Jamie looked back and forth between guards. He knew that there would be no way in hell that they could fight their way through this many armed soldiers. The brunette turned to Alan, wondering what the meat-head was thinking.

The head soldier stopped at the end of a hallway. He slid a small hidden area of the wall open and punched in a few buttons. The wall as a whole then slid to the side, revealing a small room. The soldiers and the survivors stepped inside. Alan watched as the soldier pressed a few more buttons, causing the wall to close again.

In the darkness, a few lights came on as the floor started to move down. Jamie and Alan looked around in bewilderment before they were shined upon with a blinding light. Once their eyes adjusted, the duo were shocked by what they saw. There were pods all around them, with glass windows to show the person's face on all sides.


"They're all meant to be test subjects," Fenra said, keeping her cold eyes forward. Alan and Jamie turned their heads momentarily before turning back to all of the nameless victims before them.

Eventually, one face stood out amongst everyone else.

"AMY!" Alan moved forward, pushing past the guards and stopped in front of the glass wall, "Amy wake up!" Two guards grabbed Alan and pulled him back. The bulky survivor fought back, trying his best to wrench free from their grasp. "Amy!" Eventually, the young woman's face disappeared as the elevator descended further. "Damn it!"

"Alan," Jamie snapped. "Don't do anything stupid yet okay?" The bulky survivor scowled furiously before lowering his head a bit in defeat.

The captured survivors on display soon disappeared, replaced by blank walls before the elevator came to a stop. A pair of double doors slid open, revealing a long, sterile white hallway. The soldiers pushed Jamie, Alan, and Fenra forward.

The three survivors looked around, seeing various forms of infected caged behind thick, heavy glass walls. The infected monsters tried to break free, clawing and bashing their bodies against their prisons, but to no avail. The soldiers pressed the survivors to move forward.

After moving through a maze of halls, eventually reaching a large, open hanger like the one in the previous CEDA facility. One very familiar man walked up, accompanied by two armed guards, causing the survivors to glare daggers through him.

The Director stopped in front of the survivors, an arrogant, confident smile on his face as he looked down at them. "Welcome, Alan, Jamie...and Shana." The former two snapped their heads to their redhead companion, who simply hardened her glare at the Director. "It's so nice to see you all again. And under such pleasant circumstances."

"Pleasant meaning me restrained so I can't kick your ass," Alan snapped. The Director moved his eyes over towards Alan and smiled. One soldier made sure to hold the survivor firmly in place.

"No, not at all Alan. The final stages of my plan are nearly in fruition. And you three get to be witnesses to it."

"Where's my brother?" Jamie and Alan turned to Fenra, whose body had tensed, as if she were ready to pounce.

"Brother," Alan asked matter-of-factly.

"Not now Alan," Jamie quietly ordered.

Fenra kept her cold blue eyes focused on the Director, who slowly approached her. The man stood over the redhead, looking down at her with a cocky glint in his eyes.

"Your brother is...not available." Fenra squirmed a bit as two guards held her in place.

"If you've done anything to him...I swear I'll kill you myself." The Director tilted his head to the side with a patronizing look in his eyes.

"Take them away," the Director ordered. The soldiers pulled the survivors away from their boss as the Director walked away to deal with other issues.

Doc, Nicole, and Rochelle kept staring at the profile in their hands concerning Diana Robertson. Doc ran his hand through his hair, unable to take his eyes off of the young woman's picture.

"So...that crazy assassin who was the Director's daughter...was a missionary," Rochelle questioned.

"A volunteer worker at that," Nicole added. "Maybe it was a front so she could get closer to the Green Flu without causing a stir from within CEDA?"

"Roe, did you look through all of those files," Doc asked.

"No, I just saw this and figured that you all would like to know. Do you really think there's gonna be anyone else besides Diana in here?"

"Can't hurt to check," Doc said. Rochelle nodded, her face expressing her doubt that there would be anything more interesting in these files than a profile on Diana. "Nicole, let's keep going through these documents on the virus. Maybe we can find something, or at least come up with some type of theory." The black haired woman nodded before heading towards Doc to help him sort through the various documents.

Coach moved slowly, crouched low to the ground with Maria right behind him. The former was on edge, watching every dark corner after his encounter with the new infected. Maria was still silent as could be. It almost was reminiscent of a time long ago where she chose to be a mute.

"Damn it," Coach whispered to himself as he peaked around a corner. "Where the hell is everyone else at?" The heavyset survivor looked back over his shoulder at Maria. The little girl was silent, her eyes empty as she looked at her feet. "Are you alright Maria?" The black haired girl simply nodded in response. Coach sighed, frustrated that he had to take care of a little girl. He didn't mind it, but he had enough trouble watching Ellis back in the day.

The sound of voices caused Coach and Maria both to shrink back almost instantly. Whoever was talking, they were just around the corner, coming towards the hall. Coach steadied his shotgun, taking in a short breath. He turned around the corner quickly, aiming his gun up while he crouched.

To his shock, Coach found himself aiming a shotgun at Zoey, Nick, and Ellis. "Shit," the heavyset man sighed. Lowering his shotgun, Coach rose to his feet and motioned for Maria to come out of hiding. The young girl did, and immediately went towards Zoey.

Bewildered as Maria hugged her, Zoey looked up at Coach, "What happened?"

"Yeah, where's the other little girl," Nick asked. "Chelsea or whatever?"

"Her name was Kelsey, Nick," Ellis replied. "And yeah, what did happen to her? Awe man, I hope she didn't get lost. This one time my buddy Keith got lost in a hospital, and there was apparently some type of virus or something going around and…huh, maybe that was the zombie virus or something?"

"Now really ain't the time Ellis," Coach said rather firmly.

"Okay, but what happened?" Coached sighed, looking over at Maria who still clung to Zoey. The brunette immediately snapped her head down, placing her hand on top of Maria's head.

"Are you okay," Zoey asked in a whisper. "Are you hurt Maria?" The little black haired girl shook her head. Zoey looked up at Coach with a confused and semi-hardened glare, "What the hell happened?"

"There was…I dunno, some type of new infected. It was like a cross between a Hunter and a Witch. I hopped all over the place and it…well it got Kelsey." Nick pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes at the news. Ellis simply went slack jawed, looking off to the side while rubbing the back of his neck.

