled between some rocks in between the Dementor and his god.

~Sirius Black is a free man, and we, Dementors, as a race have re-embraced the Lethifolds and have made our home a better place to live in for all invovlved with us, we are now Beings recognized by the Ministry of Magic as such, though we are sure that it will take some time for the rest of the populace of the ruling race of the world to accept us as such~ the Dementor reported ~I have come here on behalf of all of Dementor Kind to beseech thee to forgive us for past transgressions and for our straying from the path of righteousness...Please...please forgive us all...Lismosyni Umbra...please...~

If anyone else would have witnessed the sight save for all those present at the time, they would have thought that time was finally ending and that the End and Void had finally gone beyond the Exit and had taken everything with it. The Dementor not only pleading for forgiveness but was also crying openly crying, something which no one, not even Umbra himself had ever borne witness to.

~There there my child...~ he said as he knelt beside the weeping Dementor, and wrapped an arm around his creation's descendant, ~You all are forgiven, and so I shall return those blessings I took from you, while also giving you something which you must have wished many a time in the past and present still wish for.~

It happened so fast that even Magus would have missed it if he wasn't Magic himself. Umbra flooded the world with his power, it reached every single one of his Dementors and granted them back the blessings bestowed upon them at the beginning, and added one feature to their already rather complex list of abilities, as what they did was complex in its own rights. He added full control of their powers, not mind over matter and all that, but control. Like how a wizard of a witch controlled their magic, though they still didn't need any medium to perform, and could simply let loose with but a thought.

It had happened so fast since Umbra didn't feel like being flashy at the time, but the Dementor that had spoken on behalf of the race was one of the first to realize that his power wasn't actively warring with his self control but was contained, not only by his will but by something else. There was a kind of gate or floodgate keeping the power at bay.

~Thank you Lord Umbra! Call on us anytime and we shall gladly serve as we have always gladly served!~ the Dementor proclaimed before actually rushing up to his god and hugging him, it really was a weird night for Harry.

The next day was almost as weird, as Sirius Black immediately made his presence known to the world as the stray dog that had been found in the nearest village to the school. He had been arrested and fined for being an illegal animagus, then let go to say 'Yo!' to his godson, who was no longer under his jurisdiction to do anything guardian-y.

The morning after the little gathering around the camp fire of the Purple Grove, Sirius Black made a very grand and flashy entrance when he entered the Great Hall. The only thing that spoiled his fun was when Harry actually threw a rubber chicken at the man's face and grumbled about it being too early for such shenagigans to be happening.

The man didn't really know how to react to that, just as did the rest of the populace of the school. No one really knew how to act after Harry threw that rubber chicken, Draco decided to break the silence by simply throwing his own rubber chicken at the man, just cause he believed he could get away with it. He was outcast of his House, and his followers and acolytes didn't look awake enough to really register his actions.

Sirius Black had been thinking that he would be getting a rather happy response from his godson, but all he got were two rubber chickens and three gallons of juiced catnip poured on his head thanks to three Dementors that decided to douse the man that early in the morning, before flashing him, it was both arousing and scary at exactly the same time for Sirius. It was a good thing that they had surrounded the man, so as to save the innocent eyes from such a sight.

The catnip's effects instantly kicked in once the dementors, all of three female, were away. Mrs Norris was the first one to react, followed by McGonagall in cat form, then came all the other cats in the castle and surrounding areas. It was a cat-fest, and for once the students of the school were able to see cats gang up on a dog, animagus or no, he was still a dog covered in three gallons worth of catnip. Very potent catnip.

As part of the proving of the man who was being chased by cats, the Dementors had managed to kidnap a certain plump and overlived rodent from his temporary master's care and had him spill the pork and beans to the authorities of human justice. This sequence of events had also caused an erratic prophetess from saying a genuine prophecy out loud that would eventually come true.

When the end of the school year finally rolled around the corner, Sirius Black was introduced to Harold Hogwarts, the immortal Sovereign Lord of the Lands of Hogwarts, but not to Magus-Magic himself-Iunctio.

Since the man needed to recuperate from his treatment at the hands of the ministry, the man somehow found it in his heart not to hate the Dementors since they never really affected him that much for some reason. He was given a house in Hogsmeade to live in, as well as his doctors' appointments were being paid by the Ministry. He needed to unload a lot of pent up things from his stay in prison, as well as his time away from his godson.

Harry didn't mind that his godfather wanted a part in his life, he didn't mind especially when it came to the fact that Magus gave the go-ahead for the man to be made a member of their little multiple-persona club. Sirius Black would soon be among the ranks of the gods, though at first he wouldn't be aware of it. He woud, in a sense, be like Harry had been in the beginning, clueless to his own adventures and to the effects of his decisions on the fate of the world.


Sirisu Black didn't really appreciate the irony of finding out that oneo f his namesakes, a certain Padfoot, was viewed as an immortal diety of Fear a certain race of magical beings that could trace their roots to cats of all things. Cats are said to have a fear of dogs, which was why there was a Padfoot found in some of the magical mythology books.

Padfoot was the God of Fear for a race of cat people, they were very uncreative when they named themselves, which was why they were the only ones that were simply called the Cat People, the short form of which being Kathodou Tis Gatas. The short form of the name of the race was even longer, but at least more creative than the race's actual name. Even though it was clearly in English, the race name was what it was.

Sirius Black had merely gone to sleep on the first night of Summer vacation, and woke up without any of his relevant memories. All he had at his disposal memory and identity-wise was the name Padfoot.

He woke up sometime in the past, not really sure was he about when in time he was, all he was sure of was that he wasn't in Kansas anymore. He had a feeling that walking on all fours wasn't supposed to be natural for him, but here he was, walking around wherever he was on all fours. He also had a feeling that the ground wasn't supposed to be that far away from his snout, or that trees were supposed to be that small.

It didn't take him all that long to realize that he was now a really big dog, and not just any dog, but the word Grim popped up in his head.

He was Padfoot the Grim, he thought to himself, but that didn't really seem all that right to him. He couldn't simply be Padfoot the Grim. He searched within himself, as he instinctively knew how to do, and found something. It wasn't anything more on who or what he was, it was more on what he was capable of doing, and so he shrunk himself down in size into something more normal looking.

He was simply a big black dog now, and not the Grim that he had first woken up and viewed the world as. He was a big black dog, that was also lost in some forest with really tall grass, he could swear he heard some human shout 'Don't go into the long grass!' for some reason, but couldn't exactly recall why.

Some survival instincts kicked in when he heard a twig snap behind him, he ran, he didn't know why, but he simply ran. When he finally got out of the long grass, he found out that he was being chased some scantily clad crossbreeds between a human and some kind of cat. He really didn't know, all he knew was that his running away from a bunch of scantily clad cat women was silly. He was a dog for crying out loud.

But when he decided to spin around and confront them, his survival instincts told him that stopping to confront them was going to be a bad idea. Which was why he simply kept running. It was rather pathetic when he thought about it, but he was a dog being chased by a pride of the things.

When he was finally cornered between a bunch of spear and a hard place, he finally remembered that he had been huge a while back, and so unshrunk himself, until he was more than simply towering over women. He was once again Padfoot the Grim, and barring his teeth scared the women enough to retreat and fall all over themselves, which he could safely say was kind of hot.

He salivated at the thought of the things he could do to the fearful things, they mistook his drool for him wanting to eat them, which caused them to feel more afraid, and so one of them decided to pray to one of their cat gods.

The prayers of the cat woman were answered, when Padfoot was forced away from the group by the sound of a resounding roar. It wasn't the mewling of some pet cat, but a roar, something that would be expected to come out of the maw of one of the large cats.

The source of the roar was indeed a really large cat, it was roughly the same size as Padfoot, and somehow, he knew that it's name was of all things Minnie, Minnie the Nundu, a nundu being one of the most dangerous magical creatures in the world and looked like a very harmful black panther.

He may be a Grim, but he knew that he was no match for the Nundu before him, but before he could speak, the Nundu spoke, only for him to hear, while the women cowered behind her.

"Why are you harrassing my kittens Padfoot?" the Nundu asked, its voice purring while at the same time booming with a threat of pain in retaliation for the fear he had instilled in the women.

"It looked like fun," was his growled out reply he wasn't about to reveal that he had been scared shitless by them, "What you gonna do about it kitty-cat?"

"I always knew you were a rather dim one," Minnie said, "I'll let you off the hook this one time...again."

"Tch, fine, whatever," Padfoot stated, it was like facing down a superior in a past life of his, or present, he really couldn't recall and it showed on his face as he turned to walk away.

