Last Song

Leah's POV

Two weeks after the attack

Even though it had been two weeks since the Miranda fiasco, no one let me go anywhere alone. I could barely take a piss without someone knocking on the door and asking if I was okay. Jacob was the most protective of me out of everyone. He had now taken a permanent spot in my bedroom and had even moved some of his stuff in, even though I didn't agree to that. My head had healed but I was still experiencing headaches. Carlisle said they would wear off in a few weeks although I was completely healed. I was pissed that I let myself get hurt, I wanted a hand in that bitch Miranda's death. She had caused enough trouble and I wanted to rip her head off myself.

"Leah?" Jacob knocked on my open door.

"Why are you knocking when you practically live here now," I asked with a chuckle.

"I was trying to be polite. Come eat lunch." Jacob nodded his head toward the kitchen. Oh no, I know Jacob didn't cook anything. Was the kitchen still there? Was Seth alright or did he die of smoke inhalation. Jacob and kitchens did not mix.

"You...cooked," I asked swallowing hard.

Jacob laughed at my horrible acting skills and grabbed my hand. "I'm actually not that bad and I had Seth there to help me."

"No, Seth too? Are you two trying to burn the house down and kill us." I slapped the back of Jacob's head and made my way to the kitchen to inspect possible damage.

"Surprise!" The pack, my mother, Billy and Charlie yelled.

"Um what the hell?" It wasn't my birthday. Wait was it?

"It's a welcome home party," Jacob replied kissing my cheek. "I know it's been two weeks but I wanted to surprise you."

I blushed. "Hey everybody." I waved at the small crowd in front of me. "Mom please tell me you helped Jacob and Seth cook."

My mother laughed. "I didn't want them killing everyone or burning down the house. Of course I was a big help." She winked and wrapped her arms around me. "Welcome home sweetie. Jacob planned all of this by himself. She gave Jacob a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Let's eat!"

Lunch was delicious. I really missed my mother's cooking, not that mine was too bad.

"That was delicious Sue," Billy said, wiping his mouth.

"Maybe we should start coming to your house instead of invading Sam and Emily's fridge," Embry added, reaching for another roll.

"Hey!" Emily glared at Embry.

"So you and Jake huh," Quil asked, stuffing his mouth with the last bit of green beans left on his plate. "It was supposed to be me and you Lee. You know we always had a bond."

"Yea and then you imprinted on a baby," I replied, rolling my eyes. The table erupted in laughter.

"Damn Quil, she shut you up," Jared said.

Why couldn't it always be like this? Everyone was having a good time, without any arguments or fights. Of course tomorrow we would all go back to our norms. Paul would go back to being an asshole. Quil would always be the pervert. Embry would be the quiet, sneaky one planning out a joke with Jared. Seth would go back to loving Nessie, not that that had stopped in the first place. Sam would go back to acting like he still had a say so over who I could date. And Jacob... well Jacob would still be Jacob.

After about two months of dating Jacob Black, I was promoted to Alpha Female. Quil Sr. said that he always saw the Alpha Female gene in me because of my leadership skills. I was like a mother to the younger wolves and I could keep the older ones in check. Sam wasn't happy about me becoming Alpha Female because of course that made him my Beta, but I liked my new position. I could finally boss Sam Uley around and use the command on him like he had done to me when I was in his pack. We decided to keep the packs combined for the time being since everyone seemed to be getting along, besides Sam and his random outbursts about Jacob hurting me. Jacob wasn't like Sam, although I accused him of acting like him the night of the fight. Sure there was the risk of one of us imprinting but I was learning to live in the moment. If I spent my whole life worrying about imprinting, I was never going to be happy. Besides, if he imprinted I would beat his ass. I would beat the imprint right out of him.

Our relationship wasn't perfect, but I felt like we were finally moving forward. I was no longer denying my feelings and he was no longer denying his feelings for me. Seth was ecstatic when we told him we were going to give 'us' a chance. He threatened to kill Jacob if he hurt me though. My mother and Billy were happy that their wishes had come true. Supposedly they were counting down the days until we finally became a couple. Billy said he knew it would happen sooner or later, while my mother worried that I would find some 'regular' guy to date on the Rez. It was only two months into the relationship and she was asking about grandbabies. Really mom?

I couldn't really complain about my life at this point. Everything seemed...normal. I haven't experienced normal in a long time. I had grown so much in such a short period of time. I could actually say I was happy and mean it. I still had a lot of work to do on myself, but I was growing into a better person. Jacob was helping me become a better person, while I was helping him. If someone were to tell me a year ago that I would be hooking up with Jacob Black, I would have probably died of too much laughter. I guess you never know who your soul mate is. Okay, I was pushing the envelope with the soul mate shit. But I guess you never know who you'll fall for. It was a case of Blurred Instincts.

The End!

Thank you guys so much for your support! If you have any questions, leave them in your review and I will answer them as soon as I can. I didn't plan on making the Epilogue really long, I just wanted to tie things together.I felt like this was Leah's story, so I wanted to end it in her POV. I am thinking I'm going to go forward with my plans for Choices. If you haven't read my one-shot Choices yet go ahead and read it (if you're interested) because I think I'm going to turn it into a chapter story. I want to get a few chapters typed up before I start posting though. My classes started back up this week so chapters won't be coming out weekly like they were for Blurred Instincts. Let me know what you guys think of that one-shot. Again, thank you so much for your support! This story was a joy to write and I hope you all enjoyed it.