The newly made Arbiter stood at the end of a Phantom, hearing the commander giving a motivational speech to his troops. The Arbiter looked to the floor, recalling his latest mission: vanquish a group of Heretic comprised of Elites and Grunts. After the speech, the Ultra Elite approached the Arbiter. "This armor suits you," the Commander spoke.

"Thank you," the Arbiter replied.

"But it cannot hide that mark," the Ultra added swiftly.

"Yeah, I knew that. Nothing ever will."

"You are the Arbiter, the will of the Prophets, but these are my Elites. Their lives matter to me. Yours does not." The Commander and the Arbiter stared at each other for a long moment.

"Alright," Arbiter finally spoke. "I'll uh…try to make sure that they don't die." The Commander continued to stare before tilting his head to the side and letting out a small huff.

"Leader, there is no doubt: the storm will strike the facility!"

The Commander turned his head and spoke into the speakers, "We'll be long gone before it arrives." The Phantoms started lowering down to a Forerunner facility. "Warriors prepare for battle!"

The Arbiter dropped down with three Elites and a small squad of Grunts. The Arbiter unleashed his energy sword before running forward, being led by a squad of SpecOps. The group approached a door, where a pair of Elites were working on splicing open the facility.

"Reveal yourselves only after the Arbiter has engaged the enemy," an Elite shouted to his comrades.

The door opened and the Covenant forces slowly blended into their surroundings. The Arbiter moved in first, moving past the sleeping Heretic Grunts, moving up to an Elite. The Arbiter unleashed is sword and stabbed it into the stomach of the Heretic in one swift motion. The Elite cried out, blood flying out of his mouth. A second Elite noticed this then screamed, aiming his plasma rifle at the Arbiter. The other Covenant forces quickly moved in, hosing down any Heretics with plasma fire. The Arbiter rushed forward as the second Heretic, holding the first one's corpse up as a meat shield. As the corpse hit the still living Heretic, the Arbiter continued moving forward, pushing the two Heretics towards the wall. As soon as the living one's back hit the wall, the Arbiter's sword went through both of the Elites' bodies. The second one screamed in agony before his body went limp. The Arbiter pulled his sword out then watched as the pair of bodies hit the floor.

"Arbiter," a small, annoying voice shouted. The Arbiter spun around out of instinct, quickly beheading a Grunt. The Arbiter's eyes widened with shock as the tiny body hit the floor, thick, gooey blue blood flowing out. The Elite looked up at his comrades with a fearful look.

"Uh…sorry about that."

"Don't worry," an Elite replied. "They're only Grunts. Expendable. See." The Elite turned and punted a Grunt in the rear, causing it to scream as it flew into a random, dark abyss. "No one cares." The remaining Grunts in the squad murmured angrily, but didn't voice their outrage.

The Arbiter and the SpecOps squad moved through the Forerunner facility, cutting down any Heretics in their path. They eventually made their way to an elevator, where they all piled in. "This make us easy targets," a Grunt stated.

"Fine, you watch the rear," another Grunt snapped.

"Me no want to watch the rear. What if Heretics have Hunters with them?" The Arbiter looked at the current SpecOps leader with a wary look. The Elite in dark purple simply shrugged then hit the button. The elevator moved down and the entire Covenant squad activated their camouflage ability to avoid being seen. One Elite looked behind him, through a window and into the hanger below, seeing a Seraph as well as more Heretics and several floating ships.

"Sentinels, the holy warriors of the sacred rings," an Elite bellowed. "Why have they sided with these Heretics?"

"How should I know," Arbiter replied. The Elite grabbed the Arbiter by the shoulders and started shaking him violently.

"WHY HAVE THEY SIDED WITH THESE HERETICS?" Arbiter's head flopped back and forth as he was shook.

"What's that noise," a Heretic shouted. The Covenant forces froze, the panic stricken Elite released the Arbiter, letting him drop to the ground.

"It came from the elevator," a Grunt screamed.

"Ah shit," a non-Heretic Grunt murmured.

"What do we do now," the melodramatic Elite questions. The Arbiter groaned as he rose up off the ground. The Elite spun around, grabbed the Arbiter by his shoulders and started shaking him again. "WHAT DO WE DO NOW DAMN IT?" In a rage Arbiter, struck the unusually dramatic Elite across the face. As the alien dropped to the floor, his camouflage deactivated just as the doors opened. The Covenant squad looked outside, seeing a large group of Heretics and Sentinels all aiming their weapons at them.