"Hold it right there mongrel," Minnie ordered, and he really couldn't help but obey, something compelled him to not disobey, it was rather frightening and nostalgic at the same time.

"What do you want now?" he said irritably.

"You seem to have a problem," Minnie said concerned, "Share your problem with me, while you may not be one of my kittens, you are still one of mine. I care for those of mine, you should know this as I permit you to keep on living, even though you are a canine."

"I don't feel like it," he said, and actually began to walk away.

"Fine," the Nundu said, and began to evaporate, "Be that way. Your fearlessness, pride, and ability to instill fear will one day be your undoing. Be warned God of Fear, this is the last time I let you abuse your powers."

He feared for his existence for some reason, and so ran off in search of something more familiar, whose familiarity was clearer to him. He found it in the form of a fawn, or so the Being looked to be.

"Padfoot, what troubles you this time? Did Minnie catch you terrifying the kittens again?" the fawn asked.

"Blandior, how in the world did you know that?" Padfoot asked the God of the Harvest and Advice, "I haven't even said anything yet."

"Its the only reason you ever come visit me, that and you need some advice," the fawn replied, "You really should listen to her warning this time. Things could go south for you this time, minimal amnesia notwitstanding. You could be cursed, or worse."

"What could be worse than...hey..how'd you know about the memory problems thing?" Padfoot asked surprised that his friend knew about his little memory problem.

"Its my job to know these things," the fawn replied, "Just as it is yours to instill fear, cause fear, and of course, over come it. I can't help you with your amnesia as I'm not Lismosyni Fos, just Blandior the Fawn."

"Elven God of Amnesia right?" Padfoot asked.

"Right in one," Blandior replied jovially, "Its too bad that we don't really socialize with the other pantheons..."

"That sounds like a field trip, to me," Padfoot said, "Not that I'd mind, there are probably some decent tail to go after with the others, all these cats...yuech...though there are a few lookers among those kittens of Minnie's."

"I wouldn't even go there," Blandior said, "I've seen how you drool at the sight of their helpless forms. Such thoughts and potential actions are bound to get you into some trouble some day."

"I know," Padfoot said, "But I can't help myself. I'm the only massively titanic dog in the pantheon. My cot gets kind of lonely some nights, would be great for a cutey to warm me up some."

"Whatever," the fawn said, "Its a good thing that Minnie didn't permit you to become the one responsible for love, and other such things, catdogs would have become the trend eons ago if that had been the case."

Blandior lived in a cave, not a place that one would think to look for a fawn in, just like all the rest of the Kathodou Tis Gatas pantheon of gods. They all lived in their own caves.

"I...yeah...that was probably a good thing," Padfoot couldn't really help but agree, he really didn't want to imagine such a race populating the world, it was just plain ass hell crazy, it was nuttter than nuts, and even more bonkers than any clown with such a name.

"Well, so now what's your problem, cause if you're going just continuing down the vein of wanting to bed one of those kittens, the only way that that would be possible would be for you lose that hide of yours and become one of them cats," the fawn stated, "You've got to at least remember that we really shouldn't interact with the mortals as we are. Not only does it have the potential of disillusioning our godhoods, but it could also make it possible for bad things to happen, don't bother asking about the bad things, as I'm sure you can come up with such thoughts on your own."

"I'm not that dim," Padfoot retorted, then had to throw a rubber chicken at the fawn when he realized what he had just implied.

Some years or decades passed before anything happened that really shook up his world. Padfoot spent his days doing his job, while staying close to the fawn, as he wasn't all that prepared to venture out into the wide world without a friendly face to remind him that he was suffering from some sort of selective amnesia that not even Minnie was aware existed.

He wasn't one of the popular gods of the Cat People, being a dog made one extremely unpopular, especially considering what his hobbies were. But one day all that changed, he received a great number of prayers, requests for aid. He was actually surprised and only finally reacted when the fawn finally beaned him on the head with one of his antlers, which suddenly retreated back into the fawn's skull. Innocent was better than majestic for the fawn any day.

The pleas for help told him that the world was facing something really big. When he finally came to the battlefield, he witnessed a great number of his fellow gods fighting one of their own. Terata was raging, and was in the process of destroying the world in his rage. Padfoot couldn't simply stand idly by as the world was destroyed around him.

With a lot of impure thoughts in his mind, he leapt into battle making his form as large as he possibly could, and he found to the disbelief of Minnie, that his form was even larger than her. He was about the right size to do battle, proper battle against the dragon.

There was much biting involved, but he dared not once again show any fear, any of his own. While he knew that his powers would have no really effect on his foe, he had to try. He was both fast and strong, and his friend Blandior was cheering him on, as were some of the more violent of the Cat People, of both genders.

He really didn't know that he wanted to be acknowledged just as the others of his pantheon were ackknowledged. It was finally time for Minnie's words of warning to come true.

He was struck by every fist of the dragon and was sent flying and crashing to the ground. His closest friend was by his side in an instant, while a woman appered on the dragon's snout and soothed away his rage.

"You okay?" the fawn asked, in a kind of half fawn half human form, "You really managed to keep the dragon busy, but of course you had help in that. But you really held your own, not even our God of War managed to do that."

"I bagged myself some worshippers?" Padfoot asked hopefully.

"You did," the fawn replied, "Up until the time that one of the others decided to comment that you were trying to usurp the position of the God of War. You lost a lot of potentials, but you've got a few...scant few, but they're there."

"Bummer," Padfoot groaned, "Why'd they think that?"

"Its cause you jumped in right after that Tiger was knocked out, and right before Minnie was about to give the signal to attack en masse," the fawn repleid, "You know, you really should be able to trust us all a bit more. You just lost a lot of glory for your inability to show weakness to your family, and for you recklessness. You didn't even think to ask for some help. Minnie and the kittens value cooperation you know, being a little bit friendlier to the others would have gone a long long way too."

"At least I've got you," Padfoot said.

"I have half a mind to give up on you," the fawn said, "But since I am your friend, I'll still watch your back...now maybe you'll think before you act, and you'll not be so 'I'm the God of Fear, Fear me'. Minnie's not happy with you, even with your good job."

Minnie was indeen not very happy with Padfoot's actions, and so banished him from the high and lofty heavens where the other gods of the Cat People were permitted to reside when not in their caves. Not that Padfoot ever really ventured there, he only went there when Blandior was over there, which that fawn regularly did. So the Grim was for a time deprived of his friend. His other punishement for his selfish actions was that he could no longer roam the world of the mortals in his giant form, unless he was specifically summoned or called up by someone, someone that was not Blandior.

There was also the restrictions placed on his powers, he couldn't go all god-mode in his the mortal realm anymore, but he could still use the powers in smaller doses, he was a god that had enough restrictions on him to make him only a very powerful demigod. It was frustrating, but taught him not only humility, but also how to interact with others, and how to be more likeable. Blandior said as much on one of his routine visits to make sure his friend was alright living amongst a tribe of Cat People, he was their kind of warder of beasts, as he used his powers of fear to drive away any that wished harm upon the tribe.

One day, as most stories go, Padfoot or Orion as he was called, was approached by the village cheiftain. Since he had protected the tribe for many years, the cheiftain offered the god one of his granddaughters as a wife for the protector of the tribe. It was an honor so Orion accepted the offer, and soon they were married.

They lived away from most of the tribe, her name was Hester, and for some reason when they were joined as mates, Orion had chosen the name Black to represent their union. Hester didn't really understand or know how her husband was able to instill so much fear in all those that would wish her tribe harm. But she accepted him for his ability, they were joined as one now, and no matter what she found out about him she would always stand by his side, even if he turned out to be one of those wolfmen, which was very unlikely to be true, or so she thought.

A year into their union, a war broke out between some of the larger tribes, a war which their tribe kept out of. During the battles, Orion would vanish from the village in which the tribe lived. During those times there were those that believed he went out into the surrounding forest to make sure that none of the fighting spilled into their area. They didn't want to participate in the fighting after all.

Each time that a battle took place, near or far, Orion would vanish without a trace not even bothering to inform his mate about his leaving. She suspected that he was keeping something from her, and that he was not simply defending the village, but actually going out to fight in the war. She went to her grandfather one day to ask for some advice regarding the matter. He confided in her that he too had his own suspicions, but didn't want to say anything as there had been no proof.

Then one day, some spies found their village, but they were scared off for their ill intentions which Orion managed to pick up. And by the way, Minnie cursed his more mortal form to be that of a panther-man. The spies returned and instead of wanting to enter the village, they observed it. They quickly noticed a pattern, one where the main village protector vanished everytime a battle took place, one of the big battles.

