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Year after Breaking Dawn…

I never knew I would have been in a pack with Jacob Black. He was the person, besides Paul and Sam, that I never wanted to be around. His constant thoughts about Bella annoyed the living hell out of me and made me want to push her off a cliff. I used to wish she would have just moved back to where she came from. She was torturing Jake, which was torturing the whole pack. We could never escape the thoughts of Bella that lingered in his mind every time he phased. I threw a conniption fit when we had to help them fight the newborn army. Of course killing vampires excited me, but it was the reason we were killing them that pissed me off. If it weren't for Bella, we would not have had to risk everything to kill an army full of newborn leeches. I always wondered why she had fallen in love with a vampire. What did she see in him? He was a cold piece of rock that sucked blood. Oh my isn't he dreamy? She was the definition of dumb and I never understood why Jacob liked her.

The last straw was when she married the leech and got knocked up. It was still crazy how he impregnated her in the first place. The thought of them together made me shudder and I tried not to think of them knocking boots. Jacob used to go off on me when the thought crossed my mind while we were in wolf form. I couldn't help but wonder, even if it irritated Jacob. The whole pregnancy was just a complete mess. The baby was growing at a rapid rate and Jacob had to be by her side all the time. She was still torturing him even after she married the leech. Next thing I know, she is sipping blood from a bendy straw. What. The. Hell on hot wheels. When Jacob told me that, I thought all my insides were going to fall out my mouth from total disgust. Bella was odd, but I didn't know she was that odd. She finally went into a horrible labor and Edward had to bite the baby out. Jacob explained all the details to me by the way. Bella was going to die so Edward inserted his venom into her heart. So now she is a leech and I hate her even more.

Here is the kicker, this is what shocked me. I never thought of anyone in our little pack imprinting. One day, Seth skips his happy ass over to the Cullen mansion. He wanted to see the little leech brat and talk to Bella. As soon as he saw the little brat, he imprints on her. I went ballistic and it took everything out of me to not march over there and demolish the Cullen mansion. I hated imprinting and my brother was trapped just like Sam. He would always want to be around the little brat. I never spoke of her name. Not only was it a mouthful but it was weird. Who names their kid Renesmee? What ever happened to buying a baby book and picking a normal name? Obviously Bella had hit her head really hard to make her think up that name.

The Cullens were nice enough to build us a little cottage to stay in. Since our pack had our own land, we had not gone back to La Push. Seth was going to go back after the battle with the Volturi, but he imprinted so he had to stay. We talked to our mother over the phone and sometimes she came to visit us. She was still devastated that we weren't coming home anytime soon, but Charlie was keeping her company. The very thought of those two together made me want to puke. My father had not been gone long and she was living it up with his best friend. I'm not sure if they are together in that way, but I often wondered.

So back to the cottage. It was nice and I liked my room. The walls were a pastel green and my bed was so soft. It took me a week to actually live in the cottage though; I waited until the vampire scent faded away. Jacob was going to run in wolf form all the time, until the Cullens offered us a place to stay. A lot of arguing occurred but they finally convinced us to move in the cottage. I didn't want to take anything from them, but eating raw meat was starting to bother me. I wanted to eat human food and sleep in a bed. Living with Seth and Jacob was not always fun. They were guys and that meant they didn't like cleaning up and they were loud and obnoxious at times. At night, I could hear them playing the game and eating everything they got their grimy hands on.

I did get a job at an ice cream shop and I was taking yoga. The yoga was not really helping my temper but it was a way to have me time. I loved my job at the ice cream shop, even though Jessica was irritating. Jessica, Bella's old friend, worked at the shop when she was on break from college. She was cool and all but she talked too damn much. It was mostly about how her and Mike had an on again off again relationship. She asked about Bella and I told her I didn't know a thing. What was I supposed to tell her? Oh Bella is fine, did you know she is a vampire now? Yea, that conversation would turn into a chaotic mess.