"Son of a bitch," a Grunt shouted.

The Heretic Grunts all started hurling grenades forward into the elevator. The Covenant forces all dove out of the elevator, the Arbiter with the unconscious Elite over his shoulders. An Elite socked a Heretic of the same race across the face, breaking its jaw. A Grunt shot a Sentinel out of the sky with an overcharged plasma shot. The flaming heap fell to the ground, crushing a Heretic Grunt under the burning pile of scrape. An Elite Heretic moved to attack the Arbiter who was busy carrying his unconscious comrade. A Grunt screamed as he jumped on the Heretic's back, causing the Elite to snarl and thrash around. A second Grunt ran up and threw his fist into the Elite's crotch. The Heretic groaned then fell to his knees. The Grunt on his back started to punch the Heretic in the head while the other Grunt started to wail on its face.

"Get some," one Grunt shouted.


Arbiter rushed beyond the fighting towards the hanger doors. As soon as he got to the hanger controls, the Arbiter threw his hoof forward. The doors hissed as they peaked open. Wind blew in with tremendous force, followed by a pair of Phantoms. The ships dropped in more Grunts and Elite who aided the small infiltration squad. They mowed down the Heretics and Sentinels in little to no time.

"All the Heretics shall fall before our might," an Elite shouted. "For the Great Journey!" The Covenant squads charged deeper into the facility while the Arbiter limped behind with the hysterical Elite on his back still.

"Hey, can someone else carry this guy," Arbiter shouted. "Seriously, I'm the one who's supposed to kill their leader! HELP ME DAMN IT!"

The Covenant squad tore through the Forerunner facility like a hot knife through butter, finding the opposition to be little to no threat. Arbiter meanwhile, was lagging behind, still carrying the worthless Elite on his back. They eventually made their way into a large room with a massive window at the end. On the other side of the window stood the Heretic Leader.

"Deal with him my brothers," the rebellious Elite shouted. "I will protect the Oracle!"

"His truth must not be silenced," a Heretic boomed.

"Alright, someone take care of this," Arbiter growled, throwing the unconscious Elite on the ground. "Take care of these Heretics! I'll deal with their leader!" The Arbiter rushed for the doors, leaving his comrades to fight the few Heretics that came to stop him.

The Heretic Leader got into a Banshee then flew off into the distance. Arbiter took another ship and followed after him through the skies. The Heretic Leader made his way to another part of the facility which was heavily defended by anti-air support. Turrets and Elites unleashed a barrage of plasma fire while Grunts fired fuel rod cannons. The Arbiter rolled the Banshee to the side before unleashing his own barrage of plasma and fuel rod fire. A few Grunts were torched by the plasma shots, while others were blown to pieces or thrown back by fuel rod explosions. One Grunt got luck with a fuel rod, the blast skimming the top of the ship. The Banshee started moving down, irresponsive to Arbiter's controls. The Arbiter growled then used his sword to slice the upper half of the Banshee off. The top of the ship flew down, crushing a Grunt as it smashed into the ground. Arbiter flew forward, plasma fire and fuel rod blasts flying past him. The Elite screamed as he jumped out of the Banshee at the last moment. The aircraft smashed through a turret and slid across the ground, grinding a few Grunts into the metal. The Arbiter slowly pulled himself off the ground as a Heretic rushed towards him. The Arbiter huffed before stabbing the Heretic in the stomach. He huffed dismissively before pulling his blade out and swinging it to behead an Elite in one motion. A single Grunt rushed forward with two plasma grenades in hand. Arbiter roared loudly before punting the Grunt through the air and off the edge of the facility. As he turned around, two explosions went off, causing the Arbiter to smirk before walking forward.

A pair of Phantoms dropped in, releasing a pair of SpecOps and the Commander along with a few Grunts. "Nice of you to join me," Arbiter greeted with a smug tone.

"As I hear it you haven't done much up until now," the Commander replied. Arbiter rolled his eyes then stood next to the Commander as his squad was splicing through the door.

"That's because I was carrying some crazy guy on my back. You said your Elites' lives matter more than mine so I was just doing my job."

"Oh you took that seriously?" Arbiter stared at the Commander with a long, vacant expression.

"My life…does matter?"

"Oh yeah, do you have any idea of the political ramifications that I'd have to deal with if you died on my watch?"