They reported to their superiors about the treasure they had found in terms of slaves, as that was how they viewed ther residents of the village. They planned their attack on the village to coincide with one of the protector's disappearing acts.

As soon as the next battle took place and Orion vanished, the spies and their forces attacked without mercy. All they cared about was taking slaves, while simply not bothering with those too old to be off use. The cheiftain was one of those that they left behind, he was also one of the few that had actually been spared from the blade, his house one of the ones spared the torch.

When Orion returned to the village after fighting in the war his side actually winning for once, he was met with the pointed end of a spear held by the cheiftain of the village himself. It was pointed right at him, and the elder cat was really mad, and it was only then that he noticed the death and destruction that was all around him.

"What happened here?" he demanded of the elder cat.

"Don't you take that tone with me you traitor!" the elder cat shouted as he tried to skewer Orion, "You made us trust you! Then you led them here! I was suspicious of your disappearances, then now this happens! I shouldn't have trusted you!"

"Hey! Easy there old one! I didn't betray anyone!" he said defensively, holding out his hands in a placating manner, "I just came back from..." he knew he had said too much.

"Came back from where? Fighting? That's very hard to prove since the village has just been attacked," the elder said, not lowering the spear on inch, "You were our protector. We trusted you with our safety, I trusted you with my granddaughter. And now look at us! The tribe is ruined! All because of YOU!"

Instead of simply threatening to skewer Orion with the spear, the old cat actually thrust it through Orion's solar plexus. The god in mortal form's powers kicked in, as the situation called for his instant healing, god's simply do not die in such a pathetic fashion.

The action of the spear point being forcibly pushed out by the healing of the mortal form of the god scared the remaining villagers more so than any other power that Orion had at his disposal. He was supposed to be dead, with an injury that he had received any other man would have instantly died or at least would be dying. But he remained standing, but this time with a disbelieving look on his face.

"I'll forgive you for the puncture wound," Orion said, remaining in his mortal form, "But I have been potecting you all these years. I've even been in the war fighting to keep the war from spreading here...but it seems that I was mistaken in my decision to go willingly away...I am sorry for not being here in the village's time of need..."

"Y-you..." the elder cat said, as he retreated a number of steps away from Orion, "W-what are you?"

"That doesn't matter right now," Orion said realizing that there was a big chance that his mate had also been taken by the village's attackers, "Who attacked? What tribe? What clan? What pride? What pack? Tell me.."

"Why...?" the elder cat said not understanding what was going on.

"Just tell me who they were!" Orion shouted, his tone showing just how pissed or worried he was, the survivors couldn't really tell.

"They were mostly tigermen," one of the other survivors supplied, "If you are telling the truth that you did not betray us, then return those taken to us."

"I'll go," he said, turning around and walking away, not even bothering to check on his home, "I'll come back with all of them, on my back if need be."

"Don't you dare return without them!" some of the other survivors shouted, he simply nodded as he continued walking away.

Instead of wandering in some random direction, he made his way to Blandior's home, as it was better to be prepared then simply go to wherever he needed to go unprepared anc cause the deaths of those he had sworn to protect.

He actually threw stones at the entrance of the cave, as it was the only thing he could think of doing to knock on his friend's door so early in the morning. It was a cranky fawn that pushed aside the door to his home.

"What do you want?" the fawn said crankily, "It had better be important or heads will roll and I don't mean cabbage!"

"It's me! I need help!" Orion said, as he looked up at the rather large fawn.

"Oh...Padfoot, its you," the fawn said and ushered his friend inside his home, "So...what you need my help for?"

"Shouldn't you already know?" Orion asked.

"I normally would," the fawn said, "But not all is right in the world, what with all this fighting going around. Not that many prayers coming my way, so I'm not so in tune with the world as I would like to be."

"Some of Con Ho's main worshipers took my tribesmen and my mate while I was out fighting," Orion stated, "I need help."

"I can tell you where to go," the fawn said, "But I can't go with you. I can also tell you that no gods will be permitted to fight in god-mode on the battlefield, Minnie has finally forbidden it after your side's victory. The sects shall be informed of this before the next battle."

After getting the directions, Orion made his way to the great fortress where those he had sworn to protect were being kept, the fawn had sworn to send word in case the people were moved. All he had were his limited powers, and a bunch of weapons he had forged for himself in the fawn home and forge. He made himself a set of armor and weapons that were almost exactly like the ones he used when he went to battle as a summoned god.

He had asked his friend if it were possible to circumvent the curse placed on him by Minnie. The reply was that while it could not be circumvented, it could be broken. But another god had to do something that would warrant the breaking of the curse, like interferring with the curse, with the punishment, like going out of one's way to do something harmful to the cursed one.

While he may not have been allowed to go into his god form, he was allowed even by the curse to change his appearance minimally. While not allowed to assume his giant form, he could take on the form of a large dog, or of a grim, or the form of a pitch black wolfman that looked like his godform, but pint sized compared to that form.

He was a lone wolf, he arrived at the gates of the fortress that held the main army of the kingdom that served Con Ho during the war of domination over the race. It was also where his mate was being kept. She was not one of the more attractive ones of the tribe, but she was beautiful enough for him, he was biased in that she was his mate after all.

He didn't bother knocking and simply knocked the gate down, he blew the thing off with a swing of one of his hammers, he had two massive ones strapped to his back. The defenders acted accordingly, and attacked the tresspasser, thinking that he was one of their enemies, a regular overpowered one, and not an enraged god, one that had managed to last longer against Terata than their own patron god managed to.

When his hammers no longer sufficed, he restrapped them to his back then began tearing his enemies to pieces with his bare claws. They didn't stand a chance, as in his rage his aura was nearly at the point that it could rival his aura on the battlefield as a summoned god. He was that mad, the longer he fought, he thought of his mate, and what could have befallen her. It was a rather new experience for him, and he could swear that the Fawn was cheering him on.

Half way through the fortress he paused on his massacre when he was confronted by a group of six kneeling figures, half of them male, the other half female.

"Lord, allow us to fight by your side," one of the females said, "We heard reports about a new shipment of slaves for the people of Con Ho, and came to try and save them from such a fate. Allow us to fight alongside you."

"Very well," he replied, and simply walked through their ranks, striding purposefully, "On second thought, go free the prisoners, I'm sure you know where they are all being held. I'm going after the ringleader of this, I have a feeling Con Ho is behind this."

"You are not sure, my Lord?" one of the males asked, confused.

"The Nundu has cursed me," he admitted, "I am a little bit mortal in this form."

"Then allow at least one of us to accompany you," one of them said.

"No," he replied, "I already have another ally on my side. Go and save the prisoners. I have a tiger to skin."

When he finally reached what must be considered as the throne room, instead of finding the king of the kingdom, he found Con Ho sitting on the throne, with a leash attached to several females of the tribe that Orion had sworn to protect. He then noticed his mate at the bottom of the steps leading up to the throne, her bleeding and battered form laying there unmoving, but he knew that she was still alive due to the connection they shared as mates.

"You bastard," Orion growled out, "I knew you had a hand in this."

"What else was I to do?" the Tiger said, "Was I simply to wait for another potential Apocalypse to occur to regain what I lost to you against Terata? Of course not! I felt the curse was too small a punishement, and decided to exact my own. Deal with it O Uncaring Cur."

'Ask him if he started the war to hurt you..' the voice of the Fawn entered his mind, and so asked the question.

"Of course I did! What better reason to snuff the lives out of hundreds than by doing so with the goal of shaming you, of destroying you! Tell me how it felt to feel fear O God of FEAR!" Con Ho roared as he flung the females on the leash to the bottom of the short flight of stairs.

"Thanks for the confirmation," Orion growled, "I can stop holding back now..." he then began transforming right before the eyes of the females that were still conscious even after their treatment at the hands of the God of War, "Time to pay for harming my people, and most especially my mate! To harm her was to harm me! Feel my wrath!"

The boundaries between the mortal and immortal realms were torn asunder as Padfoot howled a great reality shattering howl. The fear of all gods was to cease existing as well as the shattering of reality. The werewolves a continent away heard the howl, and responded in kind, along with Crimson and Azure adding their own howls to grant the god more strength for the beating he was about to deliver.

When the howling ceased and the boundary between the realms was sufficiently repaired, Con Ho's battered body was flung at The Nundu's paws, the tiger landing with a resounding crash, blood dribbling out of his mouth. The Nundu could do nothing, even though the Tiger was one of her kittens, she had rules and laws in place that even she could not break, lest the balance was broken, and she couldn't have that. There was also the fact that the Tiger brought the suffering to himself.