Zoey looked back down at Maria, knowing why the little girl was so silent. The brunette propped her gun against the wall and knelt down in front of Maria, placing both hands on the younger girl's shoulders. "Maria…" The black haired girl slowly moved her eyes up to meet Zoey's. "It wasn't your fault Maria. You can't blame yourself okay…?"

Maria simply nodded as her eyes drifted down. Zoey closed her eyes and hugged Maria with her hand on the back of the younger girl's head.

"Did ya'll find the boy," Coach murmured, leaning towards Nick and Ellis.

"Not in one piece," Nick softly replied. Coach shook his head, running his hand over his bald top.

"This shit is fucked up." Ellis nodded in agreement with Coach. "Ain't no reason for kids to be gettin killed like this…or having to see other people get chopped up like that."

Nick looked back at Zoey who was trying to comfort Maria before looking back at Coach, "Remember: this is all that Director guy's fault. He's gotta pay for this Coach." The large survivor grimaced before looking away from Nick. The conman blinked and rolled his eyes in disbelief before looking at his fellow survivor. "You gotta be kidding me. You still don't think killing him is the right thing to do?"

"It ain't right Nick. We can't just kill whoever we want. It ain't right."

"You know what else isn't right," Nick snapped, keeping his voice down, "Being chased around half of the country by ravaging mutated freaks! Having teenagers and kids fighting for their lives all because some madman has a god complex ain't right. Everything that's been going on for the past month and half ain't right Coach. Do you want to let the Director go so another few hundred thousand people have to go what we are?"

"No Nick, I'm not saying let the man go but-,"

"Coach, he'll find a way to cheat the system," Nick cut off. "I've done it for years and I'm just a petty criminal. You think someone like the Director couldn't exploit the system to work for him? Killing him is the best solution for everyone. Trust me."

"Do you hear that…?" Nick and Coach looked over at Ellis with perplexed expressions. Their faces soon changed into ones of horror as they saw a lanky zombie with curved claws.

"Shit, not again," Coach shouted. Zoey looked past Maria as the latter turned her head.

"What the-," Zoey quickly grabbed Maria and moved the little girl behind her, aiming a pistol at the new zombie. "What the hell is that thing?"

"Ripper," Maria said in a barely audible whisper.

The Ripper threw its head back and let out an inhuman, ear piercing shriek. Coach, Nick, and Ellis all lowered their weapons to cringe away and covered their ears in pain. Zoey turned her head a bit to the side, closing one eye as she tried to block out the noise. Despite the ear shattering noise, Zoey was slowly getting agitated with the zombie.

Maria slapped her hands over her ears, closing her eyes as she tried to block out the noise. She didn't understand why, but she felt as though her head were going to explode. She wanted nothing more than to run up and punch the Ripper in the face to keep it quiet.

Finally, the Ripper stopped shrieking before charging forward. The wall behind the zombie exploded outward as the Tank the survivors encountered earlier, with a hole in its face, rushed down the hall.

"Oh of COURSE," Nick screamed in anger.

Zoey scooped up Maria, turned around and ran in the opposite direction. Coach, Nick, and Ellis all fired at the Ripper and the Tank. The former of the two infected bounced off of the walls and stayed low to the floor to avoid the bullets as best as it could, while the Tank continued forward, not slowing down in the slightest.

Zoey turned as she stopped in front of an open door, firing at the infected to cover her fellow survivors. Nick turned in the door first, making sure the room was clear. As it turned out, the door led to a stairway. The conman popped around the doorway, aiming in the hallway as he fired his combat rifle in short bursts.

One burst hit the Ripper, causing it to stumble out of the way of the Tank's rampage. Ellis stopped in front of Zoey, motioning for the brunette to hand Maria over to him. Without a response, Zoey gave the little girl to the mechanic. Ellis ran into the door with Maria hanging off of his neck while Zoey and Nick fired at the Tank. Coach turned around, pushing Zoey towards the door as he cocked his shotgun. The Tank focused on Coach, grunting heavily as it closed in. The former school teacher raised his shotgun as the Tank lifted its massive arms up above Coach. The survivor narrowed his eyes before pulling the trigger, blasting his shotgun a few feet away from the Tank's face.

The beast cried out in pain, falling backwards as it swung its massive arms around wildly, smashing through walls and anything else it hit. Coach quickly turned and ran towards the stairs with the others.

"Do we go up er down," Ellis asked. Nick opened his mouth to suggest something before the wall was busted down. The now blind Tank roared in fury as it rushed in the survivors' directions.

Without an order, the four survivors quickly ran up the stairs, with Zoey and Nick firing periodically into the monster. The Tank stumbled about, using its massive hands to try and grab the illusive survivors.

"Who's got fire," Nick asked. Ellis stopped, and used one hand to grab a Molotov strapped to his waist.

Nick took the bomb from Ellis and pulled out a lighter. He ignited the cloth of the bottle before looking down at the Tank. The conman rushed further down the stairs to get closer to the Tank, much to the surprise of the other survivors.

"Stupid man," Zoey growled as she followed after Nick, firing at the Tank to get its attention.

Nick glanced back over his shoulder to see Zoey following him, reloading her pistol before continuing to fire at the Tank. The conman looked back and waited as the Tank came up the closest flight of stairs. Nick crouched low to the ground, hopefully to avoid getting hit by the Tank swinging its arms around like a rapid beast. The survivor quickly kissed the bottle before hurling it against the Tank's already bleeding face.

The beast cried out in agony, the flames quickly spreading over its body. Nick quickly got up, turned around, and ran up the stairs. Zoey kept her pistol and eyes on the Tank as it failed about in agonizing pain. The beast finally swung to its right side, tipping too much of its weight to one side and falling over the railing. The flaming Tank roared in defeat as it plummeted into the darkness below.

Nick, sweating and panting lightly looked over at Zoey, whose hair was a bit disheveled and sweaty herself. "Nice job," the conman praised.

"You didn't do too bad either," Zoey replied with a bit of respect for Nick in her tone.

"Was that stupid enough to compare with my nephew?" Zoey smirked, looking back down over the railing.

"Close," the former college student finally replied. Nick laughed before patting Zoey on the shoulder, moving up the stairs to rejoin with Coach and Ellis. Zoey smiled, still looking down where the Tank fell before catching up with the other survivors.

