E/O wow: lunge

AN: Just fired this off in about 15 minutes. Not sure of the quality but I can guarantee it's 100 words, not beta'd and all characters are still not mine. Hope you enjoy and let me know.

Anyone care to guess which movie Dean wants to watch?

Sam lunged for the remote.

"Come on Dean, I don't want to watch this again. You know I won't sleep!"

"Don't be such a girl. It's just a movie. "

"Yeah, well...I don't wanna". And there they were. The dreaded puppy eyes and floppy bangs.

"Sam, you're a grown man. You take on monsters most people aren't even aware of on a daily basis. You could kill one of these with one hand tied behind your back!"

"It's just not normal. The make up, freaky hair...and you never know what they're up to. Please Dean?"