As a god once again, he had a number of abilities at his disposal, one of them being the ability to instantly heal any injury, and since his mate was connected to him on the soul-level, he could heal her in an instant, which was what he did indeed do. She remained unconscious however, and so he carried her protectively in his arms as he reverted into his Orion form.

He carried her out of the place, while he telekenetically brought the unconscious and forcibly stunned females with him out of the fortress which began to crumble to the ground as the army and its leader that had formerly held base there ran for home as they were made aware of the resounding defeat of their patron god by the hands, claws, paws, and maw, of the God of Fear himself, a god that had only been seen doing battle on the battlefield ripping apart the many monsters that the Tiger nation had used to do battle.

When he was finally reunited with the villagers that had been taken and then some, along with those soldiers that had snuck into the fortress with the intention of saving the prisoners, he conjured up a Grim a fourth the size of his largest form, and had the people get on its back, as he rode on the head with his mate still in his arms.

The ride back to the village was spent in silence as the villagers couldn't for the life of them figure out how the one that they thought and were told was a traitor had saved them and was taking them home. The soldiers from the panther kingdom which their small tribe was in a way a part of, delighted in the free ride as they also had a second mission of delivering a message to the cheiftain of the village they were all now heading for.

Once they reached their destination, the feeling of the villagers were rather mixed, and so they all voted, the elder cat managing to sway the people into banishing Orion from the village no matter what he had done for them and no matter what he supposedly was, as he did not volunteer to prove his divinity.

Hester had chosen to follow him to the ends of the world, not really caring that he wasn't really a pantherman but a wolfman. She still loved him. The soldiers from the panther nation offered to join them on their journey into the unknown, but their offer was refused.

Blandior met with the pair as they made their way to Padfoot's cave. Blandior delivered a message from Minnie that the union of the mortal and immortal was recognized by the lofty heavens, and Hester was granted the state of immortality, but was not granted a larger spirit form and only had her mortal form and the abiltiy to transform into a regular sized panther. She didn't mind, and was happy so long as she got to stay with Padfoot for the rest of eternity.

It really surprised the couple when they had their first litter of pups and kittens, as of the lot there had been a single purely human of the litter, the eldest of the brood. They treated all of their children the same. When their children were fully grown and left the cave to start families of their own...Sirius simply woke up. The god part of him continuing to go about his life as a god subconsciously, while the human and wizard part of him began to go about his new life as a free man, while a thought nagged at the back of his mind, like he was forgetting something very important. He supposed that he'd probably remember whatever it was in time, when the time was right or something like that.

He went through what he believed his daily routine should be made up off, wake up, get dressed, eat, try to figure out what to do with his life, eat, continue to figure out what to do with his life, eat, get dressed, go to bed, sleep. That was the way he lived his first week of Summer during the days, the nights were spent as Padfoot the Grim or Orion Black the immortal wolfman whose wife was a pantherwoman.

When the week was finally up, Sirius's nights changed, he woke up with the unique form of amnesia he awoke in some other place in the distant past in the midst of a grove, that was not purple in color, but had a ring of flowers around him there. The first thought that entered his mind was that it was a fairy ring, or a very magical transporter that simply looked like one of those demented things that could trap a man for a hundred years without making it seem like that to the man in question.

"Ah, Pitch," a voice interrupted his inner musings and wonderings of where in the world and time he was, "I see you've finally arrived, Crimson has been waiting, and you should know that he doesn't like to be kept waiting."

"Ah...yeah," Pitch said, as he recalled that that was indeed his name and that he was a god, but of what he wasn't all that sure yet, he supposed that it would come to him in time, "Sorry about that, was lost in thought...hehe."

"Whatever," Azure said as he lead his fellow Being to the camp fire, the camp fire located in the middle of another grove this one glowing an eerie green.

"So you've finally arrived," Crimson noted, then returned to poking the fire with a flag pole.

"Sorry I'm late...I can't seem to remember what I was doing though," Pitch said as he took a seat on the west log of the four logs that denoted the four cardinal directions, "Maybe you know the answer?"

"I do," Crimson admitted, "But you don't really need to know that. Let's get down to business gentlemen."

"Alright," Azure said as he too took a seat on the Southern side opposite Crimson, he took out a notebook to take down the minutes of the meeting, they were missing one more member but that particular god wasn't really needed at this particular meeting, "I'm ready."

"Let's get this thing over with...so I can get back to doing whatever it is that I do around here," Pitch said, trying to fish for answers to his ponderings about his missing memories.

"Right then," Crimson said, and the other two could tell that he was in a more serious mode rather than the relaxed one he had taken while poking the fire with a flag pole of all things, "As you both know, we three are members of the quad of primary gods for the Vampire and Werewolf races, while also being members of other pantheon's of gods but serving minor roles...sort of..."

"We do," both Azure and Pitch said instantly.

"Good," Crimson continued, "Our fourth member is out in the wilds dealing with some disagreements with some of the other gods. Pitch, you don't need to worry about those things, just stick to the transformations, as well as to your minor role as god of fear of the dark. Azure, I assure you that the birth rate of new blood will continue to rise for several years. The protections shall be kept in place above those places you did mention in our last meeting."

"Thank you," Azure said gratefully, "But I doubt that that is our agenda for this evening's meeting."

"Indeed it is not," Crimson said, "I summoned you two here that we might apply a countermeasure or safety, like a gun-lock, to the Seals of Servitude that are in mere moments to be placed on the King of the Vampires. Time has finally caught up with that bloodthirsty and slightly insane King of the Night. A rather gifted mortal man has partnered up with one of the Crowleys, and has set out to trap Nosferatu, to enslave him until he has learned his lesson. As he is indeed the first, he does not deserve such a fate, he already lost to me for his arrogance and pride, he does not deserve to serve a lesser being for a lengthy period of time."

"While I might agree with you," Azure said, "What are we to do? This is a multi-racial matter, one where our single Quad may not simply act directly with the mortal realm. It just isn't done, the others may think it unfair that we may meddle with such mortal affairs, King or not."

"True, we may not directly interfere with the affairs of mortals, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we may not help one of our responsibilities in getting a way out," Crimson said, "I've already prepared a key and I'm sure that you, Azure, have already found a key hole. That leaves you, Pitch, to be the one to take the Key to the one that will release the King of the Night from his cursed bondage."

"I'll do it! What do you need to do?" he said excitedly, "I'm up for the job!"

"So eager to please, just like the dog that you are, I see," a fourth speaker's voice filtered into the grove. It belonged to the fourth member of the Quad, Ivory the Pearl Chain, who took her rightful seat across from Pitch the Onyx Molder.

"Whatever you Crumple Horned Snorkack," Pitch said dismissively, "You're just jealous I got picked and you didn't."

"I don't really need to be at this meeting, I only chose to be here," Ivory stated, "Unlike you, the perpetually late one of us four."

"What have you come to report?" Crimson asked her, acting as if she and Pitch were not exchanging witty banter with one another.

"I've soothed their egos, though my descendants have been cursed by some of the other gods, its nothing that I couldn't handle," she replied, "Sehanine even dared to insult my Snorkacks! Can you believe it! I wanted to gouge out those elven eyes and feed 'em to a Tentacruel!"

"Pokemon aren't..." Pitch began to say but was interrupted by a sledgehammer the size of Mount Everest hitting him on the head, which hurt.

"Don't you dare finish that sentence!" she raged, "I may be the official communications expert and problem solver, but that doesn't mean that I too don't have a minor role to play in the greater scheme of things! I'm the Goddess of Belief and Disbelief! I'm Loony! I'm even my own ancestor and descendant rolled into one! And...I'm GONNA KILL YOU!"

"Can't catch me!" Pitch said as he ran circles around the camp fire, followed by Ivory and her sledgehammer that boggled the mind.

"Enough," Crimson ordered asserting his authority while grabbing the scruffs of their necks and slamming them back into their seats while Azure continued jotting down what was going on, including the running around like lunatics of his fellow higher powers, "Can we now get back to our original purpose?"

"Yes, Sir!" the two that had previously been running around said with as much seriousness as they could lest Crimson do something terribly frightening.

"Good," the Blood Red Warrior said clasping his hands together then continued the original train of conversation, "I need you, Pitch, to hide the key that I shall give you later somewhere where no matter who you are you will know that the key is wherever you place it. I also want you to leave a message with the key telling the you that does not know that he is Pitch to take the key to Harry James Potter. Do you understand me?"

"I am not Dumbledore," Pitch immediately responded, then got a sheet of paper and a ballpoint pen from Azure to begin writing down the message, he ended the message with the immortal words of the Marauders also known as Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.

"You definitely are not," Crimson and Ivory said at exactly the same time.