One of the doors opened suddenly, causing Coach, Nick, and Zoey to snap their guns up. To greet them, Nicole aimed her sniper back at them while Rochelle simply gasped in surprise. The black haired doctor rolled her eyes before lowering her weapon as the others did the same in kind.

"We've gotta stop meeting people like this," Zoey said to herself.

"Good to see you too," Nicole replied with a smirk on her face. "Did you guys find anyone else? Jamie or Alan?"

"No," Nick murmured. "We also lost the other two kids. Andrew and Kelsey." Nicole and Rochelle's faces fell, both of them feeling regret for the two children.

"Maria is a bit shaken up," Coach whispered, motioning back to the little girl. "She watched Kelsey get…well…"

"Ripped to shreds," Maria finished, stepping onto the ground as she released Ellis' neck. The girl kept her composure, looking at the ground while anyone else her age would've broken down already. "It's alright. I'm fine…"

Nicole stepped forward, placing her hand on Maria's shoulder. Instinctively, the younger girl stepped closer to Nicole. "Doc is in the other room. We found documents concerning a lot of CEDA's actions leading up to the first infection. We also found out some interesting information on Diana…"

"The dead bitch," Nick snapped, immediately angered by her name. "Who cares? She's dead."

"Yes, we know," Zoey replied, rolling her eyes. "Dead bitch is dead. But it couldn't hurt to find out all we can."

"What about Jamie," the concerned uncle of the group demanded.

"We'll decide what documents to bring with us and then we'll go on a manhunt," Nicole replied. "Besides, they have Fenra. I saw what she could do. I doubt they're in trouble."

"We are sooooo dead," Alan murmured. Jamie rolled his eyes while he observed the situation. Barring the fact that he, Alan, and Fenra had their hands cuffed to a nearby pipe above their heads, high enough that they could barely touch their feet to the ground, he might be able to find something else out.

Everyone seemed to be in somewhat of a hustle, moving about every which way. The only person remaining stationary was the Director, who sat in a random desk while typing periodically on his laptop.

"What's he doing," Jamie asked himself quietly.

"I would guess he's checking to see where the virus has gone so far." Alan and Jamie turned their heads in Fenra's direction. The redhead kept her icy blue eyes dead set on the Director. "He's planning on spreading the virus across the planet."

"Why," Alan pried. "And why the hell didn't you tell us you had a brother?"

"I didn't expect any of you to survive long enough for us to bond. Looks like I was right." Alan narrowed his eyes while Jamie looked irritated. "I don't care what happens after this. But I'm going to kill him."

"He did something to your brother," Jamie stated. Alan glanced back over at the brunette with a curious look in his eyes. Fenra's eyes hardened on the Director before slowly turning over towards Jamie. "Was your brother a test subject? A casualty? What?"

"Mind your damn business," Fenra snapped angrily.

"I'll tell you." The survivors turned forward, seeing the Director approach them. Fenra's eyes bored furiously through the Director, who had no discernable expression one way or the other. "Shana here and her brother Alex, use to work for CEDA, and for me." Jamie's eyes widened slightly while Alan's jaw dropped. The bulkier survivor turned to Fenra, who simply kept her eyes on the Director. "Alex and Shana's mother died during Shana's birth, and their father ran away, leaving them on their own. Alex managed to put Shana through basic schooling, which she flew through. The girl was a genius, despite having no advanced schooling herself.

"Alex figured he could put Shana through the next step: college. In order to do that, he joined the military and somehow managed to make it so that his sister could get his benefits: free schooling, a place to live, money from the government, and so on. He did everything for his baby sister…" Fenra scowled, pulling against her handcuffs a bit in anger. Jamie looked over at Fenra, silent for a moment before turning back to the Director.

"Alex himself was a heightened marvel of physical prowess, despite having no previous training. Eventually though, he was injured and had to be discharged from service. I discovered these two…geniuses and sent an old friend to make them an offer. Williams, you remember him don't you? He arrived at their house and offered Shana an internship and Alex a job as a security officer. Shana continued her schooling while working for me on the weekends, while Alex worked every day he could. I took a special interest in him."

Fenra practically growled in frustration as she pulled suddenly and very hard against her bonds. The loud noise of cuffs pulling against metal caused Jamie and Alan to jump slightly. The Director however, remained still, pausing for a moment to stare coldly at the redhead.

"Thanks to CEDA's…special methods, I managed to fix Alex's injury from the military. After that, through fighting other guards, including some of my closer employees, Alex became my personal bodyguard. The performance booster that Elliot put on Zoey's back was in development a few days before the infection was unleashed. I offered for Alex to test the performance booster. He told me he'd think about it, and by that he meant he didn't want to do anything without checking with his dear sister. The next day, he accepted to use it."

"Son of a bitch," Fenra seethed, pulling harder against the cuffs.

"You let him use something like that," Alan asked softly.

"NO!" The redhead snapped her head Alan and Jamie's way, "I told him I wanted to look at whatever chemical they were using myself before he did anything! The dumb shit just did it anyway!"

"But of course, Shana here decided to sneak into restricted area where I was keeping the performance booster…as well as the Green Flu. My daughter, Diana, found the little spy and brought her to me. The only reason I didn't kill her on the spot was because Alex was in the room."

"Didn't stop you from trying did it you sick son of a bitch." The Director lazily turned towards Fenra before continuing.

"I had Diana and a few others take some of our earlier infected specimens to her house, in order to tie up any loose ends. If she was taken out by some type of serial killer, rather than a properly trained assassin, there wouldn't be an investigation towards CEDA, or any mistrust from Alex. However…I underestimated how far the fool would go to save his sister. He managed to take out all of my specimens, and save his sister, thanks to my performance booster. Thankfully, Diana was on the scene and took care of the two of them quickly enough. I had Shana and Alex sent to separate facilities, where I continued my tests with them as specimens. Shana was injected with the D-enzyme and a touch of the Green Flu, turning her into a watered down version of what my daughter was."

"Wait, you injected your own daughter with a virus," Alan asked. "You are a crazy fucker you know that!"

"Don't pretend to understand what you don't know," the Director replied. "My daughter was steadily becoming…power hungry. I could tell. That's the only reason I sacrificed her, so she wouldn't try to betray me and ruin what I've started."

