A horde of zombies rushed a small motel in the middle of nowhere, becoming attracted to the sound of a fire alarm which pierced through the silence of the emptiness surrounding the entire area. One of the doors flew open and a young woman wearing blue jeans, a black tank top, and a pink jacket, with dark brown hair, wielding two pistols came stumbling out. Zoey looked around, seeing zombies flooding towards her.

"Shit," the brunette shouted before firing randomly into the horde. One by one the zombies fell, but there was no way in hell she'd be able to finish them all off on her own. Zoey pulled out a pipe bomb then hurled it forward. The bomb beeped and flashed as it flew over the heads of dozens of zombies and landed in the center of the horde. The zombies all turned and headed towards the bomb, all trying to silence the beeping explosive. The explosion blew a large number of the zombies into chunks, but many more still remained and charged at Zoey. "Damn it!"

"Watch your ass!" Zoey ducked as gunfire rang out and started mowing down the nearby zombies. The brunette looked up, seeing a blonde man, wearing a black button up shirt, and khaki pants, wielding an AK-47 with a smoking barrel giving her covering fire. "God damn it Zoey," Doc exclaimed. "You think you'd learn to watch your ass by now!"

"Apparently you do that enough for me Doc," Zoey replied with a taunting smirk.

"God damn it, I hate whoever started this joke!" Doc started sending bullets into the horde. "Oh Doc's a fucking perverted pedophile who likes little boys and girls."

"Hey," Zoey said, bashing a zombies head in with her pistol. "As long as you can admit it!"

"God damn it, that's not funny!"

Zoey looked around, firing at any zombie that moved towards her. Within the center of a horde, shotgun bursts rang out and zombie pieces started flying through the air. Zoey and Doc looked over, seeing a bulky man with a tank top, military pants, with shaven hair and a goatee, wielding a shotgun and machete, killing and climbing over the piles of corpses at his feet with a smile on his face.

"Come on ya bloody mouthed sons a bitches, Alan's mighty fine this time of year!"

"Did he just make a Zombieland reference…again," Doc questioned. Zoey opened her mouth to speak, but shoved Doc out of the way as a Boomer nearly threw up on him. Doc grunted as he rolled across the ground and looked up at the obese zombie that walked into the clearing. "God damn smelly ass Boomers!" Doc fired a shot from his AK, causing the Boomer to explode.

"Hey, I was standing, like, a foot away from that thing!"

"WOO, bring it on baby," Alan shouted as he hacked and blasted away at zombies.

"He seems to be making the most of this," Doc stated casually.

"Doesn't he always," Zoey murmured. The trio all moved with their backs against the wall, firing away at the advancing horde, knocking back any zombies that got too close to them. "This is getting thick!"

"That's what she said," Alan screamed, going nuts over the massacre he hasn't experienced in some time. Zoey and Doc both groaned, rolling their eyes with disgust. Suddenly, a Hunter flew out from the roof above the survivors' heads, landing on the side of a vehicle across from the trio and was lost in the horde. "Shit, where'd that thing go?"

A loud shriek echoed out as the Hunter soared over the horde and went straight towards the survivors. The trio was too busy shooting the zombies in front of them that they had no time to aim their weapons upward and fire. Suddenly, another figure jumped out from the rooftop and grabbed the Hunter in midair. The two figures spun around before landing on the hood of a car with a dull thud. The trio finished off the last of the zombies and looked over to where another survivor was wrestling with the Hunter on the hood of a car.

"Son of a—come here you little! Got ya!" The survivor lifted a knife above his head then stabbed it deep into the chest of the beast. The Hunter shrieked with pain and rolled over, attempting to crawl away. The survivor moved up and twisted the Hunter's head, snapping its neck.

"Dang, killed that thing Rambo style," Alan exclaimed.

The survivor had long, shoulder length hair that was parted in the middle, hazel eyes, wearing a bloody T-shirt and blue jeans. He sighed as he placed his hands to his back and pushed forward. A cracking sound was heard as Jamie let out a sigh of relief.

"Yeah, good thing a car was there to break my fall, I mean back."

"You're honestly going to kill yourself from doing stupid shit," Doc snapped.

"That's what I want my tombstone to say," Jamie replied with a mocking smirk. The survivor looked over to Zoey who was chuckling a bit. "Well, who set off the alarm that time?" Doc and Zoey pointed to Alan.

"Hey, I didn't know fire alarms still worked during the apocalypse!"

"Why wouldn't they," Doc questioned.

"Who is gonna pull a fire alarm when their bigger problems are most likely-," Cutting Alan off, a car, spinning through the air behind Jamie and smashed through a brick wall. "Flying cars…"

"Tank," Zoey shouted, immediately firing at the giant zombie. Jamie hopped down from the car and started firing from his magnum while Zoey popped it with her double pistols.