"Jinx," Crimson followed up while pointing at Ivory with a marshmallow, then addressed Azure, "Salus Proficio is to deliver the package to you know who."

"Voldemort?" Azure asked.

"I will turn you into a pile of seaweed for that kid in Yakitate Japan to turn into a loaf of bread if you make such a corny joke like that again," Crimson stated monotonously to the point that the other three in the grove could have sworn that they heard the Devil shouting copyright infringement, "Do I make myself clear?"

"With Pond's whitening cream!" Azure said, not being able to help himself, then he noticed sparks igniting on Crimson's fingertips, "...I-I...CRYSTAL!"

"Meth!" Ivory said, ignoring her state of being jinxed.

"Silence!" Pitch shouted, "I'm trying to concentrate! Now how do I spell people...is that with the 'o' first or the 'e'...?"

Needless to say the only sounds that were heard after the semi-whispered statement was the sound of the crackling camp fire in the middle of the grove. Crimson was only mildly dumbstruck, while Ivory and Azure were openly gaping at their fellow god and member of the Quad of Night Gods, as they had decided to call themselves. They were after all that big of big time gods in the immortal realm as they represented two races and not just the one like most other gods.

The semi-silence lasted until Pitch finished his scribbling of chicken scratches. He sent the note away to the place where he would hide the key later when it was given to him, which was exactly one minute and two seconds after he sent the message on its way. Which made the key follow soon after.

"What?" Pitch said when he finally noticed the trio staring at him, Crimson stared as he didn't think that a god could actually and truly be so unaware of his own surroundings like Pitch could apparently be. He chalked it up to the lack of a moon in their little patch of the immortal realm being the cause of Pitch's innattentiveness.

"Nothing," Crimson said, "Moving on...I also want you to think of...no...not think of..,something close to nearly half of the population of lycanthropes in the world, more specifically Europe, have been losing faith and have also forgotten much of their heritage and the heritage of their race. I want you to locate someone in the future that goes by the same name as the prophet. I want you to convince him to turn back to the old ways of the world and of his race, and bring back his brothers and sisters into the fold. Do you think you can do that?"

"I can and will surely try," Pitch said, "Who is this prophet I am to convince to bring the masses back to us?"

"You'll know him when you see him," Crimson said.

"I think I know who you're talking about Crimson," the Topaz Healer said, "I didn't think you would or could bother to trouble and trust the degenerate mutt with such an honorable and important task such as this. What if he bungles it up?"

"Ivory will take care of him by filing his papers of request for castration at the Ministry of Magic where he spends most of his more mortal life in the future," Crimson stated, at which Ivory grinned a grin so scary that Azure nearly shat his pants at the sight of it. Pitch on the otherhand, failed to notice or even hear the threat which Crimson had just more or less decreed, and his decree, his word, was something that even the highest of the highest or viewed as the highest of the highest powers of the different pantheons of gods of the different races could not overturn, no matter what form he took after all, he was still and always would be Magic himself.

"Meeting adjourned then?" Azure asked, as he noticed that Crimson no longer had any more proclamations to announce or new topics to discuss amongst them.

"For the time being," the Warrior said, "But I expect that the next time I call a meeting you all come on time. Making me wait is something which is not really all that respectful to me, you all should know that."

As the three gods made their way out of the grove, Crimson suddenly called out to them as the entire world shook beneath their feet and the air around them grew rather oppressive.

"What in those five's names was that!" Ivory and Pitch exclaimed at the exact same time, it was unlike anything they had ever felt before, even the presence or aura of Magic himself could not compare to the moment of oppressive negativity that they had felt press down on them.

"Be weary young warriors, young soldiers of fortune, for the future isn't as clear as it once was, the way, the truth, and the light are no longer as transparent as they once were," Crimson simply whispered, Azure was able to detect a hint of uncertainty in his friend and mentor's voice, while the other two simply focused on his words, "Times are changing rapidly and far too suddenly for our liking. There are things in motion that are unchangeable, that will take hard work, dedication, and possibly the help of external forces to undo and replant back to the way things were. Back to the right path, not the righteous path, but to the closest existence to the best possible reality as possible."

"What do you mean to say?" Azure asked, hoping for some clarity.

"That presence, that force which we ALL felt...it was unlike anything I had ever felt before...not even the Founding had felt like it...the Entrance shook and the Exit was nearly sealed...the Five are troubled," Crimson stated gravely.

"I'm lost," Pitch said, "What happened in the land beyond beyond?"

"Much," Crimson said, after calming down, once again only Azure noticed the change in his friend and mentor, "Much happened. It may have only been but a moment for us four, but for those five it was surely a great eternity, one which they are still coping from and recuperating. Stray not from the path young friends and comrades...look to the future...and the brighter and better tomorrow."

"Why are you suddenly saying such things now?" Azure asked, slightly confused, he had only felt a fraction of the near disaster that had shook the very foundations which the five had sprouted from after all.

"Pay the reason for my caution no mind, simply heed my words," Crimson stated, "Never give up, and never surrender. Never waver from the path you set out to walk down, never waver from the goal you wish to obtain, to reach, to grasp. Stick to your beliefs, to your ideals, to your selves. Strive for the greater, the brighter, and better tomorrow, for it shall surely come into being if you work hard enough and believe enough. We must succeed. No matter what. All of our futures depend on it."

"Crimson," Azure said, "You're kind of scaring me."

"Just remember," Crimson steely said, his suddenly hardened gaze staring deeply into the souls of his companions, and Azure knew without a doubt that Magic was communicating with all of His, all of those under his power, all of those that viewed him as one of the, if not, highest powers in all of Imagination.

"We shall remember," Azure, Pitch, and Ivory said, "There shall be nothing that shall stand in our way to our goals for too long. We shall surpass and conquer everything that needs conquering."

"Good," Crimson said, as his gaze left them, and all of Magic returned to one single entity, and gazed into the flames of the camp fire which glowed a calming and warm glow, the color of a regular camp fire. There was trouble in all of Imagination, and Crimson had felt it, just as he was sure his cousins had felt it as well.


He had a purpose to fulfill. He didn't know really how in the world the package he had found had arrived in the place where he kept his secret stash of My Little Pony paraphernalia. It was a tiny little thing, no bigger than his littlest finger, it came with a message, one that looked to have been written in his handwriting just a little bit more...formal and clean looking, but still chicken scratches compared to the handwriting of his friend Remus "Moony" Lupin.

The message was not only addressed to him, but somehow managed to convince him to peform the task that was given to him. It consisted of his taking the package with him to his godson, a godson which he knew next to nothing about, save for whatever everyone else in the country or the world knew, the general populace that is, and not the truly immortal one.

He didn't know the reason behind the delivery of the package to his godson, but he believed that it was something big, something incredibly important for some reason. Which was why he also decided to let his remaining best friend in on the secret.

He really didn't care all that much about his werewolf of a friend having abandoned him all those years to a supposed fate worse than death only for his supposed tormentors being the cause for his release back into proper society, whatever the hell that was as he didn't really care much for what was proper himself. The two men had tested the package for anything harmful or hurtful to his godson, they didn't want to be the accidental cause of the demise of Harry Potter, just because they were careless when it came to the handlling of some unknown item which they could not untie for the life of them, as if the thing, as they later found out, was sealed tightly with blood seals so numerous that it would need a human body's worth of blood to unseal.

It was on Harry's birthday that his godfather and close friend decided to go visit him. It took a hefty amount of money from their combined coffers, as Remus had put his foot down, when it came to bribing the goblins in letting them know where in the world was Harry Potter as his whereabouts, or he himself was even more elusive than the muggle known as Carmen SanDiego. The goblins were laughing slightly behind their backs as they left, since the little bastards knew that had they simply asked the Dementors for the whereabouts of Harry Potter, they would have been not only given directions, but brought to the young immortal.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin found Harry Potter sleeping while being hugged by, of all things, a Snorlax. They may not have known what a Pokemon was, but they did know that what the hell they had found was not something found in the magical part of the world. It was certainly and obviously foreign to their world. It was too...comfrotable looking, it was so domo arigato mister roboto for the thing to have been a native to the Lands of Hogwarts.

Before they managed to poke the thing with a perfectly pointy looking conjured piece of wood, the thing woke up and threw Harry, who was still sleeping, high up into the air. The two men, immortal and mortal alike, couldn't help but freak out as they weren't aware of Harry's immortality. It was two frightened and panicky men that Harry found as he landed gracefully on the ground.

"What in the world are you two headless chickens acting all panicky about?" Harry asked as he stared at the two men that were running around the clearing in which the Snorlax had previously been using Harry as a teddy bear while holding their heads and shouting about being murdered by Lily and James when their time came to cross over to the other side of the Veil which separated the living from the dead. Zombies and the undead were not really considered as really and truly dead.