"No, half the Council wants you dead regardless." Arbiter rolled his eyes then stared at the door. "Who'd you save again?"

"Some hysterical guy."

"Awe damn it! That was my brother-in-law. Now I wish you would've let him die." Arbiter glared at the Commander who looked back at him. "I'm serious this time. Did he go crazy over nothing and start shaking you?"

"Yeah he did!"

"Oh man I hate that." The doors opened and the squad moved in. The Commander sniffed the air, causing the Arbiter to look back over his shoulder.

"What is it?"

"That stench…I've smelled it before." The Commander moved on as the Arbiter started sniffing the air.

"I think it's one of the Grunts," Arbiter called out.

"Hey, me didn't have time to shower," a Grunt shouted.

The squad continued in, moving into a massive room with nothing but a few corpses littering the room. "By the Prophets, what happened," an Elite questioned. The Grunts whimpered while the Commander walked up and gently nudged one of the corpses with his foot.

"Me have a bad feeling about this," a Grunt whined.

"You always have bad feeling about SOMETHING," another Grunt replied. Suddenly, something flashed at the end of the room, causing everyone's head to snap over. The Heretic Leader was standing with his arms crossed over his chest.

"SEE! Heretic!" The Grunt started firing, but his plasma shots went right through the image.

"Hold your fire, HOLD YOUR FIRE!" The Grunt stopped then cowered beneath the Commander's shadow.

"I wondered who the Prophets would send to silence me," the figure spoke. The Elite turned his head to the Arbiter and sneered. "An Arbiter…I'm flattered."

"He's using a holodrone," the Commander stated. "Come out so that we may kill you!"

The Heretic Leader laughed before replying, "Get in line…"

"Where the line start," a Grunt questioned. The image of the Heretic disappeared, leaving the small squad of Covenant alone.

"Now me got a bad feeling," the second Grunt murmured.

"What the," an Elite shouted. The squad turned around, seeing tiny, bubbly looking creatures scurrying towards them.

"Stand firm," the Commander ordered, "It's the Flood!"

The Arbiter and the Commander unleashed their swords and waited for their enemy to come to them. The Elites and Grunts started firing their plasma weapons, burning through the popping creatures. What the Covenant squad didn't realize was that Infectious Forms were sneaking down from behind, heading towards corpses that were already piled up in the corners of the room. The Flood Combat Forms rose up from the dead and slowly stalked forwards.

"Eat it bitch," a Grunt shouted, firing his plasma pistol at high velocity. Suddenly, the cocky Grunt was lifted up off the ground. The alien started screaming and flailing its limbs around wildly. The other Grunt and the four Elites turned around, seeing Combat Forms coming towards them. "I'll kill you assholes!" The Grunt pulled out two plasma grenades, one in each hand, then lit them up before he exploded along with half of the Combat Forms.

"By the bleeding Prophets," one Elite muttered.

"Pay attention," the Commander shouted. The Covenant forces turned around and started firing at the infectious forms again. "Go Arbiter! I'll hold these Parasites off and follow behind you once reinforcements arrive!"

"You got it boss," the Arbiter replied, more than eager to get away from the Flood. The Elites and now the lone Grunt followed the Arbiter through the doors and onto an elevator. "What is it with elevators in this accursed place?"

"Maybe our ancestors liked to ride in elevators," one Elite replied.

"Elevators better than stairs," the only Grunt added.

"Above," the second Elite shouted. "Sentinels and the Flood! They attack from above!"

"Damn it," Arbiter roared. "Why do we always ride on things that make us easy targets?"

The Flood started jumping down onto the elevator from above as the Sentinels fired their lasers. A few of the Parasites attacked the Sentinels, but the others were focused on the only other life forms available. Arbiter roared as he stabbed upward with his sword, slicing a Combat Form cleanly in half. Several dozen Combat Forms landed on the elevator and rushed towards the Covenant forces while even more of the Flood rained down from above.

One Combat Form rushed the Arbiter and was swiftly cut down. Another pair of Combat Forms started firing at the Arbiter, who quickly rushed for cover. As Arbiter rounded a corner, a Combat Form lashed its tentacle out at him. The Elite ducked then sliced the limb off. The Flood zombie shrieked in pain, but was swiftly silenced when the Arbiter sliced it in half. The other two pursuing Combat Forms were taken down by a group of four Sentinels. Arbiter rushed out, pulling out a plasma rifle and unleashed a volley of fire upon the floating defenders. He took two out before the remainder of the Sentinels started firing at him. Arbiter rolled behind cover as the lasers started tearing about all around him.