"You're still a twisted bitch," Jamie snapped furiously. "And I'm gonna see to it you have a one-way trip straight to hell."

"Why wait," Fenra asked, turning to the boys. The survivors all shared the same expression before turning back to the Director. In one motion, the three survivors pulled forward with all their strength, wrenching the pipe they were cuffed to off of its hinges.

The Director gasped, genuinely startled before stepping back. Fenra's eyes, full of bloodlust, shot forward, tackling the Director to the ground. Jamie and Alan quickly slide their cuffs off the pipe before looking up. All of the soldiers in the hanger now made their way towards the survivors.

"Shit," Alan snapped. "We gotta get out of here!"

Jamie turned towards Fenra to get her off the Director, who she was chocking with the chains of her handcuffs, before some powerful force threw him forward. The brunette hit the ground and slid across the floor. Alan turned around in shock before a fist with the force of a train struck him across the face. The former cage fighter hit the ground, sliding up next to Jamie.

"Holy shit," Jamie groaned, slowly rolling over onto his back.

The man who struck Jamie and Alan approached Fenra, placing his hand on her back. The redhead quickly spun around, clawing the man's arm as she was prepared to kill him. However, she stopped and froze with terror. The man that held onto her was a heavily built man with his hair buzzed on the sides, and flat on the top. He had piercing, light green eyes which were blank an empty.


"Oh you've gotta be kidding me," Jamie murmured as he and Alan finally scraped themselves off of the floor.

Alex lifted Fenra off of the Director and hurled her with tremendous force. The redhead slammed hard into the concrete wall behind Jamie and Alan, who ducked as she came flying at them. The two survivors looked at Fenra in shock before snapping their heads back towards Alex and the Director, who rose up off the floor, rubbing his neck.

"We gotta go," Alan shouted as he started to pick Fenra up.

"Duck!" Alan snapped his head up to the sound of Jamie's voice, only to be met with the bottom of a leather shoe. Alan flew back, hitting the ground hard as he slid into a stack of crates.

Jamie looked over to whoever just kicked Alan before looking forward. A firm hand shot forward, gripping Jamie by the throat and lifting him off of the ground. The survivor clawed at the man's hand, looking in shock at a familiar face. Jamie tried gasping for air before the man hurled in the opposite direction from Alan. The brunette crashed through another stack of crates and slid back off of the ground, groaning before he came to a stop.

Alan looked up, holding his dazed head in pain. Upon seeing the two new attackers, the former cage fighter couldn't help but gasp at the duo. "No…Nelson…Amy…"

"The performance booster, with the right modifications to the device that injects it, makes a perfect controller for those…less than willing subjects," the Director called out, loud enough for the survivors to hear. He waved his hand to his common soldiers, silently ordering them to stop. "Only a few can use the booster without dying from the affects it has on the body. Thankfully, Alex was a prime specimen. Amy, who worked rigorously every day to keep her perfect form, and Nelson who chopped down heavy trees and hauled off timber every day for a living were also excellent test subjects."

"You sick SHIT!" Alan stood up, wiping the corner of his mouth as he stormed towards the Director, "People aren't subjects or playthings for you to use!" Amy quickly placed herself between Alan and the Director. Her normal bright green eyes were different somehow. They were a lighter green, and more piercing than bright. Her long, dark blonde hair was pulled up into a tight topknot, with a few single strands hanging down in front of her face. "Damn it, Amy! It's me Alan!"

The blonde shot her arm forward, grabbing and twisting Alan's wrist. The survivor cried out in pain and fell to his knees. Alan slowly looked up, past his pain, silently pleading to Amy. The blonde's face didn't change in the slightest.

"Fuck," Alan groaned, almost angry. Using his other hand, Alan grabbed Amy's arm, twisted to the side and then hurled her in the opposite direction. Amy flipped around gracefully, landing on top of a wooden crate with a slight shake and thud.

Alan rushed towards the Director, eyes filled with rage. Before he could even get halfway to him, Alan was sidelined by Nelson. The former lumberjack spun himself and Alan around before slamming the survivor face first into the floor. Nelson pinned his arm on the back of Alan's neck, while pulling the survivors arm behind his back.

"I'm afraid you can't compete. While the performance booster could bring someone like Alex up to Diana's level, you're still no match for it as you are. You could barely handle Zoey alone, and you only got Diana by sneaking up one her and shooting her with a sniper rifle. How can you even hope to handle three?"

"Like this!" The Director, Alex, Amy, and the soldier all looked to the other end of the hanger. Jamie stood up with an assault rifle in hand, firing the automatic weapon across the hanger.

Alex quickly pulled the Director to the ground as Amy ducked behind the crate she stood on and Nelson hunched lower to the ground, and on Alan. A few soldiers tried to raise, draw, or aim their weapons at Jamie, but they were too slow or missed before they were gunned down. Other smarter soldiers hit the ground before Jamie even started firing.

The brunette quickly stepped backwards, reloading the gun with impressive speed before firing across the hanger, sweeping the gun in the opposite direction. He got a few of the soldiers he either wounded or hit the deck on his way towards the super-soldiers and the Director. All and all, Jamie killed more than a handful of normal soldiers.

Amy shot up, flipping stylishly over the crate she hid behind before rushing Jamie. Nelson got off Alan and charged brunette survivor as well. Jamie fired a few bursts at Amy and Nelson before running out of one of the hanger doors. The two super-soldiers quickly gave chase.

"Stop!" Immediately, Amy and Nelson froze in place, standing firmly at attention before turning towards the Director. The middle-aged man turned around to the other exit, seeing that Alan and Shana were gone as well. "Damn it. Well thought out Jamie." The Director turned towards his common soldiers, who were either checking their comrades or getting off of the ground. "Spread out and find them! Bring the survivors back to me! All of you, move!"

The soldiers obeyed the Director, despite that some thought they should check to help the wounded, or that he should send the super-soldiers after the survivors.

After the hanger was cleared out, Alex, Amy, and Nelson stood by the Director's side as he moved back towards his laptop. "I can't risk loose ends when I'm this close." The Director started typing on his laptop, "Gather the samples and weapons. Load them onboard my helicopter and get ready to leave." A screen popped up, reading 'self destruction: thirty minutes.' The Director leaned back to ensure that his bodyguards were following orders. Once he confirmed this, the Director pressed a button on the keyboard and started the timer.