-Bump! Crash! Bam! Boom! Screech!-

"AHH!" Remus shouted.

"Get it off me! Get it off me! Get it off me!" Sirius shouted as he ran around the edge of the clearing chasing Remus, as the man had several big eggplants with claws and sharp teeth clinging to his body.

Not wanting to wait for the eggplants to stop munching on the god, since their diet consisted of energetic things like panicking civilians in a forest that was supposedly forbidden from being entered by civilians due to the great and nigh infinite number of dangerous, strange, and otherwise fatal injury inflicting monsters found within it. Harry flung the mutated vegetables off of the mutt and flung them deep into the forest, causing them to land right smack dab on Medusa's chopping board as she was preparing some mid afternoon snacks for Magus who was reading another issue of Archie Comics, he wasn't all that much of a fan of that Kevin Keller dude, not that he could really do anything about the introduction of the character and how he was played by Jughead in that particular issue.

"Well?" Harry said as he crossed his arms in front of him, and stared at the two men, expecting a response.

"Hi," Sirius meekly greeted the supposedly young man.

"Hello," Remus too greeted, but not as meekly for some reason, it was probably due to his frequent classes with the young man.

"Alright, hello to you two too, now what?" Harry asked, curiously, well slighly curiously as he knew one of the reasons why his godfather sought him out.

"First of all, I found a package that needed to be delivered to you," Sirius said as he walked over to Harry nad passed him the package, before stepping back to stand by his friend, "I also wanted to see you, maybe get to know you a little bit better."

"I'm into the fairer sex thank you very much," Harry stated deadpan.

"I'm not GAY!" Sirius shouted causing all the birds in the surrounding area to flee.

"Oh my god! So that's why you kept hanging around the boy's showers back in school!" Remus gasped, and acted all shocked and stuff, fake shocked and stuff though as he was only teasing his friend who was clearly not a poof or a ponce, but a horny dog, that humped nearly anything and everything that moved or was in a skirt, which caused some problems on some summers.

"That was definitely not the reason for my hanging around there," Sirius stated seriously as he semi-pouted, "I was merely waiting for all the guys to leave, so I could do some illegal experiments on my pecker. I'll have you know that I managed to get some junk enhancement spells patented before I graduated. I wanted to be able to tell future generations of Blacks that I did something worthwhile in my life."

"I pity your children," Remus said, as he knew the kinds of spells that Sirius must have concocted.

"Enough," Harry said, reigning in his chuckles as he did find the pair of them a little bit entertaining, he couldn't wait for Sirius to merge with his immortal selves and find out that he was married and is his own ancestor, "Thanks for coming. I was running out of ideas for what to do for the summer. Thanks for delivering the package as well, I know that the one who will benefit from its contents will appreciate the gift of freedom it shall bring for him."

"You're a broomstick chaser aren't you," Sirius said, he wasn't really in his right mind, not that he ever really was ever since his entirety had been split into immortal and mortal pieces scattered throughout time, magic, and space.

"That does it," Harry said, then pulled out a silver coin which he turned into a silver bow and arrow set and began raining sharp pointy and silver death down upon his godfather and the former professor of the school in which Harry attended. The two men were certainly quite agile even in their advanced age.

They managed to dodge all of the arrow, numbering in the thousands which were fired at them at a speed so fast that light became really jealous of the speed in which they flew. It was quite an amazing sight, if only someone was there to appreciate Harry's ability with a bow, but those that were watching chalked it up with his being an elf.

It took Remus and Sirius' combined efforts to placate Harry and apologize for inserting him in their childish banter. The apology accepted, the three men had a night on the town, an experience that Harry appreciated as he didn't really do much like it even though he was technically some really high higher power. It was an enjoyable experice which the two men helped him undertake.

It was a week later that Sirius and Remus finally were able to say that they knew Harry well enough to count him as one of their friends, while not as the psuedo-nephew that they were hoping for, a friend was indeed welcome. Remus, though, found Harry's ability to make girls go gaga with his presence rather irksome, as he, Remus was rather jealous of the attention. Attention that he had not been able to garner even while being a member of the Marauders.

"You just gotta be a little bit more...confident in yourself," Harry said after sending a set of twins into blissful unconsciousness by simply smiling at them from across the street, "Girls don't really like a loser...at least all the ones I've encountered. Some wolf you are," he said a little bit disappointedly, which caught Remus' attention.

"What do you mean by that last statement?" Remus asked the young prince of magic.

"The part about the wolf?" Harry asked, then explained, "I meant that the wolves of the wild have no problems when it comes to being confident, they don't let others dictate to them what to do, what is proper, and such. The lone wolf is a rather mysterious creature, and as you know the mysterious ones are the most interesting out of all the wolves in the world. They have a unique air of confidence about them, with the ability to simply blend in, appear, and disappear. They are both feared and liked by many."

"Why are you telling me this?" Remus asked.

"Well, cause you are kind of a lone wolf," the youth stated, "Sirius is in a way unavailable, off the market, which leaves you as the only one that is still unattached. A lone wolf, with your prey being all those lovely wolves in the world. I can actually think of a couple of fine specimens that wouldn't mind bagging one with your stamina and endurance. If you know what I mean."

"I..I don't think such a thing is proper, especially in a conversation involving a just turned fourteen year old," Remus stated, as he shifs his attention to a pair of french girls, as the three of them were in Paris, France, for their outing of the day. Remus never really bothered to ask Harry how he managed to get them to such places every time the three of them went out.

"Tch, shows what you know," Harry said, "I'm gonna go do some shopping, wander around or whatever, I'll meet you back at the bank later today, same time, same place, same channel...damn it."

Harry did a little one sided waltz in the middle of the road while a bunch of cars simply passed right through him, before Remus decided that it was probably time to hit the bars as he couldn't believe what he had seen. He had also started to believe that Harry was actually James as a ghost, come to haunt him for not bothering to look after the son of one of his best friends.

Harry did indeed turn himself into a pseudo-ghost, and when Remus finally left him to his own devices, Harry went straight to London, in the underground where a battle was taking place on the deserted tracks of a walled of section of the underground catacombs of the city.

"my heart still aches for you...my love..." Harry whispered as he appeared, he surprised himself by thinking that, he decided to take it as a sign that he might be close to finding his love, stick to the path, and obtain his goal at all and almost any cost. But first, he had a package to deliver, one that would surely help the side of the war he wished would gain the upper hand.

As he walked through the underground, his ears were locating the sounds of the most fighting, there were indeed only two sides in the conflict, the side of the vampires, and the side whose leader saw all of those that were not serving under him as things to dispose of, a practice and belief that had been going on for far too long. They were slightly above the faction that had lost the ability to respect those that served them, to see those that served them as more than pawns.

Harry believed that the greatest weapon again the monsters of the night had suffered enough at the hands of a mortal line of hunters. So he assumed the form of a child, which was what he must have looked like as a five year old, and ventured forth to where the King of the Night was battling one of his toughest foes, a regenerator that was far too loyal to be allowed to live, and continue to serve a corrupt white organization.


They had been battling one another for more than four hours, neither one actually tiring, while also not having at least landed a critical blow to their enemy. There was only one spectator to their fight, as the others that could have been watching the two commanders from the sidelines had decided to battle against each other as well.

Blessed silver blades and custom pistols clashed against blessed blades and pages from the Bible. Two immortal warriors exchanged blows, neither managing to really injure their foe, neither managing to inflict enough damage to gain the upper ground, until a near miss managed to hit a civilian. Seras Victoria was hit close to her heart by a stray blessed silver bullet, it was an action that caused Alucard, the Master Vampire to briefly pause. Something which nearly cost him his ilfe.

The deranged assassin of a priest, Alexander Anderson was prepared to deliver the killing blow, the strike that would end the line of Father of the Vampire Royal House, when time suddenly stood still.

The Vampire stood stock still, his crimson gaze locked on the dying form of his childe, the first woman in centuries that he had turned. He had stopped in his tracks as it was his weapon that was causing her to fade from the land of the unliving, and there was seemingly nothing he could do about it. While the bullet may have barely missed a direct hit on her heart, it had still passed far too close to not cause any damage to one of the most important organs in a vampire's body.

"Are you simply going to stand there? Do nothing? Some King you turned out to be," Harry stated as he walked from out of a shadow and stopped right behind the vampire king, "Are you simply going to accept such a thing to happen? Are you not Alucard, the legendary vampire that it took the combined might of a Hellsing, a Belmont, and a Crowley, to enslave you while you were in your berserker state?"