"So I talked to Mike the other day. He is acting really funny, do you think he is messing with some other girl. The last time I went to visit him I saw all these pretty girls on campus. Gosh I hope he is not cheating on me. What do you think Leah," Jessica asked pushing the box of ice cream against the wall. We were stocking the freezers and she had been talking non-stop for an hour. The freezer felt good against by boiling skin, but of course Jessica had to complain about how cold it was.

" Didn't you kiss another guy while you were at school," I asked pushing a box against the wall.

Jessica put her hand on her hip. " I was drunk."

"You still kissed another guy," I said copying her pose.

" You're right. I shouldn't be mad at him if I did the same thing. I'm a horrible girlfriend," Jessica sighed.

I rolled my eyes and moved the last box. " So now you two are back together?"

"Uh yea. I told you that the other day Lee."

"Well you know how you two do it. It's a rollercoaster," I said raising my hands in the air like I was on a ride.

" I love him though. It's totally worth it," Jessica winked and walked out of the freezer. I sat in there for a few minutes enjoying the nicely frozen wall.

"Clearwater we have customers out here," my boss yelled out. Okay well one thing I didn't like about this job was my boss.

"Coming," I called out.

At the cottage

" Any free ice cream today," Jacob asked opening the front door for me.

"Yep. I have strawberry shortcake and some vanilla. You and Seth can have the vanilla. I'm warning you not to touch the strawberry shortcake," I said walking towards the kitchen.

" Look at you giving orders now," Jacob joked.

"Where's Seth," I asked knowing what Jacob's answer would be.

"Now Leah I know you are smarter than that. He's at the Cullen's," Jacob put the ice cream in the freezer.

" I should have known. How old does she look now," I asked leaning against the counter.

"She looks thirteen. Seth won't have to wait as long as Quil," Jacob explained.

"Speaking of Quil, have you talked to him lately?"

"I talked to him this morning. You know how Sam is about them having any ties to us. Quil said that Sam is being a complete ass since you left," Jacob replied.

"I don't understand why he is still mad. It's been a year, time to move on now. I'm not going back to his pack so he needs to get over it," I grabbed a glass from the cabinet.

" I don't think it's you leaving that upsets him the most. It's because you are with me. Quil says that Sam has been saying that we have a thing going on. Can you believe that," Jacob asked.

I spit my water out and doubled over in laughter. " You've got to be kidding. Never in a life time would that happen."

"I know right. Sam must be on some kind of drug or something. Quil somehow believes him though. He said that he doesn't believe that we are living in a house together without messing around."

"Wow. You tell Quil he better be glad that I don't see him. He is asking for an ass whooping," I said.

"Surely he is. Did you want to go up to Port Angeles with me. I wanted to catch a movie," Jacob asked me.

" I guess, there is nothing else to do."

Port Angeles was packed with teenagers. Couples were holding hands, people were dancing in the street to music playing from cars, and older people were rushing to get home. Girls stared at Jacob as we got out of the Rabbit. I laughed when they quickly looked away when they saw me.

" There you go Jake," I pointed to the group of girls.

"Very funny Leah. How about I find you a man out here," Jacob joked.

"If you can find one tall enough for me," I said. I was 5'11 and guys seemed to be getting shorter and shorter. I think they didn't eat enough vegetables and drink enough milk because once upon a time, many guys were at least 6'0. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but men did seem to be shrinking.

" Is he with her," I heard a girl ask her friend.

" She is really pretty, but she is all muscular and stuff."

"Kind of manly to me," I heard another girl say. I stopped in my tracks and walked back to the group of girls.

" Do we have a problem," I asked.

"Uh no. We were just talking about your jeans. They are really cute," One girl said with a nervous laugh.


"Baby there is no need to get angry. Come on, we are going to be late for our movie," Jacob put an arm around my waist.

"Uh yea, I'm ready," I said giving Jacob a glare. We walked off from the group of girls and I elbowed him in the stomach.

"What, I didn't want you phasing right here," Jacob said holding his stomach.

"Okay I give you that. But don't think about touching me again," I pointed a warning finger at him.

"Trust me, I won't."

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