"Cursed Sentinels!" Arbiter turned the corner then hurled a plasma grenade that stuck on one Sentinel. The grenade exploded, destroying both of the floating guardians. "We can't stay on this elevator much longer! We have to—oh…" The Arbiter looked around, realizing the only three aliens with him had already been killed. "Well son of a…"

Arbiter looked over, seeing a low flying Sentinel. Quickly, the Elite rushed forward and dove onto it. The Arbiter growled as he forced the Sentinel downward. He figured this would be faster, and safer, than standing on a slow moving elevator while Flood and other Sentinels tired to kill him. Unfortunately, one Sentinel spotted him and fired. The beam tore through the Sentinel Arbiter was riding on. The Elite roared in anger as the Sentinel started spinning out of control with fire and smoke flowing out of it. He saw a nearby platform and dove for it. A grunt escaped from his mouth as he latched his hands onto the ledge as the Sentinel went down in a smoking heap behind him. The Arbiter pulled himself up then quickly rushed inside of the door in front of him.

The Arbiter entered a hallway littered with Heretic bodies. "Even the Heretics do not deserve the fate of becoming a parasite…each of these bodies is but a vessel for the Flood."

"Arbi…do you read m…" The Arbiter held his hand up to the side of his head, trying to listen through the static. "The storm will hit the facili…you must kill the Heretic Lea…now!"

"I'll guess that was 'kill the Heretic Leader now.' Not much I can do if I can't find him though…"

Arbiter continued through the facility, eventually ending up in a laboratory with Flood all around him and Heretics high above. The Arbiter was crouched in cover while plasma weapons tore all around him, and Flood Carrier Forms started exploding. Arbiter sighed before sitting down on the ground, deciding to let the Flood and Heretics duke it out, and then mop up what was left.

Suddenly though, the door to the back of the room opened up, revealing reinforcements for the Heretics. Arbiter quickly rose to his feet and rushed for the door, unleashing his energy sword. A pair of Grunts carrying plasma turrets readied their weapons and started blasting into the Flood and at the Arbiter.

"Die Covenant scum," the Heretic Grunt firing at the Arbiter shouted.

"You first!" Arbiter hurled a plasma grenade, sticking the Grunt right in the face. The alien blew up as Arbiter dove behind the nearest bit of cover.

One Heretic Elite wielding a sword barked towards his comrade. The Elite got on the plasma turret then started firing at the Arbiter's cover.

The Arbiter growled before rushing out of cover and charging the Heretic enemies. The Grunt and Elite on the turrets aimed and fired. The Arbiter jumped back and forth, weaving through the chain of fire before throwing another plasma grenade. The turret the Grunt was using was stuck. A second later, an explosion destroyed the turret and blew the Grunt to pieces. There were now only three Heretic Elites left, and a load of Flood Combat Forms now chasing the Arbiter.

The sword-wielding Heretic roared and charged with the other Elite, not on the turret. The Arbiter swiped at the Elite with the sword, crossing blades with him. The other Elite, wielding two plasma rifles, attempted to bash the Arbiter's head in. The Covenant soldier quickly jumped back for the strike, and spun around with his sword lashing out as he sliced through four Combat Forms in one swing. The Arbiter landed and spun around to the Heretics. The plasma rifle wielding Elite hurled a grenade forward. The Arbiter ducked and rushed forward under the grenade as it stuck a Combat Form attempting to strike him. The grenade blew up, blowing a group of Combat Forms to pieces. The Arbiter sliced through another Combat Form before turning and blocking a strike from the sword wielding Heretic. The Arbiter socked the Elite across the face before taking his enemy's plasma pistol. The gun started to charge before Arbiter released the trigger, lowering the plasma rifle wielding Heretic's shields. The Heretic gasped and looked as his shields sparked with little life left before he was overwhelmed by Combat and Infections Forms.

The Arbiter turned and charged the plasma pistol, ready to shoot the other Heretic. But before that could happen, the Heretic's sword sliced upward, severing the weapon in two. Arbiter growled then crossed swords with his opponent yet again. Plasma fire ripped over the Arbiter's head, causing him to duck and fall back. The sword wielding Heretic moved to attack, but was cut off by Combat Forms.