Jamie walked through the dark underbelly of the CEDA hanger. Adrenaline was still bumping through his body as he swept the flashlight around for anything that moved. He panted heavily, face covered in a sheet of sweat before he moved as far away from the hanger as he could. Pissing off three soldiers who were essentially three copies of Diana definitely was one of the more suicidal things he's done. Now he was separated from Alan and Fenra, he knew he was going to run into a Tank, or a Witch or something else bad.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Jamie murmured softly.

Little did Jamie suspect that something was watching him from the shadows.

Alan and Fenra quickly opened the door and hid in a nearby supply closet, which was more of a small armory. Alan panted heavily, holding the door shut for a moment before stepping back and leaning against a wall. He looked over, seeing Fenra grabbing a pair of knives, two pistols, and a magnum while eyeing several other guns in the process.

"You're joking?" Alan got off of the wall and took a couple of steps towards Fenra. "You're wanting to go back? I don't care how many guns you have, if those three are anything like Diana-,"

"Diana was better than my brother," Fenra snapped. "He had the performance booster when Diana took us both away."

"Okay, they still have superhuman abilities and kicked our asses squarely enough. We just took out Diana not too long ago. I don't want to get my ass kicked again by super powered guys like that."

"Fine, then stay here and hide." Alan ran his hand over his head, sighing in frustration. Fenra grabbed a shotgun and sniper rifle before heading towards the door. Alan stuck his arm out, blocking the door for the redhead. Fenra's eyes narrowed before she slowly glared up at Alan.

"You're going to kill the Director…even if you die aren't you?" Fenra made no response, still glaring angrily at Alan. The bulky survivor then put his whole body between the redhead and the door. "I can't let you do that."

"This has become beyond personal," Fenra snapped viciously. "He's using my brother to destroy the world! I know he'd rather be dead than serve that sick bastard!"

"Believe me, I would too! But you becoming a martyr isn't something your brother would want!"

Fenra leaned forward, her face twisting in a blinding rage, "How the fuck would you know?"

Alan's expression remained even as he simply looked back at Fenra, his eyes equally as hard as hers. "I'm an older brother too. I put my little sister on an evac helicopter to get her away from the zombies. The helicopter crashed…" Fenra's eyes widened slightly, softening almost instantly. Alan took a small breath, trying not to tear up, "There's nothing I would want more…than for my sister to be alive. You have no idea what it's like to live, knowing I was responsible for my sister's death."

"You weren't…" Fenra stopped herself, lowering her eyes to the floor. For the first time since Alan had known her, Fenra looked sad. The fact she had an expression other than mad or pissed off said a lot. "That wasn't your fault Alan…and I don't blame myself. I blame the Director and-,"

"But if your brother knew," Alan cut her off. "If killing the Director somehow snapped Alex out of this mind control or whatever bullshit is being used, what do you think he'll think? Do you really think he'd just want you to just bash your way through everything and kill the Director at the cost of your own life?"

"What the hell do you want from me," Fenra whispered. The redhead lifted her head up, her cold eyes looking almost warming as she looked into Alan's. "For the past month…I thought my brother was dead. I wanted nothing more than to kill the Director."

"Listen to me…I know what losing someone can do to you. Jamie does too." A flash of curiosity crossed Fenra's face. "Jamie's older brother…my best friend, gave his life to make sure Jamie got away safe. Now the idiot is going to throw himself on any and every sword to make sure he can save every life he possibly can. You…you just want to kill the Director out of revenge, no matter what. You can't let this anger and hate consume you. Otherwise you just become a monster."

Fenra's eyes softened even more. The redhead cried out and hurled a gun across the room. Alan flinched noticeably, worried that the gun might go off. Fenra hugged the bulky survivor, burying her face in his chest as her shoulders shook gently with sobs. Alan stood there dumbfounded before he slowly, cautiously put his arms around her.

The two stood there in silence. Alan held Fenra firmly, and close to try and comfort her. "It's okay Shana…we'll get the Director…but we're going to do it for the right reasons okay?"

Before Fenra could answer, the door burst open and one man aimed his rifle at the two survivors, "Alright, step out nice and easy!"

Fenra froze, her eyes cold as she stared at nothing. She felt Alan's hands reach behind her, grabbing the two pistols she holstered against the back of her pants.

Alan spun around, firing the dual pistols into the soldier as Fenra turned around, grabbing an SMG. A couple of guards moved in front of the doorway to aim at the survivors, but were gunned down as Alan moved to the side while Fenra shot and killed them. Alan aimed at a few soldiers leaning against the wall outside and quickly gunned them down as well. Fenra pulled the pin on a grenade and tossed it outside. The explosive went off, taking out a few soldiers while incapacitating the rest.

Alan looked over at Fenra, who looked back and smiled. The bulky survivor let out a small laugh of victory before getting off the ground and heading towards the exit with the redhead. Before Alan could make a witty comment, he was kicked across the face and sent stumbling to the side. Fenra snapped her head around, staring at Amy and Nelson standing before her.

"Damn it," she growled. Alan rubbed his jaw and looked forward. He slumped over in disbelief.

"God damn it…"

Jamie ducked as a strange creature shot out of the shadows and swung at his head. The brunette rolled across the concrete ground and fired in the direction of the infected before it rushed behind the cover of some steel pipes. The brunette scowled, shining his light in the general area of the monster.

"My damn freakin luck," the brunette murmured. He saw movement behind the pipes as the creature growled lowly. Jamie let out a burst from his gun, causing the monster to cry out and run away. The survivor shook his head and, despite his better judgment, chased after the infected.

Jamie followed the creature's trail and slid around the corner, aiming his weapon at a group with flashlights. "Jamie!" The brunette's face was covered in shock before he lowered his gun. Zoey came through the many lights and hugged him. "Thank god we found you finally."

"Seriously, we need like a special whistle or something," Nick said, lowering his gun. "One of these days we're gonna shoot each other."

"Hey, where's Alan," Doc's voice asked. "Wasn't he with you and the redhead chick?"

"We uh…had a bit of trouble."

"Meaning things got more complicated…right?" Jamie shrugged to Doc's response, with an apologetic smile. "Well…great."

