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Chapter 9: Jack Martin


I could not believe it! That lying little bitch of a pixie! That fuck squirrel! She got me grounded! For nothing! Well, I suppose I did use "vulgar" language and I "know" that Esme doesn't like it, but that doesn't give her the right to suspend my credit cards! I really need some cheering up.

"Oh Emmy Bear!" I called to my guy.

"Yes Thumbelina." I sighed. Since Emmett had watched Thumbelina, he had started calling me that coz she came from a flower and my name was Rose. I know its twisted logic but all the same, I think Emmett was a 5 year old on steroids when he was changed.

"Stop calling me that." I whined. "I was going to show you my new "pajamas" but I can see you won't like them. You are too immature to appreciate their beauty." I sniffed and crossed my arms across my prominent chest.

"Oh! Rosie. I know I'm not too immature for that…" He waggled his eyebrows and I smiled.


Ew! No! That was something I just did not wanna see! I just absolutely didn't want to see Rose's next attempt to get pregnant. Stupid visions. But I really needed to know if Rose was gonna get revenge on me. I decided to take a refresher so I logged onto Facebook.

You have 1 notification

I clicked on the link to find that Rosalie had posted a "charming" message to me on Facebook. 'Thanks Rose', I thought to myself. I started daydreaming. Then the idea hit me! I would make a fake Facebook page for a hot guy who would keep pestering Rosalie over Facebook, IM, SMS, and a blog about his devotion to Rose. If there was one thing Rosalie hated more than girls checking out Emmett it was guys stalking her. I think that was why she didn't like Edward.

I started with the Facebook page.

Name: Jack Martin

Description: 6ft, tan, buff, blonde hair, blue eyes, dimples.

Interests/hobby's: Surfing, Playing football, and writing a blog. URL: Reasons_I_Love_You

Mobile: 0495 967 536

IM: ThePersonILoveIsHotAndSexy (L)

I sent requests to all my (8567) friends and then logged on to Rosalie's profile. I accepted him on her profile and then put them in a relationship. I logged back out and then deleted the history.

"Just wait until tomorrow Rosalie." I thought evilly. "Just you wait…"

(No I'm not evil enough to stop here)

"Hmm…" I thought to myself. "How should" I do this blog. I found some pictures of her and made them the background. Then I wrote a short blog.

Hi! This is my first post so I'm gonna tell you why I love Rosalie Hale soooooo much.

She's hot

She's sexy

She has good sex experience.

She's blonde

She added me on Facebook!

I love you Rosie! 333

Then I again deleted the history and laughed.

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