The Arbiter ducked and spun under plasma fire before he rushed forward. The Elite was surprisingly accurate with the turret, ripping through the Arbiter's shielding in no time. The Arbiter growled and did a very reckless move: he hurled his energy sword forward. The weapon flew end over end through the air and towards the Heretic gunner. The Elite realized that the Arbiter's attack was actually going to work and attempted to flee. He got off the turret, but the flying energy sword cut through the turret and stabbed itself through the Elite's back. The Heretic cried out in pain before it fell to the ground in a lifeless heap with the energy sword still imbedded into its back.

The Arbiter stared at the lifeless body for a moment before he ducked upon hearing the last Heretic screaming at him. The now unarmed Arbiter paced backwards as the Heretic came at him in a flying rage. Arbiter grabbed the Heretic by the wrist before the sword could slash him. He spun the Heretic around, twisting his wrist and pulling his arm up high behind his back. With a satisfying crack, the Heretic cried out and released his sword. The Arbiter took the sword and stabbed through the Heretic's back and into a Flood Carrier Form. The bulbous form exploded, launching the now dead Heretic and the Arbiter flying back. Luckily, the Heretic took most of the blast, leaving the Arbiter unharmed.

The Arbiter rolled the corpse off him and grabbed his personal sword and looked up. There were exactly a dozen Combat Forms left for him to face. With two swords in hand, the Arbiter lowered down with a grin on his face.

"Bring it on…"

The Combat Forms charged with a bone-chilling shriek. The Arbiter rushed forward, roaring at the top of his lungs. A few Combat Forms leapt into the air, landing behind the Arbiter to trap him in a circle. The Elite looked around, scowling angrily as he watched the Parasite closely.

One rushed forward, flailing its arm around wildly. The Arbiter stabbed through it with one thrust. A second Combat Form moved to attack from behind. Arbiter yanked his sword out, using his elbow to bash the Flood Elite's face. The zombie staggered before the Arbiter used his other sword to slice it in half. The Combat Form that the Arbiter stabbed wasn't dead yet, and moved to attack him. The Arbiter spun around, ducking under the Combat Form's strike and sliced its legs off at the knees. The Combat Form hit the ground, still not entirely dead. The Arbiter stabbed his sword through the Flood alien and through the floor. Another Combat Form rushed him. The Arbiter swung upward, his sword tearing through the ground and slicing the front of the Combat Form's body open. The Flood fell backwards in a motionless heap. The Arbiter then ducked under a Flood's tentacle and sliced its body cleanly in half and then used his other sword to slice another Combat Form in half.

The remaining Flood Combat Forms stayed still, twitching slowly as they took more caution towards their opponent. Something the Arbiter found rather unsettling. Two Combat Forms rushed the Arbiter on either side. The Elite thrusted his arms outward, stabbing through both of the zombies. Arbiter roared as he spun around, his swords tearing through the Combat Forms and slicing through another charging pair of Flood. The Arbiter stopped spinning and stabbed forward with one sword and extended one of his legs straight backwards, kicking one Combat Form in the privates. The zombie surprisingly fell to its knees with a pained gurgle. The Arbiter used his second sword to slice the Combat Form he already stabbed in half. He turned to the Combat Form on its knees then lifted his arm high above his head before bringing the blade down through the Parasite.

The Arbiter swung his arm in an upward motion behind him, slicing an attacking Combat Form's arm off. He roared as he plowed his other sword through it's chest, lifted it high above his head and then slammed it onto the ground. He pulled his blade out of the beast's chest and then used his hoof to crush the Parasite in the Combat Form's chest. The last Combat Form rushed forward as the Arbiter spun around, stabbing both swords through its chest. Time paused for a moment until the Arbiter, with a mighty roar, ripped the blades out of the body of the Flood form.

The Arbiter let the two halves of the body hit the floor and stood in silence for a moment. He looked to his left and then to his right, seeing that everything in the room was dead. "And of course nobody was around to witness that…"

"Arbiter are you there? This is Rtas 'Vadumee, are you there?"

"Who is this," the Arbiter asked.

"The Commander in charge of this mission."

"Oh, what's up chuck?"

"The Heretic Leader locked himself—and don't call me chuck, locked himself inside the facility!"

"And of course I'm supposed to go and kill him, despite the overwhelming risk towards myself."

"Not quite. I've sent in a squad of specialists to move in and cut the cable holding this station up! After they cut the cable, we have no doubt that the Heretic will make a run for it! Grab a Banshee and make sure he doesn't escape in that Seraph fighter in the hanger!"