Alan and Fenra were once again cuffed and being escorted by Amy and Nelson back towards the hanger. Alan turned his head to look back over his shoulder, "Amy…it's me Alan." Fenra looked over at the bulky survivor. She hoped whatever he was going to do would work. "Amy…you've gotta remember me. What about your brother Andrew?" Amy continued looking forward, eyes empty and focused. "Please, Amy, you have to remember us! I know you can fight this!"

The blonde shoved Alan by the back of his head, causing him to stumble forward. Alan groaned in frustration. If he couldn't break through to Amy, it didn't leave a lot of options left on how to deal with the situation.

Alan and Fenra entered the hanger, where they saw the Director and Alex standing next to a helicopter. "Well," the middle aged man spoke. "It's so good to see you both again."

"Fuck off," Alan snapped. The Director rolled his eyes before backhanding Alan across the face.

"I'm tired of your mouth boy." The older man turned around and headed towards his laptop resting on a few crates. He placed his gloved hands over the computer and turned it to Alan and Fenra. "You have two choices." Alan's eyes were wide with horror, focusing on the timer which had a little over ten minutes left. Fenra's eyes were kept centered on the Director only. "You can willingly become my next pair of test subjects, or I can leave you hear to die in a fiery explosion. Your choice."

"You're joking right," Fenra spat angrily. Alan turned his gaze to the Director to glare at the man himself. "I'd rather burn alive than be your little test subject."

The Director sighed, despite having known that's what their answer would be, "Disappointing…regardless there's no way for you to stop the timer anyway." The CEDA president turned his back to the survivors and headed towards his jet.

The two survivors looked at each other knowingly. Alan sighed softly before nodding his head. The former cage fighter quickly rose to his feet and swung his head back. His skull cracked against Amy's face, causing the blonde to cry out in pain. Alan spun around and swung his leg up high into the air just as Amy ducked below the strike. The super-soldier attempted to sweep her leg across the ground, but her leg was stopped when Fenra crouched and pinned the blonde's leg in place. Alan closed his eyes before bringing his heel down on the back of Amy's head with all his might. The blonde's face smacked hard into the concrete, knocking her unconscious.

The Director and Alex turned around with the latter quickly running towards the survivors once he saw what was happening. The older man scowled furiously before heading back towards his jet.

Alan ducked as Nelson swung a fist up at him, narrowly avoiding the blow. Fenra came up and rolled over Alan's back and slammed her foot in the lumberjack's face. The redhead narrowed her eyes at Nelson before she noticed Alex coming at her. She narrowly dodged her brother's straight fist. Alan ran forward, slamming the top of his shaved head into Alex's gut. The super-soldier keeled over, letting out a groan of pain. Alan then quickly swung his head up, slamming the back of his skull against Alex's chin. The super-soldier quickly wrapped his broad arms around Alan and began to squeeze tightly. Alan groaned, surprised by how much stronger Alex was than him at this point. If his hands weren't cuffed behind his back, Alan figured he could break out of the bear hug.

Fenra inched forward to help before she stopped in her tracks as Nelson blocked her path. The redhead spun around and attempted to kick the man's face. Nelson raised his arm and blocked the foot, all the while keeping his eyes on his opponent. Fenra then swept her second leg up off of the ground and kicked the man on the bottom of the chin. She somersaulted around and landed perfectly on her feet while Nelson stumbled about. Fenra quickly spun around and kicked the super-soldier in the chest as hard as she could, and then did so a second time. The third kick had enough force behind it to lift Nelson off of his feet and throw him into a heavy metal crate.

Fenra turned back to go and help Alan, but a group of people rushing past her caused the redhead to stop. Jamie, Nick, Coach, and Ellis surrounded Alex and held their guns up to him. Zoey meanwhile tried to undo Fenra's handcuffs while Rochelle provided cover from whatever could show up to attack.

"If you got any sense in that head," Coach began, quickly cocking his shotgun to emphasis his point, "You'll let the boy go."

Alex slowly turned his eyes over at Coach, still maintaining his tight hold on Alan. The super-soldier quickly released his hostage and grabbed Coach's shotgun. Nick and Ellis raised their guns up while Jamie pulled his combat knife out. Coach, in an act that surprised everyone, head butted Alex, which knocked him off balance, and then cracked the end of his gun across the super-soldier's jaw. Alex spun around and smacked onto the ground hard, rendered unconscious.

"The Director is getting away," Alan shouted to his fellow survivors as Zoey came up to undo his handcuffs as well.

The engines to the Director's private jet roared to life. The survivors all took several steps away from the deafening machine.

"Stop him," Fenra barked angrily.

"We have a contingency plan," Jamie shouted over the engine. The brunette pointed to the back of the hanger. Alan and Fenra both turned around, seeing Nicole aiming a lengthy sniper rifle and Doc standing guard behind her.

"Jamie," Alan slowly asked, "that's a big gun…"

"Anti-tank sniper," Jamie corrected. "Makes a big bang! Get down!" The survivors quickly scrambled for cover.

Nicole zeroed in on one of the Director's engines and pulled the trigger. The bang easily audible over the roar of the engines. The bullet punched through the jet's wing and engine, creating a large enough hole with a following explosion to blow the whole wing off. The engine's explosion sparked in the fuel container, causing the rest of the ship to go up in flames.

The survivors all covered their heads as shrapnel and debris came flying over their heads and past their shields.

Nicole smirked as she lowered her weapon. Behind her, Doc let out a low whistle, "Wow. That was quite the boom."

"Impressed huh?" The blonde smiled before he leaned against the railing. On the hanger floor, the other survivors stood up and started laughing and shouting curses at the flaming jet.

"Nothing sexier than a rifle-chick."

"What about a smart guy," Nicole mused.

"Wouldn't know. Not into guys myself." Nicole rolled her eyes before she nudged Doc with her hip. "So…I guess that means we won right?"

Doc opened his mouth to answer, but he was suddenly pulled back. Nicole whipped her head around as someone spun Doc around and threw him into a wall. The newcomer spun around and kicked Nicole in the side of the jaw. The black haired woman stumbled to the side, crying out in pain and then fell to the floor.