"I...who are you?" the master vampire asked as he turned to face the new arrival, and was definitely shocked to find a five year old child, dressed in a black shirt with the words 'the bell tolls' written on it with purple blue letters, jeans, and a pair of converse sneakers. In his right hand he held a wrapped up package, and in his left hand he held an old fashioned lamp.

"Answer my questions first," the child asked the ageless one.

"I...what can I do?" the vampire asked the younger looking Being, "I am nigh powerless in such a situation, since most of my power is sealed away, so near, yet so far away from me..."

"Have you forgotten the old ways, time moves slower for a child of the night," Harry said, "Have you forgotten who you are? Has your slavery buried your memories so deep that you have forgotten who and what you are?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," the vampire replied, slightly confused, yes he had been finding dark spots in his memory banks, but he didn't think them of much importance, not until this most recent battle against his greatest rival in battle. It shocked him to realize that he had indeed begun to finally lose himself, lose who he is, what made him, him. He had been a pawn for so long, that his mind was beginning to bend to the will of the seals and their original creator.

"I see that you seem to have forgotten who you are Alucard," Harry said and took a step forward and held out the package, "A long time ago, when the seals were still new, you lashed out against your bonds and attempted to escape, unleashing a torrent of power so great that all of your race felt it. A wave of power exploded out of the center of the field of battle, yourself being the epicenter of the wave of power that swept your race, and brother race of the lycanthropes. This power surge was expected by your captors and was used against you, trapping you without most of your power to defend yourself."

"I can honestly say that I remember none of that," the vampire said, his mind temporarily forgetting that his most recent childe lay dying only a few feet away from him, "How does knowing such things help me?"

"Once the seals were firmly in place, you cried out for Crimson's aid, but as it was out of desperation and you didn't really believe that aid would arrive, he did not answer then. You do remember who Crimson is, don't you?" Harry asked, as his form slowly shifted into that of Azure the Topaz Healer, a form which garnered a gasp from the master vampire. Apparently Azure had managed to imprint his image so deep with his act of kindness, that even throgh the amnesiatic field that clouded the master vampire's mind, the memory and identity of the healer remained after all these years.

"I do not...but I do remember you..." he said, "Since you're here...can you heal her too?" he said remembering Seras and motioning to her form, the shock of the injury still plastered on her time paused face.

"I can," Azure said, "But I can think of one better suited to such a task, O King of the Night."

"Who? Who better than you?" Alucard asked, his form too had shifted, from that of the red trench coat and wide brimmed hat wearing weapon of the Hellsing Organization to the black armored form of the King of the Night, complete with blood red cape hanging from his shoulders, a pair of broadswords strapped to his back, and an assortment of knives and daggers hanging from the belt around his waist. The holsters of his guns hidden somewhere within the shadows that danced along his armored form. The only thing missing was a helmet, but a Being such as he deemed a helmet beneath him, even though the Blood Red Warrior did indeed wear a helmet, not that such a powerful Being needed such protective accessories.

"You, of course," Azure stated, "The blood of the Vampires, of all Vampires is tied to you, you are the Father and Founder of the race, we gods are the higher powers, but you are the first of the unliving immortals known as the vampires. It was through your blood and not mine that the first of the second generation was borne into the world."

"What are you saying Lord Azure?" Alucard asked, slightly confused as he couldn't remember everything mentally, but apparently his slowly regenerating power remembered, or was beginning the process of remembering.

"I am saying that Crimson has deemed your time in servitude of a mortal House enough. The rage and insanity you had suffered and were unable to curb and control, have finally been placed in their place," Azure said, "You have for a time been in charge of your entire self. You are now worthy or retaking your Throne as one of the Major powers in the Magical World. So take your power, take the key from mine hand."

The vampire took the wrapped package from the god's extended hand, and unwrapped it onto reveal a small glowing white pearl. It wasn't something that he could recall ever seeing in his lifetime, and it had been a long one. But something deep within himself stirred, some long forgotten power surged forth, up into and banged strongly against the seals that held him prisoner, captive, and slave to the House of Hellsing.

It was a soul pearl, a special one, in that it was the other half of his soul. Vampires were only viewed as being souless beings as through spells and other such magicks it had been proven for centuries that vampires were without some sort of soul. In truth, their collective souls were linked to the freedom of their King. What the Hellsing of old, that family of Belmonts, and the House of Crowley, had managed to accomplish was the separation of the Soul of the Vampire Race from the very core of the race, which was their King himself.

"Well? What are you waiting for? I've just handed you the medicine," Azure said with a hint of impatience in his voice and demeanor, "The choice whether you are going to follow the doctor's prescription, or will not. You decide."

"Time to go down the rabbit hole," Alucard said as he put the pearl in his mouth, closed it, and swallowed, then time simply started flowing again. Azure vanishing temporarily from view as he decided to watch how things played out.

The blessed blades which Alexander Anderson tried to use to end the unlife of his foe shattered upon contact with the vampire's hide, or rather armor, something which had not been there before. He was slightly stunned, which was more than enough time for the King of the Vampires to send two hellhounds to engage the man, as he himself willed the bullet from out of the younger vampire's body, as well as healing any and all damage she had sustained due to his inaccuracy.

"M-master?" Seras said as she was healed, brought back from just out of the reach of the hands of a Death Reaper, "W-what's happening?"

"Seras," he said, "I want you to drink my blood."

It was a simple request, and she didn't know why, but she for the first time willingly complied with it. She didn't really think about it, but she took his arm and sank her fangs into his flesh, and savored the power that suddenly rushed into and through her. It was an exhilarating experience. She became a true vampire the moment she failed to hesitate, and simply gave into his request.

"Thank you," the king said gratefully as she finally accepted who and what she was, she had finally embraced her unlife, and had finally become what she was meant to become, which was powerful.

"Master?" she said, unsure of what to call him, not particularly caring as twin hellhounds begin to devour Alexander Anderson, leaving not a trace of his ever having existed, save for the pair of blessed blades that remained shattered in pieces on the floor.

"Not master," Alucard said, "You have been my conpanion for the longest of times, call me Alucard...no...kindly call me Cain."

"Alright M...Cain," she said, testing out the name, and finding that it kind of suited him, but she didn't understand why he asked her to call him that, nor did she know the significance of such a simple name.

"Good," Cain said, "I've dealt with the trash, its time to bring the Vampire race back to what it once was."

"One country at a time?" Azure asked making his presence known once again.

"It is time to make the Vatican aware that it is not their purpose or right to police other races," Cain answered the god, "I shall straighten out, and end this conflict that has lasted for far too long, as well as continue as I have done, and rid the world of the trash of my kind."

"Who are you, sir?" Seras asked the god, not having been taught about the vampire gods as her former master had nearly forgotten about them himself due to his captivity.

"I am Azure," the god replied, and even tilted his head slightly, "I am an old friend of Cain's."

"You don't look all that old," she said, "Nice to meet you anyway."

"Nice to meet you as well," Azure said, then addressed Cain, "Your people are fighting with the remainder of the Vatican forces. What do you plan on doing, since this particular coven is one of the ones that still adhere to the old ways of your race, they are not one of those young upstarts you were normally sent out to exterminate."

"What else can I do," Cain said as he pulled from their sheaths his twin broadswords and held each in each of his hands, "I haven't used these blades for far too long. I wonder if my skills have rusted."

"They're still as sharp as ever, I'm sure," Azure said, "Since the vampire race shall no longer disintegrate into dust, I shall extend a small helping hand."

"Seras, I need you to gather the injured and bring them to Lord Azure," Cain told the younger vampire, "For he is Azure the Topaz Healer. I'll get you up to speed at a later date, but for now, do as I say, and gather the injured while I wipe out these trash that fight on behalf of a false god."

"I wouldn't really call their god false," Azure said, "Lord Magus doesn't like to be underestimated or insulted, even mildly or accidentally."

"I apologize," Cain said, then began to fade, he addressed the only female of their small group, "Change into something more suitable of the position of Consort of the Night," he was then swallowed up by the shadows, and transported right in the middle of the battle between vampires and the Paladins of the Iscariot Organization.

"What did he mean by what he said?" Seras asked Azure.

"You drank the blood of the King of the Vampires, which can also in some circles be considered as marrying him. So congratulations! Also, what he meant by change into something suitable for your position...well...I guess he expects you to have already integrated the knowledge his blood possessed, and know now how to change your physical appearance, which includes your clothes. He expects you to either be in some form fitting clothes, or armor, whichever you prefer."

"How do I do that exactly, not that I am not aware that we are pressed for time," she said.