"So let me get this straight: you guys are going to cut the cables holding this facility up, and while it's in free-fall into a maelstrom I have to run back through this entire place and kill this guy instead of us just using a Phantom or something else to blow up the hanger?"

"Hey, you're the one who needs redeemed honor, not the rest of us." The Arbiter growled under his breath. The station suddenly bucked beneath the Elite's feet, almost causing him to fall over. "The cable has been cut! Hurry Arbiter! We'll stay with you for as long as we can!"

"Knowing my luck that won't be long…" The Arbiter rushed outside of the laboratory, and ever so conveniently there was a Banshee waiting for him. He got inside and immediately sped off into the sky.

The Heretic Leader sealed off the door behind him, preventing any of the Parasite to follow behind him. He walked towards the Seraph and pressed a few buttons on his wrist. The hanger doors hissed with life before slowly opening. The wind was a minor annoyance, as he moved to the top of the Seraph. Moving towards the cockpit, he stopped for a moment and looked up. He saw a Banshee flying towards the hanger. The Heretic Leader growled then rushed forward, unable to shut the doors unless it was done manually. He punched the door controls, causing the doors themselves to start shutting again. The Banshee accelerated as the Heretic Leader backed away from the doors. The aircraft fired a few plasma rounds at the Heretic Leader who immediately dove for cover. The doors were about ready to close, and the idiot piloting the Banshee would crash into it and die. Surprisingly, the Banshee barely squeezed through the cracks in the door, ripping the top and bottom of the ship in half. The Arbiter flew out of the end of the Banshee, hitting the ground and rolling across the floor with a pained grunt. The Banshee crashed into the back wall, its flaming rubble piling around the locked door.

The Arbiter groaned as he slowly started to push himself up. Plasma fire starting hitting around him, causing Arbiter to spring to his feet and rush towards cover. The Arbiter growled, pulling out a single plasma rifle before coming out of cover to fire back. However, the Heretic Leader's dual plasma rifles were more than enough to keep the Arbiter pinned.

"Are you a coward Heretic," the Arbiter shouted.

The Heretic Leader laughed before taking a step back, "Arbiter, I'd rather die by your hands than let the Prophets lead me to slaughter!"

"Okay, I get it: you don't believe in the Great Journey," the Arbiter exclaimed with a wary tone. "But just who has taught you these lies?" Suddenly, a faint humming was heard. The Arbiter and the Heretic looked up, seeing a blue, metallic eye floating down towards them. "The Oracle?"

"Hello," the eye spoke, "I am 343 Guilty Spark, Monitor of Instillation 04." In awe of the relic's majesty, the Arbiter walked out from cover, gapping at the Monitor.

"Ask the Oracle about Halo. How they would sacrifice us all for NOTHING!" The Monitor turned to the Arbiter.

"More questions? Splendid, I would be happy to assist you." The Arbiter opened his mouth, but was cut off when plasma fire started ripping through his shields. The Arbiter quickly ran behind cover again as the Monitor floated away from the Heretic's fire.

"The Elites are blind Arbiter!" The Heretic Leader held up two holodrones, "But I…will make them see." He allowed the holodrones to float into the air, forming them into two copies of himself.

"Oh come on," the Arbiter exclaimed. He popped out of cover and hurled a plasma grenade at the three Heretic Leaders.

They all scattered as the grenade exploded, allowing the Arbiter to rush out of cover. Six sets of plasma rifles started firing at the Arbiter, who sprinted faster and dove forward as his active camouflage activated. The Heretic Leader and his holodrone copies looked around carefully for any signs of movement.

"Arbiter, show yourself!"

"Make me Heretic," the Arbiter shouted, his voice echoing off the walls.

The Heretic Leader scowled, floating in the air with his jetpack. "How did the Prophets buy your loyalty Arbiter? With a new command, a new fleet…or was it the promise…of their Great Journey?" One of the holodrone copies was sliced in half, destroying the device projecting the image. The two remaining Heretic Leaders turned and fired upon that area, but hit nothing. "Look around you Arbiter! This facility and dozens like it result in the study of the Parasite, but where are the weapons Arbiter? What was the result?" The Heretic Leader turned, aiming his plasma rifle down towards the ground. He saw nothing moving and continued: "All that time and effort and the best the Forerunners could do was put these foul creatures on ice!"