The masked figure took the anti-tank rifle, pulled the bolt back to release the bullet in the chamber, ripped the scope off, and then threw the weapon over the railing. Instead of dealing with the two dazed survivors, the new figure jumped over the railing.

"Ah, fuck it's never that easy," Doc groaned. "Heads up guys!"

The survivors all turned around to see a figure dressed in all black, along with a ski mask, rushing towards them. "Is that a ninja," Alan asked curiously.

The figure raised their arm up, revealing an SMG in hand. Without need of an order from Jamie, the survivors all scrambled for cover as the newcomer unleashed a hail of bullets upon the hanger.

The mysterious fighter sprung high into the air and landed on the top of the flaming helicopter. On the ground, the Director's three super-soldiers soon woke up and rushed towards the newcomer. The masked fighter made their way towards the cockpit and quickly pried the opening off. The three super-soldiers stopped once they saw that the new survivor was trying to help the Director. The newcomer quickly pulled a body out from the cockpit and jumped onto the ground.

The survivors saw this, all gaping in shock when they saw the Director's unconscious, but still relatively unharmed body. "You're fucking kidding," Alan murmured.

"FINISH THE JOB," Fenra roared, jumping out of cover and rushing towards the Director.

The masked fighter looked up, seeing the redhead rushing in their direction. The mysterious newcomer looked at a watch on their wrist, and on cue a series of explosions started going off. The explosions shook the ground violently, throwing everyone off balance. The masked newcomer quickly stood up, with the Director in tow and headed toward a nearby, docked helicopter.

"You're not getting away," Fenra shouted.

The masked person looked back, realizing that Fenra could catch up to them. The mysterious person quickly pulled out a pistol, aimed it steadily and fired three shots. Fenra froze dead in her tracks, while the rest of the survivors slowed down to a stop behind her. Everyone looked over, seeing the Director's three super-soldiers fall down simultaneously.

Fenra's face twisted in horror before she shrieked, "ALEX!"

Alan watched as Amy fell down on her side, blood spilling out under her as her ponytail came undone. Slowly, he looked over to the masked fighter who was already making their way back to the helicopter. "SON OF A BITCH!"

Alan, Jamie, Zoey, and Fenra all rushed towards the mysterious fighter who had already gotten onto the boarding ramp. Rochelle and Coach moved to help the three wounded, while Nick, Ellis, and Maria all headed in the opposite direction to get their evac ready to go.

Once the masked newcomer had the Director's unconscious body strapped in, they took a moment to observe the Director. Half of his face had been burnt horribly, with his skin looking as though it had melted off. His hair was singed and left a stinking air about him. All and all the explosion left the man horribly disfigured.

The mysterious fighter turned around, just as Fenra leapt into the air, letting out a feral cry as she kicked forward. The masked fighter raised their arm up and blocked the blow, throwing Fenra back in the process. Quickly, the newcomer started advancing, swinging their arms about in a pinwheel-like fashion, both parallel and sideways to try and hit Fenra. Despite the other's speed and force, Fenra managed to block her opponent's strikes. Finally, the redhead grabbed both of her opponent's arms, holding them firmly in place. The masked opponent looked down before staring up at the seething redhead in front of her. Finally, the newcomer slammed their head into Fenra's face, knocking the redhead off balance and down the on-ramp.

Jamie and Alan moved past Fenra onto the ramp and towards the masked gunman. Jamie swung his knife forward, leaving a faint stream of light as he slashed at the opponent. His opponent took a small step back, narrowly avoiding the very tip of the blade. The masked fighter swung their hand up, knocking the blade out of Jamie's hand. Shortly after, Jamie was booted in the chest, throwing him back down the ramp and into Fenra, knocking them both to the ground.

Alan roared as he rushed forward. The masked gunman simply spun around and slammed their heel into the side of Alan's jaw. The bulky survivor stumbled to the side, catching himself on one of the ramp's pistons. Alan turned an angry glare back to his opponent before getting a quick foot to the face that threw him on top of Jamie and Fenra.

Zoey quickly flipped over the pile of survivors and dashed towards the mysterious gunman in a blur. The masked fighter took a quick, frightened step back. Zoey shot her arm forward, slamming her fist into the person's masked face. The person in all black stumbled back before turning around sharply and blocked Zoey's next strike. The masked person spun their arm around, averted Zoey's arm before throwing their own strike. Zoey ducked and swung upward. While the uppercut missed, Zoey managed to grabbed the gunman's mask. The brunette quickly tore the mask off while the wearer stepped back to try and distance themselves from Zoey.

Jamie, Alan, and Fenra all stood behind a now stunned Zoey to see who their new enemy was.

A pair of piercing blue eyes, with a scar on the side of her left eye, framed by shining black hair, light skin, and a venomous smug smirk looked back at the survivors.

"No way," Jamie murmured.

"You BITCH," Fenra roared. Alan quickly held the redhead back while Diana simply smirked at them.

"I'd be more concerned with leaving if I were you," the assassin said before turning her back. The young woman pressed a button inside of the helicopter which started to close the ramp. The survivors quickly got off of it as the helicopter started.

"How the fuck did she survive that explosion at the last base," Alan shouted.

"I don't know, but I want to survive this one!" Diana's helicopter took off out of the hanger as the base began to shake and fall apart slowly.

A second, and final, helicopter started up. Maria stepped out onto the ramp and waved to everyone else, "COME ON!"

Coach carried Alex while Doc carried Nelson, and Rochelle carried Amy. "There's no way we're ALL going to fit on this damn chopper," Doc pointed out angrily.

"We'll make em fit," Coach snapped angrily. "We're not leavin them behind!"

"Damn right we're not," Fenra murmured as she helped Coach with her brother.

Suddenly, gunfire was heard, causing the survivors to duck down. Entering the hanger were the remainder of the Director's soldiers, who were frantic to look for a way out of the building.

"You're fucking kidding me right," Alan screamed. "Who has a gun!"

"Mine's low on ammo," Jamie replied. "I only got one clip."

"Mine was the anti-tank rifle," Nicole pointed out.

"My shotgun won't even pepper these bastards," Coach growled.