"What better way to finish things off," Alan shouted, taking cover behind a car, "than to fight tooth and nail with a Tank! I love my job!"

"Since when were we getting paid," Doc cried out, unleashing bullets from his AK.

"You're alive aren't you," Alan called out before popping out of cover to fire his shotgun. The Tank roared as the bullets hit his thick skin before he punched the nearest car. "Hit the deck!" Doc and Alan ducked behind their respective vehicles while Jamie and Zoey were still running.

"Shit," Jamie shouted before tackling Zoey. The car flew over their heads and crashed just behind Alan and Doc. "You okay?"

"Fine," Zoey spat out quickly, pushing Jamie away.

The two survivors rolled away from each other as the Tank smashed one of its fists in the pavement. Zoey and Jamie got up, the latter crouching, and started firing into the massive Tank. The monster roared as it swung both of its arms outward, causing both survivors to back away.

"Hey," Alan shouted, running over his vehicle, walking confidently towards the Tank. "Over here big man!" Alan fired a shot, taking a small chunk out of the beast, causing it to roar with pain. The beast turned around, seeing Alan walking towards him, shotgun raised. "Come on ya fuckin Tank! I'll kick your ass all day long baby!" The Tank snorted and snarled before moving towards Alan.

"What the hell are you doing," Doc shouted.

"This is for Maria man, don't try and stop me!" Alan continued walking towards the Tank then stopped as the beast continued charging him. "Right here baby! I got a big bull's-eye on me! Come and get some!"

The Tank roared with rage, only to be drowned out by the sound of a loud horn. Alan grinned mischievously while the Tank stopped and turned to the noise. There were bright headlights before a semi smashed through the beast and crashed through a brick wall, throwing dust and smoke up everywhere. The survivors looked over as a few loose bricks fell down. The rear lights lit up and a loud, repetitive beeping was heard as the truck backed up.

"Looks like the Optimus Prime is finally helping us out," Zoey stated with a smile. Jamie rolled his eyes as he was the only one close enough to hear the joke. The driver's door opened and a young girl with black hair stumbled out.

"That was cool," Maria shouted. Alan quickly caught her by the arm as she nearly hit the floor. "You guys SO owe me!"

"What're you talking about? I set you up for that kill." The bulky survivor placed Maria on his back then walked over towards Jamie.

"Yeah, but what if I wasn't ready yet?"

"Wait, you two planned that," Doc questioned.

"Sort of," Maria replied with a shrug. Doc and Alan stopped in front of Jamie and Zoey. "Plan of action sir," Maria asked with a mocking salute.

"Yeah, you laugh now," Jamie sniped. "Why did we come to this hotel again?"

"Radio," Doc answered.

"Ah, well, I say we get back in our heavily armored military vehicle then see where the road takes us. Let's do that, and get Maria some common sense or something…"

"You're just mad because you couldn't impress Zoey with an awesome Tank kill."

"Yeah," Jamie sarcastically replied, rolling his eyes. "Cause I don't have enough impressive Tank kills yet."

"You're just mad because she likes me more," Maria joked.

Jamie turned around, walking backwards as he stared at the black haired girl, "Even if that were true…shut up." Maria grinned and giggled as Jamie turned back around.

Zoey sighed with a smile, being happy for the first time in a very long while. Well, as happy as one could be while in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Things with the team seemed to be back to normal. Well, as normal as things could get in a zombie apocalypse.

"Why don't we have music," Alan asked. "Seriously, we never listen to the radio, so why don't we just jack some CDs or something and jam out?"

"Find some CDs," Jamie sighed out.

"And we need to think of a theme song," Alan continued. "I was thinking something like the Midnight Riders!"

"Yeah," Doc laughed. "What do you know about the Midnight Riders kid?"

"I know that they're amazing," Alan shouted.

"And they're frauds who lip sync," Jamie murmured.

"Oh don't start this again," Alan exclaimed. "You have no solid factual proof that says that the Midnight Riders lip synced to ANY of their songs!"

"They actually did," Doc stated. Alan threw his head back and screamed before turning his enraged glare to the blonde.

"I thought you liked the Midnight Riders!"

"I do, but this way I get to make you angry." Alan groaned, muttering under his breath while Doc snickered.

The group turned the corner of an overturned car, seeing their heavily armored military issued vehicle sitting peacefully on the side of the road. Jamie walked up and opened the door, holding it open as Zoey got in first. Maria jumped down from Alan's back and followed after her. Doc got in the driver's side while Alan got in the seat next to him. Jamie got in the back with Zoey and Maria, and closed the door. Doc started the vehicle then rode down the road. Zoey smiled as she looked out, seeing the sun rising over the horizon. She had a good feeling that things were going right after the incident with Maria…

They're ! Also, I'm going to throw in a few surprises in the future that definitely will make this story more BA like the title, and I'll use One 4 All in another, much shorter spin off…again lol. Hope you enjoyed it, read and review please =D