The second holodrone copy was sliced through by the Arbiter, who quickly dove through the flickering image before the last, and real, Heretic Leader opened fire. The Arbiter took cover under the Seraph. The Heretic Leader quickly fell to the ground, sweeping his plasma rifles across the hanger.

"You've left yourself open to my blade now," the Arbiter's voice whispered.

"Hardly," the Heretic Leader murmured. Suddenly, the Heretic spun around, blocking the Arbiter's sword with his forearm. The Arbiter grabbed the Heretic's other arm and aimed the plasma rifle into the air, letting the blue orbs fly into the air. "Where are these 'Gods' that the Prophets would have us worship?"

"They've transcended into godhood you fool," the Arbiter shouted.

"Transcended," the Heretic Leader repeated with a mocking tone in his voice. "They all perished!" The Heretic Leader wrenched his wrist free and then brought it down over the Arbiter's arm. The Arbiter screamed in pain as he dropped his sword. The Heretic Leader kneed the Arbiter in the gut then shoved him away onto his back. Slowly, the Heretic bent down to pick up the sword. "The Prophets do not offer salvation. Only I, Sesa 'Refumee, offer salvation for the Covenant! Following the Prophets will lead us all to destruction, just like the Forerunners Arbiter! But you have no reason to believe me." The Arbiter rose up to strike back, but Sesa's plasma rifle shot through his shields, burning into his gut. The Arbiter groaned, holding his bleeding stomach as he fell back to the ground. Sesa walked forward and towered over the Arbiter before raising his sword above his head. "Let me show you where they've gone Arbiter…"

In one downward slash, Sesa tore through the Arbiter. However, to his shock he realized that this Arbiter was a copy projected by one of his very own holodrones. Sesa spun around, barely blocking a strike from the real Arbiter. The Heretic attempted to shoot him at point blank, but the Arbiter quickly swatted the gun out of his hands. Sesa stepped back as the Arbiter pulled his arm back for a swing. The Heretic ducked under the Arbiter's strike and quickly moved to get to the Seraph. The Arbiter spun around quickly and sliced one of the engines to the Heretic's jetpack. Sesa stumbled forward, allowing the Arbiter to catch up to him quickly. The Heretic turned around, lashing the sword out which was blocked. The Arbiter lashed out, which Sesa barely blocked. The attack caused the Heretic to stumble back and fall to the ground. The Heretic moved to attack, but the Arbiter's hoof planted firmly against his wrist, preventing him from moving. The Arbiter lowered his sword, pointing the tips of it at Sesa's face.

"I am the Arbiter. The Will of the Prophets." Sesa struggled to break free from the Arbiter's hoof. "You are a hindrance to the Great Journey, and by the decree of the Prophets, you must die by my hand. The hand of Thel 'Vadamee, the new Arbiter!" Thel raised his sword up and then plunged it through Sesa's chest. The Heretic cried out in pain until the Arbiter tore his sword out of his chest, letting him fall to a lifeless heap.

Thel started to drag Sesa's corpse towards the hanger doors as the Monitor floated down to him. "Unfortunate. His edification was most enjoyable."

"I had no choice Holy Oracle," the Arbiter replied as he let Sesa's body fall to the ground. "This Heretic imperiled the Great Journey."

"Oracle? Great Journey? Why do you meddlers insist on using such inaccurate verbiage-," Suddenly, the Monitor sparked briefly, causing Thel to pull his head back with surprise. The Monitor started to get pulled backwards by an unknown force. "Ohhhhhh MYYYYY!" The Monitor stuck to the top of the gravity hammer wielded by Tartarus, the Brute Chieftain.

"That is the Oracle," the Arbiter shouted with disbelief.

"Oh really? No shit genius," Tartarus snapped as he yanked the blue ball off his hammer. The ape casually tossed it behind his back and into the grav lift of the Phantom where it was sucked into the ship. "Come on, we're leaving this system!"

"Wait, can we seriously just yank our forefathers' holy remnants around like that?"

"Do you really want to talk about this now, or would you like to leave before we all get sucked in by that maelstrom?"

"Coming," Thel shouted hastily as he rushed forward behind Tartarus. The Brute stepped into the grav lift and was pulled inside of the Phantom, followed shortly by the Arbiter. The Phantom pulled out, quickly shooting into the sky as the Forerunner facility was sucked into the storm and effectively destroyed, along with all the Flood and Heretics on it.

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