"I got one…" All eyes quickly snapped around to Doc. Next to the blonde, Nelson began to stir. The lumberjack pulled out a pistol from his hip's holster. "That bitch…hit us alright. But she hit the control devices on our bodies. Still hurt like a bitch, but I ain't dead yet. I couldn't control what I was doing…but hell if I didn't know what I was doing." Nelson looked up at the survivors, a genuine look of humanity in his eyes. "Sorry everyone…for my part in this." Nelson checked the clip of his pistol before slamming it back in the holster.

"Here," Rochelle said. The news reporter tossed Amy's spare pistol over to Nelson. The lumberjack took the second firearm and nodded in appreciation.

"Alan…I'm guessing since the little shit ain't with you…" Silence fell amongst the survivors. Nelson sighed, looking over at the unconscious Amy. "She's gonna have a fit when she finds out…take care of her alright?"

"You have my word man," Alan replied.

"The rest of you, find that bastard who did this to us and nail his ass good!" Nelson cocked the two pistols, "Got it!"

"You got it man," Coach shouted, holding his fist up in affirmation.

"Without a doubt," Jamie added with a nod.

"Kick their asses and this old boy might just rest in peace. Now get your asses moving!" Nelson stood up and fired his dual pistols into the CEDA soldiers. Several shocked cries rang out, followed by automatic gunfire.

"You heard the man, move!" Jamie stood up and fired a few short bursts from his SMG to help Nelson. Coach and Fenra stood up with Alex in tow while Rochelle and Doc moved behind them with Amy.

The survivors moved into the helicopter while Nelson continued to cover them. The lumberjack laughed each time he gunned someone down. This late in the game, he had taken a few bullets, but he continued to stand and fire back at the CEDA soldiers.

The survivor's helicopter then slowly took off out of the hanger and into the sky. Nelson looked back with a prideful smile on his face. "Give em hell kids…" The lumberjack turned back and continued to fire at the few remaining soldiers as the base went up in flames.

In the helicopter was complete and utter silence. This felt like their biggest failure since leaving Dead End. Doc had taken over flying the helicopter from Nick and Ellis, which helped him take his mind off the situation.

"We're low on fuel," Ellis whispered as he moved to the back of the chopper. "We'll probably have to land in about an hour…maybe go on foot or pick up a vehicle…"

"Then what," Zoey asked, looking up to Jamie, Coach, and Fenra. The three closest things the team had to leaders fell silent. "I know it feels like we lost, but are we gonna let that stop us?"

"We're following Diana, who we thought was dead," Jamie said. "For all we know she could have some sort of trap set up for us wherever she's heading."

"That's assuming she'll let us follow her," Coach added. "If we're gonna have to land in about an hour, then we lose the trial. No car can keep up with a helicopter in the air."

"We promised Nelson," Alan snapped angrily. Everyone looked over at the bulky survivor who held the resting and bandaged Amy in his lap. "If we give up now, then Andrew, Kelsey, Nelson, Michelle, Ed, and everyone else who died in this damn infection, it'll mean nothing if we don't stop this! If we don't kick the Director's ass and live to tell the tale, then what'll their deaths have meant!" The survivors fell silent on Alan's stirring speech. "I don't care if I have to sail across the seas, I'm going to find the Director and his bitchy daughter and ram a foot up both of their asses! Now who's with me?"

"Yo," Doc called out, holding his hand out from the cockpit.

"Lord knows I'm roped into this now," Nicole said with a smile on her face.

"Me too," Maria added with a peppier tone. Rochelle smiled and nodded.

"You can't go anywhere without me and you know it sucker," Jamie jested.

"Count me in too," Zoey replied. Coach nodded with a firm look on his face. Nick shrugged, turning his head to the side in annoyance. Ellis nodded with a goofy smile plastered on his face.

"I'm not letting the Director or Diana get away with what they did to my brother," Fenra stated.

"Then let's go and kick some fucking ass!"

"HOO-RAH," the Z-Team shouted.

The chopper was put on autopilot, allowing Diana to rise up out of her seat. Slowly, the assassin walked towards the back of the helicopter and sat on the seat across from her father. The Director, now fully conscious looked back at his daughter with an unwavering glare. Diana however, looked happy and calm as she observed her father, who she had completely restrained.

"So…you survived…"

"Yeah, that's twice now I've come back from the dead." Diana pulled out a pair of sunglasses from her pocket and smiled, "Tenacious aren't I?" She put the glasses on her nose and looked back at her father.

"What's this about Diana? Are you going to kill me for betraying you? Because I left you to die in that facility?"

"Oh no, no, no daddy. I've come to realize, you betrayed me MUCH earlier than that incident." The Director narrowed his eyes bitterly as Diana leaned forward. "You only experimented with the Green Flu to try and save me. You did that, but at what cost? You continued to experiment with the Green Flu afterwards and created this catastrophe that we're going through now."

"You weren't opposed to it. You shared my dream."

"A dream of a stronger world," Diana snapped, her smile vanishing in an instant. The young woman crossed her fingers in front of her face and kept her icy cold eyes on her father. "You've now just become a terrorist with a god complex…"

"How would you have done it then child? What separates you from having a god complex like me?"

Diana rose up from her seat and walked towards the cockpit. The Director watched his daughter carefully as she grabbed something and walked back towards him. The Director noticed a strange, spiral vial in Diana's hand.

"In each tube of this spiral is a different form of the Green Flu," Diana stated. The Director's eyes widened as his daughter held the virus in front of him. "I'm going to run a little test. Each virus has been modified to be compatible with one another, and not try to overpower the other as they typically do. They're modified to…work together. To create a new infected. How would you like to test it?"

"You're-," The Director was cut off when Diana stabbed the needles into his arm and injected the virus. The Director groaned, twisting around a bit in pain.

"Ironic isn't it? The viruses which you worked so hard to create…are now going to be used to kill you."

"Th…the virus doesn't kill! You know as well as I do!" Diana smirked and headed back to the cockpit, dropping the vial on the floor behind her.

"If the virus doesn't kill who you are daddy, then the survivors will." The Director grunted questioningly in pain as he glared at his daughter. "They're what their names calls them. They're true survivors. And they will kill whatever you become father. I guarantee it."

Holy crap. A post? From me? Can it be? It's a late Christmas miracle! But yeah…sorry I've been dead for…however long it's been. Life has a way of being crazy, but I promise I'll keep trying to produce more and more chapters until this story is over and done with. I hope everyone had a good holiday season and enjoyed this chapter =)