"Just will the change to happen," he replied, "And remember, it is not try, it is do."


Cain was having a blast, he had surprised the foes of his race by simply pouring out his bloodlust in the form of a visible crimson aura that glowed around him, forming shapes and making monsters appear from his energy and body. Hellhounds, tentacles, bats, fangs, mouths, you name it, and it was there. He was a literal one man monster that could rival the most frightening of nightmares any child could come up with. Children were more imaginative than a mere adult after all, and their imaginations could run truly wild. Cain was the equivalent of a genius at imagination of a child, when it came to bringing such monsters to life using his powers, aura, energy, or whatever one wanted to call his abilities, and slight insanity.

The vampires were forced to stop and stare as a black armored and crimson caped individual cut his bloody way through the army of paladins with nary a care. They were soon joined by a second vampire in battle armor, and a member of the Jade Order, none other than Salus Proficio who was known as the healer of healers, and was a bit of an outcast of the Order even though he was the best at what he did.

The battle lasted not as long as the vampires believed that it would, as once all of them were healed Ekidisi made an appearance and engaged the paladins in a battle that they would not forget even in their next lives.

Cain sighed after the battle, he had had a great time cutting the mortals into bite sized pieces, but the time for battles and wars had been over for more than a century. As much as he enjoyed wars, he believed that fights should remain in the shadows away from the communities at large.

The coven were more than joyful at being told that their long lost king had finally been found, and had been returned to them with a little help from the Quad of Night Gods. They volunteered to deliver the news to the capital of the vampire race about the return of the King of the Night. They were sure that the capital would rejoice.

After the coven had left, Cain changed into some modern looking clothing, while Seras did the same, choosing pants instead of shorts. Salus decided to stay for a while longer, another part of him had already returned to Remus and Sirius, it was great to be a god, multiple or otherwise.

"What happens now Cain?" Seras asked her husband a fact that her mind still had a hard time wrapping around.

"We inform Sir Integra that we are finally leaving her services," he replied, then shifted his attention to Salus, "What of you healer god?"

"I'll provide some back up," the healer stated, "You might want to wait for some reinfocements before cleaning up London though."

A short while later the trio entered the office of Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing, and Cain simply dropped some resignation papers as a final insult to her and simply left while being followed by not only Seras and Salus, but leaving the compound with a number of soldiers that the Head of the Hellsing Organization thought were loyal to her, as well as the so-called Angel of Death, the butler who had grown dissatisfied with life in the Hellsing Organization.

Harry led the way to Gringotts Bank in order to get some documents as he wanted to provide Cain with a base of operations within London, and what better base was there than one of the Potter properties. The Underworld was a bigger place than it had been more than a hundred years ago, and Cain had a lot of catching up to do. When they got to their destination, Walter Dornez was surprised to find out that there was a world hidden so well from the Hellsing Organization. He wasn't aware that there was more than one community major civilization in the world, that there was more than one major race up until he stepped into Diagon Alley and further inward, into the Bank, the Goblin stronghold itself.

The soldiers milled about outside of the building waiting for their leader, the NoLife King himself, who had not led them in battle, taking on the toughest of opponents while they took out the smaller pieces of trash in the battlezone.

"Salus Proficio to speak with the Goblin in charge of the Potter accounts," Salus said as Cain looked around boredly having seen the innards of the bank before, while Seras continued to look around in wonder and curiosity at the small warriors that ran a bank.

"And what would Salus Proficio want with the Goblin in charge of the Potter accounts?" the Goblin teller that he had approached asked, it was standard proceedure, though he had a nagging feeling that he should know who in the world Salus was but just couldn't for the life of him remember. Then there were his companions, two of them were unknown to him, but the long haired one was unmistakeably a vampire.

"I need to arrange for one of the vacant properties to serve as the London headquarters the King of the Night," Salus simply stated knowing that he would be able to shock the goblin in front of him, which was exactly what happened.

The goblin stood a little bit straighter as he realized the identity of the vampire within the hallowed halls of Gringotts Bank, the vampire being none other than the lost king, the long lost king of the vampire race, the one being that an entire race had spent more lifetimes than any goblin could hope to achieve searching for, and here he was in a bank of all places. Then a thought struck the goblin..

"Did you say that you are Salus Proficio?" the goblin said, he hadn't really been paying attention to the man in front of him's introduction.

"That is indeed what I did say," Salus replied, "Why? Recognize my name from somewhere?"

"It is an honor to meet you," the goblin said while bowing slightly, he checked over some files that appeared at his station, "You appear to be on the list of those welcome to speak with and arrange matters with the Potter account manager."


A day or so later, the remainder of the Hellsing Organization was swamped with reports of unnatural activity all over London, there was a sudden influx of abominations, rightfully called vampires. They had come to serve their long lost king, most of whom were from the nobility, those that wanted to gain some favor with the king while at the same time simply serve him.

The Vatican's Iscariot Organization was also informed of the sudden rise in vampire activity and thus decided to send the bulk of their forces to do battle with the forces of darkness as well as their long standing rival the Hellsing Organization and their weapon. Little did they know that both human Organizations' days or hours were numbered, and almost up.

All the vampires knew where to go, which was a rather tall office building that also had some appartments on the upper floors for the use of those that stayed in the building, most notably the penthouse where Cain and Seras stayed. Salus preferred to come and go as he pleased.

The dark of the Magical community knew that something big was going to happen in a few days or so, and thus began Remus' visits from the pitch black werewolf that towered over any that Remus had ever encountered, not only was the pitch black one huge, but also muscled and healthy looking unlike the wolf that Remus saw reflected in the water whenever he was in such a form.

The history of the race he had been denying being a part of for so long had been plagueing his dreams for nights, until the last dream that was clearly not a dream. Where the God of Transformations decreed that he was the second coming of the prophet of the wolves, he was to bring back the race to the once proud global pack that it was.

He didn't know how to start doing what he now believed to be his calling, so he simply decided to take the lesson he had learned to heart and approached a local pack of wolves that kept to themselves, hiding in forests to avoid infecting others with their disease. They were surprised to be visited by Remus Lupin, one of the more famous of their kind as he had been permitted to enroll in Hogwarts by none other than Albus Dumbledore himself, while they and their young were not.

There had been hope that the first werewolf in recorded history to attend the prestigious institution was bound for great things, they had been slightly dissappointed when he did nothing for a very very long time, suffering just as they suffered, and shunned just as they had been shunned.

He came to them on a moon free night, devoid of the silver orb in the night sky, the local pack need not fear their transformation. They were more than simply surprised when they were greeted in their little village by a powerful looking Lycanthrope, a proper werewolf, a lycan. They were even more shocked and amazed when the lycan reverted into human form to reveal a more confident Remus Lupin in their midst, the first words that left his lips was that they were not monsters, but wolves.

He told them the history of their race, how it was that they were not what they had for so long perceived themselves to be, and that it was time to return to the old ways, to return to their natures, to nature. He preached and they listened, and spread the word, and soon word reached the highest alpha, the Alpha of all Alphas of the lycanthrope race.

The Lycan Lord as he was simply known was a large white wolf, slighly smaller than Azure's wolf form. He was known as a force to be reckoned with, and was also believed to be one of the, if not the only, child of the night that could end up with a draw in a battle against the NoLife King himself. They were two peas in a pod to say the least.

Where the elves were descendants of their gods, the Lycan Lord was an immortal wolf that had descended from the line of a god, which also made the lycan race relatives of the Mage or magical human House of Black. While normally referred to as the Lycan Lord or simply Lord by his wolves, he was named by Pitch as Orion, a name which the Lycan Lord cherished.

When Orion received word that the history of his race was once again being spread throughout the members of said race, he immediately had some of his people investigate, the result of the investigation surprised him as he too knew about Remus Lupin, and apprently he could be counted on. As for becoming the second coming of the prophet, well there was still time to see if that was really the case or it was just Remus doing his part finally in the greater scheme of things.

Orion then sent word to all those that still kept to the old ways of their race, to send warriors to London, as it was time to cleanse the world and their race alongside their long time rivals and allies the vampires, of the filth that had begun to populate it and were tarnishing the combined name of the dark.

For the first time in the history of both races, did the two leaders meet to work together in the cleansing of their respective races together. Remus being present as he was the catalyst that had set the lycanthrope part in motion, while Salus Proficio decided to sit the meeting out and allow the former school teacher aid his race's Alpha and the NoLife King go about their house cleaning, starting with the streets, catacombs, and basically the whole of the underground of London.

It was time to show the human magicals, those wizards, that they were not merely monsters, but peoples, who were no longer going to take the treatment they had been unjustly receiving sitting down.




- TBC -


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